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August 1872

August 2, 1872


On the 24th inst., at St. Mary, by the Reverend M. Gregory Constantine, Alfred Jackson James, of Morant Bay, Solicitor, to Stella Alexandrina, eldest daughter of the late Alexander McGregor, of Lewisburgh, St. Mary, Esq.

August 5, 1872

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Str. Tasmanian from England: -- Assistant Paymaster Fencock; Assistant Paymaster Chandler; Mr. W. Mason, R. N.; Archdeacon Campbell, and wife; Rev. E. Nuttall; Rev. Wheeler; Mr. E. Lyons; Sir C. Bright.

From St. Thomas: -- Mr. E. J. Brandon; Baroness Von Ketelhodt; Mr. Hernandez.

From Jacmel: -- Mr. C. Laloubere; Mr. A. Trickets.

In the Steamer Cuban from Liverpool: -- Colonel Cox, C. B.; Mrs. Cox; Misses Cox (5); Master Cox; Mrs. Sharpe; Miss Push; Revd. J. W. Dunlop; Mr. Riley; Mr. Thompson; Mr. Lazenby; Mr. Eden; Colonel Cox's servant.

From Port-au-Prince: -- General Brice; Mr. Riviere; Mr. Moreau; Mr. Adam; Mrs. Laforest.


At Sunflower Mission House, on 31st July, the wife of Rev, D. Pinnock, of a daughter.

Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

T. H. Pearne, Esq., U. S. C. J. R. Brice, Esq.

Sitting Magistrates for the Week

Kingston: John S. Brown, John J. Hart, and R. Osborn, Esqrs.

Port Royal: D. Martin, J. R. Brice, L. Verley, Esqrs.

August 6, 1872

An Inquest was held yesterday at the Police Station, Fletcher's Town, before J. R. Brice, Esquire, Coroner, touching the death of a black woman named Rebecca Dowager, who was found dead on Sunday morning near the pen gate of York Lodge, on the road leading to the Race Course. The Jury, of which Mr. E. J. Goldson was Foreman, came to the following verdict: "That the Jurors are unanimous in their opinion that the deceased, Rebecca Dowager, came to her death from blows received from some person or persons unknown, on the night of Saturday the 3rd August."


Studley Park Penn, the residence of Mr. Osmond Delgado, has been stoned incessantly during the past three nights, and the lives of the inmates put in constant peril. The assailants manage to keep themselves well concealed, for all Mr. Delgado's efforts to trace them have, up to the present time, proved fruitless. The Inspector of police has placed the constables on the watch, but they are unable to do more than Mr. Delgado himself unaided was capable of doing. The matter ought to be taken in hand by the detectives and a regular plan laid for capturing the wicked wretches who, to gratify a morbid desire for mischief, render a whole family miserable by keeping them in constant danger of their lives.

August 8, 1872


In this City, on the night of Monday the 5th inst., Maryanne Lindo, late Matron of the Parochial Asylum, and for many years midwife of this City. Aged 75 years.


The store No. 23 Port Royal Street, tenanted by Mr. Horatio Bonitto, was put up for Public Auction in front of the Commercial Exchange, yesterday, and knocked down to Mr. Daniel Cespedes, for £400. The sale was conducted by Mr. Alex. J. L. Lyon, Auctioneer of this City.

August 9, 1872

The Rev. H. H. Kilburn has been appointed a Road Commissioner for the Parish of St. Thomas.


Dr. Martyn has been appointed Government Medical Officer at Port Maria in the room of Dr. Wegg, who has resigned.

August 12, 1872

Passengers Arrived

In the American Steamer Rising Star, from Colon: -- Mr. J. Fuentes; Miss Amelia Kennedy; Mr. R. Fuentes; Miss Adelaide Perera; Mr. C. Jackson and wife; Miss Alves; Mr. J. Roberts.

In the Brigantine Louisa, from New York: -- Mr. Moses L. Hyman; Mr. John Chevois; Mr. Chas. Jemot.

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Str. Nile for England: -- Mr. Shortridge; General Brice, Haitian Ambassador; Revd. Mr. Braine, wife, 8 children and nurse; Mr. Henry Adam; Mr. J. J. Riviere; Mr. E. G. Levy; Miss Levy; Mr. T. A. Abrahams; Mr. and Mrs. William Barclay; Mrs. Georges; Miss Georges; Capt. Hunter, Telephone Company; Mr. Portuondo; Mrs. A. M. Nathan, 3 children and nurse; Mr. Albert Moses; Mr. David H. Qualo; Doctor M. Stern.

For Barbados: -- Mr. James Ward, wife and 3 children.

For St. Lucia: -- Mr. and Mrs. Cook and 2 children.

For St. Kitts: -- Mr. Wm. Arscott.

For St. Thomas: -- Mr. Pedro A. Lleras; Mr. Vicente Aquilar.

For Jacmel: -- Mr. C. Laloubere.


On the 4th instant, at Islington in the Santa Cruz Mountains, the wife of Edward M. Earle, of a daughter.

On the 8th instant, at Saint Mary, the wife of the Honble. William Macdonald, of a son.

Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

T. B. Clough, Esq. J. H. Demercado, Esq.

Sitting Magistrates for the Week

Kingston: R. J. C. Hitchins, T. B. Wiltshire, W. G. Astwood, Esqrs.

Port Royal: D. Martin, J. R. Brice, L. Verley, Esqrs.


