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1. All baptisms, marriages and burial before 1878 are from Anglican Parish Registers, unless otherwise noted.
2. If no parents are listed at a child's baptism, they were unmarried, as a general rule.
3. Date format: Month, Day, year

Descendants of Edward Allen

Generation No. 1

        1.  Edward1 Allen
Child of Edward Allen is:
+ 2 i. David Azariah2 Allen, born Bet. 1876 - 1877.

Generation No. 2

        2.  David Azariah2 Allen (Edward1) was born Bet. 1876 - 1877.  He married Anita Celestine Nugent September 10, 1902 in St. Philip's Church, St. Andrew1, daughter of James Nugent.  She was born Bet. 1879 - 1880.

More About David Azariah Allen:
Age: 1902, 25 years
Occupation: 1902, Carpenter
Residence: 1902, Fox's River, St. Andrew

More About Anita Celestine Nugent:
Age: 1902, 22 years
Occupation: 1902, Housewoman
Residence: 1902, Mount Sinai, St. Andrew

More About David Allen and Anita Nugent:
Ceremony by: J. Swaby
Status of bride/groom: Spinster/bachelor
Witness: Ezekiel Allen and Alice Bennett
Children of David Allen and Anita Nugent are:
        3 i. Shemwell3 Allen, born 1903.
        4 ii. Edwin Leopold Allen, born 1905.


1.  BC1546 St. Andrew marriages 1899-1907, #235.

Descendants of Emanuel Barrow

Generation No. 1

        1.  Emanuel1 Barrow
Child of Emanuel Barrow is:
+ 2 i. Rebecca2 Barrow.

Generation No. 2

        2.  Rebecca2 Barrow (Emanuel1)  She married Isaac Levy November 29, 1846 in The Sephardic Congregation1, son of George Levy.  

Child of Rebecca Barrow and Isaac Levy is:
        3 i. Emanuel George3 Levy, born September 01, 1847 in Spanish Town, St. Catherine1; died September 19, 18862.  He married Mary Agnes Westmorland; born 1864.


1.  B0120 Registers of the Sephardic Congregation.
2.  B0121 Register of the Amalgamated Jewish Congregation.

Descendants of George Brissett

Generation No. 1

        1.  George1 Brissett was born Bet. 1714 - 1734.  He married Sarah Thorp April 25, 1754 in Hanover1.  She was born Bet. 1718 - 1739.

More About George Brissett:
Addressed as: Esquire
Occupation: 1754, Merchant
Residence: 1754, Hanover

More About Sarah Thorp:
Residence: 1754, Hanover

More About George Brissett and Sarah Thorp:
Ceremony by: Edward Lewis, Rector
Status of bride/groom: Spinster
Children of George Brissett and Sarah Thorp are:
+ 2 i. Joseph2 Brissett, born July 09, 1755; died February 26, 1807.
+ 3 ii. Mary Brissett, born October 01, 1756; died July 1824.
        4 iii. George Brissett, born December 19, 1757.

More About George Brissett:
Baptism: January 20, 1758, Hanover2

        5 iv. Richard Brissett, born March 01, 1759.

More About Richard Brissett:
Baptism: March 06, 1759, Hanover3

        6 v. John Brissett, born December 15, 1760.

More About John Brissett:
Baptism: December 26, 1760, Hanover4

Generation No. 2

        2.  Joseph2 Brissett (George1) was born July 09, 1755, and died February 26, 1807.  He married Mary Poole (Brissett).  She died June 25, 1795.

More About Joseph Brissett:
Addressed as: Esquire
Baptism: September 05, 1755, Hanover5
Burial: February 27, 1807, Hanover6

More About Mary Poole (Brissett):
Burial: June 25, 1795, Hanover7
Children of Joseph Brissett and Mary (Brissett) are:
        7 i. Jacob Johnson3 Brissett, born October 10, 1783.

More About Jacob Johnson Brissett:
Baptism: February 13, 1784, Hanover8

        8 ii. Richard Brissett, born February 08, 1785.

More About Richard Brissett:
Baptism: February 08, 1785, Hanover9

        9 iii. Eliza Tharp Brissett, born November 24, 1786.

