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Date format Month/Day/YEAR

b = born

bap = baptized

bur = buried

d = died

F = father

M = mother

mar = married/marriage

P = parents

PAB = present at birth

reg. = registered

res. = residence

STIV = St. Thomas in the Vale

(U) = unmarried

(W) = Wife

yrs = years

SOURCE REFERENCES: Volume, page, item number. Example. X, p. 120 #6.

All events prior to 1878 are Anglican, unless otherwise indicated (viz. those marked Civil, or Diss. for Dissenter).

Aarons, Henry, married, aged 44, shopkeeper, d 11/21/1884 Falmouth, Trelawny. Cause excessive drinking, uncertain. Reg by Louis Robinson, Brouttes, Falmouth 11/24/1884. Civil OA18.

Abraham, Charles Stanly, b 12/22/1862, bap 5/17/1863 Clarendon. Res Rock River. XV, p. 394 #148.

Abraham, Thomas Theophilus, b 8/26/1862, bap 2/15/1863 Clarendon by Josias Cork, Island Curate. Res Rock River. XV, p. 390 #94.

Abrahams, ____, (male child not named before registration. A reader states that he was later named William), b 8/7/1845 Kingston. F= Arthur Abrahams, merchant. M= Adeline Madure. F Res Orange Street, reg 8/27/2845. Civil II, p. 70 #320.

Abrahams, Alexander, b 4/20/1857, bap 3/11/1860 Clarendon. XIII, p. 255 #53.

Abrahams, Alexander Burton, b 3/10/1845 St. Catherine. P= James Abrahams, gentleman, storekeeper and his wife Esther nee Barrow. Res Wellington Street. Civil II, p. 34 #95.

Abrahams, Ancilla, b 8/7/1868, bap 3/5/1869 St. Thomas in the Vale. Res Golden Grove. XVIII, p. 306 #53.

Abrahams, Beatrice Ann, age 3 1/2 years, bap 12/30/1866 St. Thomas in the Vale. Res Golden Grove. XVIII, p. 278 #337.

Abrahams, Benjamin, free mulatto man about 45 years old, bap 7/15/1796 in The Rectory, St. John. I, p. 23.

Abrahams, Caroline Louisa, b 11/3/1866, bap 1/31/1869 in St. Thomas in the Vale, St. Catherine. Res Linstead. XVIII, p. 303 #11.

Abrahams, George, infant, bap 2/23/1840 in Port Royal. P= George Abrahams and Dorothy (W). Res Abby Grove. II, p. 84 #43.

Abrahams, Madeline Maud McKenzie, sambo, b 9/21/1874 Chapelton, bap 8/8/1875 in Chapelton, Clarendon. F= George McKenzie Abrahams. M= Leonora Adelaide Hales. Res Chapelton. Law 6, V, p. 26

Abrahams, Miriam Purnella Amanda, colored, b 4/29/1874 Linstead, bap 3/21/1875 St. Catherine. F= George Abrahams, merchant. M= Rebecca Larder (U). Res Linstead. Law 6, V, p. 163.

Abrahams, Richard Austin, b 12/22/1854, bap 5/27/1855 St. Thomas in the Vale. M= Sarah Ann Redwood. Res Golden Grove. Cottager. VII, p. 376 #70.

Abrams, Ann Eliza, b 6/3/1853 St. Elizabeth. P= Richard Abrams and Ann (W). Civil IV, p. 106 #27.

Abrams, Ernest Randolf, b 12/19/1878 Manchester Street, Spanish Town, St. Catherine. P= George Abrams, proprietor, and wife Deborah nee Magnus. Res Longville. Reg by Montiforo Magnus, child's uncle, res Longville. Civil A227.

Aguilar, Albert, b 8/6/1846, bap 1/20/1848 Kingston by J. M. Myers. Res Temple Lane. V, p. 47 #168.

Aguilar, Anne Marie, aged 4 years, bur 7/4/1861 church yard, Westmoreland, by Henry Clarke. V, p. 302 #94.

Aguilar, Charles, free mustee, b 11/9/1821 [sic], bap 8/28/1821 Kingston. II, p. 374.

Aguilar, Elizabeth, b 3/23/1810, bap 6/11/1810, Kingston. F= Joseph Aguilar. M= Mary Beaver, free quadroon. II, p. 221.

