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Alexander Constantine

1. Alexander Constantine was born 1811, and died September 1831.

More About Alexander Constantine:

Age: 1831, 20 years

Burial: September 03, 1831, Westmoreland (Source: B0024 Jamaica Parish Register Burials I & II, 1826-1844, I, p. 186 #197.)

Race/nationality/color: Colored


Jacob Constantine

1. Jacob Constantine was born 1786, and died May 1835.

More About Jacob Constantine:

Age: 1835, 49 yrs

Burial: May 24, 1835, Kingston, W.G. [West Ground] (Source: B0024 Jamaica Parish Register Burials I & II, 1826-1844, I, p. 99 #213.)

Occupation: Cigar maker

Residence: Rose Lane, Kingston


John Gregory Constantine

1. John Gregory Constantine was born 1810, and died March 1856.

More About John Gregory Constantine:

Age: 1856, 46 yrs

Burial: March 26, 1856, Barham, Westmoreland (Source: B0028 Jamaica Parish Register New Series V & VI, 1849-1862, V, p. 370 #15.)


Descendants of Reginald Emanuel Constantine

1. Reginald Emanuel Constantine died Bet. 1901 - 1914.

Notes for Reginald Emanuel Constantine:


I leave all my estate to RANDOLPH McKINLEY CONSTANTINE now 10 months old. If he dies before 21 without issue, then to my friend PERCY CLEVELAND LOPEZ, also executor of will, and guardian of child.

Signed at 3 Duke St, Kingston, 12/28/1901.

Witness SIDNEY RAYNES CARGILL, solicitor and S.H.STAPLES, clerk

Affidavits 11/23/1914

Liber XIII, Fol. 513

Recorded 12/14/1914.


More About Reginald Emanuel Constantine:

Residence: 1901, Devil's Ranch, St. Mary


Child of Reginald Emanuel Constantine is:

2 i. Randolph McKinley Constantine, born February 1901.


Descendants of Robert Lamb Constantine

1. Robert Lamb Constantine married Harriett Valentine Stewart Apr 03, 1856 in the Cathedral, Spanish Town, St. Catherine (Source: B0048 Jamaica Parish Register New Series II, 1847-1860, p. 306 #6).

More About Robert Lamb Constantine:

Residence: 1856, Westmoreland

More About Harriett Valentine Stewart:

Residence: 1856, St. Catherine

More About Robert Constantine and Harriett Stewart:

Marriage license: 1856


Descendants of Michael Conway

1. Michael Conway was born Abt. 1802. He married Sarah Burke (Conway). She was born Abt. 1802.

More About Michael Conway:

Occupation: 1827, 77th Regiment

Residence: 1827, Barracks


Child of Michael Conway and Sarah (Conway) is:

2 i. James Conway, born March 30, 1827.

More About James Conway:

Age: April 08, 1827, 10 days

Baptism: April 08, 1827, Hanover (Source: B0004 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms I & II, 1826-1834, I, p. 170 #80.)

Race/nationality/color: White

Residence: 1827, Barracks.


Descendants of Samuel Coombs

1. Samuel Coombs was born Abt. 1825. He married Eleanor Douglas. She was born Abt. 1825.

More About Samuel Coombs:

Occupation: 1850, Laborer


Child of Samuel Coombs and Eleanor Douglas is:

2 i. Caroline Douglas Coombs, born May 03, 1850 in St. Ann (Source: B0047 Jamaica Parish Register Births IV, 1847-1851, p. 96 #1880.)


Descendants of David Augustus Septimus Cooper

1. David Augustus Septimus Cooper died 1889.

Notes for David Augustus Septimus Cooper:

Terms of the WILL of DAVID AUGUSTUS SEPTIMUS COOPER originally of Falmouth, subsequently residing in the village of Tenafly, county of Bergen, New Jersey, but now of Kingston, photographer.

Executors: I appoint my friend JOHN EDWARD FRAY formerly of Montego Bay, but now of Brooklyn, New York, clerk in the business of Messrs Bower & Cook of Water Street, New York City, and my friend ERNEST MARSHALL of Kingston, gentleman.

To my daughter ETHEL ALISON [?] COOPER all my real and personal property subject to my wife's right of dowry.

DATED 4/3/1889


More About David Augustus Septimus Cooper:

Occupation: Photographer

Residence: Falmouth, Trelawny

Residence (2): Tenafly, Bergen, New Jersey, USA

Residence (3): Kingston

Will: April 03, 1889 (Source: B0072 Jamaica Wills 1889, 1914-1923, 1925, Item 1 #14.)

