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b= born
bap= baptism
bu= buried
dtr= daughter
F= father
m= married
M= mother
P= parents
reg= registered
res= residence
U= unmarried

DATE FORMAT:  Month/ day/ year

FORMAT of Anglican Parish Register and Dissenter Marriage Register sources, example:  B0042 [see Bibliography for title], VII [Volume number], p. 34 [page number],  #230 [number of item for year in original Parish Register, when present]

FORMAT of Civil Registration sources, example BC1912 [see Bibliography for title], #F91 [Registration number]


Aguilar, Anne Marie, aged 4 years, resident Trinity, Buried 7/4/1861 in the church yard in Westmoreland by Henry Clarke.  B0022, V, p. 302 #94

Allen, Catherine, infant aged 7 days, d 12/30/1886 at Walbrun, Gayle district, St. Mary. M= Rhoda Hudson, laborer.  Reg by Thomas Benjamin Allen, occupier, 1/3/1887.  BC1912, #F91

Allen, Mary Ann, washerwoman, had a son William Alexander  b 7/1/1890 at York, Bethel Town district, Westmoreland.  Reg by Margaret A. Martin, present at birth, res Bethel Town.  BC3233, #LI649.

Asher, John, carpenter, bu 9/11/1767 in St. Mary.  B0084, I, p. 121

Asher, John, millwright, married to Ann Malone, spinster, 6/21/1755 in St. Mary.  B0084, I, p. 105

Atkinson, Richard, bap 1841 in St. Andrew, an African laborer.  B0002, V, p. 381


Banner, Dorcas, laborer, had a son Reginald, b 3/23/1899 at Thom's River, St. Mary.  Reg 4/20/1899 in Scotts Hall by Sarah White present at birth.  BC1871, #FS219

Bartiboe, Joseph, free brown, bu 4/20/1810 in St. Catherine.  Cause:  dropsy.  B0080, II, p. 383

Black, Louisa, seamstress, had a son Egbert Hypatia 6/14/1902 in Portland.  Reg 7/5/1902 by Samuel Atwell Perkins, occupier.  BC1587, #DA5947

Brett, Charles Richard, b 9/4/1761, bap 10/18/1761 in Kingston.  P= Curtis & Ann Brett.  B0061, I, p. 155

Brett, Charles Richard, infant, bu 12/7/1761 in the Anglican church yard, Kingston.  B0089, I, p. 386

Brett, Curtis, printer of St. Catherine, m Ann Gaylard, widow of Kingston, 6/2/1759 in Kingston. B0061, I, p. 78

Brett, John, bu 2/19/1728 in St. Andrew. (In the Kingston register).  B0089, I, p. 45

Brett, Sarah, a Negro woman, bu 11/11/1786 in Spring Path, Kingston.  B0089, I, p. 92

Brett, Susannah, b 3/30/1797, bap 5/5/1800 in St. Andrew.  F= Walter Brett.  M= Grace Bristow (U).  B0083, I, p. 143

Brett, Thomas, bu 10/17/1767 in Spring Path, Kingston, by the Parish.  B0089, I, p. 432

Brett, Thomas, bu 3/31/1727 in Kingston.  B0089, I, p. 39

Briggs, Martha, housekeeper (domestic), had a son Arthur George 9/21/1905 at 59 West St., Kingston.  Registered 10/21/1905 by Pansy Briggs, present at birth, resident 59 West St.  BC1231. #189

Briggs, Martha, house-keeper, (domestic), had twin daughters, Enid  Augusta and Doris Hyacinth 10/2/1911 at 54 Charles St., Kingston.  Registered 11/1/1911 by Veta Davis, present at birth resident 54 Charles St. BC1236, #1916

Britt, James, bu 6/14/1717 in St. Andrew.  B0083, I, p. 277

Britt, John, bu 2/19/1728 in St. Andrew, B0083, I, p. 281

Britt, Mary, bap 6/14/1717 in St. Andrew.  P= James & Elizabeth Britt.  B0083, I, p. 51

