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Blair, Burkett and Cork

Descendants of Archibald Campbell Blair

Generation No. 1

1. Archibald Campbell1 Blair was born Abt. 1821. He married Mary Griffiths January 09, 1846 in St. Elizabeth1. She was born Abt. 1821.

More About Archibald Campbell Blair:

Occupation: Bet. 1846 - 1850, Carpenter

Residence: Bet. 1846 - 1850, Black River, St. Elizabeth

More About Mary Griffiths:

Residence: 1846, Black River, St. Elizabeth

More About Archibald Blair and Mary Griffiths:

Ceremony by: the Revd. P. Williams, rector

Marriage: January 09, 1846, St. Elizabeth1

Marriage banns: 1846


Children of Archibald Blair and Mary Griffiths are:

2 i. Catherine Campbell2 Blair, born October 30, 1846.

More About Catherine Campbell Blair:

Baptism: July 19, 1847, St. Elizabeth2

3 ii. Homer Blair, born October 20, 1849.

More About Homer Blair:

Baptism: April 19, 1850, St. Elizabeth3



1. B0056 St. Elizabeth Parish Register III & IV, 1835-1859, IV, p. 338 #2.

2. B0057 St. Elizabeth Parish Register Baptism V & BMB VI, 1845-1871, V, p. 70 #14.

3. B0057 St. Elizabeth Parish Register Baptism V & BMB VI, 1845-1871, V, p. 225 #197.

Descendants of Homer Blair

Generation No. 1

1. Homer1 Blair was born Abt. 1801. He met Catharine Grace Campbell, daughter of Dugald Campbell and Grace Banton. She was born Bef. September 17, 1807.

More About Homer Blair:

Residence: 1830, Appleton, St. Elizabeth


Child of Homer Blair and Catharine Campbell is:

2 i. William Campbell2 Blair, born February 1826. He married Catherine James January 28, 1853 in St. Elizabeth1; born Abt. 1828.

More About William Campbell Blair:

Age: October 1830, 4 years 8 months

Baptism: October 24, 1830, St. Elizabeth by William Hylton2

Race/nationality/color: Quadroon

Residence: 1853, St. Elizabeth

More About Catherine James:

Residence: 1853, St. Elizabeth

More About William Blair and Catherine James:

Ceremony by: Richard Forbes, rector

Marriage: January 28, 1853, St. Elizabeth3

Marriage license: 1853



1. B0056 St. Elizabeth Parish Register III & IV, 1835-1859, IV, p. 393 #8.

2. B0004 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms I & II, 1826-1834, I, p. 222.

3. B0056 St. Elizabeth Parish Register III & IV, 1835-1859, IV, p. 393 #8.

Descendants of William Blair

Generation No. 1

1. William1 Blair was born Abt. 1825.

Notes for William Blair:

The parents of William Augustus Blair were not identified at his baptism, meaning that they were unmarried. At his two marriages listed below, his father's name was recorded as William Blair.


Child of William Blair is:

+ 2 i. William Augustus2 Blair, born March 14, 1850; died Bet. 1937 - 1938.

Generation No. 2

2. William Augustus2 Blair (William1) was born March 14, 1850, and died Bet. 1937 - 1938. He married (1) Felecia Parchment Bef. 1905. She died Bef. August 1905. He married (2) Mary Eliza Samuels August 09, 1905 in St. Alban's Church, St. Elizabeth1. She was born Bet. 1867 - 1868, and died 1905. He married (3) Frances Williams January 02, 1906 in Geneva, St. Elizabeth2, daughter of Joseph Williams. She was born Bet. 1867 - 1868.