More About Eliza Tharp Brissett:
Baptism: May 24, 1787, Hanover10

+ 10 iv. Ann Wilhelmina Brissett, born January 19, 1791.

        3.  Mary2 Brissett (George1) was born October 01, 1756, and died July 1824.  She married James Lawrence 1774 in Hanover11.  He was born Bet. 1734 - 1754, and died 1798.

More About Mary Brissett:
Age: July 1824, 67 years
Baptism: November 07, 1756, Hanover12
Burial: July 30, 1824, Hanover13
Fact: Buried by the Revd. B. H. Heath, Rector
Race/nationality/color: White
Residence: 1774, Hanover
Residence (2): 1824, Endeavour, Hanover

More About James Lawrence:
Addressed as: Esquire
Residence: 1774, St. James
Residence (2): Bet. 1779 - 1791, Westmoreland

More About James Lawrence and Mary Brissett:
Marriage: 1774, Hanover14
Children of Mary Brissett and James Lawrence are:
        11 i. James Charles3 Lawrence, born Abt. 1777.

More About James Charles Lawrence:
Baptism: 1777, Hanover15

        12 ii. Sarah Brissett Lawrence, born March 16, 1779.

More About Sarah Brissett Lawrence:
Baptism: August 29, 1779, Hanover16

        13 iii. Mary Brissett Lawrence, born October 24, 1780.

More About Mary Brissett Lawrence:
Baptism: December 25, 1780, Hanover17

        14 iv. Elizabeth Reid Lawrence, born October 24, 1780.

More About Elizabeth Reid Lawrence:
Baptism: December 25, 1780, Hanover17

        15 v. Emily Lawrence, born September 29, 1783; died March 1784.

More About Emily Lawrence:
Baptism: January 10, 1784, Hanover18
Burial: March 11, 1784, Hanover19

+ 16 vi. Emily Lawrence, born January 04, 1785.
        17 vii. Thomas Reid Lawrence, born June 28, 1786.

More About Thomas Reid Lawrence:
Baptism: May 13, 1787, St. James20

        18 viii. John Thorpe Lawrence, born March 26, 1788.

More About John Thorpe Lawrence:
Baptism: February 14, 1789, St. James21

        19 ix. Richard Brissett Lawrence, born July 11, 1790.  He married Mary Susannah Fry October 01, 1819 in St. James22; born Bet. 1789 - 1802.

More About Richard Brissett Lawrence:
Baptism: June 05, 1791, Hanover23
Occupation: 1819, The Reverend

More About Richard Lawrence and Mary Fry:
Marriage: October 01, 1819, St. James24
Marriage license: 1819
Status of bride/groom: Spinster/bachelor

Generation No. 3

        10.  Ann Wilhelmina3 Brissett (Joseph2, George1) was born January 19, 1791.  She married James Charles Stewart 1809 in Bath, England25, son of James Stewart and Elizabeth Law.  He was born February 24, 1783.

More About Ann Wilhelmina Brissett:
Baptism: April 20, 1791, Hanover26

More About James Charles Stewart:
Baptism: May 01, 1783, Trelawny27

More About James Stewart and Ann Brissett:
Marriage: 1809, Bath, England28
Child of Ann Brissett and James Stewart is:
        20 i. Elmina4 Stewart, born 1811 in Bath, England.  She married (1) H. Spooner.  She married (2) Eyre Crabbe.

        16.  Emily3 Lawrence (Mary2 Brissett, George1) was born January 04, 1785.  She married Frederick Burt Zincke March 1811 in Hanover29.  He was born Abt. 1786.

More About Emily Lawrence:
Baptism: May 13, 1787, St. James30
Fact: Hanover Marriage Register gives her name as Amelia
Residence: 1811, Hanover

More About Frederick Burt Zincke:
Occupation: Bet. 1811 - 1819, Doctor
Residence: 1811, St. Elizabeth

More About Frederick Zincke and Emily Lawrence:
Marriage: March 1811, Hanover31
Children of Emily Lawrence and Frederick Zincke are:
        21 i. Foster Barham4 Zincke, born October 09, 181632.

Notes for Foster Barham Zincke:
His baptism appears in the record twice.  The second entry states his date of birth.

There were "several Negroes from sixty to Eighty baptised" at the same time "whose names cannot be registered untill Dr. Zink furnishes the list of names etc."

