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Goodin to Hals


Descendants of Grace (Goodin)

1. Grace 1 (Goodin) died March 1782.

Notes for Grace (Goodin):

She was a widow.

More About Grace (Goodin):

Burial: March 04, 1782, St. James (Source: B0055 St. James Parish Register I & II, 1770-1825 (Baptisms to 1841), I, p. 292.)

Descendants of Michael Grabham

1. Michael 1 Grabham was born 1866 in Quintado Val, Madeira (Source: B219 Handbook of Jamaica, 1939, p. 634.), and died April 13, 1938 in Quintado Val, Madeira (Source: B219 Handbook of Jamaica, 1939, p. 634.).

Notes for Michael Grabham:


Supreme Court will lodged August 2, 1938. New Series Liber 32, Folio 21

Michael Grabham, M.A., M.B., late in the Government Medical Service, Jamaica.

1. I revoke all prior Wills.

2. I appoint the Administrator General of Jamaica and his successors my executor and trustee.

3. To my sister Eliza Bayman Carter of "Grymsdyke" Lacey Green, Aylesbury, Bucks, England, my share in the silver and old wines, my silver salver, all stored at Quinta Valformoso, Funchal, Madeira.

4. To Kitty E. Sewell of 15 Boundary Road, Kelburn, Wellington, New Zealand, the interest of £10,000 3 1/2% War Loan to be paid to her in instalments twice a year.

To Edith Mona Thompson late of the Government Service, Jamaica, of 9 Halley House, 46 Vauxhall Bridge, London, S. W. the interest of £10,000 3 1/2% War Loan.

At their demise I bequeath the capital to the Government of Jamaica in the form of a fund, for which I suggest the name "Grabham's Trust," the interest to be applied exclusively for the promotion and extension of the maternity services at the Victoria Jubilee Lying in Hospital, Kingston, and throughout the island.

5. I bequeath the residue to the Government of Jamaica for the same purpose.

Dated July 18, 1936.

Witnesses: Norman D. Evans, c/o Blandy Bros. & Copda Funchal

Ernest Garfield Williams, Eaton Lady [torn], Eaton Rd., Norwich

Later affidavit by Alan Ritchie, Administrator General

More About Michael Grabham:

Occupation: Medical Officer of Victoria Jubilee Maternity Hospital, Jamaica

Descendants of Mary Grant

1. Mary 1 Grant was born October 1837.

More About Mary Grant:

Age: November 24, 1837, 5 weeks

Baptism: November 24, 1837, Westmoreland1

Fact: Baptism by Edward Galbraith

Residence: 1837, Petersfield

1. B0002 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms IV-VII, 1834-1845, V, p. 157 #440.

Descendants of William Grant

1. William 1 Grant was born Abt. 1824. He married Mary Ann (Grant). She was born Abt. 1824.

More About William Grant:

Occupation: 1850, laborer

Residence: 1850, Comfort Hill


Child of William Grant and Mary (Grant) is:

2 i. Mary Ann2 Grant, born October 03, 1849.

More About Mary Ann Grant:

Baptism: January 31, 1850, Clarendon1

1. B0060 Jamaica Parish Register New Series I, 1848-1861, p. 41 #39.

Descendants of Simon Grant

1. Simon 1 Grant was born Abt. 1823. He married Mary Ann (Grant). She was born Abt. 1823.

More About Simon Grant:

Residence: 1848, Friendship


Child of Simon Grant and Mary (Grant) is:

2 i. Mary Ann Henry2 Grant, born January 17, 1848.

More About Mary Ann Henry Grant:

Baptism: May 07, 1848, Westmoreland1

1. B0046 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms XI & XII, 1846-1850, XI, p. 340 #185.

Descendants of Mary Elizabeth Grant

1. Mary Elizabeth 1 Grant was born Abt. January 1857.

More About Mary Elizabeth Grant:

Age: August 01, 1857, 7 months

Baptism: August 01, 1857, Westmoreland1

Fact: Baptism by W. Mayhew

Residence: 1857, Phoenix Park

1. B0035 Jamaica Parish Register New Series Baptisms IX & X, 1856-1863, IX, p. 126 #210.

Descendants of Hugh Grant

1. Hugh 1 Grant was born Abt. 1829. He married Susan (Grant). She was born Abt. 1829.

More About Hugh Grant:

Occupation: 1855, laborer

Residence: 1855, Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland


Child of Hugh Grant and Susan (Grant) is:

2 i. Mary Finlayson2 Grant, born August 24, 1854.

