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John Campbell, 1740
Peter Campbell, 1740
James Campbell, 1744
James Crooks 1740
William Launce 1723
John Blagrove 1754

Will of John Campbell,
1740 [RGD, Jamaica, LOS 22/100]

I John Campbell of the parish of St. Elizabeth Esq....
Give and bequeath to my Dear and Loving wife Elizabeth Campbell my Dwelling House on the estate lately purchased of John Pennant Esq.1 formerly belonging to Joseph Hodges deceased with all the offices and outhouses...with as much furniture  belonging to the house I now live in as she pleases to take and also all my plate Gold watch Chain and Seals and such of my books as she shall chuse
Also my coach chariot and chaise with all the harness, eight horses such as she shall chuse...and also that she have full Liberty of Grazing and Pasturage either in Common or Separate for said number of horses; and I also give to my wife such a number of Sheep, Goats, Hogs and all manner of Poultrey as she shall desire when she removes from my now Dwelling House to that of Mr. Pennant's...pasturage in the same manner they have now and also milk from the pen on the said Estate...Liberty of any part of the provision...Liberty to fell clear and use any part of the Wood Land in said Hills and also the use of the said Negroes hereafter named during her natural life (Viz)

Billy the coachman, Will his brother, Davy the cook, Cirus, Eugen, Dick, Marina, her maid Lucrece and her child, Kitu___ and her child, Cuffee and her two children, Spanish Town Peggy, Quasheba a washer, Sarah daughter to Lucy, Sukey daughter to Maria purchased of Mr. Pennant and...a Negroe Boy named Lean and one Negro Girl named Bonney and my will is that my wife manumit and set free the above named Marina and the Mulatto child, daughter to Cuffee at or before her Death and that Marina be paid £5 current money yearly out of my Estate...
And also my will is that Mulatto Nelly my wife's maid, on condition that she behaves well and faithful to her Mistress during her life be manumitted and made free at or soon after my wife's death..
I also give to my wife £550 current money of this Island yearly during her natural life and I subject my Estate both Real and Personal to the due payment...in Lieu and in full Bar of Dower and my further Desire and Request is that my Children and Relations treat my wife with all the Duty Respect and Tenderness as their best friend and Benefactress

I give to my Daughter Ann Currie2 6 hogsheads of muscavado sugar, each not weighing less than fourteen hundredweight to be delivered at the Port of London or Glasgow every year during her natural life
I give to each of my Grand Children John, Colin and Elizabeth Currie 6 hogsheads of muscavado sugar...
I give to my nephew James Campbell3 of the parish of Hanover Esq. the sum of £3,000 current money of this Island in Lieu of the like sum mentioned in a Mortgage he gave me as will appear on record in the Secretary's Office  of this Island and assigned over to my son Colin...since I never intended to take the Benefit of the principal sum of said Mortgage
And my will is that the Moiety of the 290 acres of land situate between Orange Bay plantation and that of Fish River plantation to be reserved for the use of my son Colin's half of Orange Bay Estate in case of a Division and...the other Moiety of the said 290 acres  to be for the use of Fish River Estate in case of nephew Peter's Heirs4 gives a title to my son or his Heirs of the Moiety of that Land bought of Mr. Storer5 by estimation 122 acres...
I give for the use of Fish River Estate the 300 acres patented in my nephew Peter's name for me being situate in the Hills above or near Fish River Estate

My will is that my Executrix hereafter named deliver to my nephew Dugald Campbell6 of the parish of Hanover Esq. his Bond to me for £400 as the consideration money for the purchase of 400 acres of Land with a Receipt for Principal and interest as soon as may be convenient after my death
I give to my said nephew Dugald's son John the sum of £50 to be paid out of the produce of Salem plantation
I give to my nephew Dugald's daughters a Negro woman named Venus with all her offspring now in the possession of my said nephew to be distributed as their father shall judge most Equitable...
I give to my nephew John Campbell7 Commander of the ship St. Elizabeth 10 hogsheads of sugar to be delivered at the river mouth or Orange Bay Harbour which he shall chuse and the House in which Dr. Henderson now lives with an acre of Land within the logwood Piece near the House William Barker lives in during his natural life and also the accommodation at the plantation [so] long as he trades to Black River

