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Date format Month/Day/YEAR

b = born

bap = baptized

bur = buried

d = died

F = father

M = mother

mar = married/marriage

P = parents

PAB = present at birth

reg. = registered

res. = residence

STIV = St. Thomas in the Vale

(U) = unmarried

(W) = Wife

yrs = years

SOURCE REFERENCES: Volume, page, item number. Example. X, p. 120 #6.

All events prior to 1878 are Anglican, unless otherwise indicated (viz. those marked Civil, or Diss. for Dissenter).

Nailer, Ellen, bur 8/29/1846 in Manchioneal Bay, St. Thomas in the East. Age 8 yrs. Res Manchioneal Bay. III, p. 138 #69.

Nailer, Henry, bur 9/15/1782 St. Catherine. Soldier 14th Regiment. Fever. II, p. 244

Nailer, Hugh, bur 6/8/1773 St. Catherine. Soldier 56th Regiment. II, p. 210

Nailer, John, bur 12/4/1822 St. Catherine. Free black. II, p. 406.

Nailer, Milner, bur 6/11/1798 St. Catherine. Practitioner of physic and surgery. Fever. II, p. 294

Nailor, Henry, Grenadier, bur 6/18/1731 St. Catherine. I, p. 223.

Nailor, William, bur 3/1827 St. Thomas in the East. Res Kingston. Colored. II, p. 308 #28.

Nalor, Mary Eliza, bap 11/7/1823 Westmoreland, aged 1 yr 6 months 3 days. M= Elizabeth Rose, free woman of color. I, p. 387.

Nayler, Mary M., bur 9/11/1846 Manchioneal Bay, St. Thomas in the East, aged 12 years. Res Manchioneal Bay. III, p. 138 #71.

Naylor, Agnes Elizabeth, b 2/3/1841, bap 6/5/1843 St. Thomas in the Vale. P= James Naylor & his wife Susan. Re Dalton Lea. Carpenter. VIII, p. 117 #110.

Naylor, Alice Jane, b 10/15/1874 St. Ann's Bay, bap 8/31/1875 St. Ann. Brown. F= John Naylor, postmaster. M= Letitia Wollaston (U). Res. St. Anns Bay. Law 6, V, p. 55 #47.

Naylor, Beryl May, b 2/8/1902 Clonmel, (res), St. Mary. M= Frances Naylor, laborer, registered 2/21/1902 in Clonmel. Civil FO1934.

Naylor, Charles Alfred, aged 17 months, bur 3/13/1868 in Highgate church yard, St. Mary. Res Highgate. VI, p. 423 #3.

Naylor, Charles Parry, b 10/10/1845, bap 11/7/1845 St. Thomas in the East. Res Manchioneal Bay. X, p. 279.

Naylor, Charlotte, bur 6/9/1842 Rural Hill, St. Thomas in the East, aged 1 year. Res Black River. III, p. 106 #28.

Naylor, Cornelia Elizabeth, b 12/22/1874 Cotton Tree, bap 4/2/1876 Portland. Black. M= Henrietta Moore (U). Res Cotton Tree. Law 6, V, p. 347 #21.

Naylor, Elizabeth, laborer, mother of Obediah, b 11/20/1900 in West Prospect, St. Thomas in the Vale District, St. Catherine. Registered in Linstead by William Martin, occupier, 11/26/1900 by X. Civil EC4859

Naylor, Ellen Matilda, b 1/12/1871 Fair Prospect, bap 4/10/1871, Portland. Black. M= Ann Clarke (U). Res Fair Prospect. Law 6, I, p. 104 #3.

Naylor, George Duncan, b 11/22/1847, bap 3/5/1848 St. Thomas in the East. Res Manchioneal Bay. XII, p. 289 #88.

Naylor, Henry Leopold, b 4/30/1877 St. Ann's Bay, bap 8/25/1877 St. Ann. Brown. F= Henry Naylor, shoemaker. M= Margaret Watson (U). Res St. Ann's Bay. Law 6, VI, p. 113 #34.

