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Descendants of James Campbell of Orange Bay, Jamaica

Generation 1

James Campbell 1693-1744 m. Henrietta Campbell of Knockbuy about 1722.1

        Notes on James Campbell:
Son of Dugald Campbell of Torbhlaren (Argyll, Scotland). He settled at Orange Bay together with his brother Colin before 1729 2 and died on 13 July 1744, tombstone at Orange Bay.3 His brother Peter [d.1739] had settled at Fish River; his brother, Capt. John Campbell [d.1766] was a mariner who lived at Orange Bay where he was buried.4

        Notes on Henrietta Campbell
        Daughter of Colin Campbell of Knockbuy, Argyll and Margaret Graham

        Children of James Campbell & Henrietta Campbell:
                        i John Campbell
                        ii Elizabeth Campbell


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Generation 2

John Campbell 1731/2-1808 m. Grizel (Grace) Campbell1

        Notes on John Campbell
Planter 'of Orange Bay', Hanover, inherited Orange Bay from his father,2 appointed Custos of the parish. Died 16 May 1808, burial at Orange Bay; monument erected by his nephew John Blagrove states that he was 76 when he died.3

        Notes on Grace Campbell
Daughter of Archibald Campbell of Kilberry and Grizel Campbell; sister of Archibald Campbell of Minard pen in St. Ann.

        Child of John Campbell and Grace Campbell:
                        i Graciella Campbell (unm.)

Elizabeth Campbell [d.1776] m. (1)Thomas Blagrove, 1733-1755 on 2 November1749.4

        Notes on Thomas Blagrove:
Planter, Son of John Blagrove of Jamaica, Member of the Assembly for Hanover 1755, died 8 July 1755, burial at Maggoty plantation 5 aged 22. Inherited Maggoty from his father and the lands in St. Ann's parish owned in partnership by his father and Thomas Williams.

Child of Thomas Blagrove & Elizabeth Campbell
                        i John Blagrove

Elizabeth Blagrove m. (2) William Witter of Hanover, Jamaica, c.1761.

        Notes on Elizabeth Witter
Thomas Blagrove had died instate, Elizabeth was granted administration of his estate by a Commission of the Supreme Court in Jamaica.5 Elizabeth had moved to London by 1763 where she wrote her will. She died there in 1776 having had no issue by William Witter who had been 'indifferent' to her since their marriage6. By a deed of 1761 her property had been kept separate from that of her second husband; her son John Blagrove inherited.


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Generation 3

John Blagrove 1754-1824 m. Ann Shakespear 1753-1834 on 22 Sep 1777 in London

Notes on John Blagrove:
Inherited Orange Valley, St. Ann's parish, Jamaica from his grandfather John;1 later inherited Maggotty and the lands owned in partnership with Thomas Williams; he owned a 2/3 share of Cardiff Hall. Member of the Assembly. His will of 1824 excluded his eldest son, John Williams Blagrove. His other three sons predeceased him. His will named nine natural children.

Notes on Ann Shakespear
Daughter of John Shakespear of London, rope maker & Alderman and Elizabeth Currie, a granddaughter of Col. John Campbell of Black River Jamaica. Her will of 1834 also excluded her eldest son.2

Children of John Blagrove and Ann Shakespear
                i John Williams Blagrove
                ii Charles Campbell Blagrove
                iii Peter Blagrove
                iv Frederick Blagrove
                v Ann Caroline Blagrove
                vi Elizabeth Blagrove
                vii Isabella Blagrove
                viii Mary Charlotte Blagrove

Notes on unmarried children

John Williams Blagrove
Baptised at Thatcham, Berkshire 20th December 1781. London barrister (1806) 'of Lincoln's Inn' owned a 1/3 share of Cardiff Hall, wrote a will in 1807 but thereafter missing from all public record in England until his death at Brooke House Asylum, West Hackney 29 July 1846.3 Inherited Orange Bay in tail male to his father, by default; his assets were in the hands of the Accountant General of the Court of Chancery when he died' a bachelor' in 1846.4 His two surviving sisters inherited his share of Cardiff Hall.

Charles Campbell Blagrove
Baptised at Thatcham, Berkshire 12 Sep 1783. Imprisoned in France during the Napoleonic wars where he died in 1811,5 unmarried. Named as successor to Orange Bay by the will of his uncle, John Campbell the second of Orange Bay in 1808.6

Peter Blagrove
Born 21 May 1789 at Cardiff Hall, Jamaica.7 Imprisoned in France, like his brother, but escaped in 1808.8  Died unmarried in Jamaica on 10 August 1812 buried at Orange Valley in St. Ann, Jamaica.

Frederick Blagrove
        He was named in the will of his brother John Williams Blagrove.

Ann Caroline Blagrove
Baptised at Thatcham, Berkshire 22 October 1782; became a part owner of Cardiff Hall upon the death of her brother John Williams Blagrove in 1846. Died a 'spinster' in London, 1854.


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Generation 4

Elizabeth Blagrove [d.1839] m. James Bradshaw RN

Notes on James Bradshaw
        Royal Navy officer, to rank of captain ; became an M.P. after retiring from active service.

