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b = born

bap = baptism

bu= buried

dtr= daughter

F = father

m = married

M = mother

P= parents

Reg. = registered

Res. = Residence

U= unmarried

W = wife, his wife

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All entries prior to 1878 are from Anglican church records unless otherwise indicated.

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Abdo, John, peddler, widower aged 46 years, son of Talnouser Abdallah, m Eliza Smellie, spinster aged 47 years, dtr of William R. Smellie, 6/16/1906 in Ginger House, St. Andrew. Res Ginger House. Witnesses: William R. Smellie and Mary C. Smellie. BC1546 #215

Anderson, Charles, aged 6 months, bap 4/23/1843 in St. Mary. Res. Epping. B0026, VIII, p. 30 #116

Anderson, James, laborer, aged 28 years, bu 10/12/1840 in Cave Valley, St. Ann by Revd. A. J. Davidson, Assistant Curate. Res Cave Valley. B0024, I, p. 308 #30

Anderson, Robert m Elizabeth Gay by license 9/28/1842 St. Mary. Both res. St. Mary. B0012. IV, p. 435 #82

Anderson, Sarah, aged 2 months, bap 6/18/1843 in St. Mary by G. F. Waters. F= Robert Anderson, carpenter. M= Elizabeth (W). Res. Weston Favel. B0026, VIII, p. 31 #127

Anderson, William, aged 30 months, bap 8/14/1842 St. Mary. Res. Llanrumney. B0026, VIII, p. 12 #165.

Anderson, William, aged 8 months, bap 1/10/1841 St. Mary by G. F. Waters. Res. Fellowship Hall. B0084, I, p. 291

Anderson, William Anderson Cousens, b 4/8/1838, bap 4/21/1844 St. Mary. F= Alick Anderson, laborer, and Jane. Res. Palmetto Grove. B0026, VIII, p. 46 #57.

Ayala, George, baker, m Catherine Henriques 8/20/1839 in Parade Chapel, Wesleyan Methodist, Kingston, by Edward Fraser. B0025, p. 21


Balfour, Andrew, bu 8/16/1710 in St. Catherine. B0080, I, p. 203

Balfour, Caroline, free quadroon, b 1/15/1802, bap 12/26/1803 St. Catherine. B0080, II, p. 139

Balfour, Charles, quadroon, b 3/12/1772, bap 6/21/1772 in St. Catherine. B0080, II, p. 18

Balfour, Eleanor Ann, quadroon, bu 2/27/1801 in St. Catherine. Cause: consumption. B0080, II, p. 301

Balfour, Eleanor Anne, quadroon, b 11/13/ [1770?], bap 1/11/1771 in St. Catherine. B0080, II, p. 14

Balfour, John, bu 3/13/1773 in St. Catherine. B0080, II, p. 210

Balfour, Sarah, mestee child, bu 11/23/1797 in St. Catherine. Cause: fever. B0080, II, p. 293

Balfour, Thomas, free quadroon, b 4/3/1797, bap 11/24/1797 in St. Catherine. M= Hanna Thomas. B0080, II, p. 109

Banton, Grace, b 3/17/1775, bap 8/4/1776 St. Elizabeth. Not white. P= William Banton and Anne (W). B0037, I, p. 41.

Banton, Grace Anne, b 9/6/1806 St. Elizabeth, bap 9/3/1810. Not white. F= William R. Banton. M= Diana Burton James (U). B0037. I, p. 155

Banton, Grace Rachel, a free mulatto child aged about 2 years, bap 1/29/1824 St. Elizabeth. B0037, II, p. 236

Barrett, Joseph William m Margaret Birkett 12/16/1848 in Westmoreland by banns. Both of Westmoreland. B0012, IV, p. 346 #42

Bartibo, Rhoda, bap 1141691 in St. Andrew. P= John Bartibo and Joan (W). B0083, I, p. 34

Beckford, Jane, infant, buried 7/25/1763 in St. Catherine. B0080, I, p. 336

Beckford, Jane Ann, b 1/1758, bap 10/30/1758 in St. Catherine. Father a white man, mother a quadroon woman. B0080, I, p. 269

Beckford, Nathaniel, laborer, bachelor aged 39 years, son of Henry Beckford, m Caroline Smellie, laborer, widow aged 25 years, dtr of Edward Willis 3/14/1907 in Brainerd, St. Mary. Both res Brainerd. BC1959 #453