Naylor, James Stobie, b 11/7/1832, bap 9/25/1838 St. Thomas in the Vale. Res Dalton Lea. IV, p. 215 #245.

Naylor, John mar Louisa Grant 12/24/1837 St. Thomas in the Vale by banns. Both res in STIV. II, p. 124 #172.

Naylor, Margaret Jane, b 1/29/1838, bap 9/25/1838 St. Thomas in the Vale., Res Dalton Lea. IV, p. 215 #247.

Naylor, Mary Ann, b 11/25/1867, bap 11/9/1868 Portland. Res Fair Prospect. XIX, p. 441 #552.

Naylor, Nancy, laborer, mother of an unnamed female, b 1/28/1906 in Long Bay, (res) Portland. Registered in Priestman's River by George Panton, present at birth. Civil DC2881

Naylor, Olive, b 3/11/1894 Highgate, (res), St. Mary. M= Susan Naylor, a domestic. Registered in Port Maria by George Thompson, occupier. Civil FB2032.

Naylor, Richard, mar Jane Carnie 6/9/1839 St. Thomas in the Vale by banns. Both res STIV. II, p. 144 #76

Naylor, Richard, mar Anne Henry 5/15/1841 St. Catherine by Rev. William Mayhew after banns. Both of St. Catherine. III, p. 318 #10.

Naylor, Robert, aged 8 years, bap 3/8/1856 St. Mary. Res Highgate. IX, p. 48 #41.

Naylor, Sarah, a laborer, mother of unnamed male b 4/24/1883 in Lowlayton, Portland (res). Registered in Buff Bay 5/4/1883 by Josiah Roper present at birth. Civil DD212

Naylor, Sarah Rebecca, b 11/9/1891 O'Meally's, St. Thomas in the Vale, St. Catherine. M= Adelaide Naylor, laborer. Reg. 1/14/1892 by Susanna Naylor PAB. Civil EC2189.

Naylor, Thomas Glover, b 11/9/1834, bap 9/25/1838 St. Thomas in the Vale. Res Dalton Lea. IV, p. 215 #246.

Neilson, Catherine Jane, b 8/28/1866, bap 11/10/1867. XXI, p. 288.

Neilson, Charles, b 6/4/1846, bap 10/31/1851 Kingston. Res Smiths Lane. VI, p. 3 #424.

Neilson, Eliza, aged 1 year 1 month, bur 3/26/1866 in Falmouth church yard, Trelawny by J. E. Miller. VII, p. 137 #18.

Neilson, Ella Louisa, b 4/6/1850, bap 2/3/1860 St. Thomas in the Vale by the Revd. J. G. Richards. Res Falket. XIII, p. 60 #37.

Neilson, George, aged 6 months, bap 3/20/1861 St. Mary. Res Albion Land. XIII, p. 236 #66.

Neilson, Helton Ann, aged 3 years, bur 11/11/1858 in Falmouth church yard, Trelawny. Res Falmouth. IV, p. 372 #96.

Neilson, Isabella, b 4/17/1854, bap 8/27/1854 St. Thomas in the Vale. M= Ellen Young. Res Falket. VII, p. 365 #160.

Neilson, John, b 2/4/1844, bap 2/23/1851 St. Thomas in the Vale by the Revd. Robert Steer. Res Dunkiln. IV, p. 60 #77.

Neilson, John, aged 35 years, bur 4/23/1853 in the church yard, Hanover, by J. Stainsby rector. Res the ship "Agincourt". II, p. 415 #29.

Neilson, John Lord [?], aged 2 years 7 months, bur 2/10/1841 Highgate, St. David by Robert Robinson, curate of Kingston. Res Highgate, Yallah's Bay. I, p. 317 #2.

Neilson, Marcella, b 12/8/1851, bap 2/22/1852 Kingston. Res Rose Lane. VI, p. 9 #5.

