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Alexander to Anglin


Descendants of George Boyle Alexander

1. George Boyle 1 Alexander was born Abt. 1857. He married Elizabeth Graham Todd. She was born Abt. 1857.

More About George Boyle Alexander:

Occupation: 1882, Minister of religion

Residence: 1882, Ebenezer, Manchester


Child of George Alexander and Elizabeth Todd is:

2 i. Betsy2 Alexander, born September 29, 1882 in Ebenezer, Manchester1.

More About Betsy Alexander:

Registration: By father

1. BC2626 Manchester births 1882, IA24.

Descendants of Robert Alexander

1. Robert 1 Alexander was born 1777.

More About Robert Alexander:

Age: 1825, 48 years

Baptism: June 10, 1825, Hanover1

Occupation: 1825, Slave on Alexandria Estate "belonging to Malcolm"

Race/nationality/color: Negro

1. B0054 Hanover Parish Register BMB I, 1725-1825, p. 139.

Descendants of Joseph Alloway

1. Joseph 1 Alloway was born February 05, 1843.

More About Joseph Alloway:

Baptism: August 24, 1844, St. Elizabeth1

Residence: 1844, Friendship, St. Elizabeth

1. B0056 St. Elizabeth Parish Register III & IV, 1835-1859, IV, p. 204 #378.

Descendants of Margaret Allwood

1. Margaret 1 Allwood was born Abt. 1811.

More About Margaret Allwood:

Residence: 1837, Midgham


Child of Margaret Allwood is:

2 i. Mary2 Grant, born July 1836.

More About Mary Grant:

Age: December 1837, 17 months

Baptism: December 31, 1837, Westmoreland1

1. B0002 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms IV-VII, 1834-1845, IV, p. 167 #267.

Descendants of James Anderson

1. James 1 Anderson was born Bef. 1854. He married Amelia Ivy Murdock December 18, 1874 in St. George's Church of England, Portland1.

More About James Anderson:

Age: 1874, Full age

Occupation: 1874, Carpenter

Residence: 1874, Content

Notes for Amelia Ivy Murdock:

She remarried on December 18, 1764 to James Anderson, a widower and carpenter.

More About Amelia Ivy Murdock:

Occupation: 1874, Seamstress

Residence 1: 1851, St. George

Residence 2: 1874, Fairy Hill, Portland

More About James Anderson and Amelia Murdock:

Marriage: December 18, 1874, St. George's Church of England, Portland1

Marriage banns: 1874

Status of bride/groom: Widow/widower

Witness: Richard Mann Shirley, Rebecca Shirley

1. B0010 Jamaica Law 6 Register Marriages II & III, 1871-1878, I, p. 257.

Descendants of John Anderson

1. John 1 Anderson died Bet. December 17, 1823 - April 01, 1824. He met Mary McDonald.

Notes for John Anderson:


My children begotten on the body of my present housekeeper Mary McDonald, now a slave on Riomagna penn, to be purchased and freed. She is to be given 5 acres part of Rural Valley. My children are Maria, Robert, John and Arthur. To my nephew John Minzey £30.

Executors Robert Minzey, Joseph Cocking and William Menzey.

More About John Anderson:

Race/nationality/color: Free person of color

Residence: December 1823, St. Ann

Will: December 17, 1823

Will recorded: April 02, 1824, Old Series Lib. 104 fol. 1411

More About Mary McDonald:

Occupation: December 1823, Slave on "Riomagna" penn


Children of John Anderson and Mary McDonald are:

2 i. Maria2 Anderson.

3 ii. Robert Anderson.

4 iii. John Anderson.

5 iv. Arthur Anderson.

1. B112 Will Books/Original Wills.

Descendants of William Anderson

1. William 1 Anderson was born Abt. 1891. He met Kezia Cameron. She was born Abt. 1891.


Children of William Anderson and Kezia Cameron are:

2 i. William2 Anderson, born May 25, 1916 in York Street, St. Catherine1.

More About William Anderson:

Fact: First born of twins

Registration: June 26, 1916, By William Anderson, occupier

3 ii. Wilfred Anderson, born May 25, 1916 in York Street, St. Catherine2; died January 04, 1919 in York Street, St. Catherine.

Notes for Wilfred Anderson:

Death registered 1/6/1919 by William Anderson, present at death

More About Wilfred Anderson:

Age: 1919, 2 years3

Cause of Death: Sore mouth 3 weeks

Fact: Second born of twins

Registration: June 26, 1916, By William Anderson, occupier


1. BC1698 St. Catherine births 1916, EV1663.

2. BC1698 St. Catherine births 1916, EV1664.

3. BC1852 St. Catherine deaths 1919, EV1036.

Descendants of William Andrade

Generation No. 1

1. William 1 Andrade


Child of William Andrade is:

+ 2 i. George Augustus2 Andrade, born 1862.

Generation No. 2

2. George Augustus 2 Andrade (William1) was born 1862. He married Keturah Adina Ricketts January 10, 1904 in Unity, Clarendon1, daughter of George Ricketts. She was born Abt. 1883.

More About George Augustus Andrade:

Age: 1904, 42 years

Occupation: 1904, Cultivator

Occupation (2): 1916, Planter

Residence: Bet. 1904 - 1916, Nine Turns, Clarendon

More About Keturah Adina Ricketts:

Age: 1904, 21 years

More About George Andrade and Keturah Ricketts:

Ceremony by: J. K. Philips

Marriage: January 10, 1904, Unity, Clarendon1

Witness: Nathan N. Spencer and Joanna A. Ricketts


Child of George Andrade and Keturah Ricketts is:

3 i. Ella Louise3 Andrade, born October 19, 1916 in Nine Turns, Clarendon.

More About Ella Louise Andrade:

Registration: December 20, 1916, By father in Gransham. Registrar J. D. Douglas


1. BC2611 Clarendon marriages 1904, #148.

2. BC1519 Clarendon births 1916, #HG8101.

Descendants of George Anglar

1. George 1 Anglar was born Abt. 1797. He met Judith Rosnell. She was born Abt. 1797.

More About Judith Rosnell:

Race/nationality/color: Free brown


Child of George Anglar and Judith Rosnell is:

2 i. George Steven2 Anglar, born Abt. July 1822.

More About George Steven Anglar:

Age: March 1823, 8 months

Baptism: March 14, 1823, Kingston1

1. B0061 Kingston Parish Register Baptisms I & II, Marriages I, 1721-1825, II, p. 393.

Descendants of Philip Anglin

1. Philip 1 Anglin died August 1839.

Notes for Philip Anglin:

Entry reads: "Philip Anglin, Monis. Esquire".

More About Philip Anglin:

Addressed as: Esquire

Burial: August 23, 1839, Appleton Hill [Hall?], St. James1

Residence: 1839, Montego Bay, St. James

1. B0024 Jamaica Parish Register Burials I & II, 1826-1844, II, p. 238.

Descendants of Samuel Anglin

1. Samuel 1 Anglin was born Abt. 1899. He married Theresa Spence. She was born Abt. 1899.

More About Samuel Anglin:

Residence: 1924, Valetta, Westmoreland


Child of Samuel Anglin and Theresa Spence is:

2 i. Ivy Alberta2 Anglin, born February 15, 1924 in Valetta, Westmoreland1.

More About Ivy Alberta Anglin:

Registration: March 26, 1924, by Lydia Anglin, present at birth, signed

1. BC4381 Westmoreland Births 1924-1925, LM3778.

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