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Hall to Hylton

Descendants of William Hall

1. William Hall was born Bef. 1824. He married Mary Ann Turner September 28, 1844 in the Wesleyan Methodist Church, East Queen Street Chapel, Kingston (Source: B0051 Jamaica Parish Register Marriages VIa, VIb, VIII 1841-1871, VIa, p. 131 #213.). She was born Bef. 1824.

More About William Hall:

Age: 1844, Full age

Occupation: 1844, Laborer

Residence: 1844, Kingston

More About Mary Ann Turner:

Age: 1844, Full age

More About William Hall and Mary Turner:

Ceremony by: Samuel Oughton

Status of bride/groom: Spinster/bachelor

Witness: Charles Pear & Elizabeth Dice

Descendants of Edward James Harrison

1. Edward James Harrison was born Bef. 1820. He married Jane Douglas August 09, 1840 in the Baptist Church, Springfield, St. John's (Source: B0025 Dissenter Marriage Register I & II, 1818-1841, p. 73.). She was born Bef. 1820.

More About Edward James Harrison:

Occupation: 1840, Laborer

Residence: 1840, Union Hils[?]

More About Edward Harrison and Jane Douglas:

Marriage banns: 1840

Marriage Fact 1: Consent by Joanna Gordon, mother

Status of bride/groom: Spinster/bachelor

Descendants of John Henning

1. John Henning was born Abt. 1830. He married Ann Evans August 02, 1855 in Trelawny (Source: B0040 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage V& VI, 1842-1864, VIb, p. 57 #15.). She was born Abt. 1830.

More About John Henning:

Residence: 1855, Trelawny

More About Ann Evans:

Residence: 1855, Trelawny

More About John Henning and Ann Evans:

Ceremony by: D. R. Morris, Island Curate

Marriage banns: 1855

Descendants of George Henry

1. George Henry was born Bef. 1820. He married Sarah Evans September 11, 1840 in The London Missionary Society, Ridgemount Chapel, , Manchester (Source: B0025 Dissenter Marriage Register I & II, 1818-1841, II, p. 204 #8.). She was born Bef. 1820.

More About George Henry:

Fact: 1840, Signed by X

Occupation: 1840, Laborer

Residence: 1840, Newhall

More About Sarah Evans:

Fact: 1840, Signed by X

Residence: 1840, Caledonia

More About George Henry and Sarah Evans:

Ceremony by: William Scott, minister

Marriage banns: 1840

Witness: William Baillie & William James (both by X)

Descendants of Edward Benjamin Hylton

1. Edward Benjamin Hylton was born Abt. 1812. He married Rebecca Holloway January 01, 1837 in St. Ann (Source: B0005 St. Ann Parish Register BMB Vol IV, 1765-1826, IV, p. 403 #29.). She was born Abt. 1812.

More About Edward Benjamin Hylton:

Residence: 1837, St. Ann

More About Rebecca Holloway:

Residence: 1837, St. Ann

More About Edward Hylton and Rebecca Holloway:

Marriage banns: 1837

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