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1. All baptisms, marriages and burial before 1878 are from Anglican Parish Registers, unless otherwise noted.
2. If no parents are listed at a child's baptism, they were unmarried, as a general rule.
3. Date format: Month/Day/Year

Descendants of Benjamin Peart

        1.  Benjamin1 Peart died June 23, 1880.  He married Eleanor [Peart].  

Notes for Benjamin Peart:

Jamaica SS:

In the name of God Amen, the 8 day of July 1877.
I Benjamin Peart of this parish of Manchester and Island aforesaid, planter, been weak of body but of perfect mind and memory, thanks be unto God, therefore calling unto mind the mortality of the body knowing that it is appointed unto all men once to die, So make and ordain this my last will and testament.
First of all I recommend my body to the earth to be buried in a decent burial at the discretion of my executors herein after named.
I give and bequeath and devise to my son Stepheven Peart 3 acres of land (2 around his house, and one ajoining [sic] Mr. Edward Peart, making 3).
I give and bequeath to my other son Agusta Peart 5 acres.
to Jane E. Peart 2 acres
to Charles A. Peart 5 acres
to my wife Elenor Peart 11 acres to have free use of them to the end of her life and after her existence the land of 11 acres to be divided among my children.  Charles A. Peart is to benefit the most.
My horse is to be sold and purchase a mare and be kept for breeding purpose between my wife Elinor Peart and Charles Peart and if there is an over which [?] is to purchase a  ginney to between them.  All household furniture is to be to the free use of the said Elenor Peart.  I further more apoint [sic] for my executors James King and Francis Baker.
Whereof I set my hand and seal this the 8 day of July 1877 in the presence of the presents of the witness.
X Benjamin Peart, his mark
Witnesses: X Francis Baker his mark
James King


This is the Last Will and Testament of Benjamin Peart referred to in the foregoing written Affidavit of Eleanor Peart as thereunto annexed .  Dated this 15th day of March 1883


In the Southern District Court
Particulars of Grant of Probate
The Will of Benjamin Peart who died on the 23rd day of June 1880 having his fixed place of abode at New Zealand in the parish of Manchester was proved in this court on the 24th April 1883 but no Letters Testamentary thereon were applied for.
Signed Rudolph Lewis, Assistant Clerk of Court

More About Benjamin Peart:
Residence: 1880, "New Zealand", Manchester
Will: July 08, 1877
Will Probated: May 15, 1883
Will recorded: June 06, 1885, District Court Will Book II, 171-173
Children of Benjamin Peart and Eleanor [Peart] are:
        2 i. Stephen2 Peart.
        3 ii. Augusta Peart.
        4 iii. Jane E. Peart.
        5 iv. Charles A. Peart.

Descendants of Peart and Davy

Generation No. 1

        1.  Edward1 Davy  He met Eleanor Peart.  

More About Edward Davy:
Occupation: 1858, Laborer
Residence: 1858, Barracks, near Christiana, Manchester
Child of Edward Davy and Eleanor Peart is:
+ 2 i. George Henry2 Peart, born March 15, 1858.

Generation No. 2

        2.  George Henry2 Peart (Edward1 Davy) was born March 15, 1858.  He married Johanna Gordon Bet. 1878 - 1882 in Manchester.  She was born November 25, 1858, and died 1937.

Notes for George Henry Peart:
He is identified on his baptismal record, and on his son Nathan's marriage registration, as George Henry Peart.

More About George Henry Peart:
Baptism: August 01, 1858, Manchester1
Fact: Bet. 1887 - 1897, Signed by X
Occupation: Bet. 1882 - 1883, Laborer
Occupation (2): 1887, Planter
Occupation (3): 1889, Laborer
Occupation (4): 1897, Planter
Residence (2): 1882, Sedburgh, Manchester,  near Christiana
Residence (3): 1883, Chudleigh, Manchester, near Christiana
Residence (4): Bet. 1887 - 1897, Bullocks, Clarendon

More About Johanna Gordon:
Baptism: March 01, 1860, Clarendon2
Burial: 1937, Zinc Shop, Spaldings, Clarendon
Residence: Mitchell? Hall

More About George Peart and Johanna Gordon:
Marriage: Bet. 1878 - 1882, Manchester
Children of George Peart and Johanna Gordon are:
        3 i. [male]3 Peart, born March 19, 1882 in Bullock Run, near Christiana, Manchester3.