Will recorded: April 17, 1889, Will Book III, folio 347


Child of David Augustus Septimus Cooper is:

2 i. Ethel Alison Cooper.


James Cooper

1. James Cooper died April 1784.

More About James Cooper:

Burial: April 28, 1784, St. James (Source: B0055 St. James Parish Register I & II, 1770-1825 (Baptisms to 1841), I, p. 295.)

Occupation: Carpenter of the "Trelawny" Trader


Descendants of Jean Baptiste Corberand

1. Jean Baptiste Corberand He met Mary Frances Chevaux.


Child of Jean Corberand and Mary Chevaux is:

2 i. Edward Corberand, born Bef. August 16, 1829.

More About Edward Corberand:

Baptism: August 16, 1829, St. Thomas in the Vale (Source: B0004 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms I & II, 1826-1834, I, p. 321 #19.)

Race/nationality/color: Brown.


Descendants of Mary Ann Cort

1. Mary Ann Cort was born Abt. 1847.

More About Mary Ann Cort:

Residence: 1875, Lucea, Hanover


Children of Mary Ann Cort are:

2 i. Neil Martin Malcolm, born February 18, 1872 in Lucea, Hanover.

More About Neil Martin Malcolm:

Baptism: June 09, 1872, Hanover (Source: B0011 Jamaica Law 6 Register Baptisms II & III, 1872-1874, II, p. 165 #58.)

Race/nationality/color: Colored

Residence: Lucea, Hanover

3 ii. Sarah Catherine Malcolm, born December 07, 1874 in Lucea, Hanover.

More About Sarah Catherine Malcolm:

Baptism: March 14, 1875, Lucea, Hanover (Source: B0017 Jamaica Law 6 Baptisms IV & V, 1874-1877, IV, p. 353 #54.)

Residence: 1874, Lucea, Hanover.


Descendants of Mary Ann Costa

1. Mary Ann Costa was born Abt. 1854.

More About Mary Ann Costa:

Other facts: 1879, Signed by X


Child of Mary Ann Costa is:

2 i. Hubert Christie, born May 29, 1879 in Keith, St. Ann (Source: B0064 St. Ann Register of Births, 1878-1881, G E 172, p. 220.).

More About Hubert Christie:

Registration: June 02, 1879, Dry Harbour, St. Ann.


Descendants of Mortimer Coveny

1. Mortimer Coveny was born Abt. 1748. He married Elizabeth Scarlett August 04, 1773 in Trelawny (Source: B0006 Trelawny Parish Register I, 1771-1839, p. 162.). She was born Abt. 1748.

More About Mortimer Coveny:

Residence: 1773, St. James

More About Elizabeth Scarlett:

Residence: 1773, Trelawny


Descendants of George Samuel Cover

1. George Samuel Cover was born October 21, 1850. He married Ella Jane Todd May 12, 1875 in Rio Bueno, Trelawny (Source: B0010 Jamaica Law 6 Register Marriages II & III,1871-1878, II, p. 307.). She was born October 27, 1855 in Trelawny.

More About George Samuel Cover:

Baptism: February 16, 1851, Brown's Town, St. Ann (Source: B0027 Jamaica Parish Register New Series IV, 1850-1859, p. 124.)

Occupation: 1875, Merchant

Occupation (2): 1880, Coach maker

Residence: 1875, Sawyers

Residence (2): 1880, Brown's Town, St. Ann

More About Ella Jane Todd:

Age: 1875, 19 years [Marriage Register]

Baptism: January 27, 1856, Trelawny (Source: B0001 Jamaica Parish Register New Series Baptisms VIIb & VIII, 1852-1857, VIII, p. 194 #35.)

Residence: 1856, Bertrams Bowie

Residence (2): 1875, Mt. Carmel


Child of George Cover and Ella Todd is:

2 i. Edith Hannah Cover, born January 10, 1880 in Brown's Town, St. Ann (Source: B0064 St. Ann Register of Births, 1878-1881, G B 571. p. 103.).

More About Edith Hannah Cover:

Registration: January 31, 1880.


Descendants of ? Cowan

1. ? Cowan died Bef. August 1891. He married Emily (Cowan.) She died Bet. 1891 - 1892.

Notes for Emily (Cowan):

WILL of MRS. EMILY COWAN of Kingston, widow.

