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Date format Month/Day/YEAR

b = born

bap = baptized

bur = buried

d = died

F = father

M = mother

mar = married/marriage

P = parents

PAB = present at birth

reg. = registered

res. = residence

STIV = St. Thomas in the Vale

(U) = unmarried

(W) = Wife

yrs = years

SOURCE REFERENCES: Volume, page, item number. Example. X, p. 120 #6.

All events prior to 1878 are Anglican, unless otherwise indicated (viz. those marked Civil, or Diss. for Dissenter).

Cameron, Rebecca, mother of unnamed female b 3/28/1879 at "Done at Last", St. Mary. Registered 3/31/1879 by Margaret Cameron, aunt, same residence. Civil D106.

Campbell, Charles, aged 6 years, bap 3/1/1835 St. Elizabeth by W. Hylton. Res Long Hill. III, p. 24 #150.

Campbell, Charles, aged 2 years, bap 9/2/1838 in St. Elizabeth by D. R. Littlejohn. Res Grandvale. III, p. 186 #598.

Campbell, ___. b 7/4/1844 in St. Ann. F= Thomas Campbell, laborer. M= Johanna Campbell. Res St. Ann's Bay. Civil I, p. 97 #104.

Campbell, Charles b 8/29/1844 in St. Ann. F= Charles Campbell, laborer. M= Susannah Lynch (U). Res. Dumbarton Estate. Reg by father. Civil I, p. 41 #76.

Campbell, Charles, b 9/17/1847, bap 11/19/1847 in St. Elizabeth by Thomas P. Williams. P= John Campbell, settler and Sophia (W). Res Cornwall. V, p. 108 #611.

Campbell, Charles, b 3/20/1854, bap 5/21/1854 in St. Elizabeth by C. H. Hall, rector. Res Suttons. VI, p. 76 #90.

Campbell, Charles, b 11/13/1859, bap 8/23/1860 in St. Elizabeth by W. Forbes. VI, p. 39 #33.

Campbell, Charles, mar Ann Maria Campbell 9/6/1866 in Hanover by H. G. Lawson, Island Curate, after banns. Both res Hanover. VIII, p. 50 #17.

Campbell, Charles, aged 29 years, bachelor, laborer, mar Anne Anderson, aged 28, spinster, 11/14/1878 in St. Johns, Woburn, Westmoreland by banns. Res Ladies View. Both signed by X. Law 6, IV, p. 7.

Campbell, Charles Alexander, b 3/31/1841, bap 8/29/1841 in St. Elizabeth by W. Forbes. P= Thomas Campbell, planter, and Frances Ann (W). Res Newcombe Valley. IV, p. 76 #397.

Campbell, Charles Augustus, b 11/5/1849, bap 10/21/1853 in St. Elizabeth by R. B. Lynch. Res Santa Cruz. V, p. 403 #838.

Campbell, Charles Edward, b 4/6/1860, bap 7/13/1860 St. Elizabeth. P= James Campbell, penkeeper, and Elizabeth (W). VI, p. 26 #416.

Campbell, Charles Frederic, aged 7 years, bap 11/27/1853 St. Elizabeth by Thomas B. Cahusac. V, p. 402 #826.

Campbell, Charles Henry, b 12/16/1850, bap 2/14/1851 in St. Elizabeth by William Forbes. V, p. 265 #44.

Campbell, Charles Jacob, bap 2/11/1877 St. Elizabeth. P= Charles Campbell and Anne (W). Res Plains. Law 6, V, p. 461.

Campbell, Charles Theophilus, b 2/24/1867, bap 6/2/1867 St. Elizabeth. P= Edward Campbell, laborer, and Clarissa (W). Res Balbee. XVIII, p. 95 #358.

Campbell, David James, b 7/24/1867, bap 5/3/1868 Hanover. P= Colin Campbell, laborer and Elizabeth (W). Res Salt Spring Mountains. XXI, p. 214 #125.

Campbell, David Samuel, aged 3 years, bap 5/20/1866 St. Ann. XXI, p. 75 #140.

