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b= born
bap= baptism
bu= buried
dtr= daughter
F= father
m= married
M= mother
P= parents
reg= registered
res= residence
U= unmarried

DATE FORMAT:  Month/ day/ year

FORMAT of Anglican Parish Register and Dissenter Marriage Register sources, example:  B0042 [see Bibliography for title], VII [Volume number], p. 34 [page number],  #230 [number of item for year in original Parish Register, when present]

FORMAT of Civil Registration sources, example BC1912 [see Bibliography for title], #F91 [Registration number]


Larmby, Mr. Robert Leonard, bu 8/18/1802 in Westmoreland.  B0003, I, p. 132

Laselve, Joseph, child aged 5 years, bu 8/7/1835 in W.G. Kingston by George D. Hill assistant curate.  Res Georges Lane.  B0032, I, p. 361 #312

Latham, Charlotte of Hanover m 9/5/1835 in St. Elizabeth to John Collins, apprentice to Miss Sarah Goldring, after banns.  Listed with apprentices in B0056, III, p. 202, #110 and also in marriages of free persons.  

Lewin, Exora Leanthe, black, b 5/24/1872 at Bagby, bap 10/10/1872 in St. Catherine.  P= Henry Lewin and his wife Ellen.  Res Bagby.  B0011, II, p. 382 #3

Lewin, Henrietta, black, b 6/12/1872 at Parnassus, bap 9/6/1872 in Clarendon by G. W. Downer.  P= Richard Lewin and his wife Mary.  Res Parnassus.  B011, II, p. 205

Lewin, Henry Thomas, infant aged 6 months, res & d 2/23/1881 at Mount Regale, Clarendon.  Cause: dropsy 4 weeks.  Reg 2/23/1881 by father, Thomas Lewin, laborer.  Registrar Herbert Lindo.   BC1525, #C780

Lewin, Henry, aged 20 years, bap 2/14/1836 in Clarendon by H. R. Fearon rector.  Res Bryans Hill.  Praedial (field apprentice). B0019, III, p. 364 #107

Lewin, Henry, an adult, bap 6/21/1840 in Clarendon by Revd. J. Stoney island curate.  Res Parnassus.  B0002, V, p. 81 #146

Lewin, Henry, b 1832, bap 7/29/1838 in Clarendon.  Res Pleasant Valley.  B0002, V, p. 449

Lewin, Henry, planter aged 90 years, widower, d 2/11/1889 at Red Hills, Clarendon.  Registered 2/13/1889 by Jacob Winter, grand nephew present at death.  BC1528, #HQ31

Lewin, Henry, widower aged about 50 years, d 1/5/1886 at Main Ridge, Clarendon.  Cause: fever 3 weeks.  Reg by John Stoddard inmate of house present at death.  BC1526, #C64

Lewin, Richard Lindsay, black, b 10/11/1870 in Hayes, bap 6/25/1871 in St. Elizabeth.  P= Ed Allen Lewin, carpenter, and his wife Mary Ann.   Res Hayes.  B0014, I, p. 72 #114

Lewin, William, black, aged 3 years, bap 12/6/1830 in Vere by John Smith rector.  F= Henry Lewin.  M= Johanna Williams (U).  Res Suttons Pastures.  B0004, I, p. 310 #8

Lewis, Elizabeth Hall, bap 4/13/1758 in S. Catherine.  P= James Lewis and his wife Mary.  B0080, I, p. 268

Lewis, George, b 10/3/1811, bap 2/9/1812 in St. Catherine.  P= John Goodin Lewis and his wife Mary Editha nee Spence.  B0080, II, p. 417

Lewis, George, free quadroon b 3/9/1822, bap 12/28/1822 in St. Catherine.  M= Elizabeth Whitehead (U).  B0080, II, p. 360

Lewis, James, illegitimate, bap 1/1/1809 in St. Catherine.  B0080, II, p. 323

Lewis, Sarah, b 1/25/1760, bap 3/5/1760 in St. Catherine.  P= James Lewis and his wife Mary.  B0080, I, p. 273

Lewis, William, aged 6 years, bap 7/9/1801.  M= Mary Crary, free mulatto.  B0080, II, p. 128

Lewis, William, bap 10/29/1758 in St. Catherine.  P= James Lewis and his wife Mary.  B0080, I, p. 269

Lewis, William, free infant of color, bap 12/20/1823 in St. Catherine.  B0080, II, p. 363

Lewis, William, free infant of color, bap 5/4/1824 in St. Catherine.  B0080, II, p. 364

Lumbly, Margaret, aged 35 years, bu 10/20/1850 at Good Hope, Westmoreland by D. B. Miller.  Res Good Hope.  B0013, III, p. 383 #165

