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PORT ROYAL Parish Register Extracts


These extracts are from the following registers:

Parish Register Transcripts 1725-1835 for the Parish of Port Royal

Parish Register Transcripts (all Parishes) Baptisms 1826-1834

Parish Register Transcripts (misc. Parishes) Marriages 1826-1839

These extracts are not comprehensive.


fa. father, mo. mother, b. born, bap. baptised, d. died or buried, bur. buried, Esqre Esquire, Honble Honorable, n.s. negro slave, v. volume, fol. folio or page, fr. br. free brown


The old parish of "Port Royal" was absorbed by Kingston and the eastern part of the parish of "St Andrew".

Comments in italics are deduced from other information.

The order of entries is approximately the order in which they appear in the register.

An entry with the mother's surname means the parents were unmarried.

I have tried to distinguish birth dates from baptism dates, if unsure I write b.

Occupation 'apprentice' means ex-slave.

My phrase '24 years free negro' is short for 'a free negro aged about 24 years' and similar entries.

Collated by David Alan Paterson

Port Royal Baptisms

William Page HALL bap. 2 May 1728 fa. George HALL mo. Elizabeth

Jonathan HALL bap. 23 Jul 1734 fa. Jonathan HALL mo. Dinah

later children William bap. 13 May 1736, Hannah

Rosanna HALL negro

Catherine GREENFIELD bap. 1 Jan 1760 fa. John GREENFIELD mo. Hannah HALL negro

Elizabeth JACKSON bap. 18 May 1760 fa. John JACKSON mo. Hannah

Nathaniel Coverly JACKSON b. 15 Dec 1762 bap. 25 Jan 1763 fa. John JACKSON mo. Hannah

Christian HALL b. 10 Apr 1763 bap. 22 May 1763 fa. William HALL mo. Sarah CLARKE

Mary HALL b. 17 Aug 1765 bap. 7 Nov 1765 fa. William HALL mo. Sarah CLARKE

Ann HALL b. 29 Oct 1770 bap. 18 Feb 1771 fa. Trevor HALL mo. Ann GIBBONS free mulatto

Susannah HALL b. 9 Dec 1770 fa. Jonathan HALL mo Elizabeth SPENCER free mulatto

Samuel HALL b. 7 Aug 1764 fa. Jonathan HALL mo Elizabeth SPENCER free mulatto

Sarah JACKSON Volume 1 fol. 32 (fol. 14 is 1762)

Mary JACKSON Volume 1 fol 35 (fol. 40 is 1792)

LOWE bap. 1787

ROWE bap. 1788

John HALL bap. 1791 mo. Mary HALL free negro

Charlotte JACKSON b. 26 Jun 1792 fa. James JACKSON mo. Isabella

1792 to 1794 fa. William PATTERSON

1792 to 1794 fa. William LOWE mo. Mary

John Mark LOWE bap. 25 Mar 1794

James McCOWAN bap. 2 Dec 1794 fa. James McCOWAN mo. Mary

1796 fa. James McGOWAN

Jannet PATTERSON b. 29 Oct 1795 bap. 26 may 1798 fa. William PATTERSON mo. Mary Patterson POWELL 27 years mulatto, later child Mary bap. 1799

William HALL bap. 13 Oct 1798 fa. Thomas HALL royal artillery mo. Elizabeth

Ann Mitchell bap. 23 Dec 1798 property of Mrs S JACKSON

later slaves Maria ROBERTSON and one other

Margaret PATERSON 13 years, Rebecca PATERSON 5 years, Sarah PATERSON 4 months bap 12 Jan 1799 fa. William PATERSON mo. Sarah ROBERTS coloured

John Tyrrek Mackenlark COOK a mulatto child son of John COOK by Delia THOMPSON b. Oct 28 1800 bap. 23 Nov 1800

John Cook SIMMONS a sambo child son of Christo SIMMONS by Maria FISHLEY b. 29 Oct 1800 bap. 23 Nov 1800