Campbell, Francella Elizabeth, b 2/24/1879 Middle Quarters, St. Elizabeth. P= Dugald Campbell, cooper and Elizabeth (W) nee Ford. Reg by father by X 3/29/1879. Civil KD172.

Campbell, Frances Susannah, b 9/12/1857, bap 11/25/1859 St. Elizabeth. V, p. 725 #713.

Campbell, Jacob Adolphus, b 10/28/1864, bap 2/2/1871 Metcalf. Res Richmond. XX, p. 275 #105.

Campbell, Jacob Theophilus, b 8/10/1867, bap 1/3/1868 Manchester. Res Dunbar. XXI, p. 182 #13.

Campbell, James Augustus, b 1/27/1862, bap 12/9/1866 Westmoreland. XX, p. 501 #510.

Campbell, Jane, laborer, mother of unnamed male child b 12/1/1893 in Whymes Road, St. James (res). Reg by mother by X in Adelphi, St. James 1/13/1894. Civil N1736

Campbell, Jane, laborer, mother of Alfred, born 1/26/1900 in John's Hall, St. James. Reg in Springfield by Andrew Wilson, PAB, 3/26/1900. Civil NE2895.

Campbell, John, b 8/13/1844 Westmoreland. F= Sydney Campbell. M= Jane Campbell. Reg 9/22/1844. Civil I, p. 91 #66.

Campbell, John, b 11/25/1844 Metcalf. F= William Campbell. M= Sarah Campbell. Res Orange River. Civil I, p. 144.

Campbell, John, b 12/24/1848 Westmoreland. F= John Campbell, laborer. M= Catalina. Civil IV, p. 53 #926.

Campbell, John A., b 8/21/1853 St. Elizabeth. F= John Campbell. M= E. Watson. Civil IV, p. 110.

Campbell, John Wright, b 2/1/1845 St. Andrew. F= Richard Campbell, laborer. M= Elizabeth. Reg by Jamaica Christian Association, John Fox, minister. Civil II, p. 18 #108.

Campbell, Robert, b 10/16/1846 [sic] in Hanover. P= George Campbell, carpenter, and Frances (W). Reg by Revd. Thomas Burchell 12/29/1845. Civil II, p. 225.

Campbell, Thomas Alexander, black complexion, b 9/6/1870 at Little Blessing, bap 5/18/1871 in St. Elizabeth by J. L. Ramson, Island Curate. M= Rachel Brooks (U). Res Little Blessing. Law 6 I, p. 75

Campbell, Thomas Emanuel, b 1/24/1858, bap 7/4/1858 St. Elizabeth. Res Santa Cruz. V, p. 664 #520

Campbell, Thomasina Lydia, black complexion, b 10/15/1870 Chesterfield, bap 6/9/1871 St. Elizabeth. M= Catherine Rowe. Res Chesterfield. Law 6, I, p. 75 #75.

Campbell, William, aged about 14 years, bap 6/30/1839 St. Elizabeth. Laborer. Res Retreat. III, p. 464 #363.

Campbell, William mar Harriett Paton 1/3/1836 in St. Elizabeth by banns. Apprentices to Montpelier. III, p. 225.

Campbell, William mar Harriett Royal 12/18/1836 St. Elizabeth by banns. Both res St. Elizabeth. III, p. 236.

Campbell, William, b 9/2/1844, bap 2/8/1845 St. Elizabeth. P= Robert Campbell, planter, and Mary (W). Res Hopewell. IV, p. 221 #70.

Campbell, William, aged 12 years, bap 5/13/1866 Hanover. XXI, p. 264 #79.

Campbell, William, b 9/1/1865, bap 10/29/1865 Hanover. P= George Campbell, laborer, and Mary (W). Res Hatchwell. XXI, p. 259 #138.

Campbell, William Adolphus, b 3/22/1865, bap 11/12/1865 Hanover. P= James Campbell and Sarah (W). XXI, p. 318 #114.

Campbell, William Henry, b 7/19/1865, bap 9/30/1866 St. Andrew. Res Westphalia, Port Royal. XX, p. 313 #349.

Campbell, William Henry, b 9/15/1866, bap 3/6/1867 St. Elizabeth. Res Mount Pleasant. XVIII, p. 82 #139.

