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Date format Month/Day/YEAR

b = born

bap = baptized

bur = buried

d = died

F = father

M = mother

mar = married/marriage

P = parents

PAB = present at birth

reg. = registered

res. = residence

STIV = St. Thomas in the Vale

(U) = unmarried

(W) = Wife

yrs = years

SOURCE REFERENCES: Volume, page, item number. Example. X, p. 120 #6.

All events prior to 1878 are Anglican, unless otherwise indicated (viz. those marked Civil, or Diss. for Dissenter).

Haase, Henry, laborer on Mt. Felix plantation, Port Royal, mar Cecilia Spence 1/23/1842 at Clifton Mount, St. Andrew, by Revd. Edward Hawkins, after banns. IV, p. 370.

Haase, Henry, widower, mar Eliza Willis, spinster, 11/10/1844 in St. Andrew by Revd. Edward Hawkins. Both of parish of Port Royal. IV, p. 389 #82.

Haase, Henry Spencer, bachelor, laborer, aged 26, res. Mt. Lebanon, St. Andrew, son of Henry Haase, married Mary Ann Elizabeth Hall, spinster, laborer, aged 21, res Wallenford, Portland, dtr of Joseph Hall. Married 4/29/1882, in St. James' Church, Birnamwood, Portland. Witnesses Joseph A. Hall and Sophia Walker. Civil #231.

Haase, William, widower, laborer res Corner Mount Felix in parish of Port Royal, mar Margaret Osborne, widow res at Cascade plantation, St. George, 9/15/1849 in St. Peter's Church, St. Andrew by banns. I, p. 253.

Hanson, Mary, aged 7 years, bap 8/14/1812 in St. Catherine. "Br. G. F." II, p. 332.

Harris, Clementina, laborer, mother of Ezekiel Adolphus b 5/21/1894 in Mount Friendship, St. Andrew, res. Reg 7/21/1894 by Charles Sayley PAB. Civil #757

Harris, Hezekiah, b 5/5/1892 Lime Lodge, St. Andrew, res. P= Augustus Harris, agriculturalist, & wife Jane nee Pasco [?]. F signed registration 5/14. Civil BN578.

Harris, James Alfred, b 4/8/1869 Coombs Town, St. Ann, res. Bap 1/24/1872 St. Ann. P= James Harris, laborer, & Jane Coombs (U). Black. Law 6 I, p. 410 #3

Harris, James Clarke, b 6/10/1848, bap 9/20/1748 Trelawny. P= Edward Harris, saddler, & wife Mary. Res Salt Marsh. XII, p. 84.

Harris, James Edward, bap 10/5/1874 St. Catherine. Born & res. Kelly's Grove. P= Robert William Harris, peasant, & wife Sarah. Black. Law 6 IV, p. 383

Harris, Margaret, washerwoman, mother of Nathaniel, b 12/17/1894 Arnold Road, St. Andrew, res. Reg signed by Maria Harris PAB 12/19. Civil BM941

Harris, Thomas, age 2 yrs., bap 10/27/1808 in St. Ann. Free, of color. I, p. 174

Harris, Thomas, age about 30 yrs., bap 2/26/1814 in St. Ann. Free, of color. I, p. 223

Harris, Thomas, mar 7/29/1868 Mary Ann Osborne in Portland after banns, by William Smith, rector. B51 VIII, p. 113 #29.

Harrison, Irene, washerwoman, mother of Wilfred Augustine, b 12/7/1916 Mt. Henderson, St. Catherine. Registered 1/6/1917 by Lydia Rule, present at birth. Civil EA4740.

Hay, Alan Stuart, bap 1/26/1840 in Manchester by S. H. Stewart. VI, p. 260 #137.

Hay, Arthur Magnus, b 10/22/1866, bap 7/5/1867 Manchester. XVII, p. 128.

Hay, Charles Salmon Manning, b 3/14/1852, bap 1/30/1853 in Manchester by J. L. Macintyre. F= Edmund Hay. M= Margaret Cameron. Res Mandeville. VII, p. 79 #6.

Hay, Eliza Catherine, aged 5 months, bap 12/26/1841 in St. Ann. P= Noble Hay and Jeannette (W). VII, p. 33 #185.

