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Date format Month/Day/YEAR

b = born

bap = baptized

bur = buried

d = died

F = father

M = mother

mar = married/marriage

P = parents

PAB = present at birth

reg. = registered

res. = residence

STIV = St. Thomas in the Vale

(U) = unmarried

(W) = Wife

yrs = years

SOURCE REFERENCES: Volume, page, item number. Example. X, p. 120 #6.

All events prior to 1878 are Anglican, unless otherwise indicated (viz. those marked Civil, or Diss. for Dissenter).

Eberall, Malvina Antoinette Franklyn, bap 1/5/1835 St. Catherine. M= Mary Anne Eberall. Res Spanish Town. III, p. 41 #18.

Eberall, William Aldred, bap 12/27/1808, St. Catherine. II, p. 159.

Eccleston, Alexander, gentleman killed in a duel, bur 8/19/1798 in N or W ground, Kingston. II, p. 214.

Eccleston, Jane, bap 12/25/1749 St. Andrew. F= Thomas Eccleston. M= a Negro slave (U). I, p. 67.

Eccleston, Jane, a mulatto, bap 11/17/1854 St. Andrew. I, p. 71.

Eddleston, Peter, gentleman, bur 10/19/1804 N. Ground, Kingston. II, p. 283.

Elletson, Ann, b 11/4/1731 in Kingston church yard. I, p. 86.

Elletson, Ann Susannah, bur 5/9/1757 in St. Andrew. I, p. 294.

Elletson, Charles, planter, mar Ann Bridgewood, spinster, 8/22/1728 in Kingston. Both res Kingston. I, p. 10.

Elletson, Charles, planter, mar Mary Easwood, spinster, 11/6/1725 in Kingston. Both res St. Andrew. I, p. 5.

Elletson, Elizabeth, bap 11/28/1720 in St. Andrew. P= Roger Elletson and Elizabeth. I, p. 53.

Elletson, Miss Elizabeth, bur 2/12/1723 St. Andrew. I, p. 284.

Elletson, George, bur 11/21/1723 St. Andrew. I, p. 280.

Elletson, James, bur by the parish 11/5/1755 in Spring Path, Kingston. I, p. 319.

Elletson, John Kendrick, bur by the parish 10/4/1763 Spring Path, Kingston. I, p. 402.

Elletson, Judith Hillaria, wife of Roger Hope Elletson, Esquire, Lieutenant Governor, bur 10/26/1766 St. Andrew by Gideon Castlefrane, rector. I, p. 300.

Elletson, Mary, bur 12/6/1738 by her father in St. Andrew. In Kingston register. I, p. 141.

Elletson, Mary, bur 10/17/1727 in St. Andrew. I, p. 281.

Elletson, Mary Crimble, a mulatto woman born 5/1/1777, bap 12/24/1799 Kingston. II, p. 86.

Elletson, Peachy, bur 12/15/1701 in St. Andrew. I, p. 269

Elletson, Peter, bur by the parish 9/15/1755 Spring Path, Kingston. I, p. 318.

Elletson, William, bur 7/18/1690 St. Andrew. I, p. 262.

Ellis, John mar Mary Malcolm 10/12/1844 St. James by banns. Both of St. James. V, p. 134.

Ellis, Thomas, laborer, bachelor of full age, res Porus, mar Catherine Wright, spinster of full age, laborer, res Happy Retreat 10/31/1877 in the London Missionary Society, Whitefield, Manchester, by Thomas Henry Clarke, minister. Witness Eliza Wright. XVIII, p. 374.

Elmo, George Alexander, bachelor, soldier/gunner res Port Royal, aged 26 years, son of Alexander Elmo, mar Bunella Marie James, spinster, shop-keeper res Irish Town, St. Andrew, aged 26 years, daughter of William James, 12/13/1900 in Holy Trinity Roman Catholic church, Kingston, by J. Collins, S.J. Witnesses M. M. James and E. Allen Campbell. Civil #54.

Evans, Alice Elizabeth, b 7/1/1856, bap 1/2/1859 Clarendon by C. H. Hall, rector. Res Gold Mine. X, p. 275 #8

Evans, Augustus George, b 1/27/1858, bap 5/23/1858 Westmoreland. P= Daniel Evans, laborer and Frances (W). Res Struan. X, p. 393 #348.

Evans, Mary, b 10/21/1857, bap 3/14/1858 Vere. M= Jane Cross. Res Rocky Pint. X, p. 284 #20.

