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REGISTERS: Ker to Knowles

Descendants of William Ker

1. William Ker was born Abt. 1813. He married Caroline Broomfield July 29, 1838 in Port Royal (Source: B0085 Port Royal Parish Register BMB I & II, 1725-1835, II, p. 197 #82.). She was born Abt. 1813.

More About William Ker:

Residence: 1838, Tunbridge

More About William Ker and Caroline Broomfield:

Marriage banns: 1838

Descendants of Alexander Goldie Kerr

1. Alexander Goldie Kerr was born 1811, and died August 1865.

More About Alexander Goldie Kerr:

Age: 1865, 54 years

Burial: August 13, 1865, Private ground, St. Catherine (Source: B0022 Jamaica Parish Register Burials V & VI, 1847-1849, 1864-1871, V, p. 115 #93.)

Occupation: 1865, Planter

Residence: 1865, St. Catherine

Descendants of George Kerr

1. George Kerr was born 1816, and died November 1840.

More About George Kerr:

Age: 1840, 24 years

Burial: November 13, 1840, Montego Bay, St. James, Field Ground (Source: B0024 Jamaica Parish Register Burials I & II, 1826-1844, II, p. 253 #156.)

Occupation: Mason

Residence: Montego Bay, St. James

Descendants of James Kerr

1. James Kerr was born Abt. 1810. He married Sabina Scarlett December 06, 1835 in St. James (Source: B0016 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage I & II, 1826-1839, I, p. 292 #121.). She was born Abt. 1810.

More About James Kerr:

Occupation: 1835, Apprentice

More About Sabina Scarlett:

Occupation: 1835, Apprentice

Descendants of James Lee Kerr

1. James Lee Kerr was born Abt. 1811. He married Georgiana Groves July 14, 1836 in St. Catherine (Source: B0016 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage I & II, 1826-1839, I, p. 114.). She was born Abt. 1811.

More About James Lee Kerr:

Residence: 1836, St. John

More About Georgiana Groves:

Residence: 1836, St. Catherine

More About James Kerr and Georgiana Groves:

Marriage license: 1836

Descendants of Robert Kerr

1. Robert Kerr He married Mary Anglin in Montego Bay, St. James, Methodist Church (Source: B0041 Dissenter Marriage Registers I & II-IV, 1835-1843, II, p. 249.).

Descendants of Robert Kerr

1. Robert Kerr was born Abt. 1815. He married Ann Webb June 20, 1840 in the Baptist Church, Falmouth, Trelawny (Source: B0015 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms VIII and IX, 1840-1851, p. 16.). She was born Abt. 1815.

More About Robert Kerr and Ann Webb:

Status of bride/groom: Spinster/bachelor

Descendants of William Wellington Kerr

1. William Wellington Kerr was born April 04, 1844.

More About William Wellington Kerr:

Baptism: December 08, 1844, St. Catherine (Source: B0015 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms VIII and IX, 1840-1851, IX, p. 340 #213.)


Descendants of Edeline Frances King

1. Edeline Frances King was born Abt. 1833.


Child of Edeline Frances King is:

2 i. John Alexander Burke, born September 03, 1858.

More About John Alexander Burke:

Baptism: March 27, 1870, Portland (Source: B0045 Jamaica Parish Register Baptism XVIII and XIX, 1861-1871, XIX, p. 232 #57.)

Residence: 1870, Port Antonio, Portland

Descendants of Edward Tomlinson King

1. Edward Tomlinson King was born Abt. 1831. He married Georgiana (King). She was born Abt. 1831.

More About Edward Tomlinson King:

Occupation: 1856, Laborer

Residence: 1856, Kingswood


Child of Edward King and Georgiana (King) is:

2 i. Thomas Tomlinson King, born July 06, 1856.

More About Thomas Tomlinson King:

Baptism: December 14, 1856, Westmoreland (Source: B0035 Jamaica Parish Register New Series Baptisms IX & X, 1856-1863, X, p. 108 #433.)

