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Date format Month/Day/Year

b = born

bap = baptized

bur = buried

d = died

dtr = daughter

F = father

M = mother

mar = married/marriage

P = parents

PAB = present at birth

reg. = registered

res. = residence

STIV = St. Thomas in the Vale

(U) = unmarried

(W) = Wife

yrs = years

SOURCE REFERENCES: Bxxx. See Bibliography of Sources.,Volume, page, item number. Example. X, p. 120 #6.

All events prior to 1878 are Anglican, unless otherwise indicated (viz. those marked Civil, or Diss. for Dissenter).

(If no parents are listed, the child was illegitimate. If father and mother are named, but the word ‘wife' or (W) is not indicated, the parents were unmarried)

Aarons, Edwin, merchant, married, aged 49 years, died 5/24/1884 at Union Street, Montego Bay, St. James. Cause: apoplexy 3 hours. Registered 5/26/1884 by George Robert Hussey, present at death. BC3720 , A206

Aarons, Henry, shopkeeper, married, aged 44 years, died 9/25/1884 in Falmouth, Trelawny. Cause: excessive drinking, uncertain. Registered 11/24/1884 by Louis Robinson, resident in Falmouth.

Aarons, Rebecca Gertrude, infant, aged 1 years, died 9/4/1881 at long Pasture, St. James. Cause: inflammation of the bowels, 6 weeks. Mother= Florence Smith, seamstress. Registered by Edward Golding present at death. BC3720, D408

Aarons, Sarah Eugene, gentlewoman, married, aged 38 years, died 5/30/1884 at Orange Street, Montego Bay, St. James. Cause: cancer exhaustion 16 months. Registered by son Joseph Emanuel Martinez, son. BC3720, A147

Baraham, [sic] George Augustus, planter, bachelor, aged 30 years, son of Joseph Barham m 9/26/1883 in St. Mary's Church, St. Elizabeth to Jane Adelaide Spooner, spinster, aged 26 years, dtr of Henry Spooner. Res Corsham, St. Elizabeth. BC3128, #571

Blair, William, laborer, bachelor, aged 56 years, son of William Blair, m 1/2/1906 at Geneva, St. Elizabeth to Frances Williams, domestic, spinster, aged 38 years, dtr of Joseph Williams. Ceremony by Charles A. Rickard. BC3130 #165

Bourke, Edward Wellesley, b 8/12/1880 at 155 King Street, Kingston (res). P= Wellesley Bourke, solicitor, and his wife Resina Louise nee Cesvet. Reg by father 8/13/1880. BC1214, p. 126 #1008

Bourke, James McMahon, merchant, bachelor, aged 36 years, son of Wellesley Bourke, m 12/16/1885 in Black River, St. Elizabeth, to Matilda Marinella McFarlane, dtr of Andrew McFarlane. BC3128, #1324

Bowen, Henry, planter, aged 23 years, res Derry, bur 1/14/1847 in Derry, St. Mary, by J. Davidson. B0009, III, p. 434 #1

Bowen, Mary, aged 47 years, res Derry, bur 5/2/1847 in Derry, St. Mary. B0009, III, p. 435 #3

Bowen, Richard, black, aged 60 years, res Savanna-la-mar, bur 4/11/1827 in Westmoreland. B0024, I, p. 180

Bowen, Robert, aged about 12 years, res Savanna-la-mar, bur 7/27/1841 in the new burial ground, Westmoreland. B0024, II, p. 314 #69

Bowen, Thomas Dixon, m 4/23/1825 in St. James to Mary Vincent by banns. Both slaves to P. A. Morris. B0055, II, p. 308

Bowie, Catherine, infant, bu 7/12/1839 in the new burial ground, Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland, by Thomas Stewart, rector. Res Savanna-la-Mar, B0024, II, p. 295 #30

Braham, Arthur Wilfred, b 1/23/1890 in Fullerswood, Black River, St. Elizabeth. P= James David Braham and wife Mariah Elizabeth nee Robinson. Laborer. Father registered birth by X 2/1/1890. BC2187, KA546

Braham, Emma b. 7/16/1880 at 75 Gold Street, Kingston. P=John Richmond Vidal Braham, storekeeper, res Moneague, and his wife Emma nee Whitehouse. Registered by Ellen Jane Blakeley, present at birth, res 38 Gold Street 8/21/1880. BC1214, p. 124 #986

Braham, James, laborer, bachelor aged 25 years, son of James Braham, married 1/8/1885 in Nightingale Grove St. Elizabeth to Isabella Caroline Powell, spinster aged 20 years, dtr of Edward Powell. Witness Andrew Powell. BC3128 #1045.

