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Valdes to Vezey

Descendants of J. B. Valdes

1. J. B. Valdes was born Abt. 1862, and died 1903.

More About J. B. Valdes:

Occupation: Photographer


Child of J. B. Valdes is:

2 i. John B. Valdes, born 1887 in Kingston (Source: B136 "Who's Who in Jamaica" 1916, p. 142.).

More About John B. Valdes:

Occupation: Bet. 1903 - 1916, Photographer

Residence: 1916, Address: 88 East Street, Kingston

Descendants of Elizabeth Valentine

1. Elizabeth Valentine was born Abt. 1774.

More About Elizabeth Valentine:

Race/nationality/color: Free mulatto


Child of Elizabeth Valentine is:

2 i. Mary Elizabeth Lunan, born November 28, 1799. She married John Francis Atkinson April 21, 1838 in St. Catherine (Source: B0016 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage I & II, 1826-1839, II, p. 7 #20.).

More About Mary Elizabeth Lunan:

Baptism: September 20, 1800, St. Catherine (Source: B0080 St. Catherine BMB I & II, 1669-1825, II, p. 124.)

Occupation: 1838, Gentlewoman

Residence: 1838, St. Catherine

More About John Francis Atkinson:

Addressed as: Esquire

Residence: 1838, St. Ann

More About John Atkinson and Mary Lunan:

Ceremony by: William Reid, officiating minister

Marriage license: 1838

Descendants of William Philmot Vancuylenburg

1. William Philmot Vancuylenburg He married Frances Catherine Blair.


Child of William Vancuylenburg and Frances Blair is:

2 i. John William Arnold Vancuylenburg, born in Colombo, Ceylon.

More About John William Arnold Vancuylenburg:

Occupation: Bet. 1888 - 1912, Warden of Jamaica Lunatic Asylum (Source: B136 "Who's Who in Jamaica" 1916, p. 142.)

Residence: 1916, Halfway Tree, St. Andrew

Descendants of Daniel Varnum

1. Daniel Varnum was born Abt. 1759. He married Isabella (Varnum). She was born Abt. 1759.


Child of Daniel Varnum and Isabella (Varnum) is:

2 i. Thomas Scott Varnum, born 1784.

Notes for Thomas Scott Varnum:

Birth date is 13th, (month illegible)

More About Thomas Scott Varnum:

Baptism: April 26, 1785, St. Ann (Source: B0005 St. Ann Parish Register BMB Vol I, 1765-1826, p. 36.)

Descendants of John Graves Vaughan

1. John Graves Vaughan was born Abt. 1851. He married Sarah Younger Armstrong. She was born Abt. 1851.

More About John Graves Vaughan:

Occupation: 1874, Warden

Occupation (2): 1876, Chief of Leper's Home

Residence: 1874, Healthshire

Residence (2): 1876, St. Catherine


Children of John Vaughan and Sarah Armstrong are:

2 i. John Graves Vaughan, born November 16, 1873 in St. Catherine.

More About John Graves Vaughan:

Baptism: March 01, 1874, St. Catherine (Source: B0011 Jamaica Law 6 Register Baptisms II & III, 1872-1874, III, p. 406 #36.)

3 ii. Alice Huberta Vaughan, born Bef. June 01, 1876 in Healthshire.

More About Alice Huberta Vaughan:

Baptism: June 01, 1876, St. Catherine (Source: B0017 Jamaica Law 6 Baptisms IV & V, 1874-1877, V, p. 310 #68.)

Race/nationality/color: Colored

Descendants of Robert Vaughan

1. Robert Vaughan was born Abt. 1846. He met Sarah Roberts. She was born Abt. 1846.

More About Robert Vaughan:

Occupation: 1872, Laborer

Residence: 1872, Milk River, Clarendon


Child of Robert Vaughan and Sarah Roberts is:

2 i. Ellen Victoria Vaughan, born November 11, 1871 in Milk River, Clarendon.

More About Ellen Victoria Vaughan:

Baptism: June 09, 1872, Clarendon (Source: B0011 Jamaica Law 6 Register Baptisms II & III, 1872-1874, II, p. 135 #55.)

Race/nationality/color: Black

Descendants of David C. Vaz

1. David C. Vaz was born May 01, 1874 in Spanish Town, St. Catherine (Source: B136 "Who's Who in Jamaica" 1916, p. 142.).

More About David C. Vaz:

Occupation: 1916, Justice of the Peace

Residence: 1916, Address: 29 North St., Kingston

Descendants of Charles H. Vendryes

1. Charles H. Vendryes was born May 16, 1879 in Kingston (Source: B136 "Who's Who in Jamaica" 1916, p. 143.).

More About Charles H. Vendryes:

Occupation: April 09, 1903, Admitted as Solicitor of Supreme Court, Jamaica

Residence: 1916, Port Antonio, Portland

Descendants of Frances Elizabeth Venthorne

1. Frances Elizabeth Venthorne was born June 05, 1864.

More About Frances Elizabeth Venthorne:

Baptism: April 12, 1866, Westmoreland (Source: B0045 Jamaica Parish Register Baptism XVIII and XIX, 1861-1871, XVIII, p. 329 #137.)

Descendants of William Venthorne

1. William Venthorne was born Bef. April 1866.

More About William Venthorne:

Baptism: April 12, 1866, Westmoreland (Source: B0018 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms XX & XXI, 1860-1871, XX, p. 497 #467.)

Descendants of Louis Francis Verley

1. Louis Francis Verley He married Eliza Jane (Verley).


Child of Louis Verley and Eliza (Verley) is:

2 i. Vincent E. L. Verley, born October 01, 1871 in Kingston (Source: B136 "Who's Who in Jamaica" 1916, p. 143.).

More About Vincent E. L. Verley:

Occupation: 1916, Justice of the Peace

Residence: 1916, Thetford Hall, Bushy Park P.O., St. Catherine

Descendants of George Vernon

1. George Vernon was born Abt. 1853. He met Susan Douglas. She was born Abt. 1853.

Notes for George Vernon:

He is listed as the "putative father" of Arabella.

He is listed as "present at birth" of Jane, but not as the father.


Children of George Vernon and Susan Douglas are:

2 i. Arabella Vernon, born November 21, 1878 in Liberty, St. Ann (Source: F1389170 St. Ann Register of Births, 1878-1881, G A 184, p. 96.).

More About Arabella Vernon:

Residence: 1878, Liberty, St. Ann

3 ii. Jane Elizabeth Vernon, born July 13, 1880 in Liberty, St. Ann (Source: F1389170 St. Ann Register of Births, 1878-1881, G A 613, p. 81.).

More About Jane Elizabeth Vernon:

Registration: By George Vernon, present at birth [not named as father]

Descendants of Captain Vezey

1. Captain Vezey He married Mary (Vezey).


Child of Captain Vezey and Mary (Vezey) is:

2 i. Henry Vezey, born Bef. December 27, 1689.

More About Henry Vezey:

Baptism: December 27, 1689, St. Thomas in the Vale, in St. Catherine Register (Source: B0080 St. Catherine BMB I & II, 1669-1825, I, p. 31.)

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