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From the Island Records Office, Jamaica

Last Will and Testament of Alice Aarons, Montego Bay

Entered into Probate Liber 13, folio 232, lodged in the Record Office 4 September 1913

This is the Last Will and Testament of me Alice Aarons of the town of Montego Bay, in the parish of St. James, widow – I appoint my sister Ella Magnus to be the Executrix and Trustee of this my Will. I give and bequeath the following legacies, namely, to my sister, Rose Isaacs, the sum of fifty pounds, to my niece, Katie DeLeon Förster, wife of Rudolph Förster, of the city and parish of Kingston, the sum of one hundred pounds; to her children, Ilsa Förster and Otto Förster, the sum of fifty pounds each, to Ethel Leontine Förster, wife of Robert Förster of Havana, Cuba, the sum of one hundred pounds, to her daughter Kathleen Förster, the sum of twenty-five pounds, to Corinne Viola Magnus of New York, the sum of fifty pounds, to Camille Nunes, the wife of Harold Nunes, the sum of twenty-five pounds. I give an annuity of twelve pounds (free from legacy duty) unto my brother Eugene Magnus during his life, to commence from my death, and to be paid by equal monthly payments, the first payment to be made at the expiration of one calendar month after my death, and I direct my Trustee to set apart and invest such a sum of money as will when invested produce by the income thereof the said annuity, and to apply the income, or if necessary the capital of the fund so set apart in payment of the said annuity, which fund shall on the .... of the said annuity and in the meantime subject thereto fall into and form part of my residuary estate. All the rest, residue and remainder of my Estate, both real and personal wheresoever and whatsoever, I give, devise and bequeath unto my said sister, Ella Magnus. I hereby revoke all former or other Wills by me heretofore made and declare this to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand the 27th day of November 1912, the words "the capital" having first been interlined between the twentieth and twenty first line hereof.

[Signed] Alice Aarons


Dated 8 December 1915; Entered Will Book no. 14, folio 443

Lodged in the Record Office 29 December 1916

This is the Last Will and Testament of me Alice Maud Abrahams. I bequeath to my grandson, Frank Keith Lyon One Hundred Pounds for his education.

I bequeath to Eric Harcourt Draper Twenty five pounds, and to Evelyn Draper Twenty five pounds. The residue of my property wheresoever situate I give and bequeath unto my daughters, Irene Unice Silvera and Lily May Lyon as tenants in common.

Lastly I appoint Victor Emanuel Silvera my executor of this my last Will and Testament. In Witness to this my hand this 8th day of Dec 1915.

[Signed] Alice Maud Abrahams

Witnesses: Noel G. Silvera

V. E. Silvera

Addendum at side of will:

20 Adelaide St., Spanish Town, St. Catherine has been brought under the operation of the Registrar of Titles Law 6 Certificate of Title dated the 15 day of April 1917, entered in Vol. 120 fol. 22 of the Register Book in the Office of Titles. Dated this 25th day of April 1917.


Will probated 18 September 1891

[Entered Lib. 4 folio 380]

[At side of first page: "This is the last will and testament marked 'A' of Alexander Ebenezer Burke referred to in the annexed affidavit of Samuel Constantine Burke and Herbert Augustus Cunha dated and sworn the 3rd day of August 1891."]

Jamaica Is. This is the last Will and Testament of me Alexander Ebenezer Burke of the City and Parish of Kingston in the county of Surry in this island of Jamaica, Solicitor. I direct my Executors hereinafter named, or such of them as shall qualify, immediately after my decease to raise a sufficient quantity of money upon all or any of my life policies (except that effected in the Sun Life Assurance Co., Montreal, Canada) and immediately to pay off the Mortgage debts due to Kingston Benefit Building Society and all costs on the premises No. 53 Tower Street, Kingston, the property of Sarah Elizabeth Desdunes, and the premises No. 49 Port Royal Street, Kingston, the property of Walter Simon Magnus and to cause satisfaction to be entered on such Mortgages respectively, and when cleared from all debt, then to hand over the papers so satisfied to the said Sarah Elizabeth Desdunes and Walter Simon Magnus respectively so that the premises may be unencumbered and free from debt. I now formally give and bequeath unto Maria Malvinia Hecks, the wife of John Thomas Hecks, at present of Savannah-la-Mar in the parish of Westmoreland in this island, Policy No. 1615 for one hundred pounds effected on the life of her husband aforesaid in the Jamaica Mutual Life Assurance Company, and all moneys, bonuses and profits whatsoever, for her sole and separate use, the same having been bought by her with her own private and separate moneys, and by her direction assigned to me to be held in trust for her -- I now also formally give, bequeath, assign, transfer and set over unto Mrs. Marguerite Staines (?), now residing at 50 Duke Street, Kingston, all that Policy of Life Assurance for £300 (three hundred pounds) No. 7511 effected by me at her insistence on my life -- the premiums on which she pays and of her own private moneys -- for her sole and separate use free of all Legacy duty or any other charge whatsoever which I charge upon my Estate. All the rest, residue and remainder of my Estate other than real, personal or ...., and wheresoever situate, I give, devise and bequeath unto my dear mother Elizabeth Staines Burke and my sisters Julia Jane Burke and Frances Catherine Burke, their heirs, Executors, administrators and assigns, according to the nature and quality thereof. And I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my brother, Samuel Constantine Burke and my friend, Herbert Augustus Cunha (or such of them as shall qualify and act under this my Will), and I hereby revoke and make void all or any Wills or Will by me heretofore made and declare this alone to be and contain my Last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal at the City and Parish of Kingston in the island of Jamaica this thirtieth day of July in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine.

[Signed] A. E. Burke

Witnessed by: W. A. (?) Lyon

R. Jacob

G. G. Gunter


[Entered Liber IX, Folio 502, Record Office, December 1904]

Jamaica ss. This is the Last Will and Testament of me Alexander Wood of the Parish and City of Kingston, gentleman. I hereby give and bequeath to my dear wife Harriett Ann Elizabeth Wood my house and premises in the town of Falmouth in the Parish of Trelawny situate at the corner of Queen St. and Trelawny St. for her life time with power to sell or mortgage and money invested for the benefit of Zoe Theodora Wood, Victor Stanley Wood and Bertram Fitzgerald Wood, and I also give and bequeath my house No 89 Tower Street in the City and Parish of Kingston to my said wife Harriett Ann Elizabeth Wood, with power to sell or mortgage and money invested as above, and after her death to revert to Zoe Theodora Wood for her sole use and benefit. With regards to my Insurance money in the Jamaica Mutual Benefit Society which amount is .......pounds ......shillings I request and direct my Executors to pay over to Mr. J. M. Nethersole, the Administrator General, the sum of Twenty-five pounds to release the mortgage bond which he holds on the premises 15 Hanover Street, Kingston, and I request and direct my Executors to pay my son Alexander Percival Wood the sum of five pounds, and to my son Reginald Leopold Wood the sum of three pounds and to my son Cyril Anthony Wood the sum of three pounds, and all my wearing apparel, and the balance of Insurance Money invested as above mentioned, and I request that my Executor and Executrix to carry out these my instructions to the best of their ability, and I hereby nominate and appoint my wife Harriett Ann Elizabeth Wood Executrix and my son Aubrey Burton Wood Executor, and I further request that my son Bertram Fitzgerald Wood be sent to Wolmer's School for one year or more according to the discretion of my executors.

[signature of] A. Wood

Witnesses: N. A. O'Brien

O. C. Gauntlett (Oscar Constantine)

Dated ........November 1904

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