Bent, Thomas, settler, widower aged 43 years, res Locust Lane, m Francella Gordon, spinster aged 35 years, 12/15/1871 in St. Mary’s, St. Elizabeth by banns. Both signed by X. Witnesses: Daniel Bromfield, Geoffrey Martin. B0007, I, p. 103 #36

Bentley, Robert, apprentice to Bowden, m Emma Burke, apprentice to Hallshead 11/3/1834 in St. Thomas in the East, by S. H. Cooke, rector, by banns. B0074, III, p. 154

Berdoe, Edward, clerk, widower aged 39 years, son of Edward Berdoe, m Adela Mitchell, dressmaker, spinster aged 28 years, dtr of Robert Mitchell 2/24/1910 at 23 Harbour Street, Kingston. Res 2 Maiden Lane, Kingston. BC1541, #131

Binger, Charlotte? [first name illegible], white aged 64 years bu 3/7/1875 in church yard, Kingston. Cause: consumption. B0036, II, p. 89 #165

Binger, Edward, b 1808, bap 7/29/1838 in Clarendon. B0002, V, p. 437

Binger, Edward m 9/17/1854 in Clarendon to Mary Ann Bryan by R. K. Dunbar. Both res. Clarendon. B0040, V, p. 329 #33

Binger, Robert Matthews b 3/27/1862, bap 7/12/1863 Clarendon. Res. Red Hills. B0043, XV, p. 396 #172

Binger, William Benjamin, bap 4/12/1876 in Clarendon. F= C. H. Binger. M= Susan Taylor. B0017, V, p. 257

Birkett, Eleanor, aged 35 years, bu 3/5/1851 in New Hope, Westmoreland by William M. Robertson. Res New Hope. B0013, III, p. 387

Birkett, Francis, aged 69, res and died Drummond Lodge, Westmoreland, bu 9/8/1859 in Westmoreland. B0022, V, p. 284 #99

Birkett, Jane, bap 1/7/1799 in Westmoreland, among “people of colour and children”. B0003, I, p. 120

Birkett, Jane, aged 18 years, res and buried Friendship, Westmoreland, 3/12/1849. B0009, IV, p. 329 #33

Birkett, Sophia, aged 40 years, res and buried New Hope, Westmoreland, 7/25/1858 by A. L. Chandler. B0022, V, p. 275 #107

Birkett, Thomas m Ann Reynolds 4/3/1836 in Westmoreland by Daniel Fidler by banns. Both of Westmoreland. B0016, II, p. 342 #102

Blair, James David b 6/6/1839, bap 11/3/1839 in St. Elizabeth by W. Forbes. Res. Smart Hill. B0056, III, p. 410 #681

Blair, Robert, aged about 3 years, bap 9/4/1812 St. Elizabeth. F= James Blair. M= Mary Briggs a mulatto slave. B0037, I, p. 167

Blair, William m 9/26/1851 to Sarah Brown in St. Elizabeth by C. J. P. Douet by banns. Both of Essex Valley, St. Elizabeth. B0056, IV, p. 378

Bourkett, [or Birkett or Burkett?] Frances Coleman, bap 6/2/1861 in Westmoreland. Res St. Pauls. B0031, XIV, p. 84 #231

Bourkett, Rosa Nicol, bap 6/2/1861 in Westmoreland. Res St. Pauls. B0031, XIV, p. 84 #230

Bowen, Georgiana, laborer, mother of Lottie Nanetta, born 5/7/1912 in Gravel Hill, Clarendon. Reg 6/22/1861 in Milk River by Susan Taylor, present at birth. BC1427, HD2589

Braddis, Alfred Patrick, aged 4 years, bap 6/10/1860 in Westmoreland. Res Savanna-la-Mar. B0031, XIV, p. 49

Braham, Alice, laborer, spinster aged 24 years, d 2/13/1909 at Long Road, St. Mary. Reg 2/24/1909 by Maria Grant, present at death, res Annotto Bay. BC1940, FA4136

Braham, Caroline, infant aged 2 months, d 10/8/1904 in Clarksonville, St. Ann. Cause: whooping cough 2 weeks. Reg by father Zachariah Braham 10/10/1904 by X, in Cave Valley. BC1321, GM1579

Braham, David, bachelor aged 15 years, d 4/19/1909 in the hospital, Annotto Bay, St. Mary. Cause: nephrititis, anaemia, certified by C. A. Robinson. BC1940, FA4162

