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Aitken, E. C. Entered the Public Service on the 20th of October, 1902. Now a First-class Clerk in the Colonial Secretary's Office.

Beresford, Walter Marcus; Inspector in charge of the Hanover Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. Has served in the Great War.  Address: Lucea P.O.

Campbell, W. A. First-class Clerk in the Post Office and in charge of the Circulation Branch in Kingston.

Horskins, Colonel Julius.  Head of the Salvation Army in Jamaica. He became an officer in the year 1880.  For several years served in different centres.  Has served in South-Africa as Chief Secretary, which position he held for two years. He was subsequently transferred to Australia and during the many years of service there he filled many important positions.  Is at present in Jamaica with Mrs. Horskins.

Hunt, Hon. Dr. Edmund Langley, C.M.G. (1902), L.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., Ireland.-B. 1868; cert. London School of Tropical Medicine; civ. surg. with S. African field force, 1889-1902; med. officer on &personal staff of commander-in-chief (twice mentioned in despatches, 2 medals, 6 clasps); employed in Anglo-German bndry. comsn. to Lake Chad.; received thanks of German govt. and the Royal Order of the Crown of Prussia (3rd class); inspecting medical officer, Ceylon, March 1912; asst. prin. civ. medical officer, Ceylon, Aug., 1915; appointed Superintending Medical Officer of Jamaica, 1920; a Nominated Member of the Legislative Council; Chairman of the Central Board of Health; Chairman of the Board of Visitors of the lunatic Asylum.

Magee, William; Inspector in charge of the Trelawny Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.  Has served with the B.W.I.R. in the Great War. Address: Falmouth.

Moody, L. M., M.D., London; Government Bacteriologist.  Member of the Central Board of Health and Medical Council. Address:  Public Hospital, Kingston.

Ritchie, Allan O.; First Class Clerk in the Administrator General's Department.  Entered the Public Service on 1st April, 1902.  Address, Kingston.

Sangster, Hon. Peter Watt.  Elected a member of the Legislative Council for the parish of St. Elizabeth on the 6th February, 1920.  Ex-Officio Member of the St. Elizabeth Parochial Board.  Address: Mountainside P.O.

Savage, H. C.  Appointed to the Public Service on the 3rd, June, 1905.  Now First-class Clerk in the Colonial Secretary's Office.

Thomas, Major Lewis.  Is the new Director of the Jamaica Government Railway.  He joined the Rhodesia Railways from the Cape Government Railways in 1899 and has filled the office of District Traffic Manager, Commercial Agent and Traffic Manager of the whole lines from Beira to the Congo, and branches.  The latter post he held eight years.  Prior to going to South Africa, he was for some eight years engaged by the L. & N. W. Railway Company at Euston, where he gained his first experiences in dealing with railway problems. In 1916 he resigned as Traffic Manager of the Rhodesian Railway to do his "bit" in the great World War, being attached to the General Staff. In May, 1920, he was appointed Director of the Jamaica Government Railway, which position he now holds.


The following are the members of the Advisory Board on Food Production A. L. Delgado, Falmouth: A. R. Rerrie, St. Ann's Bay: Clarence Lopez, Chapelton; Leonard deCordova, Kingston; Hon. Horace Victor Myers, M.B.E., Kingston; J. R. Smith, Kingston: Ellis Levy, Kingston; B. A. Kirkham, Sav-la-Mar.


(Set Out In Order of Appointments up to August 21st, 1920).

Pengelley, Eric Clifton; Port Morant P.O., St. Thomas.

Robison, Ronald Farquharson; Clifton Hill, Port Morant.

Shekell, Hilton Chambers; Clifton Mt., St. Andrew.

Miller, Rev. Alfred, Bethel Town, Westmoreland.

Gray, Thomas McLean; Golden Grove P.O., St. Thomas.

Braham, Horace Edwin Harold; Riverhead, Ewarton, St. Catherine.

Whitfield, Rev. Thomas; Grateful Hill, Glengoffe P.O.

