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Copy Register of Marriages by Wesleyan Methodist Ministers in the Falmouth Circuit previous to the 11th April 1840, filia 18 September 1840



Aiken, William, Carpenter residence Falmouth, and Rebecca Williams, planter residence Garrido, slaves, 4/3/1831, page 33v

Allen, Charles, and Ann Price, apprentices, residence Harmony Hall, 11/15/1835, page 36v

Allen, John, and Margaret Campbell, apprentices, residence Hampshire, 10/4/1835, page 36v

Allen, Joseph, laborer, and Elizabeth Whittaker, residence Claremont, 12/25/1839, page 40v

Anderson, George, laborer, and Sarah Stephenson, residence Glamorgan, 11/23/1838, page 38

Anderson, James, cooper, and Antoinette Wilson, residence Nightingale Grove, 12/30/1838, page 39

Anderson, John, planter, and Susanna Scott, 4/12/1835, page 34

Anderson, William residence Falmouth, and Sarah Atherton, servant residence Green Park, 6/24/1838, page 38

Anderson, William, laborer, residence Brampton, and Elizabeth Williams, residence Blackheath, 8/3/1839, page 40

Archer, David, and Ann Fowler, apprentices residence Barnstaple, 8/23/1835, page 35v

Armstrong, Thomas and Catherine Miles, apprentices residence Shawfield, 12/25/1836, page 37v

Armstrong, Thomas, laborer, and Ann Thomas, residence Claremont, 1/1/1840, page 40v

Arnold, Samuel, and Betty Walker, slaves, planter, residence Retreat Pen, 7/24/1830, page 33v

Austin, William, and Maria Austin, apprentices residence Gravesend, 7/19/1835, page 35v


Bailey, Edward, and Ann Bailey, apprentices residence Harmony Hall, 6/25/1837, page 37v

Bailey, John Donne, and Alice Whedby, slaves, laborer, residence Stewart Town, 2/28/1830 by William Box, page 33v

Bailey, Richard residence Claremont, and Julina Hering residence Grange, apprentices, 2/28/1836, page 36v

Bamfield, Robert, and Sophia Brown, residence Liberty Hall, apprentices, 11/9/1835, page 36

Barnett, Charles, laborer, and Florence Gosley, residence Hyde Hall, 12/23/1838, page 39

Barnett, Henry residence Richmond Pen, and Louise Barnett residence Barnstaple, slaves, planters, 6/12/1831, page 33v

Barnett, John, and Rebeccah Townsend , apprentices, residence Merry Wood, 12/25/1835, page 36

Barr, William, tailor, and Sarah McNeal, residence Salt Marsh, 12/19/1839, page 40v

Barrett, Aleck, and F. Waite, slaves, residence Barrett Hall, 4/23/1826, page 33v

Barrett, Edward, and Sarah Hadden, apprentices, residence Falmouth, 10/25/1835, page 36

Barrett, Edward, to Frances Dornan, apprentices residence Shawfield, 12/25/1836, page 37v

Barrett, Goward?, residence Louis____, and Louise G. Barrett residence Bryan Castle, apprentices, 5/24/1835, page 34v

Barrett, Robert, residence Lancaster, and Sophia Barrett, residence Braco, slaves, planters, 12/18/1831, page 34

Barrett, Samuel, laborer, and Catherine McKenzie, residence Fontabelle, 8/11/1839, page 40

Barrett, Samuel, slave penkeeper residence Orange Grove, and Eliza Whims, free, residence Falmouth, 12/8/1833, page 34v

Barton, Samuel, laborer, and Juliane Earnshaw, residence Colchis, 7/29/1838, page 38

Beach, Edward, blacksmith, and Ann Kenyon, residence Falmouth, 4/9/1840, page 41

Beckett, James, and Ann Dixon, free, 7/3/1836, page 36v

Bell, John, and Catherine Bell, apprentices, 8/14/1836, page 36v

Bernard, William, watchman, and Emily Watson, residence Swanswick?, 7/1/1838, page 38

Bilding, Robert, laborer, and Jane Barratt, residence Vale Royal, 7/29/1838, page 38

Black, James, and Mary, 1834, page 34v

Black, William, and Ann Doeman, residence Merry Wood, 1834, page 35

Blackburn, William, and Caroline Fletcher, residence Water Valley, 1834, page 34v

Blake, Alexander, and Amelia Clarke, residence Retirement, apprentices, 10/18/1835, page 36

Bowling, Samuel, and Mary Lewis, slaves, planter, Swanswick, 9/12/1830, page 33v

Boyd, James, laborer, and Letitia White, residence Hyde Hall, 12/2/1838, page 38

Boyd, John, residence Georgia, and Margaret Innes, residence Colchis, slaves, 4/10/1831, page 33v