Aldegunda HALL bap. 20 Sep 1800 fa. William HALL mo. Mary SILBURN

Jas (i.e. James) Bryan HALL bap. 21 Sep (or Nov) 1800 fa. Bryan HALL mo. Theresa SILBURN

bap. 18 Nov 1800 Joseph SANCHES a quadroon son of Moses SANCHES and Elizth DAVIS aged 18 years

bap. 24 Nov 1800 Rachiel DAVID daughter of Jacob DAVID by Ann DAVID a free quadroon b. 8 May 1784

bap. 24 Nov 1800 Frances HARRIS a mustee child daughter of Lieut John HARRIS of the Navy by the above Rachiel David b. 19 Oct 2000

bap. 24 Nov 1800 Matilda Milward BOLT a black child slave to Thos Milward BOLT

bap. 30 Nov 1800 Mary Redish STUART daughter of Anthy STUART by Sarah SPRAGGS a free quadroon born 1? in??

bap. 30 Nov 1800 Mary Barrow MITCHELL a free mulatto woman aged 23 years

bap. 30 Nov 1800 Sam HEMING a mulatto child son of Capt Richd HAMILTON royal artillery by a black woman named Phillis a slave

bap. 16 Dec 1800 Elizabeth Ann Slaughter of John HAYES and Charlotte CUNNINGHAM b. 12 Oct 1800

bap. 16 Dec 1800 Sarah COOK a black aged 40 years

bap. 17 Dec 1800 Mary Wick HARRIS a black child daughter of Richd HARRIS and Mary Ann MAY b. 31 Jan 1800

bap. 21 Dec 1800 George Lockman PRAWL a quadroon son of Henry PRAWL and Rachel EZEKEIL b. 25 Jan 1800

bap. 21 Dec 1800 Rachel EZEKEIL a mulatto daughter of Joseph EZEKEIL and Phillis EZEKEIL a black woman b. 23 Aug 1771

bap. 21 Dec 1800 Diana Campbell BARTON a black slave b. 10 Jun 1774

bap. 24 Dec 1800 James ROBERTSON mulatto son of James Joseph ROBERTSON and Mary HASHLY b. 22 Sep 1795

bap. 24 Dec 1800 Mary Willis ROBUSON daughter of James Joseph ROBUSON and Mary HASHLY b. 9 Dec 1798

bap. 25 Dec 1800 Lydia LAWES negress 60 years

bap. 25 Dec 1800 Joseph Andrew CLARK son of Daniel CLARK and Elizabeth WADE b. 29 Dec 1798

bap. 25 Dec 1800 Henry Robert CLARK son of Daniel CLARK and Elizabeth WADE b. 27 Nov 1800

bap. 25 Dec 1800 Rachel THOMAS mulatto daughter of Jacob MUSQUITO and Rosa THOMAS b. 17 Sep 1779

bap. 25 Dec 1800 Sarah THOMAS mulatto daughter of Jacob MUSQUITO and Rosa THOMAS b. 10 Nov 1783

bap. 25 Dec 1800 Catherine Richardson DAUNT negress daughter of Gorper and Present DAUNT 33 years 4 months

bap. 25 Dec 1800 Any Ron (or Row) Richardson DAUNT negress daughter of John BAYLEY and Catherine Richardson DAUNT 12 years

Mary Ann HALL bap. 16 Mar 1801 fa. Thomas HALL royal artillery mo. Elizabeth

Ann JACKSON b. 31 Jan 1802 fa. Thomas JACKSON mo. Fanny black

1802 to 1805 fa. William PATTERSON mo Elizabeth GORDON

James Wm HALL b. 16 Dec 1805 fa. Charles HALL mo. Sarah VASHON

Richard Chapel HALL b. 17 Jan ? bap. 1808 fa. John HALL mo. coloured

Dorothy Rawleigh HALL b. 7 May 1810 bap. after 4 Oct 1811 (parents not listed)