Brown, Elizabeth Francis, b 7/29/1844, bap 1/19/1845 in St. James by J. McIntyre.  P= John Francis Brown, gentleman, and his wife Elizabeth.  Res Montego Bay.  B0049, X, p. 219

Brown, Elizabeth, b 11/16/1853, bap 7/30/1854 in St. James.  P= Alex Brown, laborer,  and his wife Nancy.  Res Dundee.  B0042, VII, p. 31

Brown, Elizabeth, b 8/4/1850, bap 11/26/1854 in St. James.  P= J. W. A. Brown, laborer, and his wife Mary.  Res Mafoota.  B0042, VII, p. 34 #230

Brown, Elizabeth, b 9/9/1841, bap 5/15/1842 in St. James.  P= George Brown, carpenter,  and Emily his wife.  Res Hermitage.  B0026, VII, p. 456 #88

Burke, Beatrice, laborer, had a dtr. Daisy Valeria 2/8/1904 at Moreland, Westmoreland.  M reg at St. Pauls 2/25/1904 by X.  Res Moreland.  BC3278, #3565

Burkett, Sarah, laborer, had a son William Alexander 12/15/1917 in Woolcock Mountain, Westmoreland.  Reg 2/6/1918 by Louisa Woolcock present at birth.  BC3346, #LK4554

Burkett, William, fisherman, bachelor aged about 80 years, d 9/23/1914 in Brighton, Westmoreland. Cause: consumption. Reg 9/24/1914 by his granddaughter Jane Burkett. BC3506 #LE4082

Burte, Lilla Mahala, b 11/2/1891 at Sav-la-Mar, Westmoreland.  P= Peter Wright Burte, tailor, and his wife Helen Caroline nee Jones. Res Sav-la-Mar.  Father reg 1/4/1892.  BC3249, #LA1144


Calver, Robert, from Green Island, bu 10/18/1799 in the church yard in Hanover.  B0054, I, p. 98

Calvert, Ann, bu 10/28/1856 in the Anglican church yard, St. James.  Age unknown, res Montego Bay.  B0022, V, p. 235 #116.

Calvert, Charlotte, b 7/11/1845 in St. James.  P= Edward Calvert, saddler, and his wife Jane nee Duncan.  Reg by father by X 12/27/1845, James Gray registrar.  B0019, III, p. 14 #751

Calvert, Edward, b 5/26/1852 in St. James.  P= Patrick Calvert, carpenter, and his wife Mary nee Cross.  Res Montego Bay.  Reg by father 5/29/1852.  B0047, IV, p. 97 #2419

Calvert, Edward, saddler, bu 6/28/1825 in St. James.  B0055, II, p. 403

Calvert, Edwin, infant, bu 2/13/1855 in the church yard in St. James by J. L. Ramson.  Res Montego Bay.  B0013, III, p. 362 #10

Calvert, Elizabeth Heron, b 3/6/1837, bap 10/22/1837 in St. James.  F= Robert Calvert, carpenter.  M= Frances Hall (U).  Res Church Street. B0055, II, p. 230 #162

Calvert, Euphemia, b 9/12/1850 in St. James.  P= Patrick Calvert, carpenter,  & his wife Mary nee Cross. Reg by father 10/2/1850.  B0047, IV, p. 75 #2394

Calvert, George, apprentice printer, bu 6/20/1825 in St. James.  B0055, II, p. 405

Calvert, George, white by law, b 10/15/1811, bap  6/19/1813 in St. James.  B0055, II, p. 27

Calvert, Henry, white by law, b 8/18/1809, bap 6/19/1813 in St. James.  B0055, II, p. 27

Calvert, Margaret, aged 3 months 3 days, bu 4/18/1867 in the burial ground in St. James by D. R. Morris.  Res Montego Bay.  B0021, VII, p. 141 #21

Calvert, Mary Thomas, b 12/24/1784, bap 2/14/1786 in Hanover.  P= John Calvert and his wife Elizabeth.  B0054, I, p. 66

