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Descendants of George Halsall

Generation No. 1

1. GEORGE1 HALSALL1 was born Abt. 1800 in unknown ..believe England, and died Bef. 1878 in St. Ann, Jamaica. He married JANE OGILVIE STRACHAN1 December 24, 1843 in St. Ann, Jamaica2. She was born Abt. 1823 in St. Ann, Jamaica, and died Aft. 1883 in St. Ann, Jamaica.


We do not believe George Halsall Sr was born in Jamaica. No records have been found with the Halsall name prior to the Land Grant of 1838. Family lore has it that he came from the Liverpool area of England where there is a town named Halsall.

George Halsall and Jane Ogilvie Strachan were married by license in 1843. The ceremony was performed by Rev. G. Brown, Assistant Curate, and recorded on 9th Jan 1844 by John Smith, Rector.

His occupation is listed as "Planter" and he resided in the district of "Aboukir."

His land grant was already in force, having been granted in 1838, thus establishing that the 300 acres defined in the grant were the plantation "Aberly" in the district of "Aboukir".

Jane is listed as "widow of G. Halsall" in a "List of Properties over 100 acres" prepared by the Land Commission in 1878.

There is a diagram of the property "Aberly" in the Institute of Jamaica that is dated 1806, but no ownership is shown.

George was appointed as a Magistrate in 1861 for the District of Alexandria.

In the 1845 Almanac, in the list of Properties in the Dry-Harbour Mountain District, George appears to own 3 parcels, one at Aberly that has grown to 810 acres, one at Lambert Hall and the Strachan property at Outon is shown merged with the Halsall Mearns, as follows:

Halsall, G., Aberly, 810 acres

Halsall, G., Lambert Hall, 200 acres

Strachan, J., Outon and Mearns, 1087 acres

A 1920 "List of Properties 50 acres and upward" lists 3 parcels for Mearns (the Strachan estate) as follows:

124 acres, Value £185. H. K. Halsall (Herbert)

166 acres, Value £170. Mary J. Halsall

120 acres, Value £125. Jessie McInnis

In the 1938 version Jessie's portion is now 105 1/4 acres and "Athalah" Halsall owns 81 acres. (Herbert's wife)


Occupation: Bet. 1843 - 1861, Planter

Residence: Bet. 1846 - 1850, Aboukir, St. Ann

Residence (2): 1861, Halifax, St. Ann


Jane was referred to by my grandmother, Mary Jane Halsall, as her cousin.

The 1878 Directory shows: "Halsall Mrs., proprietor Aberly Pen" (no acreage shown).

The 1882 "Return of Properties" lists "Aberly" as 400 acres, 10 in coffee, 290 'Wood and Ruinate', producing 30 bags of pimento. Jane O. Halsall owner. (note this only adds up to 300 acres)


Excerpt from the Will of Mary Dougal, nee Strachan, of Southampton Pen, St. Ann, dated 8/21/1883, and recorded in 1889:

If my mother predeceases me I give Southampton to my nephews and nieces, children of my brother CHARLES STRACHAN by one ANN FOSTER viz JANE, JONATHAN and AMOS STRACHAN, and to ANN DODD STRACHAN the daughter of my brother CHARLES by his wife CATHERINE, also to VICTORIA NASH, JANET BRODERICK and AGNES HALSAL to be held by trustees until Ann Dodd Strachan is 21.

To DAVID McNICHIE £50, but to his child ELIZABETH McNICHIE if he is dead.


[Note: for more on Mary Dougal and her Will, see Ann (Dodd)]


Victoria Nash and Janet Broderick are the 1st and 4th daughters of George and Jane Halsall, as listed below. Agnes may be a pet name for Antoinette or Emma, the 2nd and 3rd daughters.



i. GEORGE2 HALSALL, b. September 3, 1844, St Ann, Jamaica3; d. Unknown.


We think we may have found some of George's descendants via e-mail correspondence with Joyce Thompson in Canada who is still researching the line. Owen is assigned as his son on that basis.

I have assigned Herbert George and Frederick Alexander as his sons since I have no other proof of the true relationship.


Baptism: September 17, 1846, St. Ann, by R. Davies, Stipendiary Curate3

ii. JANET HALSALL, b. May 29, 1846, St Ann, Jamaica4; d. Unknown; m. JOHN HYSLOP BRODERICK, July 21, 1863, St. Ann5.