More About Mary Finlayson Grant:

Baptism: February 28, 1855, Westmoreland1

Fact: Baptism by J. H. Hepburn

1. B0028 Jamaica Parish Register New Series V & VI, 1849-1862, V, p. 239 #20.


Will of Thomas Richard Hals Esq r

In the Name of God Amen I Thomas Richard Hals, son and heir of Thomas Hals late of the Island of Jamaica Esqr deceased, being of the age of eighteen years and upwards in perfect sound mind and memory but weak as to my bodily health do make this my last will and testament in writing in manner following. That is to say I give and bequeath all my goods Chattels Effects and personal estate of what nature of kind soever and wheresoever either in Great Britain, or in the Island of Jamaica or elsewhere in America unto Thomas Orby Hunter of Crowland in the County of Lincolne Esquire his executors and assigns in trust for the sole and separate use and benefit of my dear and honoured mother Elizabeth Hume, wife of Benjamin Hume of the Island of Jamaica Esq. But so as not to be subject to the power control or debts of the said husband or any future husband. But to be enjoyed by her and to be disposed of as she shall from time to time notwithstanding her… By any writing under her hand or under her hand and seal or by her last will and testament in writing think fit to direct and appoint. And I appoint the said Thomas Orby Hunter sole executor of this my will upon the trusts aforesaid. In witness whereof I have to this my last will and testament set my hand and seal this nineteenth day of January in the sixteenth year of the reign of our Soveraign Lord George the second, by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, and in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and forty two - Thomas Rich. Hals

signed sealed published and declared by the above named Thomas Richard Hals as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us, who in his presence and his request have subscribed our names as Witnesses thereto. Charles Purslow, William Willis, Anne Guy.

This Will was prov'd at London before the Right Worshipful John Bettesworth Doctor of Laws, Master Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted the fifth day of June in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty-four. By the Oath of Thomas Orby Hunter Esquire the sole executor in Trust named in the said will by whom was granted administration of all and singular the goods chattels and credits of the deceased being first sworn by commission duly to administer.

Ref: PCC Anstis folio 148 1744


This will was transcribed and contributed by Tony Bate

Will of Thomas Hals (II) 1703

In The Name of God Amen:

I Thomas Hals Esqr of the parish of Clarendon and Island aforesaid being weak and indisposed in body but sound and perfect mind and memory praised be to Allmighty God. And calling to mind the certainty of death and uncertainty thereof Doe make constitute and appoint this to be my last will and Testament in manner and form following Hereby revoking all manner of former wills or will by me made Imprimis. My Soul I recommend into the hands of Allmighty God who gave it hoping for a blessed resurrection through the merits and mediation of Christ Jesus my only Redeemer and Saviour. Item as to what Worldly Estate hath pleased God to bless me withal I give devise and bequeath the same as follows. Item I give to my dearly beloved wife Mary Hals all my household goods wheresoever as also my plate and Jewells coaches and carriages and eight horses such as she shall make choice of. Item I give to my said wife Mary Hals Four hundred pounds sterl. To be paid at the Royall exchange in London twelve months after my Decease. Item I give my Aunt Grace Mosely Twenty Pounds sterling to be paid her yearly during her natural life in England or Ireland. Item I give to my said Aunt twenty ponds for Mourning. Item I give my dear Mother Elizabeth Webber twenty pounds. Item I give to Capt Jno Rose and his wife twenty pounds each. Item I give to George Osbourne twenty pounds. I give to Elizabeth Hennings twenty pounds. Item I give to John ?Carver? twenty pounds. Item I give to Whitemon Inn ten pounds. Item I give to Richard Thomas ten pounds. Item all the rest residue and remainder of my estate both real and personnal as well in this Island and in the Kingdom of England or elsewhere I give devise and bequeath to my welbeloved son Thomas Hals and his heirs forever the care and education of whom I leave to my Wife during her widowhood. And in case my said son Thomas Hals dyes without Issue I leave the same to my cousin Greenvill Hals the son of James Hals of Merthar in the parish of Merthar in the County of Cornwall in the Kingdom of England and the heires of his Body Lawfully begotten paying yearly out of the same. One Hundred pounds sterling at the Royall Exchange in London to Thomas Rose son of Capt. John Rose of London Merchant. Lastly I nominate and appoint my dearly beloved wife Mary Hals Emanuel Mouton Esq John ?Peepe? Esq Doctor Daniel Webber and Joshua Smith Executors of this my last will and testament to whom I also give twenty pounds to each. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale this twenty first day of August in the first year of the raigne of Rex Matie Ann by the Grace of God of England of England Scotland France and Ireland Queen and of Jemaica Lady One Thousand seven Hundred and two Tho. Hals signed sealed published and declared top be the last will and Testament of the Testator Thomas Hals Esqr in the presence of us Nathaniel Hals (Hale?) Tho Morrison John Burrell Richard Osbourne.