Aguilar, Francis Lewis, b 5/21/1844, bap 1/30/1846 Kingston., Res Temple Lane. IV, p. 116 #20.

Aguilar, George, aged 28 years, bap 9/28/1825 Kingston. II, p. 428.

Aguilar, George F., bap 1811 Kingston. F= George Aguilar. II, p. 408.

Aguilar, Henrietta, b 10/9/1845, bap 11/28/1845 Kingston by W. Mayhew. IV, p. 113 #524.

Aguilar, James, b 11/14/1837, bap 3/15/1840 Kingston. Res Stanton Street. III, p. 75 #1106.

Aguilar, Jane, b 10/25/1833, bap 12/14/1833 in a private baptism in Kingston. Res John's Lane. II, p. 24 #400.

Aguilar, Joseph Eubank, b 11/11/1799, bap 2/27/1800 Kingston. F= Joseph Aguilar. M= Sarah Eubank, quadroon. II, p. 90.

Aguilar, Martha Rosalinda, b 6/21/1842, bap 1/30/1846 Kingston. Res Temple Lane. IV, p. 116 #19.

Aguilar, Mary Ann Thompson, b 8/11/1840, bap 7/20/1842 Kingston. Res King Street. III, p. 163 #331.

Aguilar, Mary Ascue, b 11/25/1794, bap 5/17/1796 Kingston. F= Joseph Aguilar. M= Anne Ascue Hanalf, mulatto, baptized same day. II, p. 37.

Aguilar, Matilda, aged 5 months, d 4/13/1871, bur 4/14/1871 N. W. Ground, Kingston. Law 6, I, p. 109 #186.

Aguilar, Robert, store clerk aged 19 years, bur 2/24/1852 church yard, St. Thomas in the East. Res Morant Bay. III, p. 419 #6.

Aguilar, Rosanna Isabel, b 9/10/1863, bap 3/9/1864 St. Thomas in the East. Res Johns [?] Town. XV, p. 446 #72.

Aguilar, William D., b 12/13/1833, bap privately 1/14/1834 Kingston. Res Charles Street. II, p. 27 #332.

Aguilar, Zachariah, tailor, bachelor, aged 28 years, d 7/27/1886 in Public Hospital, Kingston. Cause Septecemia and cellulitis. Civil A1220.

Allen, James, mar Rachel Livingston 1/1/1835 by license, by George D. Hill, Assistant Curate. Both res Kingston. I, p. 52 #1.

Allen, Thomas, aged 2 years, bap 8/5/1838 St. Dorothy. M= Anne Jackson. Res Fullers Pen. V, p. 247 #82.

Anderson, William, mar Caroline Bruce 5/13/1859 St. Elizabeth by banns. Both res St. Elizabeth. IV, p. 450 #28.

Anglin, Catherine, laborer, mother of Celeste Zipporah b 6/15/1924 in Argyle Mountain, Westmoreland. Reg. by Matilda Gordon 7/28 in Bethel Town, PAB. Civil LI6864

Atkinson, James, mason, bachelor, mar Charlotte Preston, widow full age, res Kingston, 3/27/1865 in the United Methodist Free Church, Kingston by William Griffiths, minister, by license. Diss. XIV, p. 117 #19.

Austin, Adelhanitto Hence, b 11/22/1849, bap 8/30/1850 Kingston, V, p. 159 #553.

Austin, Ambrosine Lavinia, b 6/5/1857, bap 10/2/1857 Kingston, Res West Street. VI, p. 195 #500.

Austin, Ann, b 4/17/1851, bap 1/20/1852 Kingston. Res White Street. VI, p. 11 #55

Austin, Anne, b 6/1/1835, bap 1/31/1836 Kinston by George Hill, Assistant Curate. P= Thomas Austin, cabinet maker and Maria (W). Res Temple Lane. III, p. 288 #95.

Austin, Elizabeth, b 7/2/1843, bap 1/22/1844 Kingston. Res Hanna Street. IV, p. 45 #51.

Austin, Francis, b 3/27/1854, bap 5/21/1854 Kingston. Res Temple Lane. VI, p. 83 #283.

Austin, Francis, aged about 6 years, bap 8/19/1838 Kingston. Res Johns Lane. II, p. 40 #349.

