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Date format Month/Day/YEAR

b = born

bap = baptized

bur = buried

d = died

F = father

M = mother

mar = married/marriage

P = parents

PAB = present at birth

reg. = registered

res. = residence

STIV = St. Thomas in the Vale

(U) = unmarried

(W) = Wife

yrs = years

SOURCE REFERENCES: Volume, page, item number. Example. X, p. 120 #6.

All events prior to 1878 are Anglican, unless otherwise indicated (viz. those marked Civil, or Diss. for Dissenter).

McCalla, William Clarke of St. Catherine, printer, mar Hannah Eliza O'Meally, spinster of St. Catherine 5/16/1865 by license in St. Catherine by J. H. Murphy, island curate. VI, p. 190 #5.

McCarthy, Charles, b 12/1842, bap 1/29/1844 Portland. P= Charles McCarthy, policeman, and Marianne [Mary Ann] (W). Res Port Antonio. VIII, p. 91 #20, and p. 96.

McCarthy, Charles Edward, b 5/12/1845, bap 5/13/1845 Portland. P= James McCarthy, carpenter, and Elizabeth (W). Res Castle. X, p. 127

McCarthy, Margaret, b 9/3/1842, bap 10/16/1842 St. Thomas in the East. Res Golden Grove. VIII, p. 214 #458.

McCarthy, William, aged about 15 years, laborer, bap 3/5/1854 St. Thomas in the East. Res Winchester. VII, p. 289 #163.

McCarty, John, b 4/21/1831, bap 5/24/1840 St. Catherine. F= John McCarty, tailor. M= Mary James. V, p. 209 #80.

McCormack, Ann, bap 1/18/1713 St. Thomas. F= Hercules McCormack. I, p. 5.

McCormack, Ann, a poor woman, bur 4/19/1745 St. Catherine. I, p. 238

McCormack, Ann, a quadroon child, bur 9/24/1792 in New Ground, Kingston. p. 132.

McCormack, Catharine, a soldier's wife, bur 8/14/1754 St. Catherine. I, p. 306.

McCormack, Elizabeth, infant, bur 8/7/1737 St. Catherine. I, p. 230.

McCormack, Elizabeth, from the parish house, bur 12/8/1795 Spring Path, Kingston. II, p. 186.

McCormack, Francis David, a mulatto child, bap 6/24/1755 St. Catherine. I, p. 263.

McCormack, Francis David, a mulatto child, bur 6/27/1755 St. Catherine. I, p. 310

McCormack, George, gentleman, bur 6/3/1798 Kingston church yard., II, p. 212.

McCormack, James, parish constable, bur 7/5/1792 St. James. I, p. 311.

McCormack, John, from the hospital, bur 3/30/1795 Spring Path, Kingston. II, p. 176.

McCormack, Thomas, a free mustee, b 12/10/1817, bap 11/25/1818 St. Thomas. II, p. 42.

McCormick, Ann, widow, bur 7/8/1723 St. Catherine. II, p. 211.

McCormick, Ann Jane b 12/27/1813, bap 1/9/1814 Port Royal. P= James McCormick and Ann (W). I, p. 74.

McCormick, Mrs. Catherine, 101st Regiment, bur 6/23/1814 St. Catherine. II, p. 459.

McCormick, Constant Eleanor, infant, bur 1/23/1773 Kingston church yard. I, p. 469

McCormick, Daniel, mariner, bur 1/11/1778 N. Ground, Kingston. II, p. 22.

McCormick, Elizabeth Mary, a white child, bap 8/24/1800 St. Ann. [none of the people listed have parents named] I, p. 110.

McCormick, Hannah, bur 3/20/1783, Kingston. II, p. 71.

McCormick, James, 101st Regiment, bur 12/31/1813 St. Catherine. II, p. 459.

McCormick, Dr. James, bur 8/26/1786 Kingston church yard. II, p. 90.

McCormick, Jane, infant, bur 4/2/1767 in her yard, Kingston. I, p. 429.

McCormick, John, a soldier, bur 2/28/1774 Spring Path, Kingston. I, p. 477.

McCormick, Margaret, infant, bur 1/2/1762 Kingston Church yard, I, p. 387.