More About [male] Peart:
Registration: March 27, 1882, By father by X in Christiana.  David Walsh, Registrar.

        4 ii. [male] Peart, born Bef. July 23, 1883 in Bullocks Run, Manchester4.

Notes for [male] Peart:
The date of birth is illegible due to large ink blots on page.

More About [male] Peart:
Registration: July 23, 1883, in Christiana, Manchester by father by X. Registrar David Walsh

+ 5 iii. Nathan Wilfred Peart, born Bet. February 17, 1886 - October 1887; died May 26, 1970.
        6 iv. Charles Peart, born July 29, 1887 in Bullock, Clarendon5.

More About Charles Peart:
Registration: August 12, 1887, Birth registered in Grantham by father, George Peart by X.  Registrar J?. B. Douglas

        7 v. [male] Peart, born March 31, 1889 in Bullock, Clarendon6.

More About [male] Peart:
Registration: April 26, 1889, Birth registered in Alston by father by X.  E. W. C. Reid, Deputy Registrar

        8 vi. [male] Peart, born 1894.

More About [male] Peart:
Registration: 1894, in Alston HN210

        9 vii. [female] Peart, born August 04, 1897 in Bullocks, Clarendon.

Notes for [female] Peart:
Known female names of children in this family are Georgina and Rachel.

More About [female] Peart:
Registration: September 03, 1897, Birth registered in Alston by father

Generation No. 3

        5.  Nathan Wilfred3 Peart (George Henry2, Edward1 Davy) was born Bet. February 17, 1886 - October 1887, and died May 26, 1970.  He met (1) Ellen Forbes 1917.    He married (2) Theodora Elizabeth Compass February 16, 1938 in the Civil Registrar's Office, Mandeville, Manchester7, daughter of Alfred Compass and Mary Bromfield.  She was born February 26, 1894 in Potsdam, St. Elizabeth8, and died February 10, 1983.

More About Nathan Wilfred Peart:
Age: May 1932, 45 years, on son's birth certificate
Age (2): February 1938, 51 years
Burial: May 1970, Christiana, Manchester
Occupation: 1938, Carpenter
Residence: 1938, Spaldings, Manchester

More About Nathan Peart and Ellen Forbes:
Single: 1917

More About Theodora Elizabeth Compass:
Age: May 1932, 34 years, on son's birth certificate (she was 38)
Age (2): February 16, 1938, 40 years on marriage registration (she was 43)
Burial: February 1983, Zinc Shop, Spaldings, Clarendon
Fact: 1938, She signed by X
Registration: March 16, 1894, Birth registered in Malvern as a female child

More About Nathan Peart and Theodora Compass:
Ceremony by: Lewis Rufus Miller, Civil Registrar of Marriages
Marriage: February 16, 1938, Civil Registrar's Office, Mandeville, Manchester9
Status of bride/groom: Spinster/bachelor
Witness: V. J. Bowra and W. A. Lee
Children of Nathan Peart and Ellen Forbes are:
        10 i. Cleveland4 Peart, born 1919 in Clarendon.
        11 ii. Reginald Peart, born 1920 in Clarendon.
        12 iii. Vivian Peart, born 1921 in Clarendon.

Child of Nathan Peart and Theodora Compass is:
        13 i. Desmond4 Peart, born in Spaldings, Clarendon.


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John Smellie

        1.  John1 Smellie was born 1757.

More About John Smellie:
Age: 1784, 27 yrs
Baptism: September 11, 1784, Kingston1
Race/nationality/color: Free Mulatto


1.  B0061 Kingston Parish Register Baptisms I & II, Marriages I, 1721-1825, I, p. 340.

Descendants of John Smellie

        1.  John1 Smellie was born Abt. 1701.  He met Ann Roberts.  She was born Abt. 1701.

More About Ann Roberts:
Race/nationality/color: Free Negro
Child of John Smellie and Ann Roberts is:
        2 i. George2 Smellie, born March 20, 1726.