3 ARBOUIN children bap. after 4 Oct 1811

James William HALL b. 7 May 1812 fa. James HALL royal artillery mo. Mary

bap. 1819 slave of Thomas JACKSON

bap. 2 Jan 1820 9 slaves of John Rawleigh JACKSON

bap. 1820 slave of James McKOWEN

William Samuel JACKSON b. 13 Dec 1821 bap. 30 Dec 1821 fa. Robert JACKSON gunner royal artillery mo. Mary

Elizabeth Frances Margaret JACKSON b. 3 Jan 1823 bap. 15 Feb 1824 fa. Honble John Rawleigh JACKSON mo. Elizabeth Walker JACKSON

The following 6 entries are from a separate slave register which starts Apr 1823

bap. 25 Dec 1824 slaves of Hopewell, including 3 BROOMFIELD

bap. 22 Feb 1824 8 slaves of the Honble J R JACKSON

bap. 7 Mar 1824 1 slave of the Honble J R JACKSON

bap. 15 Feb 1824 2 slaves of the Honble J R JACKSON

bap. 2 May 1824 10 slaves of Mahogany Vale

bap. 29? Jan 1825 3 slaves of Mount Faraway

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a white child bap. 1826 fa. George TIN mo. Eleanor HALL

George SCHROAETER bap.1826 to 1832

Mary Ann Helen JACKSON white bap. 18 Apr 1832 fa. Campbell Robert JACKSON of Mahogany Vale mo. Mary Ann his wife, minister T.B. Turner of Kingston

Thomas Green WADE bap. 1834 fa. Charles WADE

Penelope JACKSON bap. 1834

Isabella JACKSON bap. 1834

Samuel JACKSON bap. 8 Dec 1835 fa. Robert Jackson mo. Mary Ann his wife, apprentices of Chester Vale

Margaret Q RAWLEIGH bap. 19 Apr 1835 fa. Robert RAWLEIGH apprentice of Industry mo. Susan his wife

bap. 1835 fa. William BLACKWOOD mo. Ann HALL

1835 mo. Helen MINOT

1835 fa. John C CAMPBELL

Henry JACKSON bap. 1835

1835 fa. Thomas JACKSON (possibly father of Samuel)

Corneter JACKSON bap. 1835

1835 fa. James JACKSON (possibly father of Corneter)

James HALL infant bap. 10 Apr 1836 fa. Richard HALL of Mount Faraway mo. Eliza his wife

James Robert JACKSON infant bap. 12 Jun 1836 fa. Robert JACKSON of Beleiveue? mo. Elizabeth ? his wife

1836-7 MIGNOT

8 Jan 1837 Thomas JACKSON fa. Archibald JACKSON of Mahogany Vale mo. Elizabeth

1837 Frances JACKSON

fa. George HALL

fa. Thomas TATE, later John and Maria TAIT in 1839

fa. Edward McGOWAN

fa. William HALL mo. Harriet

fa. Robert HALL mo. Jane

1838 fa. Alexander HALL mo. Elizabeth

Richard HALL 29 Jul 1838 fa. Richard HALL labourer of Mt Faraway mo. Eliza

1838 fa. Simon HALL

Robert JACKSON infant bap. 1838 fa. Robert JACKSON labourer of Reverence mo. Jane

fa. John JACKSON mo. Elizabeth

fa. George HALL mo. Catherine

Edward HALL infant bap. 1839 fa. Edward HALL of Mt Faraway mo. Lucretia

1839 fa. Thomas ARBOUIN, later Charles ARBOUIN

Bryan HALL infant bap. 1839 fa. Alexander HALL labourer of Mt Faraway mo. Elizabeth