I give to John and Elizabeth Campbell son and daughter to my nephew James above mentioned to each the sum of £50 current money when they respectively arrive at the age of sixteen years
My will is that my nephew Colin Campbell be paid with the first of my creditors the sum of £1,500 current money...with lawful Interest for which sum of money I gave my Bond dated the first day of July last and passed Receipts to that time, and in case my said nephew should not otherwise be provided for and will undertake the management of my estate in the parish of St. Elizabeth and be assisting to my executors and executrix...I will that [he] have the yearly sum of £150 current money...I also give to my said nephew my Gold Watch and Seal, my best riding horse, with the best case of Pistols and other furniture and in case my nephew should alter his condition so that he can't undertake the management of my Estate...then he should have the privilege of pasturage for what stock of mares, mules, asses or other cattle he then shall have on my Estate until he can conveniently...provide other pasturage

I give to my nephew James Campbell son to my brother Duncan the sum of £50 current money for mourning and the like sum to his brother John and in case my nephew Colin should leave my estate my will is that my said nephew James be offered the management and have £100 current money yearly so long as he [remains] on my Estate...and also that he have one of my riding horses...
I give to each of my three nieces daughters to my brother Duncan the Nett proceeds of 5 hogsheads sugar each not weighing less than fourteen hundredweight to be delivered to the Port of Glasgow

I give to Jean Campbell sister to my nephew the Reverend Mr. Neil Campbell8 principall of the University of Glasgow the Nett proceeds of 5 hogsheads of sugar for mourning and in case of her death to such of her children as her brother shall appoint
I give to my said nephew Neil 5 hogsheads sugar to weigh and be delivered as above for the use of the Poor of the parish of Glenaicy9 in the shire of Argyle

I give to the parish of St. Elizabeth £50 current money to purchase a Communion Cup or Chalice and a pulpit cloath of velvet with the Letters as in the margin [I.H.S.] for the use of the Church at Black River

My will is that James Hart the poor Boy now in my family be sent to Boston in New England and there put to School and when he has learned to write and cypher to be bound to such Trade or Calling as he shall chuse

As I have omitted giving (among other Negroes bequeathed during life to my wife) her maid Nelly the Mulatto...my will is that she be to her with the full power of manumitting Nelly...
My will is that my wife shall have full power to give and dispose of by Will or any other Deed or Conveyance all or any of the above mentioned Negroes (excepting those that are to be freed) household furniture, plate, watch, seals, books, coach, chariot, chaise, horses to such of my children or nephews as will most distinguish themselves by a Dutifull and Respectfull Behaviour towards her and as my son Colin has a right to the half of the Negroes named Marina and Dick my request is that [he] shall not on any pretence whatsoever lay any claim [to them]...

My will is that £100 Sterling be yearly paid to the hands of my nephew Archibald Campbell of Knockbuy in the shire of Argyll for the use and Maintenance of my son William10 now under his care and this to continue during the continuance of the afflicted state he has been in for some years; But if it should please God to restore my said son to a perfect state of Health then in such case I bequeath to [him] all my estate both Real and Personal in the parish of Hanover in the precinct of Orange Bay (except the Moiety or half part of that parcell of Land in Cave Valley by estimate 400 acres and one of the parcels of Land mortgaged to me by John Warr Esq. of the parish of St. Mary's containing by estimation 300 acres)...and his Heirs for ever but in case William should not recover or have lawful issue then all the estate bequeathed to [him] shall pass and go to my son Colin and his Heirs for ever but subject to the payment of [the previous legacies]

I give to my good friends the Hon. Rose Fuller and George Ellis (present Chief Justice) each £50 for mourning...
All my servants Hired or Indented...paid £5 current money at the expiration of their respective times with this proviso that they behave well and respectfully to their Mistress
I give to my old and good servant Thomas Berry, cordwainer the sum of £10 current money and the like sum to James Betts King and Edward Herne and my will is that John Johnston now in my service be maintained on the Estate during Life he being old and infirm

I will that a pen be settled on the Land where Mr Hodges house and pen was, by estimation 400 acres, the Moiety 400, that twenty cows or grown heifers with a bull be put on said land and pen for the use of the Estate of Salem at Orange Bay in Hanover, both land and cattle to my son William...