Lumbly, William Alexander, brown complexion, b 3/20/1869 at Wales, Westmoreland, bap 5/31/1871 in Westmoreland.  P= Frederick Lumbly, carpenter, and his wife Frances Eliza.  Res Darliston.  B0014, I, p. 58 #30

Lumley, Alexander J., aged 4 years 9 months, bu 9/12/1852 in Logwoods, Westmoreland.  Res near Sav-la-Mar.  B0013, III, p. 395 #44
Lumley, Ann, b 4/27/1842, bap 9/4/1842  in Westmoreland by Edward Galbraith.  P= Robert Lumley and his wife Frances.  Res Cornwall.  B0002, VII, p. 166

Lumley, Catherine Elizabeth, aged 6 months, bap 8/1/1855 in Westmoreland by W. H. Ingle.  P= Joseph Lumley, carpenter, and his wife Ann.  Res Darliston.  B0001, VIII, p. 250 #16

Lumley, Frederick Andrew, b 12/27/1849, bap 12/29/1850 in Westmoreland by Richard J. Bucknor assistant curate.  P= Joseph Andrew Lumley, carpenter, and Ann McDonald.  Res Garden Hill.  B0013, III, p. 167 #547

Lumley, Jane Elizabeth, b 5/29/1852, bap 3/3/1853 in Westmoreland.  P= Joseph Lumley, carpenter,  and his wife Ann.  Res Garden Hill.  B0028, V, p. 192 #144

Lumley, John Lewis, b 11/12/1868, bap 11/14/1869 in Westmoreland by Jos. Cork.  Re Hartford.  B0045, XIX, p. 357 #436

Lumley, John of St. James m 10/13/1836 in Westmoreland by license, by Thomas Stewart rector, to Caroline Elizabeth Robertson, spinster of Westmoreland.  B0016, II, p. 345 #167

Lumley, Joseph Andrew m Anet Ray Sangster 9/28/1854 in Westmoreland by J. L. Macintyre, after banns.  Both res Westmoreland.  B0051, VI, p. 70 #24

Lumley, Joseph Andrew m Anne McDonald 4/8/1852 in Westmoreland by W. H. Ingle, after banns.  Both of Westmoreland.  B0027, IV, p. 273 #80

Lumley, Joseph Andrew, colored, bap 8/27/1831 in Westmoreland.  F= Purchas Lumley.  M= Elizabeth Jourdine (U).  See Thomas Richard.  B0004, I, p. 245, #220

Lumley, Margaret, child of color, bap 12/26/1806 in Westmoreland.  B0003, I, p. 144

Lumley, Purchas, Esq., bu 1/11/1825 at Deans Valley, Westmoreland.  Res Deans Valley Dry Works.  B0003, I, p. 453

Lumley, Purchas, Esq., m 3/29/1821 to Jane Wilson, spinster in Westmoreland by license.  Both of Westmoreland.  B0003, I, p. 371

Lumley, Robert, child of color, bap 12/26/1806 in Westmoreland.  B0003, I, p. 144

Lumley, Robert, m Frances Lewis 8/7/1841 in Westmoreland by Thomas Stewart rector, after banns.  Both of Westmoreland.  B0012, IV, p. 283 #108

Lumley, Stephen, b 9/1869, bap 5/8/1870 in Westmoreland by Jos. Cork.  Res Mesopotamia.  B0045, XIX, p. 380 #204

Lumley, Thomas Record m Jane Jackson Fullwood 12/27/1843 in Westmoreland by William Smith after banns.  Both Westmoreland.  B0012, IV, p. 315 #122

Lumley, Thomas Richard, colored, aged 10 years, bap 8/27/1831 in Westmoreland by John Reid island curate.  F= Purchas Lumley.  M= Elizabeth Jourdine (U).  Res Pictou.  B0004, I, p. 245, #219

Lumley, Thomas, aged 5 years, bap 9/4/1842 in Westmoreland.  P=  Robert Lumley and his wife Frances.  See Ann.  B0002, VII, p. 166 #303

Lumley, Thomas, m Frances Horton James 1/31/1861 in Westmoreland by D. Fidler after banns.  Both res Westmoreland.  B0051, VI, p. 307 #34

Lumly, John, an adult black, bap 12/17/1812 in Westmoreland.  B0003, I, p. 168


Malcolm, John, m Sarah Ann Reddie 9/17/1874 in the Hanover Parish church by Andrew Davidson. Bachelor & spinster of full age, both signed by X.  Witnesses:  John Mowatt and David Samuells.  B0010, II, p. 208

McLachlan, Ann, bap 1/5/1795 in Port Royal.  P= John McLachlan and Ann McLachlan.  B0085, I, p. 42