1840 fa. William HALL mo. Mary

1840 fa. James HALL mo. Penelope

1840 fa. John SILBURN mo. Olive

Diana HALL infant bap. 1840 fa. Richard HALL of Mt Faraway mo. Eliza

1840 fa. Siman HALL mo. Rachel

1840 Robert JACKSON mo. Mary Ann

1840 fa. John HALL of Chester Vale mo. Amelia

1840 to 1846 CAMPBELL, EDWARDS

1840 fa. George HALL of Windsor Lodge mo. Mary

1841 fa. Henry HALL of Windsor Lodge mo. Catherine

1841 fa. Charles Frederick HALL of the Rectory mo. Clara Elizabeth, later child 1846

1842 fa. Edward McGOWAN mo. Susan, later child 1846

1842 fa. John TAIT mo. Maria


1843 fa. Thomas JACKSON of Windsor Lodge mo. Mary

1843 fa. Robert McGOWAN of Mocho and Catherine, later Edward McGOWAN

1844 fa. James HALL of Clifton mo. Penelope, later child 1845

1844 fa. George HALL of Windsor Lodge mo. Mary

1844 fa. James TAIT (of Mt Charles mo. Flora)

1844-5 STRUPAR

1845 Amelia HALL

1846 fa. William Paterson mo. Constance



1850 fa. James DAVIS mo. Mary Ann

1850-1 LEE, CARR

1851 fa. Alexander HALL mo Elizabeth of Mt Faraway

Robert JACKSON b. 6 May 1852 bap. 25 Dec 1852 fa. Robert JACKSON of Mt Faraway mo. Georgina


Elizabeth Lopez WADE bap. 1853 mo. Mary Ann JACKSON

Sarah JACKSON b. 8 Jul 1854 bap. 10 Dec 1854 fa. Robert JACKSON of Halls Delight mo. Georgina

Sylibell Augusta COLTHIRST b. 8 Oct 1855 bap. 6 Dec 1855 fa. Charles Forbes COLTHIRST clerk HM dockyard mo. Olivia his wife

Rosanna JACKSON b. 30 Aug 1854 bap. 30 Dec 1855 fa. Rawleigh JACKSON of Windsor Forest and Clementia his wife

1855-6 SMELLIE

The following entries are from the baptism index rather than main register, dates come from possible matches to the main register

William P HALL v.1 fol.1 (1728)

Elizabeth A HALL v.1 fol.2

Jonathan HALL v.1 fol.3 (1734)

William HALL v.1 fol.4

Hannah HALL v.1 fol.5

Christian HALL v.1 fol.14 (1763)

Ann Gibbons HALL v.1 fol.27

Mary HALL v.1 fol.34

Richard HALL v.1 fol.38

William HALL v.1 fol.47 (1798)

Diana HALL v.1 fol.5?

Aldegunda HALL v.1 fol.52 (1800)

Mary Ann HALL v.1 fol.54 (1801)

James William HALL v.1 fol.63 (1805)

Richard HALL v.1 fol.67 (1808)

Johanna HALL v.1 fol.67

Dorothy R HALL v.1 fol.71 (7 May 1810)

James W HALL v.1 fol.73 (1812)

Venus G HUGHES v.1 fol.99

Judith HUGHES v.1 fol.100

Samuel HALL v.1 fol.295 (1835)

? Hannah HALL v.2 fol.5

James HALL v.2 fol.11 (1836)

