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And some Free Persons

As recorded in the


Name at Baptism, Former Name, Property Of, Age

June 1st, 1806 (continued from Sample Page)

Volume IV, page 146

John Hayden, Former Name Jack, Free Person, 6 years

Simon Taylor, Former Name Simon, Property Of John Hiatt, 10 years

Nelly Taylor, Former Name Phillis, Property Of John Hiatt, 18 years

Maria Dennis, Former Name Miza, Property Of Prospect Penn, 15 years

Louisa James, Former Name Louisa, Property Of Rebecca Hiatt, 20 years

Sarah Hay, Former Name Sarah, Free Person, 17 years.

September 8th, 1806

Volume IV, page 153

James Geohegan, Former Name George, Property Of the heirs of Michael Garvey, 24 years

Eliza Garvey, Former Name Cleopatra, Property Of the heirs of Michael Garvey, 24 years

Catherine Menzies, Former Name Lucy, Property Of the heirs of Michael Garvey, 20 years

Ann Garvey, Former Name Diana, Property Of the heirs of Michael Garvey, 20 years

Jane Reid, Former Name Jenny, Property Of the heirs of Michael Garvey, 35 years

Eleanor Ellis, Former Name Nelly, Property Of the heirs of Michael Garvey, 30 years

Mary T. Mignot, Former Name Fanny, Property Of Mrs. Thompson, 21 years

Mary Grant, Former Name Sabina, Property Of Mrs. Mignot, 35 years

Jane Geohegan, Former Name Hagar, Property Of Mrs. Geohegan, 15 years

Thomas Geohegan, Former Name Homer, Property Of Mrs. Geohegan, 12 years

Thomas Ellis Geohegan, Former Name Pompey, Property Of Mrs. Geohegan

Richard Mignot, Former Name Virgil, Property Of Mr. James Mignot, 12 years

William Henry, Former Name George, Property Of Mrs. Mignot, 12 years

Ann Wetherby, Former Name Molly, Property Of Mrs. Mignot, 40 years

Angelica Mumby, Former Name Angelica, Property Of Mrs. Mignot, 20 years

Elizabeth Mignot, Former Name Pomelia, Property Of David Mignot, 25 years

William Mignot, Property Of David Mignot, 4 years

Charlotte Mignot, Property Of David Mignot, 1 years

June 4th, 1807

Volume IV, page 163

Robert Bennett, Former Name Isaac, Property Of Job. Thomas Bennet, 32 years

James Bennett, Property Of Job. Thomas Bennet, 46 years

Robert Bonner, Former Name Fredrick, Property Of Ann Waller, 35 years

Eleanor Bonner, Former Name Friday, Property Of Ann Waller, 27 years

Ann Bonner, Property Of Ann Waller, 7 months

Eliza Bonner, Former Name Fanny, Property Of Ann Waller, 12 years

Sarah Bennett, Former Name Hester, Property Of Frances Shearer, 40 years

Sarah Peak, Former Name Beatrice, a Free Black, 42 years

Susannah Lowe, Former Name Hannah, Property Of Eliza Lowe, 30 years

Samuel Bennett, Property Of Frances Shearer, 18 years

Mary Roberts, Former Name Prudence, Property Of Mary Mason, 30 years

Elizabeth Lowe, Former Name Prudence, Property Of Elizabeth Lowe, 32 years

March 3, 1804

Volume IV, page 129

Names of Negroes baptized at Liberty Hill the property of George Stennett

Baptismal Name, Former Name, Age

Thomas Tracey, Pere, 35 years

