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       A register of marriages solemnized previous to the 11th of April 1840 by the Reverend John Scholefield at Fairfield Chapel in the Parish of Manchester filed 19 August 1840.

Allen, John, of Greenland and Lucky Low of Somerset, married 5/3/1835, page 1.

Basswell, Robert and Eleanor White, of Greenland married 5/3/1835, page 1.

Hewitt, James, of Wilderness, and Catherine Williams were married on a 5/3/1835, page 1.

      Affirmed by Jacob Zorn (the Revd. John Scholefield being absent from the island) 8/9/1840 before J. R. Tomlinson, J. P. Manchester

       A register of marriages solemnized previous to the 11th of April 1840 by the Reverend Joseph Roemer at the Chapel of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United Brethren at Fairfield in the Parish of Manchester filed 19 August 1840.

Cooper, William, and Mary Bartley, both of Bulldead married 3/18/1838, page 1v.

Dunkley, Robert, of Fellowship, and Elvilena? Vassal of Prospect, married/22/1837.  Witnessss Mrs. Ann Beckford and Abraham Wright. Page 1v

Gordon, James, and Alicia Stewart, both of Pedro Prospect married 3/12/1837, page 1.

Hewitt, Frederick, of Wilderness, and Elizabeth ----- of Mount Prospect, married 2/11/1838, page 1v.

Jennings, William, and Eleanor Graham, both of Wickwar married 1/15/1837, page 1.

Murray, George, and Phoebe Clarke, both of Oaklands married 6/3/1837.  Witnesses Francis Green and John Turner, page 1v.

Murray, James, of Mayday, and Bella Robertson of Cedar Grove, married 2/11/1838, page 1v.

Owen, Edward, of Wilderness and Prospect, and Cecilia Seaton of Mount Pleasant, married 2/11/1838, page 1v.

Peart, Frederick, and Margaret -----, both of Isle, married 3/25/1838, page 2

Robam, Thomas, and Toosy? Williams, both of Spur Tree married 11/19/1837, page 1v.

Rochester, John of Oldbury and Mary Catharine ----- of Chevely? married 2/26/1837, page 1

Rowe, James, of Fairfield St. Elizabeth, and Mary Lee to Mr. R. Segre, married 9/20/1837, page 1v

Samuels, William, of Perry hill married to Roselinda ---- old Perry Hill 8/28/1836, page 1.

Sinclair, James, and Frances Facey, both of Prospect married 8/26/1837.  Witnesses Thomas Powell and Alexander Rochester, page 1v

Williams, James, and Catherine Williams, both of Wilderness married 12/17/1837, page 1v.

Williams, John, and Sally Price, both of Bulldead married 3/18/1838, page 2.

Wright, John, and Jane Robinson, both of Enfield married 1/29/1837, page 1.

      Affirmed by Jacob Zorn (the Revd. Joseph Roemer being absent from the island) 8/9/1840 before J. R. Tomlinson, J. P. Manchester

    Copy registry of marriages solemnized by the Reverend William Alloway Independent Minister of the London Missionary Society's Mission Station at Dry Harbour in the Parish of St. Ann in the County of Middlesex previously to the passing of the Act of the Legislature entitled "An Act to legalize register and confirm marriages by Dissenters and other Ministers not connected with the established Church," from 12/15/1835 to 3/12/1840, filed 9/4/1840.