Ebeneza HALL v.2 fol.11

George HALL v.2 fol.16

Port Royal Marriages

1728 Jonathan HALL

1728-35 George HALL

1729 Sarah HALL

6 Feb 1737 Christian BOOM mariner and Dorothy HARRISON widow both of this parish (my ancestors)

15 May 1737 Thomas GREEN mariner and Mary SMITH widow both of Kingston

16 May 1737 John HILL surgeon and Sarah BROWN spinster both of this parish

19 May 1737 James COLLINS mariner and Elizabeth STAPLEFORD spinster both of this parish

7 Jul 1737 Edward GARY mariner and Mary POTTER widow

9 Jul 1737 Peter ORMSBY of Kingston gentleman and Mary GRIFFIN of Kingston spinster

28 Jul 1737 Jasper Anthony BUTT (or BUTE) bookkeeper and Elizabeth BRIGHT widow, both of Kingston

31 Oct 1737 William PRESTUN? (PRUTEON?) mariner and Jane STAPLETON spinster both of this parish

14 Feb 1741 Colonel John BARTON and Martha NUN

20 Feb 1741 Lawrence POPPLESON and Eliz. REDWARD

7 May 1741 Jabez BARTON and Mary O'BRIEN

30 May 1741 Alexander SUTHERLAN and Mary LEWIS

20 Jun 1741 Mail V??Y and Cath. D??ICKSON

27 Jun 1741 Charles SMITH and Agnes HALL

24 Jun 1741 Edward STEVENS and Mary DAMS

11 Jul 1741 Edward MORGAN and Sarah LEFEVER

18 Jul 1741 Thomas PARKER and Mary GRIFTH?

7 Sep 1741 John GIBBINS and Eliza COVERLEY

14 Sep 1741 James RAMADGE and Frances DRUDGE

28 Sep 1741 Robert CHARRAS and Hannah BROWN

10 Oct 1741 Daniel CARRAS and Jane MACHEY

25 Nov 1741 George HALL and Sarah HERRIOT

12 Dec 1741 Thos PEKES and Mary DEWRY

9 Feb 1742 Thos SHAW and Esther DODSON

25 Nov 1742 Edward GLASSE and Moyce DEAH

9 Dec 1742 David HAMILTON and Anne SAUNDERS

24 Mar 1743 James BLINKSON and Eliza GYLEBY

22 Apr 1743 John M NEAL and Catherine ROSS

3 May 1743 John BUYEP? (BENGESS?) and Mary HIGGS

25 May 1743 John SAUNDERS and Elizabeth CLARKE

8 Jun 1743 Edward BUTTLER and Frances LEDGWICK

25 Jun 1743 William DOCKLER and Grace HATCH

10 Jul 1743 Jonathan POTTER and Mary (torn original)

14 Aug 1743 Thos FA?S and Margaret SWINY?

14 Aug 1743 William LESSLIC and Mary BROWN

18 Aug 1743 Benjamin WOOLY and Mary PENNY

16 Aug 1743 Jacob SUSSON (or SERFRON) and Veronica TEMPLESEOW (TEMPLESTOW?)

2 Oct 1743 Edwd BROTHWICK and Mariane? ELLIS

1746 Ann HALL

10 Sep 1756 Thomas MITCHELL shipwright and Phillis WALDEN both of this parish

19 Oct 1756 John WILLIAMS of St Thomas in the East and Christiana KITRON spinster

7 Nov 1756 James DARGANT and Grace HEVERLIN spinster

28 Nov 1756 George EDWARDS blacksmith of Port Royal and Ann NELSON widow

16 Jan 1757 Joseph HIGGINS of Port Royal mariner and Miriam BROTHUICK widow

10 Aug 1757 William BESWAEICK? (BERWUICK?) blacksmith and Mary CULY spinster both of this parish

23 Oct 1757 William GRIFFIN mariner and Margaret GOULDRON spinster both of this parish

25 Dec 1757 Thomas LEGALLE mariner and Sarah LOWTHER spinster both of this parish

25 Feb 1758 James STEWART shipwright and Mary VIZER widow both of this parish

(25 Feb 1758)? James GOULDSON shipwright and Elizabeth BARNETT spinster both of this parish

22 Dec 1758 John HALL tavern keeper of Kingston and Allehonda BOOM spinster of Port Royal (date out of order so may be 1757)