Carr, Thomas, b 3/1/1844, bap 5/11/1845 Hanover by J. Stainsby, rector. Res Cousins Cove. VIII, p. 351 #239.

Clare, Caroline Louisa, aged 6 weeks, bap 4/1/1854 in Hanover by Edward Galbraith, rector. Res Lucea. New Series VII, p. 456 #77.

Clare, Eleanor [? unclear], aged 26 years, bur 8/24/1869 in #2 Burial Ground, Savannalamar, Westmoreland, by J. Clark. Res Queen Street. VII, p. 192 #99.

Clare, Ellen Matilda, aged 6 months, bur 6/8/1868 in Lucea church yard, Hanover. VII, p. 73 #26.

Clare, Henry, laborer aged 40 years, bur 7/27/1852 in Lucea Church yard, Hanover by J. Stainsby, rector. Res Lucea. New Series II, p. 411 #36.

Clare, John N., aged 15 days, bur 1/5/1851 in Lucea Church yard, Hanover by J. Stainsby, rector. Res Lucea. New Series II, p. 405 #1

Clare, Joseph Williams, aged 5 months, bap 4/9/1855 in Hanover by Henry Clarke, offcg. minister. Res Lances Bay. New Series VII, p. 465 #72.

Clare, Mary Sarah, b 2/9/1847, bap 8/8/1847 Hanover by J. Stainsby, rector. Res Lucea. XI, p. 25.

Clare, William Stephenson, b 7/1841, bap 9/5/1841 Hanover. Res Lucea. VII, p. 407 #261.

Clare, William Thomas, infant, b 5/14/1854 Hanover by E. Galbraith, rector. Res Lucea. VII, p. 457 #96.

Clarke [or Clare], Elizabeth, aged 60 years, bur 3/2/1867 in Green Island church yard, Hanover by H. G. Lawson. Res Hampton Court. VII, p. 68 #14.

Clarke, Henry Waite mar Laura Malcolm 8/20/1839 St. James by license. Both of St. James. II, p. 303 #99.

Clemetson, Charles Augustus Theophilus, b 9/16/1851, bap 12/28/1851 St. Mary. P= Robert Clemetson, coroner, and Elizabeth (W). Res Mount Zion. New Series II, p. 62.

Coombs, Adelaide Augusta, bap 8/29/1863 St. Ann. M= Olivia Coombs. Res Mt. Pleasant. XIV, p. 228 #29.

Coombs, Adelaide Louisa, b 7/22/1865, bap 5/10/1867 St. Ann. P= John H. Coombs, sawyer, and Susan (W). Res Breadnut Hill. XXI, p. 94 #120.

Coombs, Albert Russell, bap 12/25/1842 in St. Ann by J. Davidson, assistant curate. Res Mt. Pleasant. VII, p. 41 #152.

Coombs, Alexander, b 2/1/1840, bap 7/25/1841 St. Ann by John Davidson. Res Spicy Spring Hall. VII, p. 24 #100.

Coombs, Alfred Murphy, b 1/22/1862, bap 9/28/1862 St. Ann. XIV, p. 212 #211.

Coombs, Amabelle [or Annabelle?], b 10/20/1843, bap 6/30/1844 St. Ann. Res Mount Pleasant. IX, p. 282 #4.

Coombs, Elizabeth Dawner, aged 5 months, bap 3/7/1841 in St. Ann by J. H. Gegg. VII, p. 24 #44.

Coombs, Isabella Caroline, b 1/13/1863, bap 8/29/1863 in St. Ann. P= John Coombs and his wife ___ [illegible]. Res Spring Vale. XIV, p. 228.

Coombs, Jane, free child of color aged 10 months, bap 9/7/1817 St. Ann. I, p. 296.

Coombs, John R., aged 29 years, bap 2/24/1814 in Ocho Rios, St. Ann. I, p. 222

Coombs, Mary Ann, aged 13 years, bap 6/27/1811 in St. Ann. Father= William Coombs. Sponsors Ralph Walker and Elizabeth Thompson. I, p. 201.

