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Date format Month/Day/YEAR

b = born

bap = baptized

bur = buried

d = died

F = father

M = mother

mar = married/marriage

P = parents

PAB = present at birth

reg. = registered

res. = residence

STIV = St. Thomas in the Vale

(U) = unmarried

(W) = Wife

yrs = years

SOURCE REFERENCES: Volume, page, item number. Example. X, p. 120 #6.

All events prior to 1878 are Anglican, unless otherwise indicated (viz. those marked Civil, or Diss. for Dissenter).

Gale, Rebecca, b 7/5/1879 in John's Hall, Manchester (res). P= William Gale and Rosan nee Thomas (W). Reg by father by X 7/16/1879. Civil D202.

Gale, Robert Austin, bap 4/9/1875 Manchester. F= William Gale. M= Ann E. Morris. Res John's Hall. Law 6, IV, p. 436.

Gale, William, infant, bap 5/15/1837 Manchester. IV, p. 247.

Gale, William, infant, bap 5/28/1837 Manchester. Res Mount Pleasant. IV, p. 244

Gale, William, an adult, bap 7/5/1840 Manchester. Res Mount Pleasant. VI, p. 264 #294.

Gale, William Bromfield, b 2/11/1849, bap 7/6/1849 Manchester. P= Robert Gale, laborer, and Ruthy (W). Res Lancaster. XII, p. 414 #213.

Garreguire, El. Br., brown child, bur 2/15/1813 St. Catherine. II, p. 390.

Garrick, Ann, b 2/7/1797, bap 10/17/1797 in Kingston. F= James Roberts. M= Mary Garrick. All mulattoes. II, p. 55

Garrigues, Amelia Bramak, free brown infant, b 1/1812, bap 11/26/1813 St. Catherine. II, p. 334.

Garrigues, Ann, b 5/19/1772, rebaptized 1/15/1822 in St. Catherine as original baptism not found in register. F= Joseph Garrigues. M= Catherine Penny, a free brown. II, p. 357.

Garrigues, Daniel, planter, bur 2/10/1773 in St. Catherine. II, p. 210.

Garrigues, Edward, free quadroon aged 12 years, bap 12/3/1818 in St. Catherine. II, p. 349

Garrigues, Eliza Frances, aged 13 months, bap 11/26/1837 St. Thomas in the Vale. IV, p. 198.

Garrigues, Elizabeth, aged 17 years, res Alman Town, bap 4/25/1855 in Kingston. P= Henry Garrigues, planter, and Christian (W). Res Alman Town. VI, p. 120 #267.

Garrigues, Elizabeth, b 9/10/1837, bap 9/24/1837 Kingston. Res G___ther Lane. III, p. 17 #347.

Garrigues, Elizabeth Frances, a free mustee aged 38 years, bap 5/25/1818 Kingston. II, p. 327

Garrigues, Fanny Ann, b 1/28/1841, bap 10/26/1842 Kingston. Res Love Lane. IV, p. 6 #415.

Garrigues, Francis Peter, Esquire, bur 10/30/1787 St. Catherine. Cause: decay. II, p. 239.

Garrigues, Frederick D. W., b 4/18/1859, bap 6/7/1860 in Vere. F= Frederick Garrigues. M= Cecilia McPherson. Res Race Course. XIII, p. 388

Garrigues, Henrietta, aged 3 months, bap 10/30/1842 St. Thomas in the Vale. VIII, p. 105 #129.

Garrigues, Henry, mar Julia Cullum 11/22/1835 by banns in St. Thomas in the Vale (where both resided). I, p. 124 #96.

Garrigues, Henry Lechmere, aged about 13 years, bap 12/26/1858 in Vere. M= Elizabeth Mitchell. Res Yarmouth. X, p. 294 #215.

Garrigues, Jackson, African youth, bap 4/29/1860 St. Thomas in the Vale. Res Hyde. XIII, p. 61 #61.

Garrigues, James, mar Sarah McDermot 10/30/1842 by banns in St. Thomas in the Vale (where both resided)., III, p. 426 #37.