McCormick, Patrick, soldier, bur 7/12/1759 St. Catherine. I, p. 322.

McCormick, Corporal Patrick, 101st Regiment, bur 2/10/1816 St. Catherine. II, p. 461.

McCormick, Sarah, a soldier's wife, bur 4/8/1775 Spring Path, Kingston. I, p. 470

McCormick, William, mariner of Kingston, mar Hannah Cliff , spinster of Vere, 12/17/1758 St. Andrew. I, p. 200

McCormick, William, infant, bur 9/29/1761 Kingston church yard. I, p. 384.

McCormick, William, mariner, bur 1/14/1766 Kingston church yard. I, p. 420.

McDonald, Alfred Charles, brown complexion, b 11/28/1870 Enfield, bap 2/24/1875 Westmoreland. P= Daniel Sangster McDonald, blacksmith, and Amelia (W). Res Enfield. Law 6, IV, p. 389 #10.

McGruther, Agnes, a child of color, bap 5/17/1797 Westmoreland. I, p. 114.

McIntosh, Alexander, planter mar Eliza Downer Davis, spinster of St. Ann, 7/1/1817 St. Ann. I, p. 285

McIntosh, Andrew mar Jane Malcolm 7/31/1825 in Hanover. Slaves on Alexandria Estate. Slaves I, p. 187.

McKellar, Catherine, a free mulatto woman aged about 18 years, bap 3/18/1806 Kingston. II, p. 167.

McKellar, John, free sambo, aged 12 months, bap 2/25/1821 Kingston, II, p. 367.

McKellar, Louisa Purchase, a free mustee, b 1/5/1821, bap 10/21/1821 in Port Royal. M= Ann Russell Melhado. I, p. 91.

McKellar, Phoebe, a free black woman aged 50 years, bap 617/1812 Kingston. II, p. 246

McKellar, Robert, a free mulatto aged about 12 years, bap 11/28/1809 Kingston. II, p. 213.

McKellar, William Devonshire, a free sambo aged 10 months 14 days, bap 10/23/1825 Kingston. II, p. 429.

McKoy, Francis Basquine Smelly b 7/10/1832, bap 5/26/1833 Port Royal. M= Ann Smith. F occupation in Dockyard. I, p. 271

McPhill, Thomas, trucker, full age, res Hampstead, mar Jane Preston, res Free Hill 8/23/1876 in the Presbyterian church, Port Maria, St. Mary by Henry Scott, minister. Witness Robert A. Syms. Bride signed by X. Diss. XVII, p. 335 #24

McWhinney, John Brown, apprentice to Pumpkin Ground, may Mary Ann Reynolds, apprentice to Cedar Grove, 2/25/1838 in St. Catherine by Rev. T. B. Branfoot after banns. II, p. 6 #13

Mead, Ann, bap 3/4/1824 St. Elizabeth, aged abt 3 yrs. white. II, p. 246

Mead, Benjamin mar Anna Wilhelmina Cole in St. Elizabeth by banns. Both white, of St. Elizabeth. I, p. 302.

Mead, Edward Simon, bap 3/24/1824 St. Elizabeth, aged abt 7 yrs. White. II, p. 246.

Mead, Susan Henrietta, b 8/24/1823, bap 7/10/1825 St. Elizabeth. Free quadroon. II, p. 318

Mead, Thomas, b 2/22/1800, bap 5/17/1801 St. Elizabeth, and listed with white persons. Reputed father = David Mead. M= Mary Harriott, free mestize. I, p. 98.

Meare, Andrew, bur 10/12/1702 St. Andrew. I, p. 270

Mears, Mary, bap 7/12/1804 Portland, a free mulatto woman aged abt 40 yrs. I, p. 3.

Mears, Robert, mar Mary Holbrook 9/19/1706 St. Catherine. I, p. 126

Meer or mur, Thomas, bur 12/25/1691 St. Catherine. I, p. 178.

Meeres, John, mar Elizabeth Joice 7/4/1689 St. Andrew. I, p. 185.