Jeanette (Janet) and her sister Emma were married to two brothers named John and Michael Broderick. All were local people living in the Dry Harbour Mountains of St. Ann. Jeanette is believed to have had 15 children. The names that I am familiar with are; Dan, Pellum, Jeanette, Hugh, Neville, Agnes, and "Sissy" who was married to a Charley Miller. Victoria Nash referred to "Sissy" as her niece and often visited her at her home on Constant Spring Road. Dan and Pellum visited the family at Eletson Road on several occasions.

Janet's marriage certificate to John Hyslop Broderick spells her name as Janet. They were married by license by J. T. Hildebrand, stipendiary curate.

She was baptized on the same day as her brother George.


Baptism: September 17, 1846, St. Ann by T. Davies, Stipendiary Curate6

2. iii. ANTOINETTE HALSALL, b. July 24, 1848, St Ann, Jamaica; d. Unknown.

iv. EMMA ELIZABETH HALSALL, b. July 11, 1850, St Ann, Jamaica7; d. Abt. 1910, Kingston, Jamaica8; m. (1) MICHAEL BRODERICK; m. (2) ? ALLEN.


Emma A. Allen is shown as "name of nearest relative in port of departure" living at East Street, Kingston on May 7, 1910 when Antoinette (Nettie) Halsall left Jamaica. Therefore Emma is believed to have been married to a man named Allen after marrying Michael Broderick. Nothing is known of this period or what happened to Michael.

Enid (Emma's grand-daughter) recalls hearing that Emma and her mother, Regina Ambrosia died at about the same time (Approximately 1910).


Baptism: September 3, 1850, St. Ann by B. B. Kingdon, Stipendiary Curate9

v. VICTORIA JANE HALSALL, b. July 26, 1856, St. Ann, Jamaica10; d. 1948, ST Andrew, Jamaica11; m. PATRICK ALBERT NASH.


Victoria and Albert had no children. Shortly after their marriage, they went to Nicaragua, where she taught school and he traded with the Mosquito (Moskito) Indians. The Mosquito Coast at that time was a British Protectorate, as the British wished to establish a canal across the country, linking the Pacific to the Caribbean Sea. Patrick was killed on one of his trading trips, presumably by the Indians, as his arrow riddled body was found in his canoe, as it floated down the river. Victoria continued to teach, and traveled to the U.S.A. where she became a tutor for the Drinkwater family. Mr. Drinkwater was an engineer who worked on the Dnieper Dam in Russia, and Victoria accompanied the family there for a time. When she returned to the United States, she bought a house on Prospect Ave. in East Providence, R.I. and operated it as a boarding house, mainly for Brown University students.

In about 1933 she sold the house, apparently to her niece Fanny Williams, and returned to Jamaica to live with her brother Albert John. The proceeds of the sale of the house were apparently invested in Narragansett Electric Company bonds or an annuity, which she outlived. She was in her late 70's at the time, and I can remember sneaking down the stairs to overhear the family discussions, which largely revolved around the question as to "What do we do with Auntie now?".Grandpa said "She stays". This occurred while we were still living at Elletson Road in Kingston.

Aunt Victoria took me under her wing and I had a school schedule. With my slate and McGuffie Reader I had to be at her bedroom door at 9:00 A.M. for my day's lesson. As a result of this tutoring, when I was later enrolled in public school, I was skipped from the Kindergarten to the 3rd grade.

After Albert John died in 1945 Victoria went to live with her niece Fanny Conners Williams, who had moved back to the island some time earlier.


Baptism: January 2, 1861, St. Ann, by J. H. Hildebrand, Stipendiary Curate12

3. vi. ALBERT JOHN HALSALL, b. October 12, 1857, St. Ann, Jamaica; d. November 30, 1945, Kingston, Jamaica.

4. vii. ALFRED HALSALL, b. July 13, 1860, St Ann, Jamaica; d. March 1940, Canal Zone, Panama.

Generation No. 2

2. ANTOINETTE2 HALSALL (G EORGE1) was born July 24, 1848 in St Ann, Jamaica13, and died Unknown. She married CAPTAIN CONNERS.


On the Registrar's copy Register, her date of birth is given as July 21. The place of residence of the family at the time of baptism of the first four children is shown as "Aboukir", which was the location of the family plantation, Mearns.

Antoinette and Emma were baptized on the same day.


Baptism: September 3, 1850, St. Ann by B. B. Kingdon, Stipendiary Curate13



i. FANNIE3 CONNERS, b. Abt. 1875.

3. ALBERT JOHN2 HALSALL (G EORGE1) 14 was born October 12, 1857 in St. Ann, Jamaica15, and died November 30, 1945 in Kingston, Jamaica16. He married MARY JANE STRACHAN December 4, 1889 in St. Ann's Bay, St. Ann, Jamaica. She was born May 13, 1862 in St. Ann, Jamaica, and died June 16, 1952 in Kingston, Jamaica17.