Residence: 1856, Kingswood, Westmoreland

Descendants of Francis King

1. Francis King was born Abt. 1820. He married Elizabeth Burke September 06, 1845 in Portland (Source: B0012 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage III & IV, 1838-1855, IV, p. 71 #26.). She was born Abt. 1820.

More About Francis King:

Occupation: 1845, Laborer

Residence: 1845, Mount Oakley, Portland

More About Elizabeth Burke:

Residence: 1845, Retreat, Portland

More About Francis King and Elizabeth Burke:

Marriage bann: 1845

Descendants of Paul King

1. Paul King was born Abt. 1811. He married Harriett [Haniel] Prudence Wilton January 07, 1836 in Nightingale Grove Estate, Trelawny (Source: B0006 Trelawny Parish Register I, 1771-1839, p. 273.). She was born Abt. 1811.

More About Paul King:

Addressed as: Esquire

Residence: 1836, Trelawny

More About Paul King and Harriett Wilton:

Marriage Fact: Married by Robert Stoney, island curate

Marriage license: 1836

Descendants of ? Kirtley

Generation No. 1

1. ? Kirtley He met Susan Lloyd Mitchener. She was born April 06, 1808, and died Bet. 1879 - 1880.

More About ? Kirtley:

Occupation: 1879, Gentlewoman

Residence: 1879, "The Castle", Queen Street, Savannalamar, Westmoreland

WILL of Susan Lloyd Mitchener:

of the Parish of Westmoreland, Gentlewoman. dated December 11, 1879, written in Savannalamar, Westmoreland.

I give to my natural daughter Sarah Elizabeth Kirtley and Thomas Anthony Stoney my natural grandson all my landed property on Queen Street, Savannalamar, known as "the Castle" to be equally divided betwen them, but if my daughter dies without lawful issue her share reverts to Thomas Anthony Stoney.

I nominate as executors my said daughter and grandson.

Witnesses: Joseph S. Williams, Amelitan Chambers, and Edmund H. Parnther.

More About Susan Lloyd Mitchener:

Baptism: December 27, 1810, Westmoreland (Source: B0003 Westmoreland Parish Register I, 1739-1825, p. 160.)

Probate: April 07, 1880

Race/nationality/color: Of color

Will: March 29, 1883, Words counted

Will recorded: September 24, 1884, Lib. II, Folio 14


Child of ? Kirtley and Susan Mitchener is:

+ 2 i. Sarah Elizabeth Kirtley.

Generation No. 2

2. Sarah Elizabeth Kirtley. She met ? Stoney.


Child of Sarah Kirtley and ? Stoney is:

3 i. Thomas Anthony Stoney.

Descendants of Eleanor Knibbs

1. Eleanor Knibbs was born Abt. 1807.


Child of Eleanor Knibbs is:

2 i. John Burtis Knibbs, born Bef. February 19, 1832.

More About John Burtis Knibbs:

Baptism: February 19, 1832, St. Mary (Source: B0084 St. Mary Parish Register BMB I, 1752-1842, I, p. 139 #5.)

Race/nationality/color: Quadroon

Residence: 1832, Port Maria

Descendants of James Knight

1. James Knight was born Abt. 1818. He married Matilda Dunn August 27, 1843 in Clarendon (Source: B0012 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage III & IV, 1838-1855, III, p. 204 #70.). She was born Abt. 1818.

More About James Knight:

Residence: 1843, Clarendon

More About Matilda Dunn:

Residence: 1843, Clarendon

Descendants of Jesse Knight

1. Jesse Knight was born Abt. 1812.

More About Jesse Knight:

Occupation: December 1837, Apprentice

Residence: December 1837, Retreat, St. Thomas


Child of Jesse Knight is:

2 i. Elizabeth Burke, born August 01, 1837.