If any doubts or disputes should arise from any part of this will (not having the assistance of a lawier) all such doubts...shall be referred to the Hon. Rose Fuller and George Ellis Esquires....and in case any to whom I bequeathed any estate or legacy should not be satisfied with [their] decision or award...then he she or they forfeit all right or claim...

Lastly I subject all my estate to the due payment of my debts, that to my nephew Colin as above mentioned to be first paid if other creditors are not pressing and I appoint my wife executrix joint with my son Colin...

Signed, John Campbell, 29th August 1739
Witnesses, Alexander Barclay11, James Henderson, Hugh King

I John Campbell...think fit further to add this codicill...
[his wife was given the choice of which estate to live at, Black River or Hodges pen]
I bequeath unto Elizabeth Hall and Susannah Row[e] nieces of my former wife12 £50 current money each to buy them mourning

Signed, John Campbell, 14th January 1739
Witnesses, William Hall, Archibald Campbell, Richard Young

Proved in Jamaica by Richard Young before Isaac Gale,  17th May 1739
[the date on the original will was perhaps written in the old style 21st March 1739/40, which would make the only sense here]
1.  John Pennant had married Bonella Hodges, daughter of Joseph Hodges in 1734
2.  Wife of David Currie, merchant of Glasgow and London.
3.  Burial at Orange Bay, Hanover 1744.
4. Peter Campbell was buried at Fish River just three weeks before this will was written.
5. Thomas Storer of Belle Isle and Frome Jamaica and Golden Square London [born 1717] married Helen, daughter of Colonel John Guthrie of Westmoreland
6. Burial at Salt Spring, 1744.
7. Burial at Orange Bay, 1766.
8. Rev. Neil Campbell was the father of Duncan Campbell, mariner, later ship owner and London merchant who carried freight for his relatives and their friends in Jamaica. Duncan married his cousin Rebecca, one of the daughters of Dugald Campbell of Salt Spring, in Hanover in 1753.
9. As written in the copy will. The actual name of the parish in Scotland is Clenary or Clenarie, the spelling varies.
10. William presumably never recovered or died for brother Colin inherited the lands in Hanover [see his will written 1748].
11. Peter Campbell had first married Mary Barclay in Hanover [1726]; this may be her father. She died in 1732.
12. Katherine Claybourn/Claiborne

Will of Peter Campbell, 1740
[RGD, Jamaica, LOS 22/82]

I Peter Campbell of the parish of Hanover1 in the Island of Jamaica...
Give to my beloved wife six Negroes such as she shall choose of my own property during her natural life and after her decease to my daughter Elizabeth2 and to the child my wife is now with child (if a Girl) to be equally divided between them, if a Boy then the said six Negroes to my daughter Elizabeth and her heirs
I give to my wife2 all my household furniture and plate
I will that my wife shall reside and live at either of my estates she shall chuse
I give to my daughter Elizabeth £1,000 Current money of this Island to be paid when she shall arrive at the age of one and twenty or the day of marriage, likewise a Negroe wench named Mimba with her increase...
I give to the child that my wife is now with child (if a Girl) £1,000 Current money and likewise a Negroe wench called Cuba with her increase...but if a Boy the moiety or half part of my Estate both Real and Personal and the heirs of his body...
Failing of such heirs I give the said half to my son Peter with the rest and remainder of my Estate Real and Personal and his heirs...
And in failure of such heirs to my daughter Elizabeth and heirs...and in case of failure of such heirs I give the one half of my Estate to my beloved wife during her natural life and the whole after her decease to be divided unto my three Brothers4 James, John and Colin and the respective heirs of them...
If my Brother James5 pay to my heirs the sum of £500 Sterling I give to [him] all my Rights to the Lands of Kilmory in the shire of Argyle North Britain formerly belonging to my father
I give to Daniel McLean begott on the Body of Effie (possibly Elsie) McLean the sum of £30 Sterling to put him to a Trade
I leave it to the discretion of my Executrix and Executors to draw or Remove of from the Estate at Surinam Quarters all my Negroes and stock or other of my property to my land at Cape Bonetta6 to settle the said Land
My will is that all my Sugars that shall be made of my Estates be shipt to my J Davy Breckett [sic] till my Debt to him be paid
I give to my beloved Uncle and Aunt John Campbell Esq. [7] and Elizabeth his wife to each a suit of Mourning and to each a Mourning Ring
Lastly I declare my wife sole Executrix during her widowhood and no longer and after her marriage with any person...I appoint my Brothers James Campbell, John Campbell, Colin Campbell and my Cousin Dugald Campbell8 Executors and Guardians to my children during their Minority.