Mortgage on 23 East St, Kingston, to be paid off and my sister AGNES JANE SHERLOCK is to receive rents during her life, then the rents and profits are to go to OCTAVIA MATILDA SEQUEIRA, ROSAMOND EMILY GARSIA, ETHELIND GARSIA, MURIEL VERONIQUE SEQUEIRA and ELSIE ELAINE SEQUEIRA.

The land with house at #125 East St is to be sold and proceeds distributed as follows:


£25 to be divided between RAPHIEL ADONIS GARSIA, FLORENCE MAY GARSIA, VYVYAN MATILDA GARSIA, and LAURA AGNES GARSIA to be put in the hands of EMILY GARSIA for them at 10/- per week, with the exception of VYVYAN MATILDA GARSIA's portion which is to be paid to her aunt ROSAMOND EMILY GARSIA, but in case of Rosamond's death to either of her other two aunts OCTAVIA MATILDA SEQUEIRA or ETHELIND GARSIA.















The balance of the proceeds from the sale is to be divided between JAMES DAWSON GARSIA, OCTAVIA MATILDA SEQUEIRA, ROSAMOND EMILY GARSIA, and ETHELIND GARSIA.

To my niece ROSAMOND EMILY GARSIA some furniture.

To my sister AGNES JANE SHERLOCK my sofa.

To AMY SEMISLE? a demi press.

To VICTORIA JAMES my aquamarine brooch.

To my stepfather WINSLOW YOUNG GARSIA furniture at MISS WALLACE's for his use.

I give and devise to JAMES DAWSON GARSIA all the rest and residue of my estate.

Executor: my brother-in-law JAMES DAWSON GARSIA.

Dated August 1,1891.


Counted by ARNOLD STEELE 2/4/1892 before P. B. DESNOES, J.P. Kgn.

Lib. V, fol 15.


More About Emily (Cowan):

Residence: 1891, Kingston

Will: August 01, 1891 (Source: B0070 Jamaica Wills 1894-1903.)


Descendants of Henry Cowan

1. Henry Cowan was born Abt. 1818. He married Mary Webb May 30, 1843 in St. James (Source: B0012 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage III & IV, 1838-1855, IV, p. 47 #19.). She was born Abt. 1818.

More About Henry Cowan:

Residence: 1843, St. James

More About Mary Webb:

Residence: 1843, St. James


Descendants of Lewis Cowell

1. Lewis Cowell died Bet. 1893 - 1914.

Notes for Lewis Cowell:

WILL OF LEWIS COWELL of the district of Sedgewick Pen, St. Thomas, being very sick and weak of mind and body,

......[half a small page illegible]

"Bay and also the remaining portion of all my land on Wood Hall....belong to the said THOMAS ABRAHAM COWELL" and be overlooked by my executor until he is 21. The executor is also to maintain my mother from my property until she dies.

[a planter, according to probate]

Dated 6/7/1893

Affidavits 9/26/1914

Recorded 11/14/1914.


More About Lewis Cowell:

Occupation: Planter

Residence: 1893, Sedgewick Pen, St. Thomas

Will : June 07, 1893 (Source: B0072 Jamaica Wills 1889, 1914-1923, 1925, Item 2 #15.)

Will Recorded: November 14, 1914, Lib XIII


Child of Lewis Cowell is:

2 i. Thomas Abraham Cowell.


Alexander B. Cowie

1. Alexander B. Cowie was born 1822, and died June 21, 1844 in Trelawny (Source: B0029 Parish Register Deaths I-III, 1844-1850, I, p. 32 #3.).

More About Alexander B. Cowie:

Age: 1844, 22 yrs

Cause of Death: Dropsy

Occupation: 1844, Saddler


Descendants of John Cranstone

1. John Cranstone was born Abt. 1832. He married Jane Thomas Alves October 02, 1857 in St. Elizabeth (Source: B0056 St. Elizabeth Parish Register III & IV, 1835-1859, IV, p. 435 #106.). She was born Abt. 1832.

More About John Cranstone:

Residence: 1857, St. Elizabeth

More About Jane Thomas Alves:

Residence: 1857, St. Elizabeth


Descendants of Isaac Cresse

Generation No. 1

1. Isaac Cresse died May 1775. He married Rebecca (Cresse).

More About Isaac Cresse:

Burial: May 25, 1775, Hanover (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register I, p. 45.)

Occupation: 1753, Planter


Children of Isaac Cresse and Rebecca (Cresse) are:

+ 2 i. Rebecca Cresse, born Bet. 1756 - 1758; died Oct 1825.

+ 3 ii. Isaac William Cresse, born Jul 24, 1753; died Bef. Mar 1801.