McLachlan, Ann, mulatto woman aged 19 years, bap 12/24/1796 in Hanover.  B0054, I, p. 91

McLachlan, Eleanor, b 3/17/1765, bap 11/14/1765 in St. Elizabeth.  P= Lachlan McLachlan Esq. and his wife Mary.  B0037, I, p. 27

McLachlan, John, bu 1/8/1773 in Spring Path, Kingston.  By the parish.  B0089, I, p. 469

McLachlan, John, mulatto, b 6/17/1770, bap March 1773 in Hanover by Thomas Warren.  M= Elizabeth Allwell.  B0054, I, p. 43

McLaughlan, Manassas, b 12/24/1784, bap 2/13/1785 in Kingston by Thomas Rees, rector.  P= Charles McLaughlan and his wife Sarah, of the 3rd Regiment of Foot.  B0061, I, p. 346

McLaughlin, Philip, peruke maker, bu 12/23/1775 in the Anglican church yard, Kingston.  W. Pall.  B0089, II, p. 8

McLeod, Ann, laborer, had a son Reginald Claud, 1/7/1899 in Clonmel, St. Mary.  Reg by mother by X 1/17/1899.  BC1871, #FO1423

McLoughlin, John, b 4/27/1771, bap 5/7/1772 in St. James.  P= Robert & Martha McLawghlin.  B0055, I, p. 3

McNeal, Catherine, aged 38 years, bu 917/1841 in Petersfield, Westmoreland by Edward Galbraith.  Res Petersfield.  B0024, II, p. 316 #92

McNeel, Thomas m Eliza Dawkins 6/5/1841 in Westmoreland after banns by Edward Galbraith.  B0012, III, p. 380 #79

McNeel, Thomas, m Bathia Barclay 1/25/1842 in St. Andrew.  B0012, III, p. 310

McNeil, Elizabeth, b 8/25/1844, bap 8/19/1846 in Westmoreland.  P= the Hon. Thomas McNeil and his wife Bathia.  B0049, X, p. 342

McNeil, Helen, aged 11 years, bu 7/9/1836 in Caledonia, Westmoreland.  Res Caledonia.  B0024, II, p. 283

McNeil, Jessy, aged 48 years, bu 1/11/1842 at her residence near Goodwin's Pen, Westmoreland.  B0024, II, p. 319 #3

McNeil, Matilda Henrietta, b 5/16/1846, bap 8/19/1846 in Westmoreland.  P= the Hon. Thomas McNeil and his wife Bathia.  B0049, X, p. 342

McNeil, Patina, aged 50 years, bu 5/29/1840 in Petersfield, Westmoreland.  B0024, II, p. 304

McNeil, William, planter aged 23 years, bu 1/20/1835 in Westmoreland.  Res Paradise.  B0024, I, p. 193

McNeill, Thomas, bachelor, m Amelia Mattison, spinster 8/25/1849 in Westmoreland by William Caird island curate, after banns.  Both of Westmoreland.  B0012, IV, p. 350

Middleton, John Lyell, inspector of schools, bachelor aged 31 years, res the Bungalow,  m 4/25/1890 in Ocho Rios, St. Ann, to Wilhelmina Ann Lang, widow aged 32 years, res Shaw Park,  dtr of James Stewart.  BC1373, #317.

Minot, George, aged 58 years, white, res Titchfield, bu 11/10/1830 in Portland.  B0024, I, p. 235 #17

Minot, Sarah Ross, b 7/21/1806, bap 6/8/1806 in Portland.  P= William Minot and his wife Sarah.  B0065, I, p. 9

Minot, Sarah, aged 80 years, bu 9/2/1818 in the family burial ground in Portland.  B0065, I, p. 281

Mitchell, Adella, dressmaker, had  a son Clinton Arthur born 7/26/1909 at 2 Maiden Lane, Kingston.  Registered 8/4/1909 by Alice Goldson present at birth res 2 Maiden Lane.  BC1234, #AA7257

Morris, Estenia, laborer, had a son William Alexander  at Happy Retreat, Darliston district, Westmoreland 4/30/1889.  Reg 5/8/1889 by Ann Louise Lesley, occupier res Happy Retreat.  BC3214, #LM586

Mortlock, Alexander John, b 2/13/1868, bap 12/30/1868 in St. James by J. K. Hepburn.  Res Montego Bay.  B0044, XVI, p. 319 #182

Mortlock, Frank James, b 7/30/1863, bap 12/30/1863 in St. James.  Res Montego Bay.  B0044, XVI, p. 270 #148