Meers, Elizabeth, bap 5/12/1700 St. Catherine. P= John Meers & his wife Mary. I, p. 43

Meers, Mary, bur 8/3/1721 St. Catherine. Res Guanaboa. I, p. 217

Melvill, Mrs., an adult bur 12/15/1870 in N. Burial Ground, St. James, by D. R. Morris. Res Poor House. VII, p. 162 #103.

Melville, [male], b 5/20/1852 St. Catherine. P= James Chapman Melville, accountant, and wife Mary. Res Chandlers Pen, Clarendon. Civil Births II, p. 98 #556.

Melville, Augustus R., aged 4 yrs., but 12/29/1859 in St. Philips Chapel Yard, St. Dorothy. Res Old Harbour Bay. New Series V, p. 420.

Melville, Baboo [? illegible], b 1878, St. Mary. P= James Melville, a coolie, and Sarah (W), a coolie. Laborers. Civil F101.

Melville, Eliza, bap 1/27/1867, St. Dorothy. M= Isabella Harrison. XX, p. 207

Melville, Elizabeth, b 5/1/1850, bap 2/9/1851 St. Dorothy, res Old Harbour Bay. III, p. 186 #27

Melville, Frances Elizabeth, b 11/15/1860, bap 2/13/1861 St. Dorothy by John E. Owen, Island Curate. Res Old Harbour Bay. New Series X, p. 67 #26.

Melville, Francis, b 12/4/1787, bap 8/28/1788 St. Dorothy. F= Thomas Melville. M= R. Gray (U). I, p. 27.

Melville, George, bap 5/22/1842 St. Dorothy, aged abt 14 yrs. Res Old Harbour Bay. VII, p. 279 #94.

Melville, Herbert, b 9/15/1838, bap 6/2/1844 St. Dorothy. Res Old Harbour Bay. VII, p. 298 #68.

Melville, James, bap 1860 St. Ann, aged 15 yrs. Laborer. XIII, p. 350.

Melville, James Henry, b 5/20/1852, bap 6/15/1852 in St. Catherine by John T. Farquharson, Offcg. Minister. P= James Chapman Melville, accountant, and Mary (W). Res Chandler Pen, Clarendon. New Series II, p. 139.

Melville, Jane, Negro aged 30 years, bap 2/23/1798 in St. James. I, p. 112.

Melville, John, aged 5 months, bap 4/23/1857 St. James. Res Montego Bay. IX, p. 437 #49.

Melville, John, mar Susan McMillan 3/12/1868 Portland by A. B. Foote. Both of Portland. VIII, p. 112 #10.

Melville, Lucretia, b 11/22/1847, bap 1849 [date torn] in St. Dorothy by G. W. Rowe, rector. Res The Whim Estate. X, p. 209.

Melville, Mary Ann, b 12/6/1878 Denbigh, Clarendon (res). P= George William Melville and Mary Ann (W). Coolies. Laborer. Reg by father by X. Civil A97.

Melville, Patrick, bur 1/20/1787, St. Dorothy. I, p. 26.

Melville, Robert John, b 4/3/1839, bap 12/14/1845 Trelawny by J. Stainsby. Res Falmouth. VIII, p. 417 #247.

Melville, Sarah, bap 5/30/1832 St. Dorothy. Colored. F= Frances Melville. M= Eliza Thomas (U). Res Old Harbour Bay. I, p. 315 #15.

Melville, Thomas, bap 11/19/1843 St. Dorothy, aged abt 20 years. Res Old Harbour Bay. VII, p. 293 #129

Melville, Thomas, aged 37 years, bur 7/24/1854 St. Philips chapel yard, Old Harbour Bay, St. Dorothy. Res Old Harbour. IV, p. 339 #8.

Melville, Thomas, bap 1860 St. Ann, aged 16 yrs. Res Goshen. Laborer. XIII, p. 351

Mercir, John, b 1/25/1788, bap 2/10/1788 Port Royal. P= James Mercir & his wife Matty. I, p. 34

Mere, Sarah, mulatto, bap 11/29/1802 St. James. I, p. 141.

