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Descendants of [Grandfather] Rebeiro

Generation No. 1

1. [Grandfather] Rebeiro


Children of [Grandfather] Rebeiro are:

+ 2 i. ? Rebeiro.

+ 3 ii. [Uncle] Rebeiro.

Generation No. 2

2. ? Rebeiro


Children of ? Rebeiro are:

4 i. Rebecca Nunes Rebeiro.

Notes for Rebecca Nunes Rebeiro:

WILL of REBECCA NUNES REBEIRO of Kingston spinster.

To my executors £300 for a funeral for me and to pay 10 men 20/- each to attend prayers for me for a month after my decease, and to pay each washer 10/-, and for a lamp over my grave, and also for a tomb for my late sister MICHESO ABIGAIL ABRAHAM DePASS and her husband.

I give my house at 90 Orange St. Kingston for the benefit of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in East St. Kingston and £200.

To the English and German Synagogue in Orange St. Kingston £50 and 25 of my shares in the Kingston Ice Company.

To NATHANIEL MORAIS of Kingston gentleman £10 to attend to the lamp over my grave.

The trustees are to distribute £100 to the Jewish poor of Kingston, and give £50 to the Jewish Alms House.

I give my shop and premises #84 and 86 Princess St. Kingston to my cousin DANIEL CESPEDES and £20 and 25 of my Ice Co. shares.

To my cousin MRS. HANNAH DeSOUZA £20 and my house at #2 Beckford St. Kingston for life, and then to her children.

To WILHELMINA ANTORNEZ [or ANTOMEZ] wife of FELIZ G. ANTOMEZ and to my friends RACHAEL TAVARES, HANNAH TAVARES, and RACHAEL HENRIQUES of Kingston spinsters £10 to be divided equally.

To my cousin REBECCA DeSOUZA £20 and 2 shops numbered 80 and 82 Princess St. Kingston.

I give my house at #3 Johns Lane Kingston and £20 to REBECCA PEREIRA the widow of JACOB PEREIRA and her son-in-law SAMUEL PEREIRA to be divided between them.

To my cousin REBECCA HENRIQUES £20 and #1 Johns Lane Kingston.

To LETITIA REBEIRO the daughter of my cousin THEODORE REBEIRO £20.

To CHARLES ALEXANDER of Kingston merchant £50 in addition to his commission.

The trustees are to sell my household furniture, #5 Johns Lane and #123 King Street Kingston and put the proceeds in my residual estate.

To HANNAH MAGUENO [or MAGUNO] the widow of the late GEORGE MAGUENO #76 Tower St. Kingston.

To REBECCA PEREIRA my gold spectacles, silver spoons and some jewelry [listed].

To my cousin THEODORE REBEIRO Dispenser of Medicine at Stony Hill, St. Andrew £20.

To GERALDINE REBEIRO his daughter, and my friends ABIGAIL MENDES, REBECCA MARDON, ABIGAIL LEON, JANE HARPER and CHRISTIAN --- [illegible] £5 each.

[There is still another page of personal bequests, but due to bleed through it is very difficult to read.]

Dated 7/1/1890.

Signed by X.

Witnesses: H. R. WALTERS, and ARNOLD STEELE.

Codicil 6/19/1891.

Affidavits 10/16/1891 by CHARLES ALEXANDER and A. H. DaCOSTA.

Counted 10/14/1891 by MacLEAN LYNCH.

Recorded Lib IV Folio 404.


More About Rebecca Nunes Rebeiro:

Residence: 1890, Kingston

5 ii. Micheso Abigail Abraham Rebeiro, died Bef. July 1890. She married ? DePass.

3. [Uncle] Rebeiro


Child of [Uncle] Rebeiro is:

+ 6 i. Theodore Rebeiro.

Generation No. 3

6. Theodore Rebeiro

More About Theodore Rebeiro:

Occupation: 1890, Dispenser of Medicine

Residence: 1890, Stony Hill, St. Andrew


Children of Theodore Rebeiro are:

7 i. Letitia Rebeiro.