Evans, William, b 12/18/1856, bap 5/28/1858 Westmoreland. Res Little Ease. X, p. 393 #349.

Ewart, [male], b 11/21/1900 in Mount Salem, St. James. P= Philip Cornelius Ewart, shoemaker and Anne Isabel nee Thomson (W). Father reg 5/3/1900. Civil NA3445.

Ewbank, George married Elizabeth Parsons 9/7/1851 Vere by W. T. Cavard after banns. Both res Vere. V, p. 29 #31.

Farquharson, Alexander, planter, bur 9/25/1796 in Dunbarton, St. Ann. I, p. 75

Farquharson, Alexander, illegitimate quadroon, bap 8/19/1817 St. Mary. I, p. 71.

Farquharson, Alexander, quadroon, bap 8/19/1817 St. Mary. I, p. 75.

Farquharson, Amelia, bap 10/11/1835 St. Mary. P= Charles Farquharson and Moll (W). Res Job's Hill. I, p. 153.

Farquharson, Amelia Cooper, white, b 1/3/1780, bap 3/4/1781 St. Elizabeth. Reputed father= Charles Farquharson. M= Sarah Cooper (U). I, p. 44.

Farquharson, Ann, slave, bap 11/30/1806 at church, St. Elizabeth. I, p. 124.

Farquharson, Blanche Rebecca, b 11/5/1868, bap 2/5/1869 St. James. XVIII, p. 552 #98

Farquharson, Caroline, illegitimate free person of color, bap 12/31/1811, St. Mary. I, p. 57.

Farquharson, Catherine, a mulatto girl, bap 1/8/1794 Craigs, St. Ann. I, p. 53.

Farquharson, Charles, quadroon child, bap 1/7/1785 St. James. I, p. 46.

Farquharson, Charles, quadroon child, bur 6/6/1785 St. James. I, p. 296

Farquharson, Charles of Potsdam mar Mary Anne Robertson of Belmont, 7/16/1836 in St. Elizabeth by banns. III, p. 236.

Farquharson, David, free mulatto, bap 12/15/1822 St. James. II, p. 202.

Farquharson, Doctor, burial 8/6/1807 at Windsor Estate, St. Ann. I, p. 164,

Farquharson, Eliza, child of color, b 2/21/1815, bap 1/4/1816 St. Elizabeth. I, p. 204.

Farquharson, Elizabeth, quadroon, bap 1/10/1788 St. James. I, p. 59.

Farquharson, Elizabeth, aged 1 year 2 months, bap 7/27/1834 St. Elizabeth. Res Accompong Maroon Town. II, p. 81.

Farquharson, Elizabeth Ann, bap 12/12/1819 St. Elizabeth. I, p. 268.

Farquharson, Elizabeth Ann Kentish, aged 12 months, bur 1/21/1816 St. James. II, p. 364.,

Farquharson, Emanuel, b 8/10/1849, bap 12/11/1849 St. James. P= James Farquharson, carpenter, and Judith (W). Res Montego Bay. XII, p. 178 #184.

Farquharson, Georgiana Fraser, aged 3 1/2 years, bur 2/1/1826 Trelawny. Res Falmouth. I, p. 149.

Farquharson, Hane, aged 3 years, bap 7/27/1834 St. Elizabeth. Res Accompong Maroon Town. II, p. 81.

Farquharson, Harry, coppersmith, bur 6/25/1789 St. James. I, p. 304.

Farquharson, Henry, quadroon child, bur 11/4/1786 St. James. I, p. 299.

Farquharson, Isabella, slave, bap 11/30/1806 at church, St. Elizabeth. I, p. 124.

Farquharson, James Miller, slave, bap 11/30/1806 at church, St. Elizabeth. I, p. 124.

Farquharson, James T., bachelor age 26, planter, res Pepper, mar Christiana Wright, spinster aged 24 years, res Savannah, 3/6/1878 in the Protestant Episcopal church of the United Brethren, Fairfiel Manchester by E. E. Renime, minister. Diss. XVIII, p. 377

Farquharson, Lewis Robert, b 5/18/1814 at Bamff, St. George, bap 9/9/1815 St. George. P= Robert Farquharson and Louisa (W). I, p. 21.