Messado, Emanuel Perriera 3/14/1916 and Kitty his wife 7/31/1893 aged 54 years. (Tombstone at Falmouth Parish Church, south side of churchyard)

Messe, Peter mar Elizabeth Oderoone 7/16/1691 St. Andrew. I, p. 186.

Midgley, Martha, b 9/26/1845, bap 5/3/1846 in Metcalf by Richard Forbes, rector. Res Rock River. IX, p. 132 #32.

Mile, Joseph, b 7/27/1862, bap 11/9/1862 St. Elizabeth. Res Mexico, St. Elizabeth. VI, p. 179 #24.

Milen, Thomas, aged 3 years, bap 11/18/1838 in Manchester by C. J. P. Douet. Res Plowden. IV, p. 176 #679

Milen, William, aged 1 year, bap 11/18/1838 Manchester. Res Plowden. IV, p. 176 #680.

Miles, [index says James], b 7/28/1845, St. Elizabeth. P= Richard Miles, laborer, and Eleanor (W). Res Accompong. I, p. 165

Miles, Alexander, bachelor, planter, res Mt. Diablo, mar Martha Elizabeth Clarke, spinster, res Old Road, 5/4/1868 in the Baptist Jericho Chapel, St. Catherine, by John Clarke, minister. Witness William A. Clarke. Diss. XIII, p. 232.

Miles, Daniel, bachelor, carpenter, full age, mar Ellen Harding, spinster of full age, 1/16/1872 in the Wesleyan Methodist, Mount Ward, Hanover. Res Porter's Mount. Diss. XV, p. 174 #331.

Miles, George, laborer, bachelor of full age, res Seven Rivers rent land, mar Elizabeth Smith, spinster of full age, in Baptist chapel, Bethel Town, Westmoreland by Charles Sibley, minister, by banns. Signed by X. Diss. XIV, p. 76.

Miles, James, laborer, bachelor of full age, mar Mary Ann Reid, domestic, spinster of full age, 3/19/1865 in the London Missionary Society, Davyton Chapel, Manchester by William Hillyer. Res Content. Diss, XIII, p. 148.

Miles, John, widower, laborer, res Soho, mar Ann Wilson, spinster, 9/14/1864 in the Wesleyan Methodist church, Blue Mountain Valley, St. Thomas in the East, by Robert Myrie Parnther by banns. Both full age. Diss. XIII, p. 158

Miles, Mary, b 12/15/1856, bap 8/6/1857 St. Elizabeth. Res Accompong. V, p. 608 #461.

Miles, Mary Ann, b 6/9/1848, bap 6/30/1849 St. Elizabeth. F= Thomas Miles, carpenter. M= Susan Williams (U). Res Lewles Hill. V, p. 187 #400.

Miles, Robert, bachelor, laborer of full age, res Welcome mar Rosa Jackson, spinster of full age, res Bamboo, 12/30/1863 in Cacoon, Hanover, Baptist church by J. E. Henderson, minister, by banns. Diss. XIII, p. 25.

Millar, Rosalin Ann, b 4/10/1854, bap 4/26/1857 St. James. Res Glasgow. IX, p. 438 #69.

Mitchell, ___, b 11/4/1846, bap 9/3/1847 St. Ann. Res White Hall. XI, p. 68.

Mitchell, Aaron Augustus, black, b 2/2/1875 Salmon Town, bap 6/25/1875 Manchester. F= Robert Mitchell, laborer. M= Elizabeth Sills (U). Res Salmon Town. Law 6, IV, p. 428.

Mitchell, Alexander, aged 70 years, bur 5/20/1863 Arthurs Seat, Clarendon. Resident Arthur's Seat. V, p. 462 #11.

Mitchell, Alexander Elijah, b 6/3/1849, bap 4/7/1850 Clarendon by Samuel H. Stewart, rector. Res Content Valley. I, p. 53 #225.

Mitchell, Albert Alexander b 4/18/1861, bap 5/5/1861 Kingston. P= Robert Mitchell, Private 2nd W. I. Regiment, and Matilda (W). Res Up Park Camp. VII, p. 84 #238.

Mitchell, Alfred James, b 6/16/1842, bap 9/7/1842 St. Catherine. F= Alfred Mitchell, wheelwright. M= Catherine Richards (U). Res Great Salt Pond Pen. VII, p. 330 #158.