Garrigues, James Sympson, bur 2/26/1771 in St. Catherine. II, p. 206

Garrigues, Jane, aged 4 days, bur 4/12/1822 in St. Catherine. II, p. 453.

Garrigues, John, b 5/27/1793, bap 5/4/1815 in St. Catherine. M= Catherine Penny a free mulatto. II, p. 340.

Garrigues, John, peasant, aged 22 years, bur 9/17/1852 in the church yard, St. Thomas in the Vale. Res Content. IV, p. 36 #23.

Garrigues, John Brammer, free mulatto, b 11/28/1774, bap 1/27/1814 in St. Catherine. II, p. 335.

Garrigues, John Francis, bap 8/27/1768 in St. Catherine. II, p. 9.

Garrigues, John Francis, a child, bap 5/3/1773 in St. Catherine. II, p. 210.

Garrigues, John Francis, free mustee, aged 40 years, but 9/5/1817 in St. Catherine. II, p. 397.'

Garrigues, John William, b 6/15/1768, bap 10/15/1768 St. Catherine. II, p. 9

Garrigues, Joseph Sharpe, aged about 10 months, bur 10/12/1852 in the church yard, St. Thomas in the Vale. Peasant. Res Content. IV, p. 36.

Garrigues, Josiah Clement, n 8/28/1861, bap 1/5/1862 in St. Thomas in the Vale. M= Susan Garrigues. Res Church Pass. XIII, p. 91 #3.

Garrigues, Samuel Augustus, aged 3 months, bap 5/4/1862 in St. Thomas in the Vale. P= Charles Garrigues, cottager, and Eleanor (W). Res Bonnet. XIII, p. 92 #31.

Garrigues, Samuel Curtis, mar Eleanor Steward 9/14/1834 by banns in Kingston by George D. Hill, Assistant Curate. Both apprentices resident in Kingston. I, p. 49 #55.

Garrigues, Selina, an adult, bap 12/28/1864 in St. Thomas in the Vale. Wife of Jackson Garrigues, cottager. Res Prospect. XVIII, p. 240.

Gayleard, Lewis, aged 6 years, bur 6/2/1849 church yard, Spanish Town, St. Catherine. Res Spanish Town. IV, p. 169 #71.

Garrigues, Marcella Jane Pnuve, b 12/2/1852, bap 4/7/1854 in Vere by J. R. Chisholm. Res Yarmouth. VI, p. 323 #240.

Garrigues, Mary, wife of Dr. Garrigues, bur 9/6/1764 in S.t Catherine. II, p. 191.

Garrigues, Mary, aged about 15 years, bur 5/20/1854 in church yard, St. Thomas in the Vale. F= Joseph Garrigues, cottager. Cause: cholera. IV, p. 44 #16.

Garrigues, Nathaniel, bap 4/14/177 in Kingston. F= Nathaniel Garrigues. M= Grace Brammer, a free mulatto woman (U). I, p. 264.

Garrigues, Nicholas, b 3/13/1774, bap 8/27/1774 in Kingston. F= Nathaniel Garrigues. M= Esther Tootler, a free mulatto woman (U). I, p. 243.

Garrigues, Nicholas, planter, bur 10/25/1787 in St. Catherine. Cause: Mor. bowels. II, p. 239.

Garrigues, Sarah, a mulatto child, bur 2/28/1759 in St. Catherine. I, p. 321.

Garrigues, Susanna, b 8/9/1783, bap 11/30/1783 Kingston. F= James Dick. M= Frances Garrigues, free quadroon. I, p. 330.

Garrigues, Susannah, b 7/1/1771, bap 10/6/1771 in St. Catherine. II, p. 16.

Gayleard, Lewis, b 9/28/1824, bap 12/23/1824 in Port Royal. Reputed father= Peter Gayleard. M= Elizabeth James. Black. Born 9/28/1824. I, p. 111.

Gayleard, Lewis, free black child aged 3 months, bur 12/25/1824 Palisades, Port Royal. I, p. 221.

Gayleard, Maria Charlotte, aged 17 years, bur 10/26/1850 Burial Ground #2, Spanish Town, St. Catherine, by J. L. Farquharson, Offcg. Minister. Res Spanish Town. New Series II, p. 377 #125.