Hay, Elizabeth, b 4/;21/1847, bap 1/2/1848 in Manchester by D. R. Littlejohn. Res Asia. XI, p. 140 #32.

Hay, Elizabeth Victoria Cumming Bruce, b 1842, bap 3/31/1843 in Manchester by W> S. Coward. VI, p. 350 #59. Res Hays COttage.

Hay, Frances, b 12/29./1853, bap 5/17/1854 in Manchester. F= Alexander Hay. M= Elizabeth Mitchell (U). Res Roses' Valley. Laborer. VII, p. 117 #112.

Hay, Frederick, infant, bap 3/28/1840 in Manchester. P= Frederick Hay, laborer, and Agnes (W). Res Hearts Ease. VI, p. 250 #90.

Hay, Isabella, b 12/25/1855, bap 7/25/1856. F= William Dixon, laborer. M= Elizabeth Hay (U). Res Mile Gully, Salmon Town. IX, p. 15 #424.

Hay, Martha Jane, b 7/22/1849, bap 11/30/1849 Manchester. P= Alexander Hay, planter, and Maria (W). Res Courith [?] Park. XII, p. 392 #505.

Hay, Mary Williamson, b 5/3/1858, bap 10/3/1858 in Manchester by Horace Scotland. F= Alexander Williamson, laborer. M= Margaret Hay. Res Asia. X, p. 231 #753.

Hay, Samuel Augustus, b 10/8/1847, bap 11/21/1847 in Manchester. Res Exeter. XI, p. 133 #405.

Hay, William, mar Sophia Pinnock 4/11/1867 in Manchester by Arthur W. Seymour after banns. Both res Manchester. VII, p. 374 #17.

Hedley, James, mar Ann Fowle 4/14/1839, St. James by banns. Both of St. James. II, p. 299.

Henriques, Alexander, colored, b 1/16/1830, bap 8/22/1830 in Kingston. F= Isaac Henriques. M= Margaret Cecilia Crosdale. Res Hanover Street. I, p. 66 #195.

Henriques, Alexander, b 7/28/1839, bap 12/3/1839 Kingston by T. B. Turner, Island Curate. Res Spanish Town Road. III, p. 65 #382.

Henriques, Alexander Quixano, free brown, b 5/11/1821, bap 11/15/1821 in St. Catherine. F= Moses Henriques. M= Jane Dobbins (U). II, p. 356.

Henriques, Andrew, b 8/1/1865, bap 8/13/1865 Trelawny. P= Robert Henriques, laborer, and Isabella (W). Res Nightingale Grove. XX, p. 390.

Henriques, Charles, b 8/6/1833, bap 10/30/1836 in Kingston. Res Wildman Street. III, p. 314 #477.

Henriques, Charles, aged 44 years, bur 12/19/1865 in the Annotto Bay church yard, Metcalf by H. Brown, rector. Res Annotto Bay. VII, p. 239 #27.

Henriques, Charles Reid, b 9/17/1834, bap 12/24/1837 in Kingston by John Magrath, offcg. minister. Res Wildman Street. II, p. 22 #443.

Henriques, David, married, aged 60 years, saddler, d 6/21/1912 in Union Poor House, St. Andrew. Reg by J. G. DaCosta, chief resident officer UPH. Cause: Diarrhea and debility. Civil BM8523.

Henriques, David DaCosta Cohen, bachelor aged 25 years, commercial agent, d 3/1/1912 in Studley Park, St. Andrew. Reg by brother Frederick Cohen Henriques, res Studley Park, PAD. Cause: tuberculosis. Civil BM8326.

Henriques, Evelina, b 5/9/1863, bap 5/20/1866 in St. Ann by C. R. Chandler, Island Curate. XXI, p. 79 #200.

Henriques, Frederick, b 8/1832, bap 1/26/1833 in Kingston. Res Hanover St. II, p. 4 #61.

Henriques, Frederick Quixano, b 4/23/1840, private baptism 6/8/1840. Res Rosemary Lane. III, p. 78 #141.

