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Entered Will Book No. 13, Folio 448

Lodged on 14th August 1914

This is the Last Will and Testament of me Winston Barnett now resident at the City and Parish of Kingston in the Island of Jamaica, Real Estate Agent. I revoke all Wills and Testamentary Instruments by me at any time heretofore made. I appoint my wife Florence LeMercier Barnett sole Executrix of this my Will.

I give, devise and bequeath unto my said Wife absolutely all my property both real and personal of which I may be possessed and to which I may be entitled wheresoever the same may be situate and of whatsoever nature or kind the same may consist, and whether the same be in possession, remainder, reversion or expectancy.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand the 23rd day of July 1907.

Signed: Winston Barnett

Witnesses: Ansell Hart

F. A. Mckay

(Note: Florence LeMercier Barnett is the former Florence Eugenie leMercier duQuesnay)


Entered Will Book No 17, Folio 35

Lodged on 10th May 1920

Will of Louisa Barrow of Kingston, widow of the late Hiam Barrow, deceased.

Executor – Daughter-in-Law Jessie Barrow, Widow of my late son Charles Emanuel Barrow.

To Granddaughter Alethia Louisa DePass, wife of Sigismund Charles DePass – one large silver waiter and one silver soup ladle and my linen press and all my bed, table and household linen.

To Daughter-in-Law Jessie Barrow one ½ set of silver and residue of my silver ward and after her decease to all my granddaughters (except the said Alethia Louisa DePass).

Household furniture and effects (other than linen press and linen hereinbefore bequested) and my carriages and horses to be sold and the net proceeds invested in South(?) Saving Bank for my great grandson Sigismund Charles Frank DePass, the son of my granddaughter the said Alethia Louisa DePass until he attains the age of 13 years. At the age of 13, it is to be paid to his father Sigismund Charles DePass.

Rest, residue and remainder to Jessie Barrow.

Will dated August 23, 1907

Signed: Louisa Barrow

Witnesses: Frank(?) E(?) Lyons, Kingston, Hardware Merchant

W. ? Hitchens, Kingston, Solicitor's Clerk


To Granddaughter Alethia Louisa DePass, wife of Sigismund Charles DePass, silver soup tureen, small iron and brass bedstead or lounge with spring and mattress in my room. Small iron chest and its contents, in addition to articles already given.

To Granddaughter Hazel Lisa Barrow my 14 silver-plated fish knives and forks.

To Granddaughter Vera Cecille Barrow, small silver cake basket.

To Great grandson Cecil Earle DePass, son of Alethia Louisa DePass, silver crumb scraper.

Pecuniary Legacy: Grandson Hiam Barrow £75

Dated: 23rd November 1911

Witnesses: W. ? Hitchens, Kingston, Solicitor's Clerk

H. L. Bird of Kingston, Solicitor's Clerk

Will of W. W. BIRD

Entered Will Book No. 185, Folio 3

Lodged on 6th March 1888

Jamaica S.S.

This is the last Will and Testament of me William Wallace Bird of the Parish of Kingston in the Island, Storekeeper. I give devise and bequeath all my property both real and personal unto my dear wife Matilda and appoint her and my son William Hendrick Bird executors of this my Will.

In Witness whereof I have set my hand to this my Will the 8th day of June One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty Seven.

Signed: Wm. W. Bird

Witnesses: E. Bolivar Wolfe, Solicitor

S----? Thompson

Will of J. C. S. BRYANT

Entered Will Book No. 17 Folio 72

Filed in the Record Office 24th July 1920

This is the last Will and Testament of James Samuel Christopher Bryant of Spanish Town, Jamaica, Storekeeper, revoking all Wills and paper writings heretofore made by me.

I appoint my friend Alfred Radimond Suares and my wife Sarah Jane Bryant as my Executors.

Business to be wound up and sold and paid to my wife to be invested by her in some smaller business for the benefit of herself and my mother Alice Ann Bryant. My mother to receive from the said business 8/- per week during the course of her life. I business discontinued, my mother entitled to 1/3 of the net assets and my wife 2/3.