More About George Smellie:
Baptism: May 23, 1727, Kingston1


1.  B0061 Kingston Parish Register Baptisms I & II, Marriages I, 1721-1825, I, p. 12.

Descendants of Joseph Smellie

        1.  Joseph1 Smellie was born 1855.  He married Elizabeth Jane Bucknall.  She was born December 20, 1855.

More About Joseph Smellie:
Baptism: January 13, 1861, St. Mary [spelled "Smiley"]1
Occupation: 1892, Cultivator
Residence: 1861, Donellan

More About Elizabeth Jane Bucknall:
Baptism: April 28, 1861, St. Mary2
Residence: 1861, Elgin
Children of Joseph Smellie and Elizabeth Bucknall are:
        2 i. Joseph2 Smellie, born 18833.
        3 ii. Amanda Smellie, born 18864.
        4 iii. Rebecca Smellie, born May 06, 1892 in Leuna, St. Mary5.  She married Livie (Levi) Ezekiel Harris March 15, 1913 in Leuna, St. Mary6; born Bet. 1888 - 1889.

More About Rebecca Smellie:
Age: March 1913, 19 years on marriage registration
Registration: June 14, 1892, Leuna, St. Mary, by Adina Smellie, present at the birth, resident at Leuna [signed]
Residence: 1913, Leuna, St. Mary

More About Livie (Levi) Ezekiel Harris:
Age: March 1913, 24 years
Occupation: 1913, Cultivator
Residence: 1913, Paisley, St. Mary

More About Livie Harris and Rebecca Smellie:
Marriage: March 15, 1913, Leuna, St. Mary6
Status of bride/groom: Spinster/bachelor
Witness: Josiah Gilbert and Isaac Roofe


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Descendants of Benjamin Vickers

Generation No. 1

        1.  Benjamin1 Vickers was born 1807, and died Apr 12, 1877 in the home of Mrs. Comrie in Savanna-la-Mar1.  He married Elizabeth Shilleto Oct 05, 1836 in Westmoreland2, daughter of William Shilleto and Frances Richards.  She was born Bet. 1814 - 1820, and died Bet. 1885 - 1886 in Kingston.

Notes for Benjamin Vickers:
Included in the Whitelocke manuscripts in the National Library are letters sent to him from Hugh Anthony Whitelocke, in which he addressed him as "Dear Vickers."  There are also records of payments made to him for livestock, etc.

The Falmouth Post reported his death:
The Hon. Benjamin Vickers, Custos of Westmoreland, and Chairman of the Parochial Boards of Westmoreland died at Mrs. Comrie's residence in Savanna-la-Mar at 12 noon on Thursday April 12th.  On the previous day during a meeting of the Municipal Board he had fallen down in a fit of apoplexy, and never rallied up to the time of his decease.

According to his tombstone, he died in his 71st year, and was of Belleisle, Fontabelle and Frome estates (B124).  The "Westmoreland Telegraph" (B141) reported that a monument had been erected to him in the church yard in Savannalamar, and that he was Custos for 18 years.

More About Benjamin Vickers:
Addressed as: Esquire
Burial: Apr 1877, Chichester churchyard, Hanover
Occupation: Bet. 1839 - 1843, Proprietor of Geneva
Occupation (2): Custos Rotolorum of Westmoreland for 21 years
Occupation (3): 1856, Member H. Majesty's Legislative Council
Occupation (4): 1839, Ensign Westmoreland Militia of Foot
Residence: 1836, Westmoreland
Residence (2): Bet. 1839 - 1843, Geneva
Residence (3): Bet. 1846 - 1856, Belleisle

Notes for Elizabeth Shilleto:
                                                       Will of Elizabeth Vickers
Written at Mackfield, June 13, 1884.
I appoint my sons William and Hugh Anthony as executors.  
I give devise and bequeath  to my daughters the whole of the furniture in the house No. 21 Gwendior Road in West Kensington, London, and all my silver and plated goods and my pictures.  To my son Charles Benjamin all the mahogany chairs which he has given me and which are in this house.  I give all the remainder of the furniture in this house to my sons Charles Benjamin and Herbert Octavius to be equally divided between them.  I desire that my gold watch and chain may be given to my granddaughter Isabel Mary eldest daughter of my son Edward, and my locket containing my husband's picture may be given to my sister Mrs. Frances Russell.

Witnesses: Joseph Beams, tailor Haddo, and George Lewis, carpenter Haddo.