Braham, Joseph Augustus, b 2/25/1889 in Mount Eagle, St. Elizabeth. P= John Robert Braham and his wife Sarah Arabella nee Simpson. Father a planter, registered birth by X 3/29/1889. Res Mount Eagle. BC2187, KN844

Braham, Richard Cook, laborer, bachelor, aged 34 years, son of Thomas Cook Braham, married 1/4/1886 in St. John's, Black River, St. Elizabeth, to Letitia Johnson, laborer, spinster aged 25 years, dtr of Thomas Johnson deceased. BC3128, #569

Burke, James Augustus, laborer, bachelor aged 25 years, son of James Burke, married 1/18/1886 in New Eden, St. Elizabeth to Frances Eliza Williams, laborer, spinster aged 26, dtr of James Williams. BC3128 #506

Burke, James Henry, baker, bachelor aged 33, son of Frederick Burke deceased, married 3/14/1883 in St. James church, Mr. Hermon, St. Elizabeth, to Mary Ann Green, spinster aged 27, dtr of Thomas Green deceased, res Bonneveitch Mountain. BC3128 #672

Burke, William Wallace, Sergeant of Police, aged 39, son of Samuel Wallace Burke married 6/17/1880 in Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth, to Margaret Clark, seamstress, spinster aged 20 years, dtr of Montagu Belderas Clark. Both res Santa Cruz. BC3128 #48.

Burke, Georgianna, laborer, had a son named Uriah, born 11/17/1888 in Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth, registered by mother 1/19/1889, res Santa Cruz. BC2187, KH1201

Canning, John, a child, bur 3/3/1687, St. Catherine. B0080, I, p. 167

Chrichton, Henrietta, b 5/22/1849 in St. Ann. F= Robert M. Cox, laborer. M= Catherine Chrichton (U). Registered by Rev. H. J. Steventon 9/26/1849. R. Parkinson registrar. B0047, IV, p. 27 #1640.

Chrichton, Jane, b 10/11/1851 in St. Ann. F= Kenyon Chrichton, laborer. M= Ann Rowe. Registered by Rev. H. J. Steventon 10/6/1862. R. Parkinson registrar. B0047, IV, p. 100 #1899.

Chrighton, James Benjamin, bap 12/18/1864 in Hanover by James E. Miller. P= Francis Chrighton, laborer, and Maria his wife. Res Logwood. Born 9/30/1864. B0044, XVI, p. 483 #247

Clare, Caroline Louisa, bur 5/17/1854 in the church yard, Lucea, Hanover by E. Galbraith, rector. Aged 10 weeks. Res Lucea. B0009, III, p. 53 #24

Clough, [male], b 7/27/1880 at 100 Orange Street, Kingston. P= Walter George Clough, Clerk of Petty Session, and his wife Julia nee Lyon, res Mandeville, Manchester. Reg by Charles Bryan, by X, present at birth, res 100 Orange Street 8/13/1880. BC1214, p. 121 #962

Cochrane, Hugh Alfred Roxburgh, b 8/11/1880 in St. Andrew's Manse, Kingston (res). P= James Cochrane, Presbyterian Minister, and his wife Mary Julie nee Bell. Reg by father 8/30/1880. BC1214, p. 126 #1007

Crawford, John Emmanuel, laborer, bachelor aged 40, son of Philip Crawford, m 9/25/1892 in Bluefields Church, Westmoreland to Louisa Ann Elizabeth Williams, laborer, spinster aged 21. Res Brighton. BC3510, L34

Creighton, Abraham of H. M. 35th Regiment of Foot, m 3/26/1871 in St. Catherine to Philippa Rennalls, spinster of St. Catherine, by license. B0080, II, p. 371

Creighton, Charles Octavius, b 5/17/1873 in Petersfield, bap 8/8/1875 in Westmoreland. Colored. M= Marian Short. B0017, V, p. 29 #71

Cuming, William, carpenter, m 9/23/1802 in St. Catherine to Mary Renier McGlashan, spinster. Both of St. Catherine. B0080, II, p. 185