More About William Augustus Blair:

Age: 1905, 55 years

Age (2): 1906, 56 years

Baptism: December 13, 1850, St. Elizabeth, by T. B. Cahusac3

Fact: Bet. 1905 - 1906, Signed by X

Occupation: 1905, Cultivator

Occupation (2): 1906, Laborer

Occupation (3): 1908, Planter

Residence: 1905, Burnt Ground, St. Elizabeth

Residence (2): Bet. 1906 - 1908, Round Hill, St. Elizabeth

More About William Blair and Felecia Parchment:

Marriage: Bef. 1905

Notes for Mary Eliza Samuels:

There is the death of a Mary Blair in the Index to St. Elizabeth Death Registrations for 1905.

More About Mary Eliza Samuels:

Age: 1905, 37 years

Residence: 1905, Elgin, St. Elizabeth

More About William Blair and Mary Samuels:

Ceremony by: John Rigg

Marriage: August 09, 1905, St. Alban's Church, St. Elizabeth4

Status of bride/groom: Widower/spinster

Witness: R. Buchanan, and Catherine C. Doebrey

More About Frances Williams:

Age: 1906, 38 years

Fact: 1906, Signed by X

Occupation: 1906, Domestic

Residence: 1906, Newell, St. Elizabeth

More About William Blair and Frances Williams:

Ceremony by: Charles Thomas Rickard

Marriage: January 02, 1906, Geneva, St. Elizabeth5

Status of bride/groom: Spinster/bachelor (maybe an assumption by the minister)

Witness: Frederick Vassal, Emma Blake


Children of William Blair and Felecia Parchment are:

3 i. Daniel3 Blair.

4 ii. James Blair.


Children of William Blair and Frances Williams are:

5 i. Ellen Estella3 Blair, born January 23, 1908 in Round Hill, St. Elizabeth6.

Notes for Ellen Estella Blair:

She was not named at the time that her birth was registered.

More About Ellen Estella Blair:

Registration: February 01, 1908, In Newell, by John Graham, present at the birth, resident in Newell. Registrar F. A. Thompson

6 ii. Mortel Blair, born Aft. 1908.



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Descendants of William Nathaniel Burkett

Generation No. 1

1. William Nathaniel1 Burkett was born Abt. 1870. He married Mary Ann Vacciana Bef. February 1895. She was born Abt. 1870.

More About William Nathaniel Burkett:

Occupation: Bet. 1895 - 1909, Fisherman

Residence: Bet. 1895 - 1903, Revival, Westmoreland

Residence (2): Bet. 1905 - 1909, Brighton, Westmoreland

Notes for Mary Ann Vacciana:

Her name was spelled Marian on Ethel's birth registration.


Children of William Burkett and Mary Vacciana are:

2 i. Lewis Arthur2 Burkett, born February 16, 1895 in Revival, Westmoreland1.

More About Lewis Arthur Burkett:

Registration: February 23, 1895, by father by X in St. Pauls, Westmoreland. Registrar L. W. Tomlinson

3 ii. Edith S. Burkett, born 1897.

More About Edith S. Burkett:

Registration: 1897, St. Pauls, Westmoreland

4 iii. Charles A. Burkett, born 1899.

More About Charles A. Burkett:

Registration: 1899, St. Pauls, Westmoreland

5 iv. Clarence Tilbert Burkett, born October 19, 1903 in Revival, Westmoreland2.

More About Clarence Tilbert Burkett:

Registration: October 24, 1903, by father by X in St. Pauls, Westmoreland. Registrar was F. A. Tomlinson.

6 v. Ethel Almeda Burkett, born April 08, 1905 in Brighton, Westmoreland3.

More About Ethel Almeda Burkett:

Registration: April 15, 1905, St. Pauls, Westmoreland, by Frances Rayson present at birth, resident Brighton

7 vi. Kenneth Alphaneus Burkett, born August 01, 1907 in Brighton, Westmoreland.

More About Kenneth Alphaneus Burkett:

Registration: August 10, 1907, By Jane Burkett present at birth, resident Brighton

8 vii. Ernest Adolphus Burkett, born August 26, 1909 in Brighton, Westmoreland4.