Calvert, Nathaniel, aged 6 years, bu 12/3/1863 in the burial ground in St. James by D. R. Morais.  Res Montego Bay.  B0022, V, p. 59 #111

Calvert, Rebecca, b 1/15/1837, bap 1/2/1842 in St. James.  F= Frederick Calvert, carpenter.  M= Frances Darby (U).  Res Montego Bay.  B0026, VII, p. 451 #6

Calvert, Robert, merchant, m Sarah Rankin, widow, 1/2/1807 in St. Catherine.  Both of Kingston.  B0080, II, p. 187

Calvert, Sarah Elizabeth, b 6/30/1836, bap 7/17/1838 in St. James.  F= Robert Calvert, carpenter.  M= Margaret Gow (U).  Res Montego Bay.  B0055, II, p. 243 #114

Calvert, Sarah J., a brown child, bu 6/18/1816 in N. Ground, Kingston.  B0089, II, p. 398

Calvert, Sarah, white by law, b 12/17/1816, bap 3/24/1818 in St. James.  B0055, II, p. 172

Calvert, Stephen, bachelor, m Frances Browne, spinster, 3/9/1851 in St. James by H. Prichard, after banns.  Both of Hanover.  B0013, III, p. 256 #12

Calvert, Thomas, b 4/27/1841, bap 1/2/1841 in St. James.  F= Frederick Calvert, carpenter.  M= Frances Darby (U).  Res  Montego Bay.  B0026, VII, p. 451

Calvert, William, bap 7/30/1837 in St. James.  F= James Calvert, apprentice.  B0055, II, p. 226

Calvert, William, m Catherine Dawes 9/24/1833 in St. James, after banns.  Both St. James.  B0016, I, p. 262 #27

Clarke, Joseph, m Ann Browne in Hanover 12/24/1845 after banns, by H. G. Lawson, curate.  Both resident Hanover.  B0012, III, p. 121

Clarke, Thomas, m Isabella Dahll 4/29/1851 in Port Royal by J. Richards after license.  Both of Port Royal.  B0085, II, p. 239

Conner, Diana, aged 75 years, bu 5/18/1857 at Hibernia, Manchester by H. C. McDermot assistant curate.  Res Hebernia.  B0022, V, p. 251 #30

Connor, Bryant, aged 22 years, bu 10/22/1866 in Devon, Manchester by Phillip Levy.  Res Devon.  B0022, VI, p. 306

Connor, Bryant, laborer aged 82 years, bu 9/12/1860 at Green Vale, Manchester by Philip Levy, teacher.  Res Green Vale.  B0022, V, p. 366 #31

Connor, Eleanor, aged 95 years, bu 3/22/1856 in the Mandeville Anglican churchyard, Manchester.  Res Mandeville.  B0027, IV, p. 408 #2

Connor, Maria, bap May 1847 in Manchester.  Res Chippenham.  B0046, XI, p. 118

Connor, Rodney, aged 80 years, bu 12/4/1860 at Hibernia, Manchester by Edward COley, beadle.  Res Hibernia.  B0022, p. 367 #48

Coy, Thomas, aged 2 years, bap 12/27/1837 in Trelawny by H. G. Lawson stipendiary curate.  Res Pantrepant.  B0006, I, p. 238

Coy, Thomas, overseer Long Pond Estate, aged 39 years, bu 11/7/1840 in Swanswick church yard, Trelawny by Joseph Williams.  B0024, II, p. 391

Craine, ___, bu 10/1/1787 in Spring Path, Kingston, by the parish.  B0089, II, p. 8

Craine, Joseph, bu 8/30/1786 in the Anglican church yard, Kingston.  B0089, II, p. 90

Crook, Richard m Venus Ann Reddie 12/18/1879 in Holy Trinity church, Hanover, by C. Henderson Davis, after banns.  Bachelor & spinster both laborers.  Witness:  Alex Williams.  B0052, IV, p. 132