Neilson, Mary Ann Martha, b 3/14/1850, bap 5/13/1850 Kingston. P= Henry Neilson, laborer, and Priscilla Cathcart (W). Res Princess Street. V, p. 150 #436

Neilson, Mary Lord [?], aged 22 years, bur 1/26/1841 Highgate, St. David by Robert Robinson, curate of Kingston. Res High Gate, Yallah's Bay. I, p. 317 #1.

Neilson, Patrick, planter aged 40 years, d 1/31/1872 Roslin Castle (Res), bur 2/2/1872 Church yard, Trelawny. Cause: heart disease. I, p. 97 #9.

Neilson, Richard, b 11/3/1866, bap 7/12/1868 Hanover. XXI, p. 215 #150.

Neilson, Susan, b 2/2/1853, bap 8/27/1854 St. Thomas in the Vale. M= Elizabeth Patterson. Res Falket. VII, p. 365 #161.

Neilson, Susan, b 8/10/1859, bap 12/21/1859 Kingston. Res Kingston. VII, p. 34 #462.

Neilson, Theodore, died 4/24/1884 in Public Hospital, Kingston. Civil 1884 #A731.

Neilson, Thomas, m Lavinia Blackburn 3/2/1838 St. Thomas in the Vale by W. G. P. Burton, rector, by banns. Both res St. Thomas in the Vale. II, p. 128 #22.

Nugent, George Williams, bap 11/16/1834 Hanover. F= George Nugent, laborer. M= Maria Harding. Res Blue Hole Estate. II, p. 184.

O'Maley, Edward, an adult laborer, bap 4/14/1850 St. Catherine. Res Ellis Caymanas. II, p. 92 #132.

O'Mealley, Hercules, b 1824, bap 7/29/1838 St. Catherine by W. S. Coward, officiating Minister. Res Ellis Caymanas. IV, p. 92 #338.

O'Mealley, Jane, b 1828, nap 7/29/1838 St. Catherine. Res Ellis Caymanas. IV, p. 92 #336.

O'Mealley, Lewis m Venus Mitchell 2/22/1861 St. Thomas in the Vale by John Campbell, rector, by banns. Both res St. Thomas in the Vale. V, p. 202 #15.

O'Meally, Alfred S., born 1/5/1863, bap 5/13/1863 St. Catherine. XV p. 5 #82.

O'Meally, Ancell Fitzarthur, b 3/3/1850, bap 6/23/1852 St. Catherine by John S. Farquharson, officiating minister. P= Robert O'Meally, bricklayer, and Mary (W). Res Spanish Town. II, p. 139 #143.

O'Meally, Ann, free mustee, b 12/12/1802, bap 6/5/1803 St. Catherine. II, p. 137.

O'Meally, Anne, colored, aged 25 years, bur 2/19/1831 St. Catherine (res). I, p. 116 314.

O'Meally, Catherine, free mestee, b 11/20/1800, bap 6/5/1803 St. Catherine. II, p. 137.

O'Meally, Catherine, free mustee aged 15 months, bur 8/15/1821 St. Catherine. II, p. 404.

Omeally, Elizabeth, b 10/3/1856, bap 4/26/1854 in St. Thomas in the Vale by Revd. J. G. Richards. Res Newport. IX, p. 178 #63.

Omeally, Frederick Charles, b 9/3/1854, bap 10/13/1854 St. Andrew. VII, p. 425 #60.

O'Meally, George, white, aged 56 years, bur 9/6/1831 St. Catherine. Res Spanish Town. I, p. 118 #73.

O'Meally, George, widower, shoemaker, full age, mar Elizabeth Carr, spinster, gentlewoman, full age 1/14/1857 in Spanish Town, St. Catherine by James M. Phillips by license. Both res Spanish Town. Diss. X, p. 202 #356.

O'Meally, James of St. Thomas in the Vale mar Mary Ann Brown, spinster of St. Catherine 12/25/1814 in St. Catherine by license, Not white. II, p. 375.

