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Welcome to the Jamaican Photo Album. Some of the pictures you will see here are prints or maps of an earlier Jamaica, others are modern photographs. To many of the readers of this site, Jamaica is just the name of a place that their parents or grandparents talked about. Others think that the way things are is the way that things always were. This album reflects the present, as well as the era reported on this site, while sharing the beauty of Jamaica.

Please take a tour of Jamaica through time.

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Jamaican Maps 16th - 17th centuries


Map of Jamaica in 1670


1755 and 1804 Maps of Jamaica with Gazetteers
These are very detailed maps, with thousands of names of properties, most of which were the names of the owners. These names have been extracted and keyed to coordinates on the maps so that they can be located. Provided to this site by Antony Maitland. For full directions and links, please go to Jamaica 1755 and 1804 Gazetteers.


Map of Jamaica in 1763. This is an excellent map, and it identifies most of the larger properties by the name of the owner. A list of owners is attached.


Map of Jamaica before 1774, in 3 sections:

. . . . . . . . . Western Jamaica

. . . . . . . . . Central Jamaica

. . . . . . . . . Eastern Jamaica


Map of Jamaica, 1794, "for the History of the British West Indies by Bryan Edwards Esquire."

. . . . . . . . . Western Jamaica 1794

. . . . . . . . . Central Jamaica 1794

. . . . . . . . . Eastern Jamaica 1794


Map of Jamaica 1834


Map of Jamaica about 1840-1845

Map of Jamaica c1845, in color. Map 1845

Map of Jamaica c1845, in black and white. Map 1845 B&W


Map showing the location of 19th century Moravian Missions. Moravian

Maps of Kingston

Early map of the Kingston and Port Royal Harbours


Kingston 1702


Kingston 1738


Kingston after 1845


Map of Kingston Harbour c 1774 Kingston Harbour


A series of excellent detailed Insurance Maps of Kingston 1894.


A History of the development of Kingston, written and illustrated by Michelle Gadpaille, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.


Maps of other areas

Map of Spanish Town (St. Jago de la Vega) 1786 Spanish Town


Map of Port Antonio Harbour bef 1774. Port Antonio


Maps of southeastern Westmoreland 1763 and 1804.


An excellent detailed topographical map showing places in the area of the Marches of Troops during the Maroon Wars Maroons


This is a hand-drawn version of a map showing patents etc. around Orange Bay and Green Island from 1673 to 1729. P. Dickson has numbered and transcribed the names and information written on each parcel on the map, and placed the numbers on the map, so that the information can be easily read and tied together. See Hanover 1729.


Lucea East River. This is a hand-drawn version of a map showing patents and property owners from 1674 to the 18th century. P. Dickson has transcribed the names and information written on each parcel on the map, so that the information can be easily read.


A survey map of Cousins Cove in Hanover, dated 1824.


A survey map of the Flint River area in Hanover, compared with a map of the area c1800. See Flint River


A surveyor's map of Little Park in St. Elizabeth, dated 1919.


Women's dresses pre 1843

Clarkson Town pre 1843

Plantation village pre 1843

1792 Notice concerning Runaway Slaves

A print of a Working Windmill of the 18th to 19th centuries

Jamaican Flag and Coat of Arms

1880 Almanac data Report of Acres of Land in Cultivation in each parish in 1878.


A page from 1818 Almanac, St. Andrew

Kingston 1836

Kingston 1843

Ads from Almanacs: Drawings of some stores in Kingston, 1847

Coke Chapel Methodist

1878 Directory advertisment

Home of Dr. Saunders c1890.

Armistice Day celebrations

Rockfort quarry

Kingston c. 1943, taken by servicemen stationed at Vernam Field

Paintings by A. P. Von der Porten, of the Glass Bucket Club, and Mrs. Edna Manley, 1940s.

National Library of Jamaica, 2002

Plaques at the National Library of Jamaica, to Mary Seacole and West India Reference Library.

Roman Catholic Archives, 2002


Port Royal map

Port Royal photographs


SpanishTown plaques

SpanishTown 1774

Emancipation 1838

Drawings from Jamaica Almanacs: Rodney Memorial

Spanish Town Baptist Chapel pre 1843

A stroll by the Bog Walk River, c 1896-1904

Spanish Town Square, 2002

Jamaica Archives, 2002

Island Record Office, 2002

Bog Walk bridge, a modern view. There are now traffic lights at either end of the bridge to ascertain one-way traffic only, due to the width of the bridge.