Moxam, Richard Benjamin, b 5/22/1862, bap 7/30/1862 in St. Elizabeth by G. B. Brooks.  P= Stephen Robert Moxam, laborer, and his wife Elizabeth.  Res Plains.  B0057, VI, p. 167 #541

Moxham, Caroline Elizabeth, b 6/14/1865, bap 12/24/1865 in St. Elizabeth.  B0045, XVIII, p. 5

Moxham, Grace, b 6/6/1861, bap 9/13/1861 in St. Elizabeth by G. A. Brooks.  P= Benjamin Moxham and his wife Mary Jane. B0057, VI, p. 119 #958
Moxham, John, d 6/30/1798, bu 7/1/1798  in Hanover by Simon Little curate.  B0054, I, p. 94

Moxham, Olivia Ann, b 1/7/1831, bap 2/23/18334 in St. Elizabeth by J. Waters.  Res Blunters. B0004, II, p. 218 #40


Oakley, Alexander, b 11/23/1855, bap 1/6/1856 in St. Thomas in the East by William Smith island curate.  Res Harbour Head.  B0001, VIII, p. 282 #62

Oakley, Eliza Ann, b 3/10/1854, bap 9/3/1854 in St. Thomas in the East.  Res Bowden.  B0001, VIII, p. 80 #675

Oakley, Elizabeth Yates, b 3/4/1850, bap 6/2/1850 in Port Royal by John G. Richards.  M= Elizabeth Yates, domestic.  Res in town of Port Royal.  B0085, II, p. 276 #37

Oakley, Elizabeth, b 1/28/1861 [not clear], bap 1861 in St. Thomas in the East.  Res Cog Hall.  B0031, XIII, p. 40

Oakley, Ennice Elizabeth, b July 1861 [not clear], bap 1866 in St. Thomas in the East.  B0044, XVII, p. 463

Oakley, Marina, b 10/16/1860, bap 4/5/1861 in St. Thomas in the East.  Res Rural Hill.  B0031, XIII, p. 48 #189

Oakley, Mary, b 8/20/1860, bap 3/3/1861 in St. Thomas in the East.  Res Cog Hall.  B0031, XIII, p. 39

Oakley, Petonella Mordence, b 7/28/1865, bap 1/5/1866 in St. Catherine.  Res Spanish Town.  B0043, XV, p. 42 #50

Oakley, Richard West, aged 14 years, bap 1/30/1861 in St. James by M. H. Smith.  B0031, XIV, p. 535 #89

Oakley, Robert, b 1/11/1863, bap 6/28/1863 in St. Thomas in the East.  Res Rural Vale.  B0043, XV, p. 426 #398

Oakley, Robert, b 8/31/1862, bap 1/11/1863 in St. George.  P= Richard Oakley, planter,  and Cecilia his wife.  Res Wray Piece.  B0031, XIV, p. 493 #43

Oakley, Walter, b 9/10/1861, bap 12/30/1863 in St. George.  Res White River.  B0043, XV, p. 220 #138

Oakley, William Francis m Dolly Bennett 7/2/1860 in St. Andrew by Acheson Findlay island curate, after banns.  Both res St. Andrew.  B0051, VI, p. 222

Oakley, William Henry m Elizabeth Payne 8/10/1845 in Kingston by T. B. Turner, after banns.  Both res Kingston.  B0090, IV, p. 194 #72

Oakley, William Joseph, b 6/14/1859, res 11/12/1860 in St. George by John Luce Ramson island curate.  Res Kelly Brook.  B0031, XIII, p. 370

Oakley, William Lazarus, b 2/14/1869, bap 7/24/1869 in St. Thomas in the East.  Res Amity Hall.  B0045, XIX, p. 106 #561

Oakley, William Martin, b 3/16/1858, bap 4/11/1858 in St. Thomas in the East, by Evan Jones island curate.  Res Rural Hill.  B0035, X, p. 135

Oakley, William, b 3/3/1856, bap 10/5/1856 in St. Thomas in the East.  Res Bowden.  B0001, VIII, p. 316 #613


Patterson, Patrick, aged 35, shoemaker res Belvedere m Frances Shearer, aged 27 res Mt. Ward, 4/28/1869 in Mount Ward Methodist Chapel, Hanover.  Bachelor/spinster.  Witnesses:  William Grierson and Sarah Patterson.  B0117, XIV, p. 96

Perkins, William, planter res Piru Estate m Mizey Cuthbert, spinster 8/11/1843 in the Wesleyan Methodist denomination, Rocky Point, St. Thomas in the East, after banns.  Both full age, and signed.  Witnesses:  Richard and Margaret Morris.  B0091, V, p. 64 Pitter, Benjamin, infant, bap 9/4/1836 in Manchester by Robert W. Dallas.  Res Knock-Patrick.  B0059, I, p. 357 #198