Known as "Maas John" for most of his life. Born at 'Aberly', the Halsall plantation, in the Dry Harbour Mountains of St Ann, John was a sickly child with chronic asthma. He attended York Castle School as a boy. He bought Trinent Villa in about 1910, apparently with the proceeds of "Abally". Mary's share (about one third) of 'Merns' was still in her name, (the Strachan estate).

He owned and operated a country store in the town of Bamboo, but gave credit too freely, and had to sell the store and Trinent in about 1924, when he moved the family to Kingston. Three generations of the family lived at Elleston Road in Kingston, until the Government bought the place, in order to enlarge the nearby Police Academy. The family moved to Connolley Avenue in 1940, and he and Mary both died there.


Baptism: January 2, 1861, St. Ann, by J. H. Hildebrand, Stipendiary Curate18

Burial: May Pen Cemetery


Mary Jane had indicated that Jane O. Strachan was her "cousin". It appears that if she were the sister of Robert Kerr, that would make her the aunt. We have found a number of family inter-marriages with the people in the area.

The Strachans were on the Island many years before the Halsall's and owned several large plantations. There is a record of a lawsuit in 1796 over the share of property.

Mary and her sister briefly attended Westwood High School in Trelawny.


Christening: July 24, 1864, Browns Town, St. Ann, Jamaica


John Strachan was a witness to the marriage of Mary Jane and Albert John Halsall, (I believe this to be her brother, who would have been 22 years old at the time)



i. HERBERT KERR3 HALSALL, b. September 12, 1890, St. Ann, Jamaica; d. September 22, 1927, St Ann, Jamaica; m. (1) IDA GARRICK; m. (2) ATILLIA BOLT; d. 1983.


Herbert has generated many unfavorable stories about himself. When his grandfather Robert Strachan died, a sword was left and Herbert claimed it. His brother Roy also wanted the sword, and Roy said Herbert broke the sword so that no one else could have it. The same is true of a slate.

It appears that Herbert had some other debilitating sickness, as he was house-bound for most of the last ten years of his life according to his daughter. From stories of how he wasted away, we suspect he had cancer.

He married his common-law wife, Atillia, in about 1921 according to Olga. She remembers the ceremony at her father's house when she was a young girl of 10 or 12 years. Atillia, was a servant at the property, (Mearns) and as a result Herbert was completely ostracized by the family. I was an adult before hearing the details and learning about Herbert.

When Atillia died in1983 she is buried in Brown's Town Tabernacle Cemetery, and Herbert is buried with both his grand-parents at Mearns, a portion of which he inherited about 1910, from his grand-father, Robert Strachan.

Atillia also had a daughter named Gwen, by a man named Campbell. She was born in 1924 and was killed by a bus in Kingston on 8 Nov 1988.

Herbert inherited Mearns in 1910 with 150 acres, so we infer that Eliza Strachan died about that time. There were 365 acres to the plantation and he received one third, Mary Jane, (not Albert John) and her sister Jessie each received a third.

Herbert's first son, Bertie, was by Ida Garrick, one of a pair of sisters (Emma and Ida) who lived nearby and visited frequently. She died in Kingston about 1960.

Herbert never acknowledged Bertie as his son.


Burial: Mearns Estate


Burial: 1983, Brown's Town Tabernacle Cemetery

ii. ANTOINETTE (NETTIE) HALSALL, b. March 3, 1892, St Ann, Jamaica; d. August 4, 1975, West Palm Beach, Florida; m. EDWARD EVERETT KING, Bef. 1930, Providence, Rhode Island, USA; b. November 28, 1886, Rhode Island, USA; d. 1973, West Palm Beach, Florida.


Antoinette never used her given name and was always known as Nettie. She worked as a lapidary for one of the jewelry manufacturers in Providence for many years. After she retired she and Evert moved from Cranston, Rhode Island to West Palm Beach, Florida where most of the other sisters lived.

Antoinette's initial entry to the States was on the SS 'Taugus' arriving New York on May 11th, 1910 in the company of Alethia June Mendes, who is recorded as "Clerk" & "Hebrew" 21 years 9 months old. Antoinette is shown as 15 yrs old, but in 1910 she would have been 18 years old. She is destined for Aunt Victoria's at 103 Williams Street, Providence, Rhode Island. The manifest notes "who will adopt her" under Victoria's name. Emma A. Allen is shown as "name of nearest relative in port of departure" living at East Street, Kingston. It also shows that her "aunt Mrs. A. Conner of 251 11th Street Brooklyn" is to meet her in New York.