Hampden Great House, St. James

Trelawny Town [now Maroon Town, St. James]

Terrain in the region of the Cockpit Country

Rose Hall great house. Photographs of the ruins at Rose Hall, and the restored house, home of the notorious "White Witch of Rose Hall"

Montego Bay square

Montego Bay Court House and Square

Parish Church, Montego Bay

Parish Church, Montego Bay, clock tower and graves

Montego Bay, baptismal font, and arms of King George III on gun at Montego Bay fort.

Ironshore at dawn

Ironshore Estate and Patrick G. Burke

Montego Bay seaside photographs

Doctor's Cave, Montego Bay


1804 Map of Trelawny

Rio Bueno, 1840, by Kidd

Jamaican Wharf c 1840 by Kidd

Map of Trelawny, Jamaica

Falmouth, map of historic sites. Photographs of modern Market Street

Falmouth, Market street 1844

Falmouth, Market Street looking south 2001

Falmouth 1844 from the church tower

Falmouth, Trelawny Parish Church and a second view in St. Peter's Church

Falmouth, Trelawny Parish Church interior. The church tower and clock, and other details of St. Peter's Church

Falmouth, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church .

Falmouth Court House, and Cenotaph

Falmouth Court House, and Falmouth Post Office.

Falmouth Court House door, and view from the Court House of the Cenotaph and Portsea House.

Falmouth, Fort Balcarres

Buildings at Fort Balcarres, Falmouth.

The Falmouth, Phoenix Foundry

Falmouth Court House and other buildings

Falmouth, Jewish cemetery

Falmouth wharf and Tharp house

Stewart monument, Falmouth Parish Church

Falmouth - some ruins

Falmouth Water Square

Falmouth Grass piece

Rio Bueno Anglican Church

Rio Bueno, Wall Monument in Rio Bueno Anglican Church, to Mary Stewart and her son Horatio.

Rio Bueno church and some ruins

Rio Bueno, Tombstones in Anglican churchyard for the Todd family.

Old sugar mill

Martha Brae river

Kent Sugar Works, Trelawny

Tilston Great House, Trelawny

HANOVER, including LUCEA

An engraving of Lucea Harbour, c 1750-1790.

Map of western Hanover, 1804.

Lucea, the Parish Church, and the churchyard.

Lucea, the Presbyterian Church, 19th century print.

The ruins of Isaac Bing's townhouse, Lucea. The slave workhouse in Lucea. Lucea early buildings

The town of Lucea c 1900.

Lucea, decorated for the Coronation of King George VI, May 1937. Lucea Court House and shop

Lucea, decorated for the Coronation, May 1937. Lucea Main Street & Bob Stone Corner

A modern view of Lucea Court House.

The fort at Lucea Harbour, 2002.

Lucea fort, various views

Lucea: Church (Hanover Parish Church), and 18th century stone warehouses. Lucea Church and warehouses.

Lucea Anglican Rectory, and old Workhouse.

Abingdon great house and mill, located in the Green Island area, Hanover. Abingdon estate.

Blue Hole and Glasgow Estate

Flint River sugar works and iron hoop.

Green Island, location of the Battery; Kenilworth (formerly Barbican), the ruins of the sugar works and mill. See Green Island and Kenilworth

Guns in an enclosure at Barbican (Kenilworth), windmill, and iron gear wheel. Barbican

Knockalva Great House

Salt Spring Great House

Tryall estate, Hanover, remains of the sugar works.


Negril beach

Negril lighthouse and view

On the road from Westmoreland to Hanover

Sunsets in Westmoreland

Paradise Pen.


Appleton wooden rum barrel

Bamboo Avenue and Goat warning at Appleton.


Items at the open air museum in Columbus Park, Discovery Bay.

Campbell Coat of Arms from Knapdale Estate, in Columbus Park museum. Knapdale

Dunn's River Falls, 1982, including additions.

Minard Estate, including Minard Great House, and New Hope Great House.