Pitter, Bourke, ranger aged 60 years, bu 12/17/1871 at Mayday Hill, Manchester.  Died 12/16/1871 at Ellstree from fall from horse.  Res Ellstree.  B0023, I, p. 65

Pitter, Charles James, bap 10/12/1834 in Manchester by C. F. Hall.  P= Charles Pitter and his wife Eliza.  Res Sherwood Forest.  B0059, I, p. 290 #191

Pitter, Charles Thomas, bap 12/13/1835 in Manchester.  P= Rowland and Kitty Pitter.  Res Sherwood. B0059, I, p. 348 #520

Pitter, Charles, infant, bap 12/8/1839 in Manchester.  P= Charles Pitter, laborer, and Elizabeth his wife.  Res Ortlands.  B0002, V, p. 312 #476

Pitter, Eleanor Campbell, bap 5/17/1835 in Manchester.  Res Enfield.  B0059, I, p. 308 #237

Pitter, Eustace Duncan Rhodes, aged 20 1/2 years, bu 8/18/1852 in the Anglican church yard, Kingston by T. B. Turner.  Res Williams Street.  B0089, VI, p. 253

Pitter, Henry, bap 1837 in Manchester.  P= Napoleon & Sarah Pitter, apprentices.  Res Enfield.  B0002, IV, p. 346

Pitter, Henry, settler aged about 80 years, d 12/27/1874 at Sherwood, bu 12/27/1874 at Sherwood, Manchester. Cause uncertain.  Res Sherwood.  B0023, I, p. 473

Pitter, James, aged 8 years, bap 8/10/1834 in St. Elizabeth by J. Waters.  Res Doncaster.  B0004, II, p. 92 #223

Pitter, Phoebe, bap 1838 in Manchester.  P= Roland and Kitty Pitter, apprentices.  B0002, IV, p. 105

Pitter, Robert, bap 1838 in Manchester.  P= Charles and Cecilia Pitter, labourer.  B0002, IV, p. 146

Pitter, Robert, m Isabella Martyn 12/31/1842 in Manchester after banns.  Both Manhester.  B0012, IV, p. 113.  

Pitter, Thomas Henry, infant, bap 11/11/1837 in Manchester.  Res Windsor Forest.  B0002, IV, p. 368

Pitter, Thomas, m Gracey Eaton 8/1/1843 in Manchester after banns.  Both res Manchester.  B0012, IV, p. 120

Pitters, James m Julina Thomas 8/11/1844 in Manchester.  Both res Manchester.  B0012, IV, p. 128

Pitters, John Samuel, m Emma Ann Adlam 10/11/1854 in St. Elizabeth by Rev. W. Forbes after banns.  Both of St. Elizabeth.  B0056, IV, p. 408

Porter, Jemima, laborer, had a son Reginald Adolphus 1/31/1899 at Cardiff, St. Mary.  Reg in Retreat by William Leverman present at birth.  BC1870, #FD1694

Powell, Sarah, not white, b 7/28/1771, bap 8/3/1773 in St. Elizabeth.  P= Benjamin Powell and his wife Margaret.  B0037, I, p. 35

Priddie, Thomas Biggs, m Sophia Hill Pitter 3/4/1837 in Manchester after banns.  Both of Manchester.  B0059, I, p. 317

Pyke, Henry Grant, laborer, res Grange, m Catherine Ann Shearer, res Roaring River 10/17/1879 in St. Peter's, Westmoreland, by H. Clarke, after banns.  Bachelor and spinster of full age, bride signed by X.  Witnesses:  William Beckford and Ann Calamem both by X.  B0052, IV, p. 49 #15


Redwood, Stephen, b 1/23/1712, bap 6/28/1712 in St. Catherine.  P= Stephen Redwood and his wife Anne.  B0080, I, p. 56

Reid, Cornelius, b 2/14/1895 at York, Westmoreland.  P= Joseph Reid and his wife Mary nee McNorton.  Reg in Bethel Town by Elizabeth Reid present at birth, res York. BC3257, #LI1349

Rerrie, Anthony, gentleman, res Negril, m Catherine Patterson, gentlewoman res Grange Hill 11/30/1847 in the Presbyterian denomination, Sterling, Westmoreland, by James Niven, by license. Bachelor and spinster of full age.  Witnesses:  George Porteous and Jos. Waite.  B0113, IX, p. 106

Richards, Frederick, planter, bachelor, res John's Hall, m Ann Eliza Webb, spinster res Shirehampton, 1/4/1877 in the Protestant Episcopal United Brethren church, Nazareth, by M. Winckler, after banns. Both full age and signed by X.  Witnesses:  William & Cecilia Wilson.  B0112, VII, p. 456

