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£4 - Legal stamp

Personal property sworn

as amounting to Three Hundred Pounds.

Jamaica Ss. Victoria by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, and of Jamaica Lady defender of the faith, etc., --?-- trusty and well beloved. The Honourable John Hollingsworth and Robert Pearson Esquires respectively of the Parish of Manchester. Know ye that we have constituted authorized, and appointed and by these presents do constitute ourselves and appoint ye or either of ye to administer an oath unto Maria Ann Powell or any other that are witnesses and can make oath of the signing, sealing, publishing and declaring of the last will and testament of John Clarke late of the Parish of Manchester deceased, and thereof you or either of you are --?-- a due return under your or either of your hands and seals unto our Captain General and Governor in Chief of the said Island unto the Governor in Chief of the same for the time being with this power annexed so that such proceedings may be ordered therein as may be according to Law.

Witness his Excellency Charles Henry Darling Esquire, Captain General and Governor in Chief of our said Island at St. Jago de la Vega the Second day of December Ano Domini 1858, and in the Twenty Second year of our Reign.

C. H. Darling (Seal)

Passed the Secretary's Office

H. G. Stewart, Secretary

Jamaica Ss. In obedience to the within Dedimus Potestatem --?-- and another directed, I have administered the oath to the within named Mary Ann Powell as thereby I am commanded.

Given under my hand and seal this Fourteenth day of December 1858.

R. Pearson, J.P. (Seal)


Estate of Clark, John deceased

Dedimus to prove Will

Dated 2nd Decr. 1858

Entered 20th Decr. 1858

In the name of God, Amen. I John Clark of Kendal Plantation in the Parish of Manchester, County of Middlesex and Island of Jamaica being of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding, but mindful of my mortality do this 26th day of December One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty, make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say, I give, devise, and bequeath unto my dear wife Jane Smyth Clark, Kendal and Dunkeld Plantations with all the stock thereon, also all Plate, Furniture, money and whatsoever other property I may died possessed of for her life time. After her decease I give devise and bequeath the same unto my dear children John Powell Clark and William Maitland Clark share and share alike as they and my Executors shall deem just. Should, however, it please God to give me other children by my dear wife Jane Smyth Clark then that child or children to share equally with John Powell and William Maitland Clark, and I do hereby make, ordain, constitute and appoint my dear wife Jane Smyth Clark and her dear and kind sister, Elizabeth Alexander Powell, Executresses and Trustees of this my last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have to this my last Will and Testament set and subscribed my hand and seal the day and year herein mentioned and written.

John Clark (Seal)

Witness Eleanor B. Vernon

Mary Ann Powell

Not having mentioned to whom I would wish my Property to go to in case my dear children should die before reaching the age of twenty-one without lawful heir, I John Clark do in case of so great a calamity happening, give devise and bequeath Kendal and Dunkeld Plantations with all the stock thereon to my dear kind sister in law Miss Elizabeth Alexander Powell and Mrs. Marianne Powell, widow of the late Thomas Powell Jnr. for their life time as also all plate, furniture, money and whatsoever I may died possessed of, and at their death the same property I give devise, and bequeath unto Thomas Smyth Powell and Jane Clark Powell, the children of Mrs. Marianne Powell, and I appoint and constitute Elizabeth Alexander Powell and Marianne Powell my Executrices to this part of my Will. In Witness whereof I have this 15th day of April signed my name and seal.

John Clark (Seal)

Should my dear wife Jane Smyth Clark and her sister Elizabeth Alexander Powell die before my children are of age, I do hereby make, ordain, and constitute Marianne Powell, Dr. George Brooks and Richard Robinson of Bristol to act in the place of Jane Smyth Clark and Alexander Powell to the first part of my Will signed by me 15th day of April.

John Clark (Seal)

Jamaica Ss. In obedience to the Dedimus Potestatem hereunto annexed I have administered an oath unto Mary Ann Powell who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists deposeth and --?-- that she was present and did see John Clark the Testator in the annexed instrument of writing named, being at the time of sound and disposing mind and memory and understanding, sign, seal publish and declare the same as and for his last Will and Testament and at the same time Eleanor B. Vernon was also present and did together with her subscribe their names as witnesses to the same in the presence of the said testator and further that she knew nothing of any will since made by the said Testator that can tend to the discounting of the Will hereunto annexed. Given under my hand and seal this Fourteenth Day of December 1858.

R. Pearson (Seal)

I do declare that the within Will, etc., contains 2 legal sheets and 15 words over.

E. A. Henriques

Declared before me this 20th December 1858. Sam Russell, J.P. St. Cath.


Recorded in Liber 128, folio 98, Island Records Office

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