14 May 1758 Alexander DUCKET mariner and Mary RYAN widow both of this parish

18 Jun 1758 Hector RON mariner and Susannah CHERRY spinster both of Kingston

5 Aug 1758 Robert BROWN shipwright and Elizabeth PARKER widow both of this parish

26 Aug 1758 Charles HALL merchant and Ann Pickering BICKERSTAFFE spinster of Kingston

5 Sep 1758 John SCOTT Clerk Rector of Port Royal and Elizabeth DEAL of the same parish spinster

20 Oct 1758 John HALL tavern keeper of Port Royal and Mary DAVIS widow of Port Royal

21 Nov 1758 William GREENS of Port Royal mariner and Elizabeth Amaritta LEAVINS of Kingston spinster

19 Nov 1758 Andrew MATTHEWS of Kingston gentleman and Mary Flemming of Port Royal spinster

7 Apr 1759 John CULLENAN shipwright and Ann WELCH spinster both of this parish

12 Apr 1759 Robert SEAL mariner and Arabella ARMSTRONG widow both of Kingston

22 Apr 1759 William MANSBOROUGH gentleman and Martha DIRKINGTON widow of St Catherines

5 May 1759 John JACKSON surgeon of HMS Marlborough and Hannah COVERLEY of Port Royal spinster

26 Sep 1759 Richard CRADOCK lawyer and Milborough CARGILL widow both of St Catherine

23 Feb 1760 John MACOMB (M may be N or W) shipwright and Elizabeth GRAHAM spinster both of this parish

1 Mar 1760 William PALMER shipwright and Elizabeth BLAY spinster both of this parish

5 Mar 1760 William YOUNG mariner and Jane GIBBONS spinster both of this parish

16 Mar 1760 Peter GRAHAM gentleman and Ann PAYNE widow of Kingston

1763 William JACKSON surgeon

1808 Charles ARBOUIN gentleman of Kingston and Catharine Susanna DAVIS

1810 David EDWARDS

1814 Charles JACKSON

1826-30 George JACKSON

1826-30 Eliza HALL

11 Oct 1830 Campbell Robert JACKSON bachelor of Mahogany Vale and Mary Ann FRAZER spinster of Chatsworth

25 Nov 1832 James McFADYEN bachelor and Margaret McGOWAN spinster, both of this parish

1834 Mary HALL

1834 Robert HALL

1834 Catherine JACKSON

1835 Jacob JACKSON

1835 Richard MIGNOT

1835 Frazer JACKSON and Catherine JACKSON

1835 Thomas JACKSON and Mary Ann JACKSON

1835 Ann HALL

1835 James TAIT

1835 John JACKSON and Julian JACKSON

1835 Jane HALL

1835 Nancy HALL

1835 Albert HALL

1835 Charles JACKSON and Ellen JACKSON

1835 Emily JACKSON

1836 John JACKSON

1836 A JACKSON woman

1836 Thomas JACKSON and Mary PINNOCK of Windsor Lodge

1837 Frances JACKSON

1837 Bryan HALL and Elizabeth CLARKE

1837 Sarah HALL

1837 William HALL

1837 William JACKSON

1838 Samuel HALL

1838 Thomas HALL

1838 Peter HALL

1838 Susanah HALL

1838 David LOWE

1838 Frances JACKSON of Windsor Lodge

1838 Lucretia HALL

25 Nov 1838 Massis? HALL and Susanah PARKSON (of Mahogany Vale)

9? Dec 1838 Richard JACKSON of Mahogany Vale and Eliza HALL of Ayton

16? Dec 1838 Hibbert JACKSON of Mahogany Vale and Grace CAMPBELL

25 Dec 1838 Andrew JACKSON of Mahogany Vale and Grace CAMPBELL (Charles Frederick HALL rector)

Dec 1838 Benjamin MIGNOT

30 Jan 1839 John HALL and Catherine C McGOWAN