Farquharson, Mary, b 5/15/1778, bap 1/17/1789 St. Elizabeth. Reputed father Dr. John Farquharson. M=Moll (U), "Negro belonging to James Wedderburn, Esq." I, p. 47

Farquharson, Mary, aged 6 years, bap 7/27/1834 St. Elizabeth. Res Accompong Maroon Town. II, p. 81.

Farquharson, Mary Louisa, aged 6 days, bur 2/21/1856 Swanswick church yard, Trelawny. Res Brampton Bryan. IV, p. 356 #21.

Farquharson, Peter, b 11/24/1860, bap 3/31/1862 St. James. XIV, p. 552 #505.

Farquharson, Sarah Jessica, b 11/5/1868, bap 1/17/1869 St. James. Res Burnt Ground. XVIII, p. 552 #98.

Farquharson, Wilfred, b 3/30/1845, bap 6/1/1845 St. James. F= William Farquharson, solicitor. M= Mary Anderson. X, p. 225.

Farquharson, William, bap 11/30/1806 at church, St. Elizabeth. I, p. 124.

Farquharson, William, African adult, bap 1/15/1862 St. James. XIV, p. 546 #338.

Farquharson, William Tatham, Master, aged 8 days. Bur 4/11/1824 Spring Vale, St. Elizabeth [possibly son of Charles]. II, p. 362

Finchett, Rebecca, b 5/16/1827, bap 1/2/1831 St. James. F= John Finchett. M= Mary Ann Marks. Colored. Res Montego Bay. I, p. 365.

Finucane, Edward, bap 7/17/1817 in Hanover (slave baptisms). "A Negro belonging to William Finucane." I, p. 9

Fleming, Caroline, Free Negro aged about 30 years, bap 5/2/1802 St. Elizabeth. I, p. 103.

Fleming, Daniel, bur 10/23/1765 Vere. I, p. 170.

Fleming, Elizabeth, bur 8/12/1761 in Palisades, Port Royal, by Sarah Fleming. I, p. 163.

Fleming, Elizabeth, publicly baptized 11/29/1807 in Vere. I, p. 81.

Fleming, Elizabeth, Negro aged about 30 years, "belonging to estate of Archimedes George, deceased." Bap 2/9/1806 St. Elizabeth. I, p. 116.

Fleming, Frances Ann, quadroon daughter, b 10/23/1782, bap 10/28/1782, St. Catherine. M= Frances Fleming, free mulatto. II, p. 56.

Fleming, Mr. James, master of the Tavern at Port Morant, bur 10/18/1780 in Port Morant Burial Ground, St. Thomas in the East. Died of a complication of disorders. I, p. 151.

Fleming, James, b 3/7/1802, bap 6/12/1803 St. Elizabeth. Reputed father= Mr. James Fleming. M= Elizabeth Rawlins a free mulatto. I, p. 107.

Fleming, Jane, a free Negro, bap 1813 in Clarendon. I, p. 277.

Fleming, Jane Susannah, bap 3/31/1787 Port Morant, St. Thomas in the East. M= Elizabeth Fleming, a free person. I, p. 191.

Fleming, John, Negro, bap 10/17/1801 in Vere. I, p. 71.

Fleming, John, bur 12/29/1761 in Palisades, Port Royal, by William Dwar. I, p. 163.

Fleming, Mary, aged 16 months, bap 8/21/1811 in Trelawny. F= John A. Fleming, white. M= Jean Fletcher, quadroon. I, p. 79.

Fleming, Rebecca, b 4/9/1796, bap 6/12/1803 St. Elizabeth. Reputed father= Mr. James Fleming. M= Elizabeth Rawlins a free mulatto. I, p. 107.

Fleming, Samuel, adult person of color bap 4/26/1814 in Westmoreland. I, p. 174

Fleming, Sarah, b 6/1/1757, bap 8/28/1757 Port Royal. P= James Fleming and Ann (W). I, p. 10.

Fleming, Sarah, bur 11/13/1782 Palisades, Port Royal, by Elizabeth Fleming. I, p. 181.

Fleming, William, a mulatto son of Beecher Fleming, bap 3/30/1755 Clarendon. I, p. 116.

Fleming, William, b 5/19/1799, bap 7/12/1799 Kingston. P= John Fleming and Mary (W). II, p. 80.

Flemming [Fleming], Alice, a mulatto woman, bap 6/12/1792 at the house of Miss McDermot in Bath, St. Thomas in the East. I, p. 211.