More About Ernest Adolphus Burkett:

Registration: August 28, 1909, By Jane Burkett present at birth, resident Brighton



1. BC3251 Westmoreland births 1893-1895, LE1660.

2. BC3277 Westmoreland births 1903, LE3477.

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4. BC3315 Westmoreland births 1909, LE4700.

Descendants of Josias Cork

Generation No. 1

1. Josias1 Cork was born Bet. 1812 - 1813 in England, and died September 26, 1892 in St. Ann's Bay, St. Ann1. He married (1) Paulina (Cork) Bef. 1841. She was born March 1811 in England, and died September 1854. He married (2) Ann Eliza Bennett Bet. 1855 - 1857. She was born Bet. 1819 - 1820 in England, and died April 06, 1874 in the Rectory, St. Ann, on Monday2,3. He married (3) Jean Bruce Gordon (Cork) Bet. 1874 - 1891.

Notes for Josias Cork:

The 1860, 1861, and 1862 Jamaica Almanacs (which provide information for 1859, 1860 and 1861) show Josiah Cork as the Curate for Chapelton, Clarendon, at a salary of £340 per annum.

The 1864 and 1865 Almanacs (providing information for 1863 and 1864) show him as the Rector of Savannalamar, Westmoreland, at a salary of £400 per annum.

He was also found in the Clarendon Parish Registers performing marriages and baptisms from 1845 through June 1863, and listed as an Island Curate. Earlier records were not examined.

The Gleaner for October 1873 reports his conducting a marrage on October 2, as rector of St. Ann's Bay.

He is listed as a Voter in the 1860 Voters List.

WILL of Josias Cork Rector of Westmoreland but residing at St. Ann's Bay in the Parish of St. Ann and doing the like duties as Rector of the Parish Church at St. Ann's Bay by consent of the authorities under legal authority, hereby notify that I am about to retire from active duty on a ... legally provided for a case such as mine..l deem it right at this special juncture to declare this to be my last Will and Testament I hereby revoking all other and former wills whensoever and wheresoever made by me.

My will to be this. I am possessed of property landed and personal. From such means, my funeral expenses are to be paid, which I desire should be plain ...and if money shall not suffice then such portion of my property Kellets in the Parish of Clarendon shall be sold to the amount needed or leaving this property intact then my premises at Saint Ann's Bay may be sold. But, all such lands as I die possessed of and left by me unencumbered, with any and every personalty, I give in equal proportions, my sons having made their place and income in the Island, to my four daughters Paulina Cork Matilda Cork Annie Eliza Cork and Caroline Augusta Cork share and share alike. And I desire that my Executors shall have full power to sell my... property or deal with the same as shall best provide an income for each of my said daughters, or to use and occupy as may be deemed best. My desire is that my executors shall do their best for their sisters so that a sufficient income may be to each.

My executors I name, William Cork my son Collector of Internal Revenure now residing at Spanish Town and my son Philip Clarke Cork Protector of Immigrants now in Europe but shortly expected to return to Jamaica to resume the duties of his office.

My will is thus short, simple, and if possible with full liberty to my Executors to do their best for their sisters after my decease. And should either decease before myself and I do not make another will resulting there from then the survivors shall have in equal proportions the share which would have fallen to ... alive.

Provided however that if either or all marry the children of the marriage or marriages will have the mothers share if mother ....the time of my decease.

My wife, if alive, will have her annuities from Rectors ..... Fund.

Witness my hand and seal this 13th day of March 1891.

Witnesses: Charles Gordon Hay and Ernest Watson


My wife Jean Bruce Gordon Cork is now an inmate in the lunatic asylum Kingston. She will be entitled to her annuities from the Rectors and the Island Curates Fund these funds I direct my Executors should expend for her if still in the asylum. If elsewhere the provisions thus made shall be for her exclusive benefit or use or for disposal by her as may be deemed best.

Witness my hand this 12th day of December 1891.

Kellets, Clarendon, was brought under the operation of the Registration of Titles Law by Certificate of Title dated April 1917.