More About Foster Barham Zincke:
Baptism: March 11, 1817, Endeavour, Hanover33

        22 ii. William Lawrence Zincke, born Bef. April 02, 1819.

More About William Lawrence Zincke:
Baptism: April 02, 1819, Hanover, by the Revd. Mr. Lawrence34


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Descendants of William Alexander Burkett

Generation No. 1

        1.  William Alexander1 Burkett
Child of William Alexander Burkett is:
+ 2 i. William Alexander2 Burkett, born Bet. 1889 - 1890.

Generation No. 2

        2.  William Alexander2 Burkett (William Alexander1) was born Bet. 1889 - 1890.  He married Mabel Elizabeth Johnson July 21, 1913 in Orange Hill, Westmoreland1, daughter of Jacob Johnson.  She was born Bet. 1894 - 1895.

More About William Alexander Burkett:
Age: July 1913, 23 years
Occupation: Bet. 1913 - 1927, laborer
Residence: Bet. 1913 - 1927, Orange Hill, Westmoreland

More About Mabel Elizabeth Johnson:
Age: 1913, 18 years

More About William Burkett and Mabel Johnson:
Ceremony by: Joseph J. Williams
Marriage: July 21, 1913, Orange Hill, Westmoreland1
Status of bride/groom: Spinster/bachelor
Witness: Zechariah Henry and Jane Burkett
Children of William Burkett and Mabel Johnson are:
        3 i. Olive Lillian3 Burkett, born September 28, 1913 in Orange Hill, Westmoreland2.

More About Olive Lillian Burkett:
Registration: October 14, 1913, in Sheffield by father who signed by X.  Registrar Mary M. Jackson

        4 ii. Clifton Clarence Burkett, born August 10, 1915 in Orange Hill, Westmoreland3.

More About Clifton Clarence Burkett:
Registration: August 28, 1915, Signed by father in St. Paul's.  Registrar S. B. Tomlinson


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Descendants of John Calder

Generation No. 1

        1.  John1 Calder was born Abt. 1819.  He married Georgiana Edwina (Calder).  She was born Abt. 1819.

More About John Calder:
Occupation: 1850, Planter
Residence: 1850, Stanmore Hill, St. Elizabeth
Child of John Calder and Georgiana (Calder) is:
+ 2 i. John Vassel2 Calder, born April 12, 1844.

Generation No. 2

        2.  John Vassel2 Calder (John1) was born April 12, 1844.  He married Emily (Calder).  She was born Abt. August 1857 in Leeds, England.

Notes for John Vassel Calder:
John Vassall Calder sailed with his wife and daughters from Kingston to New York in July, 1919.  See www.ellisisland.org for details.

More About John Vassel Calder:
Baptism: May 05, 1850, St.  Elizabeth1
Occupation: 1919, Planter
Residence: 1850, Stanmore Hill, St. Elizabeth

More About Emily (Calder):
Age: July 24, 1919, 61 years 11 months
Children of John Calder and Emily (Calder) are:
        3 i. Elsie3 Calder, born Abt. August 1887 in Kingston.

More About Elsie Calder:
Age: July 24, 1919, 31 years 11 months

        4 ii. Mary Calder, born Abt. October 1892 in Malvern, St. Elizabeth.


1.  B0057 St. Elizabeth Parish Register Baptism V & BMB  VI, 1845-1871, V, p. 239 #462.

Descendants of John Carby

Generation No. 1

        1.  John1 Carby was born Bet. 1822 - 1843.
Child of John Carby is:
+ 2 i. Nathan Lazarus2 Carby, born Bet. 1862 - 1863.

Generation No. 2

        2.  Nathan Lazarus2 Carby (John1) was born Bet. 1862 - 1863.  He married Jane Thaxter July 03, 1889 in Mount Zion, Portland1, daughter of John Thaxter.  She was born Bet. 1867 - 1868.

Notes for Nathan Lazarus Carby:
In 1889 and 1894 Nathan signed the registrations as Nathan L. Carbey.  In 1909 the registration was signed by X as Nathan Carby.