Henriques, Harriet Yhroon, b 1/19/1835, bap 1/10/1836 in Kingston by T. B. Turner, Island Cuarate. Res White Street. III, p. 295 #238.

Henriques, Isaac Gessurum, mar Elizabeth Moore by license 6/26/1851 in Kingston. Both res Kingston. V, p. 217 #45.

Henriques, James Quizano, colored, b 12/20/1827, bap 8/21/1828 in Kingston. F= Moses Quixano Henriques. M= Mary Ann McLachlan (U). Res Duke Street. I, p. 34 #304.

Henriques, Jessy Quixano, b 2/23/1836, private baptism in Kingston 1/16/1837 by William Reed. Res Matthews Lane. II, p. 3 #27.

Henriques, Lionel, gentleman of Vere mar Elizabeth McLean of Kingston 9/10/1862 in Kingston by C. H. Campbell by license. VIII, p. 19.

Henriques, Melvina Letitia, b 11/8/1865, bap 2/7/1866 in Kingston. Res Church Street. VII, p. 206 #62.

Henriques, Rosaline Newsam, b 3/9/1838, private baptism in Kingston 1/3/1839 by George D. Hill. Res Rosemary Lane. II, p. 47 #4.

Henriques, Sarah Virginia b 6/4/1835, bap 6/12/1836 in Kingston by William Reed, Assistant Curate. Res Temple Lane. III, p. 294 #211.

Henriques, Stephen Lionel b 3/1/1868, bap 5/15/1868 in Manchester. P= Lionel Henriques and Maria (W). Res Coffee Grove. XI, p. 149 #175.

Henriques, William b 3/12/1839, bap 2/25/1838 in Kingston. Res West Street. II, p. 25 #42.

Henriques, William Francis, b 11/15/1836, bap 2/24/1837 in Kingston by Thomas B. Branfoot, Offcg. Minister. Res Thomas Street. II, p. 3 #58.

Hind, Ann, "Negro belonging to Mr. George G. Neale", bap 2/26/1816 in St. Ann. I, p. 244.

Hind, Benjamin, former name Robert, aged 35 years, slave, "property of John Hiatt", bap 6/1/1806 in St. Ann. I, p. 146.

Hind, Benjamin, free child of color, bap 7/20/1819 in St. Ann. I, p. 310.

Hind, Caroline, free child of color, bap 7/20/1819 in St. Ann. I, p. 310.

Hind, Eliza, mulatto child, bap 11/6/1799 in Quebec, St. Ann. I, p. 101.

Hind, Elizabeth Augusta Gould, quadroon aged about 9 months, bap 4/18/1801 in White River, St. Ann. F= B. Hind. M= D. Arcy (U). I, p. 117.

Hind, Fanny, free child of color, bap 7/20/1819 in St. Ann. I, p. 310.

Hind, George, boy of color aged about 8 years, bap 10/26/1799 at The Bogg, near White River, St. Ann. I, p. 101.

Hind, George Hodgson, slave child of color, bap 2/26/1816 in St. Ann. I, p. 244.

Hind, John, free child of color, bap 2/26/1816 in St. Ann. I, p. 244.

Hind, John, b 8/27/1839, bap 7/3/1840 in St. Ann by John Smith, rector. P= John Hind, planter, and Eliza (W). Res Content. VII, p., 9 #115.

Hind, John Richard, free child of color, bap 7/20/1819 in St. Ann. I, p. 310.

Hind, Joseph Parsons, mar Mary James (Hind), widow, 10/26/1799 in St. Ann. I, p. 101.

Hind, Katherine, of color, aged about 16 years, bap 10/26/1799 at The Bogg, near White River, St. Ann. I, p. 101.

Hind, Lucius, free child of color, bap 2/26/1816 in St. Ann. I, p. 244.

Hind, Nancy, black child, bap 10/26/1799 at The Bogg, near White River, St. Ann. I, p. 101.

Hind, Sidney Miller, b 5/16/1809, bap 2/12/1810 in St. Ann. I, p. 188.

Hind, Sophia, aged about 18 years, bap 10/26/1799 at The Bogg, near White River, St. Ann. I, p. 101.

Hind, Sophia, free child of color, bap 7/14/1810 in St. Ann. I, p. 104.