O'Meally, John, b 4/24/1853, bap 7/30/1854 St. Thomas in the Vale by Rev. J. G. Richards. M= Victoria Grier. Res Top Hill. VII, p. 364 #141.

O'Meally, John Martin, b 10/1/1849, bap 6/16/1850 St. Thomas in the Vale by Revd. RObert Steer. Res Newport. IV, p. 43 #184.

O'Meally, Mary Ann, bur 8/16/1859 St. Thomas in the Vale, aged 69 years. Res Gravesend. IV, p. 181 #25.

O'Meally, Mary Jane, b 9/28/1855, bap 12/31/1856 St. Catherine. F= George O'Meally, shoemaker. M= Georgiana Warters (U). Res Spanish Town. IX, p. 81 #240.

O'Meally, Miriam Robinson, infant aged 1 year, d 6/25/1925 in Hermitage, St. Andrew. M= Jopsephine O'Meally, laborer. Cause: infantile consumption. Civil 1925 #BL1168.

O'Meally, Patrick, b 3/2/1851, bap 4/27/1851 Westmoreland. F= John O'Meally, shoemaker. M= Ann Bromfield. IV, p. 178 #434.

O'Meally, Patrick, prastitioner of physic, aged 26 years, bur 10/14/1833 at O'Meally's Pen, St. Catherine (res). I, p. 128 #1103.

O'Meally, Richard, free brown aged 7 years, bur 12/15/1816 St. Catherine. II, p. 396.

O'Mealy, Jacob, b 12/15/1855, bap 8/1856 St. Andrew. M= Elizabeth O'Mealy. Res August Town. New Series, IX, p. 131 #289.

Ombilly, John, infant, bap 6/21/1840 Manchester by Robert W. Dallas. Res New Settle. VI, p. 256 #176.

OMeally, Alexander, b 10/17/1816, bap 3/24/1815 St. Catherine. M= Rosanna Thomas a free sambo. II, p. 339.

Omeally, Bridget, mulatto, bap 3/18/1826 St. Thomas in the Vale. I, p. 319.

Omeally, Catherine, b 7/5/1838, bap 11/3/1839 St. Thomas in the Vale. Res Prospect. IV, p. 227 #142.

Omeally, Charles, bap 4/7/1850 St. Andrew. V, p. 10.

Omeally, Edward m Elizabeth Edwards 9/11/1850 in Kingston by license. Both res Kingston. V, p. 210 #45.

OMeally, Eleanor, b 3/20/1848, bap 1/21/1849 St. Thomas in the Vale. Res Coldingham. XI, p. 403 #31.

OMeally, Isabella, an infant, bap 1/2/1825 St. Catherine. II, p. 366.

OMeally, John, planter aged 42 years, bur 2/23/1815 St. Catherine. II, p. 445.

Omeally, John, planter aged 55 years, bur 11/3/1841 in Prospect, St. Thomas in the Vale (res) by Archibald Staines. II, p. 138 #20.

Omeally, Joseph, aged 18 months, bap 7/3/1842 in St. Thomas in the Vale by W. G. P. Burton. VIII, p. 101 #70.

OMeally, Lachlan, Esquire, of St. David m Ann Smith, spinster of the parish of Port Royal, 4/16/1801 in Kingston. I, p. 165.

Omeally, Maria Elizabeth, bap 1/21/1862 in St. Thomas in the Vale. Res Newport. Age illegible. XIII, p. 93 #52.

Omeally, Mary Ann, aged 69 years, bur 8/16/1859, Gravesend, St. Thomas in the Vale (res) by Revd. W. Pearson. IV, p. 181 #25.

Omeally, Patrick of Manchester, schoolmaster, mar Eliza Watson of St. Thomas in the Vale, spinster, 1/9/1841 by Alexander Campbell, rector, by license. III, p. 300 #3.

OMeally, Richard, free mustee aged 6 years, bur 9/27/1816 St. Catherine. II, p. 395.

