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Descendants of L. Wilmot Sharp

1. L. Wilmot Sharp was born October 01, 1848 in Hanover (Source: B136 "Who's Who in Jamaica" 1916, p. 126.).

More About L. Wilmot Sharp:

Occupation: 1916, Justice of the Peace for Trelawny

Descendants of Susan Shaw

1. Susan Shaw was born Abt. 1810.

More About Susan Shaw:

Occupation: 1835, Apprentice

Residence: 1835, Bowden, St. Thomas in the East


Child of Susan Shaw is:

2 i. Thomas Smellie, born Bef. September 20, 1835.

More About Thomas Smellie:

Baptism: September 20, 1835, St. Thomas in the East, by L. H. Cooke (Source: B0074 St. Thomas BMB II & III, 1817-1841, III, p. 43 #365.)

Descendants of Wilton C. Shekell

1. Wilton C. Shekell was born 1866 in Comberton, Worcestershire, England (Source: B136 "Who's Who in Jamaica" 1916, p. 126.).

More About Wilton C. Shekell:

Fact: Grandson of John Hilton, Comfort Hall, St. James, and Mountain Springs, Westmoreland

Occupation: Bet. 1911 - 1916, Planter of bananas etc. Mountain Springs, Cambridge, and Montpelier

Occupation (2): Justice of the Peace

Descendants of Charles Shirley

1. Charles Shirley was born Abt. 1856. He married Elizabeth (Shirley). She was born Abt. 1856.


Child of Charles Shirley and Elizabeth (Shirley) is:

2 i. the Revd. C. S. Shirley, born July 05, 1881 in Fairy Hill, Portland (Source: B136 "Who's Who in Jamaica" 1916, p. 127.).

More About the Revd. C. S. Shirley:

Occupation: Bet. 1914 - 1916, Native minister for Christian Women's Board of Missions of the USA

Descendants of Henry Ashley Sibless

1. Henry Ashley Sibless was born Abt. 1829. He married Eleanor Linton June 30, 1854 in St. Elizabeth (Source: B0056 St. Elizabeth Parish Register III & IV, 1835-1859, IV, p. 403 #23.). She was born Abt. 1829.

More About Henry Ashley Sibless:

Residence: 1854, St. Elizabeth

More About Eleanor Linton:

Residence: 1854, St. Elizabeth

Descendants of Charles Sibley

1. The Revd. Charles Sibley


Child of the Revd. Charles Sibley is:

2 i. The Revd. W. P. Sibley, born in Mount Peto, Hanover (Source: B136 "Who's Who in Jamaica" 1916, p. 127.).

More About the Revd. W. P. Sibley:

Occupation: 1916, Minister of the Jamaica Baptist Union

Descendants of Alfred James [Secard] Sicard

1. Alfred James [Secard] Sicard was born April 27, 1862.

More About Alfred James [Secard] Sicard:

Baptism: December 29, 1865, St. Catherine (Source: B0043 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms XV, 1861-1867, XV, p. 38.)

Residence: 1865, Spanish Town, St. Catherine

Descendants of Achilles Sicard

1. Achilles Sicard was born Abt. 1811. He married Helena Sicard September 18, 1836 in St. Ann (Source: B0005 St. Ann Parish Register BMB Vol IV, 1765-1826, p. 393.). She was born Abt. 1811.

More About Achilles Sicard:

Residence: 1836, York Castle.

Descendants of John Sicard

1. John Sicard was born Abt. 1811. He married Flora Sicard May 01, 1836 in St. Ann (Source: B0016 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage I & II, 1826-1839, I, p. 382.). She was born Abt. 1811.

More About John Sicard:

Occupation: 1836, Apprentice to York Castle

More About Flora Sicard:

Occupation: 1836, Apprentice to York Castle

More About John Sicard and Flora Sicard:

Ceremony by: G. W. Bridges

Marriage banns: 1836

Descendants of Louis Sicard

1. Louis Sicard was born Abt. 1809.

More About Louis Sicard:

Occupation: 1835, Goldsmith

Residence: 1834, St. Ann's Bay


Child of Louis Sicard is:

2 i. Mary Matilda Sicard, born April 05, 1834.

More About Mary Matilda Sicard:

Age: January 1835, 8 months

Baptism: January 04, 1835, St. Ann (Source: B0019 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms III & IIIb, 1835-1836 & 1845-1849, III, p. 199 #16.)

Descendants of Solomon Austin Sicard

1. Solomon Austin Sicard was born November 15, 1851.

More About Solomon Austin Sicard:

Baptism: April 16, 1854, St. Ann (Source: B0042 Jamaica Parish Register New Series VII, 1852-1856, p. 146 #114.)

Fact: Baptism by G. W. Clinkett, Island Curate

Descendants of James Sievwright

1. James Sievwright was born Abt. 1850. He married Ann Chrystie March 03, 1875 in Lime Tree Garden, St. Ann (Source: B0010 Jamaica Law 6 Register Marriages II & III, 1871-1878, II, p. 305.). She was born Abt. 1850.

More About James Sievwright:

Occupation: 1875, Carpenter

Residence: 1875, Mount Nebo

More About Ann Chrystie:

Residence: 1875, Darlington

More About James Sievwright and Ann Chrystie:

Status of bride/groom: Spinster

Descendants of Ellen Richard Siley

1. Ellen Richard Siley was born Abt. 1855.


Child of Ellen Richard Siley is:

2 i. Richard Samuel Forrest, born June 03, 1880 in Amity Hall (Source: F1389170 St. Ann Register of Births, 1878-1881, G. D. 498.).

