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Descendants of David Braham

1. David1 Braham was born Abt. 1810, and died August 10, 1898 in Round Hill, St. Elizabeth1.

More About David Braham:

Age: 1898, About 88 years

Cause of Death: Hernia 12 years

Fact: August 1898, A widower

Occupation: 1898, laborer

Registration: August 11, 1898, By son David Braham present at death. Registrar C. L. Hutchinson


Child of David Braham is:

2 i. David2 Braham.

More About David Braham:

Residence: 1898, Round Hill, St. Elizabeth

1. BC2513 Deaths St. Elizabeth 1898, KO914.

Descendants of James David Braham

1. James David1 Braham was born Abt. 1872. He married Mary Elizabeth (Braham). She was born Bet. 1860 - 1861, and died January 11, 1898 in By Berry, St. Elizabeth1.

More About James David Braham:

Occupation: 1898, laborer

Residence: 1898, By Berry, St. Elizabeth

More About Mary Elizabeth (Braham):

Age: 1898, 37 years

Cause of Death: Pains and fever 4 weeks

Registration: January 14, 1898, By husband by X


Child of James Braham and Mary (Braham) is:

2 i. Ahijah2 Braham, born September 1897; died February 23, 1898 in By Berry, St. Elizabeth2.

More About Ahijah Braham:

Age: February 1898, 5 months, infant

Cause of Death: Vomiting 2 weeks

Registration: February 28, 1898, By father

1. BC2513 Deaths St. Elizabeth 1898, KV250.

2. BC2513 Deaths St. Elizabeth 1898, KV254.

Descendants of John Braham

1. John1 Braham was born Abt. 1866. He married Sarah Johnson. She was born Abt. 1866.

More About John Braham:

Occupation: 1891, Planter

Residence: 1891, Bog, St. Elizabeth


Child of John Braham and Sarah Johnson is:

2 i. Hubert Hezekiah2 Braham, born April 15, 1891 in Bog, St. Elizabeth1.

More About Hubert Hezekiah Braham:

Registration: May 29, 1891, By father by X

1. BC2195 St. Elizabeth births 1889-1892, KN1368.

Descendants of John Green Braham

1. John Green1 Braham was born June 26, 1866.

More About John Green Braham:

Baptism: December 26, 1866, St. Mary1

1. B0043 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms XV, 1861-1867, p. 314.

Descendants of Rachel Braham

1. Rachel1 Braham was born November 14, 1848.

More About Rachel Braham:

Baptism: September 14, 1864, St. Mary, by John H. Moore1

Residence: 1864, Friendship

1. B0043 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms XV, 1861-1867, p. 293.

Descendants of Richard Braham

1. Richard1 Braham was born 1810, and died November 30, 1888 in Mount Diablo, St. Catherine1. He married ? (Braham).

More About Richard Braham:

Cause of Death: Old age

Occupation: 1888, Laborer

Registration: December 03, 1888, Ewarton District, St. Catherine, by son Richmond Braham


Child of Richard Braham and ? (Braham) is:

2 i. Richmond2 Braham.

More About Richmond Braham:

Fact: 1888, Signed by X

Residence: 1888, Mount Diablo, St. Catherine

1. B953 Death Certificate, ED145.

Descendants of Richmond R. Braham

Generation No. 1

1. Richmond R.1 Braham He married Margaret (Braham). She died June 08, 1918 in Wesleyan Mission House, Port Antonio, Portland.


Child of Richmond Braham and Margaret (Braham) is:

+ 2 i. John Kissock2 Braham, born Abt. November 07, 1857; died February 03, 1928 in Toronto, Canada.

Generation No. 2

2. John Kissock2 Braham (Richmond R.1) was born Abt. November 07, 1857, and died February 03, 1928 in Toronto, Canada. He married Teracita Alberta Sherlock November 14, 1888 in Presbyterian Church, Chapelton, Clarendon, daughter of Edward Sherlock. She was born Bet. 1865 - 1866.

More About John Kissock Braham:

Age: 1888, 31 years

Age (2): February 1928, 70 years 2 months 26 days

Occupation: 1888, Clergyman

Residence 1: 1915, Port Antonio, Portland

Residence 2: 1888, Victoria Town, Manchester

More About Teracita Alberta Sherlock:

Age: 1888, 22 years

Occupation: 1888, Telegraphist

Residence: 1888, May Pen, Clarendon

More About John Braham and Teracita Sherlock:

Ceremony by: James Cochrane, Marriage Officer for Kingston

Marriage: November 14, 1888, Presbyterian Church, Chapelton, Clarendon

Status of bride/groom: Spinster/bachelor

Witness: R. Braham


Children of John Braham and Teracita Sherlock are:

3 i. Herbert Clarence Sherlock3 Braham, born 1894; died December 08, 1915 in 17 West Race Course, Kingston (Source: BC1120 Kingston deaths 1915-1916, AA3194.).

More About Herbert Clarence Sherlock Braham:

Age: December 1915, 21 years

Cause of Death: Typhoid Fever, certified by Charles Levy

Fact: 1915, Died a bachelor

Occupation: 1915, Bank clerk

Registration: December 08, 1915, Death registered by father, in attendance at death

4 ii. John Kissock Braham, born 1901 in St. Catherine.

5 iii. Edward Hopkins Braham, born 1902 in St. Catherine.

6 iv. Kathleen Mary Braham, born 1904 in St. Catherine.

7 v. Harold Glengoffe Braham, born April 1906; died July 19, 1926 in Queen Alexandria Sanatorium, London, Canada.

More About Harold Glengoffe Braham:

Age: July 1926, 20 years 3 months

Descendants of William Braham

Generation No. 1

1. William1 Braham was born Abt. 1864. He married Alice Eliza Foster. She was born Abt. 1864.

More About William Braham:

Occupation: 1889, laborer


Child of William Braham and Alice Foster is:

2 i. Alice2 Braham, born June 12, 1889 in Pond Side, St. Elizabeth1.

More About Alice Braham:

Registration: June 20, 1889, Black River, by father by X. F. W. Hogg was Deputy Registrar

1. BC2186 St. Elizabeth births 1887-1889, KA484.

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