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The extractions in this section contain records from the Parish Registers for the Church of England, as well as some entries from Dissenter Marriage Registers, Civil Registration records, tombstones, Wills, and other sources. There are records of baptism, birth, marriage, death and burial. The sources cited will indicate the church or civil record in which the entry was found. All entries identified as being from 'Parish Registers' are from Anglican (Church of England) churches. The records of soldiers and seamen which are included will interest those researching ancestors in the military. Please note that this site does not claim to contain all the indexes, Parish Registers, and Civil Registration forms that are held by the Registrar General's Department, as those contain several million names. What you will find here are selected names that have been extracted from those records. Do a Search to see if your surname appears on any of the pages from the Registers.

The records here are arranged in four sections:-

1. The first section contains an Index to original Jamaican Wills, and to the transcriptions of some Wills.

2. Transcriptions of records from Parish Registers or Civil Registration.

3. In the third section people are listed by families arranged in genealogy reports, sorted alphabetically by the first letter of the surname of the husband or parent, when the parent's name is known. Sometimes several generations are linked. In order not to miss any names, please use the "Search" function the bottom of this page. You may also click on the alphabetical links in the Index below.

For instructions in how to read the reports, please see pages called Sample Registers and Sample Wills.

4. The fourth section contains transcriptions of Dissenter Marriages prior to June 1840.

5. The fifth section contains transcriptions from Anglican Parish Registers for particular parishes, and some slave baptisms.

6. The movements of some Church of England clergymen who served in Jamaica, set out in a compilation from various sources. See the page for Clergymen

7. A history of the Church of England in Jamaica, with particular reference to St. Thomas in the Vale, 1816-1832.

Please bear in mind the following:

  • Allow for variations in spelling. Check all possible spellings. Try names with and without a leading "H." For example, "Ellen" may be "Helen."
  • When a wife's maiden name was not found in the records, her surname appears as her husband's surname enclosed in parentheses, eg. (Brown).
  • Birth years indicated by "about" were generated by me, using a year 25 years prior to the first known incident, eg. marriage, birth or baptism of child. If a person is identified as an "adult" I assumed an age over 18 years.
  • If the person's age is stated in the register, it was used to calculate the year of birth.
  • Birth dates generally come from the Register of Baptisms. In this case the reference to the source is not repeated.
  • All locations are in Jamaica, unless otherwise noted. Many properties in Jamaica were named after places overseas, for example, Boston, Mexico, Peru, Wales, Holland and Quebec.
  • The "Bxxx" in the Source in Footnotes is my Bibliographical reference. Please see the Bibliography in the Utilities
  • The expression "met" is used by my genealogy program to indicate that the parents were unmarried.
  • I am recording information that I have found. References to slavery and color of skin are from the records.




The Island Record Office at Twickenham Park, Jamaica, holds Probate Records, which include the Will Books into which wills were copied, as well as original extant wills. The original wills that still exist are indexed here.



Each item contains the name of the testator, residence, occupation, date of death (if included in the filed record), year in which probate was recorded.

Most of the wills from 1879 through 1882 were probated in the District Courts, and then recorded in the Supreme Court.

Index to wills 1725-1882 A to K. Alexander to Kerr

Index to wills 1725-1882 L to Y. Laselve to Yuell.


PROBATE RECORDED 1883-1889, 1891

This Index includes the name of the testator, and the residence if it was stated in the preamble.

Most of the wills from 1883 through 1885 were probated in the District Courts, and then recorded in the Supreme Court.

Index to wills 1883-1889, 1891 A-D

Index to wills 1883-1889, 1891 E-K

Index to wills 1883-1889, 1891 L-P

Index to wills 1883-1889, 1891 Q-Y



Index includes the name of the testator, and the occupation and the residence if they were stated in the preamble.

Index to wills 1894-1903 A-D

Index to wills 1894-1903 E-L

Index to wills 1894-1903 M-R

Index to wills 1894-1903 S-Y


PROBATE RECORDED 1904-1913, 1917-1919, 1921

Index to these wills includes the name of the testator, and residence and occupation, if they were stated in the preamble.

Index to wills 1904-1913, 1917-1919, 1921 A - C

Index to wills 1904-1913, 1917-1919, 1921 D - G

Index to wills 1904-1913, 1917-1919, 1921 H - L

Index to wills 1904-1913, 1917-1919, 1921 M - R

Index to wills 1904-1913, 1917-1919, 1921 S - Y

PROBATE RECORDED 1889, 1914-1923, 1925

Index includes the name of the testator, and residence and occupation, if they were stated in the preamble.