Signed, Peter Campbell 7th August, 1739
Witnesses, Richard Quarrell, William Graham, John Collingwood
Proved in Jamaica by William Graham before William Cunningham, 21st March 1739

[Transcriber's note: The impossible sequence of dates above are as written in the copy will which, by the style of hand, appears to be a much later copy, of a copy...]


1.  At Fish River
2.  Elizabeth married John Yorke, in England, in 1769.
3.  Deborah Woodstock (see also the wills of Wastel Brisoce [1796] and of Peter Campbell's son, Peter [1818]
4.  Peter and his brothers were the sons of Dugald Campbell of Torbhlaren (& later Kilmory) in Argyll, Scotland; Dugald was a brother of Hon. John Campbell of Black River, St. Elizabeth.
5.  James Campbell at Orange Bay [d. 1744]
6.  This is perhaps a corruption or mis-reading by copy of Cabaritta  (itself a corruption of a Spanish name). A map of 1763 has a Cabarila Plantation [sic] just west of the Cabaritta River, and a few miles from the sea, in Westmoreland
7.  Hon. John Campbell of Black River
8. Dugald Campbell at Salt Spring[d.1744]

Will of James Campbell, 1744
[RGD, Jamaica, LOS 24/330]

Jamaica SS

I James Campbell of the parish of Hanover in the Island aforesaid1...
Give and bequeath out of my own property unto my loving wife Henrietta Campbell tenn Negroes such as she shall choose as also all my household Furniture and Plate during her natural life and my house I now live in with twenty acres of land round it during her widowhood...two of my best riding horses and one riding mule such as she shall make choice of...
I bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Campbell2 the sum of £1,000 Sterling at the day of marriage or at the age of twenty one years...and my will is that she shall have all the Education this Island can offer and the sum of £100 Currency for her maintenance yearly until she attains the time above mentioned
I bequeath unto my sisters Elizabeth, Henrietta, Janet and Mary Campbell the sum of fifty pounds Sterling each to be paid one year after all my lawfull Debts are discharged
I bequeath unto my loving son John Campbell and his heirs male...all the rest and residue of my Estate Real and Personal here or elsewhere but in default of such issue and in case of the death of my son's death I bequeath to my said wife the equal half of the produce of my estate and the whole management of the same during her widowhood...
In case of the death of my said son my daughter Elizabeth Campbell shall have an addition of £1,000 Sterling more for her portion...and all my Estate Real and Personal here or elsewhere...unto my loving brothers John and Colin Campbell and their heirs male...
I give unto my brother Colin Campbell my silver mounted pistols, saddle and Riding Furniture
I give unto Mrs Campbell relict of the Honble. John Campbell3 the sum of £50 to buy mourning and a mourning ring
I give the sum of £20 Currency to each of my Brothers and Sisters and other Relations as my said wife shall think proper
Lastly I appoint my wife my Brothers John and Colin Campbell and my Cousin the Honble. Colin Campbell4 and my Cousin Robert Clarke Esq.5 Neil McNeil of the parish of Hanover, Gent. Whole and sole executrix and executors of this my last will and testament and my will is that but one of them act with my said wife at a time

Signed, James Campbell
Witnesses, William Graham, William Hepburn, Roger White
Proved in Jamaica by William Hepburn before Richard Quarrell, 8th March 1744

1. At Orange Bay
2.  Later the wife of Thomas Blagrove, son of John Blagrove of St. Ann
3.  John Campbell of Black River, St. Elizabeth
4. The son of the Hon. John Campbell of Black River who owned a half share of Orange Bay
5.   Robert Clerk of Pell River, Hanover, the brother of Dugald Clerk of Braleckan (at Pennymore in Argyll)

