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Lyon and Malabre

From the Will of Cordelia Lyon of Spanish Town

Written: 1892

Film No. 1937928

Mentioned in her Will are: Niece - Ada (or Ida) Campbell, wife of James Campbell

Granddaughter - daughter of Ada and James Campbell - Corine Alexandrina Campbell

Niece: Stella Brandon

Niece: Blanche Brandon

Grandnephew: Donald Harcourt Campbell



Dated: October 30, 1874

Probated: January 2, 1880

This is the Last Will and Testament of me Arnold Louis Malabre of Kingston in the Island of Jamaica, Merchant. I direct payment of all my just debts funeral and Testamentary expenses. I appoint my dear wife Emily Duverger y Malabre my Brother William Malabre and my son in law Peter Blaize Desnoes (hereinafter called my trustees) to be executors and Trustees of this my will. I bequeath unto my wife absolutely all my Household furniture bed and table linen plate and plated ware glass china picture books wines liquors and other effects in and belonging to my Residence in Kingston and also my carriages horses harness and saddlery. I devise and bequeath unto my Trustees all estates vested in me as Trustee or Mortgagee subject to the Trusts and Equities affecting the same respectively. I devise and bequeath unto my Trustees all the rest residue and remainder of my Estate both real and personal and also mixed if any of every nature and kind whatsoever and wheresoever situate Upon Trust to sell the realty and ???? and get in the personally when and as they shall think fit and in their discretion until sale of the realty to let the same or any part thereof for such term or terms and for such prices or rents as they shall think fit and to stand possessed of the proceeds after sale and conversion of any part of my Estate and in the meantime of my unsold and unconverted Estate Upon Trust as to such proceeds to invest the same in or upon the purchase or on Mortgage of freehold land of inheritance in Great Britain or the said Island of Jamaica or in or upon the Public funds of Great Britain or Government Debentures of the Island or the stocks shares or securities of any company whether incorporated or not or upon such other eligible security as my Trustees in their uncontrolled discretion shall think fit including any security of a personal nature and entirely on one kind of security or partly on one kind and partly on another and to sell and dispose of any hereditaments to be purchased under this present Trust and to vary or dispose(?) any investment when and as my Trustees shall think fit and for all or any of the purposes aforesaid to enter into make execute and deliver all or any Agreements, Conveyances, Lease or other Instruments or Deeds whatsoever and to do and perform in reference to my Estate all such acts, matters and things as my said Trustees in their uncontrolled discretion shall think fit.

Nevertheless upon Trust to pay or apply annually to or for the benefit of my eldest son William Henry Malabre in such installments and in such manner as my Trustees shall think fit Interest at the rate of Four pounds per (certurn??) per annum or a sum of Two hundred pounds or so much thereof as shall for the term being remain unpaid until my Trustees shall if they in their discretion think fit pay him the sum of Two hundred pounds or some part thereof and upon payment of any part of the said sum of Two hundred pounds the payment of Interest to my said son shall be abated proportionately and upon further Trust to pay unto each of my children (except my son William Henry and my daughter Emily the wife of the said Peter Blaize Desnoes) on his or her attaining the age of twenty one years or marrying with the consent of my wife whichever shall first happen the sum of Two hundred and fifty pounds and subject thereto Upon Trust to pay the annual income of my Estate unto my wife or to permit her to receive the same or to possess or occupy any lands or hereditaments or receive the rents and profits thereof during her life and widowhood to the intent that although she shall not be called to account for the same and shall be at liberty to apply the same as she shall think fit the same shall be a provision for the maintenance and support of herself and my children under age for the time being if unmarried and the education of my said children. And after the decease or upon the second marriage of my wife to apply the said annual income in or towards the maintenance support and education of my said children under age for the time being if unmarried until the youngest of my children then alive shall attain the age of twenty one years or marry with the consent of my wife and thereafter upon Trust to divide and pay my said residuary estate between and amongst all my children who shall be then alive including my said son William Henry and my said daughter Emily, share and share alike. And in case none of my children shall be alive at the decease of my wife or at the time hereinbefore appointed for distribution of my estate then upon Trust to devise and pay my said residuary estate between and amongst the issue of all my children who shall have died leaving lawful issue share and share alike. And failing such issued then upon Trust to divide and pay my said residuary estate between and amongst such persons otherwise who would have been my next of kin and entitled thereto under the Statute of distributions at the time of my decease had I died in testate and unmarried. And I hereby declare that the receipts in writing of the Trustees for the time being acting in the execution of the Trusts of this my Will shall effectually discharge and exonerate all persons taking the same from liability to see to the application of any moneys or effects paid or delivered to my Trustees or from being responsible for the non application or misapplication of such moneys or effects. And I hereby declare that if any of my Trustees shall happen to die or refuse or decline or become incapable to act in or desire to relinquish the Trusts aforesaid the surviving or acting Trustees or Trustee or their or his executors or administrators may appoint a new Trustee or Trustees as occasion may require from time to time to whom any requisite Conveyances shall be made and who may act in the same manner and with the same powers and provisions as if named in this my Will.

In Witness whereof I have to this and the two preceding sheets of this my Will set my hand this Thirtieth day of October in the year One thousand eight hundred and seventy four.

Signed published and declared by the said Testator as and for his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have signed our names as Witnesses.

Signed: Arnold L. Malabre

Witnesses: T. J. Harvey

M. (or N.A.) Feurtado

Will of Emily Duverger Malabre

Dated: January 30, 1896

Entered: August 3, 1907, Lib XI, Fol. 52

Film No. 1937929 #41, Item 4

(Nee: Marie Francoise Emilie duVerger)

Jamaica S.S. This is the last Will of me Emily Duverger Malabre of this parish of Kingston, Widow. I appoint sons Charles Arnold Malabre of this parish of Kingston, Mercantile Clerk, Herbert Frederick Malabre of the same place, Medical Practitioner, and Louis Duverger Malabre also of the same place, Mercantile Clerk, Executors and Trustees of this my will. I give and bequeath all my household furniture, bed and table linen, place and plated ware, glass, china, pictures, books and jewelry in my residence No. 150 East Street in the Parish of Kingston to my said Executors and Trustees to be equally divided between all my children, share and share alike and for the purpose of such division my said Executors and Trustees may sell and convert into money the whole or any part of my said property if they shall deem it necessary to do so and I hereby declare that all real and personal property whatsoever now held by me or vested in me in any manner (save what I have bequeathed as aforesaid) belong to and are held by me under the trust if the Will of the late Arnold Louis Malabre, deceased.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 30th. day of January, 1896 at the Parish of Kingston.

Signed: E.D. Malabre

Witnesses: Charles L. Vendryes, Solicitor

John Milhos-----????

From the Will of William Malabre

Husband of Cephaline Elizabeth Sorapure

Probated: 1896

Film No. 1937928 - Item 3, #33

Mentioned in Will are : Daughter - Marie Isabelle Eleanore Malabre

Son - Arthur Alexander Malabre (Wife Isabelle Elvira Ross)

Son - William Titley Malabre (Wife Marie Antoinette Carvalho)

Wife - Cephaline Elizabeth Malabre

Notes: Cephaline Elizabeth Malabre (nee Sorapure)’s will was dated June 27, 1896 and probated in 1897. The same children are mentioned in her will.

These wills were transcribed and contributed by Angela Garcia

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