Dated in Spanish Town . . . 11th September 1917

Signed: J. S.C. Bryant

Witnesses: F(rederick) Richards, Tailor, Spanish Town

Ber? ???, Storekeeper, Spanish Town

Will of R. E. CLARKE

Entered Will Book No. 2, Folio 403

Lodged on 8th July 1925

This is the Last Will and Testament of me Reginald Edward Clarke at present residing at the Cottage situated on the property called Risk Park, near Lyndhurst, Mile Gully, Manchester, Jamaica.

I revoke all former Wills. After my funeral expenses have been paid and a neat headstone with inscription has been placed over my grave and paid for and also after all my depts., if any, have been paid out of my estate.

I hereby give and bequeath monies invested in my name in the Westmoreland Building Society, and the Government Savings Bank, and any cash I may have in hand, to my brother William Henry Clarke for his absolute use and benefit, with the exception of One Hundred Pounds, which I bequeath to my brother Charles Clarke absolutely. In the event of my brother Charles predeceasing me, his share will go to my brother William Henry. In the event of my brother William Henry predeceasing me his share as above stated will go his wife Florence Estelle Clarke absolutely for the benefit of herself and surviving daughters who are not married nor earning their own living, and the youngest boy until he is old enough to earn his own living. In case of ill health incapacitating his widow the eldest daughter at home is to act for her.

In case the wife should also predecease me, the money is to be equally divided among the surviving unmarried daughters and the youngest son if he be under sixteen years of age. The daughter who is in charge of the younger children shall have the disposal of their share for their benefit until they attain the age of sixteen years when they will have the disposal of their own shares.

This money is to remain invested in the Westmoreland Building Society and only drawn as required.

All my other personal property, buggy, horse, cattle, books, furniture, I bequeath in equal shares to my brothers Charles and William Henry absolutely. In the event of either predeceasing me his share will go to the survivor. In the event of both predeceasing me all will go to those of my brother William Henry's children residing in Jamaica in equal shares.

I desire to be buried alongside my Father and Brother in the Churchyard of Saint George's, Mile Gully, and that the following epitaph be inscribed on the tombstone erected over my grave: "Here lies the body of Reginald Edward Clarke who departed this life on (date) aged ____ years, in sure and certain hope of a glorious resurrection at the coming of His Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 'who loved me and gave Himself for me'"

I hereby nominate and appoint Hugh Clarke, of Hendon, Sav-la-Mar (?? page torn) and Thomas Anderson of Wear? Pen, Mile Gully, Executors of this my Will.

Dated this Tenth day of February One Thousand Nine Hundred and Twenty Five.

Signed: R. E. Clarke

Witnesses: Thos. P. Powell (Thomas Pearson Powell)

J. Powell


Entered in Will Book No. 18, Folio 92,

Lodged in the Record Office 2ND (or 3rd) April 1919

Jamaica S.S.

This is the Last Will and Testament of me Alexander Coakley Escoffery of the Parish of Kingston in this Island, Builder.

I hereby give, devise and bequeath unto and to the use of my beloved wife Mary Ann Josephine Escoffery, her heirs and assigns for ever, all my real estate of whatever nature, description and wheresoever the same may be situate and as to such portion of my Estate as are personal estate or of the nature of personal estate of whatever kind, nature or description or wheresoever the same may be. I give devise and bequeath the same unto and to the use of my said wife Mary Ann Josephine Escoffery.

Sole Executor: Mary Ann Josephine Escoffery

Will dated 3rd March 1906

Witnesses: H.J. Nichols

N(?) H. Phillips


Of Adelphi, St. James, Proprietor

Entered in Will Book No. 13 Folio 392

Lodged in the Record Office 11th May 1914

Executer: Johnson Lowe of Equity

2 Properties: "Adelphi Penn" and "Sunderland", both in St. James to sons Felix Ethelbert Lowe and Arthur Benjamin Lowe, share and share alike. If they die without leaving issue the two properties to go to Henry Hamilton Lowe of Las Cascades P.O., Canal Zone, Republic of Panama.

My Property "Cedar Hill" situated in the Somerton District of St. James, containing 5 acres to my illegitimate son John David Lowe.

Signed December 10, 1913 by Benjamin Lowe

Witnesses: Nehemiah Robb

? (unable to read 2nd signature)

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