Seville Great House, St. Ann

Seville Estate, St. Ann


Other Jamaican places Blue Mountain Peak, and Morant Bay Court House (site of some events in the Morant Bay rebellion).

Military- Newcastle

Churches on stamps, 1981 Trelawny, Manchester, Clarendon

Vere rectory c 1820

Wear Pen 1984.

Wear Pen house, Manchester, 2000s.


Jamaican plant life


More flowers




Tombstones in Montego Bay cemetery on Gloucester Avenue (over 40 photographs).


Memorial in Port Maria, St. Mary for residents who were killed fighting in World War I.

War Memorial in Ypres, Belgium, for casualties of the British West Indies Regiment during World War I.

War Memorial at Arras for V. D. Smedmore, and grave of Leicester Young.

War Memorials for Old Boys of Jamaica College.

Alfred George Henriques, who was in the Royal Air Force--tombstone in Poland. Tombstone in Poland.

War grave for Douglas R. Manley in Belgium.


John Blagrove portrait, and tomb in Hampshire, England

Richard Charda in Sydney, Australia

Monumental Inscriptions for Lady Ann Clarke and John Reid, in Tewkesbury Abbey, Gloucestershire, England

Tombstones of Altamont Ernest DaCosta and Maurish Hirsch Solomon

Tombstone of Judith Coates Evans, Montego Bay.

Tombstone of Allan Douglas, Falmouth Parish churchyard.

Tombstone of Colonel John Foster and his daughter Elizabeth, in Montego Bay.

Tombstone of James Glanville, Monumental Inscription of Thomas Glanville, and the ruins of St. George Anglican Church, Mile Gully, Manchester.

John Hannah of Kingston, Jamaica, and Hannahfield, Dumfries, Scotland, and his family. Tombstone in Dumfries, Scotland.

On Retirement property, near Bluefields, Westmoreland, Jenkinson tombstone.

Monumental Inscription in memory of the children of Alexander and Margaret McCallum in Lucea churchyard.

Tombstone and Memorial in Canada to Taunton O. C. Pouyat

Bust and Monumental Inscription in memory of the Revd. John Radcliffe, minister of the Presbyterian Church in Kingston

Grange Hill Anglican churchyard, Westmoreland. Tombstones of Richard and Clementina Sadler.

Photographs and images of The grave and tombstone of Mary Seacole, and a Notice of Probate of her Will in 1881

Grange Hill Anglican churchyard, Westmoreland. Whitelocke Tombstones.


Owner of this website

Choirboys in Savanna-la-mar Anglican church c 1906

Church of England Synod c 1920-40

Church of England Synod, 1935

Jamaican scouts at Jamboree in 1933

Daniel Bernard and John Clarke

Colin and Donald Campbell

Perrine Therese Elizabeth deGournay

Isaac Delgado, c1839-1912.

Arthur Dickson photograph and obituary.

William Malcolm Dickson (1871-1929) of Lucea.

Frederick duQuesnay photograph and obituary.

Rev. Marie Guillaume Arthur duQuesnay

Photograph and letter from Thomas Addison Holmes

Innerarity: Robert Innerarity, and Alexander Innerarity with his wife Mary.

William Rhodes James (2), WRJ 1755-1795, and WRJ 1786-1842

Mary Lawrence, wife of Philip Anglin

James Lyon 1790-1858.

Malabre family photograph, Kingston, 1896 , and Key to Malabre photograph

Robert Osborn, portrait and obituary.

Workers at Phillips' soap factory, 19th century

The family of Robert Scarlett

William Anglin Scarlett

Philip Scarlett house and mausoleum

James Townson Stuart

Nicholas Stambury Tarr and his wife Ruhamah, widow of John Sanftleben.

Todd family portraits 18th to 19th century

Utten and Easson portraits 18th to 19th century

William Menzie Webb and his wife Georgina nee Buckley


Petitions for U. S. citizenship by Jamaicans, Alexander and Henry DeSouza, 19th century.

Philip Philip Livingston, 1764 Bill of Exchange

Some Cornwall Chronicle advertisements 1787-1791

1837 Deed for land on Princess Street, Kingston, from Sarah Rodrigues to Aaron Mesquita.

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