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Thomas Banbury, full age, widower, teacher, residence Little Town formerly Friendship, to Christian Mary Orr, full age spinster, of Strawberry. After banns. Married July 3 1867 at Strawberry by James Niven, Minister of the Presbyterian Denomination at Strawberry in the parish of Westmoreland in the Island of Jamaica. Signed by Thomas Banbury and Christiana (sic)  Mary Orr.

John Brown, labourer, and Fable Orr [signed by X], married at Morant Bay Jan 4th 1872, both of Beckford Town, after banns. Married at John's Town by William Clarke Murray, Minister in presence of Jacky Taylor and William Shirley.

Duncan Forbes full age widower Minister of the Gospel, of Little London to Catherine Elizabeth Roach, full age spinster, of Stirling, marrird Jan 2 1867 by license. Married at Stirling by James Niven, Minister of the Presbyterian Denomination at Stirling, Westmoreland Jamaica. Witnessed by S H Morris and Wilhelmina Aird.


Balneavis, Charles Donaldson was born 1773-1774.  He died in 1839 at the age of 65.  He was buried May 12, 1839 .  He was buried in Brown's Town by J. Rose (Anglican)  Burials - Book 16, 1826-1871.
 He married Jane Ware  Nov. 2, 1805 and their daughter Ann Jane was born in 1806. Ann Jane was buried on Dec. 28, 1847 at the age of 41.


Stuart, Hill, christened May 16, 1698 in St. Catherine.  Parents were Thomas and Mary Stewart [from RGD].


Mary C Banbury, Civil Registration birth, St Ann. 1844. No103.



Jacobs, Male
Birth: 17 Mar 1904. Jubilee Hospital, Kingston
Mother: Amelia Jacobs
Registered: 22 Mar 1904
Kingston Birth Entry Number: AA 7039

Jacobs, Male
Birth: 06 May 1904 at Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Kingston.
Mother: Ida Jacobs, dressmaker
Kingston registered 9 May 1904, Birth Entry Number: AA 7342

Jacobs, Male
Birth: 31 Jul 1904.
Father: Robert Jacobs, messenger
M: Eva Jacobs, formerly Rose
Residence: 4 Roads, St. Andrews.
Registered: 02 Aug 1904
Kingston Birth Entry Number: AA 7741

Jacobs, Isaac A. born 10 Jan. 1905 at 59 Gold St., Kingston
Mother: Gladys Jacobs, washerwoman, residence 59 Gold St., Kingston
Mother registered birth Kingston 6 Feb. 1905 Birth Entry Number: AA 8670

Jacobs, Rudolph Constantine born 3 Mar. 1905 in Kingston
Mother: Marie Jacobs, washerwoman
Registered by Gladys Jacobs res. 60 Gold St.
Kingston 1905 Birth Entry Number: AA 9064

Jacobs, Violet Louise born 21 May 1905 at 57 Church St., Kingston
Mother: Eugenia Jacobs, dressmaker
Registered 29 May 1905 by Henrietta Lawrence present at birth, res 96 Princess St.
Kingston 1905 Birth Entry Number: AA 9418

Jacobs, Mildred born 25 Aug. 1905 at 60 Gold St., Kingston
Mother: Lilian Jacobs, washerwoman
Registered 11 Sept. 1905 by Wilfred Atkinson present at birth, res. 8 Wellington St. Kingston 1905 Birth Entry Number: AA 9981

Jacobs, Doris Adina, born 5 Sept. 1905 at 119B Princess St., Kingston
Mother: Ida Jacobs, dressmaker
Registered 9 October 1905 by John Holt, occupier 119B Princess St.
Kingston 1905 Birth Entry Number: AA 118

Jacobs, Francella Matilda, born 28 Dec. 1905 at 4 James St., Kingston
Mother: Celestina Jacobs, seamstress
Registered 27 Jan. 1906 by Alexandra Cummings, occupier 4 James St., Kingston
Kingston 1906 Birth Entry Number: AA 637

Jacobs, Arthur James, born 15 Jan. 1906 at 125 1/2 Princess St., Kingston
Father: David Christopher Jacobs
Mother: Amanda Repotia Jacobs formerly Ashwood
Registered by father 12 Feb. 1906
Kingston 1906 Birth Entry Number: AA 718

Jacobs, Myrtle Maud
Birth: 16 April 1904
Father: David Christopher Jacobs, rubber stamp manufacturer
Mother: Amanda Jacobs, formerly Ashwood

Jacobs, David Adolphus born 4 May 1906 at 77 East St., Kingston
Mother: Amelia Viola Jacobs, laborer
Registered by Elisha Reinford, occupier 77 East St., Kingston 12 May 1906
Kingston 1906 Birth Entry Number: AA 1235