Beattie, George, to Ellen McGrotty, residence Dry Harbour, married 12/15/1835, page 2

Bellmore, James, to Elenor Doherty, both resident Tabolski, 4/6/1839, page 2

Braham, Thomas, residence Culloden, to Ellen Beattie, residence Minard, 5/20/1838, page 2

Canning, Paul, to Rose McCann, residence Dry Harbour, married 12/15/1835, page 2

Clark, James residence Dairy St. Anns, to Mary Cumming, residence Queen Hithe, 4/29/1838, page 2

Colch, Thomas, to Betsy Campbell, both residence Cardiff Hall, 9/8/1838, page 2

Doherty, Michael, to Ellen Elder, residence Dry Harbour, married 12/15/1835, page 2

Edwardes, Charles, to Rebecca Barnett, both residence Dry Harbour, 5/27/1838, page 2

Fearon, Edward, residence Dunbarton, to Mary Davidson, residence Meadows, married 7/15/1838, page 2

Gant, John, to Rosie Doherty, both residence York Valley, 3/2/1839, page 2

Gaynor, John, to Florence Bailey, both residence Tripoli, 1/26/1839, page 2

Henlin, George, to Eliza Slack, both residence Orange Valley, 12/20/1839, page 2v

Makeen, James, residence Minard, to Eliza Fullerton, residence Hopewell, 3/23/1839, page 2

McAlister, Peter, to Rachel Wheeler, both residence Ruthven, 1/16/1840, page 2v

McDermott, John, to Jane McCann, both residence Hopewell, 8/28/1838, page 2

McDonald, Edward, to Margaret Tulloh, both residence Dry Harbour, 2/8/1840, page 2v

McLean, William, to Kitty Gale, both residence Cardiff Hall, 3/12/1840, page 2v

Minnikin, James, to Sarah Bell, both residence Mount Boon, 7/29/1838, page 2

Nixon, Jacob, to Eliza Stewart, both residence Tabolski, 6/7/1839, page 2

Read, William, to Jane Grey, both residence Hopewell, 12/24/1839, page 2v

Reily, Edward, residence Belair, to Ann Elizabeth Williams, residence Dunbarton, 11/30/1839, page 2v

Simmonds, Robert, to Ann Ingram, both residence Cardiff Hall, 12/19/1839, page 2v

Smallwood, Henry, to Mary Ann Bell, both residence Hopewell, 12/24/1839, page 2v

Thompson, Edward, residence Orange Valley St. Ann, to Elenor Barnett, residence First Hill Trelawny, 6/3/1837, page 2

Tulloh, Joseph, residence St. Ann's, to Sarah Jane Eason, residence Runaway Bay, 8/2/1838, page 2

Ward, Owen, residence Salisbury, to Jane Senior, residence Tripoli, 11/4/1838, page 2

       Affirmed by William Alloway before James Low 8/31/1840.  Words counted by Edward Angell, and sworn to before C. McLarty Morales, J.P.

    Copy of Register of Marriages celebrated by James Niven Presbyterian Missionary at the Presbyterian Chapel, Cross Paths, Westmoreland, filed 9/10/1840.

Allen, Edward, to Ossea Eliza, residence Friendship and Greenwich, Westmoreland, 7/15/1839, page 2v

Beckford, Simon, to Matiana Beckford, residence Fort William, Westmoreland, 9/14/1839, page 2v

Bedford, Thomas, to Elizabeth Stewart, residence Blue Castle, Westmoreland, 5/16/1839, page 2v

Blake, William, to Maria Lewis, residence Blackheath, Westmoreland, 4/19/1839, page 2v

Booth, John, to Margaret Gauld, residence Shrewsbury, Westmoreland, 5/22/1840, page 2v

Daily, Thomas, to Helenor Daly, residence Blue Castle and Hillsbrook, Westmoreland, 7/8/1840, page 2v

Gordon, Robert, to Elizabeth Oughton, residence Blue Castle, Westmoreland, 7/30/1840, page 2v

Grant, Richard, to Susan Coates, residence Blue Castle, Westmoreland, 7/13/1839, page 2v

Humphrey, Thomas, to Helen Gauld, residence New Galloway, Westmoreland, 5/22/1840, page 2v

Lewis, Friendship, to Evelina Wedderburn, residence Friendship and Greenwich, Westmoreland, 8/3/1840, page 2v

Paton, James, to Paulina Paton, residence Blue Castle, Westmoreland, 7/13/1839, page 2v

