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Date format Month/Day/YEAR

b = born

bap = baptized

bur = buried

d = died

F = father

M = mother

mar = married/marriage

P = parents

PAB = present at birth

reg. = registered

res. = residence

STIV = St. Thomas in the Vale

(U) = unmarried

(W) = Wife

yrs = years

SOURCE REFERENCES: Volume, page, item number. Example. X, p. 120 #6.

All events prior to 1878 are Anglican, unless otherwise indicated (viz. those marked Civil, or Diss. for Dissenter).

Rankin, Alexander of Westmoreland, surveyor, mar Catherine Isabella Brown 3/30/1762 in St. Elizabeth by John Ramsay, rector, by license. I, p. 293.

Rankin, Anne, a Negro aged about 17 years, bap 2/10/1793 in St. James. I, p. 81.

Rankin, David Morrice, aged 1 year, bap 11/1/1835 Westmoreland. M= Frances Rankine, apprentice. Res Content. III, p. 89 #379.

Rankin [Rankine], Elizabeth, quadroon, bur 8/17/1829 Westmoreland. I, p. 132.

Rankin, Frances, a mulatto girl, bap 5/29/1783 in St. James. I, p. 38.

Rankin, George, b 5/12/1713, bap 5/29/1713 in Vere. P= Robert Rankin and Jane (W). I, p. 7.

Rankin, James, free man of color aged about 13 years, bap 1/13/1812 Portland. I, p. 24.

Rankin [Rankine], James, aged 26 years, bur 1/19/1840 in St. Peter's Chapel yard, Westmoreland. II, p. 300.

Rankin, James Rusea, mulatto, b 12/22/1788, bap 11/3/1793 St. James. I, p. 83.

Rankin, Jane, Negro girl, bap 12/27/1790 St. James. I, p. 68.

Rankin, Jane, mulatto child, bap 1/16/1818, Duckworth plantation, St. Thomas. II, p. 41.

Rankin, John, quadroon child aged about 18 months, bap 5/19/1783 St. James. I, p. 40.

Rankin [Rankine], John, aged 27 years, planter, bur 5/15/1840 Forest Pen, Westmoreland (res). II, p. 304 #54.

Rankin, Margaret, adult black person, bap 11/1/1816 St. Elizabeth. I, p. 207.

Rankin, Margaret, colored, aged 1 year, bap 11/20/1830 St. James. F= ? Rankin. M= Mary Ann Waite (U). Res Montego Bay. I, p. 363 #109.

Rankin, Maria, Negro, bap 9/19/1785 St. James. I, p. 50.

Rankin, Nancy, laborer, aged 40 years, bap 10/5/1834 Hanover. Res Prospect. II, p. 239 #476.

Rankin, Sophia, free mulatto aged about 20 years, bap 3/20/1805 St. Elizabeth. I, p. 113.

Rankin, Susan, child of color, bap 11/1/1816 St. Elizabeth. I, p. 207

Rankin, Susan, free mulatto aged 4 years, bap 2/9/1823 St. Thomas. II, p. 53.

Rankin, Thomas, black, aged 9 years, bap 8/3/1834 Hanover. Res Glasgow. II, p. 189.

Rankin [Rankine], William, aged about 68 years, bur 9/1/1839 Wakefield, Westmoreland. Res Content. II, p. 296 #43.

Raynie, Mrs., wife of Captain Raynie of the ship Active, bur 1/19/1821 Greenwich Park, St. Ann. IV, p. 357.

Read, Mary, pirate, bur 4/18/1721 St. Catherine. I, p. 217.

Rennalls, Margaret, bap 2/12/1738 St. Catherine. P= John Rennalls & Mary (W). I, p. 74.

Reynolds, Ann, b 6/10/1751, bap 8/25/1751 St. Catherine. P= William Reynolds & Mary (W). I, p. 251

Reynolds, John, mariner, mar Jane McLachlan, widow, 4/14/1780 St. Catherine by license. II, p. 169

Reynolds, Roger, bap 3/12/1674 St. Catherine. P= Roger Reynolds and Isabelle (W). I, p. 9

Richards, Felicita, laborer, mother of Wilfred, b 11/3/1916 in West Prospect, St. Catherine. Reg 11/1888/1916 by Sarah Connor, present at birth. Civil EAA1105.

Ricketts, George mar Catherine Malcolm 6/2/1855 Westmoreland by banns. Both res Westmoreland. VI, p. 77 #5.

Robert, James, aged 42 years, bur 4/16/1854 in John Arez, Clarendon (res). Buried by Roland Jackson. II, p. 181 #5.

Roberts, James, b 1837, bap 6/24/1838 Clarendon. Res Friendship. V, p. 425 #270

Roberts, James, infant, bap 7/29/1838 Clarendon. V, p. 449 #659.

Roberts, James, b 8/1848, bap 4/7/1850 Clarendon. Res Old Plantation. I, p. 53 #336.

Roberts, James, b 3/13/1850, bap 12/4/1850 Clarendon. I, p. 81 #678.