Brisset, Richard, and Sarah Vernal, 1834, page 35

Brissett, William, and Jane Morrison, residence Hampshire, apprentices, 5/24/1835, page 34v

Bronian, William residence Vale Royal, and Elizabeth Bucknor residence Prospect, apprentices, 12/18/1837, page 37v

Brown, George, laborer, and Catherine Whittaker, residence Irving Tower, 12/22/1838, page 38

Brown, George, laborer, and Elizabeth Monks, residence Linton Park, 5/11/1839, page 39v

Brown, Henry, and Fanny Brown, apprentices, residence Forrest, 5/31/1835, page 35v

Brown, Henry, shepherd, and Ann Cunningham, residence Forrest, 7/1/1838, page 38

Brown, John, planter, and Frances Walker, residence Rock, slaves, 11/17/1833, page 34v

Brown, Robert residence Falmouth, and Juliana Manipela?  residence Salt Marsh, 3/1/1836, page 36v

Brown, William residence Good Hope, and Ann Buchanan residence Lonsquinet, slaves, planters, 12/25/1831, page 34

Buchanan, Chance, laborer, and Patty Dallas, residence Lancaster, 9/30/1838, page 38

Buchanan, James, planter residence Georgia, and Mary Bonney, servant residence Duncans, slaves, 9/1/1831, page 34

Buchanan, Robinson, and Charlotte Clarke, apprentices, residence New Hope, 12/20/1835, page 36v

Buchanan, William, and Sarah Brown, slaves, planters, residence Georgia, 10/23/1831, page 34

Buchanan, William, and Susan Brown, residence New Hope, apprentices, 3/10/1835 , page 34

Burnett, Joseph residence Harmony Hall, and Margaret Sutton residence Braco, slaves, planters, 12/4/1831, page 34


Cameron, John, laborer, and Elizabeth Ringrose, residence Vale Royal, 11/28/1838, page 38

Campbell, Alexander, laborer, and Susan Hampshire, residence Hampshire, 5/6/1839, page 39v

Campbell, James, and Ann Wilson, apprentices, residence Hampshire, 10/4/1835, page 36v

Campbell, John, and Flora Williams, apprentices, residence Hampshire, 1/8/1837, page 37

Campbell, John, and Susan Campbell, apprentices, residence Liberty Hall, 8/8/1835, page 35v

Carter, Thomas, and Jane Hamilton, residence Falmouth, apprentices, 5/24/1835, page 34v

Charles, John, stone mason, and Ruth Smith, residence Lansquinette, 12/8/1838, page 38

Christie, John and Alice (or Olive?) Christie, slaves, planters, residence Clermont, 6/5/1831, page 33v

Christie, Robert, laborer, and Catherine Richards, residence Glamorgan, 8/31/1839, page 40

Christie, Samuel, servant, and Johanna Campbell, residence Falmouth, 10/24/1839, page 40

Clark, Charles, residence Miss Graces Falmouth, and Jane Campbell, residence Miss Northon Falmouth, apprentices, 8/22/1836, page 37

Clark, Graham, and Susan Bartibo?, 10/1/1837, page 37v

Clark, Simon, and Ann Finch, residence Hampshire, July 1836, page 37

Clarke, James, laborer, and Susan Ferguson, residence Irving Tower, 12/29/1838, page 39

Clarke, John residence Merry Wood, and Mary James residence Tilitston, apprentices, 6/21/1835, page 34v

Clarke, Richard, and Susan Campbell, residence Shawfield, 1834, page 35

Clarke, Samuel, laborer, and Charlotte Edwards, residence Braco, 12/25/1838, page 39

Clarke, Simon, and Mary Ann Fairclough, apprentices, residence Hampstead, 5/8/1836, page 37

Clarke, William Banning H., and Elizabeth Clarks, residence Hampshire, 1834, page 35v

Clarke, William, planter, and Jane Campbell, residence Falmouth, 6/18/1839, page 39v

Collins, John, residence Merry Wood, and Betsy Wedderburn, residence Wales, slaves, planters, 12/11/1831, page 34

Colville, John, and A. Dunbar, residence Fontabelle, 1834, page 35

Colville, John, and Ann Price, apprentices, residence Fontabelle, 11/8/1835, page 36

Colville, John, and Charlotte McKenzie, residence Fontabelle, 1834, page 35

Cooper, Edmund, servant, and Mary Morgan, residence Falmouth, 10/17/1839, page 40

Cooper, Henry, Carpenter, and Judith Anderson, residence Rock, 1834, page 35

Cooper, John residence Harmony Hall, and Margaret Murray residence Falmouth, apprentices, 12/25/1836, page 37v

Cooper, Robert, blacksmith, and Maria Thompson, residence Duncans, 10/29/1839, page 40v