Mitchell, Caroline, b 5/20/1882 Nairn Castle, Clarendon. P= Robert Mitchell, planter and Cecilia (W) nee Reid. Res Nairn Castle. Father reg by X 5/29/1882. Civil 1882 #HG150.

Mitchell, Eliza, b 5/21/1883 Collington, Clarendon. P= Alexander Mitchell, planter, and Jane (W) nee Bryan. Res Collington. Civil 1883 #HG320.

Mitchell, Elizabeth, black complexion, b 4/24/1870 Smoky Hole, bap 6/20/1875 Clarendon. F= Robert Mitchell, planter res Tommy Kings. M= Louisa Stewart (U). Law 6, IV, p. 401 #73.

Mitchell, Ezekiel Turerin, b 2/21/1883 Green River, Nairne District, Clarendon. P= Alexander Mitchell, laborer, and Ann (W) nee Lee. Civil 1883 #HC296.

Mitchell, Frederick, b 12/4/1846 Trelawny. P= Robert Mitchell, shoemaker, and wife Bashy nee Brown. Res Pantrepant. Father reg by X. II, p. 230 #104.

Mitchell, George, black complexion, b 12/31/1874 Tie Mount, bap 9/20/1875 Clarendon. F= Robert Mitchell, small settler res Content. M= Martha Bailey (U). Law 6, V, p. 26 #31.

Mitchell, Georgianna Elizabeth, b 6/12/1879 Victoria Thompson Town, Clarendon. P= Robert Mitchell and wife Letitia nee Bryan. Reg by brother Samuel Mitchell. Civil C672.

Mitchell, Georgiana Roberta, dtr of George Mitchell, laborer, and his wife Eliza Roberta nee Lea, bap 9/22/1871 in St. Elizabeth. Res. Warminster. Brown. Law 6 I, p. 385 #27.

Mitchell, Henry, b 4/22/1845, bap 1845 St. Andrew by Joseph Gegg, officiating minister. P= George Mitchell, peasant, and Grace (W). Res Mount Horeb. X, p. 432.

Mitchell, Henry, mar Rebecca Campbell 3/28/1869 St. Andrew by Acheson Findlay, island curate of Mount Home, by banns. Both res St. Andrew. VI, p. 423.

Mitchell, Henry, husband of Catherine Mitchell, killed by falling walls in earthquake 1/14/1907 in Alexander's Store, Harbour Street, Kingston. Civil 1907 #8885.

Mitchell, Janet Georgiana, quadroon, bap 12/13/1829 in St. Thomas. M= Dorothy Brook. Res Dalvey Estate. II, p. 293 #28.

Mitchell, John mar Rosiletta Parsons 6/1/1854 in St, Thomas in the Vale by John Campbell, rector after banns. Both res STIV. V, p. 115

Mitchell, Mary Catherine, black complexion, b 4/27/1871 Camp Savanna, bap 5/18/1873 Westmoreland. P= Alexander Mitchell, cooper, and Mary (W) nee Fraser. Res Camp Savanna. Law 6, III, p. 141 #1223.

Mitchell, Mortimer Richard, b 10/1/1864, bap 11/23/1864 Kingston. P= Henry Mitchell, carpenter, and Margaret (W). Res Hope Estate. VII, p. 175 #457.

Mitchell, Nathaniel Ebenezer, b 10/17/1865 Hayes, bap 4/30/1876 Clarendon. F= Robert Mitchell, laborer. M= Isabella Buckley (U). Res Hayes. Law 6, V, p. 297 #32.

Mitchell, Princess Abigail, aged 5 years, bap 1/6/1865 Westmoreland. XV, p. 111.

Mitchell, Rebecca Johannah, b 3/25/1885 Nairn, Clarendon. P= Alexander Mitchell, laborer, and Sarah Ann (W) nee Lee. Reg by Thomas Charles Lea 4/25/1885. Civil 1885 #HC302.

Mitchell, Robert, b 1828, bap 2/26/1837 Clarendon by G. C. Fearon, rector. Res Wanstead. I, p. 370 #193.