Gayleard, Theodore, gentleman, mar Elizabeth Eleanor Jackson, spinster, 8/29/1865 in Trinity Chapel, St. Catherine by license by J. H. Murphy. Both resident in St. Catherine. VI, p. 191 #11.

Gayner, James, died 8/8/1796 aged 37 years (Tombstone at Falmouth Parish Church, south side of churchyard)

Gegg, Susan Emily, b 2/6/1844, private baptism by Revd. W. S. Coward in St. Catherine 12/20/1844. P= Joseph Gegg, Esq., and Eliza his late wife. Res Spanish Town. IX, p. 341 #215.

Gilpin, Robert, Esquire, Collector of H. M. Customs for Falmouth, aged 56 yrs., d 5/25/1819, bur 5/26/1819 at the church, Falmouth, Trelawny. I, p. 208

Glegg, Henry Smith, schoolmaster, bur 10/5/1819 in church yard, Kingston. II, p. 427.

Glegg, Peter, seaman aged 70 years, bur 11/8/1843 in West Ground, Kingston by T. B. Turned, Island Curate. Res Parade. IV, p. 306 #411.

Goff, Bridget, a soldier's wife, bur 5/22/1793 St. Catherine. II, p. 278.

Goff, Edward, mar Elizabeth Freeman 5/23/1668 St. Andrew. I, p. 172.

Goff, Edward, b 10/28/1853, bap 45/9/1854 Clarendon. P= Thomas Goff, cooper, and Susana (W). Res Curate Hill. VI, p. 80 #154.

Goff, Elizabeth, bur 5/31/1667 St. Andrew. I, p. 249.

Goff, H., Private 1st West India Regiment, bur 8/26/1848 Up Park Camp, St. Andrew. Res Up Park. I, p. 324 #45.

Goff, Henry, bur 10/19/1795 Spring Path, Kingston. From the hospital. II, p. 185.

Goff, Richard, bur 8/9/1666 St. Andrew. I, p. 249.

Goff, Samuel, bur 7/29/1742 Kingston by Mr. Baldwin. I, p. 180.

Goff, Thomas, a black man, bur 12/6/1805 in a yard in Kingston. II, p. 293.

Goffe, Charles Augustus, b 3/29/1863, bap 3/29/1863, St. Mary. Res Charleston. XV, p. 281 #29.

Goffe, James, bachelor, mar Mary Matilda Chapple, spinster, 10/28/1771 in Kingston by banns. Both res Kingston. I, p. 99.

Goffe, James, butcher, bur 9/29/1774 church yard, Kingston. II, p. 1.

Goff, James, free mulatto, b 10/6/1809, bap 1/14/1814 Kingston. II, p. 267.

Goffe, Maria, free sambo, b 1/1810, bap 10/10/1811 Kingston. II, p. 238

Goffe, William, bur 9/8/1750 Kingston church yard, by Thomas Henry. I, p. 270.

Goffe, William, mar Anne Dickson 6/29/1793 Kingston. Both people of color of Kingston. I, p. 146.

Goffe, William, b 6/10/1795, bap 12/18/1813 Kingston. F= James Goffe. M= Mary Adams a free sambo. II, p. 265.

Goffe, William, b 7/23/1826, bap 10/7/1826 Kingston. Colored. Res Oxford Street, Kingston. I, p. 11 #70.

Goffe, William Miller, illegitimate infant of color, bap 3/21/1811 St. John. I, p. 41.

Goodin, James mar Jane Malcolm 11/23/1844 in Westmoreland by William Caird by banns. Both res Westmoreland. IV, p. 323 #85.

Gordon, Charles, b 10/7/1851 in St. Ann. F= Charles Gordon, laborer. Reg by H. S. Steventon. Civil IV, p., 101.

Graham, John Green, b 6/26/1866, bap 12/26/1866 in St. Mary. XV, p. 314.

Grant, Ann Augusta, b 11/20/1841, bap 1/3/1844 St. Catherine. Res Old Market Street. IX, p. 325 #3.