Cross, Rob, laborer, and Eliza White, residence Hyde Hall, 11/25/1838, page 38

Cunniff, Robert, laborer, and Fanny Ricketts, residence Linton Park, 12/4/1839, page 40v

Cunningham, Richard, and Ann Cole, residence Linton Park, 12/15/1838, page 38


Dale, Edward, and Sarah Reid, apprentices, residence Schawfield, 8/1/1836, page 37

Davidson, John, stone mason, and Susan McCarthy, residence Hampshire, 12/9/1838, page 38

Davies, William residence Dornock, and Rebecca Thomson residence New Hope, slaves, planters, 9/18/1831, page 34

Dawson, William, and Nelly Dawson, slaves, residence Barrett Hall, 6/5/1825, page 33

Dell, Charles, and Ann Perkins, residence Retirement, apprentices, 6/7/1835, page 34v

Dewar, James, and Mary Anderson, slaves, planter, residence Sportsmans Hall, 9/5/1833, page 30v

Dixon, William, laborer residence Irving Tower, and Sarah Barnett, residence Merry Wood, 6/8/1839, page 39v

Dobson, William, and Rebecca Simpson, residence Falmouth, apprentices, 5/9/1835, page 34v

Doman, William, laborer, and Sarah Barratt, residence Linton Park, 4/4/1840 by H. Seccombe, page 41

Dornan, Richard, laborer, and Ellen Witter, residence Greenside, 9/19/1838, page 38

Dunn, Thomas residence Harmony Hall, and Rebecca Hall residence Orange Hill, slaves, planters, 12/18/1831, page 34

Dunn, William, laborer, and Betsy Dunn, residence Harmony Hall, 6/1/1839, page 39v

Dyer, John, and Maria Smith, residence Friendship, slaves, planters, 12/18/1831, page 34


Earle, Robert, mason, to Elizabeth Nash, residence Salt Marsh, 5/11/1839, page 39v

Earle, William, and Judith Jones, slaves, residence Falmouth, 5/31/1824, by William Ratcliffe, page 33

Earnshaw, William, and Letitia Ringrose, apprentices, residence Colchis, 5/29/1836, page 37

Easin, William, and Ann Mary, residence Shawfield, 1834, page 35

Edwards, Richard, and Ann Richards, slaves, planters, residence Clermont, 6/5/1831, page 33v

Edwards, Zachary Bryan, carpenter, and Jane Edwards, residence Brampton, 11/25/1838, page 38

Ellis, Edward, residence Sawyers Market, and Catherine Stewart residence Colchis, slaves, planters, 12/18/1831, page 34

Ellis, William, tailor, and Charlotte James, residence Falmouth, 8/30/1837, page 37v

Evans, Henry, laborer, and Molly Brown, residence Fontabelle, 11/3/1838 by Sam Stanton, page 38


Fairclough, Charles, and Susanna Brissett, apprentices, residence Hampshire, 11/29/1835, page 36v

Fairclough, George, and Mary Ellason, 1834, page 35v

Fairclough, Jeffry, and Harriet Fairclough, apprentices, residence Hampshire, 5/8/1836, page 37

Fairclough, John, laborer, and Bezilla Cooper, residence Lancaster, 12/14/1839, page 40v

Fairweather, Robert, and Catherine Buchanan, apprentices, residence Home Castle, 9/4/1836, page 37

Ferguson, Melshire?, and Maria A. ___, apprentices, residence Liberty Hall, 7/19/1835, page 35v

Fife, Alex, and Bessy Bailey, slaves, residence Barrett Hall, 4/25/1825, page 33

Finch, Jeffry, and Harriet Finch, residence Hampshire, July 1836, page 37

Fisher, Thomas, and Eliza White, apprentices, residence Hague, 12/25/1835, page 36

Fisher, William, and Maria Wisdom, residence Ludon Hill, apprentices, 5/30/1835 by Mark B. Bird, page 34v

Fleming, William and Sarah Sampson, apprentices residence Vale Royal, 12/28/1836, page 37v

Flesh, William, and Letitia Wilson, residence Merry Wood, slaves, planters, 12/23/1831, page 34

Fletcher, Joseph, planter, and Celia Morris, residence Orange Grove, 1834, page 35

Fletcher, Robert, and Celia Morris, residence Harmony Hall, 1834, page 35

Ford, Robert and Elizabeth Simpson, residence Vale Royal, 4/30/1837, page 37v

Ford, William, and Frances Smith, slaves, planter, residence George, 8/15/1830, page 33v

Foster, Alexander, and Betty Walker, slaves, planters, residence Retreat Pen, 10/24/1831, page 34

Foster, William, laborer, and Sarah Edwards, residence Friendship, 12/24/1839 by R. Harding, page 40v

