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Burlton to Byron

Descendants of James E. Burlton

Generation No. 1

1. James E. Burlton was born Abt. 1797. He married Charlotte B. (Tomlinson) (Burlton) March 26, 1822 in Westmoreland (Source: B0003 Westmoreland Parish Register I, 1739-1825, p. 407.). She was born Abt. 1797.

More About James E. Burlton:

Addressed as: Esquire

More About James Burlton and Charlotte (Burlton):

Status of bride/groom: Widow

Descendants of David Burnett

Generation No. 1

1. David Burnett


Children of David Burnett are:

+ 2 i. [Female] Burnett.

+ 3 ii. Louisa Burnett.

4 iii. Hannah Burnett.

More About Hannah Burnett:

Residence: 1889, Kingston.

Generation No. 2

2. [Female] Burnett married (1) ? Salmon.


Children of [Female] Burnett and ? Salmon are:

+ 5 i. Frederick Septimus Salmon, died 1883.

6 ii. Edward Lucas Salmon.

More About Edward Lucas Salmon:

Residence: 1892, Kingston

7 iii. Jane Sophia Salmon.

More About Jane Sophia Salmon:

Residence: 1889, Kingston.


Child of [Female] Burnett is:

8 i. Matilda (DePass), died Bet. February 20 - May 05, 1892 in Isle of Jersey. She married Theodore DePass; died Bef. June 1889.

Notes for Matilda (DePass):

WILL and Probate of MATILDA DePASS

In the Ecclesiastical Court of the Island of Jersey 5/5/1892, probate was granted with respect to property in Jersey and England.

Will of MATILDA DePASS formerly of Kingston, now of Saint Helier, Jersey, widow.

I give my Worcester and other china to my friend GEORGE LOWE REID.

I give my clothing, jewelry and linen to my cousin HENRIETTA McLEAN FEURTADO of Kingston, and £50.

I appoint my half brother EDWARD LUCAS SALMON and my friend MOSES DELGADO auctioneer both of Kingston as executors.

To HUBERT CLAUD L'ARTISTE BROADHURST now living with me £300.

To MOSES DELGADO of Kingston £100.

To ALTAMONT DELGADO son of MOSES and ROSALIND DELGADO £200 [now under 21].

Trustees to invest £400 and give yearly interest half to the United Jewish Congregation in Kingston for people of Jewish faith in reduced circumstances and half to the Bishop of Jamaica for similar people of Christian faith, fund to be called "Mr. & Mrs. THEODORE DePASS fund".

Trustees to pay upkeep for graves of my husband and his and my relatives in the Jewish cemetery.

To my servant HANNAH BROADHURST an annuity of £55.

To my 1/2 sister JANE SOPHIA SALMON of Kingston an annuity of £55.

To my aunt HANNAH BURNETT of Kingston an annuity of £24.

To each of the sons of my half brother FREDERICK SEPTIMUS SALMON an annuity of £25 until they reach 18 yrs.

To GERALDINE AUGUSTA CARR an annuity of £24.

I am to be buried in Jamaica beside my late husband.

I appoint GEORGE LOWE REID of 33 Montpelier Crescent Brighton Sussex England Esquire and FRANCIS HAWKSFORD of Saint Helier's Jersey gentleman, executors for my property in Jersey and England.

The sale of my furniture in Jersey is to be handled by MR. GEORGE PHILIP BENEST of Saint Helier, auctioneer.

Dated 6/27/1889.

Witnesses: F. HAWKSFORD, solicitor, Hill Street Chambers, Jersey, and W. F. ROMERIL his clerk.

CODICIL: I revoke the gift of china to George Reid and give it to my friend KATHLEEN MALONEY.

Trustees to give income from estate to my nephew MONTAGUE FRANK SALMON. I wish him to be educated at Mr. Davey's school in Jersey until he is 18, and then income to my half brother EDWARD LUCAS SALMON uncle of Montague. I revoke appointment of George Reid as executor and appoint GEORGE PHILIP BENEST of 18 Queen St, St. Helier Jersey, and HUBERT C. A. BROADHURST, above.

Dated 1/5/1892.

SECOND CODICIL 2/20/1892. On my death my nephew MONTAGUE is to be sent to Jamaica to his aunt MRS. SEPTIMUS FEURTADO.

Witnesses F. HAWKSFORD solicitor and HENRIETTE SOUTHWOOD nurse, 12 Midvale Road.


More About Matilda (DePass):

Residence: Kingston

Residence (2): 1892, Saint Helier, Isle of Jersey

Will: June 27, 1889, Lib V, Fol. 50; Codicil 2/20/1892 (Source: B0070 Jamaica Wills 1894-1903.).

3. Louisa Burnett married Septimus Feurtado.


Child of Louisa Burnett and Septimus Feurtado is:

9 i. Henrietta McLean Feurtado, born June 25, 1857.

More About Henrietta McLean Feurtado:

Residence: 1892, Kingston.

Generation No. 3

5. Frederick Septimus Salmon died 1883. He married Sarah (Salmon).

Notes for Frederick Septimus Salmon:

WILL of FREDERICK SEPTIMUS SALMON of Kingston, merchants clerk.

I give my life insurance for £200 to my wife SARAH SALMON.


Executors my brother EDWARD LUCAS SALMON and my sister JANE SOPHIA SALMON.

Dated 4/14/1883.

Witnesses S. E. MOTTA, Kingston, storekeeper, P. WILLIAM HONETT of Kingston, solicitor.

Supreme Court Will Book I, 28, 8/9/1883


More About Frederick Septimus Salmon:

Occupation: 1883, Merchant's clerk

Residence: 1883, Kingston

Will: April 14, 1883 (Source: B0069 Jamaica Wills 1883-1891.)