More About Josias Cork:

Age: 1892, 79 years

Cause of Death: Bronchitis uncertain, senile debility

Fact: 1892, A married man

Occupation: 1839, Catechist with the (Anglican) Church Missionary Society, Woodford, St. Andrew

Occupation (2): 1845, Anglican Clergyman

Occupation (3): Bet. 1852 - 1861, and 1846, Clerk in Holy Orders

Occupation (4): Bet. 1845 - June 1863, Island Curate, Clarendon

Occupation (5): Bet. 1863 - 1864, Rector, Savannalamar, Westmoreland

Occupation (6): Bet. 1873 - 1878, Rector, St. Ann's Bay, St. Ann

Occupation (7): 1878, Insurance Agent, St. Ann's Bay, St. Ann

Occupation (8): 1892, Minister of religion

Registration: September 29, 1892, Death registered by W. Cork, occupier [probably son William Cork]

Residence: 1839, Woodford, St. Andrew

Residence (2): 1845, Mt. Pleasant, Clarendon

Residence (3): Bet. 1845 - 1861, Elma, Clarendon

Residence (4): Bet. 1863 - 1864, the Rectory, Westmoreland

Residence (5): 1878, St. Ann's Bay

Will: November 13, 1891, Codicil 12/12/1891

Will Probated: 18924

Will recorded: 1895, Supreme Court Wills, Lib. 5 Fol. 1494

More About Paulina (Cork):

Age: September 1854, 43 years 6 months

Burial: September 10, 1854, Church yard, Chapelton, Clarendon5

Fact: Buried by her husband, Josias Cork

Residence: 1854, Elma

More About Josias Cork and Paulina (Cork):

Marriage: Bef. 1841

More About Ann Eliza Bennett:

Age: April 1874, in her 54th year

Cause of Death: A few hours of illness

More About Josias Cork and Ann Bennett:

Marriage: Bet. 1855 - 1857

More About Jean Bruce Gordon (Cork):

Residence: December 1891, Lunatic asylum

More About Josias Cork and Jean (Cork):

Marriage: Bet. 1874 - 1891


Children of Josias Cork and Paulina (Cork) are:

+ 2 i. Josias2 Cork, born June 04, 1841.

+ 3 ii. William Cork, born January 1843; died December 13, 1908 in St. Andrew.

4 iii. John Gray Cork, born December 07, 1844.

More About John Gray Cork:

Baptism: January 20, 1845, Clarendon, by the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Jamaica6

Residence: 1910, Tenant at Keith Hall, Half Way Tree P/O

5 iv. Paulina Cork, born July 06, 1846; died February 13, 1926 in Mount Olivet, St. Ann7.

Notes for Paulina Cork:


This is the Last Will and Testament of me Paulina Cork of Saint Ann's Bay in the Parish of Saint Ann, late Secretary St. Ann Benefit Building Society.

I leave and bequeath to my dear nieces Caroline Mary Louise Ashby, Adella May Vandeluer Creagh, Phyllis Heron Westropp and my nephew Oswald George Cork (Son of my brother George Richard Louis Cork now resident in Sydney, Australia) the sum of One Thousand Pounds, which is invested in War Bond (Bearer Bond No. E 065669 dated August 17th, 1917) which is to be sold or surrendered and the amount with the Interest thereon so realised therefrom equally divided between them, share and share alike.

Any cash standing at my credit on shares in the St. Ann Benefit Building Society, in the Bank of Nova Scotia, any cash as may be realised from any Security or Securities held by me, and any moneys that might be due and owing to me as well as any other of my Estate real or personal to be equally divided among my three sisters Matilda Cork, Annie Eliza Cork and Caroline Augusta Cork after all my just debts and funeral expenses are paid.

I revoke all former Wills and Testamentary Documents heretofore made by me and I appoint Philip Clarke Cork of Barbican, St. Andrew and Ernest George Watson of St. Ann's Bay as the Executors of this my last Will and Testament.