Roberts, James, b 5/24/1854, bap 1/16/1855 Clarendon. P= John Roberts, laborer, and Mary Ann (W). Res Hickly. VI, p. 95 #34.

Roberts, James Lykins, b 12/9/1836, bap 1/24/1837 Clarendon. P= James Roberts and Sally (W). Praedials. Res Killetts. I, p. 363 #105

Roberts, James Theophilus, bap 12/1861 in Clarendon. P= James Roberts, laborer, and Diana (W). Res. B. Hall. [rest of entry illegible]. XIII, p. 299.

Roberts, John, mar 10/9/1842 Diana Hawkins in Clarendon by Sam. H. Stewart, by banns. Both of Clarendon. III, p. 198 #88.

Robertson, Albert, b 11/7/1859, nap 2/21/1860 Kingston. VII, p. 44.

Robertson, The Honorable Duncan, widower, mar 6/21/1834 Elizabeth Frances Smith, spinster, in St. Elizabeth by Thomas P. Williams, rector, by license. Both of St. Elizabeth. I, p. 211.

Robertson, Eliza, b 8/1/1840, bap 9/12/1841 in St. Catherine. P= Archibald Robertson, penkeeper, and wife Isabella. Res. Windsor Park Pen. VII, p. 313 #168.

Robertson, Francis, b 12/10/1858, bap 12/16/1859 Kingston. VII, p. 36.

Robertson, James Stewart, bap St. Elizabeth 9/7/1834 aged 13 mths. Res Bellemont. II, p. 82 #111

Robertson, Jane, bap St. Elizabeth 5/31/1835 aged 45 years. Res Whitehouse. III, p. 31 #278

Robertson, Jane, b 11/2/1838, bap St. Elizabeth 12/2/1838. P= Alexander Robertson & wife Catherine. III, p. 439 #756

Robertson, Jane, b 7/14/1842, bap St. Elizabeth 10/23/1842. P= James Robertson and wife Olive. Res Islington. IV, p. 123 #495

Robertson, Jane, b 3/10/1850, bap 12/1/1850 in St. Andrew. M= Mary Ann Russell. Res Dallas Pen. V, p. 22 #317.

Robertson, Jane Ann Maria, b 9/24/1853, bap 12/19/1853 St. Elizabeth. P= R. S. Robertson, settler and wife Frances. Res Pleasant Hill. V, p. 408 #935

Robertson, Jane Rebecca, b 10/25/1855, bap 1/2/1856 St. Elizabeth. P= William Robertson, settler, & wife Jane. Res Comfort Hill. V, p. 531 #210.

Robertson, Jane, b 5/23/1870, bap St. Thomas 10/8/1872. M= Isabella Robertson (U). Res Font Hill, St. Thomas. Black. Law 6 II, p. 334 #208

Robertson, Richard Williams, b 2/1/1837, bap 1/12/1840 Spanish Town, St. Catherine, res. F= William Samuel Robertson, cabinet maker. M= Jane McKenzie (U). V, p. 204 #2

Robertson, Theophilus Samuel, b 10/24/1858, bap 12/2/1859 Kingston. VII, p. 9.

Robinson, Jane, b 10/31/1846, bap 5/15/1847 St. Elizabeth. Res Warminster. V, p. 90 #322.

Robinson, Jane b 11/30/1854, bap 7/20/1855 St. Elizabeth. Res Island. V, p. 493.

Robinson, Jane, b 8/20/1859, bap 4/13/1860 St. Elizabeth by A. B. Lynch. VI, p. 17 #261.

Robinson, Jane Eliza, b 3/1/1859, bap 8/19/1859 St. Elizabeth by John Morris. Res Barton Isles. V, p. 711

Robinson, Jane Maria, bap 7/13/1859 St. Elizabeth. P= Edwin Robinson, settler, and Lucy (W). Res Mole Hill. V, p. 718.

Robinson, Ludrick, b 9/14/1878 Happy Grove, St. Catherine. M= Jemima Jackson. Reg by Louisa Jackson 10/8/1878 in St. Faiths. Civil 1878 #EE138.

Robinson, Susan Evangeline, b 5/11/1872, bap 1/5/1873 Manchester. F= Alexander Robinson, planter. M= Elizabeth Robertson (U). Colored. Law 6 II, p. 411 #55.

Roche, Dennis of St. Thomas in the Vale mar Elizabeth Omeally of St. John 3/27/1839 in St. Thomas in the Vale by license. II, p. 140 #28.

Rochester, Rebecca, bap 10/26/1797, St. Elizabeth, aged abt 17 years. Free sambo. I, p. 80.