Flemming, Luesa, b 9/30/1823, bap 8/27/1825 Kingston. P= David Flemming and Sarah nee Campbell (W), who had been a spinster when she married. II, p. 427.

Foile, Thomas bur 1/6/1831 Montego Bay, St. James, age 46, white. Res. Montego Bay. I, p. 265

Forrest, Arthur Nelson, b 1/8/1883 Mt. Carmel, Westmoreland, res. P= Jonathan Forrest, carpenter, and wife Emilia nee Brown. F reg. by X 1/22/1883. LC30.

Forrest, Catherine Matilda, mother of Samuel Adolphus Lawrence b 11/6/1878 High Gate, Westmoreland, res. Mother reg 11/26/1878 in Petersfield. Civil LF131.

Forrest, Esther, laborer, mother of Alice Medora, b 10/10/1883 in Mount Airy, Westmoreland. Civil LC9

Forrest, Keziah Lavinia, b 6/10/1881, Little Culloden, Westmoreland, res. P = John Forrest, sawyer, and wife Mary. Reg. by father 11/5/1881. Civil LD17.

Forrest, Margaret, laborer, mother of Martha b 6/17/1886 in Auldayr, Westmoreland. Reg. 7/10 in Bluefields, Westmoreland. Civil LC94

Forrest, Margaret, laborer, mother of Mary Adelin, b 2/6/1884 in Auldayr, Westmoreland, res. Civil LC59.

Forrest, Mary Ann, laborer, mother of Sanford Ridley b 6/4/1883 in Culloden, Westmoreland, res. Civil LD106

Forrest, Nathaniel Ezekiel, b 4/13/1879 in Friendship, Westmoreland, res. P= Richard William Forrest, laborer, and wife Eliza. F reg. 6/3/1879. Civil LC242.

Forrest, Samuel Graham, b 1/5/1884 in Auldayr, Westmoreland, res. F= Joseph Forrest, laborer. M (name illegible). Civil LC99

Forrest, Sarah, laborer, mother of James b 3/22/1886 in Auldayr, Westmoreland. Reg 3/30 by Ellenor Ellis, occupier. Civil LC60

Forrest, Susan, laborer, mother of Ellen Caroline, b 2/17/1883 in Culloden, Westmoreland. Civil LD53

Forrest, Thomas Matthias, b 10/2/1878 in New Hope Mountain, Westmoreland, res. P = Alexander Forrest, laborer, and wife Elizabeth. F reg by X 10/3/1879. Civil LE 179

Foulkes, Mary Ann, bur 12/27/1845 Little Broughton (res), Westmoreland, aged 39 yrs. III, p. 367 #156.

Foulkes, Robert, cooper, bur 9/12/1811 St. James. II, p. 352.

Foulks, Thomas, m Jane Wagstaffe 6/25/1808 in Westmoreland. Free people of color. I, p. 153.

Fowkes, Mrs. Sophia, widow, bur 2/9/1822, St. James. II, p. 389.

Fowlar, James, quadroon, bap 1/24/1775 St. James. I, p. 15

Fowle, Ann, free black aged 35 yrs, bap 9/11/1798 in St. James. I, p. 115.

Fowle, Doctor, bur 7/8/1796 on Wiltshire Estate, St. James. I, p. 331

Fowle, Emily Anne, b 3/28/1843, bap 1/14/1852 St. James by J. H. Moore. P= Adam Fowle, laborer, and Amelia (W). RES Springfield, St. James. New Series III, p. 98 #1.

Fowle, Leanon, mar Judith Bernard 4/1/1838 in St. James by John Macintyre after banns. Both apprentices of St. James. II, p. 288 #18

Fowler, ___, quadroon, free daughter of a slave of Mr. J. Fowler of Friendship. Bap 11/1/1822 Trelawny. I, p. 123.

Fowler, Adolphus Robert, bap 5/11/1851 Trelawny. Res Falmouth. III, p. 47 #64

Fowler, Albert Milne, orphan, bap 5/11/1851 Trelawny. Res Falmouth. III, p. 47 #62.

Fowler, Alexander Rose, orphan, bap 5/11/1851 Trelawny. Res Falmouth. III, p. 47

Fowler, Alexander Rose, mustee, b 12/23/1821, bap 8/28/1824 Trelawny. F= ___ Fowler, late overseer of Holland Estate. M= Mary Ann Rose, deceased. I, p. 128

Fowler, Andrew, free sambo aged 2 years, bap 5/1/1810 Trelawny. F= John Fowler, mulatto. M= Sarah Fowler, free Negro. I, p. 75

Fowler, Ann Rebecca, b 8/4/1865, bap 6/20/1868 St. James. Res Montego Bay. XVI, p. 313 #63.