Witnesses: Josephine E. Mair and Nellie Thomas


More About Paulina Cork:

Age: February 1926, 79 years

Baptism: December 09, 1846, Clarendon8

Cause of Death: Heart failure and cerebral haemorrhage

Fact: 1926, Spinster

Occupation: 1926, Secretary Sr. Ann Benefit Building Society

Registration: February 25, 1926, By Josephine Mair, present at death, resident Market Street, St. Ann's Bay

Residence: 1910, St. Ann's Bay, St. Ann

Will: March 27, 1925

Will recorded: April 17, 1926, Lib. 21 Fol. 2009

6 v. Charles Cork, born March 03, 1848.

More About Charles Cork:

Baptism: October 1848, Clarendon by Josias Cork, Island Curate10

+ 7 vi. George Richard Louis Cork, born 1849.

8 vii. Matilda Cork, born December 02, 1851.

More About Matilda Cork:

Baptism: January 01, 1852, Clarendon 11

9 viii. Philip Clarke Cork, born January 17, 1854. He married Mary Druce Heron; born January 10, 1861 in Manchester12; died Abt. 1944.

More About Philip Clarke Cork:

Baptism: May 04, 1854, Clarendon, by his father, Josias Cork13

Occupation: 1884, Protector of Immigrants14

Occupation (2): Bet. 1909 - 1910, Colonial Secretary, Jamaica

Residence: Bet. 1916 - 1925, Barbican, Halfway Tree, St. Andrew


Children of Josias Cork and Ann Bennett are:

10 i. Alfred2 Cork, born August 11, 1857 in Elma Parsonage, Upper Clarendon15. He married ? (Cork) December 02, 1893.

Notes for Alfred Cork:

The names of his parents were found in the 1916 Who's Who.

More About Alfred Cork:

Occupation: Bet. 1876 - 1913, Clerk and then principal clerk in Colonial Secretary's Office

Residence: 1910, 3 Burke Street, near Musgrave Avenue, Kingston

More About Alfred Cork and ? (Cork):

Marriage: December 02, 1893

11 ii. Annie Eliza Cork, born December 09, 1860.

More About Annie Eliza Cork:

Baptism: February 26, 1861, Clarendon, by her father Josias Cork16

12 iii. Caroline Augusta Cork, born June 10, 1864.

More About Caroline Augusta Cork:

Baptism: September 08, 1864, Westmoreland17

Fact: Baptism by Josiah Cork

Generation No. 2

2. Josias2 Cork (Josias1) was born June 04, 1841.

More About Josias Cork:

Baptism: July 25, 1841, St. Andrew18

Occupation: 1877, Surveyor in Commission19


Child of Josias Cork is:

+ 13 i. Paulina Elizabeth3 Cork, born December 25, 1864; died Bef. 1917.

3. William2 Cork (Josias1) was born January 1843, and died December 13, 1908 in St. Andrew. He married ? (Cork).

More About William Cork:

Occupation: 1891, Collector of Internal Revenue


Child of William Cork and ? (Cork) is:

14 i. daughter3 Cork, born August 11, 1874 in Falmouth, Trelawny20.

7. George Richard Louis2 Cork (Josias1)21 was born 1849.

More About George Richard Louis Cork:

Residence: 1881, in the 1881 British census he was and unemployed lodging with Robert Pereira in England

Residence (2): 1925, Sydney, Australia


Child of George Richard Louis Cork is:

15 i. Oswald George3 Cork.

Generation No. 3

13. Paulina Elizabeth3 Cork (Josias2, Josias1) was born December 25, 1864, and died Bef. 1917. She married Charles Thomas Rickard April 10, 1887 in Saint Michael's Church, Arthurs Seat, Clarendon22, son of Thomas Rickard and Frances Clunes. He was born September 27, 1859, and died February 01, 1918 in The Cliffs, Manchester23.