Rochester, Ruth, bap 12/26/1756 St. Elizabeth, base child aged abt 13 months. Listed with white baptisms. I, p. 15

Rochester, Ruth, bap 2/7/1794 St. Elizabeth, a free sambo aged abt 20 yrs. I, p. 69

Ross, Edward, bap 12/18/1814 St. Elizabeth. "Belonging to Miss E. Salmon." I, p. 195

Russea, Henry John, b 10/24/1773, bap 11/6/1774, Trelawny. F= John Russea. M= Ann Gallimore Grey. I, p. 4

Sampson, Abraham Emanuel, b 12/22/1872 Chancery Castle, bap 3/21/1873 St. Mary. Black. F= Richard Sampson. M= Behaviour Roberts. Res Chancery Castle. Law 6, III, p. 1 #3

Sampson, Adonijah, b 7/31/1854. bap 12/3/1854 Manchester. Res Porus. New Series VIII, p. 47 #454

Sampson, Alick mar Margaret Edwards 1/8/1837 St. George after banns. Apprentices to Windsor Castle, St. George. I, p. 75 #5.

Sampson, Amelia, infant bap 7/1/1838 Manchester by Robert Dallas. Res Egston Valley. IV, p. 125 #357.

Sampson, Andrew, mar 11/19/1853 in St. George to Amelia Francis after banns by George Hull, curate. Both of Vere. New Series V, p. 251.

Sampson, Charles Frederick, b 8/14/1860, bap 1/1/1862 Vere. F= Horation Sampson. M= Rebecca Sampson. Res Race Course. XIV, p. 255 #22.

Sampson, Charlotte, b 11/30/1853, bap 11/15/1854 Manchester. Res Rose Corner. New Series VIII, p. 45 #410

Sampson, Christina Emma, b 8/31/1870 Windsor Castle. Bap 9/10/1871 St. Mary. Black. F= William Sampson. M= Emily Cousin (U). Laborer. Res Windsor Castle. Law 6, I, p. 232 #80.

Sampson, Clementine, b 3/4/1865, bap 7/7/1865 St. Catherine. XV, p. 35 #104.

Sampson, David Augustus, b 5/8/1874 Capernaum. Bap 4/7/1875 St. Elizabeth. Colored. M= Emma Rebecca Foster (U). Res Capernaum. Law 6, IV, p. 404 #52.

Sampson, Edward, b 3/25/1853, bap 12/26/1853 Manchester. F= Thomas Sampson. M= Betsy Plummer (U). Res Porus. Laborer. VII, p. 100 #399.

Sampson, Edward, b 3/5/1842, bap 4/17/1842 St. George. Res Windsor Castle. VII, p. 228 #90

Sampson, Edward E., bap 9/18/1863 Manchester by John Morris. F= John Sampson. M= Margaret Adams (U). Res Content. Laborer. XV, p. 360 #390.

Sampson, Eliza, b 5/13/1837, bap 12/31/1837 Vere. P= William Sampson & wife Elizabeth. Res Salt Savannah. IV, p. 389 #201.

Sampson, Elizabeth, bap 1/26/1819 St. Elizabeth. Free quadroon. I, p. 244

Sampson, George, mar Charlotte Austin 11/3/1846 in St. Andrew by license by Joseph Gegg, curate. Both res Kingston. IV, p. 397.

Sampson, Henry Samuel Morgan, b 3/5/1864 Prospect. Bap 12/7/1873 Clarendon. Black. F= Henry Sampson, laborer. M= Emily Morgan (U). Res Prospect. Law 6, III, p. 337 #100.

Sampson, Horatio, b 8/1843, bap 12/23/1843 Manchester. Res. New Forest. IX, p. 219 #390.

Sampson, Hubert Alexander, b 12/7/1874 Sea Air. Bap 7/30/1875 Manchester. Colored. F= Aaron Sampson, shopkeeper. M= Diana Elizabeth Blake (U). Res Sea Air. V, p. 64 #37.

Sampson, John bur 12/31/1827 Vere, aged 18 years, white. Res Vere. I, p. 309 #4.

Sampson, John, b 9/10/1849, bap 1/6/1850 Vere. P= William Sampson & Elizabeth (W). Res Portland. Laborer. New Series IV, p. 3 #42

Sampson [Samson], John, bur 5/3/1866 Church yard, Buff Bay, St. George, aged 90 years. VII, p. 230 #7.

Sampson, John Henry, bap 6/7/1840 Vere, aged 17 yrs. Res Gibbons. VI, p. 77 #114.

Sampson, John Horatio, b 1/1/1878 Halse Hall. Bap 4/27/1878 Clarendon. Black. M= Mary A. Thomas (U). Res Halse Hall. Law 6, VI, p. 275 #79.

Sampson, John Howell, b 6/24/1845, bap 12/7/1845 Metcalf. P= Richard Sampson, laborer, & Mary (W). Res Sampsons Spring. IX, p. 129 #137

Sampson, John Michael, b 4/7/1851, bap 8/17/1851 Vere. M- Ann Scott, domestic. Res. Longwood. IV, p. 30 #184

Sampson, Joseph, b 11/25/1870 Brighton. Bap 9/8/1871 St. Elizabeth. F= Robert Sampson. M= Letitia Black. Laborer. Re Brighton. Law 6, I, p. 207 #34.