Patterson, Alexander, to Margaret Foster, residence Maxfield?, Westmoreland, 10/28/1839, page 2v

Robertson, Benjamin, to Miss Hostlin, residence Friendship and Greenwich, Westmoreland, 10/11/1839, page 2v

Silent, Robert, to Polly Shark, residence Westmoreland, 7/13/1839, page 2v

Vassell, _____, to Jane Vassell, residence Friendship and Greenwich, Westmoreland, 2/9/1840, page 2v

       Sworn to by James Niven before Alexander Naser 11/8/1840.   Words counted by William Allan.

       Copy of Register of Marriages celebrated by William Niven Presbyterian Missionary at Sterling (formerly Morgan's Bridge) parish of Westmoreland, 59/10/1840

Anderson, William, to Jane Myrie, residence Mount Eagle Estate, 5/14/1835, page 3

Atkins, Thomas, to Catharine Scott, residence Glasgow, 6/2/1838, page 3

Bird, Thomas, to Mary Spense, residence Grange Hill, 10/4/1838, page 3

Bowen, William Arnold, to Mary Vaz Duglass, residence Morgan's Bridge, 2/23/1839, page 3

Boyd, John, to Christian Brown, residence Bath Mountain, 4/17/1840, page 3v

Boyne, Alexander, to Frances Woolery, residence Truro, 10/18/1838, page 3

Brown, George, to Catharine Cox, residence Geneva and Mount Eagle, 1/28/1837, page 3

Brown, Thomas, to Mary Molton, residence Mount Eagle , 8/17/1839, page 3

Bucknor, John, to Amelia Atkinson, residence Pell River, 7/24/1840, page 3v

Buddle, Valentine, to Isabella Williams, residence Grange Estate, 7/24/1840, page 3v

Campbell, Alexander Thomas, to Marlie Williams, residence Flower Hill, 6/29/1839, page 3

Campbell, Daniel, to Eliza Campbell, residence Orange Bay, Hanover, 5/13/1839, page 3

Clark, Myrie, to Elizabeth Campbell, residence Pell River Estate 4/19/1835, page 3

Cox, John, to Eliza Beckford, residence Mount Eagle, 1/12/1839, page 3

Cox?, Andrew, to Henny White, residence Mount Eagle, 12/22/1838, page 3

Dalop or Dulop?, Daniel, to Maria Dalop or Dulop?, residence Mount Eagle, 12/29/1838, page 3

Dalrimple, John, to Isabella More, residence Glasgow, 12/8/1838, page 3

Davies, William, to Susan Cameron, residence Pell River, Hanover, 9/14/1839, page 3

