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Will of Dugald Campbell, 1744 [RGD, Jamaica, LOS 24/320]

[Son of Colin Campbell of Attichuan and Bessie Campbell, sister of Hon. John Campbell of Black River, Jamaica]

Jamaica SS


I Dugald Campbell of the parish of Hanover and island aforesaid…declare this my last will and testament…

I give to my beloved wife[1] during her lifetime yearly the sum of £150 Sterling money in lieu and full bar of Dower and I hereby give to my six daughters hereafter named viz. Anne, Rebecca, Mary, Henrietta, Petronella and Deborah[2] the sum of £2,400 Sterling money to be equally divided amongst them that is to say £400 to each of them respectively when each is marryed or of the age of twenty one years compleat…

And in regard my beloved wife may seem desirous to remove off the Island of Jamaica and go to some part of Great Brittain and carry my said six daughters with her, my will is that hers and their passages be paid and all other charges until their arrivall in Great Britain out of the produce of my estate and that she be allowed yearly out of the same £20 Sterling money for each of my six daughters as shall goe with her towards their support there until their arrival at the age of twenty one or their marriages…

The rest and remainder of my estate both personal and real in Jamaica or elsewhere I give to my son John Campbell[3] and the lawful heirs of his body, failing of such to be equally divided amongst my six daughters and to the lawful heirs of their bodies…

I hereby nominate and appoint my beloved wife during her lifetime to have the sole guardianship of my daughters and do also hereby nominate and ordain in conjunction with her as to my other affairs the Honourable Collin Campbell of St. Elizabeth’s Esq.,[4] Collin Campbell of Westmoreland Esq.[5] and James Campbell[6] now at Salem in this parish of Hanover, planter joint executors of this my last will and testament while they or any of them reside and dwell in the Island of Jamaica…

And failing of them by death or not resident in the Island I nominate James Launce Esq.[7] my brother in law and George McKay now at Green River in the parish of Hanover, planter joint executors with my beloved wife…

And my further will is that if the said George Mackay shall think proper to accept the management of my estate of Salt Spring that my said executors shall allow and give him yearly such wages and encouragement as at present he has which is £100 Current money of Jamaica with other reasonable necessarys and more wages if the estate should be able to bear it

And in case my executors may not care to risque or venture the shipping the sugars or other produce of my estate at Salt Spring I hereby give them full power after all yearly charges are paid off in this island to ship the remainder to Great Britain or elsewhere in such prudent manner as is customary and proper in such cases

And in case all or any of my six daughters should reside on the Island of Jamaica I leave and give them the respective Negro Girls or Wenches adjected to their names in a paper annext and appended to this will…

In witness whereof I have sett my hand and seal this 28th day of February, 1743 in the presence of

Alexander Campbell

Thomas Tenison

Thomas Nis


I Dugald Campbell being willing further to settle my worldly affairs to avoid all confusion and disorders that may happen after my decease and having a tender respect for any posthumous child therefore make this codicil…

In case my spouse shall bring forth a living child after my decease, the child, if male, shall have the sum of £1,000 Jamaica Currency for his portion and if a female[8] the sum of £400…

I hereby constitute and appoint Mr Alexander McFarlane merchant in Kingston to be an executor in conjunction with my other executors…

Lastly it is my desire that none of my executors shall upon no consideration whatever at any time rent or lease out my said estate to any person…

In witness whereof I have sett my hand and seal this 27th day of June, 1744 in presence of

William Graham[9]

Peter Ewing[10]

Alexander Campbell


List of slaves to daughters:

Anne……………………….Peggy & Arrabea




Petronella………………  Eve



Proved in Jamaica before Richard Quarrell, 25th February, 1744

[1] Ann Launce, a daughter of William and Mary Launce of Hanover

[2] Rebecca Campbell married in Hanover, 11 March 1753, Duncan Campbell, shipmaster and merchant of London.

  Petronella’s family nickname name was ‘Peachy’. She died  at Duncan Campbell’s house in London in early February,

  1767. She was not married

  Deborah died in London in 1769. She was not married

  To date [2010] it is not known what became of Dugald Campbell’s other daughters, Ann, Mary and Henrietta. There

  is evidence to suggest that one of them married James Millar/Miller in Hanover

[3] John Campbell duly inherited Salt Spring which he managed until his death in 1782. The estate was then awarded by a Chancery judgement [1787] to his brother-in-law, Duncan Campbell of London in lieu of a large debt

[4] Colin Campbell of Black River, a cousin [d.1752 in Kingston]. Sometime in 1743 Colin Campbell left Jamaica for London so did not act as an executor

[5] Colin Campbell of New Hope, a cousin [d.1760 in Jamaica]

[6] James Campbell of Kames, [d.1758 in Scotland] a younger brother of Duncan Campbell of Kilduskland

[7] James Launce, brother of Dugald’s wife, Ann Launce

[8] A daughter, Douglass, was born posthumously in 1744. She married [1776] Dr. John Sherwen of Enfield and died in 1804. She had no children

[9] William Graham, a magistrate, also witnessed the wills of Peter Campbell of Fish River [1739] and James Campbell of Orange Bay [1744]. He owned properties in St. James and Westmoreland

[10] Peter Ewing was a planter in St. James




Will of E.N. Harrison

Entered Liber  9, Folio 270

Filed in the Record Office this 29th day of August, 1903


Jamaica SS

Parish of St. Ann,

This is the last will and testament of Edward Norman Harrison of Warwick Mount in aforesaid Parish of St. Ann, and I hereby revoke any will that may be in existence and said to be mine.