Braham, Gordon, laborer, bachelor aged 16 years, d 5/15/1901 in Stepney, St. Ann. Cause: consumption 3 months. Reg by John Higgin by X 12/3/1901, presnet at death. BC1360, GP264

Braham, Hilda Agatha, infant aged 4 months, d 2/21/1898 at Look Out Mountain, St. Elizabeth. M= Kesan? Braham, domestic. Registered by John Hillary Braham present at death. Cause: Convulsions 6 days. BC2512, KG841

Braham, James, laborer, married man aged 85 years, b 12/12/1903 in Higgin Land, St. Ann. Cause: weakness 8 days. Reg by Rachel Francis by X 12/13/1903 in Stepney, present at death. BC1321, GP334

Braham, James Alphaeus, infant aged 3 years, d 10/8/1898 in Luana, St. Elizabeth. Registered by father William Braham, laborer, by X 10/8/1898. Cause: Fever 4 days, convulsions. BC2512, KB923

Braham, Louisa, infant aged 3 weeks, d 5/7/1904 in Higgin Town, St. Ann. M= Louisa Braham, laborer. Cause: cold, 3 weeks. Reg by Richard Taylor, occupier, 5/11/1904 by X. BC1321, GM1541

Braham, Mary Ann, infant aged 1 day, d 2/1/1902 in Stepney, St. Ann. Cause: fits 1 day. Reg by mother, Cornelia Braham, domestic, 2/12/1902. BC1360, GP274

Braham, Oscar Augustus, infant aged 5 months, b 10/4/1908 in Day Mountain, St. Mary. Cause: fever. M= Georgiana Braham, laborer. Reg by Ida Kelly 10/6/1908 in Oracabessa, present at death. BC1940, FM1219

Braham, Owenlanyan Hidelnege Argustine, infant aged 4-5 years, d 7/4/1897 in Porto Bella, St. Elizabeth. M= Maria Louisa Braham. Registered by William Braham, occupier, by X. Certified by W. G. R. Farquharson MRCS. BC2512, KN1109

Braham, Richard Augustus, b 11/10/1858, bap 3/27/1859 in Metcalf by Richard Forbes rector. Res. Fort Stewart. B0032, X, p. 518 #37

Braham, Simeon, laborer, bachelor aged 20, d 1/2/1902 in Stepney, St. Ann. Cause: consumption 10 months. Reg by Bathsheba Bygrave by X 1/2/1902, present at death. BC1360, GP270

Braham, William, infant aged 67 days, d 4/27/1904 in Higgin Town, St. Ann. Cause: fits. M= Louisa Rodney, laborer. Reg by Eliza Rodney, occupier, in Cave Valley 4/29/1904. BC1321, GM1538

Bromfield, John, planter bachelor aged 21 years, d 6/28/1897 in Cheapside, St. Elizabeth. Cause: fever, ill one week. Registered by nephew Horatio Bromfield by X, present at death. BC2512, KP936

Brooks, Thomas m 2/18/1842 in St. Elizabeth to Catherine Gordon by banns. Both res Santa Cruz. B0056, IV, p. 290 #34

Brown, Alexander, settler, bachelor of full age, res Manchester, m Susan Gordon, spinster of full age in St. Stephens, Nain District, St. Elizabeth, by banns. Both signed by X. Witnesses: William Watson, Caroline Owens. B0052, IV, p. 125

Brown, Thomas m Isabella Gordon 5/18/1839 St. Elizabeth by banns. Both of Barton Isles. B0056, III, p. 330 #175

Brown, Walter James, laborer, bachelor aged 27 years, son of Thomas Brown, m Maria Amanda Smellie, laborer, spinster aged 20 years, dtr of Joseph Smellie, 7/.7/1905 in Leuna St. Mary. Both res Leuna. Bride signed by X. Witnesses: Isaiah Smellie, Jane Ann Hunter. BC1959, F4

Brown, Zechariah, planter, bachelor aged 29 years, m Alice Smellie, spinster aged 20 years, dtr of Samuel Smellie, 8/20/1903 in Mount Regale, St. Mary. Both res in Mount Regale. Groom signed by X. BC1959 #208

Burger, Dennis of St. David m 5/12/1861 in St. David to Julian Gordon of St. Thomas in the East by banns. B0051, VIII, p. 143 #11