Hind, Walter Alexander, b 3/2/1839, bap 3/20/1840 in St. Ann by John Smith, rector. P= Richard Hind, carpenter, and Rebecca (W). Res Salisbury. VII, p. 3 #36.

Hind, William, boy of color, slave to Mrs. Miller, bap 2/16/1817 in St. Ann. I, p. 265.

Hind, William, free child of color, bap 7/20/1819 in St. Ann. I, p. 310.

Hind, William Benjamin, aged 7 years, bap 6/18/1837 in St. Ann. Father a carpenter. Res Brown's Town. V, p. 6 #112.

Hind, William Benjamin, aged 2 months, bap 6/21/1838 in St. Ann by Henry Browne. P= Benjamin Hind, planter, and Ann (W). Res Salisbury. V, p. 14.

Hind, William Henry, free child of color, bap 2/26/1816 in St. Ann. I, p. 244.

Hindson, James mar Anne Bruce 11/4/1837 in Manchester by banns. Both res Manchester. I, p. 317 #14.

Hitchman, William, mar Mary White 1/10/1861 Manchester by John J. Wood, by banns. Both res Manchester. VI, p. 339.

Holdane [or Haldane], Matthew, blacksmith, mar Elizabeth Malcolm, spinster, 12/7/1844 in St. James by J. Macintyre, rector, by license. Both res St. James. V, p. 135.

Holman, William Curtis bur 10/31/1841 Bryan Castle, Trelawny, res. Planter aged 33 yrs. II, p. 401 #116

Humphreys, Nancy McKenzie Marina, b 3/25/1867, bap 1/12/1871, Hanover. I, p. 363 #17

Hutcheson [Hutchison?], Joseph, widower, mar Christiana Stewart, widow, 2/21/1861 in Manchester by banns. Both res Manchester. VI, p. 338 #16.

Hutcheson [Hutchison?], Robert William, b 2/18/1868, bap 7/26/1868 in Manchester. XVII, p. 157.

Hutchinson, James, infant, bap 12/11/1837 Manchester. Res Craighead. IV, p. 374.

Hutchinson, James, laborer, aged 90 years, bachelor, died 6/22/1917 in the Alms House, Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth. Cause: apoplexy 7 days. Civil KH5846.

Hutchinson, James, infant aged 7 months, died 7/29/1917 in Cattanos, St. Elizabeth (res). Reg by father John Hutchinson, laborer. Cause: Bronchitis and pneumonia. Civil KA2227.

Hutchinson, Mary Ann, infant, bap 12/28/1835 in Manchester by Robert W. Dallas. Res Thomaston. I, p. 344 #452.

Hutchison, Albert, b 8/2/1844, bap 12/7/1844 in Manchester. P= David Hutchison, laborer, and Ruthy (W). Res Craighead. IX, p. 250 #379

Hutchison, Amelia, infant, bap 11/18/1838 in Manchester by J. Kerr. Res Coffee Grove. IV, p. 176 #683.

Hutchison, Amelia, infant, bap 12/8/1838 Manchester. Res Scotia. IV, p. 177 #694.

Hutchison, Ann Roberta, b 1/6/1867, bap 4/24/1867 Manchester. P= Thomas Hutchison, laborer, and Eliza (W). Res Southfield. XVII, p. 111.

Hutchison, Betsy Maria, b 11/10/1869, bap 3/25/1870 in Manchester. XX, p. 113 #222.

Hutchison, Caleb, bap 9/20/1835 in Manchester by C. F. Hall. Res Boyne. I, p. 340 #390.

Hutchison, Catherine Jestina, b 5/15/1869, bap 4/3/1870 in Manchester by John Farquharson. XX, p. 122 #344.

Hutchison, Charles W., b 12/3/1866, bap 2/3/1867 Manchester. XVII, p. 99.

Hutchison, Charlotte, free child of color, b 3/7/1815, bap 1820 [no date] on Elgin property, Manchester by George W. Bridges. I, p. 25.

Hutchison, David, free child of color, b 7/29/1812, bap 1820 [no date] on Elgin property, Manchester by George W. Bridges. I, p. 25.