Coombs, Mary E., aged 28 years, bap 2/24/1814 in Ocho Rios, St. Ann. I, p. 222

Coombs, Olivia, aged 29 years, bap 2/24/1814 in Ocho Rios, St. Ann. I, p. 222

Coombs, Rebecca, b 3/20/1860, bap 8/25/1861 in St. Ann. XIV, p. 195.

Coombs, Richard, aged 42 years, bap 2/24/1814 in Ocho Rios, St. Ann. I, p. 222

Coombs, Richard Blackford, b 1839, bap 10/23/1842 in St. Ann by J. Davidson, assistant Curate. Res Hopewell. VII, p. 41 #148.

Coombs, Richard Fleming, b 1838, bap 10/23/1842 in St. Ann by J. Davidson, assistant Curate. VII, p. 40 #147.

Coombs, Susanna Ann, aged 23 years, bap 2/24/1814 in Ocho Rios, St. Ann. I, p. 222

Coombs, William, free person of color, bap 6/1/1817 St. Ann. I, p. 279.

Coombs, William Henry, b 4/1/1842, bap 12/25/1842 in St. Ann by J. Davidson, Asst. Curate. P= William Coombs, laborer, and Sarah (W). Res Spicy Hill. VII, p. 41.

Coombs, William James, aged 25 years, bap 2/24/1814 in Ocho Rios, St. Ann. I, p. 222

Coombs, William Matthew [or Nathaniel], aged 2 years, bap 12/25/1838 in St. Ann by J. H. Gegge. Father a carpenter. Res Crescent Park. V, p. 24 #247.

Craighton, Charles, b 12/15/1859, bap 6/22/1860 Westmoreland by J. K. Hepburn. Res Ferris. XIV, p. 49 #175.

Crawford, Amelia, b 12/18/1899 Belmont, Westmoreland. P= John Crawford, laborer, and Louisa (W) nee Brown. Reg by father by X 1/9/1900 in Bluefields. Res Belmont. Civil LC2218.

Crawford, Thomas, mar Mary Ann Bruce 6/2/1854 in St. Elizabeth by Revd. John Morris after banns. Both res St. Elizabeth. IV, p. 403 #25.

Cumberbatch, John Henry, Private 2nd West India Regiment, ma Rachel Elizabeth Aguilar in Port Royal by T. B. Turner, rector, with Commander's permission, after banns. Both res Port Royal. II, p. 421 #10

Cuming, John, b 1/7/1793, bap 3/5/1793 in Kingston. F= Thomas Cuming. M= Mary Ryan, quadroon. II, p. 3.

Cumming, Dorothy, quadroon b 1/3/1797, bap 10/2/1798, St. Catherine. II, p. 111.

Cumming, James Francis, b 12/4/1794, bap 5/7/1795 St. Catherine. M= Frances Lowe, free Negro. II, p. 99.

Cumming, John, infant aged 1 1/4 years, bap 1/11/1770, St. Catherine. II, p. 12.

Cumming, John, free mulatto aged 27 years, bap 10/24/1819 in Petherton, Westmoreland. Res Epping and Darliston. I, p. 296.

Cumming, John, mulatto, bap 7/22/1802 St. James. I, p. 139.

Cumming, Mary, free quadroon aged 7 months, bap 11/21/1820 in Westmoreland. I, p. 354.

Cumming, Mary, free quadroon aged 4 years, bap 10/27/1821 in Westmoreland. I, p. 378

Cummings, Jane, a free mulatto aged 11 years, bap 4/14/1825 in Westmoreland. I, p. 416.

Cummings, John, b 2/3/1803, bap 2/7/1803 in St. Andrew. P= James Cummings, 6th Battalion 60th Regiment, and Lydia (W). I, p. 154.

Cummings, William Bryant, b 6/29/1829, bap 4/24/1830 in Westmoreland. F= James Cummings. M= Ellen Fraser (U). Res Rippon. I, p. 194.

Cummins, Betsy Fyffe, mulatto aged 7 years, bap 4/5/1829 in Westmoreland by John Reid, curate. F= John Cummins. M= Elizabeth Skelton (U). I, p. 165 #33

Cummins, Sarah Elizabeth, a free Negro aged about 30 years, bap 1/11/1778 in St. James. I, p. 23.