8 ii. Geraldine Rebeiro.


Descendants of William Record

1. William Record was born Abt. 1821. He married Eliza Beecher April 18, 1846 in Hanover (Source: B0012 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage III & IV, 1838-1855, p. 123 #18.). She was born Abt. 1821.

More About William Record:

Occupation: 1851, Laborer

Residence: 1846, Hanover

Residence (2): 1851, Phoenix

More About Eliza Beecher:

Residence: 1846, Hanover


Child of William Record and Eliza Beecher is:

2 i. Mary Record, born Bef. January 1851.

More About Mary Record:

Baptism: January 19, 1851, Hanover (Source: B0048 Jamaica Parish Register New Series II, 1848-1860, p. 216 #58.)

Residence: 1851, Phoenix.


Descendants of Joseph Reid

1. Joseph Reid died Aft. May 10, 1883.

Notes for Joseph Reid:

WILL of JOSEPH REID of St. Catherine, Esquire.

I give my horses and cart etc. to SUSAN FULLER of St. Catherine.

To LEVY A. KNIGHT of St. John, £20.

I give the rest of my estate to my daughter MRS JANE CROSWELL of Kingston.

Executor: my friend CHARLES L. REPOTT Esq of St. Catherine.

Dated 5/10/1883.



More About Joseph Reid:

Addressed as: Esquire

Residence: 1883, St. Catherine

Will: May 10, 1883 (Source: B0069 Jamaica Wills 1883-1891.)


Child of Joseph Reid is:

2 i. Jane Reid. She married ? Croswell


Descendants of Arthur Powell Rerrie

1. Arthur Powell Rerrie was born Abt. 1835. He married Susan Henrietta Ball January 21, 1860 in Westmoreland (Source: B0040 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage V& VI, 1842-1864, p. 295 #74.). She was born Abt. 1835.


Descendants of Charles Reynolds

Generation No. 1

1. Charles Reynolds died Bef. 1879.

More About Charles Reynolds:

Residence: Clermont, Trelawny


Children of Charles Reynolds are:

+ 2 i. Mary Ann Reynolds, died July 30, 1879.

3 ii. Elizabeth Reynolds.

Generation No. 2

2. Mary Ann Reynolds died July 30, 1879. She married ? McMahon. He died Bef. June 1879.

Notes for Mary Ann Reynolds:

WILL of Mary Ann McMahon of Trelawny, widow.

I give to my sister ELIZABETH REYNOLDS of Falmouth, spinster, for her life, and then to my daughter ELIZABETH THOMAS (the wife of MR. JOHN SIMPSON THOMAS) my share in the land and 2 houses in Falmouth willed to me and my sister Elizabeth by our mother.

I give to my said daughter all the money I am entitled to under the will of my father CHARLES REYNOLDS late of Clermont, Trelawny.

Executors: my daughter and her husband.

Dated 6/1879.

Signed by X.

Witnesses: ROBERT ROGERS, surgeon and physician, ROSA McDONALD.

PROBATE 5/11/1882 Northern District Court, Falmouth I, 135 5/20/1882.

District Court Book I, 331, 8/6/1883. L. J. PRESTON Acting Clerk Court.

Counted by WILLIAM HOGARTH of Falmouth

MARY McMAHON died 7/30/1879.


More About Mary Ann Reynolds:

Will: June 1879 (Source: B0069 Jamaica Wills 1883-1891.)


Child of Mary Reynolds and ? McMahon is:

4 i. Elizabeth McMahon. She married John Simpson Thomas

More About John Simpson Thomas:

Other facts: 1883, Counted will: Will of George B. Graham.