More About Nathan Lazarus Carby:
Age: July 1889, 26 years
Occupation: Bet. 1889 - 1894, Laborer
Occupation (2): 1909, Planter
Residence: Bet. 1889 - 1909, Mason's Hope, Portland

More About Jane Thaxter:
Age: July 1889, 21 years
Fact: 1889, She signed by X, witnessed by Hubert James Walton Cato
Occupation: 1889, Seamstress
Residence: July 1889, Charles Town

More About Nathan Carby and Jane Thaxter:
Ceremony by: J. L. B. Glasse
Status of bride/groom: Spinster/bachelor
Witness: Edward Jackson, Agnes Hannah Miller
Children of Nathan Carby and Jane Thaxter are:
+ 3 i. Clementina3 Carby, born 1890 in Portland.
        4 ii. Rosa Carby, born 1892 in Portland2.

More About Rosa Carby:
Registration: 1892, in Claverty Cottage, Portland

+ 5 iii. Alexander Agustus Carby, born May 21, 1894 in Mason Hope, Portland.
        6 iv. Amos Carby, born 1898 in Portland3.

More About Amos Carby:
Registration: 1898, in Claverty Cottage, Portland

        7 v. Josiah B. Carby, born 1902 in Portland4.  He married Agnes J. Bradshaw 1922 in Portland5.

Notes for Josiah B. Carby:
There is also a marriage for Josiah Carbey [sic] to Miriam Miller in Portland in 1943.

More About Josiah B. Carby:
Registration: 1902, in Claverty Cottage, Portland

More About Josiah Carby and Agnes Bradshaw:
Marriage: 1922, Portland5

        8 vi. Levi Uzziah Carby, born 1904 in Portland6.

More About Levi Uzziah Carby:
Registration: 1904, in Claverty Cottage, Portland

        9 vii. Ida A. Carby, born 1907 in Portland7.

More About Ida A. Carby:
Registration: 1907, in Claverty Cottage, Portland

        10 viii. Laura Agatha Carby, born April 05, 1909 in Mason's Hope, Portland8.

More About Laura Agatha Carby:
Registration: April 17, 1909, In Claverty Cottage by father, present at birth

        11 ix. Virginia C. Carby, born 1913 in Portland9.

More About Virginia C. Carby:
Registration: 1913, in Claverty Cottage, Portland

        12 x. Una Carby.

Notes for Una Carby:
Reportedly Una was the last child.  Her birth has not been found in the Index to births in Portland, but the Index for several years is missing:  1895, 1896 (the letter "C"), 1914, 1915, 1917.

Generation No. 3

        3.  Clementina3 Carby (Nathan Lazarus2, John1) was born 1890 in Portland10.  She married Eustace Valentine July 05, 1916 in Fairy Hill, Portland, son of William Valentine.  He was born Bet. 1887 - 1888.

More About Clementina Carby:
Occupation: 1916, Seamstress
Registration: 1890, in Claverty Cottage, Portland
Residence: July 1916, Mason's Hope, Portland

More About Eustace Valentine:
Age: July 1916, 28 years
Occupation: 1916, Carpenter
Residence: July 1916, Berrydale, Portland

More About Eustace Valentine and Clementina Carby:
Ceremony by: C. A. Lindsay, Baptist minister11
Marriage: July 05, 1916, Fairy Hill, Portland
Status of bride/groom: Spinster/bachelor
Witness: Nathan Bradshaw and Rosa Carby
Children of Clementina Carby and Eustace Valentine are:
        13 i. Leslie Lorenzo4 Valentine, born 191812.
        14 ii. Isadora Adina Valentine, born 192013.

        5.  Alexander Agustus3 Carby (Nathan Lazarus2, John1) was born May 21, 1894 in Mason Hope, Portland14.  He married Martha Eliza Shirley May 27, 1914 in Fairy Hill, Portland, daughter of Edmond Shirley.  She was born Bet. 1894 - 1895.