Sampson, Joseph, sawyer, aged 27 yrs, mat Agnes Amelia Hare, seamstress, aged 25 yrs, 6/2/1872 in Buff Bay, Portland after banns, by Richard Kirkland Dunbar. Bachelor & spinster, res Windsor Castle. Law 6, I, p. 195

Sampson, Julia Anne, bap 1/1/1836 Vere, aged 28 yrs. Res Bog. F= Morant. M= Jane Thomas. IV, p. 14 #8.

Sampson, Michael, bap 5/28/1843 Manchester. Res Cottage. IX, p. 206 #216.

Sampson, Old, bur 3/11/1858, #3 Burial Ground, St. Catherine, aged about 50 yrs. Res Burrowes Pen, Old Harbour Road. V, p. 391 #24.

Sampson, Paul, mar Jane Davis 7/27/1847 St. Thomas, by banns. Both of St. Thomas. IV, p. 218 #17.

Sampson, Rachael, bap 2/8/1818 Vere, by G. L. R. Fearon, rector. Free child of color. I, p. 137.

Sampson, Richard, infant bap 7/29/1838 Clarendon. V, p. 450 #671. V, p. 450 #671.

Sampson, Richard, bur 9/22/1852, church yard, St. Andrew. Res Asylum. New Series I, p. 357 #71.

Sampson [Samson], Richard, bap 8/2/1818 Vere. Free child of color. I, p.137.

Sampson, Robert, b 3/2/1840, bap 1/2/1842 St. George. Res Dover. VII, p. 226 #59.

Sampson, Robert, b 11/17/1848 [? last digit not clear], bap 4/17/1849 Clarendon. Re Parnassus. I, p. 10 #158.

Sampson, Robert Nelson, b 11/8/1859, bap 7/1/1860 Manchester. P= Daniel Sampson & Maria (W). Res Pusey Hill. Laborer. XIII, p. 153 #613.

Sampson, Rosanna, bap 9/6/1835 Vere, age 10 mths. F= William Sampson. M= Elizabeth Wildman. Res Salt Savanna. III, p. 239 #88.

Sampson, Rosina, b 12/2/1855, bap 11/16/1856 St. Thomas in the Vale by J. Campbell, rector. M= Anne Brown. New Series IX, p. 171 #192.

Sampson, Roslin, b 10/16/1862, bap 8/9/1863 Vere. F= George Alexander Sampson. M= Frances Grant [?]. Res Milk River. Laborer. XIV, p. 272.

Sampson, Samuel, bur 3/17/1854 in New burial ground, Savannalamar, Westmoreland. Native of Bermuda and Savanna Hill Surrie. Res Savannalamar. Age 72 years. New Series V, p. 355 #14.

Sampson, Sarah Martha, b 3/9/1872 Tryall. Bap 7/12/1872 Portland. Black. F= Henry Sampson, laborer. M= Jane Harris (U). Res Windsor Castle. Law 6, II, p. 205 #3.

Sampson, Thomas, bap 4/5/1801 The Bog, Vere. I, p. 70.

Sampson, Thomas, bap 2/24/1828 Vere, sambo, aged 6 months. F= John Sampson. M= Jane Smith (U). Res Vere. I, p. 308 #8.

Sampson, Thomas, bap 4/5/1801 Vere. I, p. 70

Sampson, Thomas James, b 8/31/1856, bap 8/1/1857 Clarendon. Res Stamford Hill. IX, p. 361 #270.

Sampson, William Augustus, b 9/27/1862, bap 4/26/1863 St. Catherine. F= William Sampson. M= Mary Richards (U). Res St. Catherine. Planter. XV, p. 7 #120.

Sampson, William, Corporal 3 West India Regiment, mar Frances Aitley, 8/24/1852 Portland, after banns. Both res Portland. V, p. 273 #30.

Samson [Sampson?], Ann, an infant bap 11/139, Manchester. Res Dunrobin. V, p. 311 #461.

Samson [Sampson?], John, n Margaret Hall 6/27/1697, St. Andrew. I, p.190.

Samuels, George, b 10/6/1843, bap 12/29/1850 Westmoreland. F= William Samuels. M= Margaret Campbell (U). Res Fort William. Laborer. New Series III, p. 170 #583.

Samuels George, b 3/3/1850, bap 10/6/1851 Westmoreland. F= Henry Samuels, Superintendent. M= Isabella Spence (U). The father or mother is deceased. New Series IV, p. 188 #608.

Samuels, George, an adult bap 2/22/1857 Westmoreland. Res Lennox. New Series IX, p. 117 #75.

Samuels, George, b 1843. Bap 4/6/1845 Westmoreland. Res Grand Vale. X, p. 304 #216.

Samuels, George, b 4/27/1846, bap 11/29/1846, Westmoreland. Res Camp Savanna. Laborer. X, p. 348.

Samuels, George Edward, b 4/16/1863, bap 7/1/1863. P= Jacob Samuels & Ann (W). Res Rose Hall. Laborer. XV, p. 76 #292.

Scharschmidt, Bernard, carpenter, bachelor of full age, mat Eleanor Scott, spinster of full age, 4/18/1863 in the Wesleyan Church, Falmouth, Trelawny by banns. Witness Efward B. Scharschmidt. Bride signed by X. XII, p. 148 #263.