Cunningham, James mar Jane Malcolm 5/15/1847 in Westmoreland by Thomas Stewart D.D., rector by banns. Both res Westmoreland. IV, p. 338 #22.

Curtis, Agatha, laborer, mother of Wilford b 5/15/1917 in Wynters Pen, St. Catherine. Registered 6/2/1917 by George Surmons, present at birth, res Wynter's Pen, Civil EA4993.

D'Aguilar, Susan, aged 13 years, bap 7/11/1845 in Manchester. X, p. 387.

Davies, Charles Henry, b 10/22/1843, bap 4/7/1844 St. David by R. Robinson, Offg. Minister. I, p. 310 #6.

Davies, Edward, b 6/1847, bap 1/30/1848 St. David. P= Rodney Davies, laborer, and Helena (W). Res Redner. IX, p. 176 #12.

Davies, Edward, bap 1/10/1847 St. James. F= Henry Davies. M= Eliza Lansdale. Res Montego Bay. XII, p. 125 #13.

Davies, Edward Harris, b 9/15/1846, bap 12/13/1846 St. James. F= Henry Davies, laborer. M= Eliza Lamsdale. Res Montego Bay. XI, p. 127 [one would have to wonder whether this is the same child who appears in XII, p. 125].

Davies, Frederick John, b 4/1853, bap 5/21/1854 St. David., Res Goat Ridge. New Series VI, p. 204.

Davies, Henry, b 12/26/1851, bap 8/22/1852 St. David. Res New Battle. VI, p. 197 #76.

Davies, John, aged 3 months, bap 6/24/1849 Hanover. Res Rhodes Hall. II, p. 177 #119.

Davis, Edward, b 7/4/1844 St. James. F= Emanuel Davis, laborer. M= Berry Johnson formerly Dianna. Res Williamsfield. Civil Births I, p. 11.

Davis, Edward, b 4/13/1845 Manchester. F= Augustus Davis, laborer. M= Mary Davis. Res Windsor Forest. Births II, p. 20.

Davis, Edward, b 7/14/1845 Westmoreland. F= Anthony Davis, carpenter. M= Ann Guthrie (U). Reg by Superintendent of Cow Park.. Civil Births II, p. 102.

Davis, Edward, b 2/28/1848, bap 2/25/1849 St. Andrew by Revd. James Alfred Jones. I, p. 124 #116.

Davis, Edward, b 2/7/1852, bap 2/7/1852 Vere. Res Hayes Savannah. VI, p. 228.

Davis, Edward, b 10/5/1854, bap 1/7/1855 St. Andrew. P= John Davis, laborer, and Ammora (W). Res Mammee Hill. VIII, p. 204 #78.

Davis, Edward, b 3/28/1856, bap 6/8/1856 St. Andrew. P= James Davis and Diana (W). Res Mt. James. VIII, p. 234.

Davis, Edward Augustus, b 11/1/1860, bap 1861 St. Andrew. Res Rose Hill. XIII, p. 212.

Davis, Edward Bartholomew, b 3/11/1847 in St. Thomas in the Vale. No parents listed. Civil Births IV, p. 21.

Davis, Edward Johnston, b 11/16/1850, bap 1/12/1851 St. Thomas in the East. Res Stanton. VI, p. 100 #4.

Davis, John Edward, b 11/5/1844 St. James. P= John Davis, shopkeeper, and Susan formerly Fayrman. Res Montego Bay. Civil Births I, p. 175.

Davis, Julian, b 2/15/1846, bap 6/19/1850 St. Catherine. F= William Davis, fisherman. M= Eleanor Parish (U). Res. St. Catherine. New Series II, p. 95 #176.

Davis, Sarah Elizabeth, free child of color aged 13 years, bap 4/17/1824 in St. Catherine. II, p. 364.

Davis, William mar Ann Fowler 10/28/1838 in St. James. Both of St. James. II, p. 294

Dawes, Henry Samuells, b 12/27/1846, bap 4/11/1847 Hanover. Res Lucea. XI, p. 18 #79.