Austin, Francis Banner, b 7/13/1854, bap 2/9/1855 Kingston. Res West Street. VI, p. 107 #31.

Austin, George, aged about 8 years, bap 8/19/1838 Kingston. Res Johns Lane. II, p. 40 #348.

Austin, Henrietta Ann, b 7/3/1846, bap 2/17/1847 Kingston. V, p. 1 #100.

Austin, Henry Augustus, b 4/17/1853, bap 2/5/1854 Kingston. VI, p. 68 #20.

Austin, Hugh Leith Gordon, b 5/29/1866, bap 7/28/1866 Kingston. P= Hugh William Austin, Receiver General, and Jeanie (W). Res Hanover Street. VII, p. 286.

Austin, Isaac Nathaniel, b 12/6/1867, bap 7/24/1868 Kingston. VIII, p. 41 #329.

Austin, John, b 3/2/1855, bap 8/22/1855 Kingston. Res Rose Lane. VI, p. 127 #411.

Austin, John Peter, b 4/1/1843, bap 1/3/1844 Kingston. Res Rosemary Lane. IV, p. 43 #29.

Austin, Lucretia Prince, b 3/19/1840, bap 1/24/1841 Kingston. Res Water Lane. III, p. 106 #61.

Austin, Mary Ambrose, b 7/4/1867, bap 10/9/1867 Kingston. Res Rum Lane. VIII, p. 16 #367.

Austin, Mary Ann, b 10/1856, bap 2/25/1857 Kingston. Res West Street. VI, p. 175 #137.

Austin, Mary, b 6/1/1856, bap 9/2/1857 Kingston. Res 45 Rose Lane. VI, p. 186 #343.

Austin, Omar John, b 6/12/1855, bap 7/25/1855 Kingston. Res Bourden Street. VI, p. 126 #385.

Austin, Peter, b 9/1/1840, bap 11/19/1840 Kingston. Res Williams Lane. III, p. 95 #382.

Austin, Reginald James Augustus, b 5/13/1864, bap 11/8/1864 Kingston. P= Richard Austin, tailor, and Frances (W). VII, p. 173 #414.

Austin, Richard, b 9/18/1836, bap 12/18/1836 Kingston by John Magrath, Offcg. Minister. P= Thomas Austin and Amelia (W). Res Temple Lane. III, p. 315 #510.

Austin, Richard, b 2/17/1859, bap 11/22/1859 Kingston. Res Rose Lane. VII, p. 37 #526.

Austin, Robert, b 11/14/1849, bap 7/11/1851 Kingston. P= John Austin, pedler and Mary (W). Res Rose Lane. VI, p 1 #387.

Austin, Robert Augustus, b 12/9/1873, bap 5/4/1864 Kingston. Res Bond Street. VII, p. 161 #187.

Austin, Susannah Steward, colored, b 1/24/1829, bap 8/7/1830 Kingston. F= Stewart Austin. M= Precilla York (U). Res White Street. I, p. 65 #181.

Austin, Thomas, b 4/2/1851, bap 7/20/1851 Kingston. P= John Austin and Grace (W). V, p. 194 #294.

Baraham, Sarah, aged 55 years, d 2/2/1877 in Poor House (res). Bur 2/3/1877 #3 ground, Westmoreland. Cause debility. Law 6, II, p. 308 #460.

Barham, Caroline, b 4/28/1854, bap 4/8/1855 Clarendon. Res Maires. New Series VI, p. 98.

Barham, William, b 10/18/1843, bap 3/1/1846 Manchester. Res Lancaster. IX, p. 264 #108.

Bariffe, Georgiana, infant, aged 4 years 3 months, bur 6/25/1869 Water's Mountain, St. Mary (res). VI, p. 428 #29.

Barton, Angelina, b 1/8/1858, bap 2/6/1859 Clarendon. Res Chapelton. New Series X, p. 276 #21.

Bedward, Alexander, b 2/6/1852, bap 9/1/1852 Kingston. Res St. Andrew. VI, p. 32 #434.

Bedward, Alexander, b 3/28/1859, bap 1/1/1860 Clarendon by Tobias Cork, Island Curate. Res Guava Ground. XIII, p. 256 #70.