John Tracey, John Parsons, 30

Christian F. Stennet, Nancy Douce, 22

Eleanor Stennet, Mary, 22

Sarah Cross, Serena, 40

George Stennet, Richard, 13

Amelia Stennet, Grace, 26

Eliza Marshall, Eliza, 11

John Stennett, Jacko, 30

Elizabeth Hodgson, Bella, 30

Winefield Radcliffe, Belinda, 5

Richard Tracey, Bush, 30

William Hodgson, Primo, 10

Mary James, Tabia, 30

William Stennett, Alphonso, 30

Charles Morris, Charles, 5

Mr. Radcliffe’s Negroes

Thomas Radcliffe, June, 20

Frances Radcliffe, Fanny, 16


Robert McGregor, Robert, a free Mulatto, 17

Elizabeth Radcliffe, Bessy, a free Quadroon, 7 months

Betty Radcliffe, Betty, 13 months

James Tracey, Henry Tracey, mulatto, 50 years

Sponsors: Mr. & Mrs. Radcliffe and Mr. & Mrs. Stennett

February 28, 1806

Volume IV, page 142

Baptized at Mammee Ridge Penn

Name, FN Former Name, PO Property of, Age

Mary Cox, FN Mary, PO P. Cox, 28 years

Sarah Wilkinson, FN Sally, PO Mrs. S. Cox, 18

Fanny Niblet, FN Kippo, PO Mrs. S. Cox, 61

Eleanor Cox, FN Nelly, PO P. Cox, 3

Carblina Clements, FN Present, PO Mrs. Clements, 35

Mary Jane Clements, FN Jane, PO Mrs. McDermot, 25

George Grant, FN Romeo, PO Mrs. McDermot, 15

February 24, 1809

Volume IV, page 178

Name, FN Former Name, PO Property of, Age

Elizabeth Ann Taylor, FN Nancy, PO Mrs. Scott, 21

Catherine Ann Scott, PO Mrs. Scott, 18 months

Henry Scott Moncrieffe, mulatto, PO Mrs. Muncey, 35

Milborough Scott Moncrieffe, PO Mrs. Muncey, 8

Ann Smallwood, FN Christian, PO James Roster [?}. 15

John Bennet, mulatto, PO Henry Scott, 13

William Brown, FN Scipio, PO Henry Scott, 25

Henry Johnson, FN Duke, PO Henry Scott, 27

James Hay, FN George, PO J. W. Scott, 26

Joseph Baily, FN Duranto, PO J. W. Scott, 13

Robert Hay, PO J. W. Scott, 2

Margery Morris, PO J. W. Scott, 9

February 27, 1809

Rachael Walters, PO William Walters--a black, 27

Robert Collier, PO W. Walters, 14

Phillip Walters, FN Albert, Mr. Waters [?], 26

March 5, 1809

Elmira C. Gabaudon, PO Thomas Monkhouse, 4 months

March 6th, 1809

James Fitzgerald, FN James, left free by the will of Maurice Fitzgerald

February 28, 1810

Volume IV, page 189

Baptized the following slaves:

Elizabeth Cox, FN Bessy, 14 years, slave to Sp. G----[missing]

Frances Cox, FN Franky, 3, slave to Sp. G----[missing]

William Banks, FN Newberry, 40 yrs., slave to Sp. G----[missing]

John Banks, FN Warwick, 50 yrs., slave to Sp. G----[missing]

Ann Callum, 14 months, slave to Mrs. McKenzie

April 14th, 1810

William Voce a black man left free by his late Master William Voce, deceased.


Volume IV, page 203

William Smith, FN Tobit, 37 years

George Smith, FN Robin, 29

Robert Smith, FN Thomas, 20

George White, FN Richard, 17

Robert White, FN Tommy, 14

Wanica Smith, FN Wanica, 3

The above slaves are the Property of John Smith of Woodstock.

October 7, 1811

Baptized a black woman once the property of William Bolt but since has purchased her freedom of a Mr. Graves aged about 30 years.