Mitchell, Robert, born 1833, bap 12/14/1834 Clarendon. F= Robert Lloyd. M= Sally Samuels. Praedials. Res Kellitts. II, p. 262 #238.

Mitchell, Robert, aged 2 years 10 months, bap 12/25/1838 Trelawny. P= John Mitchell, fisherman and Amanda (W). Res Falmouth. I, p. 252 #169.

Mitchell, Robert, aged 7 years, bap 12/25/1842 Trelawny by John C. Stone, offcg. curate. Res Falmouth. VI, p. 190 #179.

Mitchell, Robert, aged 2 years, bap 12/1839 in Vere. Res Gibbons. V, p. 234.

Mitchell, Robert, an adult bap 5/28/1840 St. Elizabeth. Res Williamsfield. IV, p. 17.

Mitchell, Robert, bap 1/3/1841 in Clarendon. VII, p. 61 #63.

Mitchell, Robert, bap 1844 Clarendon. P= Robert Mitchell, laborer, and Sarah nee Dickinson(W). Res Content (or Content Valley). [Page torn, torn out, and out of order]. X, p. 3. Born 6/30/1844 Birth registered by father 10/14/1844. Births I, p. 49.

Mitchell, [unnamed male], bap. 1847 Clarendon by Samuel H. Stewart, rector. P= Robert Mitchell, laborer, and wife Sarah. Res Content. X, p. 51.

Mitchell, Robert b 4/29/1848, bap 8/13/1848 St. Thomas. Res Coley. XII, p. 317 #438.

Mitchell, Robert, aged 7 months, bur 12/5/1848 Coley, St. Thomas. Res Coley. III, p.

157 #112.

Mitchell, Robert, aged 70, bachelor, laborer, d 11/22/1884 on the road to Chapelton, Clarendon. Civil 1884 #HF14.

Mitchell, Robert, bachelor, aged 30, laborer, d 8/25/1885 in hospital, Spanish Town, St. Catherine. Civil 1885 #A349.

Mitchell, Robert, widower aged 85 years, d 12/26/1886 Comfort, Clarendon. Death reg by William Douglas, occupier. Civil 1886 #H96.

Mitchell, Robert, infant aged 18 months, died 12/31/1889 Clarendon. M= Letitia Mitchell, laborer. Civil 1889 #HP121.

Mitchell, Robert, aged 50, married, planter, d 2/14/1890 Victoria, Clarendon. Civil 1890 #HP143.

Mitchell, Robert, infant son of Frederick Mitchell, laborer, died 1/15/1894 Clarendon. Fever and pain 2 days. Civil 1894 #HS135.

Mitchell, Robert, married, aged 51 years, died 10/6/1898 Nairn Park, Clarendon. Cause: paralysis 11 years. Civil 1898 #HQ517.

Mitchell, Robert, bachelor aged 25 years, d 3/31/1889 Bermuda, Portland, nephew of Rebecca McKenzie. Civil 1899 #A2988.

Mitchell, Robert, bachelor aged 28 years, proprietor, died 4/3/1899 Clarendon. Registered by Alice Burghi present at death. Civil 1899 #HH667.

Mitchell, Robert Adam Anthony, b 5/13/1871, bap 10/23/1872 Westmoreland. P= William Mitchell, planter, and Margaret Ann Eliza Cameron (U). Born & res. Nairn Castle, Westmoreland. Black. Law 6 II, p. 390 #113

Mitchell, Robert Andrews, b 1/30/1849, bap 9/11/1850 in St. Catherine. P= William Mitchell, laborer, and Janet (W). Res Canning Lane. II, p. 98 #227.

Mitchell, Robert Harris, bap 1/6/1865, Westmoreland. Res Shrewsbury. XV, p. 111

Mitchell, Robert Henry, b 4/5/1853, bap 4/7/1854 Vere. P= James Mitchell, laborer, and Isabella (W). Res Comfort Hall. VI, p. 326 #273.