Index to Wills 1889, 1914-1923, 1925, A - B

Index to Wills 1889, 1914-1923, 1925, C - G

Index to Wills 1889, 1914-1923, 1925, H - L

Index to Wills 1889, 1914-1923, 1925, M - R

Index to Wills 1889, 1914-1923, 1925, S - Y


PROBATE RECORDED 1924, 1926-1927

Index provides the name of the testator

Index to Wills entered 1924, 1926, 1927

Index to Wills entered 1928 to 1930

These wills may be examined in the Island Records Office in Jamaica. If you are living elsewhere, they may also be found on films which are available at Family History Centers.



Wills of A. M. Abrahams, A. Aarons, A. E. Burke, and A. Wood.

Wills of Margaret Andries, Hodges (3), and George Blair Virtue.

Wills of J. Angell, M. H. Campbell, A. A. Doran, E. Hendricks, C. Lundie, R. McDaniel, R. F. McDaniel, R. Roberts, and C. Walker.

Wills of W. Barnett, L. Barrow, W. W. Bird, J. C. S. Bryant, R. E. Clarke, A. C. Escoffery, and B. Lowe

8 Wills: Joseph Bennett, James Blair, William Fraser of Kingston, Philip Carver James, Charles Wright, James Cooper Wright, Nathaniel Wright, George Williams.

Bernard, Clarke and Virgo wills. David and Daniel Bernard, Ann Parr Clarke, Ann Clarke, William Virgo Clarke, and William Virgo.

Wills of John Blagrove, Campbell (3), Crooks, and Launce.

Wills of Homer Blair and 3 Wrights. (David, Thomas Henry, and William Burt Wright)

Wills of Robert Blair and John James

Wills of I. P. Brandon, J. R. Brandon, A. R. Brandao, and T. Gunter,

Will of Wastel Briscoe

Will of John Brownrigg

Wills of Buchanan to Sanftleben (W. Buchanan, C. Chevolleau, M. A. Clarkson, H. Cocking, H. P. J. Lemercier Duquesnay, M. A. J. Escoffery, W. S. Fraser, A. E. Garsia, F. G. Garsia, G. A. L. Sanftleben)

Will of Colin Campbell, 1761.

Will of Captain John Campbell, 1766

Wills of Campbells: Colin, John, Peter II, Peter III.

Wills of Campbell to Ruthven. Colin Campbell, Dugald McLachlan, Andrew Reddie, and Dugald Ruthven.

Wills of Campbell and Harrison: Dugald Campbell and Edward Norman Harrison

Wills of Tomlin and Riddall Campbell

Wills of Campbell to Wright: Wills of D. Campbell; Malcolms: D., G., & H.; family relationships from will of David Wright.

Wills of Campbell to McCallum: Wills of Duncan Campbell 1803, James Campbell, Edward Chambers, James Launce, John Malcolm, Alexander McCallum and Neil McCallum.

Wills of Campbell, Reid, Tharp, Witter. Helen Campbell, George Reid, William Tharp, and Elizabeth Witter.

Wills of John Clark and of his brothers Patrick and James.

Will of John Clark.

Seven Wills: Simon Clarke, James Davis, Frences Kerr, John Kerr, William Kerr, Robert Law, Charles Nathaniel Bruce.

Clarke wills and precis: Sir Simon 1651 & 1777, Dame Dorothy, Edward, John and David.

Wills of James Claypoole and Ellis Wolfe

Wills of Christopher, John, and David Crooks and William Graham

Wills of A. N. Crosswell, A. R. DaCosta, A. S. DaCosta, A. Pinto

Will of Amy Rodrigues DaCosta

Wills of DaCosta, Feurtado and Prestwidge

Wills of Joseph D'Aguilar and John Green

Wills of F. P. M. Dallas, J. DeMercado, R. A. DeMercado, S. A. Desdunes

Will of Alcide Delahaye

Will of John Dickson

Wills of Richard and William Dickson

Nine Wills - A. Dollar, E. Evans, A. C. Grant, H. Josephs, R. Lindo, F. McKay, C. F. Pengelley, W. Samuels, T. Winder.

Will and genealogy of Dr. John Drummond

Wills of Duffus, Hedley (2), Manahan (2), Shilletto, William Webb. Seven wills.

Will of Alexander Facey

Wills of William Fraser and William McDowal.

Wills of Grant and Hitchman Dr. David Grant, his widow Anne, and daughter; John Hitchman (including Inventory)

Wills of Grant and Gray James Colquohoun Grant and Patrick Gray

Holmes Will of John Holmes; letter and photograph from Thomas Addison Holmes. Will of Thomas Addison Holmes.