Cumming, Alexander, Captain of Apostle's Battery, bur 6/8/1788 in St. Catherine. B0080, II, p. 264

Cumming, Ann, free quadroon, bur 12/15/1802 in St. Catherine. Cause: Decline. B0080, II, p. 306

Cumming, Ann Elizabeth, b 7/10/1862, bap 10/7/1863 in St. Catherine. P= Thomas Cumming, mason and Elizabeth his wife. Res Spanish Town. B0043, XV, p. 12 #205

DaCosta, Bathsheba Rodrigues, b 9/15/1880 at 17 Rum Lane, Kingston (res). P= Horatio DaCosta, shoemaker, and his wife Mary nee Morais. Reg by father 9/16/1880. BC1214, p. 131 #1047

Drysdale, Joseph, b 8/19/1880 at 30 Text Lane (res). P= Joseph Drysdale, carpenter, and his wife Caroline nee Stephen. Reg by Mary Ann Stephens, present at birth, res Beeston Street 8/21/1880

Feres, James, b 8/8/1880 at 105 Princess Street, Kingston (res). P= Augustus Feres and his wife Esther Ann nee Dixon. Reg by Mortimer A. Feres, present at birth, res 105 Princess St. 8/17/1880. BC1214m o, 122 #972

Feurtado, Ida Heywood, n 8/31/1880 in Cottage Grove, Franklin Town, Kingston. P=Walter Augustus Feurtado, accountant, res Cottage Grove and his wife Theodocia Alecina nee Townshend, reg by father 10/7/1880. BC1214 p. 140 #1113

Figueroa, Euphemia Marionelle, b 9/4/1880 at 57 Water Lane, Kingston (res). P= Joseph Elizio Figueroa, clerk, and his wife Margaret Ann nee Schaw. Reg by father 9/15/1180/ BC1214, p. 131 #1045

Gadpaille, Louise Emily, b 7/27/1880 at 150 East Street, Kingston. P= Ivanhoe Gadpaille, merchant, res Spanish Town, and his wife Virginie nee Malabre. Reg by father 8/16/1880. BC1214, p. 121 #968

Lopez, Horace Ivanhoe, b 9/27/1880 at 35 Charles Street, Kingston (res). P=Christopher Augustus Lopez, tailor, and his wife Eliza Anastatia nee Kemp. Reg by father 10/8/1880. BC1214, p. 140 #1114

McKay, Hughjeana, aged 1 year, colored, buried 8/8/1831 in Kingston by John Smith, rector of Vere. Res Johns Lane. B0024, I, p. 45.

Melville, [male], b 8/6/1880 at 1 1/2 John Street, Rae Town (res). P= Frederick Welsford Melville, accountant, and Mary Elizabeth nee Chandler. Reg by father 8/27/1880.

Midgley, Martha, b 9/26/1845, bap 5/3/1846 in Metcalf by Richard Forbes, rector. Res Rock River. B0015, IX, p. 132 #32.

Mitchell, Albert Alexander, b 4/18/1861, bap 5/5/1861 in Kingston. P= Robert Mitchell, Private in 2nd W. I. Regiment, and his wife Matilda. Res Up Park Camp. B0033, VII, p. 84

Mitchell, Alexander bap 6/30/1842 in St. James by Revd. J. McIntyre. Born 2/17/1842. M=Sarah Evans. Res Montego Bay. B0026, VII, p. 458 #120

Mitchell, Charles bap 8/21/1842 in St. Elizabeth by C. J. P. Douet. Born 12/24/1840. P= Charles Mitchell & Sophia (W). Res Prospect. Small settler. B0056, IV, p. 115 #383

Mitchell, Christiana bap 5/13/1849 in St. Andrew. P= James Mitchell & Grace (W). Res Mount James. Laborer. B0060, I, p. 128 #170

Mitchell, Edward bap 6/13/1847 in St. Andrew. Born 5/1/1847. P= George Mitchell & Grace (W). Res Foxes River. Laborer. B0046, XI, p. 436 #231

Mitchell, George bap 1/17/1847 in St. Andrew. African. Private 1st W. I. Regiment. B0046, XI, p. 430 #137

Mitchell, George m 11/17/1844 in St. Andrew to Grace Fraser both of St. Andrew. John Campbell officiating curate. Banns. B0012, IV, p. 389 #72

