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The "Parish Registers" are those of the Church of England (Anglican Church)

B0001 Jamaica Parish Register New Series Baptisms VIIb & VIII, 1852-1857.

B0002 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms IV-VII, 1834-1845.

B0003 Westmoreland Parish Register I, 1739-1825.

B0004 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms I & II, 1826-1834.

B0005 St. Ann Parish Register BMB Vol. I, 1765-1826.

B0006 Trelawny Parish Register I, 1771-1839.

B0007 Jamaica Law 6 Register Marriages I, 1871-1876.

B0009 Jamaica Parish Register Burials III & IV, 1841-1859.

B0010 Jamaica Law 6 Register Marriages II & III, 1871-1878.

B0011 Jamaica Law 6 Register Baptisms II & III, 1872-1874.

B0012 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage III & IV, 1838-1855.

B0013 Jamaica Parish Register New Series III, 1849-1854.

B0014 Jamaica Law 6 Register Baptisms I, 1870-1872.

B0015 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms VIII and IX, 1840-1851.

B0016 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage I & II, 1826-1839.

B0017 Jamaica Law 6 Baptisms IV & V, 1874-1877.

B0018 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms XX & XXI, 1860-1871.

B0019 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms III, 1835-1836 & Civil Births III, 1845-1849

B0020 Jamaica Law 6 Baptisms VI, 1876-1879.

B0021 Jamaica Parish Register Burials VII & VIII, 1860-1871.

B0022 Jamaica Parish Register Burials V & VI, 1847-1849, 1864-1871.

B0023 Jamaica Law 6 Burial Register I, 1871-1874.

B0024 Jamaica Parish Register Burials I & II, 1826-1844.

B0025 Dissenter Marriage Register I & II, 1818-1841.

B0026 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms VII & VIII, 1840-1848.

B0027 Jamaica Parish Register New Series IV, 1850-1859.

B0028 Jamaica Parish Register New Series V & VI, 1849-1862.

B0029 Jamaica Civil Register of Deaths I-III, 1844-1850.

B0030 Jamaica Civil Register of Deaths IIIb & IV 1846-1854.

B0031 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms XIII-XIV, 1859-1866.

B0032 Jamaica Parish Register New Series Xb, 1858-1860 & Burials I, p.359-375.

B0033 Kingston Parish Register BMB V, 1846-1851, & VII 1858-1871.

B0035 Jamaica Parish Register New Series Baptisms IX & X, 1856-1863.

B0036 Jamaica Law 6 Register Burials II & III, 1873-1880.

B0037 St. Elizabeth Parish Register I & II, 1707-1825.

B0038 Jamaica Civil Register of Births I & II, 1844-1846.

B0040 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage V& VI, 1842-1864.

B0041 Dissenter Marriage Registers II-IV, 1835-1843.

B0042 Jamaica Parish Register New Series VII, 1852-1856.

B0043 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms XV, 1861-1867.

B0044 Jamaica Parish Register Baptism XVI & XVII, 1863-1871.

B0045 Jamaica Parish Register Baptism XVIII and XIX, 1861-1871.

B0046 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms XI & XII, 1846-1850.

B0047 Jamaica Civil Register of Births IV, 1847-1851.

B0048 Jamaica Parish Register New Series II, 1848-1860.

B0049 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms X, 1844-1849.

B0051 Jamaica Parish Register Marriages VIa Dissenter, VIb, VIII 1841-1871.

B0052 Jamaica Law 6 Marriages IV, 1876-1880.

B0054 Hanover Parish Register BMB I, 1725-1825.

B0055 St. James Parish Register I & II, 1770-1825 (Baptisms to 1841).

B0056 St. Elizabeth Parish Register III & IV, 1835-1859.

B0057 St. Elizabeth Parish Register Baptism V & BMB VI, 1845-1871.

B0058 Clarendon Parish Register I, 1666-1837.

B0059 Manchester Parish Register I, 1817-1836.

B0060 Jamaica Parish Register New Series I, 1848-1861.

B0061 Kingston Parish Register Baptisms I & II, Marriages I, 1721-1825.

B0063 Vere Parish Register I, 1694-1825.

B0065 Portland Parish Register I, 1804-1825.

B0073 St. Thomas in the East Parish Register BMB I, 1708-1817.

B0074 St. Thomas in the East Parish Register BMB II & III, 1817-1841.

B0077 St. George Parish Register I, 1806-1840.