Hutchison, David, mar Jane Cawley 1/13/1853 in St. Elizabeth by Revd. G. J. Handfield by license. Both res St. Elizabeth. IV, p. 393.

Hutchison, Eleanor, free child of color, b 2/28/1807, bap 1820 [no date] on Elgin property, Manchester. I, p. 25.

Hutchison, Henrietta Elizabeth, b 12/22/1869, bap 3/25/1870 in Manchester by J. Hildebrand. P= Robert Hutchison, settler, and Eliza (W). Res Green Vale. XX, p. 112 #209.

Hutchison, James, free child of color, b 12/4/1817, bap 1820 [no date] on Elgin property, Manchester. I, p. 25.

Hutchison, James, b 4/11/1842, bap 2/11/1843 Manchester. Res Coffee Grove. VI, p. 353 #100.

Hutchison, James, aged 35 years, bur 9/2/1855 at Cornwall, St. Elizabeth (res) by W. R. Burrell. IV, p. 559 #38.

Hutchison, Jane Maria, b 9/1/1863, bap 1/3/1864 Manchester. F= David Hutchison, planter. M= Ann Brooks (U). Res Whitby. XV, p. 376 #96.

Hutchison, Jean, free child of color, b 12/13/1805, bap 1820 [no date] on Elgin property, Manchester by George W. Bridges. I, p. 25.

Hutchison, John Alexander, b 8/10/1853, bap 5/4/1856 Manchester by N. Lechmen Ellis. Res Huncty [?] Town. IX, p. 9 #324.

Hutchison, Margaret, free child of color, b 11/8/1809, bap 1820 [no date] on Elgin property, Manchester. I, p. 25.

Hutchison, Mary, bap 2/22/1835 Manchester by C. F. Hall. P= Alexander Hutchison and Jemmy (W). I, p. 300 #106.

Hutchison, Nathan Edwin, b 11/19/1869, bap 2/2/1870 Manchester by John S. Wood. XX, p. 103 #89.

Hutchison, Richard, mar Polly Redwood 9/16/1853 in Manchester by Edward Barrow by banns. Both res Manchester. IV, p. 320.

Hutchison, Rodney Augustus, b 5/20/1870, bap 8/26/1870 Manchester. XX, p. 134 #497.

Hutchison, Ruth Josephine, b 2/22/1867, bap 5/5/1867 Manchester. XVII, p. 116.

Hutchison, Thomas Lycurius, b 2/2/1870, bap 6/5/1870 Manchester. XX, p. 121 #322.

Hutchison, William, mar Mary Edwards 8/5/1863 in Manchester by John Morris by banns. Both res St. Elizabeth. VI, p. 361 #57.

Hutchison, William, mar Amelia Shakespear 11/10/1859 St. Elizabeth by banns. Both res St. Elizabeth. IV, p. 452 #64.

Jackson, James, brown, bap 8/12/1827 St. Catherine. F= James Jackson. M= Clarissa Goodman. Res Spanish Town. I, p. 105 #51.

Jackson, Jemima Matilda, b ?/19/1866, bap 9/16/1866 in St. Dorothy. P= Thomas Jackson, laborer, and Sarah (W). Res St. George's District. XX, p. 203 #166.

Jackson, Thomas, bap 9/7/1834 St. Dorothy. Res Masters. II, p. 343 #105.

Jackson, Thomas, bap 5/25/1866 St. Catherine. African indentured to W. L. Young. Res St. Catherine. XV, p. 44.

Jackson, Thomas Edward, b 6;/26/1848, bap 1849 [date torn off] in St. Dorothy. Res Stamford Hill. X, p. 211.

James, Frances, res Bluefields, mother of William b 1/4/1908 in Mearneville, Westmoreland. Reg by Susan James, grandmother, 1/18/1908. Civil LC3795.

James, George, aged 2 months, bap 5/3/1840 Westmoreland by Edward Galbraith. P= Robert James and Annabella (W). Res Water Works. V, p. 172.

James, George Hamilton, b 3/12/1846, bap 7/26/1846 St. Elizabeth. P= Richard Christian James, settler, and Amelia Ann (W). Res Breezy Hill. V, p. 59 #566.