Cumming, Alexander, m Patience Masters 10/5/1849 after banns, by J. Stainsby rector.  Both resident Hanover.  B0048, II, p. 308 #16

Cumming, Beatrice, laborer, spinster aged about 26 years, d 12/24/1887 at Long Road, St. Mary.  BC1912, #FG96

Cumming, John, unmarried tailor aged about 50 years, d 1/23/1882 in the Alms House, Port Maria, St. Mary.  Cause:  pneumonia 14 days.  Reg by Jane Stephens, present at death, res Alms House.  BC1906, p. 45 #B86

Cumming, Margaret A., infant aged 14 years, d 12/15/1881 at Flemington, St. Mary.  Cause: vomiting 3 days.  M= Mary Howe, laborer.  Reg by F. B. Fairweather, present at death, 12/30/1881.  BC1906, p. 22, #C46

Cumming, Michael Glention, aged 7 months, d 11/1/1873 at 101 Matthews Lane, Kingston, bu 11/2/1873. B0023, I, p. 378

Cumming, Robert, married man, laborer aged 60 years, d 1/11/1892 at Enfield, St. Mary.  Cause:  Valvular heart disease certified by Lawson Gifford.  Reg 1/13/1892 by son William Cumming present at death, res Enfield.  BC1914, #FG307


Davis, Sarah, washerwoman, had a son Reginald Alexander b 5/15/1899 in St. Ann's Bay, St. Ann.  Reg 5/18 by Jane Brown present at birth, res St. Ann's Bay.  BC1337, #GA4128

Deal, Isabella, bap 4/3/1842 in Port Royal Town, Port Royal by . F. Hall.  M= Ann Robertson.  B0085, II, p. 123 #38

Dean, Alphonso James, bap 10/2/1856 in Port Royal by T. B. Turner.  P= Henry Dean, C. Sergt. Major 1st West India Regiment, and his wife Elvira.  Res Garrison.B0035, IX, p. 228 #54

Dean, Catherine, bu 7/7/1796 in Palisades, Port Royal.  B0085, I, p. 192

Dean, John, bu 4/3/1786 in Palisades, Port Royal, by James Dean.  B0085, I, p. 183

Dean, Joseph, bu 1/23/1780 at Green Bay, Port Royal, by John Robinson.  B0085, I, p. 177

Dean, Thomas m Susannah Kane 12/11/1824 in Port Royal after banns were published in mountain chapel.  Free persons.  B0085, I, p. 131

Deriozzis, Frances, milliner, had a son Reginald, b 6/6/1899 at Orange River, St. Mary.  Reg in Richmond by A. N. (or A. W.) Coy, occupier.  BC1870, #FC2599

Dillon, Elizabeth, b 1/1/1870 at Belvedere, complexion brown, bap 12/31/1874 in Westmoreland by J. D. Ellis.  P= Joseph Dillon, laborer,  and his wife Sarah.  Res Belvedere. B0017, IV, p. 289 #87

Dillon, George Alexander, black complexion, b 11/4/1873 at Three Hills, bap 12/12/1875 in St. Mary by F. H. Sharpe.  M= Mary Ann Kidson (U).  Res Three Hills.  B0017, IV, p. 359 #17

Dillon, George, bachelor, carpenter, aged 27, res Mason Hall, St. Mary, son of Patrick Dillon, m 12/27/1900 to Catherine White, spinster, laborer, aged 20, res Mason Hall, dtr of William White.  Witnesses Alfred White & Sarah McFarlane.  BC1958, #101

Downswell, Alexander, m Ann Lumbly 3/3/1870 in S.t John's Chapel, Westmoreland, after banns by Wittred H. Ingle.  Both of Westmoreland.  B0116, VII, p. 294

Duhll [or Dahll?], Isidore, b 5/2/1845, bap 3/1/1846 in Port Royal.  P= James Duhl, carpenter,  and his wife Thisby.  Res Port Royal. B0085, II, p. 151 #8


Ellis, James Glanville Bracy, bap 8/24/1834 in Manchester.  F= Robert Ellis.  M= Anne Glanville (U).  Res Rose's Valley.  B0059, I, p. 281 #46.