Antoinette and her sister Lil arrived in New York on 6 May 1920, aboard the S.S. Turrialba. Antoinette lists her place of residence as Providence, R.I., so this must have been a second trip, presumably to accompany Lil.

Antoinette and Everett appear on the 1930 Census living at Carolina Avenue in Providence. Antoinette cut 8 years off her age, but Everett gave his age correctly.


Burial: August 6, 1975, Hillcrest Memorial Park, West Palm Beach, Florida

Social Security Number: 036-18-9662 issued in Rhode Island19

iii. ROBERT JOHN (ROY) HALSALL, b. September 24, 1894, St Ann, Jamaica; d. March 23, 1974, E. Providence, Rhode Island; m. ELIZABETH DOIGE, June 5, 1920, East Providence, Rhode Island, USA.


No one knew his name was really Robert John, (including his daughters) until his Naturalization Certificate and US Army discharge were found after his death. The naturalization date was 23 April 1919 and showed he had arrived in New York on 12 July 1912 aboard the S.S. Meterpan. He listed Trinent Villa as his former residence. We now know that none of the sisters accompanied him. He would have been almost 18 years old.

In 1920, at his wedding to Elizabeth, his sisters Nettie E., Lilly, Jessie, and Victoria, all signed his guest book as Halsall. Aunt Victoria Nash, Fannie and Frank Williams also attended the ceremony.


Social Security Number: 038-03-0206 issued in Rhode Island19

iv. JESSIE REBECCA HALSALL, b. March 15, 1896, St Ann, Jamaica; d. January 11, 1991, Macon, Georgia; m. ERNEST MALCOLM STOKES, December 7, 1929, Miami Beach Community Church, Miami Beach, Florida, USA; b. February 12, 1899, Earlington, Kentucky, USA; d. April 9, 1965, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.


Jessie arrived in New York on 2 July, 1914, aboard the SS. Santa Marta. She traveled alone, and is shown on the manifest as being 16 years and 4 months of age.

Jessie and her son Ernest, went to the island of Jamaica to visit her mother, brother and sister (Ivy), on 14th June 1944. She was instrumental in convincing Ivy that she and her children should move to the United States. She and the rest of the sisters sponsored the family, and Ivy and family left the island in June 1947.


Burial: West Palm Beach, Florida.

v. VICTORIA JANE HALSALL, b. March 12, 1898, St. Ann, Jamaica; d. September 4, 1949, West Palm Beach, Florida; m. LEON HAROLD KING, April 11, 1925, Manhattan, New York, U.S.A..


Victoria Halsall came to New York, USA on 6th July 1916 at the age of 18 on board the SS Saramacca. She lived with her aunt Victoria Jane (Halsall) Nash in Providence, Rhode Island.


Victoria is buried beside Leon in the cemetery in E. Greenwich Rhode Island. Pall bearers were, Everet Halsall, Richard Chappell, Frank Barber, William Smith, Herbert Peabody and John Coughlin

Victoria was naturalized in the USA on 20 September 1943 in Kent County, Rhode Island.


Burial: September 9, 1949, East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

vi. LILLIAS OLIVE HALSALL, b. February 14, 1900, St. Ann, Jamaica; d. February 23, 1973, West Palm Beach, Florida; m. (1) EDWARD ROBERT PARRISH, Abt. 1923, Providence, Rhode Island, USA; b. Annapolis, Maryland, USA; d. 1942, Providence, Rhode Island, USA; m. (2) EARL F. MILLS, Abt. 1948; b. February 6, 1895, Michigan, USA; d. October 14, 1960, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.


Lil's name was always thought to be Lillian; however her grandmother's Will and her shipping manifest spell her name Lilias.

Earl, her second husband, died in Baltimore, Maryland, but was buried with Lil in West Palm Beach.

She arrived in New York on 6 May, 1920, on the SS Turrialba. She and her sister Antoinette traveled together.

vii. IVY MAY HALSALL20, b. January 14, 1902, St. Ann, Jamaica; d. March 13, 1988, Whittier, California.21; m. JEREMIAH JAMES COUGHLIN, July 7, 1927, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kingston; b. August 10, 1889, London, England; d. November 28, 1971, Norfolk, England.


Ivy was born at 'Mearns', the Strachan estate in St Ann, and was attended at her birth by her aunt Jessie Strachan.

Larry O'Donoghue and Dolly L. Garcia were the witnesses to her marriage. Jerry left the island in July 1937 and a divorce was finally granted on December 4, 1956. Jerry later remarried to Ann Dove, who had been a secretary to Lord Swindon..