Wills of William Rhodes James 1744, and Herbert Jarrett James.

Five James wills Richard James (2), Dennis, Thomas, and Frances.

Wills of John Lawrence, Charles Stewart and John Gregory.

Will of Susanna Johnson 1813, with Notes.

Will of James Kerr 1785, with location map and notes.

Will of Jacob Lyon

Wills of C. Lyon to A. L. Malabre, E. D. Malabre, W. Malabre

Will of Dominick Molloy

Four Wills 1735-1769: Edward Manning, George Paplay, Edward Pratter. and Sabine Turner

Will of McCorquodale, Alexander 1742, and Duncan 1758, with location maps and notes.

Will of Richard Mackenzie, 1763

Wills of John Phipps, and Emma Saunders.

Will of William Powell of St. Thomas in the Vale, 1765

Richardon wills

Wills of Jacob and John Ricketts. This page contains a map of part of Westmoreland in about 1760.

Wills of W. H. Sanftleben, J. B. Sorapure, M. C. Sorapure, M. J. Vendryes

Wills of Sanftleben to Vendryes (J. E. Sanftleben, W. G. Sayle, E. M. Scarlett, F. Seymour, E. Stephenson, T. J. Stephenson, H. F. Stone, C. L. Vendryes)

Wills of Robert Strachan and Eliza Strachan

Wills of Thomas Todd and James Phillips Utten, with notes.

Will of Nicholas Trought, and family information from Parish Registers etc.

Will of John Racker Webb

Wills of Whitehorne, Marshall and Stoddard.


Other wills that have been transcribed are included in the genealogy reports in Section 3 (see below).

Individuals from Registers and Civil Registration, etc.


Data on individuals, taken from Anglican and Dissenter Registers, Civil Registration, Tombstones, etc.

Excerpts from St. Elizabeth Parish Registers, volumes 3 & 4, including Watson, Gale, Parchment etc.

Aarons to Burke

Abdo to Foster

Abel to Green

Abrahams to Durant

Abrahams to Evans

Adolphus to White

Aguilar to Kaylet

Aarons to Motta

Abrahams to Isaacs

Abrahams to Jones

Archer to Wilson

Barton to Williborne

Bowen to Kinkead

Marriages, Brandon to Stephenson

Cameron to Duquesnay

Easy to Knox

Eberall to Fullwood

Farquharson to Lyons

Gabandon to Griffith

Gale to Groves

Haase to Jones

Hall to Tulloch

Hamilton to Wynter

Ingram to Younger

Jackson to Yeates

Keppel to Lynch

Kennedy to Witter

Lally to Ryal

Larmby to Wisdom

MacArthur to Russell

Malcolm to Maxwell

McCalla to Myle

Nailer to Pyle

Norward to Witter

Rankin to Zincke

Salmon to Young

Salmon to Young 2

Utten to Young

Miscellaneous Data

Anglican Rectors and Curates from selected Registers


Families from Registers and Wills, etc.


Section 3

These genealogy reports contain information on families and individuals taken from various sources, particularly registers of births, baptisms, marriages, and deaths/burials, and may include wills that have been transcribed.


Dissenter Marriages


Dissenter Marriages 1835 to 1840 in the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United Brethren in Manchester, The London Missionary Society in St. Ann, and the Presbyterian Chapels in Westmoreland and Lucea. See Dissenter 1



Marriages in the St. Ann Circuit 1818 to 1840

Marriages in the records of Parade Chapel 1819-1840
Marriages in the records of Wesley Chapel 1829-1840
Marriages in the records of Ebenezer Chapel 1838-1840

Kingston Circuit marriages

Marriages in the Montego Bay Circuit 1818 to 1840

Marriages in the Falmouth Circuit 1824 to 1840


Parish Register Excerpts

Baptisms in the St. Catherine Parish Register (Church of England), 1669-1676.

Baptisms in the St. Catherine Parish Register (Church of England), 1677-1700.

Selected entries from the Original Parish Register for Trelawny, and from St. Ann Parish Register Volume I. See Trelawny and St. Ann.

St.Elizabeth Parish Register excerpts

St. Mary Register. Selected family names from St. Mary Parish Register, Volume I.

St. Andrew excerpts

Port Royal excerpts

St. Thomas in the Vale excerpts

Kingston Parish Register excerpts Baptisms, Marriages and Burials.


Slave Baptisms

A continuation of the list of Slave Baptisms from the St. Ann Register, showing baptismal names, former names, age, and "slave owners." Slaves 2

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