Fowler, Catherine, bur 4/12/1826 Montego Bay, St. James. Colored, res Montego Bay. I, p. 254 #35.

Fowler, Charles Edward mar Ann Eliza Gordon 3/20/1850 in St. James by W (or H.) N. Ashby by license. Both of St. James. III, p. 251 #3.

Fowler, Colin T., Esquire, bur 11/24/1833 Trelawny. Age 23, res Kinloss Estate. I, p. 168 #69

Fowler, Daniel, b 11/30/1768, bap 4/15/1770 Westmoreland. P= Daniel Fowler & Sarah (W). I, p. 66

Fowler, Eliza, infant, bur 10/30/1854 church yard, Montego Bay, St. James. Res Montego Bay. III, p. 360 #102.

Fowler, Emma Matilda, b 10/15/1857, bap 1/1/1858 St. James. Res Montego Bay. IX. p. 446 #4.

Fowler, Francis, b 6/3/1837, bap 8/27/1837 St. James. F= James Fowler, merchant. M= Eliza Alcock (U). Res Montego Bay. II, p. 228 #122.

Fowler, George, free quadroon aged 18 months, bap 3/7/1815 St. James. II, p. 39.

Fowler, George Robert, quadroon aged 2 years, bap 9/7/1825. M= Lear Roderegues. II, p. 218

Fowler, Henry, an adult bap 9/7/1839 St. James. Res Catherine Hall. II, p. 281.

Fowler, Henry, bur 9/25/1840 church yard, Falmouth, Trelawny. Convict aged 46 yrs res House of Correction, Falmouth. II, p. 389 #51.

Fowler, James, b 5/29/1795, bap 1/3/1796 St. James. I, p. 95.

Fowler, James, mulatto aged 4 years, bap 7/1/1797, St. James. I, p. 102.

Fowler, James, free mulatto, bur 11/5/1805 St. James. I, p. 382.

Fowler, James, aged 18 months, bap 1/30/1837 St. James. M= Margaret Grant. Res Montego Bay. II, p. 263 #21

Fowler, James, bur 3/10/1840 church yard, Falmouth, Trelawny. Planter aged 45 yrs, res. Falmouth. II, p. 386 #19

Fowler, John, mar Clarissa Harlowe 9/23/1837 Westmoreland, by banns. Both apprentices. II, p. 352.

Fowler, Judith Anne, aged 13 yrs, bap 1/5/1851 St. James. Res Montego Bay. III, p. 97 #210.

Fowler, Margaret, quadroon aged 2 months, bap 4/26/1799 St. James. I, p. 118.

Fowler, Margaret, of color, bur 11/3/1820 St. James. II, p. 383.

Fowler, Martha Rosy, bap 5/11/1851 Trelawny. Res Falmouth. New Series III, p. 47

Fowler, Mary, b 5/5/1761, bap 6/14/1761 Westmoreland. P= Daniel Fowler and Mary (W). I, p. 42.

Fowler, Mary, bur 9/12/1834 New Market, St. James. Apprentice aged 70 yrs. I, p. 286 #86

Fowler, Matilda, b 11/15/1838, bap 10/20/1839 Trelawny. Res Phoenix Park Estate. I, p. 268.

Fowler, R. C., bur 2/20/1828, St. James by John McIntyre, rector. White aged 88 yrs, res. Kensington. I, p. 257 #9

Fowler, Rachael, mulatto aged 2 yrs., bap 7/1/1797 St. James. I, p. 102.

Fowler, Richard Edward, b 1/10/1868, bap 2/20/1868 St. James. P= Richard Fowler and Elmasine Grant (W). Res Montego Bay. XVI, p. 310 #113

Fowler, Robert, mulatto aged 3 yrs., bap 7/1/1797 St. James. I, p. 102.

Fowler, Robert, Negro, bap 12/7/1804 St. James. I, p. 152.

Fowler, Robert, aged 7 1/4 years, bur 11/7/1817 at Kensington, St. James. II, p. 372.

Fowler, Robert, mar Sylvia Campbell 12/22/1838 Hanover by C. W. Winckler, offg. minister, by banns. Both Res Hanover. II, p. 265.