More About Alexander Agustus Carby:
Age: May 1914, 20 years
Fact: 1917, Signed by X.  In 1914 he signed the Marriage Register
Occupation: 1914, Cultivator
Occupation (2): Bet. 1915 - 1917, Laborer
Registration: June 02, 1894, Birth registered by father by signature, at Claverty Cottage.  Registrar J. W. Crisp
Residence: 1914, Mason's Hope, Portland
Residence (2): 1915, Anns Delight, Portland
Residence (3): 1917, Fairy Hill, Portland

More About Martha Eliza Shirley:
Age: May 1914, 19 years
Occupation: 1914, Seamstress
Residence: May 1914, New Port, Portland

More About Alexander Carby and Martha Shirley:
Ceremony by: Arnold Shirley (Jamaica Association of Christian Churches)
Marriage: May 27, 1914, Fairy Hill, Portland
Status of bride/groom: Spinster/bachelor
Witness: Rosa Carby and William Jackson
Children of Alexander Carby and Martha Shirley are:
        15 i. Wilbert Augustus4 Carby, born October 28, 1915 in Anns Delight, Portland.  He married Euphemia Shirley 1949 in Portland15.

More About Wilbert Augustus Carby:
Registration: October 30, 1915, By Alexander Carby, father.  Registrar V. Williams

More About Wilbert Carby and Euphemia Shirley:
Marriage: 1949, Portland15

        16 ii. Murrel Nevene Carby, born December 02, 1917 in Fairy Hill, Portland16.

Notes for Murrel Nevene Carby:
Her name was spelled incorrectly on the birth registration.

More About Murrel Nevene Carby:
Registration: December 08, 1917, Birth registered by father in Claverty Cottage.  Registrar V. E. Williams


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Descendants of William Carby

        1.  William1 Carby
Child of William Carby is:
        2 i. James Elisha2 Carby, born Bet. 1869 - 1870 in Labourer.  He married Albertha McKenzie February 28, 1915 in Moore Park, Portland1; born Bet. 1874 - 1875.

More About James Elisha Carby:
Age: February 1915, 45 years
Residence: February 1915, Ann's Delight, Portland

More About Albertha McKenzie:
Age: February 1915, 40 years
Occupation: 1915, Dressmaker
Residence: February 1915, Moore Park, Portland

More About James Carby and Albertha McKenzie:
Ceremony by: W. J. Thompson, Baptist minister
Status of bride/groom: Spinster/widower
Witness: Hubert Carby and


1.  BC1622 Portland Marriages 1907-1920, 1915  #115.

Descendants of Mordecai Compass

        1.  Mordecai1 Compass was born Bet. 1830 - 1831, and died July 06, 1901 in Brae's River, St. Elizabeth1.

More About Mordecai Compass:
Age: July 1901, 70 years
Cause of Death: Dropsy, 11 months
Fact: July 1901, Married man
Occupation: 1901, Laborer
Registration: July 06, 1901, Death registered in Brae's River by Nehemiah Compass (by X), occupier, Brae's River.  E. C. Roberts, Deputy Registrar
Child of Mordecai Compass is:
        2 i. Alfred2 Compass, born Bet. 1861 - 1862.  He married Mary Ann Matilda Bromfield September 16, 1893 in St. Mary's Church, St. Elizabeth2; born September 28, 1868.
(for  more on this couple see Blair/Bromfield/Compass genealogy)


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Descendants of Elizabeth (Cover)

Generation No. 1

        1.  Elizabeth1 (Cover) died Bef. 1905.

Notes for Elizabeth (Cover):
She left her house in Stewart Town, Trelawny to her son SAMUEL MORRIS COVER.  Her daughters are also named in the Will.

More About Elizabeth (Cover):
Probate: May 27, 1905
Will: November 08, 19031
Children of Elizabeth (Cover) are:
        2 i. Anne Jane2 Cover.  She married ? Welch.
        3 ii. Rosalind Eliza Cover.  She married ? Brooks.
+ 4 iii. Alice Julia Cover.
        5 iv. Ella Elizabeth Cover.  She married ? Sims.
        6 v. Samuel Morris Cover.  He married Sarah Jane (Cover).

Generation No. 2

        4.  Alice Julia2 Cover (Elizabeth1 (Cover))  She married Sylvester Cotter.  

More About Sylvester Cotter:
Occupation: 1895, Sub. Manager, Boston Fruit Company
Residence: 1895, Rockfield, St. Ann
Child of Alice Cover and Sylvester Cotter is:
        7 i. Neville Preston3 Cotter, born July 28, 1895 in Rockfield, St. Ann2.