B0080 St. Catherine Parish Register BMB I & II, 1669-1825.

B0081 St. Dorothy Parish Register, 1693-1826, I.

B0082 St. John Parish Register I, 1751-1825.

B0083 St. Andrew Parish Register I, 1664-1807.

B0084 St. Mary Parish Register BMB I, 1752-1842.

B0085 Port Royal Parish Register BMB I & II, 1725-1835.

B0086 St. David Parish Register BMB I, 1794-1845.

B0087 St. Thomas in the Vale Parish Register BMB I, 1816-1826.

B0088 St. Andrew Parish Register Baptism, Marriage, Burial II, 1807-1826.

B0089 Kingston Parish Register BMB VI, 1851-1859; Burials I & II 1722-1825.

B0090 Kingston Parish Register BMB II-IV, 1837-1848.

B0091 Dissenter Marriages IV-VII, 1841-1850.

B0094 Index to Births 1844-1851.

B0108 Kingston Parish Register BMB VOL VIII 1867-1871.

B0112 Dissenter Marriages XVI-XVIII, 1860-1878.

B0113 Dissenter Marriages IXb - XI, 1842-1862.

B0114 Dissenter Marriages XII - XIV, 1860-1871.

B0115 Dissenter Marriages XX.

B0116 Parish Register Marriages VII, and Dissenter Marriages VII-IX.

B0117 Dissenter Marriages XIV to XVI.

B0127 Dissenter Marriages XIX 1865-1879


BC1117 Kingston deaths 1910-1912.

BC1120 Kingston deaths 1915-1916.

BC1126 Port Royal deaths 1882-1920.

BC1128 St. Andrew births 1882-1884.

BC1132 St. Andrew Births 1888-1889.

BC1134 St. Andrew births 1892-1893.

BC1158 St. Andrew births 1894.

BC1178 St. Andrew births 1920.

BC1180 St. Andrew births 1878-81 and index 1878-1930.

BC1183 St. Andrew deaths 1883-1887.

BC1196 St. Andrew deaths 1907.

BC1210 Kingston Birth Index 1881-1899.

BC1211 Kingston Birth Index 1900-1907.

BC1212 Kingston marriages 1880-1896.

BC1213 Kingston Register of Marriages 1896-1911.

BC1214 Kingston marriages 1911-1920, births 1878-81.

BC1215 Kingston births 1881-1883.

BC1216 Kingston births 1883 to 1885.

BC1217 Kingston births 1885-86.

BC1219 Kingston births 1888-1890.

BC1220 Kingston births 1890-91.

BC1222 Kingston births 1894-1895.

BC1223 Kingston Births 1896-97.

BC1224 Kingston births 1897-98.

BC1228 Kingston births 1902-1903.

BC1229 Kingston births 1903-1904.

BC1231 Kingston Births 1905-1906.

BC1234 Kingston births 1909.

BC1236 Kingston births 1911-1912.

BC1245 Kingston deaths 1881.

BC1246 Kingston death 1881-1883.

BC1248 Kingston deaths 1886-1887.

BC1249 Kingston deaths 1887-1889.

BC1250 Kingston deaths 1889-1890.

BC1251 Kingston deaths 1890-1892.

BC1252 Kingston deaths 1892-1894.

BC1257 Kingston deaths 1901-1902.

BC1259 Kingston deaths 1904-1905.

BC1260 Kingston deaths 1906.

BC1261 Kingston deaths 1907-1908.

BC1263 Kingston deaths 1909-1910.

BC1320 St. Ann Register of Births, 1878-1881.

BC1321 St. Ann Register of Births, 1881-1884.

BC1323 St. Ann Register of Births, 1882-1884.

BC1327 St. Ann births 1888-1889.

BC1328 St. Ann births 1889-1890.

BC1329 St. Ann births 1889-1891.

BC1332 St. Ann Birth Register 1893-1894.

BC1333 St. Ann Births 1894-1895.

BC1337 St. Ann births 1898-1899.

BC1338 St. Ann Births 1905-1906.

BC1352 St. Ann Burials 1878-1884.

BC1354 St. Ann deaths 1885-1889.

BC1355 St. Ann deaths 1889-1890.

BC1356 Deaths in St. Ann 1891-1892.

BC1357 St. Ann deaths 1893-1895.

BC1358 St. Ann deaths 1895-1897.

BC1360 St. Ann deaths 1901-1903.

BC1361 St. Ann deaths 1903-4.

BC1362 St. Ann deaths 1904-1906.