Grant, Grace, a free black, b 9/17/18?? [torn], bap 12/28/1817 in Kingston. II, p. 320.

Grant, Horatio, b 6/27/1779, bap 1/6/1781 Clarendon. P= Thomas Grant and Phillis (W). I, p. 182.

Grant, Lauson, aged about 22 years, "Afr. Lbr.", bap 4/12/1863 in St. Thomas in the East. Res Hordley. Laborer., XV, p. 429 #454.

Grant, Mary, aged 40 years, a black woman, bap 5/31/1801 Kingston. II, p. 108.

Grant, Mary, a black child, b 7/31/1796, bap 12/24/1800 Kingston. II, p. 101.

Grant, Mary. n 1/26/1799, bap 4/30/1799 Kingston. P= Robert Grant and Mary (W). II, p. 76

Grant, Mary, a quadroon aged 8 yrs., bap 12/18/1813 in Westmoreland. I, p. 171.

Grant, Mary, an adult black person, bap 1/14/1815, Westmoreland. I, p. 178.

Grant, Mary Anne, a quadroon child aged about 10 years, bap Kingston 1793 [no day and month in record]. II, p. 3.

Grant, Mary Ann, b 3/21/1795, bap 11/10/1800 Kingston. II, p. 99

Grant, Mary Ann, aged about 5 years, a free black child, bap 1/20/1809 Kingston. II, p. 203.

Grant, Mary Ann, aged about 23 months, free quadroon, bap 6/16/1810 Kingston. II, p. 221.

Grant, Mary Ann, b 10/11/1818, bap 3/24/1819 Kingston. F= Charles Grant. M= Ann Hyde, free quadroon. II, p. 339

Grant, Mary Ann, bap 4/29/1832 St. Catherine. F= Alexander Grant. M= Savannah Ann Colleard (U). Res Spanish Town. I, p. 124 #27.

Grant, Mary Ann, b 4/13/1841, bap 9/12/1841 St. Catherine. F= Charles Grant, clerk. M= Elizabeth Marshall. Res French Street. VII, p. 313 #166.

Grant, Mary Ann, aged 9 months, bap 5/2/1851 St. Catherine. F= Charles Grant, laborer. M= Catherine Harrison. Res St. Catherine. II, p. 119 #174.

Grant, Mary Elizabeth, free quadroon, b 12/9/1804, bap 1/10/1805 St. Catherine. M= Elizabeth Ann McSwyney. II, p. 144.

Grant, Mary Jane, b 1/21/1844, bap 2/7/1844 St. Catherine. P= Charles James Grant and Harriet (W). Res St. Thomas in the Vale. IX, p. 327 #32

Grant, Mary Mitlin, a white woman aged 22 years, bap 2/20/1813 St. Catherine. II, p. 333

Grant, Susan Eliza, b 7/15/1858, bap 3/9/1867 St. Thomas in the East. Res Duckenfield. [birth year partly illegible. May say 1868.] XVII, p. 483 #218.

Grant, Thomas, mar Phillis Nibbs 12/30/1773 in Clarendon by Will Pagell, rector. I, p. 161.

Grant, Thomas, d 9/5/1785, bur 9/6/1785 Longville Park, Clarendon. I, p. 189.

Grant, William, mar Sarah Ogilvie 7/27/1834 in St. Thomas in the East by banns. Both res St. Thomas in the East. III, p. 150.

Grant, William, mar Elizabeth Rainey 11/29/1840 in St. Thomas in the East by William Stearns, Island Curate after banns. Both res St. Thomas in the East. III, p. 286 #131.

Grant, William, b 1/1836, bap 7/24/1836 St. Thomas in the East. M= Jane Beckford apprentice laborer. Res Middleton. III, p. 70 #411.

Grant, William, aged 3 years, bur 1/10/1839 in the church yard, St. Thomas in the East. Res Morant Bay. III, p. 274.

Grant, William, b 2/24/1837 bap 5/7/1837 Portland. M= Kitty Williams, apprentice. Res Benlington. IV, p. 299 #77.

