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Usher and Virtue

Descendants of Adam Usher

1. Adam1 Usher was born Abt. 1826. He married Diana Vincent November 27, 1861 in Portland1. She was born Abt. 1826.

More About Adam Usher:

Occupation: Bet. 1862 - 1869, Laborer

Residence: Bet. 1862 - 1869, Fairy Hill

More About Adam Usher and Diana Vincent:

Ceremony by: T. T. Orgill

Marriage: November 27, 1861, Portland1

Marriage banns: 1861


Children of Adam Usher and Diana Vincent are:

2 i. John2 Usher, born August 08, 1851.

Notes for John Usher:

Born before marriage

More About John Usher:

Baptism: September 14, 1851, Portland2

Residence: Fairy Hill

3 ii. Eliza Elizabeth Usher, born September 22, 1853.

Notes for Eliza Elizabeth Usher:

Born before marriage

More About Eliza Elizabeth Usher:

Baptism: December 18, 1853, Portland3

Residence: 1853, Fairy Hill

4 iii. Clementine Usher, born June 09, 1856.

Notes for Clementine Usher:

Born before marriage

More About Clementine Usher:

Baptism: August 10, 1856, Portland by T. T. Orgill4

Residence: 1856, Fairy Hill

5 iv. William Usher, born January 08, 1861.

More About William Usher:

Baptism: April 06, 1862, Portland5

6 v. James Emanuel Usher, born April 06, 1866.

More About James Emanuel Usher:

Baptism: August 19, 1866, Portland6

7 vi. Sarah Maria Lindsay Usher, born October 06, 1868.

More About Sarah Maria Lindsay Usher:

Baptism: April 04, 1869, Portland7



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Descendants of Daniel Virtue

Generation No. 1

1. Daniel1 Virtue was born Bef. 1785, and died November 16, 1823 in Probate records. He met (2) Eleanor Young Bef. April 1813. She was born Bef. 1796.

Notes for Daniel Virtue:

WILL of Daniel Virtue, planter of Manchester

1. To my three reputed children Berthia Virtue, George Blair Virtue, and Eleanor Virtue, the children of Eleanor Young my present housekeeper, £5000 sterling each, to be paid when they reach the age of 23 years, with interest from the date of my death, less what was found necessary for their education and clothing.

2. To Miss Eleanor Young their mother £2000 sterling. Her children Eliza Westbrook and Robert Westbrook are to be educated at my expense. Robert is to be put in a trade in 1827.

3. To my nieces Elizabeth Hogg and Margaret Hogg, Scotland, £2000 sterling each.

4. To my nephew Daniel Hogg, Jamaica, £2000.

5. To my son, John Virtue, now at sea, £2000 sterling in England, to be lent there on landed security until he attain 30 years say in 1832.

6. To my nephew Adam Hogg, Jamaica, the rest residue and remainder of my estate.

Dated February 14, 1823

Witnesses to will sworn 12/3/1823

Inventory in probate 11/7/1836

More About Daniel Virtue:

Addressed as: Esquire

Occupation: 1823, Planter

Residence: 1813, Berwick plantation, Vere [now Manchester]

Residence (2): 1823, Manchester

Will: February 14, 1823

More About Eleanor Young:

Baptism: April 13, 1813, the home of James Stewart Esq. of May Day Hill Plantation, Vere1

Race/nationality/color: Free Mulatto

Residence: 1813, Berwick Plantation, Vere

More About Daniel Virtue and Eleanor Young:

Single: Bef. April 1813


Child of Daniel Virtue is:

2 i. John2 Virtue, born Abt. 1802.


Children of Daniel Virtue and Eleanor Young are:

+ 3 i. Alexander2 Virtue, born Bef. April 13, 1813.

4 ii. Berthia Virtue, born November 27, 1813 in Berwick, Vere [now Manchester].

More About Berthia Virtue:

Baptism: October 06, 1816, Berwick, Manchester2

Fact: Father "reputed"

5 iii. George Blair Virtue, born December 02, 1817.

More About George Blair Virtue:

Baptism: Bet. February - April 1818, Manchester3

6 iv. Eleanor Virtue, born May 04, 1821.

