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The "Gleaner" was first published in Jamaica on September 13, 1834, by the brothers Jacob and Joshua deCordova. Originally it was published weekly on Saturdays, and consisted of 4 pages. It grew and became a daily newspaper. It is still published daily, and it is the leading newspaper on the island.

Excerpts include information on births, deaths, marriages, passengers arriving and departing by ship in Jamaica, earthquake, fires, government appointments, court cases, and other items of note.

Excerpts from issues for October 1865 including reports on the Morant Bay Rebellion.

Excerpts from issues for May and June 1866.

Excerpts for June 20 to August 14, 1866.

Excerpts from the Gleaner from August to October 1866.

Excerpts from November - December 1866.

January 1867

February 1867

March 1867

April - Mary 1867

May 1867

June 1867

July 1867

August 1867

September 1867

October 1867

March 1868

April to May 1868

May 1868 continued

June 1868

July to September 1868

September to October 1868

January 1869

February to March 1869

April 1869

May- June 1869

July - August 1869

September 1869

October 1869

November -December 1869

January 1872

February 1872

March 1872

April 1872

May 1872

June - July 1872

August 1872

September to October 1872

November to December 1872

January to February 1873

March to April 1873

May to June 1873

July to August 1873

September to October 1873

November to December 1873

January to March 1874

April to June 1874

July to August 1874

September to December 1874

January to April 1875

May to August 1875

September to December 1875

January to April 1877

May to July 1877

August to December 1877

1877 Trelawny Estates in cultivation

January to May 1878

June to October 1878

January to February 1880

March to April 1880

May to June 1880

July to August 1880

September to October 1880

November to December 1880

January to May 1881

June to August 1881

September to December 1881

January to April 1882

May to August 1882

September to December 1882

January to February 1883

March to April 1883

May to July 1883

August to December 1883.

Gleaner January to March 1886

Gleaner April to August 1886

Gleaner September to December 1886

Gleaner January to February 1887

Gleaner March to May 1887

Gleaner June to July 1887

Gleaner August to September 1887

Gleaner October to December 1887

Triweekly Gleaner, January 2, 1894

Triweekly Gleaner, February 3, 1894.

Triweekly Gleaners, January-February 1894, comments on the Railway

January 18, 1907, earthquake report and death list

January 18, 1907 earthquake continued, injured list and country damages

January 21, 1907, additional earthquake victims

Some of the new recruits for the Jamaica War Contingent in December 1916. Enlistments.

In 1920 the Gleaner published the Calabar Institution Report for 1919, with lists of Baptist ministers.

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