Grant, William, mar Julian Waters 12/25/1837 Clarendon by G. H. R. Fearon, rector, after banns. Both of Clarendon. II, p. 53 #192.

Grant, William, infant, bap 7/22/1838 Clarendon. Res Longville. V, p. 446.

Grant, William mar Mary Thomas 6/30/1839 Clarendon by banns. Both Res Clarendon. II, p. 385 #132.

Grant, William, aged 4 years, bap 4/24/1842 Clarendon. Res Stewarton. VII, p. 78 #132.

Grant, William, aged 5 years, bap 3/1845 Clarendon., Res Haverton. X, p. 26.

Grant, William, laborer aged 81 years, bur 4/15/1846 in Elmwood, St. Thomas in the East (res), by C. A. Cooper. III, p. 137 #48.

Grant, William, mar Mary Stewart 5/10/1851 in St. Thomas in the East by W. Stearn after banns. Both res St. Thomas in the East. VI, p. 275 #109.

Grant, William mar Jemima Anderson 10/27/1864 in St. Thomas in the East by S. H. Cooke, rector after banns. Both res St. Thomas in the East. VI, p. 274.

Grant, WIlliam Alexander, b 12/1839, bap 3/1/1840 in St. Thomas in the East. F= Alexander Grant, laborer, and Susan (W). Res Mount Lebanus. III, p. 322 #27.

Grant, William Goodall, b 11/24/1845, bap 1846 Clarendon [date torn off]. Res Content. X, p. 38.

Grant, William Pinnock, b 10/8/1845, bap 3/15/1846 Clarendon. P= William Grant, laborer, and Catherine nee Bayan(W). Res Elgin. X, p. 32. Birth registered 10/18/1845 by father, a cooper. Birth Register II, p. 386 #386.

Graves, Benjamin, son of John Graves and Katherine Senior (U) age 7 years, bap 3/21/1764. (Listed in Index as Senior). I, p. 25

Graves, Hubert Israel, b 8/3/1861, bap 1861 St. Elizabeth. VI, p. 133.

Graves, John, b 9/28/1838, bap 6/7/1840 St. Elizabeth. Res Pepper. IV, p. 28 #398.

Green, Robert mar Christian Malcolm 11/22/1840 in St. James by J. MacIntyre by banns. Both res St. James. IV, p. 34 #66.

Gregg, Charles F. L., aged 23 years, bur 11/27/1859 in New church yard, St. Andrew by George T. Braine. Res Kingston. New Series, V, p. 319 #78.

Gregg, Eleanor, aged 50 years, pauper, bur 10/27/1839 in Falmouth church yard, Trelawny, by John C. Stone, offcg. curate. Res Falmouth. II, p. 349 #102.

Gregg, Phillip, aged 80 years, bur 11/22/1862 in West Ground, Kingston by Charles P. Street. Res Brown's Town. VII, p. 433 #620.

Georgiana Gregg [or Grigg], aged 7 months, bap 2/1/1835 in Trelawny. F= George Gregg, planter. M= Mary Wood (U). Res. Falmouth. III, p. 52 #6.

Gregg, Georgiana, age 5 years, pauper, bur 7/29/1836 in Trelawny by William Fraser, rector. Res Falmouth. I, p. 178 #38.

Grove, John Harriett, infant, bap 7/21/1839 in Manchester by D. R. Littlejohn. P= Thomas Grove, laborer, and Eleanor (W). Res Somerset. V, p. 306 #381.

Grove, Susan Elizabeth, b 2/6/1862, bap 4/4/1862 St. Elizabeth. P= William Grove, laborer, and Prudence (W). Res Vauxhall. VI, p. 153.

Groves, Charles Ebenezer, b 8/6/1859, bap 2/8/1860 in St. Elizabeth. Res Mulgrave. VI, p. 10 #153.

Groves, Edward Browning, b 6/10/1862, bap 9/12/1862, St. Elizabeth. P= Ebenezer Groves, laborer and Sarah (W). Res Mt. Trinity. VI, p. 166.

Groves, Susan Elizabeth, aged 5 years, bap 3/22/1861 in St. Elizabeth by John C. Stone. Res Black River. VI, p. 64 #26.

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