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Records have been transcribed from the Parish Registers for the Anglican Church, and from Dissenter Marriages, and have been put in a genealogy program which produces reports for each family. Each page in "Registers and Wills" contains several such reports. The report below is an example of such a report. Note: numbers in square brackets in Red [eg. 1] are provided to explain how to read the report. The Key to the numbers is at the end of the report.

Descendants of David Drummond [1]

1. [2] David1 [3] Drummond was born Abt. 1836 [5]. He married Ann Finlayson April 20, 1861 in Westmoreland1 [4] . She was born Abt. 1836 [5].

More About David Drummond:

Occupation: 1866, Laborer

Occupation (2): 1868, Cooper

Residence: 1861, Westmoreland

Residence (2): 1866, Petersfield, Westmoreland


More About Ann Finlayson:

Residence: 1861, Westmoreland

Residence (2): 1866, Petersfield, Westmoreland


More About David Drummond and Ann Finlayson:

Marriage: April 20, 1861, Westmoreland1[4]

Marriage banns: 1861


Children of David Drummond and Ann Finlayson are:

2 [2] i. David Alexander2 [3] Drummond, born March 27, 1866 [6]; died November 1866.

More About David Alexander Drummond:

Age: November 1866, 7 months

Baptism: August 05, 1866, Petersfield, Westmoreland2 [4]

Burial: November 08, 1866, St. Peter's Church yard, Petersfield, Westmoreland3 [4]

Residence: Petersfield, Westmoreland


3 [2] ii. Catharine Ada Drummond, born March 14, 1868 [6].

More About Catharine Ada Drummond:

Baptism: October 18, 1868, Westmoreland4 [4]

Residence: Petersfield, Westmoreland


Endnotes [7]

1. B0040 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage V& VI, 1842-1864, VI, p. 312 #108.

2. B0045 Jamaica Parish Register Baptism XVIII and XIX, 1861-1871, XVIII, p. 340 #306.

3. B0021 Jamaica Parish Register Burials VII & VIII, 1860-1871, VII, p. 168 #211.

4. B0045 Jamaica Parish Register Baptism XVIII and XIX, 1861-1871, XIX, p. 325 #582.


[1] Reports are automatically given the title "Descendants of. . ." even when there are no descendants listed.

[2] All individuals (direct descendants) in the report are numbered consecutively.

[3] This is the generation number in this report.

[4] Footnote number.

[5] An estimate, being 25 years prior to the first known date, whether marriage, birth or baptism of child.

[6] If no footnote is given for the date of birth, it was taken from the Register of Baptisms.

[7] Sources used for this website are listed in the Bibliography

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