More About Elizabeth Burke:

Baptism: December 17, 1837, St. Thomas (Source: B0074 St. Thomas BMB II & III, 1817-1841, III, p. 114.)

Residence: 1837, Retreat, St. Thomas

Descendants of Humphrey Knollis

1. Humphrey Knollis was born Abt. 1651. He married Anne (Knollis). She was born Abt. 1651.


Child of Humphrey Knollis and Anne (Knollis) is:

2 i. Thomas Knollis, born Bef. February 15, 1676.

More About Thomas Knollis:

Baptism: February 15, 1676, St. Catherine (Source: B0080 St. Catherine BMB I & II, 1669-1825, I, p. 12.)

Descendants of William Knott

1. William Knott was born Abt. 1814. He married Elizabeth Burke January 31, 1839 in Presbyterian Church, Trelawny (Source: B0025 Dissenter Marriage Register I & II, 1818-1841.). She was born Abt. 1814.

More About William Knott:

Other facts: Surname may be 'Natt'

Residence: 1839, Potosi

More About Elizabeth Burke:

Residence: 1839, Caenwood, Trelawny

Descendants of Charles Knowles

1. His Excellency Charles Knowles was born Abt. 1727. He married Mary Magdalen Theresa Lady. She was born Abt. 1727.


Child of Charles Knowles and Mary Theresa is:

2 i. Anna Charlotte Christiana Knowles, born November 20, 1752.

More About Anna Charlotte Christiana Knowles:

Baptism: December 08, 1752, St. Catherine (Source: B0080 St. Catherine BMB I & II, 1669-1825, I, p. 254.)

Descendants of Edward Knowles

1. Edward Knowles He married Elizabeth (Knowles).

More About Edward Knowles:

Occupation: Planter


Child of Edward Knowles and Elizabeth (Knowles) is:

2 i. Edward Knowles, died February 10, 1753.

More About Edward Knowles:

Burial: February 11, 1753, Hanover (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register BMB I, 1725-1825, I, p. 4.)

Descendants of John Knowles

1. John Knowles died December 1811.

More About John Knowles:

Age: 1811, "a very old inhabitant

Burial: December 14, 1811, St. James (Source: B0055 St. James Parish Register I & II, 1770-1825 (Baptisms to 1841), II, p. 349.)

Descendants of John Knowles

1. John Knowles died June 1706.

More About John Knowles:

Burial: June 26, 1706, St. Catherine (Source: B0080 St. Catherine BMB I & II, 1669-1825, I, p. 198.)

Descendants of John Farquharson Knowles

1. John Farquharson Knowles was born Abt. 1817. He married Anna Gordon (Knowles). She was born Abt. 1817.

More About John Farquharson Knowles:

Occupation: 1842, Planter

Residence: 1842, Catherine Hall


Child of John Knowles and Anna (Knowles) is:

2 i. John Gilchrist Knowles, born August 05, 1842.

More About John Gilchrist Knowles:

Baptism: September 03, 1842, St. James (Source: B0026 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms VII & VIII, 1840-1848, VII, p. 462 #188.)

Descendants of Sheridan Knowles

1. Sheridan Knowles was born Abt. 1830. He married Elizabeth McDonald June 27, 1855 in Cathedral Church, Spanish Town, St. Catherine (Source: B0048 Jamaica Parish Register New Series II, 1848-1860, p. 304 #17.). She was born Abt. 1830.

More About Sheridan Knowles:

Occupation: 1855, Private 1st West India Regiment

More About Elizabeth McDonald:

Residence: 1855, St. Catherine

More About Sheridan Knowles and Elizabeth McDonald:

Marriage banns: 1855

Descendants of William Knowles

1. William Knowles died July 1694.

More About William Knowles:

Burial: July 24, 1694, St. Catherine (Source: B0080 St. Catherine BMB I & II, 1669-1825, I, p. 181.)

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