Fowler, Andrew, and Jane Eason, apprentices, residence Colchis, 12/20/1835, page 36v

Fowler, Robert, laborer, and Isabella Campbell, residence Fontabelle, 8/12/1838, page 38

Fox, Charles, laborer residence Rock, and Sarah Conway residence Water Valley, 6/1/1839, page 39v

Frazier, John, and Jane McFarlane, residence Harmony Hall, apprentices, 4/16/1835, page 34v


Gallimore, Jack, laborer, and Peggy Malcolm, residence Clermont, 8/4/1839, page 40

Gallimore, James, laborer, and Eliza Littlejohn, residence Friendship, 12/23/1838, page 39

Gallimore, John, and ------, 12/6/1835, page 36v

Gallimore, John, and Delia Fossey, slaves, planter, residence Retreat Pen, 11/6/1830, page 33v

Galloway, Adam, watchman, and Mary Patterson, residence Bryan Castle, 12/23/1838, page 39

Galloway, Robert, residence Retirement, and Mary A. Davis, residence Duncans, apprentices, 12/31/1836, page 37

Gardner, Richard, and Eleanor Dobson, residence Falmouth, 12/24/1835, page 36

Gaynor, William, laborer, and Sarah Williams, residence Linton Park, 6/29/1839, page 39v

Gibson, Alexander, carpenter, and Ann Palmer, residence Falmouth, 4/9/1840, page 41

Gillespie, Thomas, laborer residence Bryan Castle, and Rosey Kerr residence Falmouth, 4/8/1839, page 39

Gordon, Henry, laborer, and Catherine Lawson, residence Georgia, 12/20/1838, page 39

Gordon, James, and Julia Gordon, residence Colchis, 11/5/1837, page 37v

Gordon, James, laborer, and Bezelia Burnett, residence Gilmorgan, 7/27/1839, page 40

Gordon, John, and Elizabeth Coleville, apprentices, residence Fontabelle, 12/25/1835, page 36

Gordon, Richard, laborer, and Julian Wood, residence friendship, 12/24/1839, page 40v

Gordon, Robert, residence Lottery, and Mary A. Martin residence Roslyn Castle, 1/6/1837, page 37

Gordon, Thomas, laborer residence Merry Wood, and Mary Barratt, residence Irving Tower, 6/8/1839, page 39v

Graham, Samuel, and Amelia Barrett, slaves, planter, residence Retreat Pen, 12/19/1830, page 33v

Grant, Ellis, and Mary Reid, apprentices, residence Home Castle, 10/2/1836, page 37

Grant, James, and Ann Cullun, apprentices residence Bryan Castle 7/5/1835, page 35v

Grant, James, carpenter residence Friendship , and Rebecca Tisdale residence Prospect, 8/3/1839, page 40

Green, Edward, laborer, residence Vale Royal, and Catherine Halliday residence Mahogany Vale, 8/3/1839, page 40

Green, William residence Spring , and Mary A. Green residence Fontabelle, apprentices, 12/25/1836, page 37v

Green, William, laborer, and Maria Bowling, residence Linton Park, 12/8/1838, page 38


Haines, Rob, cooper, and Eliza Brown, residence Lottery, 12/8/1838, page 38

Hall, Thomas, laborer, and Ann Campbell, residence Etingdon, 7/27/1839, page 40

Harris, James and Elizabeth Merryfield, apprentices residence Falmouth, 4/5/1837, page 37v

Hasty, George, laborer, and Bessy Gardner, residence Holland, 8/8/1838, page 38
Hawkins, Thomas and Julian Hawkins, 1834, page 35

Hensley, Joseph, and Susan Wedderburn, 1834, page 35

Higginson, Thomas, Carpenter, and Margaret McGilvery, residence Falmouth, 12/26/1839, page 40v

Hines, Thomas, and Sarah Ann Morris, apprentices residence Hampshire, 6/28/1835, page 35v

Hollowday, James, and Margaret Ferguson, residence Liberty, apprentices, 8/23/1835, page 36

Hutchison, William, and Rosetta Underhill, apprentices residence Colchis, 8/8/1835, page 35v


Ingram, Robert, and Rebeckah Clarke, apprentices, residence Harmony Hall, 7/17/1836, page 37

Innis, George, laborer, and Frances Williams, residence Jacks Lodge, 5/11/1839, page 39v

Irving, Alexander, laborer, and Betsey Robinson, residence Irving Tower, 12/8/1838, page 38

Irving, Henry, laborer residence Irving Tower, and Janet Austin, residence T___ estate, 6/8/1839, page 39v

Irving, Thomas, laborer, and Lydia Haughton, residence Irving Tower, 10/13/1838 by H. B. Foster, page 38