I hereby give and bequeath solely to my daughters Mrs. Egbertha Adeline MacIntosh, Mary Elisabeth,  and Rosamond Margaret Harrisons, whose mother is Margaret Elisabeth  Gregory, the general business, and all interest therein carried on by me in the Corner store at Ocho Rios in aforesaid parish of  St. Ann subrented from my son Edmund Herbert Harrison under management of the above Mrs. Egbertha Adeline MacIntosh conditionally that her husband Kenneth M MacIntosh shall have no interference whatsoever therein. Also to the above named daughters Egbertha Adeline MacIntosh, Mary Elisabeth, and Rosamond Margaret Harrisons the business kept in shop at Foot of Breadnut hill road, they paying all liabilities pertaining to the business from the sales thereof.  That failing to receive as much money for the payment of my subscription shares and interest in the St. Anns Benefit Building Society and of the proceeds of the mortgaged property Warwick Mount, that they shall assist in payment thereof out of profits of the  business, until the proceeds of the general crops such as pimento, limes, oranges and dye woods be realized. I direct to the following legacies, namely to William Norman Harrison, the son of William Henry Harrison, of Warwick Mount Parish of St. Ann by Esther Walker of St. Thos. Ye East the sum of thirty pounds. To Emma, and Marjory Harrisons, natural children of the aforesaid William Henry Harrison, my brother (if they are alive) by Margaret Clarke of Smokey  hole the sum of five pounds (£5) each. If they are dead then five pounds (£5) to be paid to the aforesaid Margaret Clarke of Smokey hole if she be alive. Also to Catherine now married as Mrs. Pasmore, and to Mary Jane, also now married, daughters (natural) of my Father Richard Harrison by Hennie (?) Roberts the sum of five pounds (£5) each.  That my son Edmund Herbert Harrison shall in no way borrow, interfere with any money matters pertaining to the business under the management of my daughter Egbertha Adeline Harrison carried on in the Corner store at Ocho Rios, or in shop at Warwick Mount under Rosamond Margaret Harrisons my daughters by Margaret Elisabeth Gregory both to receive what is fair for their management of above named shops or business.  And in event of death of my Brother Richard George Harrison, my Executor and Executrix will assist to the best of their ability and power towards the support of his wife Mrs. B G. Harrison and younger children for a short time out of both profits that no more money be borrowed from the Building Society and that the liabilities thereto be cleared off as early as is possible.  That in the event of the property still failing to clear its way to the aforesaid society, that Mrs. Egbertha Adeline MacIntosh as manager will economise in every manner so as to assist to clear the societys debt, and continue to carry on the business independently of my other two daughters Mary Elisabeth, and Rosamond Margaret Harrisons (always provided the  property fails in its produce &c) who may wish to draw out. In the event of either one of the three should die without a will her share be divided between the other two surviving sisters.  I direct that Margaret Elisabeth Gregory be respectably supported and cared, and that if she requires one pound per month it be paid to her and more if necessary.  After the property (shall have been cleared from debt which is known by name of Warwick Mount and is mortgaged to St. Anns B. B. Society) I hereby give and bequeath same  unto my natural born children Edmund Herbert, Mary Elisabeth, and Rosamond Margaret Harrison also Egbertha Adeline MacIntosh (was Harrison) by Margaret Elisabeth Gregory, and William Henry Harrison, by Sarah Williams Parish of St. Ann, since married and died as Mrs. Sarah Evans their Heirs, Executors and administrators for their own use, and benefit absolutely and forever as tenants in common and not as joint tenants subject and business, and I hereby request that my daughter Egbertha Adeline sees that the second part of this my will pertaining to the property be faithfully carried out and I appoint my son Edmund Herbert Harrisons and my daughter Egbertha Adeline MacIntosh by Margaret Elisabeth Gregory to be my Executor and Executrix of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this fourteenth day of December on thousand nine hundred and one

            Edward Norman Harrison

Signed by the said Edward Norman Harrison in the presence of us, present at the same time, who in his presence, and in the presence of other, attest, and subscribe our names as witnesses hereto

A Bunting Geddes          Ocho Rios

Jos. Reid Corbett            Ocho Rios


This is the last will and testament of Edward Norman Harrison mentioned and referred to in the affidavit of Adriel Bunting Geddes dated the fifth day of August 1903.

A. Bunting Geddes                                                   Chr_____joseph

                                                                                           J. P. St. Ann


 “This is the paper writing purporting to the last will and testament of Edward Norman Harrison  mentioned and referred to in the Affidavit of Egbertha Adeline McIntosh, dated the fifth day of August 1903.

            Egbertha Adeline McIntosh [signature]         Chr_____joseph

                                                                                                   J. P. St. Ann


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