Ivy left the island with her four youngest children in July 1947, (John had left in 1945) and set up a home in Warick, Rhode Island. She moved to California in 1956 and bought a home in Whittier where she lived out her life.


Burial: March 16, 1988, Rose Hills, Whittier, California

Social Security Number: 038-20-0206 issued in Rhode Island

viii. EDWARD STRACHAN HALSALL, b. July 14, 1904, St. Ann, Jamaica; d. May 30, 1976, St. Andrew, Jamaica; m. ETHLIND LOUISE GARCIA, Abt. 1933, Kingston, Jamaica; b. 1896, St. Andrew, Jamaica; d. August 11, 1979, St. Andrew, Jamaica.


Edward Strachan Halsall and Ethlind had no children. Ethlind had a large and beautiful home built in Constant Springs as a wedding present to Edward. Her uncle Wykeham Garcia was the builder, according to his son George. They lived there for a number of years, until Ethlind decided to rent the home to the new Lt. Governor. The house was called "Valkyrie" and was located at the corner of Constant Spring Road and Dunn Robin Avenue..

After the home was rented, they then moved in and lived with his parents, Albert John and Mary. Edward and Ivy inherited the Connolley Avenue house after his father died, and lived there till his death in 1976. Edward's name was never included on any of Ethlind's property documents.


Burial: June 2, 1976, May Pen Cemetery, Kingston, Jamaica

4. ALFRED2 HALSALL (G EORGE1) was born July 13, 1860 in St Ann, Jamaica22, and died March 1940 in Canal Zone, Panama23. He married JANE M. NISBET Abt. 1885 in St. Ann, Jamaica.


"As a teenager he had several times gone to sea - -as a cabin boy. The longest trip had taken him to England". There he met Halsalls in or near London that were related to his father.

Alfred's first trip to Panama was in 1884 when the French were building the Canal.

In about 1903 he moved his family from Stamford, Connecticut, from a farm called Bonny Brook, to Modesto, California. He bought a 40 acre ranch, grew alfalfa and operated a small dairy. Frank Williams and his niece Fanny (Conners) later bought an adjoining 60 acres, but after a couple of years they went back to England. In 1910 the family had moved to Alberta, Canada

His son Edward was last known to live in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, until I tracked him through the internet to Gainesville, Florida. He is responsible for providing all the corrections to this information.

Shipping records show Alfred traveling from Jamaica to New York alone on 30 April, 1896 on the SS Jason. In March, 1897, he returns to NY with his wife Jane, Alfred L., Thomas, and Avis. He is accompanied by Jane's sister Olive, his sister Victoria Jane Nash and a Clara Halsall* who is shown as 24 years of age. That trip was duplicated in June, 1909, including Edward, but no Aunt Victoria or Clara. Edward says that in 1909 he remembers Kingston being in ruins from the 1907 earthquake.

*(This is probably the Clara Helena Adela Halsall whose baptism appears in the Index to the Original Register of Baptisms in St. Ann, Book #37, page 39. That baptism was transcribed to the Registrar's Copy, Vol. 21, p. 61 #12, as Charles Helena Adela, baptized August 3, 1870. The names of her parents were not listed, which indicates that they were unmarried. Her residence in 1870 was Aberly, St. Ann.)

Alfred is known to have moved/returned to Panama in 1927 with Avis and one of his sons.(The son was Edward) This was reported by Olga Gaynor who attended the farewell party at Elletson Road. He would have been 64 years old then, so it is likely that he had been there before and this was a final move or visit.

Family lore has it that he owned a plantation on the Panama Canal, and was bought out and moved in WW II by the US Navy.

The plantation story (from Edward) is that Avis leased (for $5 per annum) from the US Government, a 5 acre island in Gaton Lake. Alfred built a house there, planted lime, orange and coconut trees, and he, Jane, Avis, her two children and later Aunt Olive all lived there. When the older folks died and her children left, Alfred Jr, came from N.J. and lived with Avis. She eventually went to live with her son Patrick in Okinawa and Alfred stayed on till 1962. He returned to Jamaica and lived and died near Mandeville.


Baptism: January 2, 1861, St. Ann, by J. H. Hildebrand, Stipendiary Curate24



i. ALFRED3 HALSALL, b. Abt. 1888, Jamaica.

ii. THOMAS HALSALL, b. Abt. 1889, Jamaica.

iii. AVIS HALSALL, b. Abt. 1891, Jamaica.

iv. EDWARD HAMILTON HALSALL, b. 1901, Canada.


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This genealogy report was submitted by John Coughlin. If you are also researching this family, he may be contacted by e-mail at johnjcou@evansinet.com

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