OMeally, Robert Punshon [or Penshon], mulatto child, bap 10/30/1825 St. Thomas in the Vale. I, p. 13.

Omeally, Sarah Jane, b 12/31/1847, bap 6/11/1848 St. John. P= Alexander Omeally, planter, and Elizabeth (W). Res Fuller's Rest. XII, p. 286 #56.

Omealy, Alexander mar Eleanor Rodon 9/6/1835 in St. Thomas in the Vale (res) by Robert Steer, Island Curate, by banns. I, p. 382 #80.

Omealy, George, b 6/26/1852, bap 10/9/1852 St. Thomas in the Vale. Res Cambridge. New Series, IV, p. 259 #134.

Omealy, Robert, widower, tradesman, res St. Catherine, mar Susan Sabry, spinster 5/23/1861 in Spanish Town by James Cecil Phillips by license. Witness: James Omeally. Both full age. XI, p. 178.

Omealy, Sarah, free brown infant aged 6 months, bap 11/22/1812 St. Catherine. II, p. 333.

OMeilly, Jane, a brown woman, bap 3/23/1817 St. Thomas in the Vale. I, p. 1.

Omeily, James Augustus, b 12/22/1845, bap 8/19/1846 in Kingston by L. B. Turner. Res Love Lane. IV, p. 139.

O'Mely [O'Meally?], Patrick, laborer, bachelor aged 36 res at Sweet Home, mar Mary Ann Kelly, laborer, widow aged 40 res in Mt. Pleasant, 1/21/1863 in Mt. Pleasant, St. Thomas in the Vale. Dissenter Marriages XVII, p. 392

Omily, Eliza, laborer, M of Frances born 2/3/1858, bap 5/23/1858 St. Andrew. Res Grove. New Series, X, p. 109 #152.

Oneal, Patrick Mansil, b 7/28/1849, bap 4/21/1850 St. Dorothy. Res Sweet Home. New Series, III, p. 178 #118.

Oneill, Alicia, b 6/10/1847, bap 109/27/1847 St. John. Res Retreat. XII, p. 280 #137.

Ousby, Robert Graham, colored, bap 8/27/1827 St. Dorothy. F= Thomas Ousby. M= Mary Williams (U). Res Kelly's Estate. I, p. 312 #18.

Parsons, Eleanor Cooper, bap 3/19/1837 St. Thomas in the Vale, aged 12 years. Res Mulloch. Apprentice. IV, p. 35 #39.

Parsons, George, bap 11/25/1849 Vere, aged 12 years. Res Portland. XI, p. 387 #201.

Parsons, John mar Anne Parsons 11/25/1838 St. Thomas in the Vale after banns. Both res STIV. II, p. 136

Parsons, Mary, bap 12/3/1937 St. Thomas in the Vale, aged 15 months. IV, p. 198 #211

Parsons, Thomas mar Elizabeth Gale, spinster, 12/14/1749 Vere. I, p. 150.

Pearson, Julia Eliza, b 11/28/1858, bap 3/11/1859 Kingston. P= Alexander Pearson and Eliza (W). Res West Queen Street. VII, p. 13

Peart, [unnamed], b 11/30/1844 Manchester. P= Andrew Peart, laborer, and Cecilia (W). Res New Bottle. Father reg by X 1/5/1845. Civil Births I, p. 132.

Peart, Alfred Alexander b 1/5/1875 Craighead. Bap 3/31/1876 Manchester. Black. F= George Peart, planter. M= Sophia Reid (U). Res Craighead. V, p. 240 #19

Peart, Catherine, b 5/31/1845 Manchester. P= John Peart, laborer, and Eve (W). Res Fairfield. Father reg by X 6/14/1845. Civil Births II, p. 84

Peart, Cathlena, b 5/22/1845 Manchester. P= Adam Peart, laborer, and Eve (W). Res Fairfield. Certified by church. Civil Births II, p. 87 #306.