More About Elizabeth Shilleto:
Residence: 1836, Westmoreland
Residence (2): 1884, Mackfield Pen, Westmoreland
Will: Jun 13, 1884, Will Book Lib 3 Fol 363
Will Probated: Apr 15, 1887, Will Book Lib 3 Fol 36

More About Benjamin Vickers and Elizabeth Shilleto:
Ceremony by: Thomas Stewart, Rector
Marriage: Oct 05, 1836, Westmoreland4
Marriage license: 1836
Status of bride/groom: Spinster and bachelor
Children of Benjamin Vickers and Elizabeth Shilleto are:
+ 2 i. William2 Vickers, born Jan 17, 1838; died Bet. 1884 - 1887.
+ 3 ii. Charles Benjamin Vickers, born Aug 26, 1839; died Jan 15, 1923 in Mount Edgecombe.
        4 iii. Fanny Louisa Vickers, born May 05, 18415.

More About Fanny Louisa Vickers:
Baptism: Aug 25, 1843, Westmoreland5
Residence: 1843, Geneva, Westmoreland
Residence (2): 1910, Dunstar, Somerset, England

+ 5 iv. Edward Vickers, born Dec 30, 1842; died Sep 02, 1915.
        6 v. Hugh Anthony Vickers, born May 08, 18466.

Notes for Hugh Anthony Vickers:
In 1890 he owned Fontabelle Estate, which the Handbook liasted as having 1,310 acres, including 300 in cane. The estate had a water mill and used centrifugal processing.  In 1890 it produced 320 tons of sugar and 200 puncheons of rum.

More About Hugh Anthony Vickers:
Baptism: Jun 1846, Westmoreland6
Occupation: 1891, Judge7
Residence: 1846, Belleisle, Westmoreland

        7 vi. Julia Elizabeth Vickers, born Oct 16, 18448.

More About Julia Elizabeth Vickers:
Baptism: Jun 1846, Westmoreland8
Residence: 1846, Belleisle, Westmoreland
Residence (2): 1910, Adars Mansions, Gunterstone Rd, West Kensington, London, England

+ 8 vii. Aubrey James Vickers, born Jan 16, 1849.
+ 9 viii. Herbert Octavius Vickers, born Jan 24, 1856; died Bet. 1887 - 1888 in Westmoreland.

Generation No. 2

        2.  William2 Vickers (Benjamin1) was born Jan 17, 18389, and died Bet. 1884 - 1887.  He married Arabella Comrie May 30, 1861 in Westmoreland10, daughter of Walter Comrie and Ann (Comrie).  

Notes for William Vickers:
In 1884 he was part of a government commission to report on the voting franchise (B152, p. 32).

In his will dated August 10, 1870 he left  all his property to his wife Arabella.  He appointed his wife as executrix, and his brother Hugh Anthony Vickers as executor of his estate.  The witnesses to his will were W. Anglin Tate and Walter Comrie.

The 1889-1890 Handbook lists Belleisle and Frome as belonging to the heirs of William Vickers.  The attorneys were H. A. Vickers and E. J. Sadler.  Belleisle consisted of 340 acres of sugar cane and 2,382 acres in grass, woodland and ruinate.  The cane mill was run by steam and water, and sugar was produced by the vacuum pan method.  The estate produced 320 tons of sugar in 1890 and 424 puncheons of rum.  Frome at that time was smaller in size, with 200 acres of cane and 605 acres in other.  In 1890 it produced 204 tons of cane and 166 puncheons of rum.  By 1936 Frome, Fontabelle and Bellisle were listed together.  They belonged to James Charley (who also owned Masemure). There were 1,165 acres of cane and 2,278 acres of other.  The mill was run by steam, and sugar was produced by the quadruple effect and vacuum pan.  In 1934 they produced 3,000 tons of cane and 11,500 gallons of rum.  Frome was on the way to becoming a large conglomerate.

More About William Vickers:
Baptism: Nov 13, 1839, Westmoreland11
Occupation: Bet. 1864 - 1870, Proprietor of Frome Estate, Westmoreland12
Occupation (2): 1866, Planter
Occupation (3): 1873, Sugar planter
Occupation (4): 1873, Acting Custos of Westmoreland
Occupation (5): 1882, He was officially made Custos of Westmoreland
Property: Owner of Fontabelle, Belleisle, and property in Hanover after the death of his father.13
Residence: 1861, Westmoreland
Residence (2): Bet. 1870 - 1883, Frome Estate,  Westmoreland
Will: Aug 10, 187014
Will Probated: Sep 08, 1887, Vol III, Folio 87  of Probate Book14

Notes for Arabella Comrie:
At the birth of Walter Charles, the register spelled her name Isabella.