More About Neville Preston Cotter:
Registration: October 28, 1895, By father, in St. Ann's Bay


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2.  BC1333 St. Ann Births 1894-1895, GA3049.

Descendants of Frederick Robert Coy

Generation No. 1

        1.  Frederick Robert1 Coy died Bet. 1878 - 1888.  He met Mary Ann Birch.  

Notes for Frederick Robert Coy:
In 1832 Frederick Robert Coy was resident at Haddington in Hanover, a property about 5 miles inland from Round Hill.  His 3 children by Mary Ann Birch, to whom he was not married, were baptised in the Anglican Church in Hanover.
In 1839 he was in Portland.  There he was a trustee of the Titchfield Free School, and a Lieutenant in the local Militia (in which service was obligatory).  Also living in Portland in 1839 was William James Coy, assistant judge and magistrate, and Lieutenant in the Militia.
After the abolition of slavery, in about 1840,  he acquired the properties of Good Hope and Covey in Trelawny, along with the property of Pembroke.  He was on the Voters' List in Trelawny, a Magistrate, and a Member of the Trelawny Municipal Board.
According to the "History of the Parish of Trelawny" he was unmarried and an atheist.
An article in the Falmouth Post referred to his presence at an agricultural fair in Hanover in 1873 saying '"Coy's Boys" were right glad to see their valued instructor and friend present.  "Old Fred" looked almost as fresh as he did in the days when he was distinguished in Hanover for hospitality, and he met with a "glorious reception."'  

The Will of FREDERICK ROBERT COY of Good Hope Estate, Trelawny, Esquire.  
To MISS MARY PRIOR now residing at Good Hope £20.
To  GEORGIANA JOSEPHINE COY my granddaughter now residing at Good Hope £50.
I give my property Good Hope with the Covey Lands incorporated, and  the stock, carts, wagons and implements equally to my grandson JOHN HENRY BRUCH and granddaughter SARAH JANE MACKERETH (to be administered by trustees until she is 21.)
Executors and trustees: JOHN BRUCH, and ARTHUR MACKERETH of Trelawny planter.
DATED May 20, 1876
RECORDED Lib. III Fol. 217, May 30, 1888

More About Frederick Robert Coy:
Addressed as: Esquire
Fact: 1856, Magistrate in Trelawny1
Race/nationality/color: Englishman 2
Residence: Bet. 1832 - 1833, Haddington, Hanover
Residence (2): 1838, Portland
Residence (3): Bet. 1840 - 1878, Good Hope Estate, Trelawny
Will: May 20, 18763
Will recorded: May 30, 1888

More About Mary Ann Birch:
Race/nationality/color: Quadroon
Children of Frederick Coy and Mary Birch are:
        2 i. Maria2 Coy, born Bef. September 03, 1832; died May 1833 in Hanover.

More About Maria Coy:
Age: May 1833, infant
Baptism: September 03, 1832, Hanover by P. Burton4
Burial: May 29, 1833, Haddington, Hanover by Percival Burton5
Race/nationality/color: Mestee

+ 3 ii. Sarah Jane Coy, born Bet. 1829 - 1830; died February 12, 1862 in Good Hope, Trelawny.
+ 4 iii. Frederick Robert Coy, born Bef. September 03, 1832.
+ 5 iv. [Female] Coy.

Generation No. 2

        3.  Sarah Jane2 Coy (Frederick Robert1) was born Bet. 1829 - 1830, and died February 12, 1862 in Good Hope, Trelawny.  She married Arthur Mackereth.  

Notes for Sarah Jane Coy:
From a Monumental Inscription at St. Peter's Church at Good Hope, Trelawny:
"Sacred to the Memory of Sarah Jane, the beloved wife of Arthur Mackereth, who died at Good Hope Estate, Feb. 12th, 1862. Aged 32 years. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints."

More About Sarah Jane Coy:
Age: February 1862, 32 years
Baptism: September 03, 1832, Hanover by P. Burton6
Burial: February 1862, St. Peter's Churchyard, Good Hope, Trelawny
Race/nationality/color: Mestee

More About Arthur Mackereth:
Executor of estate: Will of Frederick Coy
Child of Sarah Coy and Arthur Mackereth is:
        6 i. Sarah Jane3 Mackereth, born Aft. 1855.