Burke, Christiana, b 3/30/1835, bap 7/5/1835 in St. Thomas. P= Samuel Burke and Isabella (W), apprentice. Res Whaleyfield. B0074, III, p. 48 #398

Burke, Patrick, m Margaret Williams 12/3/1843 in St. Thomas in the East, by Evan Jones, curate, by banns. Both of St. Thomas in the East. B0012, IV, p. 201

Burkett, Eleanor, bap 12/12/1817 in Westmoreland. F= Thomas Burkett. M= Nancy, a sambo slave. B0003, I, p. 257

Burkett, Eleanor mother of Henry Vatzaine, aged 4 months, bap 7/12/1825 in Westmoreland by Daniel Fidler. Res New Hope. B0019, III, p. 91 #416

Burkett, Thomas, child of color, bap 12/31/1806 in Westmoreland. B0003, I, p. 144


Campbell, Catherine b 3/15/1771, bap 12/27/1773 in St. Elizabeth. Reputed father: Mr. Dugald Campbell. M= Anne Reynolds. B0037, I, p. 36

Carey, Peter, m Catherine O’Brian 9/8/1845 in Trelawny, by G. Griffiths, rector, by license. Both of Trelawny. B0012, IV, p. 514

Churnside, Alexander, b 1/1838, bap 8/5/1838 in St. Mary by W. [or H.] Girod. Res Union. B0084, I, p. 190

Churnside, Andrew, b 1/1836, bap 8/5/1838 in St. Mary. Res Union. B0084, I, p. 190

Churnside, Jane, aged 7 months, bap 7/2/1843 in St. Mary. Res Hampstead. B0026, VIII, p. 33 #164

Churnside, Jessy, b 5/6/1840, bap 9/5/1841 in St. Mary by Heneage Girod. Res Hampstead. B0084, I, p. 306

Clark, Joseph, planter, aged 28 years, son of Alexander Clark, m Gertrude Smellie, aged 25 years, dtr of William Smellie, 6/16/1906 in Mount Regale, St. Mary. Both res Mt. Regale, and signed by X. BC1959 #236

Cocking, Adam, bap 12/7/1821 St. Ann. P= Mr. & Mrs. Cocking. B0005, I, p. 323

Cocking, Delliva Mason, b 5/27/1866, bap 3/8/1867 St. Ann. P= Adrian D. Cocking, shopkeeper, and Maria Matilda (W). Res. Simmers Valley. B0018, XXI, p. 91 #73

Cocking, Elizabeth Amelia, free infant of color, bap 9/28/1820 St. Ann. B0005, I, p. 318

Cocking, James, bap 12/20/1835 St. Mary. F= Henry Williams. Res. Lewisburg B0084, I, p. 156

Cocking, James, b 4/12/1843, bap0 7/15/1843 in St. Mary by J. Campbell. Res Orange River. B0026, VIII, p. 34 #179

Cocking, William, bap 3/29/1834 St. Mary. Res. Happy Grove. B0084, I, p. 143

Collins, John, apprentice to Miss Sarah Golding, m Charlotte Latham of St. Elizabeth, 9/5/1832 in St. Elizabeth. by banns. B0056, III, p. 218, #22

Colson, Margaret, black, aged 45 years, bu 3/17/1874 in N. W. Ground, Kingston. Res. and died 40 Maiden Lane. B0023, I, p. 435 #181

Cork, Ada Elizabeth, black complexion, aged 16 months, d 5/13/1874, bu 5/14/1874 in Kingston. Cause: bowels. B0036, II, p. 6

Cork, Charles James Hilel, aged 25 years, d 3/24/1872 on West Street, Kingston, bu 3/25/1872 in N. W. Ground, Kingston, by Horatio Vaz. B0023, I, p. 262 #144

Cork, Samuel Josiah, aged 3 weeks, res and died 5/30/1872 in Falmouth, bu 5/31/1872 in Falmouth Church yard, Trelawny. Cause: spasms. B0023, I, p. 133

Cornwall, Edward of Santa Cruz, m Jane Gordon of Lacovia 3/12/1842 in St. Elizabeth by banns. B0056, IV, p. 291 #42

Crawford, Philip Nathaniel, child aged 18 months, d 10/4/1889 in Spring Mount, St. James. Registered n Springfield by mother Amelia Samuels, laborer, by X, present at death. Cause: Fever 3 months. BC3721, NE311