Probatum fuit hujusmodi Testamentum apud London coram venti viro Nathanaele Lloyd Legum icore ventis et egregii viri Dni richardi Raines Militis Legum etiam Icoris Curiea prarogat Cantuarien Magri Custodis Sive Comissaristhine constituti Dicesimio die Mensis Aprilis Anno Dni millesimo septingentisimo tertio (10 day of April 1703-ARB) Juramento Joshua Smyth vuius Executouri in dicto Testamento nominat cui commissa fuit Adm'stato omnium et singulorium bonorium juria et heditonum dicti defuncte de nbone et fideliter Adm'strado cadem ad sancta Dei Evangelia Jurat. Reservata poteste similem commissionem faciendi Maria Hals Relicta defuncti Emanueli Morton Arm' et Johanni Peeps Arm' Dannieli Weber caetevie Executoribus in deo Testamento nominat cum venerint sen eorum ater venerit eandem petitiu' eandem petitiv

Margin Notes; in the margin of the main will and appear to have been written at a much later date:

Vicesimo Secundo Die Mensis December Anno Dni 1729 emt. Cou. Thoma Hals Arm. Filio urali et Hino et Legatario Residuario nominal in Testo Thoma Hals Arm nuper parochial de Clarendon in Insula Jamaica desti teutis ? ad Aeshand bona Jura et Credita dicti desti jupta tenorum et effertum Testi ipfuis defti per Joshuam Smith uid Executorum in dicto Testo nominat modo etiam demortuum in administrata de bona ? Jurat Emanuele Morton John Peepe et Daniele Webber tribus Executorum in dicto Testo nominat auteguam onus Executionis ejusdem in se acceptas? Eut ruortem obeuntibus neruon Maria Sadler als Hals bid Relicta dicti desti et Executrine aupstito? in Testo pradict nominat prius rennuciante.

The margin notes are extremely difficult to read and decipher, but seem to indicate:

Dated Vicesimo Secundo Die Mensis December Anno Dni 1729 = Twenty second day of December 1729

Cou Thoma Hals = Honrable or councilor? Thomas Hals (III)

Maria Sadler als Hals bid Relicta dicti :Maria Sadler alias Hals the said widow (Mary Hals married Charles Sadler and was mother of James Sadler - ARB).

(Joshua Smith was the sugar agent or factor in London - ARB)

Emanuele Morton, Joshua Smith and Daniele Webber still alive in 1729?

Thoma Hals Arm nuper parochial de Clarendon in Insula Jamaica = Thomas Hals Esq recently of the parish of Clarendon on the Island of Jamaica; armiger is one who is entitled to bear arms, normally translated Esq.

Transcribed by A. R. Bate November 2002

Ref: PCC Degg folio 69 1703

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