Jackson, James, and Sarah Reid, residence Shawfield, apprentices, planters, 3/29/1835 by John Corlett, page 34

Jackson, Robert, and Elizabeth Campbell, apprentices, residence Fontabelle, 12/25/1835, page 36

James, Robert and Jane Troop, apprentices residence Fontabelle, 12/16/1837, page 37v

James, Stephen, laborer, and Charlotte McDonald, residence Fontabelle, 6/15/1839, page 39v

James, William Rhodes, cooper, and Jane Lindon, residence Fontabelle, 6/15/1839, page 39v

Jarratt, Edward, laborer, and Ann Jarratt, residence Schawfield, 7/29/1838, page 38

Jenkins, Henry and Olive Fowler, 1834, page 35

Jenkins, Robert and Frances Sawyer, 1834, page 35

Jennings, James, free, fisherman, and Amelia Brown, slave, servant, residence Falmouth, 6/29/1831, page 33v

Johnson, Edward, carpenter, and ___ina Smith, residence Falmouth, 4/8/1839, page 39v

Johnson, Henry, Shoemaker, and Sarah Hale?, free, residence Falmouth, 10/10/1830, page 33v

Johnson, Jacob, slave, servant, and Catherine Findlayson, free, servant, residence Falmouth, 7/27/1831, page 33v

Johnson, Phillip, and Catherine Ellis, slave planters residence Georgia, 5/18/1831, page 33v

Johnson, Thomas, and Princess Brown, apprentices residence Retreat, 8/1/1835, page 35v

Johnson, William, cook, and Sarah Littlejohn, residence Georgia, 12/25/1838, page 39

Jones, Alexander and Mary James, apprentices residence Falmouth, 3/1/1837, page 37v

Jones, Alexander, laborer, and Maria Jones, residence Hyde Hall, 9/14/1839, page 40

Jones, Edward, laborer, and Sarah Hyatt, residence Claremont, 12/8/1838, page 38

Jones, Richard, laborer, and Frances Gordon, residence Etingdon, 12/28/1839, page 40v


Kelly, Edward, and Jemima Kelly, residence Stewart Castle. apprentices, 4/19/1835 , page 34

Kelly, James, laborer, and Catherine Martin, residence Claremont, 7/22/1838, page 38

Kerr, James, laborer, and Jane Dyer, residence Greenside, 3/1/1839, page 39

Kitchen, George, and Frances Maryfield, apprentices, residence Falmouth, 12/8/1835, page 36

Knight, James residence Colchis, and Eliza Dunstan residence Hampshire, 11/29/1835, page 36v

Knott, Henry, laborer, and Eleanor Hall, residence Caenwood, 4/13/1839, page 39

Knott, John, carpenter, and Maria Gibbs, residence Falmouth, 8/8/1838, page 38

Knott, William and Mary Williams, residence ___ Wood, 1834, page 35

Knott, William residence Forrest Estate, and Sarah Fraser residence Fontabelle, 5/13/1838, page 38

Knowles, Ned, laborer, and Julian Knowles, residence Spring Estate, 8/9/1838, page 38


Lawson, William, and Ann Williams, apprentices, residence Georgia, 12/13/1835, page 36

Lindo, John, laborer, and Sarah Steele, residence Irving Tower, 12/29/1838, page 39

Livingstone, John J., and Amelia Hall, residence Falmouth, 1/10/1837, page 37

Lock, Samuel Faith, laborer, and Nancy Hunter, residence Fontabelle, 8/11/1839, page 40

Lucan, Frederick residence Irving Tower, and M. A. Campbell residence Falmouth, 1834, page 35

Lyon, James residence Barnstaple, and Eliza Brown residence Dornoch, apprentices, 8/23/1835, page 36


Magger, Robert, Mason, and Catherine Cunningham, residence Harmony Hall, 10/5/1839, page 40

Mair, Benjamin, residence Falmouth, and Phoebe Wright, apprentices, 10/4/1835, page 36

Malcolm, Joseph, and Peggy Reynolds, apprentices residence Claremont, 7/5/1835, page 35v

Marrett, Joseph, and Eliza Morgan, apprentices, residence Hague, 12/25/1835, page 36

Maxfield, Alexander, residence St. James, and Catharine Irving residence Irving Tower, slaves, planters, 12/31/1831, page 34

Maxwell, A., and F. Wigham, slaves, residence Barrett Hall, 7/2/1826, page 33

Maxwell, William, free, carpenter, and Sarah Harris, slave, servant, residence Falmouth, 7/27/1831, page 33v

McDermot, Samuel, and Eliza Hill, slave, servants, residence Falmouth, 8/10/1831, page 34

McDonald, Colin apprentice residence Hampshire, and Johannah Campbell spinster residence Sawyers Market, 7/25/1835, page 35v