More About Eleanor Virtue:

Baptism: April 21, 1824, Manchester4

Generation No. 2

3. Alexander2 Virtue (Daniel1) was born Bef. April 13, 1813. He married Helena White.

Notes for Alexander Virtue:

"Virtue, Alexander, a free quadroon, the son of Daniel Virtue Esquire of Berwick Plantation in this parish, and,

Westbrook, Robert, a free mustee, son of the late Mr. Robert Westbrook of Windhill Vere, and Eleanor Young a free quadroon living at Berwick Plantation, were baptized at the desire of Daniel Virtue Esquire of Berwick Plantation May-day-Hill at the house of James Stewart Esquire of May day Hill Plantation this 13th April 1813 by me Edmund Pope, Rector." from Vere Parish Register, page 91

The record does not state that Eleanor Young was Alexander's mother, but she was identified as the mother of the children born later.

More About Alexander Virtue:

Baptism: April 13, 1813, Vere [now Manchester]5

Occupation: Bet. 1845 - 1848, Carpenter

Race/nationality/color: Free Quadroon


Children of Alexander Virtue and Helena White are:

7 i. Thomas Bina3 Virtue, born October 06, 1845 in Manchester6.

More About Thomas Bina Virtue:

Registration: November 01, 1845, By certificate from the Revd. John Aird, Scotch minister, Mile Gully. C. M. Ingram Registrar

+ 8 ii. William Shaw Virtue, born July 04, 1848 in Manchester; died February 08, 1912 in Clandon, Manchester, aged 64 years.

Generation No. 3

8. William Shaw3 Virtue (Alexander2, Daniel1) was born July 04, 1848 in Manchester7, and died February 08, 1912 in Clandon, Manchester, aged 64 years8. He met (1) Frances Swaby. She was born Abt. 1848. He met (2) Marian Knight. She was born Abt. 1850. He married (3) Esther Elizabeth Josephs June 30, 1875 in Cathedral Church, Spanish Town, St. Catherine9. She was born 1850.

More About William Shaw Virtue:

Age: 1875, 27 years

Cause of Death: Gastric Haemorrhage, Congestion of Liver, Pneumonia, 7 days

Occupation: 1874, Planter

Occupation (2): Bet. 1875 - 1876, Shopkeeper

Occupation (3): 1912, Planter

Registration: November 15, 1848, Birth registered by return from the Revd. J. Aird, Presbyterian Minister, Mile Gully. C. M. Ingram Registrar

Residence: Bet. 1874 - 1912, Manchester

Residence (2): Bet. 1873 - 1876, Thompsons Piece

More About Esther Elizabeth Josephs:

Age: 1875, 25 years

Residence: 1875, Manchester

More About William Virtue and Esther Josephs:

Marriage: June 30, 1875, Cathedral Church, Spanish Town, St. Catherine9

Marriage Fact: Witnesses: T.? A. Burke, Matilda Williams

Marriage license: 1875

Status of bride/groom: Spinster/bachelor


Child of William Virtue and Frances Swaby is:

9 i. Luther Theophilus Wilberforce4 Virtue, born September 24, 1873 in Thompsons Piece.

More About Luther Theophilus Wilberforce Virtue:

Baptism: October 03, 1874, Manchester10

Race/nationality/color: Colored

Residence: 1874, Mile Gully


Child of William Virtue and Marian Knight is:

10 i. Theodora Emilina4 Virtue, born July 05, 1875 in Thompsons Piece.

More About Theodora Emilina Virtue:

Baptism: January 08, 1876, Manchester11

Race/nationality/color: Colored


Children of William Virtue and Esther Josephs are:

11 i. Daniel Wilburn4 Virtue, born December 07, 1875 in Cheapside, Manchester.

More About Daniel Wilburn Virtue:

Baptism: March 03, 1876, Manchester12

Race/nationality/color: Colored

12 ii. William Ashman Virtue, born 1881 in Manchester13.

13 iii. [Female] Virtue, born 1883 in Manchester14.

14 iv. [Male] Virtue, born 1887 in Manchester15.

15 v. [Male] Virtue, born 1890 in Manchester16.



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