Jacobs, Clifton Shandler born 18 October 1906 at 10 Foster Lane, Kingston
Mother: Muriel Jacobs, washerwoman
Registered 13 Nov. 1906 by Catherine DaCosta present at birth, res 44 John's Lane Kingston 1906 Birth Entry Number: AA 2165


Lewin, Maude Estriana born 15 Nov. 1899 at Bullard's Content, Clarendon
Mother: Jane Ann Lewin, laborer, registered 12 Feb. 1900
Clarendon 1900 Birth Entry Number: HB 2508

Clarendon 1901-1902 Birth Microfilm # 1389378
Lewin, Marie May
Birth: 03 Sep 1902 Four Paths, Clarendon
Mother: Lydia Lewin, domestic servant
Registered: 13 Oct 1902 by Virginia Taylor, present at birth at Chapelton, Clarendon
Clarendon 1901 Birth Entry Number: HC 5178

Clarendon 1902-1903 Birth Microfilm # 1389379
Lewin, Mary Ann Clementina
Birth: 13 Oct 1902, Stewarton, Clarendon
Mother: Julie Ann Lewin, formerly Dixon
Father: William Lewin, carpenter
Registered: 16 Dec 1902 by father Signed with "X" at Mocho, Clarendon
Clarendon 1902 Birth Entry Number: HV 895

Clarendon Birth
Lewin, Mary
Birth: 18 Mar 1905 Franksfield, Clarendon
Father: Samuel Lewin, planter
Mother: Mary Ann Lewin, formerly Lewars
Registered: 22 Mar 1905 by father. Signed with "X" at Grandtham, Clarendon
Clarendon 1905 Birth Entry Number: HG 5025

Clarendon 1905 Birth Index
Lewin, Samuel
Mother: Mary Lewin
Clarendon 1905 Birth Entry Number: HEP 5025


Gleaner, June 7, 1915
The Roll of Honour

The following appears in the June number of the Church Monthly Magazine:
   Mr. Louis Clemetson, in training for the Sportsman's Battalion, at Horn Church, Essex.
   Mr. Victor C. Levy, nephew to Miss R. Corinaldi, has left Jamaica with the intention of volunteering for the front.

To the names of sons of Clergy, who have volunteered, should be added: -
Mr. John Chandler, son of the Rev. J. H. T. Chandler, of Highgate, who left on Monday, the 24th May, for
Mr. S. J. Evelyn, son of the Rev. Walter Evelyn, Rector of Annotto Bay, Canadian Army Medical Corps
Mr. Bertie Allan Mossman and Mr. Ellis Leopold Mossman, sons of Mr. H. L. Mossman of Bog Walk - both in
the King Edward Vll's Horse.

The following members of the congregation have put down their names as volunteers for the Jamaica Contingent:
Mr. E. P. Sibthorpe, Organist, K. P. C. [Kingston Parish Church]
Mr. R. E. Collins, Server, K. P. C.
Mr. Dudley Williams, Server, K. P. C.
Mr. A. W. Clarke
Mr. Launcelot A. Mclntosh
Mr. Wm. [William] Robinson Clarke
Mr. Victor Smedmore

The sum of £45 was collected by the Clovelly Centre, Jamaica War Fund, towards the Jamaica Contingent, making its total collection to the War Fund £95


Gleaner, September 14, 1915

Roll of Honour: Representatives from the West Indies Engaged in Great War,
This includes women who were also there as military and Red Cross nurses.
It also includes men in various regiments, both Canadian and British, including.
Victor Smedmore, Trooper Victor D. (son of the late Mr. W. d. Smedmore of Kingston, Jamaica), 1st Life Guards.


January 1781
[announcing a national subscription in Britain on account of
the hurricane of October 1780]


        The Committee appointed for receiving the Subscriptions  for the relief of the unhappy Sufferers by the late dreadful calamities in the West Indies, do hereby give notice to all Bodies Corporate, Societies, and the Public in general, that Subscriptions will be received by the several Bankers in London and Westminster, for this benevolent purpose. And it is requested, that all Subscriptions in any other part of Great Britain, or in Ireland, be paid into the hands of any Bankers in or near the places of collection, to be by them remitted to their corresponding Bankers in London; and that notice of such remittances be, from time to time, given to this Committee, at the Marine Society's Office, in Bishopsgate-street.
        All Bankers in Great Britain and Ireland are requested to open Subscription Books immediately, in order to promote an object of such importance.
        The Public may be assured, that the whole proceedings of the Committee will, from time to time,be laid before them, and the money collected applied as frugally and expeditiously as possible, for the relief of the Sufferers.
        The following Gentlemen are appointed to conduct the business of the Subscription :

The Right Honourable Sir Watkin Lewes, Knt., Lord Mayor.