More About Richard Samuel Forrest:

Registration: By Samuel Forrest "person having charge of child"

Descendants of Thomas Morrison Sill

1. Thomas Morrison Sill was born Bef. February 08, 1835.

More About Thomas Morrison Sill:

Baptism: February 08, 1835, Manchester (Source: B0059 Manchester Parish Register I, 1817-1836, p. 299.)

Residence: 1835, Green Pond

Descendants of William Silvera

1. William Silvera was born Abt. 1832. He married Sarah (Silvera). She was born Abt. 1832.

More About William Silvera:

Occupation: 1857, Tinsmith

Residence: 1857, Mannings Town


Child of William Silvera and Sarah (Silvera) is:

2 i. Frances Augusta Silvera, born February 10, 1857.

More About Frances Augusta Silvera:

Baptism: April 05, 1857, St. Mary (Source: B0035 Jamaica Parish Register New Series Baptisms IX & X, 1856-1863, IX, p. 58.)

Descendants of George Sim

1. George Sim was born February 08, 1840.

More About George Sim:

Baptism: September 05, 1841, Trelawny (Source: B0002 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms IV-VII, 1834-1845, VI, p. 174 #122.)

Residence: 1841, Braco

Descendants of James Sime

1. James Sime was born Abt. 1849. He married Rebecca Gardiner. She was born Abt. 1849.

More About James Sime:

Occupation: 1875, Overseer

Residence: 1875, Bellfield


Child of James Sime and Rebecca Gardiner is:

2 i. Florence Temperance Sime, born June 20, 1874 in Watson Town.

More About Florence Temperance Sime:

Baptism: January 14, 1875, St. James (Source: B0017 Jamaica Law 6 Baptisms IV & V, 1874-1877, IV, p. 340 #1.)

Race/nationality/color: Colored

Residence: 1875, Bellfield

Descendants of John Sime

1. John Sime was born July 07, 1840, and died August 1840.

More About John Sime:

Age: August 06, 1840, 30 days

Burial: August 06, 1840, Rio Bueno, Trelawny, church yard (Source: B0024 Jamaica Parish Register Burials I & II, 1826-1844, II, p. 389 #60.)

Residence: 1840, Rio Bueno, Trelawny

Descendants of Robert Simmonds

1. Robert Simmonds was born Abt. 1835. He married Jennie (Simmonds). She was born Abt. 1835.


Child of Robert Simmonds and Jennie (Simmonds) is:

2 i. the Honourable Robert Percy Simmonds, born March 06, 1860 in Leigh, Essex, England (Source: B136 "Who's Who in Jamaica" 1916, p. 127.).

More About the Honourable Robert Percy Simmonds:

Occupation: 1900, Member of Legislative Council for St. Mary

Occupation (2): Justice of the Peace

Occupation (3): Planter of bananas and cocoa, Port Maria

Descendants of Abraham Simms

1. Abraham Simms was born Abt. 1852. He met Elizabeth Lewis. She was born Abt. 1852.

More About Abraham Simms:

Occupation: 1877, Laborer


Child of Abraham Simms and Elizabeth Lewis is:

2 i. Lewis Simms, born Bef. June 21, 1877.

More About Lewis Simms:

Baptism: June 21, 1877, St. Elizabeth (Source: B0020 Jamaica Law 6 Baptisms VI, 1876-1879, p. 271 #50.)

Race/nationality/color: Black

Descendants of Benjamin Simms

1. Benjamin Simms was born Abt. 1847. He married Dorothy Ebanks. She was born Abt. 1847.

More About Benjamin Simms:

Occupation: 1872, Laborer

Residence: 1872, Parottee, St. Elizabeth


Child of Benjamin Simms and Dorothy Ebanks is:

2 i. Arthur Benjamin Simms, born February 18, 1872 in Barbary Hall.

More About Arthur Benjamin Simms:

Baptism: July 19, 1872, St. Elizabeth (Source: B0011 Jamaica Law 6 Register Baptisms II & III, 1872-1874, III, p. 263 #79.)

Race/nationality/color: Colored

Residence: 1872, Parottee, St. Elizabeth

Descendants of Margaret Simms

1. Margaret Simms was born 1818, and died May 1830.

More About Margaret Simms:

Age: May 1830, 92 years

Burial: May 22, 1830, Montego Bay, St. James (Source: B0024 Jamaica Parish Register Burials I & II, 1826-1844, I, p. 263 #40.)

Race/nationality/color: Colored

Residence: Montego Bay, St. James

Descendants of William Simms

1. William Simms was born Abt. 1852. He married Edith Woolam. She was born Abt. 1852.

More About William Simms:

Degree: M. A.

Occupation: 1877, Schoolmaster

Race/nationality/color: White


Child of William Simms and Edith Woolam is:

2 i. William Simms, born January 30, 1877 in Potsdam, St. Elizabeth.

More About William Simms:

Baptism: April 04, 1877, St. Elizabeth, by C. G. McGregor (Source: B0020 Jamaica Law 6 Baptisms VI, 1876-1879, p. 118 #96.)

Race/nationality/color: White

Descendants of David Simons

1. David Simons was born Abt. 1819. He married Jane Maria Gerrard June 29, 1844 in St. Catherine (Source: B0012 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage III & IV, 1838-1855, III, p. 328.). She was born Abt. 1819.

More About David Simons:

Occupation: 1844, Sergeant of the Royal Artillery

More About Jane Maria Gerrard:

Residence: 1844, St. Catherine

More About David Simons and Jane Gerrard:

Marriage license: 1844

Status of bride/groom: Spinster

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