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Allerdice to Anderson

Descendants of James Allerdice

1. James Allerdice was born Abt. 1845. He married Julia (Allerdice). She was born Abt. 1845.

More About James Allerdice:

Residence: 1870, Rio Bueno, Trelawny


Child of James Allerdice and Julia (Allerdice) is:

2 i. Azariah Allerdice, born February 12, 1870.

More About Azariah Allerdice:

Baptism: April 10, 1870, Rio Bueno, Trelawny (Source: B0044 Jamaica Parish Register Baptism XVI & XVII, 1863-1871, XVI, p. 436 #59.)

Descendants of Ann Alleway

1. Ann Alleway was born Abt. 1848.

More About Ann Alleway:

Residence: 1873, White House, Westmoreland


Child of Ann Alleway is:

2 i. Stanford Augustus Webb, born June 30, 1873.

More About Stanford Augustus Webb:

Baptism: October 16, 1873, Westmoreland (Source: B0011 Jamaica Law 6 Register Baptisms II & III, 1872-1874, III, p. 304 #32.)

Race/nationality/color: Brown

Residence: 1873, White House, Westmoreland.

Elizabeth Alloway

1. Elizabeth Alloway was born 1811, and died October 1839.

More About Elizabeth Alloway:

Age: 1839, 28 years

Burial: October 03, 1839, Falmouth, Trelawny, church yard (Source: B0024 Jamaica Parish Register Burials I & II, 1826-1844, II, p. 348 #92.)

Occupation: 1839, Pauper

Residence: 1839, Poor House

Descendants of Joseph Alloway

1. Joseph Alloway was born Abt. 1806. He met Catherine Richardson. She was born about 1806.

More About Joseph Alloway:

Occupation: 1836, planter

More About Catherine Richardson:

Residence: 1836, Sandy Gully


Children of Joseph Alloway and Catherine Richardson are:

2 i. Henry Alloway, born 1831.

More About Henry Alloway:

Age: 1836, 5 yrs

Baptism: March 20, 1836, Vere (Source: B002 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms IV, p. 15 #36.)

Residence: 1836, Sandy Gully

3 ii. Edmund Alloway, born 1833.

More About Edmund Alloway:

Age: March 1836, 3 yrs

Baptism: March 20, 1836, Vere (Source: B002 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms IV, p. 15 #37.)

Residence: 1836, Sandy Gully

4 iii. William Alloway, born 1835.

More About William Alloway:

Age: 1836, 1 yr

Baptism: March 20, 1836, Vere (Source: B002 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms IV, p. 15 #38.)

Residence: 1836, Sandy Gully

5 iv. Joseph Alloway, born 1837.

Notes for Joseph Alloway:

Parents not named in baptismal register, but I assume these.

More About Joseph Alloway:

Baptism: January 23, 1842, Vere (Source: B002 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms VI, p. 107 #69.)

Residence: 1842, Sandy Gully

6 v. Jane Alloway, born January 07, 1840.

Notes for Jane Alloway:

Parents not named in baptismal register, but I assume these.

More About Jane Alloway:

Baptism: January 23, 1842, Vere (Source: B002 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms VI, p. 107 #68.)

Residence: 1842, Sandy Gully.

Joseph Alloway

1. Joseph Alloway was born February 05, 1843.

More About Joseph Alloway:

Baptism: August 24, 1844, St. Elizabeth (Source: B0056 St. Elizabeth Parish Register III & IV, 1835-1859, IV, p. 204 #378.)

Residence: 1844, Friendship, St. Elizabeth

William Alloway

1. William Alloway was born Bet. 1770 - 1820.

More About William Alloway:

Occupation: 1845, Minister London Missionary Chapel, Manchester

Residence: 1845, Whitefield, Manchester

Descendants of Fanny Eliza (Allwood)

1. Fanny Eliza (Allwood) died Bet. 1908 - 1914.

WILL of FANNY ELIZA ALLWOOD of Chapelton, Clarendon, widow

Executor: my friend AUBREY GARLAND FACEY of Montego Bay Collector of Taxes.

To my daughter BERTHA MUIRHEAD the wife of the Rev E.P. MUIRHEAD of Chapelton £50 due to me by A. C. LOPEZ on the security of premises in Spanish Town. AND I give the land so securitized to my daughter, subject to the mortgage.