Scott, Charles A. 1/4/1912 to 3/23/1997. Missed by wife Edna. (Tombstone at Falmouth Parish Church, south side of churchyard)

Scott, John Paulis, rose child [illegitimate], bap 1707 St. Elizabeth. I, p. 16.

Scott, Leannah, b 2/15/1857, bap 3/14/1858 Vere. F= Andrew Scott, laborer. M= Frances Brown. Res Roky Point. X, p. 283 #16.

Scott, Walton mar Sarah Omeally 6/7/1835 in St. Thomas in the Vale (res) by banns. I, p. 379 #41.

Skeene, James mar Catherine Malcolm 2/9/1839 in Westmoreland by C. W. Winckler by banns. Res Argyle Pen, Westmoreland. III, p. 330 #25.

Smellie, Elizabeth, b 9/17/1857, bap 1/10/1858 in Metcalf by J. J. Brown, Island Curate. Res Scotts Hall. X, p. 333 #41.

Stewart, John Reily, mar Elizabeth Hutchison 4/10/1862 in Manchester by Thomas Robinson by banns., Both res Manchester. VI, p. 353 #28.

Swaby, George, of Arlington, mar Mary Bruce, of Brucefield, 5/7/1837 in St. Elizabeth by Revd. H. S. Yates, after banns. III, p. 263 #166.


Tait, William Whalton, Private 4th West India Regiment mar Rosalin Quixano Henriques of Kingston 12/4/1862 in Kingston by Rev. C. P. Street after banns. VII, p. 224 #58.

Tate, Adela Virginia, b 9/6/1856, bap 3/23/1858 Westmoreland. Res Belmont. X, p. 377 #40.

Tate, Catherine, laborer, mother of Henry James b 3/3/1883, Little London, Westmoreland, res. Reg. by Henry Ledister, occupier, 3/14/1883. Civil LE111.

Tate, George Briggs, b 3/22/1851, bap 9/12/1858 Westmoreland. Res Smithfield. X, p. 396 #406.

Tate, Thomas William, b 5/10/1858, bap 7/11/1858 Westmoreland. X, p. 398 #443.

Telfer, James, son of Patrick and Anne Telfer died 7/14/1798 aged 22 years 7 months. (Tombstone at Falmouth Parish Church, south side of churchyard)

Thomas, Henry, mar Jemima Abrahams of Lucky Valley 4/25/1841 in Port Royal by banns. II, p. 219 #14.

Tindal, Richard, mar Phidelia Bruce 12/12/1840 Manchester by banns. Both res Manchester. IV, p. 91.

Todd, Lilian, died 7/6/1953. (Tombstone at Falmouth Parish Church, south side of churchyard)

Waddle, Henry, laborer aged 37 yrs, mar Emily Sampson, laborer aged 37 yrs 10/2/1873 in St. George district after banns. Witnesses James Brown and Thomas W. Forbes. Bachelor & spinster res Windsor Castle. Law 6, II, p. 60.

Watkis, Frederick, infant aged 16y, d 5/1892 St. Ann's Bay, St. Ann. Father, William Watkis, saddler, present at death reg 6/6. Cause: compression of brain by blow. Civil 1892 #GA1272.

Watkis, Marian Adina, b 8/20/1888 Lewis, St. Ann. P= George Adolphus Watkis, shopkeeper, and Louisa (W) nee Harris. Reg by James Bailey, occupier, 9/15/1888. Civil 1888 #GA927.

Watson, George Michael, b 1/2/1869, bap 7/7/1869 Kingston by H. P. Melville. M= Rebecca Watson. Res 24 Fleet Street. VIII, p. 123 #212.

Watson, John, a free Negro aged 16 years, bap 2/21/1802 Hanover. I, p. 108.

Watson, Mary Adele, black complexion, b 6/30/1874, bap 10/2/1875 Morant Bay, St. Thomas. F= Samuel Watson, laborer. M= Louisa Orgill. Res Morant Bay. Law 6, V, p. 41 #121.

Watson, Peter Benjamin, colored, aged about 2 months, bap privately 2/4/1879 in St. James. M= Ann Hudson (U). Res Montego Bay. Law 6, VI, p. 378 #6.

Watson, Samuel, black complexion, b 7/7/1871, bap 8/30/1872 Ralph Mountain, Westmoreland (res). F= Samuel Watson, laborer. M= Mary Adams. Law 6, II, p. 241 #50.

Watson, Samuel, mar Mary Ann French 5/3/1843 Kingston by T. B. Turner, Island Curate by banns. Both res Kingston. IV, p. 173 #58.

Watson, Samuel Hammond, b 1/18/1842, bap 4/22/1842 Kingston. Res Rosemary Lane. III, p. 151 #167.