Descendants of Thomas Richards

1. Thomas Richards was born Abt. 1809. He met Nancy Lamberth. She was born Abt. 1809.

More About Thomas Richards:

Occupation: 1834, Fisherman

More About Nancy Lamberth:

Residence: 1834, Free Town


Child of Thomas Richards and Nancy Lamberth is:

2 i. Sarah Evans Richards, born January 16, 1832.

More About Sarah Evans Richards:

Baptism: February 02, 1834, Vere (Source: B0004 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms I & II, 1826-1834, II, p. 332 #4.)

Residence: 1834, Free Town


Descendants of James Richmond

1. The Honourable James Richmond was born in Scotland, and died March 20, 1914 in London, England. He married Emma Fanny (Richmond).

Notes for The Honourable James Richmond:


I give to my wife EMMA FANNY RICHMOND all my estate. She is Executrix.

Dated 11/5/1909

Witnesses: HERBERT GEORGE PASCOE, and A.H.RANDALL, both Kingston.


More About The Honourable James Richmond:

Fact: 1889, He attested the witnesses to the Will of James Duffus

Occupation: Director of the Public Works Department

Occupation (2): 1889, Justice of the Peace

Other facts: C. M. G.

Will: November 05, 1909 (Source: B0072 Jamaica Wills 1889, 1914-1923, 1925.)

Will recorded: May 15, 1914, Lib XIII


Descendants of Edward William Ricketts

1. Edward William Ricketts died March 14, 1882. He married Margaret Ann (Ricketts).

Notes for Edward William Ricketts:

WILL of EDWARD WILLIAM RICKETTS of Falmouth, Trelawny.

To my wife MARGARET ANN RICKETTS all my personal effects, and my houses and lands in that part of Falmouth known as Wynn's Town, in Harbour St.

After the death of my wife I give to EDWARD THOMAS DOUGLAS of Falmouth, seaman, house #1; to MURIETTA CRAWFORD of Falmouth, House #2; to AMELIA EASSON of Falmouth, domestic, house #3; to RICHARD HAMILTON of Falmouth house #4. My principal house I leave to my wife's discretion to dispose of.

To my wife the boat "Mabel" bought by me for £80, and as soon as EDWARD THOMAS DOUGLAS can pay her £40 the boat is to be his.

To JOHN EDWARD MORRELL the reputed son of LETITIA JENKINS my house and land at Kettering, Trelawny.

To AUGUSTUS PHILLIBERT of Falmouth my fishing house.

My wife is executrix.

Dated 10/8/1881.

Signed by X.

Witnesses FRANK WORTHY and J. S. THOMAS.

Witnesses sworn 6/15/1882.

District Court Will Book I, 299, 12/22/1883.

EDWARD WILLIAM RICKETTS died 3/14/1882 last living Falmouth.

Probate 6/15/1882.

Counted by WILLIAM HOGARTH of Falmouth, Trelawny, gentleman.


More About Edward William Ricketts:

Residence: 1881, Falmouth, Trelawny

Will: October 08, 1881 (Source: B0069 Jamaica Wills 1883-1891.)


Descendants of Francois Michel Rivage

1. Francois Michel Rivage was born Abt. 1790. He married Jean Timberman August 05, 1815 in St. James (Source: B0055 St. James Parish Register I & II, 1770-1825 (Baptisms to 1841), II, p. 290.). She was born Abt. 1790.

More About Francois Michel Rivage:

Occupation: 1815, Private YLIV


Descendants of Henry Roberts

1. Henry Roberts He married Louisa Crawford August 01, 1833 in St. Andrew (Source: B0016 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage I & II, 1826-1839, I, p. 366.). She was born Abt. 1794.

More About Henry Roberts:

Occupation: 1833, Gentleman

Residence: 1833, St. Andrew

More About Louisa Crawford:

Race/nationality/color: Free Quadroon

Residence: 1833, Kingston

More About Henry Roberts and Louisa Crawford:

Marriage license: 1833

Status of bride/groom: Widow


Elizabeth Rochefort

1. Elizabeth Rochefort died June 1782.

More About Elizabeth Rochefort:

Burial: June 15, 1782, St. James (Source: B0055 St. James Parish Register I & II, 1770-1825 (Baptisms to 1841), I, p. 292.)