Will of James Crooks,
1740 [RGD, Jamaica, LOS 22/213]

I James Crooks of the parish of Hanover planter1...
Give and bequeath unto my brother Christopher Crooks one Negro wench named Betty with her three children named Sisley Jenny and Easthere...
Unto my brother Rice Crooks2 six Negroes to be bought out of the produce arising from my Estate...
Unto Thomas George son of my sister Elizabeth George £100 at the age of twenty one years
Unto my daughter Ann Crooks3 £600 pounds at the age of twenty one years or six months after marriage and also on Negro girl to be chosen by her out of the Negroes belonging to my estate
Provided the child which my wife Anna Petronella4 now goes with be a Boy and live but in case it be a Girl I bequeath unto the said girl the Pimento walk with all the land thereunto belonging which I purchased of James Launce....and Ann Crooks shall have all the residue and remainder of my Estate both real and personal...and her heirs...
In default of such lawful issue at her decease it shall go to my brother Christopher Crooks and his heirs and at his decease without lawful heirs unto my brother Rice Crooks...
But in case a Boy5 be born alive then he shall have all the before mentioned remainder and residue of my estate...and his heirs...
In default of such issue at his decease unto my daughter Ann Crooks and her heirs....
And provided as aforesaid a Girl be born...she shall be paid out of my estate £500 at the age of twenty one years or six months after marriage...and in case the said Girl should dye without issue the said Pimento walk and land shall remaine as part of my estate....
I appoint my brother Christopher Crooks and my kinsman William Rhodes James to be executors to this my last will and testament.

Signed James Crooks, 18th June 1739
Witnesses, William Mowatt, Charles Samuells, William Oakley

        Proved in Jamaica by William Mowatt and Charles Samuells before Montague James
        [Entered in record 19th May 1741]
1.  The Crooks' sugar plantation was at Crooks Cove (Cousins Cove). James Crooks' tombstone is there
2.  A Rice Crooks is mentioned in the will of James Davis "of  St. Elizabeth" [1694].
3.  Ann Crooks married John Dickson, millwright from Scotland, in 1756; she died in 1769 and was buried next to her father.
4.  Anna Petronella Launce, the daughter of William Launce [d.1723]. Her sister Ann married Dugald Campbell of Salt Spring; their daughter Rebecca married Duncan Campbell, ship-owner & later merchant of London
5. One James Crooks, "a minor" was named in the 1754 list of Jamaica landowners. He inherited Crooks Cove and, from about 1769, consigned sugars to Duncan Campbell in London, his cousin Rebecca Campbell's husband. He died in North America in 1774.

Will of William Launce,
1723, [RGD, Jamaica, LOS 16/70]

I William Launce of the parish of Westmoreland Esq. being the 26th September 1720...
Doe bequeath unto my daughter Ann Launce1 the sum of £600 Current money of Jamaica at her age of one and twenty years or immediately ensuing the day of marriage...
Unto my daughter Rebecca Launce £600...[the same]
Unto my daughter Martha Launce £600...[the same]
Unto my daughter Anna Petronella Launce 2 £600...[the same]
I doe hereby bequeath £100 to be applied to such charitable uses as my executors shall seem most proper and convenient for the North side division within the parish of Westmoreland
I bequeath the sum of £20 Sterling per annum during the term of five years to be distributed at the discretion of Mr Richard Buller merchant in London amongst twenty poor families or housekeepers in the respective parishes where my sons and daughters are or shall be placed to school within England...
I devise all the rest residue and remainder of my estate real and personal within the Island of Jamaica and in England or elsewhere unto my two sons William Launce and James Launce3 and to the respective heirs of their bodys...to be equally divided and severally held
And in the case of the death of either...the survivor shall have all my estate...and in case of the death of the survivor or failure of lawful issue...unto my said daughters...and respective heirs
All and every of my said daughters shall have suitable and convenient maintenance and eductation becoming their sex and degree at the cost and expence of the aforesaid estate until the age of twenty one or day of marriage.
Finally I nominate my beloved wife Mary Launce Executrix during the term of her widowhood...
I further nominate my trusty friends Mr Richard Buller merchant in London, John Graves, Edward Chambers Daniel Hemingway and William Anglin gentlemen in Jamaica Executors of this my will.