1839 Charles ARBOUIN of Essex

1839 George HALL

28 ? Dec 1839 Henry HALL of Windsor Lodge and Catherine Edwards

1839-40 TAIT

8 Mar 1840 William CAMPBELL of Mt Faraway and Rosannah HALL

1840 Ann HALL

1840 Charles JACKSON

13 Dec 1840 Smart JACKSON and Jane SYLVESTER (of Mahogany Vale)

1841 Peter HALL

1841 Calais McGOWAN

1843 Jane JACKSON

1844 Cecilia HALL

1850 John JACKSON

20 Dec 1851 Roberth JACKSON and Georgiana HALL

1854 mo. Eliza HALL

1856 mo. Eliza HALL

1857 mo. Margaret HALL

1857 fa. John JONES mo. Jane ROWLEY

Port Royal Burials

10 Jun 1731 Elizabeth Ann HALL

1731 Elizabeth HALL

1732 Stephen HALE?

16 Jul 1734 "The Rebellious Negros"

1734 a soldier "of the Independent Company Commanded by Captn Harris"

12 Oct 1737 William HALL fa. Jonathan HALL mo. Dinah

1741 Mary EDWARDS

1747 Lucy EDWARDS

1747 Mathew PATTERSON and other PATTERSON in 1754

1748 Henry EDWARDS and other EDWARDS later

30 Sep 1753 Richard JACKSON by John JACKSON

1753 to 1755 WADE

22 Aug 1755 Catherine VIGEY by Ann BOOM

18 Aug 1757 Peter BROMFIELD by Robert JACKSON

8 Jul 1759 John HALL by Mary HALL

12 Jul 1762 Hannah ALWOOD by Joan HARPER

29 Oct 1762 Jonathan HALL by Diana HALL

6 Apr 1763 Nathaniel JACKSON by Mr (or Wm) JACKSON

1765 Kitty DOWNEY

1765 John TAIT

6 Mar 1772 Jonathan HALL by Dinah HALL

7 Dec 1780 Sarah HALL by Ann NESBIT

25 Jun 1795 Neil CAMPBELL


1798 James JACKSON

1803 Christian BURN 70 year black

Plenty of BRISCOE

1805 Charles HALL 17 year midshipman

14 Dec 1811 Sarah R JACKSON 57 year inhabitant

20 Apr 1812 Elizabeth JACKSON 39 year wife of T or J JACKSON

21 Jul 1824 William Rawleigh JACKSON 4 year son of Honble J R JACKSON

2 Mar 1825 Mrs B JACKSON wife of ? royal artillery

6 Aug 1825 John HALL surgeon of HMS Lively

5 Oct 1825 James JACKSON seaman

1825 James HALL gunner

1826 Eleanor HALL

1827 Mary Ann JACKSON white of Drummond Castle

1828 Richard HALL 37 years mulatto

17 May 1832 Mary A H JACKSON white infant of Mahogany Vale

1835 William CLEMENTS

1837 John JACKSON 9 days

1841 Francis Henry JACKSON 59 years

29 Sep 1847 Ann SEBBUM 82 years

1847 to 1850 BRISCOE, LOWE

1850 Elizabeth JACKSON 60 years

1850 Sarah JACKSON 60 years

1856 John JACKSON 48 years

1858 Henrietta JACKSON 18 months

5 Mar 1858 John Chappel HALL 45 years beadle of the church

9 Nov 1858 William Chappel HALL 17 years beadle of the church

urnames not found in the Port Royal indexes

No RAWLEIGH marriages 1727 to 1825

No HARRISON baptisms 1728 to 1833

No BOOM baptisms 1731-1825, 1834-1837 (not sure of these dates)

No BOOM burials to 1849

No MALLARD burials to 1849

No MANNING burials to 1849

No RAWLEIGH burials to 1849

No BOOM baptisms, marriages or burials 1845 to 1868

Rectors of PORT ROYAL

John SCOTT was rector in 1760

GLEDWICK may have been rector in 1800

Thomas ALVES was rector when he copied the registers, after 1800

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