More About Arabella Comrie:
Residence: 1861, Westmoreland

Marriage Notes for William Vickers and Arabella Comrie:
The record also appears in B051.

More About William Vickers and Arabella Comrie:
Marriage: May 30, 1861, Westmoreland15
Marriage license: 1861
Children of William Vickers and Arabella Comrie are:
        10 i. The Honorable William Arthur Stirling3 Vickers, born Mar 26, 186416; died 193117.

More About The Honorable William Arthur Stirling Vickers:
Baptism: Jul 20, 1864, Westmoreland18
Occupation: 1916, Custos for the Parish of Westmoreland19
Occupation (2): 1916, Managing Director Belle Isle Estates Company20
Residence: 1861, Clifton College, Gloucestershire, England,  boarder and scholar21

        11 ii. Ella Louise Clare Vickers, born Nov 11, 186522; died Oct 29, 1872 in Mackfield, Hanover23,24.

Notes for Ella Louise Clare Vickers:
She died when she was 6 years old, according to the register.

More About Ella Louise Clare Vickers:
Age: Oct 1872, 6 years 11 months
Baptism: May 04, 1866, Westmoreland25
Burial: Oct 1872, Chichester churchyard, Hanover26
Cause of Death: Constipation
Residence: 1866, Frome, Westmoreland

        12 iii. Elizabeth Anne Vickers, born May 16, 186827.

More About Elizabeth Anne Vickers:
Baptism: Aug 07, 1868, Westmoreland27

        13 iv. Julia Agnes Vickers, born May 19, 187228.  She married Henry Dennison in Kingston29.

More About Julia Agnes Vickers:
Baptism: Jun 18, 1873, Westmoreland30
Race/nationality/color: white
Residence: 1873, Frome Estate, Westmoreland

More About Henry Dennison and Julia Vickers:
Marriage: Kingston31

        14 v. [daughter] Vickers, born May 08, 1873 in Westmoreland32.
        15 vi. Walter Charles Lushington Vickers, born Oct 18, 1876 in Frome, Westmoreland33,34.

More About Walter Charles Lushington Vickers:
Baptism: May 10, 1877, Westmoreland, by Henry Clarke35
Race/nationality/color: White
Residence: 1877, Frome Estate, Westmoreland

        3.  Charles Benjamin2 Vickers (Benjamin1) was born Aug 26, 183936, and died Jan 15, 1923 in Mount Edgecombe.

Notes for Charles Benjamin Vickers:
In his will he named his "natural son Alfred" as executor.  He left 100 pounds to his brother Edward, and 300 pounds each to his sisters Fanny and Julia and his brother Aubrey.  If Aubrey predeceased him his share was to go to his widow and 2 daughters.  His Pen "Mount Edgecombe," consisting of 1,765 acres, and any other land he might own, was to be given to his 2 natural children who were then living with him, for the rest of their lives, and then to be distributed between the children of his late brother William, and of his brothers Edward and Aubrey.  He stated that he preferred that the property be kept in the family if possible, and that it not be sold.

More About Charles Benjamin Vickers:
Baptism: Nov 13, 1839, Westmoreland36
Occupation: 1891, Judge37
Occupation (2): 1910, Penkeeper
Occupation (3): Justice of the Peace
Probate: Feb 09, 1923, Lodged in Records Office
Residence: 1839, Geneva, Westmoreland
Residence (2): 1910, Mount Edgecombe, Westmoreland
Will: Jul 30, 1910, Will Book XVIII, folio 413
Children of Charles Benjamin Vickers are:
        16 i. Alfred3 Vickers.

More About Alfred Vickers:
Executor of estate: Executor of his father's will
Residence: 1910, Mount Edgecombe, Westmoreland

        17 ii. Catherine Vickers.

More About Catherine Vickers:
Residence: 1910, Mount Edgecombe, Westmoreland

        5.  Edward2 Vickers (Benjamin1) was born Dec 30, 184238, and died Sep 02, 191539.

Notes for Edward Vickers:
The Handbook stated that he had been an R.M. since April 1, 1888.