Bedward, James Delancey, brown complexion, b 11/2/1873 Pleasant Hill, bap 6/10/1874 St. Catherine. F= Richard Bedward, shoemaker. M= Rebecca McCalla (U). Res Pleasant Hill. Law 6, IV, p. 107 #133.

Bedward, Joseph, black complexion, b 9/28/1869 Diamond. Bap 5/14/1871 Clarendon. F= Joseph Bedward, shoemaker. M- Susan Israel. Res Rock River. Lw 6, I, p. 84 #5.

Bedward, William Baylie, black complexion, b 1/21/1874 Top Hill, bap 12/17/1875 St. Catherine. F= John Bedward, carpenter. M= Diana Roberts (U). Res Top Hill. Law 6, V, p. 166 #1.

Beecham, Arthur Charles, brown complexion, b 2/22/1873 Mango Valley, (res). Bap 5/22/1872 St. Mary. M= Sarah Tracey (U). Law 6, IV, p. 51 #33.

Belinger, Alice Maud, brown complexion, b 8/6/1870 Bethel Town (res). Bap 3/26/1871 St. John's Chapel, Westmoreland. M= Rebecca Chambers. Law 6, I, p. 21.

Best, John Campbell, colored, b 11/8/1844 St. Andrew. P= John Best, carpenter, and his wife Priscilla nee Nicholson. Civil II, p. 1.

Bicknell, Ann Eliza, mother of male child b 2/11/1879 in Airy Hill, St. Catherine, res. Reg. by Robert Richards by X, thatcher, res. Airy Hill. Civil B216

Blundell, Catherine, aged 1 year, bur 10/1/1846 West Ground, Kingston. Res Matthews Lane. IV, p. 401 #429.

Blundell, Charles, bur by the parish 8/11/1775 Spring Path, Kingston. II, p. 6.

Blundell, Thomas, "belonging to Capt. Fisher", bur 7/5/1740 Kingston. I, p. 150.

Blundell, Thomas, shopkeeper aged 60 years, bur 1/4/1847 West Ground, Kingston. Res Matthews Lane. V, p. 304 #4.

Blundell, William, aged 44 years, bur 3/3/1845 West Ground, Kingston. Res Public Hospital. IV, p. 358 #90.

Blundle, Bryan, a quadroon infant, bur 5/3/1782 Kingston. II, p. 60.

Braham, Irene, spinster, aged 26 years, laborer, d 4/25/1912 Halls Delight, St. Andrew. Cause fever 2 months. Reg by Naaman Donalean, occupier. Civil BG1312.

Braham, Mary Ann Elizabeth, infant, bap 12/11/1836 Manchester. Res Green Vale. I, p. 319 #315.

Braham, Thomas Richard, bachelor, cooper, full age, res Edinburgh Castle mar Jane Thompson spinster, minor res Golden Spring District 12/9/1874 by Thomas Harty, curate, by banns in Edinburgh Castle, St. Mary. Permission given by Cuffie Thompson, father of the bride. Witnesses Richard Thompson and Anne Thompson (signed by X). Law 6, II, p. 245

Branham, Letitia Eliza, b 5/6/1860, bap 4/5/1861 St. Catherine. Res Saint Dorothy. XIII, p. 21 #132.

Brice, Benjamin, b 7/21/1851, bap 11/23/1851 St. Elizabeth. Res Thornton. V, p. 307 #739.

Briggs, Sarah, b 8/10/1846, bap 2/28/1858 in St. David by Henage Girod. Res Albion. New Series, X, p. 353 #6.

Brohan, Mary, mar Shandy Plummey, 3/20/1844 Manchester. Both res Manchester. Banns. IV, p. 126 #28.

Brown, Samuel Lawson, b 11/15/1900 Williamsfield, St. James (res). P= Samuel Brown, laborer, and his wife Ann Caroline nee Young. Reg by mother 12/19/1900 by X. Civil NF1706.

Brown, Victoria, domestic servant, mother of Wilfred Augustus, b 5/17/1916 in Gibraltar, St. Catherine. Reg. by Samuel Uriah Price 6/17 PAB. Civil EAA1050

Bruce, Alexander, b 9/29/1849, bap 7/5/1850 St. Elizabeth. V, p. 247 #593.