Webb, Agnes, widow aged 95 years, laborer, d 4/15/1892 Point, St. Ann. Reg 4/16/1892 in Ocho Rios by James Webb, present at death, res Parry Town, St. Ann. Civil 1892 #GC617

Webb, Amelia, widow, seamstress, died 6/24/1892 Alexandria, St. Ann. Reg 6/25/1892 by son Jonathan Webb, present at death and res Alexandria, signed by X. Cause: rheumatic pain 2 years. Civil 1892 #GF803.

Webb, Robert, bachelor, laborer, aged 45 years, died 10/16/1891 Point, St. Ann. Reg 10/20/1891 by Ann Shaw, present at death and res Point. Civil 1891 #GC565.

White, Andrew mat Ellen Malcolm 8/12/1858 Westmoreland by banns. Both res Westmoreland. VI, p. 99.

White, Helen, b 1/17/1852, bap 2/29/1852 Manchester by John Morris. P= Henry White, overseer, and Helen (W). Res Oxford. New Series IV, p. 108 #113.

White, Mary Ann, b 7/21/1840, bap 8/11/1841 Manchester by H. L. Dixon officiating minister. P= James White and Elizabeth (W). VI, p. 304 #290.

White, Mary Ann, b 8/1843, bap 5/19/1844 Manchester by Robert W. Dallas. Res Knockpatrick. IX, p. 229 #93.

White, Mary Cartwright, b 10/30/1847, bap 11/30/1849 Manchester by John Morris. F= John White, planter. M= Susan Gossip (U). Res Comfort Vale. XII, p. 391 #512.

White, Mary Jane, infant, bap 2/7/1841 Manchester by W. S. Coward. P= Henry White and Ellen (W). Res White Hall. VI, p. 288 #81.

Whyte, David, gentleman, mar Elen Hutchison, spinster, 3/23/1838 in Manchester by license, by C. F. Hall, officiating minister. Both res Manchester. I, p. 322 #5.

William, Prince, mar Sarah Bruce 5/6/1837 St. Elizabeth by banns. Res Longhill. III, p. 261 #142.

Williams, Alfred, infant, bap 11/12/1837 Manchester by Robert Dallas. Res Chantilly. IV, p. 358 #520.

Williams, David, born 10/22/1886 in Solomon Field, Carisbrook, St. Elizabeth. P= Henry Williams, shopkeeper and Felicia (W) nee Gray. Father reg 12/9/1886 in Siloah. Civil 1886 #KF169.

Williams, David, born 12/22/1886 Mulgrave, St. Elizabeth (res). P= David Williams, laborer, and Susan Amelia (W) nee Samuels. Father reg by X 12/31/1886. Civil 1886 #KQ62.

Williams, David Nathaniel, born 11/5/1886 in Brighton district, St. Elizabeth (res). P= John Williams, laborer, and Caroline (W) nee Barrett. Father reg 12/4/1886. Civil 1886 #KC190.

Williams, Delisser Christopher, mar Mary Hutchison 7/2/1861 in St. Elizabeth by Rev. C. W. Forbes by banns. Both res St. Elizabeth. VI, p. 301 #298.

Williams, George, child of color, bap 9/22/1799 Westmoreland. I, p. 122.

Williams, George, black, aged 45 years, bap 8/3/1834 Hanover. Res Prospect. II, p. 188 #269.

Williams, George, aged 2 months, bap 8/18/1833 St. James by J. McIntyre, F= Andrew Williams. M= Eliza Hamilton (U). Res Montego Bay. II, p. 295 #94.

Williams, George, apprentice, aged 22 years, bap 12/10/1835 St. James. Res Spot Valley. III, p. 195 #306.

Williams, George, apprentice, aged 26 years, bap 12/10/1835 St. James. Res Spot Valley. III, p. 196.

Williams, George, bachelor, laborer, full age, mar Sarah James, spinster, full age, 10/6/1871 in St. Peters, Westmoreland by C. G. McGregor by banns. Res Cornwall, Westmoreland. I, p. 117 #3.

Williams, Rosa Alberta, black complexion, b 2/3/1873 Beechers, bap 5/10/1874 St. Catherine. F= Alfred Williams, settler. M= Mary Ann Webley (U). Law 6 IV, p. 133 #62.

Williams, Rosa Grace Eliza, colored, b 7/30/1874 Velvet Ease, bap 3/10/1875 St. Elizabeth. M= Jane Mills (U). Law 6 IV, p. 323 #68.

Williamson, George mar Julina Bruce, 2/20/1841 in Manchester by banns. Both res Manchester. IV, p. 96.

Wilson, John mar Sally Malcolm 1/2/1857 in Montpelier, St. James, by banns. Both res St. James. V, p. 370 #4.

Wilson, Samuel Nathaniel, planter, bachelor of full age, mar Nancy Elizabeth Harriott, spinster of full age, 3/26/1879 St. George's, Mile Gully, Manchester by Thomas Lea, minister, by banns. Res Richmond Hill. Groom signed by X. IV, p. 83. Law 6, IV, p. 83.

Wood, James, gentleman, mar Jane Henning, spinster, 1/25/1849 in St. Mary by J. Davidson, Island Curate by license. Both res St. Mary. II, p. 258.