Fairweather,  Isabella Ambrozine, infant aged 11 months, d 2/16/1890 at Albany, St. Mary.  Cause:  whooping cough 3 weeks.  Mother, Louisa Valentine, seamstress, reg 2/22/1890 by X.  BC1913, #FQ129

Fairweather, Albertha, infant aged 9 months d 7/18/1894 at Richmond, St. Mary.  Cause:  fever 3 weeks.  M= Cecilia Fairweather, laborer.  Reg 7/21/1894 by Samuel Johnson, occupier.  BC1914, #GF307

Fairweather, Alexander, planter aged 42 years, d 7/16/1888 at Pimento Hill, St. Mary.  Cause:  fever 3 months.  Reg by Isabella Edwards present at death, res Pimento Hill.  BC1912, #B451

Fairweather, Angelina, infant aged 11 years, d 5/24/1888 at Richmond, St. Mary.  F= George Hudson Fairweather, planter.  Reg by John Francis, grandfather.  BC1912, #C254

Fairweather, Catherine, unmarried Seamstress aged about 30 years.  Cause: solo dei drowning, not of sound mind.  Reg by Maria Altrie, cousin, res Robin's Bay, by X.  BC1906, p. 183 #A433

Fairweather, Cecilia, widow of Edward Fairweather laborer, d 1/4/1884 at Richmond Land, St. Mary of old age. Reg 1/5/1884 by son William Fairweather.  BC1911, #FC43

Fairweather, Eleanor, widow fo Alexander Fairweather, aged 76 years, d 11/15/1887 at Morningsight, St. Mary.  Cause:  age & general weakness.  BC1912, #A314

Fairweather, Elizabeth, laborer, spinster aged 35 years, d 11/14/1890 at Crescent, St. Mary. Cause: severe cold head and chest. Reg at Crescent 11/22/1890 by Zachariah Williams.  BC1913, #FB789  

Fairweather, Elizabeth, married woman aged 50 d 10/2/1893 at Richmond, St. Mary.  Res Richmond.  H= William Fairweather laborer.  Reg 11/27/1893 by son Solomon Fairweather by X.  BC1914, #FC816

Fairweather, Helen, aged 79, married laborer, d 10/2/1879 at Flemington, St. Mary.  Cause: fever and old age 12 months.  Reg 10/15/1879 by Colin F. Stuart present at death res Flemington.  BC1906, #C254

Fairweather, Herbert, infant aged 7 months, d 12/28/1892 in Port Maria, St. Mary.  Cause:  fever 3 weeks.  F= Levi Fairweather, mason.  M= Jane E. his wife, reg 1/20/1893.  BC1914, #FB1083.

Fairweather, Hilda Maud, infant aged 2 years, d 1/14/1 892 in Annotto Bay, St. Mary.  F= Alexander Fairweather, laborer.  Reg by Lilly Isabella Fairweather present at death.  BC1914, #FA987

Fairweather, James, aged 3 years, d 12/20/1887 at North River, St. Mary.  M= Emily Dilworth, laborer.  BC1912, #FH81

Fairweather, James, aged 40 years, laborer, d 6/20/1889 in Mount Regale, St. Mary.  Wife Sarah Fairweather reg by X 7/14/1889.  BC1912, #FH131

Fairweather, Jane, spinster aged 43 years, laborer, d 12/31/1890 at Alexander, St. Mary.  Cause:  fever and diarrhea.  Reg by John Fairweather 1/5/1891 who had the body buried.  BC1913, #FH184

Fairweather, John, infant aged 11 months, d 12/1/188 at Georges Hope, St. Mary.  Cause:  dropsy 3 months.  M= Susan Bernard, laborer.  BC1912, #FE95

Fairweather, John, widower aged 78 years, architect, d 12/23/1883 at Flemmington, St. Mary.  Cause:  paralysis 2 days.  Reg 12/26/1883 by son Foster Barclay Fairweather.  BC1911, #FC39