Dulop, John, to Ann Brown, residence Mount Eagle, 2/1/1840, page 3v

Dulop, Robert, to Eliza Lawrence, residence Mount Eagle, 3/28/1839, page 3

Fan, Henry, to Elizabeth Grant, residence Blackness, 5/15/1836, page 3

Forbes, Thomas, to Catherine Thomas, residence Mount Eagle, 3/16/1839, page 3

Fraser, Duncan, to Sarah Markison?, residence Kilmaster?, 8/10/1839, page 3

Fyfe, Henry, to Elizabeth Drummond, residence Geneva , 6/21/1838, page 3

Goodin, Nicholas, to Ann Campbell, residence Mount Eagle, 6/22/1839, page 3

Gooden, James, to Catherine Cox, residence Mount Eagle, 4/6/1839, page 3

Gordon, Robert, to Ann Gordon, residence Glasgow, 8/18/1838, page 3

Graham, Robert, to Elizabeth Samuels, residence Flower Hill, 1/3/1837, page 3

Grant, James, to Nancy Dulop, residence Mount Eagle, 1/26/1839, page 3

Griffiths, James, to Jane Fyfe, residence Mount Eagle, 10/27/1838, page 3

Hawk, Robert, to Elizabeth King, residence Grange Hill, 6/1/1839, page 3

Hering, Thomas, to Jessy Williams, residence Glasgow, 8/24/1839, page 3

Hill, Robert, to the Jane Dixon?, residence Mount Eagle, 11/3/1838, page 3

Hunter, David, to Rachel Grant, residence Green Island, 9/14/1839, page 3

James, Robert, to Susan Thompson, residence Geneva, 7/25/1840, page 3v

Jeffrey, William, to Sarah Crooks, residence Spring, Hanover, 5/13/1839, page 3

Johnson, Patrick, to Rebecca Grant, residence Blackness, 6/29/1839, page 3

Lawrence, Joseph, to Isabella Campbell, residence Caldwell Hanover, 1/26/1839, page 3

Maritie?, James, to Eliza Wallace, residence Glasgow, 3/2/1839, page 3

Maxwell, George, to Rebecca Fraser, residence Glasgow, 8/17/1839, page 3

McLean, Alexander, to Sarah Millar, residence Glasgow, 8/12/1837, page 3

Monro, John, to Eliza Carr, residence Spring, 1/26/1839, page 3

Murray, Henry, to Elizabeth Williams, residence Geneva, 12/15/1838, page 3

Murray, William Lewis, to Jane Fyfe, residence Mount Eagle 8/2/1838, page 3

Myrie, Alexander, to Al_isa Ricketts, residence Truro and Walbro, 10/18/1838, page 3

Nelson, David, to Grace Chambers, residence Mount Eagle, 8/29/1837, page 3

Nilson, Robert, to Catharine Fan [or Fun?], residence Mount Eagle, 12/21/1839, page 3

Nilson, Thomas, to Maria Williams, residence Mount Eagle, 7/21/838, page 3

Ricketts, William, to Ann Williams, residence Flower Hill, and 9/12/1835, page 3

Robertson, Benjamin Joseph, to Catharine Bantine, residence Mount Eagle Estate, 4/18/1835, page 3

Samuels, Edward, to Eliza Samuels, residence Blackness, 6/1/1839, page 3

Samuels, James, to Frances Samuels, residence Orange Bay Hanover, 5/13/1839, page 3

Senior, David, to Ann Reid, residence Prospect, 6/29/1839, page 3

Spence, Robert, to Margaret Lewis, residence Mount Eagle, 2/9/1839, page 3

Webster, Charles, to Eliza Philp, residence Mount Eagle, 8/3/1839, page 3

Wedderburn, James, to Lucretia Johnson, residence Black Heath , 12/20/1839, page 3

Wedderburn, Thomas, to Rachel Gordon, residence Black Heath, 12/20/1839, page 3

Wilson, Robert, to Catherine Goodin, residence Geneva, 4/7/1839, page 3

Woolery, Robert, to Jane Dixon, residence Truro and Fools Rock, 6/12/1840, page 3v

       Sworn to by William Niven 9/8/1840, before Alexander Naser.  Words counted by William Allan.

       Copy of Register of Marriages celebrated by James Niven Presbyterian Minister Cross Paths, Westmoreland, filed 9/10/1840.

Attic, George, to Janat? Cunar, residence Great Valley, Hanover, 3/2/1839, page 3v

Bolsel, Robert, to Jane Pope, residence Flower Hill, Hanover, 1/21/1838, page 3v

Brisset, Cameron, to Margaret Brisset, residence Great Valley, Hanover, 6/22/1838, page 3v

Chalmer, William, to Susan Nicholson, residence Woodville, Hanover, 6/22/1838, page 3v

Clark, William, to Frances Chalmer, residence Cascade, Hanover, 6/22/1838, page 3v

Daly, William, to Mary Scott, residence Wordville, Hanover, 1/21/1838, page 3v

Davis, Webb, to Sarah Paterson, residence Great Valley, Hanover, 2/17/1839, page 3v