More About Edward Vickers:
Baptism: Aug 25, 1843, Westmoreland40
Occupation: Bet. Apr 01, 1888 - 1891, Resident Magistrate41
Residence: 1843, Geneva, Westmoreland
Residence (2): 1910, Brighton, England
Children of Edward Vickers are:
        18 i. Isabel Mary3 Vickers.
        19 ii. Charles Edward Vickers.

        8.  Aubrey James2 Vickers (Benjamin1) was born Jan 16, 184942.  He married Maggie Susan (Vickers).  

More About Aubrey James Vickers:
Baptism: Jan 15, 1851, Westmoreland42
Residence: 1851, Belleisle, Westmoreland
Residence (2): 1910, 109 St. John's Road, Forrest Lodge, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Children of Aubrey Vickers and Maggie (Vickers) are:
        20 i. Alice3 Vickers.
        21 ii. Mabel Vickers.

        9.  Herbert Octavius2 Vickers (Benjamin1) was born Jan 24, 185643, and died Bet. 1887 - 1888 in Westmoreland44.  He married Elizabeth Maxwell.  She was born Abt. 1858.

Notes for Herbert Octavius Vickers:
According to the Westmoreland Telegraph of May, 1880, he ("Mr. Vickers") was to go to Paradise Property.

More About Herbert Octavius Vickers:
Baptism: Mar 17, 1856, Westmoreland45
Occupation: 1883, Penkeeper
Residence: 1883, Sweet River, Westmoreland
Child of Herbert Vickers and Elizabeth Maxwell is:
        22 i. Herbert Maxwell3 Vickers, born Mar 21, 1883 in Sweet River, Westmoreland46.


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Descendants of George Samuel Walker

        1.  George Samuel1 Walker  He married Rachel Williams Bef. 1904.  

More About George Samuel Walker:
Occupation: 1906, Laborer
Residence: 1906, Stony Field, St. Ann

Marriage Notes for George Walker and Rachel Williams:
They may have married in 1903, but the "W" section of the Marriage Index for St. Ann is missing for that year.

More About George Walker and Rachel Williams:
Marriage: Bef. 1904
Children of George Walker and Rachel Williams are:
        2 i. Agnes Mahala2 Walker, born 1903 in St. Ann1.

More About Agnes Mahala Walker:
Registration: 1903, in St. Ann's Bay

        3 ii. Thelma Adelaide Walker, born August 30, 1906 in Stony Field, St. Ann2.

More About Thelma Adelaide Walker:
Registration: September 04, 1906, in St. Ann's Bay by her father, who signed.  Registrar Charles G. Hay

        4 iii. Enos P. Walker, born 1908 in St. Ann3.

Notes for Enos P. Walker:
The 1908 registrations did not contain the mothers' maiden names.  It is not a certainty that Enos is a child in this family.

More About Enos P. Walker:
Registration: 1908, in St. Ann's Bay


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Descendants of Robert Westbrook

        1.  Robert1 Westbrook died Bef. April 13, 1813.  He met Eleanor Young.  She was born Bef. 1796.

More About Robert Westbrook:
Residence: Windhill, Vere

More About Eleanor Young:
Baptism: April 13, 1813, the home of James Stewart Esq. of May Day Hill Plantation, Vere1
Race/nationality/color: Free Mulatto
Residence: 1813, Berwick Plantation, Vere
Children of Robert Westbrook and Eleanor Young are:
        2 i. Eliza2 Westbrook, born Bef. 1813.
        3 ii. Robert Westbrook, born Bef. 1813.


1.  B0063 Vere Parish Register I, 1694-1825, p. 91.

Descendants of ? White

        1.  ?1 White He met Diana Bayley.  She was born Abt. 1803.

More About Diana Bayley:
Residence: 1828, Spanish Town, St. Catherine
Child of ? White and Diana Bayley is:
        2 i. Sarah Bennett2 White, born Bef. October 12, 1828.

More About Sarah Bennett White:
Baptism: October 12, 1828, St. Catherine1
Race/nationality/color: Black


1.  B0004 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms I & II, 1826-1834, I, p. 110 #47.

Descendants of Henry Wilson

        1.  Henry1 Wilson died January 1846.

More About Henry Wilson:
Burial: January 05, 1846, St. Catherine1


1.  B0080 St. Catherine Parish Register BMB I & II, 1669-1825, I, p. 240.

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