Peart, Edith, mother of Elfrida Wilhelmina, b 10/1/1897 in Wesley, Clarendon (res). Mother reg at Alley 11/13/1897. Civil HE2255.

Peart, George Henry b 3/15/1858, bap 8/1/1858 Manchester. F= Davy, Edward, laborer. M= Peart, Eleanor (U). [Child listed under Peart in Index.] Res Barracks. New Series X, p. 219 #539

Peart, George Morales, b 7/13/1867, bap 12/1867 Manchester. [No parents listed. Entry partly illegible]. XVII, p. 140

Peart, Hannah, b 9/28/1844 Manchester. F= Charles Peart, cooper. M= Belinda Sarah Peart. Res Lincoln Free Town. Father reg by X. Civil Births I, p. 85 #83.

Peart, Henry Powell, b 8/30/1844 Manchester. P= Edward Peart, laborer, and Catherine nee Powell (W). Res Lincoln. Father reg by X 9/21/1844. Civil Births I, p. 83.

Peart, John Edwin, tailor, b 9/9/1869 Mandeville. Bap 3/5/1871 Manchester. Brown. F= Robert Peart. M= Caroline Hendricks (U). Res Mandeville. Law 6, I, p. 16 #18.

Peart, Mary Frances, b 7/14/1844 Manchester. P= Fred(erick) Peart and Ann Margaret Elizabeth nee Swaby. Father reg by letter 11/2/1844. Civil Births I, p. 88

Peart, Richard Benjamin Wallace b 9/12/1870 Devon. Bap 3/6/1871 Manchester by J. S. Wood. P= Edward Peart, planter, & wife Susan. Res Devon. Law 6, I, p. 15 #7.

Peart, William Mackeson, b 1/1/1845 Manchester. P= Simon Peart, laborer, and Barbara (W). Res Little Hope. Father reg by X 1/18/1845. Civil Births I, p. 133.

Pennycook, Sarah Ann, aged 28 yrs., bur 9/27/1858 church yard, Lucea, Hanover. Res Lucea. III, pp. 299. #30.

Pile, Ann bur 10/24/1830 Hanover, aged 30 years. Mulatto. Res Shields Settlement. I, p. 203 #37.

Pile, Catherine Ann, infant, bap 7/29/1838 Hanover. Res Rock Spring. I, p. 208 #194

Pile, Henry William, b 5/8/1857, bap 9/12/1858 Hanover. Res Fat Hog Quarter. VIII, p. 445 #155.

Pile, James mar Eliza Clement 6/4/1836 Hanover by J. A. Johnston, curate, after banns. Both res Hanover. II, p. 209 #85.

Pile, John Evangelist Barron, b 10/30/1871 Norwich, Portland. Bap 4/25/1876 Portland. Black. F= Nathaniel Pile, Private 2nd West India Regiment. M= Elizabeth Minot (U). Res Norwich. Law 6, V, p. 276 #51

Porter, Mary Linton Wilton b 4/4/1785, bap 5/1786 Trelawny. P= Porter and his wife. I, p. 17.

Powell, [female], infant aged 1 day, child of William Powell, cultivator, died 12/14/1919 in Redberry, Manchester. Cause: convulsions. Civil 1919 #IB5483.

Powell, Albert, b 3/3/1879 Pagues Town, St. Elizabeth. P= William Powell, laborer, and Catherine (W) nee Hendricks. Reg 3/12/1879 by father in Cheltenham. Civil 1879 #C233

Powell, David, aged 65 years, died 3/3/1956 in Percy Junors Hospital, Spaldings, Manchester. Cause: Chronic nephritis and gangrene. Civil 1956 #AH910.

Powell, David, tailor, married, age 65 years, res Mandeville, died 2/1/1961 in the General Hospital, Mandeville, Manchester. Civil 1961 #IA1029.

Powell, Eliza, aged 80 years, spinster, laborer, died 12/18/1918 Pusey Hill, Manchester. Fever and cold 2 weeks. Civil 1918 #IF3892.