Witnesses, Charles Campbell, Thomas Newell, Charles Bernard, David Dehenim

Proved in Jamaica by Charles Bernard and David Dehenim before Richard James, 25th July, 1723
1.  Ann Launce married Dugald Campbell of Salt Spring
2. Ann Petronella Launce married James Crooks junior of Crooks Cove
3. James Launce died in 1775 owning Hopewell at Green Island and Hermitage in Portland

Will of John Blagrove, 1754
[PRO London, PROB 11/919]

St Ann's Jamaica SS

I John Blagrove of the parish and Island aforesaid...
Give devise and bequeath unto my beloved cousin Mary Bucknor daughter of William Bucknor and Mary his wife the sum of £100 to be paid three months after my decease...
Unto my beloved cousin Frances Gent Bucknor another daughter of William Bucknor and Mary his wife £100 to be paid at two years after my decease...
Unto my beloved Grandson John Blagrove son of my son Thomas Blagrove and Elizabeth1 his wife one equal and full Moiety of all that Estate commonly called Orange Valley situate in the said parish of St Ann's being the Estate that was settled by me and my uncle Thomas Williams deceased with a full Moiety of all the lands thereunto adjoining purchased by me since the decease of my uncle...all the slaves stock and utensils...
I further give unto my said grandson all that estate commonly known by the name of the Unity situate in the parish of St Ann's and containing by estimation three hundred acres...with all the slaves stock and utensils...and the Heirs of his body...
In case of failure of such heirs...or the death of my grandson before he arrives the age of twenty one years...the said Moiety and Estate become in like manner in the next eldest son of my son Thomas...in case of failure then eldest daughter of my son Thomas...
And it is my further will that the said Moiety and Estate bequeathed unto my grandson be immediately held and enjoyed by my son Thomas with this incumbrance that my son be obliged to educate he or she [who inherits] in a Genteel manner out of the produce of the Moiety and Estate and that the same...be delivered free from all Incumbrance unto my said grandson or such other...
And it is my further my will that ten years after my decease my son remit to the Kingdom of Great Britain the full and just sum of £5,000 Sterling with the growing interest thereon to be delivered to my said grandson or such other grandson at the age of twenty one...if a daughter at the day of marriage...or twenty one...
And in case my said grandson should die and my said son not have any more children all my Estate I give to my son Thomas Blagrove...but in case of failure I give all my estate Real and Personal unto George and Thomas Bucknor the two youngest sons of William Bucknor and Mary his wife share and share alike...
I hereby appoint my beloved son Thomas Blagrove my whole and sole executor of this my will...and in case of his death I appoint my kinsman John Bucknor my worthy friend Doctor Thomas Byndloss and my friend James Kerr2 merchant in Hanover Executors...

Signed, John Blagrove 17th July 1754
Witnesses, John Rose, Alexander Gordon, James Grant

Memorandum 4th August 1754
It is my desire that whatever Money may be due to me either on Mortgage Bonds or Notes of Hand at the time of my decease...shall be taken by my son Thomas Blagrove to be disposed of at his discretion - John Blagrove
Witnesses, John Rose, William Sutherland, James Grant

Memorandum 2nd December 1754
James Grant appeared before Governor Charles Knowles to prove the will in Jamaica

7th June 1766
James Kerr "late of the parish of Hanover but presently of the parish of Rickmansworth in the county of Hertford...one of the surviving executors...in case of the death of Thomas Blagrove" appeared in London with a clerk's copy of the will in the Secretary's Office in Jamaica. He stated that John Blagrove died after making the codicil in August 1754, and that Thomas Blagrove had survived his father but had died "sometime in the year 1755". Kerr had also brought with him a copy of the will for John Blagrove's merchant correspondent in London; Administration was duly granted to James Kerr and to John Bucknor.
1.  Elizabeth Campbell, daughter of James Campbell of Orange Bay, Hanover.  
2. James Kerr also owned Prospect at Green Island in partnership with Dugald Malcolm

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