BC1363 St. Ann deaths 1906-1908.

BC1369 St. Ann deaths 1917.

BC1370 St. Ann deaths 1918-1919.

BC1372 St. Ann Marriages 1880-1890.

BC1373 St. Ann marriages 1890-1895.

BC1374 St. Ann Marriages 1899-1907.

BC1375 St. Ann Marriages 1907-1915.

BC1376 St. Ann marriages 1915-1920.

BC1378 Clarendon births 1882.

BC1379 Clarendon births 1882-1884.

BC1380 Clarendon births 1883-1885.

BC1382 Clarendon births 1886-1888.

BC1389 St. Ann Births 1899

BC1404 Clarendon births 1888-89.

BC1405 Clarendon births 1889-1890.

BC1407 Clarendon births 1891-1893.

BC1408 Clarendon births 1893-1894.

BC1413 Clarendon births 1898-1899.

BC1416 Clarendon births 1901-1902.

BC1421 Clarendon births 1904-1906.

BC1427 Clarendon births 1910-1912.

BC1519 Clarendon births 1916.

BC1525 Clarendon deaths 1878-1884.

BC1526 Clarendon deaths 1883-1885.

BC1528 Clarendon deaths 1886-1889.

BC1539 Kingston Marriages 1899-1904.

BC1540 Kingston marriages 1905-1907.

BC1541 Kingston marriages 1909-1911.

BC1544 St. Andrew Marriages 1880-1890

BC1546 St. Andrew marriages 1899-1907.

BC1547 St. Andrew marriages 1907-1915.

BC1573 Portland Births 1883.

BC1574 Portland Births 1883-1884.

BC1575 Portland births 1885.

BC1576 Portland births 1888.

BC1579 Portland births 1892.

BC1580 Portland births 1894-1895.

BC1587 Portland births 1901-1902.

BC1592 Portland births 1909-1910.

BC1597 Portland births 1915-1916.

BC1598 Portland Births 1917.

BC1615 Portland deaths 1911-1913.

BC1618 Portland deaths 1918.

BC1620 Portland Marriages 1880-1894.

BC1622 Portland Marriages 1907-1920.

BC1626 St. Catherine births 1879 and Index 1878-1920.

BC1627 St. Catherine births 1881-1882.

BC1628 St. Catherine births 1883-1884.

BC1629 St. Catherine births 1885-1886.

BC1631 St. Catherine births 1887-1888.

BC1637 St. Catherine births 1894.

BC1642 St. Catherine Births 1898

BC1643 St. Catherine Births 1899

BC1647 St. Catherine births 1903.

BC1671 St. Catherine births 1908-1909.

BC1673 St. Catherine births 1909-1910.

BC1694 St. Catherine births 1913.

BC1695 St. Catherine births 1913-1914.

BC1697 St. Catherine births 1915-1916.

BC1698 St. Catherine births 1916.

BC1699 St. Catherine births 1917.

BC1700 St. Catherine births 1917-1918.

BC1744 St. Catherine deaths 1888-89.

BC1745 St. Catherine deaths 1890.

BC1746 St. Catherine deaths 1891.

BC1754 St. Catherine deaths 1902.

BC1757 St. Catherine deaths 1905.

BC1829 St. Catherine Marriages 1887-1896.

BC1830 St. Catherine Marriages 1897-1906.

BC1831 St. Catherine Marriages 1907-1910.

BC1852 St. Catherine deaths 1919.

BC1853 St. Catherine Marriages 1880-1886.

BC1860 St. Mary births 1879-1881.

BC1865 St Mary Births 1891-1892.

BC1870 St. Mary births 1898-1899.

BC1871 St. Mary births 1899-1900.

BC1885 St. Mary Births 1907-1908.

BC1886 St. Mary births 1909.

BC1888 St. Mary birth 1910-1911.

BC1890 St. Mary births 1913-1914.

BC1906 St. Mary deaths 1882-1883.

BC1911 St. Mary deaths 1883-1886.

BC1912 St. Mary deaths 1886-1889.

BC1913 St. Mary deaths 1889-1891.

BC1914 St. Mary deaths 1891-1894.

BC1915 St. Mary deaths 1897.

BC1916 St. Mary deaths 1897-1899.

BC1935 St. Mary deaths 1899 to 1901.

BC1940 St. Mary deaths 1907-1909.

BC1942 St. Mary deaths 1911-1912.

BC1956 St. Mary deaths 1919-1920.