Powell, Elizabeth, higgler, spinster, aged 80 years, d 1/24/1903 at 4 Bond Street, Kingston. Cause, senility, certified by Dr. C. Levy. Samuel McKenzie, grand nephew, present at death, res at 13 Bond Street, registered death. Civil A1188.

Powell, Elizabeth, aged over 80 years, d 3/25/1904 in Caya Ground, St. Andrew. Widow of William Powell, Police Sergeant, deceased. Cause, senile decay and gangrenous stomach. Civil BA3411.

Powell, Elizabeth, aged 68 years, died 9/22/1917 in Providence, Manchester, wife of Thomas Powell, laborer. Cause: Pain in chest 4 months. Civil 1917 #JR1444.

Powell, Elizabeth died 1/6/1919 Clovis, Manchester. Civil 1919 #IS1462.

Powell, Henry, bachelor aged 76 years, laborer, died 12/31/1955 in the Poor House, Royal Flat, Manchester. Cause: senile degeneration. Civil 1955 #AE1298.

Powell, Henry Barkly, b 3/7/1858, bap 5/21/1858 Kingston by C. P. Street. Res Temple Lane. VI, p. 423 #237.

Powell, James Taylor b 6/1839, bap 6/23/1839 St. James. F= Joseph Powell. M= Ellen Taylor. Res Montego Bay. II, p. 275

Powell, Joseph Josias, b 9/2/1878 Salsburg Plain, St. Andrew, (res). P= William Powell, planter, and Louisa nee Hall (W). Father reg 10/11/1878 by X. Civil E234.

Powell, Thomas Andrew, b 5/13/1879 in Middle Quarters, St. Elizabeth. P= William Augustus Powell, planter, and Clementina (W) nee Watson. Reg 5/31/1879 by father by X in Medina. Civil 1879 #D199.

Powell, William, mar Elizabeth Bruce 11/27/1835 in St. Elizabeth after banns. Both apprentices to Goshen. III, p. 214 #268.

Powell, William, b 9/25/1837, bap 5/20/1843 St. Elizabeth by J. Waters. Res Woodside. p. 153.

Powell, William, an infant, bap 6/21/1840 Manchester by Robert W. Dallas. Res Paradise. VI, p. 256 #170.

Powell, William, b 4/15/1843, bap 6/24/1843 Manchester. P= Caleb Powell, carpenter, and Elizabeth (W). Res New Pen. IX, p. 204 #184.

Powell, William, b 7/11/1844 St. Elizabeth. P= Edward Powell, laborer, and Ann Powell. Reg 8/28/1844 by Rev. George Robins. Civil I, p. 20 #11.

Powell, William, b 8/28/1848, bap 1/1/1849 Manchester. M= Anne Thomas, laborer. Res Potterfield. XII, p. 400 #26.

Powell, William, laborer res Keynsham, mar Margaret White, laborer res McLeod, 10/8/1862 in the Protestant Episcopal New Eden Chapel, St. Elizabeth, by P. Malone by banns. Diss XII, p. 135.

Powell, William, planter, bachelor, mar Susan Hall, spinster, 6/15/1864 in the Wesleyan Methodist denomination, Cannebis, St. Andrew, by Thomas Rogers, minister. Both res Cannebis. Diss. XII, p. 194.

Powell, William, infant aged 5 years, son of Arthur Powell, laborer, died 2/26/1917 in Content, Manchester. Reg by Viola Powell, present at death. Cause: pressing on the chest 1 day. Civil 1917 #JR1385.

Powell, William, widow, aged 81 years, carpenter, d 9/23/1919 in Cumberland, Manchester, father of John Powell res Cumberland. Civil 1919 #IG2200.

Powell, William Alexander, b 8/6/1844, bap 8/17/1845, Manchester. P= Joseph Powell and Mary Ann (W). Res Belvidere. X, p. 389.

