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Will of Colin Campbell, 1793

[NA, London, PROB 11/1238]

I Colin Campbell1 Lt. Colonel in the first Regiment of Foot...make this my last will and testament on the 28th day of October 1790...
Having £6,000 in the three percent Consolidated Stock I bequeath £1,000 to my brother John Campbell2...
I bequeath to my sister Elizabeth Campbell the interest of £1,000 in trust to Thomas Plummer3 of Billiter Square for her use and at her decease I give the said £1,000 stock to my cousin Thomas Foster Barham son of the late Joseph Foster Barham4 at the Island of Jamaica deceased
I give to Thomas Plummer the sum of £100 hoping he will be kind enough to execute this my last will
I give the remainder of the said stock and any sum that should be due to me from the agents 'Messrs. Cox Cox and Greenwood' of Craig Court, Charing Cross, London also whatever else I should die possessed of after all my debts are paid to my cousin Thomas Foster Barham

Signed, 28th October 1790
Witnesses, Mark Cottle, Joseph Curtis

October 26th  1793
Colonel Colin Campbell in the presence of Thomas Foster Barham and Thomas Plummer directed that his sister Elizabeth Campbell might receive during her life the interest of £2,000 stock instead of the interest of £1,000 bequeathed in the foregoing having in a memorandum previous to my leaving England left my servant Pugh £50 my desire is to leave him £100 in all.
I leave £10 each to Mr & Mrs Hawkins for their trouble on my account
I desire to increase my legacy to Thomas Plummer to £200
Signed in the presence of James Weale

12th November 1793
Which day appeared personally Joseph Curtis of the parish of St John Hackney...

15th November 1793
Administration granted to Thomas Plummer


The General Evening Post, London Thursday 31 October 1793 reported,
"Yesterday, about 2 o'clock died, Lieutenant Colonel Colin Campbell of the first regiment of guards. He was attacked with what is called Dunkirk fever, and arrived about three days ago at Dover, and was thought to be out of all danger."

1Second son of Hon. Colin Campbell of Black River, Jamaica who died at Kingston Jamaica 26 January 1752. Colin had inherited his father's half shares in the plantations of Orange Bay and Fish River in Hanover together with adjoining lands. [Will of Colin Campbell, PROB 11/793]. As he had no real estate to dispose of, It is assumed that the shares in these plantations were later sold to John Campbell and Peter Campbell respectively

2John Campbell the third of Black River, eldest son of Colin, last reported in Jamaica in 1770 as John Campbell 'of Hodges', Member of the Assembly for St. Elizabeth. His later whereabouts are unkown

3West India merchant of London. In 1798 was on a committee, with Neill Malcolm and John Wedderburn, to promote the building of the West India Docks in London, and a partner in the firm of Plummer & Barham of London

4Brother of Margaret Foster, the wife of Hon. Colin Campbell of Black River (married in Jamaica). Joseph Foster Barham's will [PROB 11/1182, August 1789] named his nephew John Campbell and his niece Elizabeth Campbell. Their sister, Margaret Jane Campbell, of Kew Green, Surrey, had died in 1771

Will of Dugald McLachlan1 1795

[NA, PROB 11/1265]

Late of Jamaica but now of Speen Hill Berkshire...
I give £2,000 Sterling to my daughter Elizabeth at the age of 18 years or day of marriage...the interest paid annually until then..
£1,500 to my son Alexander at the age of 21 years...
£1,500 to my son Neill at the age of 21 years...
£1,500 to my son Francis at the age of 21 years...
£2,000 to my daughter Catherine at the age of 18 years or day of marriage...
if any should die their sum shall belong to the survivors share and share alike...
To John McLachlan son of Elizabeth Anderson a free mulatto the sum of £150 towards education...

Whereas I have already by a deed of settlement secured unto my wife Catherine an annuity of £200 I further bequeath £100 to paid as soon after my decease as may be...household goods, furniture, plate, silver, liquors, gold watch chain and seals...

To my sister-in-law Elizabeth McLachlan of Gower Street a mourning ring to the value of £20...to my servant John Lucas the amount of one years wages and all my wearing apparel...

The rest and residue to my nephew Major Lachlan McLachlan of the 10th Regiment of Foot...

Executors and guardians of [my] children, Neill Malcolm2 of the parish of St Mary le Bone, my nephew Major Lachlan McLachlan and Peter Campbell3 and Francis Grant4 of Jamaica.

Signed, 25th October 1793
Witnesses, David Lyon, James Neilson, William Garrett

Bath, 3rd December, 1794
Codicil, to my wife Catherine a further annuity of £100 making together the yearly sum of £300 during the term of her natural life chargeable upon my property or estates

London, 11th September 1795
Administration granted to Major Lachlan McLachlan

1Doctor, son of Lachlan McLachlan of Fassifern and Elizabeth Campbell (sister to James Campbell of Orange Bay) and brother to Lachlan and Alexander, both late of Jamaica

2Neill Malcolm of Poltalloch, late of Jamaica

3Peter Campbell II of Fish River, McLachlan's cousin

4Francis Grant of Hanover

Will of Andrew Reddie1 1820

[NA, PROB 11/1667]