Woodley, John mar Ellen Malcolm 6/20/1861 Westmoreland by banns. Both res Westmoreland. VI, p. 312.

Wright, Charles, free man of color aged about 23 years, bap 7/6/1817 in Williamsfield, Manchester by J. M. Trew, rector

Wright, Charles, bap 2/6/1836, Williamsfield, Manchester by L. H. Stewart. P= Charles Wright, planter and Martha (W). Res Durham. I, p. 352 #77.

Wright, Charles mar Leah Wright 11/24/1838 St. Elizabeth by banns. III, p. 313 #464.

Wright, Charles mar Lucy Ann Malcolm 9/22/1839 by banns in St. Elizabeth. III, p. 329 #160.

Wright, Charles, aged 20 years, bap 9/22/1839 St. Elizabeth. Res Cashew. III, p. 398 #526.

Wright, Charles mar Cecilia Thomson 5/2/1840 St. Elizabeth. Res Breadnut Valley. IV, p. 259.

Wright, Charles, b 5/6/1844, bap 11/24/1844 Manchester. Res Oxford. IX, p. 248 #350.

Wright, Charles, b 7/1/1850, bap 9/27/1850 Manchester. F= Robert Wright, mason. M- Fanny Brooks. Res Blenheim. III, p. 118 #268.

Wright, Charles, b 11/11/1852, bap 1/2/1853 Manchester. P= Richard Wright, laborer, and Margaret (W). Res Devore. New Series, VII, p. 81 #67.

Wright, Charles, b 5/20/1867, bap 7/21/1867 Manchester. XVII, p. 123 #446.

Wright, Charles, bachelor of full age, mar Julina Stewart, spinster of full age 5/1/1878 In Zion Hill Presbyterian, Queen Town, Manchester, by banns. Both planters, signed by X, res Cassava Piece. Law 6, XIX, p. 43.

Wright, Charles Adlam, b 12/30/1833, bap 11/17/1855 St. Elizabeth. Res S. Helena. V, p. 512 #861.

Wright, Charles Augustus, b 4/3/1846, bap 5/31/1846 St. Elizabeth. Res Lacovia. V, p. 51.

Wright, Charles Benjamin, b 6/10/1852, bap 8/1/1852 Manchester by J. S. Wood. Res Crief. New Series VII, p. 66 #391.

Wright, Charles Emanuel, b 3/20/1847, bap 5/16/1847 St. Elizabeth. P= Charles Wright, laborer and Ann (W). Res. Mt. Sinai. V, p. 96 #421.

Wright, Charles Executer, bap 6/29/1853 Manchester. F= George Wright, laborer. M= Rachel Spencer (U). Res Roses Valley. New Series VII, p. 90 #244.

Wright, Charles Henry, b 1/25/1851, bap 4/18/1851 Manchester by Francis Byrne. P= Henry F. Wright, laborer, and Gracey Ann (W). Res Victoria Town. New Series, IV, p. 82 #303.

Wright, Charles Henry, b 10/8/1849, bap 10/10/1862 Manchester by G. A. Addison. P= James Wright, laborer, and Letitia (W). Res Albion. XV, p. 331 #421.

Wright, Charles Rowe, aged 5 years, bap 12/14/1849 St. Elizabeth by John Fox, curate. Res Black River. V, p. 205 #706.

Wright, Charles William, b 5/26/1854, bap 11/26/1854 Manchester. Res Nightingale Grove. New Series, VIII, p. 53 #555.

Wright, Edward, free mustee, b 1/22/1823, bap 5/23/1824 in St. Elizabeth. II, p. 272.

Wright, Edward, age 1 1/2 months, bap 8/16/1835 in St. Elizabeth. Res Mount Zion. III, p. 44 #44.

Wright, Edward, infant, bap 12/3/1837 in Manchester by S. H. Stewart. Res Two Mile Wood. IV, p. 373 #737.

Wright, Edward mar Catherine White 10/21/1842 St. Elizabeth by banns. Res Folly, St. Elizabeth. IV, p. 299 #170.

Wright, Edward, b 5/16/1846, bap 8/19/1848 in St. Elizabeth by J. Waters. F= Charles Wright, bookkeeper. M= Susanna Clemson[?]. Res Good Hope. V, p. 140 #360.

Wright, Edward, b 4/1/1849, bap 4/7/1850 in Manchester by J. T. Wood. M= Marian Burton, seamstress. Res Topsham?. III, p. 109 #130.

Wright, Edward Barnaby, b 11/11/1862, bap 2/18/1863 in St. Elizabeth by J. A. Thomson. P= Benjamin Wright, planter, and Catherine (W). Res Pepper. VI, p. 203 #141.

Wright, Edward Benstead, b 10/21/1851, bap 12/19/1851 Manchester by Francis Byrne. P= Wellington Wright, laborer, and Caroline (W). Res Hog Hole. IV, p. 100 #574.

Wright, Edward Francis, b 8/24/1855, bap 2/6/1856 in St. Elizabeth by William Rowe. V, p. 530 #197.