Notes for Paulina Elizabeth Cork:

There are no parents listed on her baptismal record, indicating that her parents were unmarried.

On her marriage record, her father is listed as Josias Cork.

More About Paulina Elizabeth Cork:

Age: April 1887, 22 years

Baptism: May 26, 1865, Clarendon24

Fact: Baptism by M. C. P. McDonald, Island Curate

Residence: 1865, Little Vale

Residence (2): 1887, Ludlow, Clarendon

Notes for Charles Thomas Rickard:

WILL of Charles Thomas Rickard, clerk in Holy Orders of "The Cliffs" district of Watson's Hill, Southern Manchester, Jamaica, made July 31, 1917. To my eldest son Alfred Josias Rickard and my daughter Mary Jane Rickard I give my property called "Boucher's Tank" in the Watson's Hill District, Southern Manchester, 12 acres more or less to be divided equally. As regards "The Cottage" which adjoins "Boucher's Tank" I hold this place by agreement under which I am to purchase it for £100 in 4 yearly payments of £25 paying interest at 6% until payoff. I pass the interest in "Cottage" to my daughter Mary Jane Rickard. To my beloved wife Margaret Elizabeth Rickard my property which is half the place called "The Cliffs" in Watson Hill district, Southern Manchester. "The Cliffs" consists of 41 acres and is owned jointly by me and Reverend William Thomas Graham. Whatever stock or things I die possessed of is to be divided between my wife Margaret Elizabeth and my daughter Mary Jane Rickard.

Executors: the Reverend William Thomas Graham and my wife Margaret Elizabeth Rickard.

Witnesses: Lottie Graham and William Graham.

Executors sworn January 11, 1922 before St. G. Cooper, acting Resident Magistrate, St. Mary

Copy certified by J. F. Rickard [John Frederick Rickard, bailiff of the Central District Court].

More About Charles Thomas Rickard:

Age: April 1887, 28 years

Age (2): February 1918, 58 years

Baptism: April 01, 1860, St. John, by J. Leslie Mais25

Cause of Death: Diabetes 3 months

Occupation: Bet. 1887 - 1889, Schoolmaster

Occupation (2): Bet. 1900 - 1906, Anglican Curate St. Elizabeth, Plains, Mayfield and 8 mission stations26

Occupation (3): Bet. 1899 - 1909, Anglican Curate St. Peter's Cure, Pedro Plains, St. Elizabeth

Occupation (4): 1906, Marriage officer Geneva, St. Elizabeth

Occupation (5): 1918, Clerk in Holy Orders

Registration: February 09, 1918, in Watson's Hill by Enid Leslie Alexander, present at death, resident at the Cliffs. Registrar E. M. Nash

Residence: Bet. 1887 - 1888, Good Hope, Clarendon

Residence (2): 1889, Labyrinth, St. Mary

Residence (3): Bet. 1899 - 1909, St. Elizabeth

Residence (4): 1910, Watson Hill, Manchester

Residence (5): July 1917, "The Cliffs", Watson's Hill district, Manchester

Will: July 31, 1917

Will recorded: February 24, 1922, Resident Magistrate Wills, New Series 15 folio 389 #2755 of 1921-192227

More About Charles Rickard and Paulina Cork:

Ceremony by: Edward Augustus Hill

Marriage: April 10, 1887, Saint Michael's Church, Arthurs Seat, Clarendon28

Status of bride/groom: Spinster/bachelor

Witness: A. A. H. Graham and Elizabeth McDonald


Children of Paulina Cork and Charles Rickard are:

16 i. Alfred Josias [Josiah]4 Rickard, born January 24, 1888 in Good Hope, Clarendon29.

More About Alfred Josias [Josiah] Rickard:

Registration: January 27, 1888, Birth registered in Crofts, Clarendon, by father

17 ii. Charles Graham Rickard, born May 31, 1889 in Look Out, Clarendon30.

More About Charles Graham Rickard:

Registration: July 29, 1889, By mother who signed



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