Crow, Barrington m Jane Gordon 8/3/1839 St. Elizabeth by Rev. H. S. Yates by banns. Of Newcombe Valley. B0056, III, p. 345 #379

Cummin, Charles William b 9/17/1862, bap 11/30/1862 St. Andrew. P= William Cummin and Cecilia (W). Res. Maryland. B0018, XX, p. 434

Cumming, Beatrice, b 12/3/1863, bap 3/29/1866 Metcalf. Res. Come See. B0018, XX, p. 285 #16

Cummins, Alfred Hayward, b 2/17/1867, bap 5/12/1867 Hanover. B0018, XXI, p. 279 #127

Cummins, Alice Elizabeth b 9/13/1865, bap 4/8/1866 Hanover. B0018, XXI, p. 263


Dallas, Alexander James b 6/22/1759, bap 12/25/1759 St. Andrew. B0083, I, p. 75

Dallas, Alexander of St. Catherine, gentleman, m 2/20/1813 in St. Andrew to Sarah Eliza Lloyd of St. Andrew, spinster. B0088 II, p. 126

Dallas, Barbara, b 6/10/1740, bap 8/6/1740 in St. Andrew. P= Dr. Robert Dallas and Mary Frances (W). B0083, I, p. 61

Dallas, Barbara, bu 1/11/1746 St. Andrew. B0083, I, p. 288

Dallas, Elizabeth, Mulatto child of Dallas, bap 11/7/1738 in St. Andrew. B0083, I, p. 60

Dallas, Elizabeth Gray, infant, bu 12/6/1825 in old church yard, St. Andrew. P= Samuel Jackson Dallas Esq., and Margaret (W). B0088, II, p. 172

Dallas, Gordon Ann, b 3/27/1758, bap 12/25/1759 in St. Andrew. B0083, I, p. 75

Dallas, Gordon Anne, infant, bu 3/15/1760 in St. Andrew. B0083, I, p. 295

Dallas, Henrietta Wallen, infant, bu 5/11/1794 in old church yard St. Andrew. F= George Stewart Dallas, attorney at law. B0083, I, p. 323

Dallas, James, infant, bu 1/24/1820 in old church yard St. Andrew. F= Samuel Dallas Jr., Esq. B0088, II, p. 169

Dallas, Mary Anne, bu 8/13/1809 in old church yard St. Andrew. B0088, II, p. 162

Dallas, Robert b 3/14/1739, bap 4/4/1739 in St. Andrew. P= RObert Dallas and Mary Frances (W). B0083, I, p. 61

Dallas, Robert Charles, bap 12.25.1756 in St. Andrew. B0083, I, p. 72

Dallas, Robert, Doctor, m 8/17/1729 in St. Andrew to Mary Frances Main. B0083, I, p. 200

Dallas, Stewart Esq., of the parish of Kingston, bu 5/30/1820 in old church yard St. Andrew. B0088, II, p. 169

Dallas, Stuart Charles, bap 12/25/1756 in St. Andrew. B0083, I, p. 72

Dearing, Thomas m Elizabeth Gordon 3/4/1838 in St. Elizabeth by Revd. H. L. Dixon. Both of Mexico Estate. B0056, III, p. 283 #59

Delaroche, John of Carisbrook m 11/9/1835 in the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United Brethren, New Fulnec, St. Elizabeth, to Mary Ann James of Y. S. Estate. B0025, I, p. 153

Diederick, Alfred, shoemaker, bachelor aged 35 years, res. Mary’s Valley, son of Charles Diederick m 6/13/1901 in Mary’s Valley, St. Ann to Irene Harris, domestic, spinster aged 29 years, res. Maida, daughter of Randolph Harris. Witness: George Diederick. BC1374, #72

Douglas, James, laborer, married man aged 39 years, d 5/26/1903 in Clarksonville, St. Ann. Cause: fever 11 days. Reg by Thomas Park, occupier by X 5/29/1903. BC1361, GM1443

Douglas, Mary, seamstress, spinster aged 18 years, d 10/18/1924 at Orange Vale, St. Ann. Cause: hookworm 16 months. Reg by grandmother Catherine White 10/29/1926, present at death. BC4249, GF4334