Fairweather, Martha, infant aged 5 days, d 5/15/1891 at Alexander, St. Mary.  Cause:  fits 3 days.  Reg 5/20/1891 by father John Fairweather, planter, present at death.  BC1913, #FH205

Fairweather, Martha, infant aged 9 months, d 6/20/1884 at Mount Regale, St. Mary.  Res Mount Regale.  Cause:  fever 3 weeks.  Reg 7/10/1884 by father John Fairweather, planter.  BC1911, #FH24

Fairweather, Mary, d 6/23/1884 at Mount Regale, St. Mary.  Res Mount Regale.  Cause:  fever 3 weeks.  Reg 7/10/1884 by John Fairweather, planter, father.  BC1911, #FH25

Fairweather, Robert, planter, bachelor aged 33, d 4/2/1882 at Aleppo, St. Mary.  Cause:  rheumatism 3 years.  Reg by brother Charles Fairweather 4/8/1882, res Aleppo.  BC1906, #C106

Fairweather, William Obadia, infant aged 3 years, d 4/10/1879 at Annotto Bay, St. Mary.  Cause:  low fever 10 days.  Father A. H. Fairweather, merchant, and Sr. Thomas Clarke reg 4/21/1879.  BC1906, #A269

Fairweather, William, aged 85 years, married laborer, d 8/1/1889 at Mount Regale, St. Mary.  His son John Fairweather present at death, res in Mt. Regale, reg 8/25/1889.  BC1912 #FH136

Fairweather, William, m Catherine Wauchope 1/1/1849 in Hanover after banns, by J. W. Winkler curate.  Both res Hanover.  B0048, II, p. 308  #1

Fairweather, William, planter, bachelor aged 26 years, d 6/2/1883 at Industry, St. Mary.  Cause: dropsy 6 months.  Reg 6/9/1883 by Samuel Gillies occupier Industry.  BC1906, #C82

Forbes, William, m Jane Gifford 9/22/1842 in Westmoreland by Daniel Osborn after banns.  Both of Westmoreland.  B0012, IV, p. 300


Galbraith, Harmon, Esq. of St. Mary, m Ann Anderton Hill of St. Catherine, spinster, by license 11/25/1799 in St. Catherine.  B0080, II, p. 182.

Galbraith, James Henry, m Sarah Grove Brown by license 5/1/1815 in St. Catherine.  Both res St. Catherine.  B0080, II, p. 375

Galbraith, William, a white person, bu 7/22/1823 in St. Catherine.  B0080, II, p. 453

Gifford, Benjamin m Jane Robertson 2/13/1841 in Westmoreland after banns.  Both of Westmoreland.  B0012, III, p. 374

Gifford, Charles Milward, free quadroon child, bu 6/16/1811 in St. James.  B0055, II, p. 350

Gifford, Eliza, b 7/4/1844, bap 4/17/1845 in St. James.  F= Alexander Gifford, Carpenter.  M= Susan Walker (U).  Res Montego Bay.  B0049, X, p. 221

Gifford, Eliza, child of color, bap 4/9/1806 in Westmoreland.  B0003, I, p. 142

Gifford, Millward, m Israel L. Lewin 8/24/1829 in St. James by license.  Both of St. James.  B0016, I, p. 256

Gifford, Millward, planter, bu 3/3/1812 in St. James.  B0055, II, p. 353

Gifford, William, m Jane Lenin 12/11/1841 in Westmoreland after banns.  Both of Westmoreland.  B0012, IV, p. 290 #193

Gilmour, Hugh, private 91st Regiment, m Elizabeth Pollock widow of 91st Regiment 11/2/1827 in Trelawny by Bryme Wm. Fraser, rector, with the sanction of the Commanding Officer.  B0016, I, p. 144

Gilmour, Mary, white, bap 10/18/1829 in Trelawny, by W. Fraser, rector.  P= Hugh & Elizabeth Gilmour, 91st Regiment.  B0004, I, p. 139 #81