James Hunter Rochefort

1. James Hunter Rochefort was born July 1836, and died May 1837.

More About James Hunter Rochefort:

Age: May 1837, 10 months

Burial: May 01, 1837, Montego Bay church yard, St. James (Source: B0024 Jamaica Parish Register Burials I & II, 1826-1844, II, p. 215 #35.)

Race/nationality/color: Of color

Residence: 1837, St. James St., Montego Bay, St. James


Peter Rochefort

1. Peter Rochefort was born 1812, and died December 1839.

More About Peter Rochefort:

Age: 1839, 27 years

Burial: December 01, 1839, Montego Bay church yard, St. James (Source: B0024 Jamaica Parish Register Burials I & II, 1826-1844, II, p. 240 #161.)

Occupation: 1839, Coachmaker

Residence: 1839, Montego Bay, St. James


Charles Pierre Jacques Marc Antoine Rochemont

1. Charles Pierre Jacques Marc Antoine Rochemont died July 1798.

More About Charles Pierre Jacques Marc Antoine Rochemont:

Burial: July 10, 1798, Church yard, St. Elizabeth (Source: B0037 St. Elizabeth Parish Register I & II, 1707-1825, I, p. 340.)

Fact: Full name is: Charles Pierre Jacques Marc Antoine de la Hogue Rochemont

Race/nationality/color: White


William Grant Rochfort

1. William Grant Rochfort was born 1813.

More About William Grant Rochfort:

Age: 1817, 4 years

Baptism: April 03, 1817, Trelawny (Source: B0006 Trelawny Parish Register I, 1771-1839, p. 102.)


Descendants of ? Rockwood

Generation No. 1

1. ? Rockwood


Child of ? Rockwood is:

+ 2 i. John Osborne Rockwood, died June 08, 1882.


Child of ? Rockwood is:

3 i. Isabella Rockwood.

Generation No. 2

2. John Osborne Rockwood died June 08, 1882. He married Jane (Rockwood).

Notes for John Osborne Rockwood:

WILL of JOHN OSBORNE ROCKWOOD of Kingston, ex Master Mariner.

My property at Harbour and East St #174 is to be sold and pay my wife JANE ROCKWOOD £10.

I give to my wife Land in Yallahs District of St. David in St Thomas in the East . The House in 6 Oxford St is hers for her life, and then goes to my estate.

My land in Spanish Town to be sold and proceeds put in estate.

Wesley Grove, St. Andrew is to be sold and pay over to ISABELLA ROCKWOOD my half sister £6.

Brick Kiln known as Hardy's Kiln, Upper Nugent Street, Kingston, is to be sold for the estate, and also lands in 10 Luke Lane.

My executrix is to give JANE E. STRADWICK a room for her life, and £3.

To my daughter SARAH ROCKWOOD my house at 100 Mathews Lane, Kingston, and 154 Upper Princess St.

To my undutiful son AMPHALACHUS ROCKWOOD £3.


Dated 12/1/1881.

Witnesses THOMAS BROWN, 36 Charles Street, JONATHAN E. BROWN, 36

Charles St.

District Will Book I, 275, 1/16/1883

Counted 7/18/1882 by JOHN VINCENT LEACH before EDWARD W. LEWIS Acting Clerk, J. P., Kingston.

JOHN ROCKWOOD died 6/8/1882.


More About John Osborne Rockwood:

Occupation: 1882, Ex Master Mariner

Residence: 1881, Kingston

Will: December 01, 1881 (Source: B0069 Jamaica Wills 1883-1891.)


Children of John Rockwood and Jane (Rockwood) are:

4 i. Sarah Rockwood.

5 ii. Amphalachus Rockwood.