McGossan, Alexander, sailor, and Catherine James, residence Falmouth, 8/11/1838, page 38

McInnes, Joseph, and Maria Clarke, apprentices, residence Hampshire, 12/20/1835, page 36

McInnes, William, laborer, and Jane Gardner, residence Vale Royal, 7/29/1838, page 38

McKenzie, George, slave, planter residence Aberdeen, and Janette Fowler, slave, planter, residence Friendship, 5/8/1831, page 33v

McLachlin, Atchy, and Ellen Brissett, apprentices, residence Long Pond, 12/20/1835, page 36

McLachlin, Charles, and Elizabeth Grant, apprentices, residence Georgia, page 37

McLachlin, John Dixon fisherman, and Rebeckah Webb, free, residence Falmouth, 6/9/1836, page 36v

McLeod, James, watchman, and Henrietta Campbell, September 1839, page 40

Miller, Richard, residence Fontabelle, and Cassandra Miller residence Falmouth, apprentices, 10/4/1835, page 36

Miller, Thomas, and Letitia Beadry, apprentices, residents Claremont, 8/21/1836, page 36v

Miller, Walter, and Cecelia McGuire, apprentices residence Norwood, 9/6/1835, page 35v

Miller, William and Margaret Atkins, laborer, residence Holland, 2/8/1837 [1838?], page 37v

Mills, Joseph, planter residence Green Park, and Isabella Runncis?  residence Falmouth, slaves, 6/12/1834, page 34v

Minto, George, laborer, and Bessy Atkin, residence Forrest, 8/3/1839, page 40

Mitchel, Robert, and Urina Moulton, apprentices, residence Windsor, 12/4/1835, page 36v

Mitchell, Robert, laborer, and Ellen Underhill, residence Friendship, 7/29/1838, page 38

Mitchell, William, and Catherine Black, residence Stewart Castle, apprentices,  3/29/1835 , page 34

Moodie, William, and Sarah Williams, residence Falmouth Lands, 1834, page 34v

Moody, John Dun, and Mary Scarlett, apprentices, residence Long Pond, 5/22/1836, page 36v

Morgan, James, and Mary Bowling, residence Hugh Estate, 1834 by John Dallas, page 35v

Morgan, John, laborer, and Louisa Black, residence Fontabelle, 12/25/1838, page 39

Morris, William, and Sarah Williams, 1834, page 35

Morrison, Daniel, and Eliza Ferguson, residence Frist hill, 7/26/1835, page 35v

Morrison, George, laborer, and Margaret Spence, residence Linton Park, 6/29/1839, page 39v

Morrison, James, and Diana Hendry, apprentices, 7/17/1836, page 36v

Morrison, James, laborer, and Frances McCane, residence Linton Park, 5/4/1839, page 39v

Morrison, Richard, and Jane Whidby, slaves, planter, residence Mahogany Hall, 4/10/1831, page 33v

Moulton, Rob, penkeeper, and Letitia Lyon, residence Braco, 12/25/1838, page 39

Moulton, Robert, laborer residence Windsor, and Sarah Moulton resident Retirement, 3/30/1839, page 39

Myrie, John and Sarah McFarquhar, residence Greenside, apprentices, 5/2/1835, witnesses William Barrett and Thomas Jennings, page 34v


Napier, Peter, and Margaret Woodrow, slaves, servants, residence Falmouth, 9/14/1831, page 34


OBrien, John Ogan, laborer, and Mary Young, residence Brampton, 8/23/1839, page 40
O'Connor, Daniel, and Rosa Bell, 1834, page 34v

Oliphant, William, and Rebecca Ringrose, apprentices, residence Colchis, 11/9/1835, page 36


Palmer, Joseph, and Grace Sherriffe, slaves, planters, residence Swanswick, 11/27/1831, page 34

Palmer, Joseph, carpenter, and Mary Ann Gardner, residence Swanswick, 9/28/1839, page 40

Paris, Matthew, laborer, and Catherine Kelly, residence Norwood, 5/25/1839, page 39v

Patton, William, mason, and Jane Williams, residence Falmouth, 8/5/1838, page 38

Pennock, Thomas, and Maria Samuels, apprentices, residence Shawfield, 12/4/1836, page 37

Phillips, William, and Mary Edwards, slaves, residence Barrett Hall, 12/3/1826, page 33v

Pitt, William, and Eleanor Brisset, residence Hampshire, 1834, page 35v

Price, Hine, and Mary Anderson, apprentices, residence Fontabelle, 8/2/1835, page 36v

Price, Huie, and Mary Anderson, apprentices residence Fontabelle, 8/2/1835, page 35v