England, John, to Jean Brisset residence Great Valley, Hanover, 6/22/1838, page 3v

Grant, John, to Frances Brisset, residence Flower Hill, Hanover, 12/9/1837, page 3v

Henry, William Henry, to Johannah Daly, residence Woodville, Hanover, 1837, page 3v

Hill, Thomas, to Frances Thomas, residence Pulls' brook, Hanover, 8/4/1839, page 3v

Hogg, Samuel, to Rosy McKenzie, residence  P__tum? Westmoreland, 4/18/1839, page 3v

Kelly, George, to Lydia McKenzie, residence Great Valley, Hanover, 6/22/1838, page 3v

Kelly, James, to Margery Ramsay, residence Great Valley, Hanover, 4/4/1838, page 3v

Malcolm, George, to Kitty Williams, residence Prospect, Westmoreland, 6/22/1838, page 3v

McKenzie, Robert, to Margaret Foster, residence Wordville, Hanover, 6/22/1838, page 3v

Pennycock, Robert Thompson, to Sarah McKenzie, Great Valley and Flower Hill, Hanover, 6/22/1838, page 3v

Pennycock, Robert, to Mary Pennycock, residence Flower Hill, Hanover, 4/4/1838, page 3v

Riddock, Lewis, to Lidian Samuels, residence Grange, Westmoreland, 12/9/1837, page 3v

Samuels, Charles, to Mary Ann Lewis, residence Flower Hill, Hanover, 6/22/1838, page 3v

Spence, Abraham, to Diana Samuels, residence Betsy Mount, Hanover, 6/22/1838, page 3v

Spence, Daniel, to Lea McKatty, residence Great Valley, Hanover, 12/24/1837, page 3v

Stars?, Joseph, to Diana Graham , residence Flower Hill, Hanover, 3/20/1839, page 3v

Thelwell, David, to Eliza Daly, residence Woodville Retreat, Hanover, 12/24/1837, page 3v

Thompson, William, to Elizabeth Pennycock, residence Flower Hill, Hanover, 6/22/1838, page 3v

Walker, John, to Polly or Elizabeth Brown, residence Pontepack?, Hanover, 3/29/1839, page 3v

Wylie, George, to Margaret Campbell, residence Retreat, Hanover, 1/21/1838, page 3v

       Sworn to by James Niven 9/8/1840, before Alexander Naser.  Words counted by William Allan.

       Copy of Register of Marriages at Presbyterian Chapel Lucea, Hanover, 9/7/1840.  The following is an exact copy of the Marriage Register kept by the Reverend James Watson Presbyterian minister at Lucea prior to the passing of the Dissenter Marriage Bill to be returned into office for Registration.