James, George Petgrave, b 10/30/1835, bap 2/21/1836 St. Elizabeth. P= William Rhodes James, Junior, gentleman and Margaret Hutchinson (W). Res Hill Top. III, p. 51 #6.

James, George Thomas, b 6/29/1836, bap 9/18/1836 St. Elizabeth. P= George James, planter, and Ann (W). Res Fairfield. III, p. 81 #432.

James, George William, aged 15 months, bap 1/4/1852 Westmoreland, by Revd. Edward Galbraith. Res Ferres. IV, p. 197 #43.

James, Jonathan, mar Luna Quarrell by banns 7/20/1842. IV, p. 300 #126.

James, William, aged 2 years, bap 10/1845 Westmoreland. P= Jonathan James and Luna (W). Res Woodlands. X, p. 319.

James, William, aged 1 month, bap 1/22/1850 in Westmoreland. Res Grove. III, p. 135 #39

James, William, widower, aged 68 years, laborer, res Middlesex, mar Mary Scott, widow aged 62 years, laborer, res Mt. Chatterton, in St. John's, Westmoreland by banns. I, p. 113 #2.

James, William Denniston, b 2/25/1847, bap 12/26/1847 in Westmoreland. F= Philip James, laborer. M= Rosey Gale. Res Burnt Savannah. XI, p. 325 #467.

James, William John, planter, bachelor age 30, mar Sarah Jones, spinster full age, 6/11/1874 in Trinity Church, Westmoreland, by James Samuel Vaughan minister. Witnesses Andrew James and Bernella Miller. Law 6 Mar, p. 133.

Jennings, Ellen, seamstress, mother of Gladis Maud Estelle born 2/24/1901 in Old Harbour Bay, St. Catherine. Reg 3/23/1901 by Ella Jennings, PAB, washerwoman res St. Catherine. Civil EB2021.

Jennings, Ocilla, black complexion, b 6/19/1871, bap 8/24/1871 Old Harbour, St. Catherine. F= James Jennings, wheelwright. M= Eliza Ellis (U). Res Old Harbour Bay. Law 6, I, p. 165.

Jessop, Thomas bur 12/18/1841 St. Michael's church yard, Trelawny. Planted aged 40 years, res Harmony Hall estate. II, p. 401 #120.

Johnson, Alexander Campbell, b 9/20/1813, bap 5/3/1814 Westmoreland. P= Robert Johnson and Elizabeth (W). I, p. 174.

Johnson, Catherine, b 4/10/1825 bap 9/3/1826 St. Elizabeth. P= John Johnson & Mary his wife. White. Res Retirement. I, p. 200

Johnson, John, bap 6/23/1812 in the Parsonage, St. Elizabeth, aged about 22 yrs. I, p. 164.

Johnston, Mary, b 9/8/1859, bap 2/9/1862 Westmoreland. Res Petersfield. IV, p. 102 #54.

Johnston, Mary Eliza, b 9/9/1872 Hampstead (res), bap 3/7/1877 in Westmoreland by J. D. Ellis. M= Harriet Nation (U). Law 6, V, p. 455 #26.

Johnston, Robert, free mustee, bap 2/12/1820 St. Elizabeth. I, p. 271.

Johnston, Robert, b 10/161850, bap 7/13/1851 in Westmoreland by W. Mayhew. P= Robert Johnston, beadle to the church, and Sarah (W). Res. Sav-la-Mar. IV, p. 180 #475.

Johnston, William, aged 5 years, bap 12/4/1864 Westmoreland. Res Ferris. XV, p. 105 #400.

Johnstone, James Samuel, black complexion, b 10/12/1869, bap 8/10/1873 Hanover. M= Mary Caroline FInucane (U). Born and Res Hillsborough. Law 6, III, p. 214.

Johnstone, Robert, b 8/22/1843, bap 6/16/1844 Westmoreland. Res Moreland. VIII, p. 442 #161.

Jones, Margaret, bap 11/11/1838 aged 13 yrs. Res New Hope. V, p. 122 #554.

Jones, Margaret Brunby, bap 5/1/1853 age 2 yrs. Res Cairn Curran. V, p. 197 #65.

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