Pritchard, William residents Rio Bueno, and Christian Campbell residence Home Castle, apprentices, 12/25/1836, page 37


Randum, Roderick and Ann Brissett, 1834, page 35

Randum, Roderick, and Ann Brissett, 1834, page 34v

Reid, Edward, and Ann Clark, residence Long Pond, 1834, page 35

Reid, Rodney, planter, and Ann Witiker, residence Claremont, 1834, page 35

Richards, David, laborer, and Lizzy Stoney, residence Stonehenge, 7/29/1838, page 38

Richards, Simon, free, carpenter, residence St. George's Granada, and Amelia Gordon, apprentice, residence Friendship, 8/20/1836, page 37

Ricketts, John, laborer, and Sarah Campbell resident Stuart Castle, 9/9/1838, page 38

Riley, William, laborer, and Cecelia Campbell, residence Ettington, 4/14/1839, page 39v

Ringrose, John and Lizzy Greenhill, apprentices, residence Sawyers Market, 9/17/1837 by John Hornby, page 37v

Ringrose, Philip, and Sophia Simpson, 12/3/1838, page 38

Roach, Anthony, blacksmith, and Elizabeth McCane, residence Falmouth, 4/25/1839, page 39v

Road, James, and Cathe Crooks, residence Fontabelle, 8/12/1839, page 40

Roberson, Robert and Maria Miss, residence Rock, 1834, page 34v

Robinson, Charles, and Julia Campbell, slaves, planters, residence Greenside, 6/19/1831, page 33v

Robinson, Charles, laborer, and Bezelia Shirley, residence Ettington, 4/14/1839, page 39v

Rockfort, William Grant, tailor, and Ellen Murhead, residence Falmouth, 7/5/1838, page 38

Russell, James, laborer, and Delia Lewis, residence Lottery, 5/11/1839, page 39v

Russell, John, laborer, and Jane Hunter, residence Falmouth, 6/26/1838, page 38


Samuels, Edward, laborer, and Anna George?, residence Clifton, 1/1/1839, page 39

Saunders, William, and Jessy McDonald, 1834, page 35

Scott, George, and Ann Lyon, residence Greenside, apprentices, 5/23/1835, page 34v

Scott, Thomas, and Mary James, residence Wakefield, 1834, page 34v

Shand, Thomas and Catherine Reid, 1834, page 35

Sharp, J___, and Amelia Fairclough, residence Hampshire, 1834, page 35

Shaw, Ned, cartman, and Julian Dansoni, residence Friendship, 12/23/1838, page 39

Shaw, Robert, laborer, and Mary Ann Tennison, residence Friendship, 12/24/1839, page 40v

Shaw, Thomas, and Catherine, residence Hampshire, 1834, page 35v

Simpson, John residence Lancaster, and Bashua Underhill Sterling residence Harmony Hall, apprentices, 7/19/1835, page 35v

Simpson, William, and Mary Wilson, 1834, page 35

Simpson, William, laborer, and Mary Thompson, residence Vale Royal, 12/4/1838, page 38

Small, Robert, laborer, and Charlotte Ellis, residence Greenside, 1/10/1840, page 40v

Smith, George, tailor, and Eliza Rob, residence Falmouth, 2/14/1839, page 39

Smith, John, tailor, and Elizabeth Gilburn spinster, residence Falmouth 3/25/1837, page 37v

Smith, Martin, and Lucky Jackson, apprentices, residence Claremont, 10/9/1836, page 37

Smith, Nicholas residence Lottery, and Mary McGuire residence Norwood, apprentices, 9/6/1835, page 35v

Spence, Patrick, and Johanna Palmer, apprentices, residence Rest St. Ann's, 9/18/1836, page 37

Steele, Edward, laborer, and Charlotte Lamie, residence Falmouth, 9/1/1839, page 40

Steele, Robert apprentice residence Rotise Lodge, and Catherine McKenzie free, residence Falmouth, 12/16/1837 by William Ritchie, page 37v

Steele, Robert, laborer residence Harmony Hall , and Julia Jarrett residence Norwood, 8/12/1839, page 40

Sterling, Adamarkim, residence Dornoch, and Ann Dunn, apprentices, 8/23/1835, page 36

Sterling, James, and Esther Noble, residence Fontabelle, 8/2/1839, page 39v

Stewart, Charles, and Bell McFarqhar, apprentices, residence Greenside, 6/26/1836, page 36v

Stewart, Charles, free, Shoemaker, and Frances Lawson, slave, servant, residence Falmouth, 4/30/1831, page 33v

Stewart, Henry, and Polly Williams, residence Colchis, 11/5/1837, page 37v

Stewart, Nelson, and Eliza Campbell, apprentices, residence Stewart Castle, 10/18/1835, page 36v