Bruce, Amelia, b 4/8/1867, bap 6/14/1867 St. Elizabeth. P= William Bruce, laborer, and wife Eliza. Res Pondside. XVIII, p. 92 #313.

Bruce, Andrew, mar Maria Hardy 4/5/154 Manchester by banns. Both res Manchester. New Series IV, p. 323 #11.

Bruce, Anne, free sambo, aged about 30 years, bap 3/30/1811 St. Elizabeth. I, p. 158.

Bruce, Archibald, free person, not white, bap 6/8/1815 St. Elizabeth. I, p. 200.

Bruce, Archibald mar Eliza Solomons 7/17/1831 St. Elizabeth by Thomas F. Williams, rector, after banns. Bother persons of color of St. Elizabeth. I, p. 204 #6.

Bruce, Benjamin, a child aged 10 years, bur 1/11/1853 in Content, Manchester by John Foote. Res Content. New Series IV, p. 395 #13.

Bruce, Catherine, b 11/13/1862, bap 5/22/1863 St. Elizabeth, res Friendship. Parent a laborer. VI, p. 224 #476.

Bruce, Catherine Maria, b 6/20/1858, bap 10/3/1860 St. Elizabeth. VI, p. 57 #924.

Bruce, Charles Henry, b 10/1852, bap 1/6/1854, St. Elizabeth by R. B. Lynch. Res Industry Park. V, p. 414 #27.

Bruce, Constance L., b 7/2/1868, bap 8/2/1868 Manchester. Res Green Mount. XVII, p. 164.

Bruce, Edward, b 12/6/1833, bap 5/27/1838 St. Elizabeth. Res Stonefield. III, p. 167 #355.

Bruce, Eliza, white, free, bap 2/14/1819 St. Elizabeth. I, p. 244.

Bruce, Eliza Frances, slave "belonging to Mr. Lewis Bruce of Retirement", bap 6/8/1815 in St. Elizabeth. I, p. 200.

Bruce, Elizabeth Sophronice, free person, not white, bap 6/8/1815 in St. Elizabeth. I, p. 200.

Bruce, Frances, free mulatto girl aged about 10 years, bap 7/28/1822 in St. Elizabeth. II, p. 148.

Bruce, Frances Ann, b 3/30/1855, bap 6/22/1855 in St. Elizabeth. V, p. 480 #319.

Bruce, George, died from cholera 11/11/1850 in Black River, St. Elizabeth. IV, p. 532.

Bruce, James, Captain of the ship Clarendon, bur 11/3/1810 in the church yard, St. Elizabeth. I, p. 345.

Bruce, James, died from cholera 11/28/1850 in Black River, St. Elizabeth. IV, p. 532.

Bruce, James Augustus, b 12/26/1861, bap 3/24/1862 St. Elizabeth. VI, p. 142 #127.

Bruce, James Lewis, slave "belonging to Mr. Lewis Bruce of Retirement", bap 6/8/1815 in St. Elizabeth. I, p. 200.

Bruce, James McGregor, free person, not white, bap 6/8/1815 in St. Elizabeth. I, p. 200.

Bruce, Jane, aged about 30 years, bap 12/23/1838 in St. Elizabeth by D. R. Littlejohn. Res Middle Quarters. III, p. 433 #668.

Bruce, Jane, free quadroon, bap 2/14/1819 St. Elizabeth. I, p. 244

Bruce, Jane Ann, b 6/18/1849, bap 1/14/1857 St. Elizabeth. V, p. 591 #185.

Bruce, Jane McKelley, b 8/22/18543, bap 3/28/1855 St. Elizabeth by William Rowe. V, p. 474 #228.

Bruce, Jessica Ann, b 10/4/1866, bap 2/15/1867 St. Elizabeth. XVIII, p. 88 #234.

Bruce, John, free quadroon, aged about 9 years, bur 4/3/1814 Church yard, St. Elizabeth. I, p. 348.

Bruce, John, adult Negro, bap 5/11/1817 in St. Elizabeth. I, p. 211.

Bruce, John, mar Louisa Channer 5/201838 in St. Elizabeth by banns. Res Brucefield. III, p. 284 #76.

Bruce, John Planter, adult Negro, bap 5/11/1817 St. Elizabeth. I, p. 211.

Bruce, Margaret, free quadroon aged about 9 years, bap 9/30/1824 St. Elizabeth. II, p. 281.