Robertson, Mary Amanda, spinster aged 14, laborer, sick for 2 weeks, died 3/28/1885 at Shut Pen, St. Mary.  Reg by Joseph Ramsay, occupier.  BC1911, #FB63


Sanderson, Henry Joseph, m Jane Isabella Moxham 11/3/1857 in St. Elizabeth by Revd. William Forbes.  Both of St. Elizabeth.  B0056, IV, p. 437 #135

Sangster, Thomas Collins, planter, m Elizabeth Davids 10/9/1872 in the Wesleyan Methodist church, Mt. Ricketts, Westmoreland, after banns. Bachelor & spinster of full age res Cave both signed by X.  Witnesses:  Margaret B. David & Alexander W. Duncans.  B0117, XV, p. 195

Sangster, William, m Ellen Gaming 10/24/1855 in the Wesleyan Methodist church, Montego Bay, St. James.  B0116, IX, p. 35

Shand, John, m Amelia Pitter 4/4/1840 in Manchester after banns.  Both of Manchester.  B0012, IV, p. 82

Shearer, David, blacksmith res Sheffield, m Mary  Williams 8/5/1871 in the Wesleyan Methodist denomination, Sheffield, Westmoreland, by Robert Raid, after banns.  Witnesses:  John Johnson and Robert Daly.  B0117, XV, p. 102

Shearer, James Wedderburn, laborer, m Mary Elizabeth Gooden 12/8/1874 in the Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Little London, Westmoreland, by John Jeffrey, minister, after banns.  Bachelor/spinster of full age.  Bride signed by X.  B0112, XVI, p. 306

Shearer, John, laborer, aged 23, bachelor, m Sarah Gordon, laborer aged 20, spinster, with her father's consent 4/25/1878 in St. James church, Green Island, Hanover,  by C. Henderson Davis.  Witness: Sarah Dickson.  B0010, III, p. 445 #7

Shearer, John, pauper aged 32 years, res Falmouth Alms House, bu 10/7/1850 in Falmouth Anglican church yard, Trelawny by John Magrath rector.  B0009, IV, p. 415 #104

Shearer, Mary, seamstress aged 72, d 2/7/1872, bu 2/8/1872 in the No. 3 burial ground by Edward Clarke.  Res, died and bu in Savanna-la-Mar.  Cause: apoplexy.  B0023, I, p. 85

Shergold, Henry Hewitt, painter, m Marelin Stewart 9/9/1859 in the Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Mackfield, Westmoreland, by John Mearns, minister, after banns.  Bachelor/spinster of full age.  Witnesses:  George Lewis and Alexander Stewart.  B0113, XI, p. 14 #116

Sinclair, John, assistant surgeon H. M. S. Pylades, bu 8/18/1825 at Palisades, Port Royal.  B0085, I, p. 224

Sloley, Florence Martina, black complexion, b 9/3/1872 at Newfield, bap 10/25/1872 in Manchester.  F= James Sloly.  M= Olivia McIntosh (U).  Res Old England.  Laborer.  B0011, II, p. 326 #469

Sloley, Mr., adult, planter, d 4/12/1873 in Montego Bay of natural causes, bu 4/13/1873 in the burial ground, St. James.  Res Unity Hall, St. James. B0023, I, p. 251 #37

Sloley, Samuel, age unknown, bu 2/7/1856 in the burial ground, Montego Bay, St. James, by J. L. Ramson.  Res Montego Bay.  B0022, V, p. 229 #22

Sloly, Augusta Whitmore, aged 1 year, bap 8/18/1839 in Trelawny.  Res Acton.  B0006, I, p. 264 #119

Sloly, Augustus, teacher aged 22 years, m Catherine Walker, seamstress aged 21, 10/5/1864 in the Presbyterian denomination, Rose Hill, St. James, by William Lawrence, by license.  Bachelor/spinster.  Witnesses:  William Taylor and Mary Taylor.  B0114, XII, p. 207

Sloly, Augustus, teacher, widower, res Stewart Town, m Rebecca Ann Miller, spinster of full age, 9/5/1866 in the Baptist church Stewart Town, Trelawny by Wm. M. Webb.  Witnesses:  George Milliner & Margaret S. G---.  B0114, XIII, p. 144

Sloly, Edwin, b 4/2/1861, bap 8/23/1861 in Westmoreland by R. K. Dunbar.  Res Grand Vale.  B0031, XIV, p. 89 #332

Sloly, Edwin, planter aged 27 years, bu 12/2/1865 in the Anglican church yard, Westmoreland by Henry Clarke.  Res Midgham.  B0022, VI, p. 17 #215