Stirling, Robert, laborer, and Julian Eason, residence Irving Town, 6/24/1838, page 38

Sutton, Henry, and Rosanna Thompson, apprentices, residence Lancaster, 12/31/1836, page 37


Taylor, James, and Elizabeth James, 1834, page 35

Taylor, Robert, laborer, and Jane Walcott, residence Forrest, 3/9/1839, page 39

Taylor, William, and Ann Gordon, residence Falmouth, 8/23/1836, page 36v

Tenison, James, mason, and Ann Lewis, residence Friendship, 8/3/1839, page 40
Tharp, John and Mary Brown, 1834, page 34v

Thomas, John, and E. Thomas, slaves, residence Barrett Hall, 8/20/1824, page 33

Thompson, Henry, laborer, and Bessy Lawrence, residence Harmony Hall, 9/14/1839, page 40

Thompson, William, laborer, and Mary Garner, residence Cedar Spring, 9/1/1839, page 40

Thompson, William, laborer, and Nelly Jackson, residence Fontabelle, 11/3/1838, page 38

Tracey, Thomas, laborer, and Sarah McBean, residence Orange Grove, 12/22/1838, page 38

Tucker, Thomas, Mason residence Forrest, and Sally Williams residence Caenwood, 5/27/1838, page 38


Underhill, John, residence Friendship, and Frances Morgan, residence Prospect, apprentices, 10/16/1836, page 37


Vassall, George fisherman residence Rock, to Sarah Brown spinster residence Falmouth, both free, 12/7/1836, page 37v

Vernon, Colin Campbell, Carpenter, and Frances Edwards, residence Falmouth, 5/12/1838, page 38


Warburton, Peter, mason, and Elizabeth Rawley, residence Spring Estate, 5/2/1839, page 39v

Washington, General, and Jane Longmore, apprentices, residence Miss Husse? at the Rock, 8/3/1835, page 35v

Watson, John residence Irving Tower, and Louisa Wilson residence Holland, slaves, planters, 12/31/1831, page 34

Watt, Robert, laborer, and Amelia Tindale, residence Nvightingale Grove, 12/14/1839, page 40v

Wedderburn, James, and Mary Lewis, residence Merry Wood, 1834, page 34v

Whitaker, John, and Elizabeth Miller, apprentices, 2/21/1836, page 36v

White, Henry, carpenter, and Eliza Robson, residence Falmouth, 11/8/1838, page 38

White, Samuel, and Essy Howell, residence Falmouth, 1834, page 35v

White, Sandy, servant, and Susan Price,  residence Wellington, 6/29/1839, page 40

White, Thomas, residence Forrest, and Jemima Barratt residence Lansquinet, 5/27/1838, page 38

Whittaker, John, residence Hague, and Mary Earnshaw, residence Irving Tower, apprentice is, 10/29/1836, page 37

Williams, Charles and Ann Gardner, 1834, page 35

Williams, Edward, free, and Charlotte Page, apprentice, residence Windsor, page 37

Williams, James, and Rebecca Williams, apprentices, residence Georgia, 10/4/1835, page 36v

Williams, James, residence Georgia, and Rebecca Williams, apprentices, 10/18/1835, page 36

Williams, Joseph, and Maria Campbell, apprentices, residence Fontabelle, 11/8/1835, page 36

Williams, S,  and A. Williams, slaves, residence Barrett Hall, 6/5/1824, page 33

Williams, Thomas, saddler, and Louisa Lilly, residence Salt Marsh, 8/8/1839, page 40

Willis, George, laborer, and Letitia Allen, residence Irving Tower, 8/5/1838, page 38

Willis, John, and Eliza Forbes, apprentices residence Fontabelle, 7/19/1835, page 35v

Wilson, Charles, and Elenor Wilson, residence Clifton, apprentices, 6/21/1835, page 34v

Wilson, Thomas, laborer, and Venus Cunningham, residence Claremont, 9/29/1839, page 40

Wilson, Thomas, smith residence Falmouth, and Frances Cunningham residence Greenside, slaves, 12/8/1833, page 34v

Witter, Joseph, and Sissy Loman?, apprentices residence Greenside, 8/30/1835, page 35v

Wood, John, and Eleanor Jackson, residence Fontabelle, apprentices, 12/25/1835, page 36

Wood, William apprentice, and Sarah Anderson free, residence Falmouth, 12/6/1835, page 36

Wood, William, laborer, and Charlotte Barnett, residence Stonehenge, 12/9/1838, page 38

Wright, Charles, fisherman, and Mary Ann Johnson, residence Falmouth, 4/4/1839, page 39

Wright, James, free, and Eliza Gardner, apprentice, 1/2/1837, page 37

Wright, Joseph, and Mary Egeton, residence Greenside, 1834, page 35

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