Mitchell, Helen bap 6/30/1842 in St. James by J. McIntyre, aged 2 years. M=Sarah Evans. Res Montego Bay. B0026 VII,

p. 458 #119

Mitchell, Henry bap 2/22/1835 in Clarendon by G. C. R. Fearon. Aged 60 years. RS Mount Moses. B0019, III, p. 146 #211

Mitchell, Henry bap 5/3/1840 in Vere by John Smith, rector. Aged 6 months. Res Dry River. B0002, VI, p. 76 #100

Mitchell, Henry bap 6/30/1842 in St. James by J. McIntyre, aged 4 years. M= Sarah Evans. Res Montego Bay. B0026, VII, p. 458 #118

Mitchell, Henry bap 8/17/1851 in Vere by W. L. Coward, rector. Born 9/12/1849. B0027, IV, p. 29 #179

Mitchell, Henry bap 1845 in St. Andrew by Joseph Gegg officiating minister. Born 4/22/1845. P= George Mitchell & Grace (W). Res Mount Horeb. Peasant. B0049, X, p. 432

Mitchell, Henry died 1/14/1907 in Alexander's Store, Harbour Street, Kingston, killed by falling walls in the earthquake. Wife was Catherine Mitchell. BC1261, A8885.

Mitchell, Henry bap 1/24/1836 in St. Mary by W. Girod. M= Esther Livingston. Res Pimento Hill. B0084, I, p. 160

Mitchell, Henry bap 7/15/1838 in St. Mary by J. W. Archer. Aged 60 years. Res Esher. B0084, I, p. 197

Mitchell, Henry bap 10/5/1834 St. John by C. H. Hall, Island Curate. Aged 38 years. Res Worthy Park. B0004, II, p. 413 #465

Mitchell, Henry bap 7/22/1855 in St. George by Charles T. May, rector. Born 12/20/1854. Res Lucea. B0015, VIII, p. 119 #86

Mitchell, Henry died 5/12/1928 at Spanish Town Road, Kingston, bachelor, laborer, aged about 80 years. Cause of death, old age. Registered by Samuel Pullman, present at death, res Spanish Town Road, signed by X. BC4192, A6280

Mitchell, Henry bap 8/21/1842 in St. Elizabeth. P= Charles Mitchell & Sophia (W). Born 5/4/1842. Res Prospect. Small settler. BC0056 IV, p. 115 #384

Mitchell, Henry DeClondesley, waiting clerk, aged 24, bachelor, m Susan Madeline Gully, spinster, aged 21, seamstress 7/18/1866 by the Wesleyan Methodist minister, 11 Duke Street, Kingston, by license. Res Kingston. B0114, XIII, p. 154 #308

Mitchell, Henry Milligan bap 2/8/1857 in Clarendon by C. H. Hall, rector. Born 1/21/1856. Res Red Hills. B0035, IX, p. 346 #33

Mitchell, Henry Samuel bap 8/12/1855 in Clarendon by C. H. Hall, rector, aged 15 months. P= Robert Mitchell & Sarah (W). Res Retreat. Laborer. B0028, VI, p. 401 #121

Mitchell, Mortimer Richard bap 11/23/1864 in Kingston. Born 10/1/1864. P= Henry Mitchell & Margaret (W). Res Hope Estate. Carpenter. B0033, VII, p. 175 #457

Mitchell, Robert, bachelor, laborer, of full age m Jane Hyat, spinster of full age, in the Presbyterian chapel, Hampden, Trelawny 1/17/1861. Both res George's Valley. B0114, XII, p. 69 #279

Mitchell, Susan bur 3/7/1878 in New West ground, Kingston. Stillborn 3/7/1878. Res 3 East Street. B0036, II, p. 429 #137

Mitchell, Susan d 5/29/1893 in the Lunatic asylum, Kingston, laborer, aged 35 years, married. Cause of death: acute cerebral congestion. BC1252, A10120

Mitchell, Susan, aged 30, spinster, d 7/27/1889 at 10 Pechon Street, Kingston. Cause of death: Chronic enteritis, certified by C. Gayleard. Registered by Mary Ann Hamilton, present at death, resident 17 Leul [Luke?] Lane. BC1250, A5194

Motta, David, b 7/14/1880 at 90 Church Street, Kingston. P= Daniel Motta, storekeeper, and his wife Constantia nee Brandon. Reg by father 8/14/1880. BC1214 p. 121 #965

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