Children of Frederick Salmon and Sarah (Salmon) are:

10 i. Harriet Sophia Miriam4 Salmon.

11 ii. Edward Lucas Salmon, born 1876 (Source: Donald Lindo, B961 "Genealogy of Jamaica" CD, 2nd edition 1999.).

12 iii. Montague Francis Salmon.

Descendants of Eliza Burnett

1. Eliza Burnett was born Abt. 1854.

More About Eliza Burnett:

Fact: 1879, Signed by X

Residence: 1879, Bristol Town, St. Ann


Child of Eliza Burnett is:

2 i. Ezekiel Adolphus Whittaker, born August 16, 1879 in Bristol Town, St. Ann (Source: B0064 St. Ann Register of Births, 1878-1881, GF 518 p.27.).

More About Ezekiel Adolphus Whittaker:

Registration: September 01, 1879, by mother.

Descendants of Thomas Burnett

1. Thomas Burnett was born Abt. 1812. He married Susan Lyon September 03, 1837 in Rio Bueno, Trelawny (Source: B0006 Trelawny Parish Register I, 1771-1839, p. 286.). She was born Abt. 1812.

More About Thomas Burnett:

Occupation: 1837, Apprentice to Harmony Hall


More About Susan Lyon:

Occupation: 1837, Apprentice to Lancaster

More About Thomas Burnett and Susan Lyon:

Marriage Fact: Married by Revd. Robert Stoney

Descendants of Alexander Burrell

1. Alexander Burrell was born Abt. 1836. He married Peggy Ann Douglas February 23, 1861 in Clarendon (Source: B0040 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage V& VI, 1842-1864, V, p. 96.). She was born Abt. 1836.

Descendants of Edward Burrell

1. Edward Burrell was born Abt. 1839. He married Grace Ann Burke. She was born Abt. 1839.

More About Edward Burrell:

Occupation: 1865, Planter


Child of Edward Burrell and Grace Burke is:

2 i. Richard Theophilus Burrell, born November 18, 1864.

More About Richard Theophilus Burrell:

Baptism: February 25, 1865, St. Faiths, St. John. Private baptism (Source: B0044 Jamaica Parish Register Baptism XVI & XVII, 1863-1871, XVI, p. 376 #12.)

Descendants of Robert Burrows

1. Robert Burrows was born Abt. 1810. He married Mary Walker December 23, 1835 in St James (Source: B0016 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage I & II, 1826-1839, I, p. 293.). She was born Abt. 1810.

More About Robert Burrows:

Occupation: 1835, Cooper

Residence: 1835, St. James


More About Mary Walker:

Residence: 1835, St. James

More About Robert Burrows and Mary Walker:

Marriage license: 1835

Status of bride/groom: Spinster

Descendants of Benjamin Burt

1. Benjamin Burt was born Abt. 1810. He married Catherine Fell August 07, 1835 in Westmoreland (Source: B0016 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage I & II, 1826-1839, I, p. 173.). She was born Abt. 1806.

More About Benjamin Burt:

Occupation: 1835, Apprentice


More About Catherine Fell:

Age: 1823, About 17 years

Baptism: December 28, 1823, Westmoreland (Source: B0003 Westmoreland Parish Register I, 1739-1825, p. 389.)

Occupation: 1823, "slave belonging to Catherine Fell."

Occupation (2): 1835, Apprentice

Race/nationality/color: Negro

Captain Francis Burton

1. Captain Francis Burton died 1686.

More About Captain Francis Burton:

Burial: 1686, in the church, St. Catherine (Source: B0080 St. Catherine BMB I & II, 1669-1825, I, p. 174.)

Descendants of John Powell Burton

1. John Powell Burton was born Abt. 1825. He married Mary Ann (Burton). She was born Abt. 1825.

More About John Powell Burton:

Occupation: 1851, settler

Residence: 1851, Long Hill


Child of John Burton and Mary (Burton) is:

2 i. Sophia Scarlett Burton, born November 11, 1850.

More About Sophia Scarlett Burton:

Baptism: April 08, 1851, St. Elizabeth

Residence: 1851, Long Hill.

Sarah Burton

1. Sarah Burton was born September 15, 1847.

More About Sarah Burton:

Baptism: August 06, 1848, Manchester (Source: B0046 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms XI & XII,1846-1850, XI, p. 169 #516.)

Descendants of William Burton

1. William Burton was born Abt. 1824. He married Jessie Scott January 04, 1849 in Trelawny, Jamaica (Source: B0012 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage III & IV, 1838-1855, IV, p. 525 #4.). She was born Abt. 1824.

More About William Burton:

Residence: 1849, Trelawny

More About Jessie Scott:

Residence: 1849, Trelawny

Descendants of Andrew Byron

1. Andrew Byron was born Abt. 1807. He married Ann (Byron). She was born Abt. 1807.

More About Andrew Byron:

Occupation: 1837, planter

Residence: 1837, Paisley, St. Elizabeth


Children of Andrew Byron and Ann (Byron) are:

2 i. Louisa Byron, born 1832.

More About Louisa Byron:

Age: 1837, 5 years

Baptism: November 03, 1837, St. Elizabeth (Source: B0056 St. Elizabeth Parish Register III & IV, 1835-1859, III, p. 122 #441.)

Residence: 1837, Paisley, St. Elizabeth

3 ii. Caroline Byron, born 1834.

More About Caroline Byron:

Age: 1837, 3 years

Baptism: November 03, 1837, St. Elizabeth (Source: B0056 St. Elizabeth Parish Register III & IV, 1835-1859, III, p. 122 #442.)

Residence: 1837, Paisley, St. Elizabeth.

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