BC1957 St. Mary marriages 1888-1892.

BC1958 St. Mary marriages 1893-1903.

BC1959 St. Mary marriages 1903-1910.

BC2120 Manchester Register of Deaths 1912-1914.

BC2122 Manchester deaths 1916-1918.

BC2124 St. Mary marriages 1910-1920.

BC2126 Manchester deaths 1918.

BC2127 Manchester marriages 1880-1886.

BC2128 Manchester marriages 1885-1894.

BC2130 Manchester Marriages 1895-1905.

BC2136 Index to births 1878-1892 Jamaica, especially St. Elizabeth.

BC2137 Index to Births.

BC2142 St. Elizabeth births 1880-1882.

BC2161 St. Elizabeth births 1884-1887.

BC2186 St. Elizabeth births 1887-1889.

BC2187 St. Elizabeth births 1889-1890.

BC2195 St. Elizabeth births 1889-1892.

BC2196 St. Elizabeth births 1892-1893.

BC2227 St. Elizabeth births 1893.

BC2228 St. Elizabeth births 1895.

BC2234 St. Elizabeth births 1894-1895.

BC2236 St. Elizabeth births 1896-97.

BC2251 St. Elizabeth births 1897-1898.

BC2266 St. Elizabeth births 1898-99.

BC2290 St. Elizabeth births 1904.

BC2291 St. Elizabeth births 1902.

BC2299 St. Elizabeth births 1905-6.

BC2315 St. Elizabeth births 1906-1908.

BC2345 St. Elizabeth births 1911-1912.

BC2440 St. Elizabeth deaths 1879-1880.

BC2444 St. Elizabeth deaths 1884-1885.

BC2471 St. Elizabeth deaths 1888-1890.

BC2512 St. Elizabeth deaths 1896-1897.

BC2513 Deaths St. Elizabeth 1898.

BC2608 Clarendon marriages 1880-1890.

BC2611 Clarendon marriages 1896-1904.

BC2619 Manchester Birth Index 1891-1920.

BC2620 Manchester Births 1881-1883 IA to IH.

BC2621 Manchester Index of Births 1878-1890.

BC2626 Manchester births 1881-1884 IH to IF.

BC2627 Manchester births 1884.

BC2628 Index to St. James Births 1878-1920.

BC2637 Manchester births 1887.

BC2738 Manchester births 1902-1903.

BC2787 Manchester births 1912-1914.

BC2844 Manchester deaths 1884-1886.

BC3010 St. Elizabeth deaths 1900-1901.

BC3016 St. Elizabeth deaths 1905-1907.

BC3091 St. Elizabeth deaths 1919.

BC3128 St. Elizabeth Marriages 1880-1890.

BC3129 St. Elizabeth marriages 1891-1899.

BC3130 St. Elizabeth marriages 1899-1909.

BC3144 St. Elizabeth Marriages 1910.

BC3162 Westmoreland Birth Registration 1879-1881 & Index.

BC3182 Westmoreland births 1881-1884.

BC3197 Westmoreland births 1885-1887.

BC3214 Westmoreland births 1887-1890.

BC3233 Westmoreland births 1890.

BC3249 Westmoreland births 1891-1892.

BC3250 Westmoreland births 1893-1894.

BC3251 Westmoreland births 1893-1895.

BC3257 Westmoreland births 1896.

BC3258 Westmoreland births 1897.

BC3263 Westmoreland births 1897-1898.

BC3267 Westmoreland births 1900-1901.

BC3268 Westmoreland Births 1901-1902.

BC3277 Westmoreland births 1903.

BC3278 Westmoreland births 1903-1904.

BC3279 Westmoreland births 1904-1905.

BC3292 Westmoreland births 1905-1906.

BC3293 Westmoreland births 1907-1908.

BC3294 Westmoreland Births 1908-1909.

BC3315 Westmoreland births 1909.

BC3320 Births Westmoreland 1913.

BC3343 Westmoreland births 1915.

BC3346 Westmoreland births 1918.

BC3374 Westmoreland deaths 1878-1884.

BC3413 Westmoreland deaths 1888-1889.

BC3433 Westmoreland deaths  1893.

BC3499 Westmoreland deaths 1907.

BC3506 Westmoreland deaths 1913-1915.

BC3507 Westmoreland deaths 1915-1917.

BC3508 Westmoreland deaths 1917-1918.

BC3510 Westmoreland Marriages 1880-1892.

BC3521 Westmoreland marriages 1893-1904.