Bruce, Maria, aged 42 years, bur 6/20/1860 at Plowden, Manchester, by Robert Logan. Res Plowden. V, p. 366 #24.

Bruce, Mary Ann, free quadroon, bap 2/14/1819 St. Elizabeth. I, p. 244.

Bruce, Matilda, infant, bap 2/1/1835 Manchester by Robert W. Dallas. Res Albion. I, p. 297.

Bruce, Peter, b 7/10/1867, bap 11/10/1867 Manchester. XVII, p. 136.

Bruce, Richard, aged 4 years, bap 1/14/1857 St. Elizabeth. V, p. 591 #184.

Bruce, Richard, b 9/13/1866, bap 3/1/1867 Manchester by William Forbes. XVII, p. 91.

Bruce, Robert, bap 11/15/1835 Manchester. Res Wales. I, p. 347 #509.

Bruce, Robert, mar Margaret Russell 8/18/1833 Manchester by banns. Both free persons of Manchester. I, p. 313 #3.

Bruce, Sarah, died 12/11/1850 in Black River, St. Elizabeth from cholera. IV, p. 532.

Bruce, Sarah, aged 85 years 3 months, bur 12/6/1834 in New burying ground, Black River, St. Elizabeth by Thomas P. Williams. Res Black River. I, p. 305

Bruce, Sarah Ann Allen, mestee aged 7 years, bap 4/12/1829 in St. Elizabeth. F= William Bruce. M= Isabella Allen (U). Res Lacovia. I, p. 212 #45.

Bruce, Sarah Anne, b 6/25/1859, bap 9/21/1860 St. Elizabeth. Res Pedro Plains. VI, p. 41 #657.

Bruce, Sarah Lewis, slave "belonging to Mr. Lewis Bruce of Retirement", bap 6/8/1815 in St. Elizabeth. I, p. 200.

Bruce, Susannah Voyse, quadroon, bap 11/14/1830 St. Elizabeth. F= Archibald Bruce. M= Eliza Hanson (U). Res Briers Valley. I, p. 221.

Bruce, Thomas, aged 56 years, laborer, bur 1/15/1841 Bloomfield, Manchester by Robert W. Dallas. Res Bloomfield. II, p. 368.

Bruce, Thomas Alexander, b 3/16/1861, bap 8/1861 Manchester. M= Caroline Bruce, laborer, res Smithfield. XIV, p. 372.

Bruce, William, mar Frances Williams 6/14/1835 in St. Elizabeth by banns. Wit Mr. Joshua Graves and Mrs. Stone. III, p. 197.

Bruce, William, aged 2 years, bap 2/21/18741 St. Elizabeth. Res Stonefield. IV, p. 50 #13.

Bruce, William, a sailor belonging to the "Atlantic", bur 2/26/1775 in the church yard, St. Elizabeth. John Maitland is master of the ship. I, p. 334.

Burke, Alice, laborer, mother of Gilbert Alexander, born 7/4/1903 in Moreland, Westmoreland. Reg. 7/4 by Amelia Guthrie PAB. Civil LE3412

Burke, Amelia Caroline b 11/20/1866, bap 12/26/1866 St. Mary. XV, p. 313.

Burke, Amelia, mother of James, b 2/28/1883 Moreland Road, Westmoreland, res. Reg by Edward Guthrie, occupier. Civil LE143

Burke, Amelia, mother of Jane Elizabeth b 6/24/1884 Moreland Road, Westmoreland, res. Reg. by Edward Guthrie , occupier. Civil LE122.

Burke, Charles, b 2/11/1859, bap 7/23/1859 in Portland by Joseph Williams, rector. P= Edward Burke, laborer, and Florice [?] (W). Res Mount Dornan. New Series, X, p. 313 #50.

Burke, Eliza, b 3/1857. Bap 7/25/1858 Metcalf. Res Heningsberg. New Series X, p. 335 #88.

Burke, Eliza, laborer, mother of Adeline Euglena, born 8/11/1903 in Moreland, Westmoreland. Reg. in St. Paul's 8/15 by Thomas Hall, present at birth. Civil LE3434.

Burke, William, b 10/10/1854, bap 6/18/1859 Clarendon. Res Chapelton. New Series X, p. 280 #117.

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