Glanville, Ann Elizabeth, bap July 1868 in Manchester.  P= William Glanville and his wife Ann.  Res Fairview.  B0044, XVII, p. 168
Glanville, Catherine Maria, bap in Manchester in 1870.  P= William Glanville & his wife Ann.  B0018, XX, p. 149

Glanville, William S., aged 3 months, res and bu Hearty Good, Manchester,  7/9/1864 by Samuel Morgan.  B0022, V, p. 164 #45

Glanville, William Samuel, b 4/8/1864, bap 7/8/1864 in Manchester by John S. Wood.  Res Hearty Good.  B0044, XVI, p. 187.

Gordon, Ann, b 2/9/1890 at Ferris, Westmoreland.  P= Charles Gordon, laborer and his wife Martha nee Gallimore.  Father reg by X.  BC3233, #LF883

Gordon, Mary Louisa, b 10/23/1890 at Logwood Pen, Westmoreland.  P= Charles Gordon, storeman, and his wife Gertrude nee Myrie.  Father reg by X 11/3/1890.  BC3214, #LA904

Gray, Eliza, widow of James Gray, laborer, aged 80 years, d 5/23/1923 at Bunker's Hill, Trelawny. Cause: back pains and vomiting. Reg 5/27/1923 by Mary Jane Gray, dtr present at death, by X.  BC4401, #OF2453


Hackett, Benjamin, aged 56 years, seaman, son of Benjamin Philip Hackett, m Sarah Ann Webb, aged 48, laborer. dtr of Robert Webb, 12/17/1899 in Falmouth Trelawny by J. W. Grant.  Bachelor/spinster, res Falmouth, both signed by X.  BC4065, #59

Hall, Alexander of St. Ann m Mary Alexander of St. Ann 12/4/1836 in St. Ann after banns.  B0005, I, p. 399

Hall, Henry, m Mary Ann Goodwin 3/1/1866 in Metcalf by Lechmere Ellis island curate after banns.  Both res Metcalf.  B0051, VIII, p. 120

Hall, James, m Catherine Ashmel 9/2/1838 in St. Ann after banns.  Both res St. Ann.  B0005, I, p. 446

Haughton, William, fisherman res Hopewell m Susan Maria Sangster 12/27/1871 in the Gurney Mount Baptist Chapel, Hanover, by Caleb E. Randall, after banns.  Bachelor and spinster of full age. Witnesses:  William Johnson and Frances Garrison.  B0117, XVI, p. 288

Hayles, Frederick Hugh, brown complexion, b 3/3/1875, bap 10/31/1875 in Clarendon by B. Bowens. F= James E. Hayles, carpenter.  M= Amelia Lewin (U).  Res Hayes.  B0017, p. 86 #86

Hibbert, Alice Milford, b 2/13/1879 in Caledonia, Manchester.  P= James L. Hibbert and his wife Ann nee Morrison.  Registered by father, a coffee dealer, in Mandeville 2/21/1879.  Res Caledonia.  BC2619, #125

Hibbert, James Emanuel, b 4/8/1858, bap 7/2/1858 in Manchester.  F= Joseph Hibbert, laborer.  M= Louisa McPherson (U).  Res Blue Mountain.  B0035 X, p. 218 #517

Hibbert, James Obadiah, b 9/1/1859, bap 12/7/1860 in Manchester by G. A. Addison.  F= James Hibbert, laborer.  M= Ann Morrison (U).  Res Georges Valley.  B0031, XIII, p. 160 #740

Hibbert, James Samuel Roberts, black,  b 11/27/1871 at Mile Gully, bap 1/5/1872 in Manchester. Res Mile Gully.  F= James Hibbert, planter.  M= Princess Williams (U).   B0011, II, p. 5 #13

Hibbert, James, b 12/16/1853, bap 4/3/1857 in Manchester.  Res Mile Gully.  B0035, IX, p. 372 #263