October 16, 1811

Volume IV, page 204

Baptized the following slaves:

Robert Bennet, FN Adam, slave to Orange Park

Richard Leach, FN Cuffee, slave to Orange Park

Susanna Bennet, FN Emma, slave to Orange Park

Elizabeth Bennett, FN Nancy, slave to Bonville

Samuel Cole, FN Tosin, slave to Bonville

Charles Bishop, FN Cato, slave to Bonville

Johnathan Hutton, FN John, slave to Bonville

Christian Cole, FN Nelly, slave to Bonville

Anthony Archer, FN Anthony, slave to Bonville

Priscilla Potinger, FN Priscilla

Susan Potinger, FN Susan

Rosa Potinger, FN Rosa

February, 1812

Volume IV, page 207

Colin Ingram, FN Hamlet, 25, a black, slave to Welcome

Elizabeth McCatty, FN Calian, 40, slave to Welcome

Mary Ingram, FN Polly, 16, slave to Welcome

Henry Ross, 3, slave to Welcome

Catherine Smith, FN Lucy, 20, slave to Welcome

Mary Nelson, FN Diana, 16, slave to Dr. Smith

Frances Gordon, FN Frances, 15, slave to Mary Harris [?]

Andrew Martin, 37, FN Devonshire, slave to Phillip Cox Esq.

Thomas Martin, 36, FN Polydore, slave to Phillip Cox Esq.

Robert Niblet, 36, FN Hanover, slave to Phillip Cox Esq.

Robert McDermot, slave to Phillip Cox Esq.

March 27, 1812

Volume IV, page 209

Baptized the following slaves:

James Forsyth, FN Gaul, 36 years

Susanna Archer, FN Lavinia, 34

George Warden, FN George 14, slave to William Archer

Susanna Cole, FN Susanna, 1

William McFarlane, FN William, 2

Edward Archer, FN Devonshire, 38

Thomas Archer, FN Dick, 12, slave to Great Pond

Elizabeth Archer, FN Lesbia, 29, slave to Mrs. Archer, Mt. Pelier

Sarah Spence, FN Charlotte, 19, slave to James Spence, Hanover

Rebecca Archer, FN Kitty, 15, slave to estate of Edward Archer deceased.

September 30, 1814

Volume IV page 229

Baptized the following slaves property of H. Cox Esq.

Robert Cox, FN Jacks, 30 years

Phillip Cox, FN Mars, 26

Thomas Cox, FN Castor, 25

John Jones, FN John, 40

Samuel Jones, FN Appollo, 25

James McCave, FN Hugh, 50

Hector Phillips, FN James, 35

April 2nd, 1814

Volume IV, page 226

James Williams, Former Name James, Property Of John Moncrieffe, middle aged

Elizabeth Gregory, Former Name Yabba, Property Of John Moncrieffe, old

Mary Walters, Former Name Molly, Property Of John Moncrieffe, old

Elizabeth Johnson, Former Name Prissy, Property Of John Moncrieffe, 30 years

Richard Clunes, Former Name Trouble, Property Of John Moncrieffe, age 35 years

Ann Brown, Former Name Charlotte, Property Of John Moncrieffe, 22 years

Eleanor Walters, Former Name Katey, Property Of John Moncrieffe, 40 years

Sophia Haslam, Former Name Beck, Property Of John Moncrieffe, 18 years

Jane Johnson, a Sambo Child, Property Of John Moncrieffe, 14 months

Eleanor Jackson, Former Name Rosina, Property Of John Moncrieffe, 23 years

Amelia Moncrieffe, F.N Hannah, Property Of John Moncrieffe, 40 years

Ann Johnson, Former Name Clarissa, Property Of Elizabeth Scott, 43 years

Benjamin Scott, Former Name Ben, Property Of Benjamin Scott, 12 years

Anna M. Scott, Sambo girl, Property Of Benjamin Scott, 9 years

Princess A. Scott, Property Of George Lloyd, 16 years

John A. Scott, a free Quadroon, 11 years

George M. Lloyd, a free Quadroon, 2 years

Nathan Worrel, a free brown boy, 10 years

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