Fowler, Robert Milne, aged 4 yrs., bur 4/5/1852 church yard, Falmouth, Trelawny. Res Falmouth. IV, p. 432 #91.

Fowler, Sarah, free quadroon, b 11/28/1807, bap 10/26/1808 St. James. I, p. 175.

Fowler, Sarah, aged 54 years, bur 11/6/1854 church yard, St. James. III, p. 360 #105.

Fowler, Sarah Williams, b 12/30/1789, bap 12/31/1789 Trelawny. F= John Fowler, white. M= Sarah Williams, free person of color. I, p. 23

Fowler, Susan, bur 4/12/1826 Montego Bay, St. James by H. Jenkins. Colored. I, p. 254 #34

Fowler, Thomas, aged 7 yrs., bap 1/25/1858 St. James. Res Montego Bay. IX, p. 447 #21.

Fowler, William, bur 2/22/1772 St. James. I, p. 11.

Fowler, William, free Negro, bap 1/4/1798 in Hanover. I, p. 92.

Fowler, William, mar Mary James 1/22/1851 in Trelawny by David A. Morris, Offctg. Minister, by banns. Both of Trelawny. III, p. 269 #2.

Fowler, William, shipman or shopman, mar Abigail Margaret Delvaille, 2/12/1852, St. James by license. Both of St. James. New Series III, p. 261

Fowler, William Augustus, b 4/30/1864, bap 3/30/1866, Christ Church, Marley, St. James. Res Somerton. XVI, p. 291.

Fowler, William George, mar Susan Milne 8/10/1824 in St. James by license. Free persons of color. II, p. 303.

Fowler, William James, bur 1/12/1825, St. James. Of color. II, p. 393.

Fowler, Wilson, mulatto slave to Mrs. Fowler, aged 4 yrs., bap 3/7/1815 in St. James. II, p. 39.

Fowler [or Fowles], infant, bur 9/2/.1852 church yard, Montego Bay, St. James. Res Montego Bay. III, p. 347 #40.

Fowles, Daniel, chairmaker, aged about 35 yrs., bur 9/18/1846 in New Burial Ground, Savannalamar, Westmoreland. Res Savannalamar. III, p. 376 #95.

Fowles, Frederick Austin, aged 9 yrs 11 months, bur 7/12/1850 church yard, Falmouth, Trelawny by John Magrath, rector. Res Falmouth. IV, p. 413 #69.

Fowles, Helen Elizabeth Morris Vidal, aged 6 years 6 months 5 days, bur 2/4/1855 church yard, Falmouth, Trelawny. P= James Austin Fowles and Jane (W). Res Rose Hill of Hill Custom. IV, p. 349 #5.

Fowles, John, a pioneer to 37th Regiment, mar Cora Campbell, apprentice to Schaw Castle, 1/8/1837 in St. James by banns. II, p. 279.

Fowles, Margaret Eliza Jane, b 4/20/1868, bap 10/4/1868 in Trelawny. P= James H. Fowles, overseer, and Rebecca (W). Res Harmony Hall. XVI, p. 173 #90.

Fowles, Robert of St. James, mar Louisa Phillips of Hanover, 4/3/1850 in St. James by W. N. Ashby by license. New Series III, p. 252 #12.

Fowlkes, Elizabeth Champneys, b 10/29/1811, bap 11/8/1812 St. James. P= Bernard Fowlkes and Sophia (W). II, p. 22.

Fowlkes, Robert Yule, b 7/1/1808, bap 3/19/1809 St. James. P= Bernard Fowlkes and Elizabeth (W). I, p. 178.

Fuller, Constantia Leahcinda, b 11/1/1857, bap 12/30/1857 Kingston by D. H. Campbell. Res Orange Street. VI, p. 202 #639

Fuller, Rosy, b 1/24/1861, bap 3/29/1861 in Kingston. P= Richard Fuller, cabinet maker and Martha (W). Res Chancery Lane. VII, p. 77 #107.

Fuller, Sarah Iphegenia, b 5/22/1848, bap 2/21/1849 Kingston. P= Richard Fuller, cabinetmaker, and Sarah (W). Res North Street.

Fullwood, Sarah Elizabeth, colored, b 11/28/1874 Whithorn, bap 1/9/1876 Westmoreland. P= Thomas Fulwood, carpenter, and Emma Louise nee Hopkins (W). Res Whithorn. Law 6, V, p. 218 #2.

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