Sloly, George, b 8/8/1860, bap 10/24/1861 in Westmoreland. Res Sav-la-Mar. B0031, XIV, p. 94

Sloly, Henry Anna, aged 1 year, bap 8/18/1839 in Trelawny.  Res Acton.  B0006, I, p. 264 #118

Sloly, James, carpenter, bachelor, m Amellia Galimore [Gallimore?], spinster, 8/30/1855 in the Wesleyan Methodist church, Falmouth, Trelawny, by S. Burrell, minister.  Both full age & res Trelawny.  Witness: Augustus M. Sloly.  B0113, X, p. 51

Sloly, John William, aged 43 years, late Supervisor of the House of Correction, res Falmouth, bu 4/18/1836 in Falmouth Anglican church yard, Trelawny.  B0024, I, p. 177 #20

Sloly, John, black, aged 20 years, bu 2/23/1849 by N. N. Ashby at Canaan Estate, St. James.  Res Canaan Estate.  B0009, IV, p. 127 #40

Sloly, John, mason, res Childermas, bachelor, m Sarah Curtin, spinster, res Spring Garden,  4/20/1844 in the Wesleyan Methodist church, Montego Bay, St. James, by Edward Fraser, minister.  Both full age, signed by X.  Witness: Hugh Anderson.

Sloly, Mary Jane, aged 3 years, bap 8/18/1839 in Trelawny.  Res Acton.  B0006, I, p. 264, #113

Sloly, Rachel Arabella, b 1/24/1858, bap 10/24/1861 in Westmoreland.  Res Sav-la-Mar. B0031, XIV, p. 94, #612.

Sloly, Thomas Henry, b 5/29/1865, bap 7/27/1865 in Westmoreland.  Res Whitehouse.  B0043, XV, p. 122, #239

Sloly, William, aged 28 years, carpenter res Southfield, bachelor, m Rebecca Butcher, aged 25, seamstress res Friendship, spinster, 6/21/1871 in the Presbyterian denomination, Friendship, Trelawny, by Thomas J. White, after banns.  Witness:  Edward Forbes.  B0117, XV, p. 60 #444

Slowley, Margaret Louise, colored, b 11/26/1872 at Burnt Ground, bap 3/21/1873 in St. Elizabeth.  P= Isaac Slowley, laborer,  and his wife Catherine.  Res Burnt Ground.  B0011, II, p. 464, #28, also III, p. 26

Slowly, Curtis Ethelbert, colored,  b 7/3/1870 at Burnt Ground, bap 6/30/1871  in St. Elizabeth by Arthur Rowe.  M= Sarah Dunkley (U).  B0014, I, p. 129 #4

Slowly, Mary Elizabeth, b 12/17/1855, bap 2/19/1858 in Westmoreland by J. K. Hepburn.  Res Shrewsbury.  B0032, X, p. 382 #134

Slowly, William, laborer, res New Cozen, bachelor, m Marianne Jarrett, spinster, res Golden Grove, who signed by X, 1/1/1862 in the Presbyterian church, Hampden, Trelawny, by Daniel Mclean, after banns.  Both full age.  B0114, XIII, p. 40 #314

Smith, Rhoda, washerwoman, had a son Reginald Augustus 2/24/1899 at Baily's Vale, St. Mary.  Reg in Port Maria by John Smith present at birth.  BC1870, #FB3561

Soares, Caroline Matilda, black complexion, b 12/19/1871 in Spanish Town, bap 9/10/1873 in St. Catherine.  F= Frederick Soares.  M= Maria McDonald (U).  Res Spanish Town.  B0011, III, p. 199 #201

Soares, Charles Nathaniel, colored complexion, b 4/12/1874 in Spanish Town, bap 5/6/1874 in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.  F= Frederick Soares.  M= Jane Marsden (U).  Occ. ___ Green House.  B0017, IV, p. 131 #101

Soares, Maud Matilda, b 5/5/1874 in Spanish Town, black complexion, bap 12/9/1874 in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.  F= Frederick Soares.  M= Maria McDonald (U).  B0017, V, p. 72 #256

Soares, Rachel Magdeline, colored complexion, aged 8 years, bap 3/9/1876 in St. Catherine.  P= Frederick Soares, carpenter,  and Maria his wife.  B0017, V, p. 253 #37

Soley, Elizabeth, b 2/21/1840, bap 5/17/1840 in St. James, by T. C. Sharpe.  Father a carpenter.  Res Dumfries.  B0024, II, p. 329 #110

Soley, John, apprentice to Mrs. Mowatt, m Lydia Thompson, apprentice to New Canaan, 1/15/1837 in St. James, after banns.  B0016, II, p. 279