Dederick, Johanna Caroline, b 12/9/1842, bap 2/26/1843 St. Ann by T. C. Rose, Island Curate. P= Andrew Dederick, shoemaker, and Wilhelmina (W). Res Marl Hole. VII, p. 45 #29.

Dixon, Eve, b 3/6/1844, bap 3/30/1845 in Metcalf. Res Pontrefact. IX, p. 123 #46.

Dixon, Hannah, an African, aged about 28 years, bap 7/24/1864 in Metcalf. Res Grays Inn Pen. XIV, p. 462.

Dixon, Margaret Ann, b 1/15/1851, bap 4/6/151 Portland. P=John Dixon, laborer, and Sarah (W). Res Port Morant. IV, p. 216 #80.

Dixon, Margaret Matilda, b 3/17/1842, bap 4/28/1850 Metcalf. Mother a housekeeper. Res Newry. I, p. 194 #59.

Dixon, Robert mar Rebecca Watson 11/21/1835 in St. Elizabeth by Revd. W. Hylton by banns. Apprentices to Holland Estate. III, p. 214 #264.

Dixon, Robert of Clydesdale, Port Royal, mar Ann Richards of Industry, Port Royal 12/22/1839 St. Andrew by banns, by Revd. Hugh Reid. III, p. 285 #142.

Dollar, Theodore, b 7/12/1852, bap 1853 Kingston. P= Andrew Dollar, retailer, and Eliza (W). Res Duke Street. VI, p. 44 #587.

Dollar, Ursulina, b 10/10/1851, bap 12/15/1851 in Kingston. P= William Dollar, cigar maker, and Nancy (W). Res Johns Lane. VI, p. 5 #449.

Douglas, David Henry, b 1/7/1856, bap 11/14/1858 St. Elizabeth by Charles Augell, Island Curate. Res Boswells. X, p. 273.

Douglas, John, b 4/25/1857, bap 3/13/1859 St. Elizabeth. Res Old Plantation. X, p. 277 #41.

Douglas, Mary Ann, b 2/25/1858, bap 2/13/1859 St. Elizabeth. Res Ashleys. X, p. 276 #26.

Douglas, Robert, b 8/30/1857, bap 9/19/1858 in St. Elizabeth by Josias Cork, Island Curate. X, p. 271 #232.

Douglas, Rosy Ann aged 2 years 6 months, bap 12/4/1859 in St. Elizabeth by C. H. Hall, rector. P= William Douglas, planter, and Diana (W). Res Braehead. X, p. 326 #219.

Douglas, Susannah Elizabeth, b 3/31/1858, bap 2/13/1860 St. Elizabeth. Res Beckford Crawle. X, p. 330 #37.

Douglas, Theodore, b 10/4/1857, bap 3/18/1858 in Westmoreland by J. K. Hepburn. Res Sav-la-Mar. X, p. 382 #138.

Douglas, Thomas William Larder, b 9/21/1857, bap 6/6/1858 in St. Elizabeth by Josias Cork, Island Curate. P= James Douglas, laborer, and Frances (W). Res Crofts. X, p. 267 #156.

Douglas, William, an adult coolie, laborer, bap 3/18/1858 Westmoreland. Res Shrewsbury. X, p. 382 #136.

Drummond, Ann M., b 8/22/1857, bap 1/4/1858 Westmoreland by D. Fidler, Island Curate. Res Broughton. X, p. 385 #200.

Drummond, Anne M. Magdalene, b 4/2/1857, bap 3/13/1859 in Westmoreland. P= John Drummond, laborer, and Susan (W). Res Broughton.

Drummond, David Charles, b 4/29/1857, bap 2/14/1858 Westmoreland. Res Bethlehem. X, p. 384 #175.

Dugald, William Alexander, b 8/14/1857, bap 2/24/1861 St. Mary. XIII, p. 230 #137.

Duncan, Peter, mar Rebecca Sampson 1/8/1838 St. George, by banns. Both apprentices in St. George. I, p. 80.

Duquesnay, Herbert Aloysius LeMercier, b 3/4/1899 at 31 Barry Street, Kingston (res). P= Emile LeMercier DuQuesnay, Superintendent of Public Works, and Arabella (W), nee Kennedy. Civil 1899 #A7539.

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