Douglas, Thomas Hector, cooper aged 40 years, son of Charles Douglas, m 6/9/1901 in Claremont, St. Ann to Elizabeth Roberts, aged 40 years, daughter of Prince Roberts. Both by X, res. Claremont. BC1374, #226

Dunn, Joseph, bachelor of full age, laborer, m Ellen Gilmore 10/22/1879 in the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Ocho Rios, St. Ann, by banns. Res. Hinds Town. Witness: William Gilmore. Husband signed by X. B0115, XX, p. 187


Ebanks, David Thomas m Sophia Louise Gordon 9/14/1855 in St. Elizabeth by Revd. William Rowe by banns. Both St. Elizabeth. B0056, IV, p. 414 #57

Eberall, Augustus, tinsmith, m 5/12/1868 in Georges Lane, Kingston, by Francis Chapman, to Hepzibah W. Coombs. Witnesses: John Eberall and Stephen Coombs. B0114, XIII, p. 254

Eberel, Mr., overseer of an estate, bu 10/10/1819 in St. Ann church yard. B0005, I, p. 355

Evans, Agnes Wilhelmina, infant aged 1 month, d 11/13/1896 in Parottee, St. Elizabeth. Registered by father David Evans, laborer, by X 11/23/1896. Cause: convulsive fits and fever 4 days. Res. Parottee. BC2512, KV213

Evans, Ann, spinster, seamstress aged 60 years, d 3/14/1898 in Burnt Savannah, St. Elizabeth. Registered by Aubrey Daley, grandson, signed 3/18/1898. BC2512, KH2958

Evans, Benjamin, widower, laborer, aged 98 years, d 1/9/1896 in Parottee, St. Elizabeth. Pains and fever 16 days. Registered by Samuel Evans, present at death, res. Parottee. BC2512, KV93

Evans, Dorothy, widow aged 88 years, d 8/13/1896 in Stephen Run, St. Elizabeth, widow of George Evans deceased planter. Cause: Weakness, ill 2 years. Registered at Lititz by Ann Schloss present at death. BC2512, KP863

Evans, Hilda Matilda, infant, aged 1 year, d 9/18/1897 in Springfield-Thornton, St. Elizabeth, daughter of Georgianna Evans, laborer. Fever and convulsions 2 days. Registered by Ann Williams, occupier. BC2512, KF932

Evans, James, bachelor, laborer, aged 22 years, d 3/2/1897 in Seven Corners, St. Elizabeth. Cause: peritonitis by worms. Certified by W. Farquharson. BC2512, KH2729

Evans, [female] infant aged 2 days, d 2/6/1897 in Seven Corners, St. Elizabeth. Cause: convulsions with worms 1 day. Reg. by father Charles Evans, laborer, by X in Santa Cruz 2/6/1897. BC2512, KH2708


Fairweather, Alick, agriculturalist, m 4/9/1842 in Stewart Town, Trelawny in a Dissenter Church by Benjamin Bull Dexter, to Agnes Buchanan. Both res. Home Castle and signed by X. Witness: Sam Hines. B0116, IX, p. 55 #74

Fairweather, Charles Emanuel, blacksmith res. Dunbar, m 5/30/1877 in the Wesleyan Methodist church, Duncans, Trelawny by banns to Sarah Oliphant res. Crawle. Both full age. B0112, XVIII, p. 332

Fairweather, George, widower, small settler, m 10/7/1879 in the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Florence Valley, St. Mary by banns to Mary A. Elizabeth McLeod, widow. Both full age, res. Florence Valley. B0115, XX, p. 248

Fairweather, James, bachelor of full age, planter, m 7/9/1873 in the United Methodist Free Church Chapel in Mount Regale, Metcalf, St. Mary, to Sarah Thompson, spinster. Res. Alexandria. B0117, XVI, p. 223

Falconer, Aaron Shickle, free quadroon child b 8/25/1819, bap 8/30/1820 St. Elizabeth. B0037, II, p. 21

Forrest, Christopher Lorenzo, schoolmaster, bachelor aged 33 years, son of James Forrest, m May Constantia Smillie, spinster aged 36 years, dtr of John Smillie, 12/31/1907 in Ginger House, St. Andrew. Bride res Ginger House. Witnesses: W. R. Smellie, and Eliza Smellie. BC1546 #35

Foster, Samuel, of Island Estate, m by banns 6/26/1841 Amelia Gordon, of Mexico Estate. B0056, IV, p. 279 #77

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