Soley, Mary Ann, b 9/7/1849, bap 10/28/1860 in St. James by C. G. Williams.  P= John Soley, mason,  and his wife Frances.  Res Somerton. B0032, X, p. 500 #316

Sowley, Eugenia Euphemia, b 10/28/1871 in Kingston, bap 1/31/1872 in Kingston by Revd. Enos Nuttall.  P= H. A. Sowley, clerk, and his wife Cordelia nee Grier.  Res Kingston.  B0014, I, p. 388 #5

Stokes, George, bu 7/27/1719 in St. Andrew.  B0083, I, p. 278

Stokes, Jamama, b 3/29/1789, bap 4/14/1789 in Trelawny.  P= John Stokes & Ann his wife.  B0006, I, p. 22

Stokes, James of St. James m Ann Montague of Trelawny 9/11/1781 in Trelawny.  B0006, I, p. 143

Stokes, James, b 3/8/1783, bap 7/5/1783 in St. James.  P= James & Ann Stokes.  B0055, I, p. 39

Stokes, John, bu 10/13/1755 in St. Andrew.  B0083, I, p. 293

Stokes, John, rose child, bap 5/15/1757 in St. Elizabeth.  M= Finnas Stokes a free mulatto.  B0037, I, p. 16

Stokes, Mary, bap Feb 1718 in St. Elizabeth.  M- William Stokes & his wife Ruth.  B0037, I, p. 3

Stokes, Robert, b 10/22/1787, bap 11/1/1787 in Trelawny.  P= James Stokes and his wife Ann.  B0006, I, p. 18

Stokes, Roger, a soldier, m Rebecca  Taylor 9/30/1761 in St. Catherine after banns.  Both res St. Catherine.  B0080, I, p. 292

Stokes, Ruth Davy, b 4/24/1737, bap 10/4/1737 in Vere.  P= William Stokes & his wife Margaret.  B0063, I, p. 24

Stokes, William, bap Feb 1718 in St. Elizabeth.  P= William Stokes & his wife Ruth.  B0037, I, p. 3


Vanreil, Charles Hamilton, m Letitia Gifford 8/14/1838 in Westmoreland by Thomas Sharpe island curate by license.  Both of Westmoreland.  B0016, II, p. 368

Vidal, Olivia, black complexion, b 8/22/1862 at White River, bap 1/23/1876 in St. Ann.  P= Lewis Vidal and Lizzie Ann his wife.  Res White River.  B0017, V, p. 216 #5

Vidal, Susan Elizabeth, black complexion,  b 2/7/1875 at Pell River, bap 2/7/1875 in Hanover.  P= G. Vidal, laborer, and Mary his wife.  Res Pell  River.  B0017, V, p. 209 #7

Vidal, William, black complexion, b 12/9/1862 at White Hall, bap 12/8/1872 in St. Ann.  M= Ann Beacher (U).  Res Cave Mount.  B0011, II, p. 385 #181


White, Margaret, Negro, bap 7/14/1805 in St. James.  B0055, I, p. 155

Williams, Caroline, b 11/7/1837, bap 4/29/1838 in St. Thomas in the East.  M= Selina Stedman, apprentice (U).  Res Mount Pleasant.  B0074, III, p. 132, #129

Williams, Caroline, b 8/16/1840, bap August 1840 in St. Thomas in the East.  P= John Williams, Laborer, and his wife Margaret.  B0074, III, p. 343

Wilson, Charles, aged 1 1/4 years, bap 12/2/1838 in Westmoreland.  Res Bulstrode Park.  B0002, V, p. 123 #563

Wilson, William Wellesley, laborer, aged 44 years,  son of David Wilson, m Amelia Ricketts, laborer aged 35, dtr of James Samuel Ricketts, 3/29/1925 at Mt. Hermon, Westmoreland.  Res Lamb's River.  BC4388, #116

Wilson, William, aged 3 1/2  years, bap 12/2/1838 in Westmoreland by D. Fidler.  Res Bulstrode Park.  B0002, V, p. 123

Wilson, William, aged 3 years, bap 7/1/1838 in Westmoreland by Daniel Fidler assistant curate.  Res Camp Savanna.  B0002, V, p. 114, #433

Wilson, William, free mulatto aged 5 years, bap 12/28/1823 in Westmoreland.  B0003, I, p. 389

Wilson, William, m Rachel Russell 8/6/1857 in Westmoreland by W. Mayhew, after banns.  Both of Westmoreland.  B0028, VI, p. 93

Wisdom, John of St. James, gentleman, m Anne Hussey of Hanover, spinster, 9/6/1726 in Hanover.  B0054, I, p. 1

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