Adamson, William and Mary and Gilzin 4/19/1840, page 5v

Allen, William and Eliza Glen 7/12/1838, page 4v

Allen, William and Whilemina Younger 12/24/1839 page 5v

Anderson, Andrew and Mary Furze 3/22/1839, page 5

Anderson, James and Ann White 12/25/1837, page 4

Anderson, James and Ann White, 1/28/1838, page 4

Anderson, James and Susan Campbell 7/27/1839, page 5

Anderson, John and Bunchey Clerk 4/13/1839, page 5

Anglin, Philip and Frances Miller 11/25/1837, page 4

Barclay, James and Charlotte Lipscombe 10/29/1838, page 4v

Barry, Joe and Eliza Williams 12/25/1839, page 5v

Beckford, Peter and Mary Wright 1/12/1835, page 4

Benham, George and Eliza Brach 12/29/1839, page 5v

Benhorn, William and Liddy Top 7/12/1838, page 4v

Black, Peter and Susan Wait 8/2/1839, page 5

Blyth, Robert and Peggy Allan 8/31/1839, page 5

Brebner, David and Mary Malcolm 7/2/1839, page 5

Brisset, Samuel and Susan Stevenson 12/27/1838, page 4v

Brissett, Joseph and Eleanor Brissett 11/25/1837, page 4

Britton, William and Catherine Harding, 6/22/1839, page 5

Broomfoot, John and Elvena Campbell 11/30/1838, page 4v

Brown, John and Catherine McDonald 8/14/1838, page 4v

Brown, Thomas and Kitty Malcolm 9/28/1839, page 5

Brown, Thomas and Passey Haughton, 4/14/1838, page 4

Brown, William and Catherine Blackwood 10/30/1838, page 4v

Buchanan, Patric and Frances Hill 6/4/1839, page 5

Campbell, Collin and Elizabeth Quarry 6/15/1839, page 5

Campbell, Collin and Judy Parker 11/24/1837, page 4

Campbell, Dugald and Mary Nicholson 12/5/1838, page 4v

Campbell, Francis and Lara Hill 8/9/1838, page 4v

Campbell, Frederic and Ellina Campbell 12/14/1839, page 5

Campbell, George and Margaret Campbell 12/15/1839, page 5

Campbell, James and Catherine Gray 12/15/1839, page 5

Campbell, Neil and Maria Renison 10/30/1838, page 4v

Campbell, Peter and Roslinda Campbell 5/4/1839, page 5

Campbell, Sandy and Diana Clark 8/13/1839, page 5

Campbell, Sandy and Nacy Blackgrove 12/22/1838, page 4v

Campbell, William and Letetia Gardner 10/17/1838, page 4v

Canis?, Samuel and Rebecca Masters, 11/6/1838, page 4v

Chalmers, William and Sarah Malcolm 12/22/1838, page 4v

Chisholm, James and Margaret Thompson 8/31/1839, page 5

Chisholm, James and Selina Jones, 1/28/1838, page 4

Clark, Benjamin and Maria Reid 1/20/1835, page 4

Clark, James and Sara Clark 8/2/1839, page 5

Clark, Samuel and Catherine James 11/15/1838, page 4v

Connell, George and Compass Grey 3/8/1840, page 5v

Croll, Archbald and Dorothy Oaks 12/23/1839, page 5v

Crooks, Alexander and Harriet Fraser 11/24/1837, page 4

Crooks, Edward and Margaret Forrester 9/28/1839, page 5

Crooks, John and Julia Dun 6/14/1839, page 5

Crooks, Samuel and Amanda Miller 7/2/1839, page 5

Crooks, Samuel and Caroline Crooks 3/3/1839, page 5

Dale, John Manderson and Mary Reid 10/28/1839, page 5

Davies, John and Ann Benhorn 6/10/1838, page 4v

Davis, John, and Ann Benham (or Barham), 5/1/1838, page 4

Dehaney, Isaac and Angelina McIntosh 5/10/1859, page 5

Dickson, Archbald and Amelia Dickson, 3/16/1839, page 5

Dickson, William and Rosanna Stirling 12/9/1838, page 4v

Dixon, Robert and Anni Dixon 3/22/1839, page 5

Donaldson, Edward and Abegail Gordon 3/11/1839, page 5