Jamaica SS

Of the parish of Hanover, gentleman...
Bequeath unto my mother M. Reddie of Edinburgh a certain house in Gayfield Square in Edinburgh in which she now resides...
Unto Elizabeth Baldie of the parish of Hanover, a free woman of colour all my household furniture plate table and bed linen wearing apparel and the sum of £1,000 current money of Jamaica...
And whereas I have granted unto Elizabeth Baldie conveyances of a settlement named Redbrook in Hanover [and] sundry slaves I confirm the same in perfect confidence that she will bequeath the same to her children...
Unto my children Margaret, Anna, George, Elizabeth, Catherine, Isabella and Mary free persons of colour and son and daughters of Elizabeth Reddie all the remainder and residue of my estate share and share alike under the following restrictions...
Whereas I have already given to Margaret at her marriage sundry slaves amounting to the value of £400...this gift shall be considered as part of her share of my property...
I desire that all the remainder of the property excepting a certain house and premises situated on the bay of Lucea named Gibraltar2 and two negroe slaves named Valentine and Bob may be converted as soon as possible into money and after ascertaining the proportion of each child...the remainder be remitted to my brother James Reddie of Glasgow advocate to be by him placed at interest...
Each of my remaining children on arriving at 21 years or day of marriage shall receive his or her share with the interest thereon accrued...
I desire that the house named Gibraltar may be rented and the slaves Bob and Valentine hired and the amount of rent and hire should be paid to Elizabeth Baldie for the maintenance and education of my children until the youngest attain the age of 21 after which Gibraltar shall be sold and the amount divided among my seven children share and share alike...I give the slaves named Valentine and Bob unto my son George
Executors James Reddie, Alexander Campbell practitioner in physic and William Grant both of Hanover

Signed, 17th June 1815
Witnesses, David Grant, William A. Dickson, Thomas George Chambers

Hanover, 25th March 1820
Confirmed before Alexander Campbell [magistrate]

London, 21st February 1823
Proved by the oath of James Reddie
11802, Comptroller of Customs at Lucea
2Situated overlooking the bay, between Riley River and the town proper

Will of Dugald Malcolm Ruthven *1 1815

[NA, PROB 11/1790 ]

Jamaica SS

Of the Cottage, parish of Trelawny...
About to depart this island for a short time...bequeath to my sons James Virgo Ruthven2, Dugald Malcolm Ruthven the younger and William Henry Ruthven and my daughter Anna Rebecca Ruthven all [my] property goods and effects (not otherwise devised and bequeathed) subject to the rights of my wife Mary Ruthven3  of dower or thirds...share and share alike as tenants in common...[any future children to be included]
I give to my wife...every article and thing in use for the family...and after her decease the same unto my surviving children...
Unto my [surviving] heir at Law all articles of family silver plate hereinafter enumerated...
2 pair of candlesticks...1 snuffer stand engraved with the family crest...2 bedroom candlesticks...2 mugs...3 trays...1 teapot and stand...1 milk pot and sugar dish...8 salt holders...2 butter boats with spoons...3 dozen table spoons...8 gravy spoons...2 dozen and ten dessert spoons...2 dozen teaspoons and 2 ladles...2 extinguishers...1 marrow spoon...2 sugar tongs and spoons...1 mustard pot...1 cream pot...6 egg spoons and 8 salt spoons to descend in nature of an heirloom...not to be sold out of the family...

Executrix, Mary Ruthven...executors, cousin George Malcolm of the parish of Hanover4, friends William Green and William Fairclough both of the parish of Trelawny.

Signed, 16th June 1809
Witnesses, Richard Combauld5, Jonathan Brown, Daniel Brown

Jamaica, 22nd May 1813
Codicil, two executors being dead, George Malcolm and William Green I appoint in their place John Malcolm6 of Hanover and Neill Malcolm7 of Great Britain done in a hurry but in health sound memory and understanding

Jamaica, 17th March 1815
Probate granted

Jamaica, 22nd May 1831
Administration granted to Samuel Anderson8 of the parish of St. James "in right of his wife and in behalf of two infant children of the deceased...the estate of Dugald Malcolm Ruthven remaining unadministered by the executors"9

1Partner in 'Messrs. Campbell Ruthven & Lindsay' merchants
2Godson to Donald Malcolm [d.1812] inherited £100 by his will. Aged 22 in 1823 was employed/living at Retrieve in Hanover [Hanover census, CO 137/56]  Retrieve belonged to Neil Malcolm, son of Neill Malcolm of Poltalloch, Argyll
3Mary Virgo, daughter of James Virgo married D.M. Ruthven "a respectable merchant of Glasgow" in July 1796 [Columbian Magazine]
4George Malcolm of Argyle
5Richard Combauld, of St. James. In 1817, a Master of the Court of Chancery,
6Son of George Malcolm
7Either the son of Donald Malcolm of Hanover or the son of Neill Malcolm of Poltalloch, Argyll
8Samuel Anderson of Spring Hill, St. James [Jamaica Almanac 1831] of Flower Hill [Jamaica Amanaca1833], former property of Robert Anderson d. August, 1796 [Columbian Magazine]
9The assumption is made that Ruthven's widow subsequently married Samuel Anderson

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