Mitchell, Robert Hezekiah Carr, born March 4 or 6, 1876, bap 6/11/1876 in Portland. Born & res. Norwich, Portland. P= James William Mitchell & wife Mary Ann. Black. Law 6 V, p. 277 #89

Mitchell, Robert Samuel, b 916/1853, bap 10/12/1854 Manchester. P= Robert Mitchell, laborer, and Rachael (W). Res Rose Hill. VIII, p. 43 #378.

Mitchell, Robert Smith, b 11/18/1846, bap 1/16/1847 St. Elizabeth. P= William Mitchell, laborer, and Cecilia (W). Res Little Ease. V, p. 77 #126

Mitchell, Robert William, b 1/4/1855, bap 4/29/1855 St. Thomas in the Vale. M= Mary Bryan, cottager. Res Content, Above Rocks. VII, p. 375 #65.

Mitchell, Samuel Reginald Emanuel, bap 2/5/1871 in Portland by C. T. G. Johnston. P= Robert Bunting Mitchell, tailor, and his wife Mary. Born & res. Shady Grove, Portland. Brown. Law 6, I, p. 128 #10.

Mitchell, Thomas, b 11/6/1851, bap 1/11/1852 Vere. P= James Mitchell, laborer, and Isabella (W). Res Comfort Hall.

Mitchell, Timothy, b 4/17/1884 Nairn Castle, Clarendon. P= Robert Mitchell, planter, and wife Cecilia nee Reid. Father reg at Grantham by X. Civil HG200.

Mitchell, Zachariah Timothy, b 5/16/1882 Lewisburg, St. Mary. P= Robert Mitchell, planter, and Sarah Hamilton (W) nee Leslie. Res Lewisburg. Civil 1882 #FC176.

Moor, Major William, bur 2/6/1689 St. Catherine, in the church. I, p. 170.

Moore, [blank], assistant staff surgeon, bur 2/21/1821 Up Park Camp, St. Andrew. II, p. 169.

Moore, Alexander mar Jane Malcolm 11/15/1845 in Westmoreland by banns. Both res Westmoreland. IV, p. 330 #91.

Moore, Ernest Augustus Henry, b 1/11/1858, bap 7/11/1858 Westmoreland. X, p. 397 #425.

Moore, Joseph Augustus, b 4/16/1857, bap 3/23/1858 Westmoreland. Res Providence Kings. X, p. 377 #55.

Moore, Ruth El., b 8/12/1858, bap 2/20/1859 Westmoreland. Res Old Hope. X, p. 413 #72.

More, Elizabeth, b 9/1/1856, bap 3/14/1858 Westmoreland by Mayhew. Res Three Mile River. X, p. 376 #36.

Morris, Ann, b 1/22/1845, bap 7/13/1845 Manchester. P= John Morris, planter, and Ruth Ann (W). Res Marley Hill. X, p. 387.

Morris, Ann Eliza, b 10/7/1850, bap 12/3/1850 Manchester. M= Judy Coley, laborer. Res Johns Hall. III, p. 132.

Morris, Richard James, baker, bachelor of full age, mar Rosa Ann Wilson, spinster aged 19 years, 1/1/1879 in Rasterbes District, Porus, Manchester by banns. Both res Porus. Law 6, IV, p. 205,

Morrison, Charles, bap 10/26/1834 St. Elizabeth, aged 50 yrs. Res Montpelier. II, p. 100 #423.

Mowat, William Anglin, b 3/17/1832, bap 4/18/1832 Kingston. F= Edward Charles Mowat. M= Eliza Main (U). White. Res Windward Road. I, p. 93 #155.

Mumford, Mr., d 1/14/1821 at Winefield. Bur 1/15/1821 Greenwich Park, St. Ann. IV, p. 357.

Mure, Mr. Bur 10/20/1783, St. Thomas. From Milk River Estate. Died of over fatigue walking from St. Mary's parish. I, p. 176.

Murray, Thomas mar Catherine Malcolm 9/25/1854 in Trinity Chapel, Westmoreland by banns. Both res Westmoreland. VI, p. 71 #10.

Myle, Elizabeth, b 9/1/1840, bap 2/21/1841 in St. Elizabeth by H. L. Dixon. P= Richard Myle, Lieutenant, and Eleanor (W). Res Accompong. IV, p. 63 #196.

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