Wright, Edward Nathaniel, b 7/31/1846, bap 9/13/1846 in St. Elizabeth. P= Matthew Wright, penkeeper, and Rosan (W). Res Santa Cruz. V, p. 57 #523.

Wright, Edward Samuel, b 11/17/1863, bap 2/27/1863 in Manchester by Thomas Robinson. Res Kenswood. XV, p. 343 #61.

Wright, Edward William, b 12/20/1854, bap 9/9/1855 in St. Elizabeth by W. R. Burrell. Res Breadnut Valley. V, p. 498 #630.

Wright, Edwina Isabel, b 11/20/1846, bap 2/7/1847 in Manchester by Thomas Stevens. P= Francis N. Wright, laborer, and Ann (W). Res Enfield. XI, p. 115 #111.

Wright, James, infant, bap 3/3/1838 in Manchester by Robert Dallas. Res Oldburg. IV, p. 116 #234.

Wright, James, a free child of color, bap 9/14/1820 in Manchester. I, p. 26.

Wright, James Cooper, b 4/10/1841, bap 6/27/1841 in Manchester. P= James Cooper Wright, carpenter, and Judy (W). Res Enfield. VI, p. 296 #189.

Wright, James McIntosh, an adult, bap 11/1/1840 in Manchester by Robert W. Dallas. Res Moreland. VI, p. 275 #454.

Wright, Jane, an adult black person, bap 11/1/1816 St. Elizabeth. I, p. 207.

Wright, Jane, aged 22 years, apprentice, bap 5/19/1837 in St. Elizabeth. Res Slat Spring. III, p. 103.

Wright, Jane, aged 31 years, bap 4/2/1839 St. Elizabeth. Res Accompong. III, p. 381.

Wright, Jane Eliza, aged 9 years, bap 6/2/1854 in St. Elizabeth. Res Round Hill. Laborer. V, p. 427 #336.

Wright, Jane Finlason, Negro Maroon of Accompong aged about 15 years, bap 6/26/1821 in St. Elizabeth. II, p. 104.

Wright, Jane Graham, free Negro woman aged about 20 years, bap 11/6/1822 St. Elizabeth. II, p. 166.

Wright, John, b 9/30/1731, bap 7/24/1732 St. Elizabeth. P= ___ Wright and Mary (W). I, p. 5.

Wright, John, bur 6/26/1748 St. Catherine. I, p. 242.

Wright, John B., b 2/27/1853, bap 11/27/1853 St. Elizabeth by Thomas B. Cahusac. V, p. 402 #829.

Wright, John Mcgibbon b 11/20/1756, bap 6/17/1757 St. Elizabeth. P= Edward Wright and Anne (W). I, p. 16 #15.

Wright, John McGibbon, b 3/9/1790, bap 3/21/1794 St. Elizabeth. Reputed father= Edward Wright. M= Elizabeth Sables, aged about 21 years. I, p. 68.

Wright, Margaret Ann, free mustee, b 2/27/1822bap 5/23/1824 St. Elizabeth. II, p. 272.

Wright, Polly, aged 36 years, bap 3/19/1837 St. Elizabeth by H. L. Dixon. Res Accompong. III, p. 99 #82.

Wright, Robert mar Sarah Warren 5/14/1843 St. Elizabeth by Thomas P. Williams, rector by banns. Res The Lodge. IV, p. 307 #46.

Wright, Robert, of Vauxhall, mar Eleanor James of Bagdale 8/26/1843 in St. Elizabeth by banns. IV, p. 310 #103.

Wright, Robert, b 2/10/1844, bap 5/12/1844 St. Elizabeth. P= William Wright and Margaret (W). Res Santa Cruz. IV, p. 192 #207.

Wright, Robert, b 1/5/1845, bap 7/13/1845 St. Elizabeth. P= John Wright, penkeeper, and Isabella (W). Res Lacovia. V, p. 6 #598.

Wright, Robert Benstead, aged about 20 years, formerly called Bob. Bap 2/9/1798 St. Elizabeth. I, p. 83.

Wright, Robert Daniel, b 12/27/1857, bap 10/15/1858 St. ELizabeth. V, p. 673 #679.

Wright, Susan Augusta, b 10/29/1859, bap 6/1/1860 St. Elizabeth. P= Joseph William Wright, laborer, and Mary Anne (W). Res Brighton. VI, p. 19 #301.

Wright, Susan Elizabeth, aged 2 years 11 months, bap 11/4/1862 in St. Elizabeth by M. H. Smith. Res Y.S. VI, p. 176 #684.

Wright, Susan Maria, b 11/1861, bap 11/27/1863 St. Elizabeth by M. H. Smith. VI, p. 253 #935.

Wright, Susanna Clarke, Negro, Maroon of Accompong aged about 14 years, bap 6/26/1821 St. Elizabeth. II, p. 104.

Zincke, Theophilus, b 7/26/1849, bap 12/16/1849 Clarendon. Res John Austins. I, p. 35 #549.

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