Campbell, Ian H.; Rose Hall, Linstead P.O.

Burke, Leslie James, Mount Sinai, Llandewey P.O., St. Thomas.

Thomas, Rev. Walter James, Buff Bay, Portland.

Hardy, Adolph Nathaniel, Port Antonio, Portland.

Hitchins, Leslie Wetherel; Red Hazel, Port Antonio, Portland.

Allwood, Major Aubrey Lind Caswell; Haves, Clarendon.

Anderson, Stanley Angel Hazeldean; May Pen, Clarendon.

Pawsey, Alfred Maxwill, Bog Estate, Hayes, Clarendon.

Excerpt From the "Gleaner, " December 1916


2nd Lieutenant A. K. Burrough has reported for duty with the contingent.

A recruiting party with 2nd Lieutenant Copp will leave for a recruiting tour in St. Andrew along with a party of drummers from the K.I.V. on Friday morning.

The men who were granted leave to return to their homes in the country for the Christmas holidays are expected back at Camp today.

Following are the names of men enlisted within the past couple of days:-

Jeremiah Walker, Lucea
Frederick Downer, Riversdale
Reuben Edwards, Cane Valley
James Dixon, Hopewell
William James, Lucea
Joseph Dixon, Mile Gully
Darius Johnson, Cascade
Felix Campbell, Westmoreland
Phillip Johnson, Hanover
Percival Reale, Hanover
Alfred Campbell, Lucea
Alexander Malcolm, Lucea
Newton Brown, Lucea
Lemuel Lyon, Hanover
Thomas Luard, Hanover
Alexander McNab, Lucea
David Johnson, Cave Valley
William Mears, Hanover
Sidney Cunningham, Bushy Park
Phillip Segre, Riversdale
Zachariah Samuda, Lucea
Arnold Bradley, Cave Valley
Roland Mair, Lucea
Samuel Turner, Hanover
Darius Dixon, Hanover
Arthur Carr, Hanover
Alexander Buchanan, Hanover
John Brown, Hanover
Allan Patterson, Hanover
Joseph Buchanan, Lucea
Ezekiel Gardner, Cave Valley
William Bigham, Montpelier
Henry Evans, Ramble
Josephs Linton, Riversdale
Alfred Van, Lucea
Daniel Gardner, Lucea
Theophilus Jackson, Green Island
Cornelius Bennett, Lucea
Alexander Roctoo, May Pen
Colin George Bunbridge, Brown's Town
Samuel Brown, St. Ann's Bay
Mathias Brown, Bamboo
James Campbell, Lucea
Nathaniel Coleman, Port Maria
Joseph Davis, Glengoffe
Arnold Downer, Harker's Hall
Samuel Gray, Falmouth
Adolphus Hemmings, Lucea
Uriah Hunter, Carron Hall
Reuben Emanuel Lewis, Oracabessa
Theophilus Lawrence, Alexandria
Alexander Lewis, Malvern
Henry Miller, Riverside
Herbert Morris, Riversdale
William Manning, Green Island
Caleb Morrison, St. Mary
Hugh E. Nunes, Montego Bay
Tin Pias, Gordon Town
William Rose, Sav-la-mar
Elijah Segre, Green Island
Timothy Thompson, Glengoffe
Vernon Taylor, Cedar Valley
Samuel Wright, Clark's Town
Joseph Woolcode, Riverside
Egbert Dragon, Bethel Town
Caleb Samuels, Riverside
Henry Jackson, Lucea
Josiah Williams, Redwood
Joseph Dawes, Green Island
Joseph Malabre, Pear Tree Grove
Uriah Robinson, Mount Regale
Samuel Turner, Sandy Bay
Leonard Reid, Chester Castle
Herbert Johnson, Morant Bay
Simon Rankin, Chester Castle
Ernest Thomas, Newmarket
Thomas Wilson, Hampstead
Nicodemus Samuels, Hopewell
Gustavus Pinnock, Chester Castle
Wilmot Hird, Annotto Bay

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