Duglass, William and Julian Allen 9/28/1839, page 5

Edwards, John and Olivia Reid, 9/27/1832, page 4

Edwards, Joseph and Rebecca James 7/27/1839, page 5

England, William and Amanda Gilpin 12/22/1838, page 4v

Ferguson, John and Maria Crooks 6/5/1838, page 4v

Fletcher, William and Frances Bowen 12/20/1839 page 5v

Forrester, James and Mary Brisset Campbell 11/10/1834, page 4

Furze, William and Eliza Atcheson 12/29/1839, page 5v

Gardner, Samuel and Emily Johnston 9/2/1837, page 4

Glen, Thomas and Frances Fraser 1/10/1839, page 5

Godfrey, William and Augustus Murray 8/1/1838, page 4v

Gordon, Edward and Sarah Williams, 4/18/1839, page 5

Grant, Thomas and Eliza Mourner, 11/22/1833, page 4

Griffith, William and Rachel James 1/10/1839, page 5

Hall, Edward and Pali__ Houghton, 12/25/1837, page 4

Hall, William and Margaret Nugent, 10/9/1832, page 4

Hamilton, Thomas and Mary An Levi 1/1/1840, page 5v

Hardy, John and Susan Grey 8/1/1838, page 4v

Hawkins, James and Ann Robertson 12/9/1837, page 4

Henderson, James and Susan Campbell 8/2/1839, page 5

Henley, Robert and Anni Dick 12/24/1839, page 5v

Hibbert, James and Catherine Pattison, 3/23/1838, page 4

Hibbert, Patric and Margaret Gordon 3/28/1838, page 4

Hibbert, Robert and Julian Hibbert 12/27/1838, page 4v

Hibbert, William and Eliza Stewart 12/27/1838, page 4v

Hill, Andrew and Isabella Hill 7/27/1838, page 4v

Hill, Thomas and Ellen Samuells 3/22/1839, page 5

Hill, Thomas S. and Margret Nilson, 8/19/1837, page 4

Hopkins, Henry and Eliza Davis 6/4/1839, page 5

Hurch, Simon and Amelia Hibbat 8/2/1839, page 5

James, John Rough and Mary Brown 11/6/1838, page 4v

James, Phillip and Elizabeth Brown 12/26/1839, page 5v

James, Thomas and Frances Malcolm 9/8/1839, page 5

Jeffrey, James and Sarah Spai__ng, 6/6/1839, page 5

Johnston, Alexander and Susan James 2/2/1840, page 5v

Johnston, Isaac and Jane Johnston 10/6/1838, page 4v

Keller, David and Letitia Smith 12/27/1838, page 4v

Kelly, Thomas and Ellena Haughton 12/26/1839 page 5v

Kerr, John and Catherine James, 12/9/1837, page 4

Kerr, Sam and Peggy Chambers 6/15/1839, page 5

Kerr, Samuel and Mary An Beckford 7/27/1839, page 5

Kid, Thomas and Mary An Shaw 7/1/1839, page 5

Kirkaldy, James and Amelia James 7/27/1838, page 4v

Lasly, William and Rebecca Campbell 12/26/1838, page 4v

Laurence, Joseph and Rosannah Brisset, 4/4/1834, page 4

Lawrence, George and Rebecca Dias 1/20/1838, page 4

Lewis, George and Venus Buchanan, 8/14/1838, page 4v

Liddy, Patric and Ellen McGuire 4/1/1838, page 4

Lipscombe, James, and Mary Lipscombe, 5/17/1834, page 4

MacCallum, Aron?, and Susanna Garrison, 11/10/1831, page 4

Malcolm, Alexander and Margaret Casely 3/7/1840, page 5v

Malcolm, Dugald Reblin and Mary Davis 12/24/1839 page 5v

Malcolm, George and Inez Campbell 7/5/1837, page 4

Malcolm, Zachary and Annit Patterson, 10/4/1834, page 4

Martin, Grant and Jane Samuells 9/8/1838, page 4v

Martin, John and Frances Patteson 11/6/1838, page 4v

Martin, John and Mary Davis 12/10/1834, page 4

Masters, Alexander and M. Chambers 12/24/1839 page 5v

Mathews, Richard and Jane Keats 3/29/1839, page 5

McCarter, James and Rebecca Spence, 9/20/1834, page 4

McFarlane, Samuel, and Ann Dickson 5/19/1838, page 4v

