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1. All baptisms, marriages and burial before 1878 are from Anglican Parish Registers, unless otherwise noted.
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Descendants of John Rowland Naylor

        1.  John Rowland1 Naylor was born in Liverpool, England, and died Bet. February 10 - April 11, 1855.  He married Elizabeth Perry Aft. April 11, 1850.  

Notes for John Rowland Naylor:
Probate on his will was entered on April 23, 1855. A Summary is as follows: John Rowland Naylor late of Liverpool Great Britain, but now of Manchioneal in St. Thomas in the East, request that all my just debts be paid and I make all my personal and real properties liable, which consist of a Lot of Land and 2 horses and the stock and book debts, and the residue to be equally divided between my wife Elizabeth Naylor and my children, viz; John Rowland Naylor, William Naylor, Charles Perry Naylor, George Duncan Naylor, Henry Murray Naylor and Mary Elizabeth Naylor.  I also make liable a piece of Land situate at Fair Prospect in St. Thomas in the East.  Executors were George Ward Esq. of the same parish, and Elizabeth Naylor his wife.  Dated February 10, 1855.

More About John Rowland Naylor:
Occupation: 1838, Lumber measurer for Portland
Occupation (2): 1855, Shopkeeper
Residence (1): Liverpool, England
Residence (2): 1855, Manchioneal, St. Thomas in the East
Will: February 10, 1855
Will Probated: April 12, 1855

Notes for Elizabeth Perry:
In 1838 to 1843 the Portland Parish Register listed her name as Elizabeth Parry at the baptism of her children.

On April 12, 1850 she signed a deed as Elizabeth Perry, spinster, in which she temporarily transferred, pending her marriage to John Rowland Naylor the elder, to Alexander Cameron in trust for her and John Rowland Naylor the younger William Naylor and George Duncan Naylor, her illegitimate children for John Rowland Naylor the elder, land consisting of 14,662 square feet.

More About Elizabeth Perry:
Occupation: Bet. 1841 - 1843, Housekeeper (meaning living with a man to whom she was not married)
Residence: Bet. 1838 - 1843, Port Antonio, Portland
Residence (2): Bet. 1845 - 1855, Manchioneal Bay, St. Thomas in the East

Children of John Naylor and Elizabeth Perry are:
        2 i. Hellen2 Naylor, born March 25, 1838.

More About Hellen Naylor:
Baptism: October 14, 1838, Portland by G. Griffiths, rector1

        3 ii. Charlotte Ann Naylor, born February 09, 1841.

More About Charlotte Ann Naylor:
Baptism: July 04, 1841, Portland2

        4 iii. John Rowland Naylor, born April 25, 1843.

More About John Rowland Naylor:
Baptism: July 24, 1843, Portland3

        5 iv. William Naylor.
        6 v. Charles Perry Naylor, born October 10, 1845.

Notes for Charles Perry Naylor:
The Parish Register spelled his middle name 'Parry' at his baptism.

More About Charles Perry Naylor:
Baptism: November 07, 1845, St. Thomas in the East4

        7 vi. George Duncan Naylor, born November 22, 1847.

More About George Duncan Naylor:
Baptism: March 05, 1848, St. Thomas in the East5

        8 vii. Henry Murray Naylor.
        9 viii. Mary Elizabeth Naylor.


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Descendants of James Stewart

Generation No. 1

        1.  James1 Stewart  He married Ann (Stewart) Bef. 1763.  

Notes for James Stewart:
A patent in the Jamaica Archives indicates that James Stewart arrived in Jamaica before 1754.  The text of the Patent is as follows:

Patent No. 26, p. 70
Entered llth January 1754
Jamaica SS. George II (&c.) King and of Jamaica Lord Defender of the Faith (&c.) To all whom these presents shall come Greeting. Know ye that we for and in consideration that James Stewart hath transported himself with his Servants and Slaves unto our said Island in pursuance of a Proclamation made in the Reign of His late Majesty King Charles II of Blessed Memory and for his better Encouragement to become one of our planters there and for divers other good causes and considerations Especially moving (&c.) do Give and Grant unto the said James Stewart his heirs and Assigns 167 acres of land in the Parish of St James Bounding North upon the Sea, East upon Captain Thomas Clarke South upon John Richardson and West upon Edward Morris and John Stanley, as appears on the Annexed Platt together with all Edifices Trees Woods Ways Water Courses Rents Profits Commodities Emoluments Advantages Easements and Hereditaments whatsoever growing in or being in or upon the Premises or any part of them Together with all Mines and Minerals whatsoever being upon the Premises or any part thereof (Mines of Gold and Silver being excepted) To have and to Hold the said Parcel of Land Meadow Pasture or Woodland and all and singular other the Premises hereby Granted and their and every of their Appurtenances unto the said James Stewart his heirs and assigns forever to the only proper use and Behoofe of him the said James Stewart his heirs and Assigns forever more--Rendering therefor yearly and every year unto us our heirs and Successors the yearly Rent or Sum of 6/7 1/2 current Money of this Island on the Feast Day of St Michael and the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary by even and equal portions and also Rendering yearly and every year unto our heirs and .Successors a Twentieth part of the clear yearly profits of all Base Mines hereby granted on the said Feast Day of St Michael which shall happen to be found in or upon the Premises or any part of them And moreover we Will and Grant for us our heirs and Successors unto the said James Stewart his heirs and Assigns that the Enrollment of these our letters Patent in our Chief Court of Administration of Justice or Secretary's Office of our Said Island shall be as good firm Valid and Effectual in the Law for Transferring the Premises according to the true intent and meaning as these presents as if the same Premises had been Granted Aliened or Transferred or these presents Executed by us after any other manner or Way whatsoever So always as these our letters Patent be Jnrolled within the space of 6 months from the date hereof and not otherwise any Law Custom or usage to the Contrary Nevertheless our further Will and Pleasure is that the said James Stewart his heirs and Assigns shall upon any Insurrection Mutiny Rebellion or. Invasion which may happen in our said Island during his or their Residence on the same be ready to Serve and shall actually Serve us our heirs and Successors in Arms upon the Command of our Governor or Commander-in-Chief for the time being Provided that the said James Stewart his heirs or Assigns do begin a Settlement upon the said Island within 6 months and open 10 acres every year for 4 years and keep 4 negroes for every 100 acres of land for 5 years from the time he shall begin the settlement but should he not comply with these conditions then the said Patent to be deemed Null and Void and the land from that time revested in us to be Regranted to any other person- Provided also that the said James Stewart his heirs and Assigns shall keep and maintain a sufficient number of White men (if to be procured) proportionable to the number of slaves thereon employed according to the true intent and meaning of an Act of the Governor Council and Assembly of our Island Intitled an Act for Regulating Servants-provided also that said James Stewart his heirs and Assigns do keep and maintain 2 white men on the said Land Pursuant to our Instructions of 1st July 1735.
Witness his Excy: Chas. Knowles Esq. Capt. Genl. (&c.) Rear Admiral of the Red Squadron of our Fleet at St Jago de la Vega 8th January in the 27th year of our Reign Annog. Domini 1754.
CHAS. KNOWLES. Ro. Pringle Cl. Pat.
Names on Plat, reading South to North:

John Richardson           James Stewart 167 acres                   The Sea
Lance Wood     Capt. THOMAS CLARKE                           Button Wood
Jamaica SS. By Virtue of an order bearing date the 9th day of July 1753 from His Excy. Chas. Knowles, Capt. Genl. Governor (&c.) of His Majesty's Island of Jamaica. I have surveyed and laid out unto James Stewart 167 acres of land in the Parish of St James Bounding North upon the Sea East upon Capt. Thos. Clarke South upon John Richardson as appears by above Plat laid down by a scale of 20 chains to the inch. 24th August 1753.

More About James Stewart and Ann (Stewart):
Marriage: Bef. 1763
Child of James Stewart and Ann (Stewart) is:
+ 2 i. James2 Stewart, born January 01, 1763; died August 1828.

Generation No. 2

        2.  James2 Stewart (James1) was born January 01, 1763, and died August 1828.  He married Elizabeth Christian Law Bef. 1783, daughter of Robert Law and Dorothy Cross.  

Notes for James Stewart:
His baptism was the first one recorded in the Parish register for Trelawny, a parish newly formed from a part of St. James.

The Jamaica Almanacs contain information on his public service, and his service in the militia.

1790 Ensign in the Trelawny Militia of Foot.
1796 Lieutenant Colonel, serving as captain in the Trelawny Militia of Foot.

1796 Judge of the Common Pleas, Judge of the Cornwall Assizes.
1796-1808  Member of Assembly for Trelawny
1808 Custos of Trelawny, President and Director of the Water Company, Vice-President of the Agricultural Society.

The Almanacs list him as the owner of Stewart Castle, with slaves and stock as follows:

1811 302 slaves, 402 stock
1815 300 slaves, over 300 stock
1818 368 slaves, 240 stock
1820 376 slaves, 272 stock

The 1822 Almanac lists Robert Shedden and Sons as owner of Stewart Castle with 367 slaves, 250 stock.

The town of Stewart Town in Trelawny was named after him.  It is near the border with St. Ann.

More About James Stewart:
Age: 1828, 65 years 7 months
Baptism: January 01, 1771, Trelawny1
Burial: August 05, 1828, Trelawny, by W. Fraser, rector2
Race/nationality/color: White
Residence: 1828, Novar settlement

Notes for Elizabeth Christian Law:
Her name was listed as Elizabeth Christian (Stewart) at the baptism of two of her children, and as Elizabeth Christiana at the baptism of one (Georgiana).

More About James Stewart and Elizabeth Law:
Marriage: Bef. 1783
Children of James Stewart and Elizabeth Law are:
+ 3 i. James Charles3 Stewart, born February 24, 1783.
        4 ii. Henry Dallas Stewart, born November 29, 1784.

More About Henry Dallas Stewart:
Baptism: February 10, 1785, Trelawny3

        5 iii. Eliza Ann Stewart, born November 24, 1787.

More About Eliza Ann Stewart:
Baptism: June 24, 1790, Trelawny4

        6 iv. Georgiana Charlotte Stewart, born October 27, 1789.

More About Georgiana Charlotte Stewart:
Baptism: June 24, 1790, Trelawny5

        7 v. Sarah Dorothy Matilda Stewart, born March 01, 1805.

More About Sarah Dorothy Matilda Stewart:
Baptism: April 18, 1809, Trelawny6

Generation No. 3

        3.  James Charles3 Stewart (James2, James1) was born February 24, 1783.  He married Ann Wilhelmina Brissett 1809 in Bath, England7, daughter of Joseph Brissett and Mary (Brissett).  She was born January 19, 1791.

More About James Charles Stewart:
Baptism: May 01, 1783, Trelawny8

More About Ann Wilhelmina Brissett:
Baptism: April 20, 1791, Hanover9

More About James Stewart and Ann Brissett:
Marriage: 1809, Bath, England10
Child of James Stewart and Ann Brissett is:
        8 i. Elmina4 Stewart, born 1811 in Bath, England.  She married (1) H. Spooner.  She married (2) Eyre Crabbe.


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