Powell, William, bachelor, planter of St. Catherine, full age, mar Mary Ann Smith, spinster of full age, gentlewoman res St. Thomas in the Vale 9/7/1859 in Spanish Town, St. Catherine by James M. Phillippo by banns. Diss. XI, p. 175

Powell, William, married, aged 60, domestic servant, d 2/8/1879 Half Way Tree, St. Andrew. Cause, Brights disease 5 or 6 weeks. Reg by nephew Edward Engus. Civil A293.

Powell, William, bachelor aged 28, tinsmith, died 5/21/1925 in the Corporation Poor House, St. Andrew. Cause: Phthisis. Civil 1925 #BM9224.

Powell, William Lungren of Portland, mar Eliza Jane Pinnock of St. Andrew, by H. H. Isaacs by banns. VI, p. 432.

Powell, William Mackenzie, b 12/25/1847, bap 8/25/1848 Manchester. F= Mackenzie Powell. M= Jessie Ann Barclay. Res Mandeville. XI, p. 159 #342.

Powell, William Reid, b 4/14/1847, bap 8/29/1847 Manchester by Robert W. Dallas. P= Samuel Powell, laborer, and Margaret (W). Res Richmond. XI, p. 125 #269.

Preston, Alice Marge Eliza, b 9/17/1863, bap 2/22/1864 Westmoreland. Res Leithfield. XV, p. 85 #11.

Preston, Charles, widower, settler, res Keith, mar Ann (Nancy) Burnett, spinster res Stewart Town, 8/23/1871 in the Wesley Methodist denomination, Enfield, St. Ann by John Corlett, minister, by banns. Witness Jane Morrison. Diss. XV, p. 95 #241.

Preston, [index says Charlotte A.], b 3/10/1853 in St. Catherine. F= James Preston, master tailor, 1st West India Regiment, res Spanish Town barracks. M= Charlotte Martin. Reg by father. Civil IV, p. 104 #615.

Preston, Elizabeth, aged 89 years, bur 5/9/1867 in Duffaston, Westmoreland (res) by J. S. Wallace. VII, p. 174 #99.

Preston, George William, colored, b 6/20/1872 Port Royal, bap 8/7/1874 Westmoreland. P= George Preston, stokerboy [?], and Ann (W) nee Butterworth. Res Port Royal. Law 6, IV, p. 213.

Preston, Lucius Junius, solicitor, bachelor of full age, mar Mary Clark, spinster of full age, 12/21/1864 in the Wesleyan Methodist denomination, Lawrence Park, St. Ann by license. Both res Falmouth, Trelawny. Witness Alex. Brown and Hamilton Brown. Diss. XIII, p. 17 #194.

Preston, Robert, aged 3 months, bap 6/1846 Westmoreland. Parent a laborer. Res Duthieston. X, p. 333.

Preston, William, laborer, bachelor aged 25 years, mar Letitia Macleod, spinster aged 22 years, in the Presbyterian denomination, Carron Hall, St. Mary by banns. Both res Look Out and signed by X. Witness Stewart James. Diss. XIV, p. 180 #466.

Preston, William, planter, bachelor of full age, mar Julian Grant, spinster of full age, 7/23/1873 in the Baptist Chapel, Brown's Town, St. Ann by John Clarke, minister by banns. Both Res Retirement. Wife signed by X. Diss XVI, p. 437 #657.

Preston, William George, aged 1 year, bap 5/22/1842 St. Ann by T. C. Rose, Island Curate. VII, p. 26 #77.

Price, Eleanor, aged 1 year, bap 7/12/1840 in St. Ann by J H. Gegg. P= COlonel Price and Catherine Price. VII, p. 11 #160.

Pyle, George Adolphus, b 12/15/1863, bap 3/12/1865 Hanover. XVI, p. 484 #16.

Pyle, William, b 10/3/1793, bap 12/25/1793 Hanover by Adrian Reid, rector. Of colour. F= Pyle, William. M= Mary Carrwell (U). I, p. 81

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