        4.  Frederick Robert2 Coy (Frederick Robert1) was born Bef. September 03, 1832.

More About Frederick Robert Coy:
Baptism: September 03, 1832, Hanover by P. Burton7
Race/nationality/color: Mestee
Child of Frederick Robert Coy is:
        7 i. Georgiana Josephine3 Coy.

        5.  [Female]2 Coy (Frederick Robert1)  She married John Bruch.  

More About John Bruch:
Executor of estate: Will of Frederick Coy
Child of [Female] Coy and John Bruch is:
        8 i. John Henry3 Bruch.


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Descendants of John Coy

Generation No. 1

        1.  John1 Coy

More About John Coy:
Fact: His name is recorded as the father of the bride at Lydia Coy's marriage
Child of John Coy is:
+ 2 i. Lydia2 Coy, born Bet. 1879 - 1880.

Generation No. 2

        2.  Lydia2 Coy (John1) was born Bet. 1879 - 1880.  She met (1) ? Bef. 1897.    She married (2) James Henry Norman Dale March 07, 1901 in Stewart Town Anglican Church, Trelawny1, son of John Emmanuel Dale.  He was born Bet. 1877 - 1878.

More About Lydia Coy:
Age: March 1901, 21 years
Residence: 1901, Stewart Town, Trelawny

More About ? and Lydia Coy:
Single: Bef. 1897

More About James Henry Norman Dale:
Age: March 1901, 23 years (on marriage registration)
Occupation: 1901, Carpenter
Residence: 1901, Stewart Town, Trelawny

More About James Dale and Lydia Coy:
Ceremony by: James P. Hall, Anglican minister
Status of bride/groom: Spinster/bachelor
Witness: George Hill and Albertha Brown
Child of Lydia Coy and ? is:
        3 i. Leslie3 Coy, born 1897 in Trelawny.

More About Leslie Coy:
Registration: 1897, Birth registered in Stewart Town, Trelawny2

Children of Lydia Coy and James Dale are:
        4 i. Reginald3 Dale, born 1901 in Trelawny.

More About Reginald Dale:
Registration: 1901, Birth registered in Stewart, Town, Trelawny3

        5 ii. Alvin Dale, born 1909 in Trelawny.

More About Alvin Dale:
Registration: 1909, Birth registered in Stewart, Town, Trelawny4

        6 iii. Hazel Millicent Dale, born 1912 in Trelawny.

More About Hazel Millicent Dale:
Registration: 1912, Birth registered in Stewart, Town, Trelawny5

        7 iv. Donald Edgar Dale, born 1914 in Trelawny.

More About Donald Edgar Dale:
Registration: 1914, Birth registered in Stewart, Town, Trelawny6

        8 v. Ira Sydney Dale, born 1917.

More About Ira Sydney Dale:
Registration: 1917, Birth registered in Stewart, Town, Trelawny7


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Descendants of William James Coy

        1.  William James1 Coy  He met (1) Margaret Wells Bef. 1835.    He married (2) Jane Ann Brown August 15, 1839 in Portland1.  

Notes for William James Coy:
In the 1839 Almanac he was listed as an assistant judge and Magistrate in Portland (1838), and a Lieutenant in the Portland Militia.

More About William James Coy:
Occupation: Bet. 1835 - 1841, Planter
Residence: 1835, Shrewsbury
Residence (2): 1835, Portland
Residence (3): 1841, Port Antonio, Portland

More About William Coy and Margaret Wells:
Single: Bef. 1835

More About Jane Ann Brown:
Residence: 1839, Portland

More About William Coy and Jane Brown:
Ceremony by: G. Griffiths, rector
Marriage: August 15, 1839, Portland1
Marriage license: 1839
Child of William Coy and Margaret Wells is:
        2 i. William Haughton2 Coy, born April 29, 1834.

More About William Haughton Coy:
Baptism: March 23, 1835, Portland by R. Forbes2

Child of William Coy and Jane Brown is:
        3 i. William Frederick2 Coy, born July 07, 1841.

More About William Frederick Coy:
Baptism: July 15, 1841, Portland by G. Griffiths, rector3


1.  B0016 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage I & II, 1826-1839, II, p. 391.
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