Executors to sell all rest and residue and maintain my son Frank until he is 21, then divide equally between sons IVAN, WILLIE, STANLEY, AUBREY, FRANK and my daughter BERTHE.

DATED 3/14/1908

Will Book XIII, F 327 Recorded 2/7/1914

More About Fanny Eliza (Allwood):

Residence: 1908, Chapelton, Clarendon

Will: March 14, 1908 (Source: B0072 Jamaica Wills 1889, 1914-1923, 1925, Item 2 #2.)

Will recorded: February 07, 1914, Will Book XIII, folio 327


Children of Fanny Eliza (Allwood) are:

2 i. Bertha Allwood. She married E. P. Muirhead

More About E. P. Muirhead:

Addressed as: Reverend

Residence: 1908, Chapelton, Clarendon

3 ii. Frank Allwood.

4 iii. Ivan Allwood.

5 iv. Willie Allwood.

6 v. Stanley Allwood.

7 vi. Aubrey Allwood.

8 vii. Berthe Allwood.

Descendants of Robert James Allwood

1. Robert James Allwood was born Abt. 1813. He met Margaret Evans. She was born Abt. 1813.

More About Robert James Allwood:

Occupation: 1839, mason


Child of Robert Allwood and Margaret Evans is:

2 i. Rosa Allwood, born December 10, 1838.

More About Rosa Allwood:

Baptism: December 24, 1839, St. James (Source: B0055 St. James Parish Register I & II, 1770-1825 (Baptisms to 1841), II, p. 316 #305.)

Sarah Allwood

1. Sarah Allwood died Bet. 1879 - 1892.

WILL of SARAH ALLWOOD, spinster of Savannalamar, Westmoreland.

To my sister's grandaughter FRANCES SMITH the wife of CHARLES SMITH engineer now in St. James, my house and land in Great George St, Savannalamar, and all my estate.


Dated 12/23/1879.

Signed by X.


Affidavit 3/14/1892.

Lib V, Fol 63.

Counted by GEORGE PHILLPOTTS BROWN articled clerk 5/11/1892 before PHILIP

A. HART J.P., St. James.

More About Sarah Allwood:

Residence: 1879, Savannalamar, Westmoreland

Will: December 23, 1879 (Source: B0070 Jamaica Wills 1894-1903.)

Descendants of Thomas Ellis Allwood

1. Thomas Ellis Allwood was born Abt. 1814. He married Janet Moore March 03, 1839 in Westmoreland (Source: B0012 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage III & IV, 1838-1855, III, p. 339 #139.). She was born Abt. 1814.

More About Thomas Ellis Allwood:

Residence: 1839, Westmoreland

More About Janet Moore:

Residence: 1839, Westmoreland

Andrew Alves

1. Andrew Alves was born Bef. March 25, 1827.

Notes for Andrew Alves:

His parents, who were not named, were unmarried.

More About Andrew Alves:

Baptism: March 25, 1827, Clarendon (Source: B0004 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms I & II, 1826-1834, I, p. 250 #15.)

Race/nationality/color: Quadroon

Descendants of Thomas Alves

1. Thomas Alves was born Abt. 1765. He married Mrs. Elizabeth Savory (Cleland) November 22, 1790 in St. James (Source: B0055 St. James Parish Register I & II, 1770-1825 (Baptisms to 1841), I, p. 234.). She was born Abt. 1765, and died March 1799.

More About Thomas Alves:

Addressed as: Esquire

More About Mrs. Elizabeth Savory (Cleland):

Burial: March 13, 1799, St. James (Source: B0055 St. James Parish Register I & II, 1770-1825 (Baptisms to 1841), I, p. 347.)

Marriage Notes for Thomas Alves and Elizabeth (Cleland):

They were a bachelor and widow.


Children of Thomas Alves and Elizabeth (Cleland) are:

2 i. Alexander Alves, died October 1797.

More About Alexander Alves:

Burial: October 08, 1797, St. James (Source: B0055 St. James Parish Register I & II, 1770-1825 (Baptisms to 1841), I, p. 336.)

3 ii. Thomas Alves, born July 19, 1792 (Source: B055 FHL film 1224328 St. James Parish Register).

More About Thomas Alves:

Baptism: January 03, 1793, St. James (Source: B0055 St. James Parish Register I & II, 1770-1825 (Baptisms to 1841), I, p. 80.)