The Church Committee of St. Peter's Church, Port Royal, having received a communication from the Diocesan Council, through his Lordship the Bishop, that the Rev. C. Mackinnon, B. A., having resigned as Curate of this Church, and accepted the appointment as Curate of Spanish Town, the Committee nominated and elected the Rev. Horace Scotland of Point Hill and Luidas Church in his stead. The Reverend Mr. Scotland took charge of St. Peter's Church Port Royal yesterday, and preached at 11 a. m. and 7 p.m. A day school will shortly be opened at that place which has been closed for the last two years. The Rev. Mr. James has been appointed to Luidas Vale and Point Hill Church.

August 15, 1872

The ordinary weekly meeting of the Municipal Board was not held yesterday. The Custos and Messrs. Hitchins and Hutchings were present, but no business was transacted, it is believed, in consequence of the absence of Mr. Parry. The Board, therefore, adjourned till 2 o'clock tomorrow.


A man by the name of George Smith, cook on board the British brigt. Louisa, was convicted yesterday in the Police Court, before Justices Barned, Henderson and Ferron, on the charge of refusing to do duty, and was sentenced to pay a fine of 10s. and 8s. and 6d. costs, or in default of payment, to 10 days' imprisonment in the Saint Catherine District Prison.


The private investigation into the charges of larceny of £200, property of Messrs. DaCosta, Son & Co., against Charles Sholdt, Isaac Augustus, and Henrietta Ford, which had been some time pending, was resumed yesterday before Justices Martin and Franklin. The Justices dismissed the charge against the woman and committed Sholdt and Augustus to take their trial at the September Circuit Court, the former for larceny and the latter for receiving. Bail was refused.

August 16, 1872


At the Residence of James Brandon, Esq., Kingston, Alethia, wife of Albert Delgado, Esq., of Linstead, aged 34 years. The funeral will take place at 4 p.m.


The Rev. Robert Wheeler, the newly ordained Deacon, to assist in the Kingston mission, preached his first sermon at St. George's Chapel on Wednesday evening to an unusually large gathering. Mr. Wheeler, who is a very young man, volunteered his services whilst Archdeacon Campbell and the Rev. Mr. Nuttall were in England as a deputation, to come to Jamaica and labour amongst the people here. Considering his youth, he promises to be a good preacher.

August 22, 1872


In this city, on the 14th inst., at St. George's Church by the Revd. E. Nuttall, Incumbent, James Young, eldest son of Mr. John Morris Allen (superintendent Sailors' Home) to Elizabeth, only daughter of the late James Ure, Esq.


We are glad to announce that Mr. Frank L. Stanigar, son of Mr. Wolfe Stanigar of St. Thomas ye Vale, was successful at the late examinations at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh for the qualification of "Licentiate of midwifery and diseases of women and children." Mr. Stanigar was highly complimented on his knowledge of the subjects by his Professors, three of the most eminent men of Edinburgh.

August 24, 1872

A burglary was committed on Wednesday night last on the premises, No. 36 Church Street, occupied by Senor Ortez, the photographer. The thief or thieves appear to have entered from the back of the building by climbing over while Senor Ortez was asleep, for no where was broken while the front entrance was found open next morning as if opened inside. A quantity of silver, and instruments and chemicals, pertaining to photography were stolen.


The place of business of Mr. Melmouth Alexander, Shoemaker, in Water Lane, in this city, was broken into on Thursday night, and a quantity of boots and shoes carried off, to the value of about £36. Of course, the detectives have the case in hand, but this we have heard so often without ever hearing that they succeeded in getting a case out of hand that we despair of Mr. Alexander or Senor Ortez, referred in another paragraph, being more fortunate in recovering their property than have been the scores of others who have been robbed during the present year.

August 28, 1872


At St. Alban's Church, St. Elizabeth, on Wednesday, the 21st inst., by the Venerable Archdeacon Rowe, father of the Bridegroom, assisted by the Rev. Robert Lynch, the Rev. Arthur Panton Rowe, to Margaret Frances, second daughter of James M. Farquharson, Esq., of Elim, St. Elizabeth.

On Thursday, 22nd August, at Trinity Church, Westmoreland, by the Revd. Henry Clarke, Rector, assisted by the Rev. Charles H. Davis, Mr. Alexander Davis, to Florence, only daughter of S. J. Goodin, Esq., of Grange Hill.


On the 19th instant, at Luckey Valley, St. Andrew, of Typhoid Fever, Caroline Blakely, sixth daughter of the late Benjamin Magill, Esq., in the fourteenth year of her age.

August 30, 1872


At Crescent, St. Mary, on the 21st inst., by the Rev. A. H. Neito, Sarah Rebecca, second daughter of George Silvera, Esq., to Abram R. DaCosta, Esq., of Tryall.


C. M. Phillips, Esq., has been appointed a member of the Municipal Board of the parish of Hanover.

Mr. W. K. Stephens has been appointed Government Medical Officer of the Western District of St. Ann.

The Lieutenant Governor has been pleased to appoint the Hon. James H. McDowell to be a member of the Central Board of Health of this island.

J. A. Hinshelwood, Esq., has been appointed a member of the Municipal and Road Boards for the parish of Portland.

The following gentlemen have been appointed Road Commissioners: - W. A. Nicoll for the parish of Westmoreland, and W. Tomlinson, Esq., for the parish of St. James.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint Tertius Ball, Esq., M. D., Principal Army Medical Officer, to be a member of the Central Board of Health, and the Quarantine Board of this island.

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