Children of James Bradshaw and Isabella Blagrove
                i Robert Blagrove Bradshaw [d.1827, aged 10]
                ii Henry Bradshaw
                iii Francis Bradshaw

Notes on Henry Bradshaw
Assumed the name Blagrove in order to benefit from his grandfather's will but reverted to Bradshaw by Royal Licence in 1856. Became a part owner of Cardiff Hall upon the death of his aunt Ann Caroline Blagrove in 1854. Forfeited entitlement to Blagrove inheritance after reverting to former name: the executors of his cousin, the late Henry John Blagrove [d.1854] sued on behalf of his infant son of the same name.4

Notes on Francis Bradshaw
        Named in the will of his aunt, Ann Caroline Blagrove

Isabella Blagrove [d.1831] m. Frederick Richard Coore [d.1823] on 19 December 18071

Notes on Frederick Richard Coore
Acquired Pembroke estate in Trelawny from father-in-law John Blagrove, c.1815/16. Died in 1823 leaving Pembroke in trust to his wife.2

Notes on Isabella Coore
Left all her estate to her eldest son, Frederick Coore, as her other children were 'amply provided for by the wills of [her] dear husband and late dear father'.3

Children of Frederick Coore and Isabella Blagrove
                i Frederick Coore
                ii Henry John Coore
                iii Richard John Lechmere Coore
                iv Isabella Frederica Coore
                v Laura Sophia Coore
                vi Mary Ann Coore
                vii Lucy Elizabeth Coore
                viii Georgiana Coore
                ix Anne Augusta Coore
                x Harriet Coore

Notes on Mary Ann Coore
        Her married name by 1854 was Mein

Notes on Laura Sophia Coore
        Her married name by 1854 was Paton

Mary Charlotte Blagrove [d.1850] m. Hugh Parkin

Notes on Hugh Parkin
        Employed at the General Post Office in London; residence in 1823, Ashurst Lodge in Kent.

Child of Hugh Parkin & Mary Charlotte Blagrove
                i Mary Charlotte Parkin


1 Gentleman's Magazine, at Abshott, Hampshire on 20 December 1807
2 National Archives, London, PROB 11/1667, 1823, will of Frederick Richard Coore
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4 Law Reports, 1856, Blagrove v Bradshaw

Generation 5

Frederick Coore [d.1 846] met Elizabeth Slack in Jamaica

Notes on Frederick Coore (junior)
'Of Pembroke estate, Trelawny' where he lived with Elizabeth Slack, 'spinster'.1 Frederick Coore left £3,000 in trust for the maintenance and education of their two children.

Notes on Elizabeth Slack
Inherited Frederick Coore's personal and real estate in Jamaica, excluding Pembroke. In 1878 'Miss. Elizabeth Slack' was proprietor of Mount Olivet pen in St. Ann (near Dry Harbour). A Mount Olive in St. Ann was previously listed in the Almanac of 1845 as the property of Frederick Coore.

Children of Frederick Coore and Elizabeth Slack
                i Isabella Blagrove Coore 'otherwise Slack'
                ii John Coore 'otherwise Slack'

Henry John Blagrove (ne Coore) [d.1854] m. Elizabeth Todd [1829-1895] on 25 July 18503

Notes on Henry John Blagrove
'Of Pembroke', Trelawny. His surname when he married was Blagrove; he had assumed the name in order to inherit his grandfather's two thirds share of Cardiff Hall, where he lived when in Jamaica,2 and Orange Valley. Died aged 32 in London after a fall from his horse in Hyde Park.

Notes on Elizabeth Todd
        Born in Jamaica, daughter of  Utten Todd of The Ridge in St. Ann, and Louisa Lamont.4

Child of Henry John Blagrove and Elizabeth Todd
                i Henry John Blagrove


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Generation 6

Henry John Blagrove [1854-1925]  m.(1) Alice Evelyn Boothby [d 1897] on 11 November 1884. m.(2) in London, March 1904, Violet Walton of Cwmllecoedfog, Montogmeryshire

Notes on Henry J. Blagrove
Born after his father's death; army officer, became Colonel of the 13th Hussars, absentee proprietor of Cardiff Hall, Orange Valley, Belle Aire [Jamaica Directory, 1910]

Children of Henry John Blagrove and Alice Boothby
                        i John [b.1886]
                        ii Henry Evelyn Charles
                        iii Peter
                        iv Richard Coore
                        v Judith Letitia

         Notes on John Blagrove
Born 1886; d. 1953 at Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia; m. Margaret Elizabeth Hannaford of South Africa

Notes on Henry Evelyn Blagrove
Born 1887; Royal Navy officer to the rank of rear Admiral; m. Edith Lowe Gordon of Edinburgh; killed at Scapa Flow in 1939 during a German submarine attack on his flagship, Royal Oak, anchored there. Inherited his father's Jamaican estates.

Notes on Richard Coore Blagrove
        Born 1891; killed at Ypres during World War I.

Notes on Peter Blagrove
Born 1889; Army officer to the rank of Captain in World War I; m. Alice Costa at Rio Bueno in Jamaica; member of the Jamaica Imperial Association; succeeded to Cardiff Hall and Orange Valley after his brother Henry; died at Discovery Bay, St. Ann (formerly Dry Harbour)1969.1


1 The Gleaner,(Jamaica) 20 June 1969

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