Generation No. 2

2. Rebecca Cresse was born Bet. 1756 - 1758, and died Oct 1825. She married (1) Benjamin Harding Jan 05, 1773 in Hanover (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register I, p. 43.). He died Bet. 1778 - 1781. She married (2) Daniel Evans Jun 07, 1781 in Hanover (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register I, p. 52.), son of Rhodes Evans and Ann Clarke. He was born Oct 16, 1755 (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register I, p. 13.), and died Mar 1835.

Notes for Rebecca Cresse:

The burial record identifies her as the wife of D. Evans, Esquire.

More About Rebecca Cresse:

Burial: Oct 06, 1825, Westmoreland (Source: B0003 Westmoreland Parish Register I, p. 454.)

Residence: 1773, Hanover

Residence (2): 1781, Hanover

More About Benjamin Harding:

Residence: 1773, St. James

Marriage Notes for Rebecca Cresse and Benjamin Harding:

Rebecca was a spinster when she married Benjamin Harding.


Children of Rebecca Cresse and Benjamin Harding are:

4 i. Isaac Harding, born Aug 21, 1774 (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register I, p. 44.).

Notes for Isaac Harding:

The baptismal register does not give a day and month of baptism.

More About Isaac Harding:

Baptism: 1774, Hanover (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register I, p. 44.)

5 ii. Rebecca Harding, born Bef. Dec 25, 1777 (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register I, p. 46.).

Notes for Rebecca Harding:

Rebecca and Elizabeth were twins.

More About Rebecca Harding:

Baptism: Dec 25, 1777, Hanover (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register I, p. 46.)

6 iii. Elizabeth Harding, born Bef. Dec 25, 1777 (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register I, p. 46.).

More About Elizabeth Harding:

Baptism: Dec 25, 1777, Hanover (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register I, p. 46.).


3. Isaac William Cresse was born Jul 24, 1753 (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register I, p. 9.), and died Bef. Mar 1801. He met (1) Mary Ripley. He married (2) Ann Roe May 25, 1779 in Hanover (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register I, p. 48.). She died Mar 15, 1801 (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register I, p. 104.).

More About Isaac William Cresse:

Addressed as: Esquire

Residence: 1779, Hanover

Notes for Ann Roe:

According to the burial register she was a widow.

More About Ann Roe:

Burial: Mar 16, 1801, Hanover (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register I, p. 104.)

Residence: 1779, Hanover

Marriage Notes for Isaac Cresse and Ann Roe:

The bride was a spinster.


Child of Isaac Cresse and Mary Ripley is:

15 i. William Cresse, born Jan 25, 1779 (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register I, p. 60.); died Jun 1841.

Notes for William Cresse:

According to the Burial Register he was 72 years old. This is 10 years more than the actual for this William Cresse, but I assume they are the same person.

More About William Cresse:

Baptism: Feb 01, 1784, Hanover (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register I, p. 60.)

Burial: Jun 29, 1841, Montego Bay, St. James church yard (Source: B0024 Jamaica Parish Register Burials I & II, 1826-1844, II, p. 262 #101.)

Occupation: 1841, Chaise maker

Race/nationality/color: Quadroon (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register I, p. 60.)

Residence: 1841, Montego Bay, St. James.


Rebecca Cresse

1. Rebecca Cresse was born Bef. October 08, 1806.

More About Rebecca Cresse:

Baptism: October 08, 1806, Hanover (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register Index and BMB I, 1725-1825, p. 125.)


Christian Cressel

1. Christian Cressel died May 1803.

More About Christian Cressel:

Burial: May 07, 1803, St. James (Source: B0055 St. James Parish Register I & II, 1770-1825 (Baptisms to 1841), I, p. 368.)

Occupation: Baker


Emma Randall Cressey

1. Emma Randall Cressey was born 1812, and died July 1840.

More About Emma Randall Cressey:

Age: 1840, 28 years

Burial: July 05, 1840, Happy Home, Westmoreland (Source: B0024 Jamaica Parish Register Burials I & II, 1826-1844, II, p. 306 #77.)

Residence: Happy Home, Westmoreland


Descendants of Alexander Crookes

1. Alexander Crookes was born Abt. 1822. He married Wilhelmina Evans December 17, 1847 in Hanover (Source: B0012 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage III & IV, 1838-1855, III, p. 127 #32.). She was born Abt. 1822.