Richard Neave, Esq.
Beeston Long, Esq.,
Samuel Estwick, Esq.
Stephen Fuller, Esq.
William Manning, Esq.
Richard Beckford, Esq.
Thomas Boddington, Esq.
J. Lucie Blackman, Esq.
Silvanus Bevan, Esq.
J. Brathwaite, Esq.

John Trent, Esq.
Henry Dawkins, Esq.
Thomas Walker, Esq
Edward Morant, Esq.
Robert Smith, Esq.
Richard Pennant, Esq,
Neill Malcolm, Esq.
Chaloner Arcedeckne, Esq.
R. J. Laurence, Esq.
Rice James, Esq.
David Barclay, Esq.
William Gale, Esq.
John Fuller, Esq,
Thomas Storer, Esq.
General Oglethorp
Robert Cooper Lee, Esq.
Samuel Vaughan, Esq.
James Kerr, Esq.
William Vaughan, Esq.
Philip Dehany, Esq.
Richard Vassall, Esq.
William Crichton, Esq.
Charles Long Esq.
William Blenman, Esq
George Drake, Esq.
Richard Atkinson, Esq
Thomas Hibbert, Esq.
Horton James, Esq.
Jonas Hanway, Esq.
W. Bishop Esq.
John Thornton, Esq.
Mr. Thomas Plummer
James Webster, Esq.
John Bond, Esq.
David Webster, Esq.
Rev. Dr. Kyte
John Allen, Esq.
Mr. James Sharp
Samuel Long, Esq.
Dudley Long, Esq.
Beeston Long, jun. Esq.
William Fitzherbert, Esq.
Peeke Fuller, Esq.
Samuel Alpress, Esq.
Rose Fuller, Esq.
Robert Ladbrookè, Esq.
Mr. Alexander Abrahams
William Mure, Esq.
John Purrier, Esq.
Nathaniel Bayly, Esq.
Mr. Thomas Dunnage
John Bourke, Esq.
Mr. Ryland

        N. B. The next meeting of the Committee will be at the House of the Marine Society, in Bishopsgate-street, on Wednesday next, the 31st instant, at one o'clock precisely.


[For more about the devastation of this hurricane, see http://archives.jard.gov.jm/news/21-the-1780-hurricane.html


From a records index among wills and settlements of Stephens and Jarrett families. DD\ BR\ tsk /20.
Copy settlement of Jamaican and London Property to pay debts of John Jarrett, sen., 1809 with accounts of estate 1810-1827, and case and opinion re. claim of annuity from Jamaica estate 1815.


Family Trees of Slaves owned by Hector Ross 1820
in St George, Jamaica

A. Old Mary b 1745 African Negro


   1. Hannah b 1760 Creole Negro
   2. Elizabeth Kelly b 1780 Creole Mulatto
   3. Jimmy b 1790 Creole Negro

     Hannah's children

      1. George b 1795 Creole Negro
      2. Richard b 1809 Creole Negro
      3. Lively b 1813 Creole Negro
      4. Christian b 1815 Creole Negro
      5.  and 6. Bessy and Nancy b 1819 Creole Negro

     Elizabeth Kelly's children

      1. Ann Gilmour b 1808 Creole Quadroon
      2. George Dixon b 1804 Creole Quadroon


B. Old Catherine b 1747 African Negro


   1. Mary Ann b 1784 Creole Negro
   2. William b 1789 Creole Negro
   3. Betty b 1790 Creole Negro

     Mary Ann's children

      1. Eliza b 1807 Creole Negro
      2. Oxford b 1809 Creole Negro
      3. Catherine b 1813 Creole Negro
      4. Raveal b 1813 Creole Negro
      5. Biddy b 1816 Creole Negro
      6. Julian b 27.11.1817 Creole Negro (female)

     Betty's children

      1. Jimia b 1814 Creole Negro
      2. Berkshire b 1819 Creole Negro


C. Penelope

  Penelope's children

   1. Adam b 1808 Creole Negro
   2. James b 1812 Creole Negro
   3. Flora b 1817 Creole Negro

D. Sally

  Sally's children

   1. Andrew b 7.8.1818 Creole Negro


List of deaths from cholera 1850, Black River


Includes names Kermit, Bayley, Bartibo, Reid, Burke, Saunders, Lewis, Thomas, Matthews, Edwards, Byfield, Wint.

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