Descendants of Robert Ames

1. Robert Ames was born Abt. 1815. He married Elizabeth Scott May 31, 1840 in St. Ann (Source:B0012 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage III & IV, 1838-1855, IV, p. 4 #34.). She was born Abt. 1815.

Descendants of Benjamin Anderson

1. Benjamin Anderson was born Abt. 1834. He married Jane Barton March 31, 1859 in Westmoreland (Source: B0051 Jamaica Parish Register Marriages VIa, VIb, VIII 1841-1871, VIb, p. 291.). She was born Abt. 1834.

More About Benjamin Anderson:

Residence: 1859, Westmoreland

More About Jane Barton:

Residence: 1859, Westmoreland

Descendants of James Anderson

1. James Anderson was born Abt. 1825. He married Julian Goodin January 01, 1850 in Hanover (Source: B0048 Jamaica Parish Register New Series II, 1848-1860, p. 310 #1.). She was born Abt. 1825.

More About James Anderson:

Residence: 1850, Hanover

More About Julian Goodin:

Residence: 1850, Hanover

Descendants of Letitia Anderson

1. Letitia Anderson was born Abt. 1813.

More About Letitia Anderson:

Occupation: 1839, Domestic

Residence: 1839, Good Hope


Child of Letitia Anderson is:

2 i. Eliza Ann Burke, born September 1838.

More About Eliza Ann Burke:

Baptism: June 16, 1839, Portland (Source: B0002 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms IV-VII, 1834-1845, IV, p. 337.)

Residence: 1839, Good Hope.

Descendants of Tracy Anderson

1. Tracy Anderson was born Abt. 1827.


Child of Tracy Anderson is:

2 i. Diana D'Oiley Burke, born April 12, 1852.

More About Diana D'Oiley Burke:

Baptism: August 07, 1852, Portland (Source: B0027 Jamaica Parish Register New Series IV, 1850-1859, IV, p. 238 #154.)

Residence: 1852, Seaman's Valley.

Descendants of Welwood Maxwell Anderson

1. Welwood Maxwell Anderson died Bet. 1879 - 1888. He married Eliza (Anderson).

Notes for Welwood Maxwell Anderson:

He left his estate to his wife Eliza, during her life, and then to his children then alive, or their heirs if dead, as tenants in common (their names were not given). Executors were: his wife Eliza, and his friends Edward Bancroft Lynch of St. Dorothy, Esq., and Henry John Bicknell of Kingston, Esq. A codicil to the will, dated 6/20/1879 added William Robert Nathaniel of Kingston, merchant, as executor.

More About Welwood Maxwell Anderson:

Addressed as: Esquire

Residence: St. Andrew

Will: February 25, 1879, Codicil 6/20/1879

Will recorded: September 21, 1888, Will Book III, folio 263 (Source: B0072 Jamaica Wills 1889, 1914-1923, 1925, Item 1, #1.)

Descendants of W. M. Anderson

Generation No. 1

1. W. M.Anderson

More About W. M. Anderson:

Residence: Cavaliers


Child of W. M. Anderson is:

+ 2 i. Alina Amelia Anderson.

Generation No. 2

2. Alina Amelia Anderson (W. M.1) She married Arundel Hill Cotter.

Notes for Arundel Hill Cotter:

WILL of Arundel Hill Cotter practitioner of medicine and surgery.

To my wife ALINA AMELIA COTTER daughter of W. M. ANDERSON of Cavaliers everything, including £500 Life Insurance, receivables, furniture, horse and buggy and money.

I ask her to hand to my son JOSEPH ROGENON JOHN COTTER my American rifle, my fiddle, and the Bible my mother gave me, should she see fit to do so,.

I ask her to hand to my friend BARNETT STINES Junior the little charm on my watch chain. The watch my wife is to keep.

To MISS ELLA LEVY the large Family Bible containing the record of my little boy's birth and death, and to inform MISS ALICE LEVY she is to keep for remembrance of me the masonic ring that I lent her.

Dated 7/4/1883.


Words counted by J. H. JOHNSON 9/18/1883 sworn before H. DACOSTA, J.P.

Superior Court Will Book I, 451, 9/27/1883.

More About Arundel Hill Cotter:

Occupation: 1883, Practitioner of medicine and surgery

Will: July 04, 1883 (Source: B0069 Jamaica Wills 1883-1891.)


Child of Alina Anderson and Arundel Cotter is:

3 i. Joseph Rogenon John Cotter.

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