McIntire, Araby and Aly Campbell 8/13/1839, page 5

McIntire, Araby?, and Polly Atkinson 1/15/1838, page 4

McKenzie, Henry and Amelia Hibbert 12/27/1838, page 4v

McKenzie, John and Julia Brisset 12/27/1838, page 4v

McKenzie, Sam and Olivia Brissett, 12/27/1838, page 4v

McKisser, John and Pinky Hibbert 7/2/1839, page 5

McNichol, Edward and Julian Campbell, 6/30/1837, page 4

McPherson, Angus and Diana Bailey 2/16/1840, page 5v

McPherson, Angus, and Diana Malcolm, 5/17/1834, page 4

Miller, George and Cecillia Brisset 8/2/1839, page 5

Miller, George and Mary Rachel 5/12/1838, page 4v

Miller, Thomas and Isabella Malcolm 4/14/1838, page 4

Morrison, Sandy and Christian McKenzie 8/2/1839, page 5

Mudie, William and Mary Brown 3/16/1838, page 5

Muir, Samuel and Elizabeth Sinclair 8/13/1839, page 5

Murray, David and Mary Ann Dixon, 9/4/1834, page 4

Owen, Charles and Margaret Campbell, 7/14/1834, page 4

Owen, Lewis and Mary Francis 7/12/1838, page 4v

Paterson, Thomas and Margret James 3/16/1839, page 5

Patterkin, William and____ Clerk, 11/4/1837, page 4

Pattison, Richard and Mary Ann Ferguson 5/12/1838, page 4v

Pearce, Robert and Catherine H. Crooks 10/5/1838, page 4v

Pullar, David and Bessy Edwards 1/13/1838, page 4

Rankin, James and Lara Crooks 7/29/1837, page 4

Reed, Robert and Catherine Simpson 6/28/1839, page 5

Reid, John and Frances Wilson 4/5/1840, page 5v

Reid, Richard and Phillis Netteker, 3/18/1834, page 4

Reid, Samuel and Evilina Chisholm 5/3/1840, page 5v

Riley, John and Maria Riley 8/4/1838, page 4v

Robertson, Richard Casely and Elizabeth Austin Morris 1/2/1840, page 5v

Robinson, John and Isabella Douglass 12/22/1838, page 4v

Rowden, Peter and Margaret Campbell 11/6/1834, page 4

Ruthen, Dugald and Isabella Cathnec 10/29/1838, page 4v

Samuells, James and Sara Thompson 9/8/1838, page 4v

Samuels, John and Mary An Gordon 3/22/1839, page 5

Sandilands, Samuel and Isabella Wilson 7/2/1839, page 5

Scarlett, William and Elizabeth Brown 10/29/1838, page 4v

Scott, Archbald, and Rebecca Allen 9/7/1839, page 5

Shakespear, James and Rosetta Wilson 8/14/1839, page 5

Simpson, John and Diana Shaw 11/30/1838, page 4v

Smith, John and Eliza McKenzie 3/23/1838, page 4

Smith, John and Jane Allen 12/25/1839, page 5v

Smith, William and Mary An Malcolm 6/16/1839, page 5

Spence, Charles and Mary Ann Kerr 11/9/1838, page 4v

Spence, James, and Mary Hall 12/25/1838, page 4v

Spence, Patric and Jane Lipscombe 2/5/1838, page 4

Stewart, Alex and Isabella Reid 3/3/1839, page 5

Stewart, Alex and Rebecca Houghton Brown 11/22/1839, page 5

Stewart, James and Frances Brown 12/24/1839, page 5v

Thelwell, Thomas and Frances Mais 8/23/1835, page 4

Tomlinson, James and Margaret Carr 12/22/1838, page 4v

Walker, Frances and Margaret Melnell?, 7/13/1838, page 4v

Walker, Sandy and Pinky Walker 10/30/1838, page 4v

White, James and Betsy Morris 7/5/1838, page 4v

White, William and Jane White, 6/28/1834, page 4

Williams, John and Catherine Smith 12/25/1838, page 4v

Williams, Robert and Jane Brissett, 12/27/1838, page 4v

Wright, Thomas and Rossana Williams 12/22/1838, page 4v

      Sworn to by James Watson, September 1840, before John Campbell.

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