More About Alexander Crookes:

Residence: 1847, Hanover

More About Wilhelmina Evans:

Residence: 1847, Hanover



Descendants of James Crooks

1. James Crooks was born Abt. 1846. He married Louisa Lyon April 04, 1871 in Lucea, Hanover (Source: B0007 Jamaica Law 6 Register Marriages I, 1871-1876, p. 134.). She was born Abt. 1846.

More About James Crooks:

Occupation: 1871, Laborer

Residence: 1871, Lances Bay, Hanover

More About Louisa Lyon:

Occupation: 1871, Seamstress

Residence: 1871, Lances Bay, Hanover

More About James Crooks and Louisa Lyon:

Status of bride/groom: Spinster/bachelor


Descendants of Thomas Crooks

1. Thomas Crooks was born Abt. 1815. He married Elizabeth Morrison August 08, 1840 in Hanover (Source: B0012 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage III & IV, 1838-1855, III, p. 74 #107.). She was born Abt. 1815.

More About Thomas Crooks:

Residence: 1840, Hanover

More About Elizabeth Morrison:

Residence: 1840, Hanover

More About Thomas Crooks and Elizabeth Morrison:

Marriage bann: 1840


Descendants of William Crooks

1. William Crooks was born Abt. 1752. He married Sarah (Wilton) June 24, 1777 in St. James (Source: B0055 St. James Parish Register I & II, 1770-1825 (Baptisms to 1841), I, p. 219.). She was born Abt. 1747.

More About William Crooks and Sarah (Wilton):

Status of bride/groom: Widow/bachelor


Descendants of Jane Cross

1. Jane Cross was born Abt. 1825.


Child of Jane Cross is:

2 i. Richard Ellington Scott, born April 30, 1850.

More About Richard Ellington Scott:

Baptism: June 29, 1851, Vere (Source: B0027 Jamaica Parish Register New Series IV, 1850-1859, IV, p. 21 #58.)

Residence: 1851, Carlisle.


escendants of John Crossman

1. John Crossman was born Abt. 1814. He married Elizabeth Scott February 10, 1839 in St. Ann (Source: B0005 St. Ann Parish Register BMB Vol IV, 1765-1826, p. 449 #25.). She was born Abt. 1814.


Descendants of ? Crosswell

Generation No. 1

1. ? Crosswell He married Eleanor (Crosswell).


Children of ? Crosswell and Eleanor (Crosswell) are:

+ 2 i. Abraham Noel Crosswell, died in 1883.

3 ii. John Maurice Crosswell.

More About John Maurice Crosswell:

Residence: 1883, Haiti

4 iii. Solomon Noel Crosswell. He married Jane Reid

5 iv. Arthur Noel Crosswell.

Generation No. 2

2. Abraham Noel Crosswell died in 1883. He married Lydia Hamilton.

Notes for Abraham Noel Crosswell:

WILL of ABRAHAM NOEL CROSSWELL of Kingston, Esquire.


To my son LOUIS OLIVER CROSSWELL my diamond ring that I always wear.

To each of the children of my brother SOLOMON NOEL CROSSWELL by his wife JANE £1.

To my brother SOLOMON NOEL CROSSWELL my gold watch that I wear, and I release him from any debt to me.


To MRS HAMILTON of Port au Prince, Haiti, $100.

To my mother ELEANOR CROSSWELL £5.

To my wife LYDIA CROSSWELL all furniture, plate and household effects.

To brother JOHN MAURICE CROSSWELL my English monogrammed watch.

To my brother ARTHUR NOEL CROSSWELL my large diamond ring in my chest at Port au Prince, and all my private letters to save or destroy as he sees fit.

My wife and brother ARTHUR NOEL CROSSWELL to carry on business in Port au Prince for 3 yrs.

The residue, and interest from investments here, in Britain and USA to my wife for life to maintain her and children, and after her death to our children.

Dated 7/28/1883.


HENRY VENDRYES, Solicitor prepared Will.

CODICIL, my brother JOHN MAURICE CROSSWELL also executor in Haiti. Dated

8/4/1883. [Signature now very shaky]

Witness sworn 8/10/1883.

Counted 8/21/1883 by CHARLES L. VENDER before WILLIAM LEE, J.P

Superior Court Will Bk I, 431, 9/3/1883.

More About Abraham Noel Crosswell:

Addressed as: Esquire

Occupation: U. S. Vice Consul (Haiti)

Residence: 1883, Kingston

Will: July 28, 1883 (Source: B0069 Jamaica Wills 1883-1891.)


Child of Abraham Crosswell and Lydia Hamilton is:

6 i. Louis Oliver Crosswell.

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