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Entered Will Book Lib. 16, Folio 276

Lodged on 9th. October 1912

This is the Last Will and Testament of me James Emanuel Sanftleben of Mosquito Cover in the Parish of Hanover, Penkeeper.

I hereby revoke all former Wills and Testamentary Dispositions made by me. I devise and bequeath all my real and personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever to my wife Anna Vera Sanftleben absolutely. But in case she should marry after my death then I devise and bequeath all my property aforesaid to my ten children by the said Anna Vera Sanftleben, share and share alike as tenants in common absolutely.

I appoint my wife the said Anna Vera Sanftleben sole executrix of this my Will.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 16th day of August one thousand nine hundred and eleven.

Signed: James E. Sanftleben

Witnesses: Arthur A. Thomson, Montego Bay, Clerk

K. Bertram Bamedy????

This is the Last Will and Testament of James Emanuel Sanftleben referred to in the Oath of George Phillpotts Brown hereunto annexed. Sworn the 8th day of May 1919.

Signed: G. Phillpotts Brown


This is the Last Will and Testament of James Emanuel Sanftleben referred to in the Oath of Arthur Alexander Thompson hereunto annexed. Sworn the 8th day of May 1919.

Signed: Arthur A. Thomson


Entered Will Book Lib. 16 Folio 43

Lodged on 18 March 1919

Will of William George Sayle, Tobacconist, of 36 West Parade in the Parish of Kingston

Sole Executor: David C(?) Hylton, Merchant of 25 West Parade, Kingston.

Requests that £25 be spent on Funeral expenses and that he be buried beside his sister Francis Rebecca Sayle at the McIntyre Cemetery.

Premises at 26 West Parade, Kingston to be sold to my friend David C. Hylton for £400 if he desires it -- ; if not to sell and the proceeds to pay and satisfy a mortgage to the Victoria Mutual Building Society.

To his Wife Anita Sayle - money due by "me to her being a Legacy from my late sister Frances Rebecca Sayle under whose will I was executor, and from me £100 and my bed, my press and their contents."

To Mrs. Ethline Mathews - £20

To Leana Lilian Sayle - £80

To my nephew George Sayle - £30

To my daughter-in-law Mary Hall - £5

Will dated 21st January 1919

Signed: Geo. Sayle

Witnesses: A. A. McCallum, Clerk, Jubilee Market, Kingston. (Archibald Aston McCallum)

Signature difficult to read but could be J.E. Martin, Gentleman, 10 North Parade


Entered Will Book No. 14, Folio 374

Lodged on 7th August 1916

Will dated: St. Ann, 5th. April, 1913

Leaves everything, share and share alike to son -- ; John Henry Scarlett, and daughter -- ; Fanny Mary Matthews.

Signed: E. M. Scarlett

Witnesses: Jim (or Tim) Dobson

Eva Dobson


Of "Retreat" on Old Hope Road, St. Andrew, Widow

Entered Will Book Lib. 15, Folio 478

Lodged on 25th. June 1919

Executors: Son - George Seymour

Son-in-law - Norman Rudolf

Bequeaths to: Son - Frederick Alexander Seymour £500

Daughter - Marie Eugenie Power £ 25

Daughter - Constance Louise Bower £ 25

Daughter - Eva Maud Seymour £ 25

Daughter - Rachel Piza McFarlane £ 25

Daughter - Frederica Ann Rudolf £ 25 plus the £18 owing to

to her by me.

Sister - Isabel Burke £ 25

Sister - Ella Linton £ 5 and the £36 owing.

Sister - Helen Solomon 35 ?

Son - George Seymour Seymour £ 30

Son - Michael Seymour Seymour £200 -- ; is to be set aside -

"whose whereabouts are at present unknown". I direct they make enquiries at the expense of my Estate to find him. £200 to be invested and principal & interested paid to Michael.

Set aside £250 for the education and maintenance of my minor granddaughter Winifred Doreen McFarlane until the age of 21 or married at 18.

Mrs. Lily Brandon of 718 North 63rd Street West, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. - £5.

Sell furniture and crockery at "Retreat" to pay the following Legacies:

Faithful Servant -- ; Simeon B. Harris £ 10

Verna Linton £ 5

Freda Linton £ 5

Lilias Edwards £ 3

Rose Walker £ 2

Elsie Linton £ 5

Elaine Linton £ 5

My Servant Eva Vincent £ 2

Will dated: October 20, 1918


(Nee Ella Maud Nash)

Entered Will Book No. 216, Folio 464

Lodged Records Office 29th March 1920

Jamaica S.S.

This is the Last Will and Testament of me Ella Stephenson of Dry Harbour in the Parish of Saint Ann, Widow. I revoke all Wills and Testamentary dispositions heretofore made by me and declare this to be my last Will and Testament.

I direct the payment of all my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses. I appoint my friend Joseph Henry Levy of Brown's Town in the said Parish of Saint Ann, Merchant, executor of this my Will.

I give and bequeath the following legacies:

Unto my daughter Frances Brown Stewart the sum of £150.

Unto my sons Edmund Charles Currie Stephenson, Henry Percival Stephenson and Aubrey Douglas Stephenson respectively the sum of £150 each.

To my daughter Amy Agnes Nash, the wife of Lindsay Nash, and my daughter Florence Mildred Reynolds, the wife of Charles Russell Starr Reynolds, the sum of £400 each.