Descendants of Rose (Heather)

1. Rose (Heather) was born Abt. 1815.

More About Rose (Heather):

Occupation: 1840, Laborer


Child of Rose (Heather) is:

2 i. Rebecca Burke, born June 1840.

More About Rebecca Burke:

Baptism: June 20, 1841, Portland (Source: B0002 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms IV-VII, 1834-1845, IV, p. 231.)

Residence: 1841, Bloomfield.


Descendants of Henry Ruddick

1. Henry Ruddick was born Abt. 1767. He married Deborah Heath Fleming September 21, 1792 in St. James (Source: B0055 St. James Parish Register I & II, 1770-1825 (Baptisms to 1841), I, p. 236.). She was born Abt. 1767.

More About Henry Ruddick:

Residence: 1792, Westmoreland

More About Deborah Heath Fleming:

Residence: 1792, Hanover

More About Henry Ruddick and Deborah Fleming:

Status of bride/groom: Spinster/bachelor


Descendants of George Russell

1. George Russell was born Abt. 1847. He married Elsie Foster Barham March 13, 1872 in Savannalamar, Westmoreland (Source: B0007 Jamaica Law 6 Register Marriages I, 1871-1876, p. 149.). She was born Abt. 1847.

More About George Russell:

Occupation: Laborer

Residence: Strathbogie

Marriage Notes for George Russell and Elsie Barham:

Widower, spinster. Both X, both full age


Descendants of Isaac Russell

1. Isaac Russell died 1914.

Notes for Isaac Russell:

WILL of Isaac Russell:

[First part of will is missing]

. . . the rest to the Fairfield Congregational Church.

Trustees: My friend JOHN HENRY LEWISON of Knockpatrick, schoolmaster, and GEORGE FULFORD of Hope, penkeeper.

Dated 8/14/1914.



More About Isaac Russell:

Religion: Congregationalist

Will: August 14, 1914

Will recorded: December 03, 1914, Lib XIII Folio 504


Descendants of Joseph Russell

1. Joseph Russell was born Abt. 1790. He met Ann Elizabeth Bustin. She was born Abt. 1790.

More About Joseph Russell:

Addressed as: Esquire

Residence: 1815, Russell Place, Clarendon

More About Ann Elizabeth Bustin:

Occupation: 1815, Free

Residence: 1815, Vere


Child of Joseph Russell and Ann Bustin is:

2 i. Sarah Maria Russell, born Bef. September 19, 1815.

More About Sarah Maria Russell:

Baptism: September 19, 1815 (Source: B0003 Westmoreland Parish Register I, 1739-1825, p. 183.)


Descendants of Robert Russell

1. Mr. Robert Russell was born Abt. 1758, and died Bef. Oct 1816. He met Catharine Hamilton.

Notes for Mr. Robert Russell:

He was described in 1816 as the "late overseer of Culloden."

More About Catharine Hamilton:

Race/nationality/color: Colored

Residence: "a native of America"


Children of Robert Russell and Catharine Hamilton are:

2 i. Frances Sarah Russell, born Bef. 1783.

Notes for Frances Sarah Russell:

According to the baptismal entry in 1816, she was first baptized in 1783, but since no written record could be found they were baptizing her again.

More About Frances Sarah Russell:

Baptism: 1783

Baptism (2): Oct 13, 1816, Westmoreland (Source: B0003 Westmoreland Parish Register I, 1739-1825, p. 211.)

3 ii. Anna Maria Russell, born Bef. 1798.

Notes for Anna Maria Russell:

According to the baptismal record in 1816, she had been baptized in 1798, but since the written record could not be found, she was being rebaptized. Her son was baptized on the same day. More About Anna Maria Russell:

Baptism: 1798

Baptism (2): Oct 13, 1816, Westmoreland (Source: B0003 Westmoreland Parish Register I, p. 211.)

Race/nationality/color: 1816, free woman of color

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