BC3522 Westmoreland Marriages 1906-1915.

BC3557 Hanover births 1878-1883 and Index Births 1878-1920.

BC3558 Hanover births 1883-1886.

BC3591 Hanover births 1901-1903.

BC3592 Hanover Births 1903-1905.

BC3614 Hanover births 1905-1907.

BC3659 Hanover births 1916-1918.

BC3680 Hanover deaths 1887-1891.

BC3690 Hanover deaths 1895-1898.

BC3692 Hanover deaths 1912-1915.

BC3700 St. James births 1907.

BC3720 St. James births 1919-1920.

BC3721 St. James deaths 1886-1890.

BC3722 St. James deaths 1896-1897.

BC3723 St. James deaths 1898-1900.

BC3724 St. James death 1902.

BC3736 St. James deaths 1905.

BC3795 St. James marriages 1880-1888.

BC3814 Trelawny birth registers 1878-1883.

BC3815 Trelawny births 1883-1886.

BC3828 Trelawny births 1889-1891.

BC3829 Trelawny Births 1893.

BC3887 Trelawny births 1910.

BC3976 Trelawny deaths 1884-1885.

BC3977 Trelawny deaths 1887-1888.

BC3980 Trelawny deaths 1891-1892.

BC3985 Trelawny Deaths 1893-1895.

BC3986 Trelawny deaths 1896-1897.

BC4036 Trelawny Deaths 1910-1913.

BC4045 Trelawny deaths 1915-1916.

BC4065 Trelawny marriages 1880-1900.

BC4080 Trelawny marriages 1901-1920.

BC4103 Jamaica Deaths 1913.

BC4105 Index to Births 1844-1851.

BC4106 Trelawny deaths 1878-1880.

BC4190 St. Elizabeth Births.

BC4191 Hanover marriages 1800-1889.

BC4192 Kingston Marriages 1921-1925.

BC4193 Kingston deaths 1927-1928.

BC4195 St. Catherine deaths 1927-1928.

BC4196 St. Catherine deaths 1929.

BC4198 St. Mary Births 1921-1923.

BC4200 St. Mary deaths 1923-1924.

BC4249 St. Ann deaths 1924-1925.

BC4250 St. Ann deaths 1926-1927.

BC4270 Clarendon births 1924-1925.

BC4303 Manchester deaths 1921.

BC4340 St. Elizabeth marriages 1921-1925.

BC4341 St. Elizabeth marriages 1926-1928.

BC4381 Westmoreland Births 1924-1925.

BC4388 Westmoreland marriages 1925-1930.

BC4390 Westmoreland births 1907.

BC4401 Jamaica death Index 1921-1925.

BC4405 Trelawny deaths 1921-1923.

BC4406 Jamaica death Index 1926-1930.

BC4551 Manchester marriages 1937-1944.

BC4553 Kingston deaths 1935-1936.

BC4700 St. Andrew deaths 1940-1942.

BC4701 St. Andrew deaths 1942-1943.

BC5001 St. Catherine deaths 1953-1954.

BC5401 Manchester deaths 1962.



B125 Original Westmoreland Parish Register.

B137 Original Marriage Register, Falmouth Parish Church 1883-1929.

B138 Original burial register, Falmouth Parish Church, 1883-1938.

B139 Original baptismal register Falmouth Parish Church 1898-1905.

B192 Original St. Elizabeth Parish Church Records.

B194 Original St. Mary Parish Register.

B215 Original Clarendon Parish Register.

B218 Original Parish Register.


B0101 Kingston Roman Catholic Baptisms 1800-1817.

B0102 Kingston Roman Catholic Baptisms 1827-1832.

B0103 Kingston Roman Catholic Baptisms 1837-1846.

B0104 Baptisms Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church 1818-1826.

B0106 Roman Catholic Burials Holy Trinity 1900-1906.

B0125 Roman Catholic Registers.


B0067 Jamaica Supreme Court Wills 1924, 1926-1930.

B0068 Jamaica Supreme Court Wills 1725-1882.

B0069 Jamaica Supreme Court Wills 1883-1891.

B0070 Jamaica Supreme Court Wills 1894-1903.

B0071 Jamaica Supreme Court Wills 1904-1913, 1917-1919, 1921.

B0072 Jamaica Supreme Court Wills 1889, 1914-1923, 1925.

B112 Will Books/Original Wills.


B608 Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills 1802, Kenyon.

B609 Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills 1812, Oxford.


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