I give and bequeath unto my said Executor the sum of £150 upon trust to invest the same at interest in some bank and to pay thereout the respective sums of £25 each with the accumulations of such respective £25 to my six grandchildren, Dorothy Ruth Heywood Ripley, Robert Lionel Apthorp(?) Ripley, Hilda Monica Ripley and Florence Margaret Ripley, the children of my daughter Maud, and Thomas Esmond Small Stephenson and Terence Douglas Stephenson, the two children of my son Thomas when and as soon as each grandchild attains the age of 21 years provided that from time to time my Executor in his discretion may advance out of the share of each such respective grandchild moneys towards the maintenance, education or advancement in life of such grandchild which said sums so advanced will be deducted from the respective share of such grandchild.

I direct that all the above legacies above bequested are to be paid out of the following funds:

The amount of £900 secured to me by mortgage on "Bridgewater" by my son Henry Percival Stephenson. The amount of £100 also due to me by the said Henry Percival Stephenson and the amount of £600 due me on mortgage of my share of Dry Harbour Wharf.

All the rest, residue and remainder of my estate both real and personal I give, devise and bequeath unto the said Henry Percival Stephenson, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 23 day of February in the year one thousand nine hundred and eighteen.

Signed: Ella Stephenson

Witness: E. ? Parris

Leslie W. Levy (Leslie Watson Levy)

(Note: Ella Stephenson was the former Ella Maud Nash who married Edmund Brown Stephenson)


Entered Will Book No. 14, Folio 461

Lodged on 10th February 1917

I, Thomas John Stephenson do hereby Will and Bequeath to my beloved wife Clarine Stephenson all that I possess for her lifetime and at her death to be divided between my two sons, Thomas Esmond Small Stephenson and Terence Douglas Stephenson.

I hereby appoint my said beloved wife Clarine Stephenson and my brother-in-law William Trevor Small to be Executrix and Executor respectively of this my Will.

Signed: T. J. Stephenson (Will not dated)

Witnesses: G. I. Lescesne (George Ivanhoe Lescesne)

A. D. Stephenson (Aubrey Douglas Stephenson)


Of Savana La Mar, Westmoreland

Entered Will Book No. 16, Folio 321

Lodged on 24th November 1919

Sole Executor: William Nutall Campbell Farquharson of Black River, St. Elizabeth.

Bequeaths: Oswald Charles Stone, at present in New York - £300 and my gold watch.

Richard Herbert Stone, at present at the Front - £300

Edmond Augustus McGregor of Sav-La-Mar - £200

Maurice C. Farquharson, son of Clarence Cargill Farquharson - £100

Thomas Bird Goodin of Sav-La-Mar - £100

Laurence Hart Delvaelle of Sav-La-Mar - £100

Aubrey Spence of Sav-La-Mar - £100

Sister, Marion Caroline Stone - £500

Enid Farquharson, daughter of William Nutall Campbell Farquharson - Stamp Album.

Leonard Jocelyne Stone, Solicitor of Kingston -- ; all Pictures, Cameos, and

Miniatures of my family.

Peter McGregor, at present of Sav-La-Mar - £100

Clarence Cargill Farquharson of Sav-La-Mar - £100

Brother, John Henry Sumner Stone, at present in London - £100

Residue of Estate for relief of the Widows or Widows and Orphan(s) of any British Soldier who may die in the present War.

Will dated -- ; January 23, 1919

Witnesses: J. C(?) Young -- ; Sav-la-Mar

E. H. Parnther -- ; Sav-la-Mar


Entered Will Book No. 20, Folio 449

Lodged on 19th August 1920

Jamaica S.S.

This is the Last Will of me Charles Lucien Vendryes in the Parish of Kingston in this Island, Solicitor. I revoke all former Wills and Testamentary Dispositions made by me and declare this to be my last Will. I give and bequeath the following legacies, namely:

To my son Charles my roll top mahogany desk made by myself, my two gold watch seals and my office clock. To my son Vincent my set of chessmen made by myself, my gold carbuncle ring, my red press which he now has, and my gold compass charm. To my son Willie, my gold headed walking stick, my eight day clock (in the dining room) and my fowling gun made by the Ithica Co. To my son Bernard my gold watch and chain, my camera and photographic apparatus, my lathes and all my carpenters' and other tools and carpenter bench, my fowling gun used by me, also the small bore (?) gun and picnic basket, game bags and gun implements and my mahogany writing table at my office made by myself. To my daughter Belle (Isabelle) my microscope and specimen mounting box, one of my diamond studs and furniture in her bedroom which may belong to me, and my oil painting of myself, and my magnifying glass. To my daughter Lila (Lillian) one of my diamond studs, my mahogany Lecritoire and any furniture in her bedroom which may belong to me.

To my daughter Dota (Helena) my collection of postcards and envelopes, one of my diamond studs, my eight day clock in the passage upstairs, my medicine chest and any furniture in her bedroom which may belong to me. My library at my residence to be equally divided between my three daughters and my son Bernard.

All the rest, residue and remainder of my estate real and personal, I give, devise and bequeath to my dearest and beloved wife Emmie absolutely, and in case my dear wife should predecease me then I give, devise and bequeath the said rest, residue and remainder of my estate real and personal to all my said children equally between then (the child or children of any deceased child taking the share of the parent).

I appoint my dear wife Executrix of this my Will and the guardian of my infant son Bernard. In case my said wife should predecease me or die before obtaining probate of this my Will, I appoint my son Charles and my son Vincent to be the executors of this my Will and the guardian of my infant son Bernard.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand at the Parish of Kingston, this 14th day of July one thousand nine hundred and thirteen.

Signed: Charles L. Vendryes

Witnesses: ? Desnoes, Mercantile Clerk (Note -- ; possibly E. P. Desnoes)

B. Edwards, Merchant, Kingston

Attesting Witnesses: Benjamin Edwards, signed 3rd May 1920

Emma Rosalie Vendryes, signed 10th August 1020

Note: Emma Rosalie Vendryes is the former Emma Rosalie Branday)

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