Hibbert, James, b 8/1/1849, bap 8/1/1850 in Manchester.  M= Elizabeth James, laborer (U), res Patience Hall.  B0013, III, p. 119 #282

Hudson, Charlotte, aged 3 months, bap 4/23/1837 in St. Mary.  P= James Hudson and Letitia his wife.  Res Hopewell.  B0084, I, p. 174

Hudson, John, b 5/24/1838, bap 8/5/1838 in St. Mary by J. W. Archer.  P= James Hudson and Letitia his [blank].  B0084, I, p. 198

Humphreys, ___, bap 4/3/1822 in St. George.  P= Richard Humphreys and his wife Eliza Jane.  B0077, I, p. 49

Humphreys, Amelia, bap 7/23/1837 in St. George.  Illegitimate.  B0077, I, p. 60

Humphreys, Edward Green, b 10/10/1822, bap 1/6/1823 in St. George.  P= Richard Humphreys and his wife Eliza Jane.  B0077, I, p. 43

Humphreys, John of Y.C., m Jane Redings 1/1/1817 in St. George, by consent of commanding officer.  B0077, I, p. 105

Humphreys, Richard, b March 1847, bap 6/13.1847 in St. George by Charles T. May rector.  Res Chepstow. B0046, XI, p. 351

Humphreys, Richard, white, aged 33 years, bu 10/20/1827 in St. George by Revd. Colin Donaldson.  Res Shady Grove.  B0024, I, p. 245 #7

Humphries, Even Hugs, white infant, bap 6/15/1828 in St. George.  P= Richard and Eliz. Humphrys.  Res Shady Grove.  B0004, I, p. 267

Humphries, Richard, mariner of Kingston, m Sarah Pigrim, spinster of St. Andrew, 4/14/1776 in St. Andrew.  B0083, I, p. 219

Humphries, Robert, bap 4/7/1771 in St. Mary.  P= Robert Humphries and his wife Mary.  B0084, I, p. 13

Humphrys, William, bap Kingston 1826.  F= William Humphrys.  M= Elizabeth Dixon (U).  B0004, I, p. 16

Hunt, Henry William, b 8/29/1844, bap 9/22/1844 in Port Royal by V. Maclaverty assistant curate.  F= Henry William Hunt.  M= Ann Kemp Roberts (U).  Res Port Royal.  B0085, II, p. 139 and B0038, I, 109.


Jackson, Thomas, b 3/16/1852, bap 11/5/1854 in Manchester by E. Barrow.  Res Warwick.  B0001, VIII, p. 43 #374

James, Elizabeth, b 7/26/1754, bap 3/28/1755, died 3/29/1755, bu 3/29/1755 in Hanover by Ed Lewis, rector.  P= William James, gentleman, and his wife Elizabeth.  B0054, I, p. 12

James, Elizabeth, widow, bu 5/27/1759 in Hanover.  B0054, I, p. 19

James, Montague, not white, m Elizabeth Banton Lynch 3/27/1794 in St. Elizabeth by license.  Both St. Elizabeth.  B0037, I, p. 305

James, Richard Bucknor, b 3/19/1752, bap 4/24/1752 in Hanover.  P= William James, gentleman, and Elizabeth his wife.  B0054, I, p. 6

James, William Rhodes, m Eleanor Taylor, spinster, 7/13/1808 in St. Elizabeth by license.  Both white by law.  B0037, I, p. 312

James, William, Esq., bu 11/15/1756 in Hanover.  B0054, I, p. 15


Kane, Matilda, b 12/28/1833, bap 5/4/1834 in Trelawny by W. Fraser rector.  F= Robert Kane, carpenter.  M= Ann Joseph (U).  Res Falmouth. B0004, II, p. 125 #21

Kaylet, Charlotte, a free Negro woman, bu 12/22/1781 in Kingston.  B0089, II, p. 57

Kaylet, Edward, mariner, bu 9/3/1794 in Spring Path, Kingston, by the parish.  B0089, II, p. 166

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